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Breaking: Motorola Announces RAZR “Developer Edition” With Unlockable Bootloader for Europe, U.S. Variant Too

That headline is not a joke, folks. Motorola, through their community blog, has announced the RAZR “Developer Edition” which has an unlockable bootloader. No release date was given in the post, but from the sound of it, the device should be here very soon. A pre-order page is in the works here.

In even better news though, they also announced that a U.S. version would be available in the “coming months.” Now, we have heard fine promises like this in the past from Moto, but will try our hardest to take their word for it seeing as they are pushing an actual device to Europe. We have no idea if it will have Verizon radios or not. Since the European version is GSM, you could easily come to the conclusion that the U.S. will see an unlockable GSM version too. That’s unconfirmed, of course.

Info on the unlocking and relocking process will be available at the MotoDev site.

*Note – It looks like they posted this news a little prematurely. Proof after the break.


  • hoef

    please tell me the Dev addition has a removable battery, otherwise devs will hate this thing during stability tests (turns out battery pulls would be a bit of a pain in the ass if you had to crack the whole phone open every time)

  • Gary Patrowicz

    my first moto device was xoom fe also will be my last moto sux

  • shdowman



    Moto releases (yes, a very much delayed) Bionic. Weeks later release the Droid Razr, weeks after that, lower the price on the RAZR and release the MAXX, now telling everyone that there is a “special unlocked” phone they can buy at full unsubsidized price? Allow unlock of the ones that people already paid good money for Moto.

    I’m sorry, but even the most devout loyalists to Moto HAVE to be thinking of raising bloody hell with them. I realize that VZW has a small part in this as well, but FFS, why there is not an outcry/boycott brewing for their products right now is beyond me.

    And don’t tell me that this is just business, no. This is straight out screwing their customers. If that Best Buy buy back commercial was ever true, it was now.

    Their crappy incremental updates over the past year and a half were one thing. This however….

  • If this device has a PenTile screen, no amount of unlocking can save this phone. {{-_-}}

  • DBK

    lol Hater logic, gotta love it. I am a real fan of open Android (I can root, unlock, and ROM with the best of them) yet I still prefer Moto’s quality over the others.

    While I do agree with most of what you said, I disagree with the following:

    Quality: Whether you want to believe it or not, Moto’s hardware is the best out there right now. My OGD, D2, D3, Bionic, and RAZR all attest to that. My Inc and Inc2 sadly have not faired as well.

    Phones that are behind: The RAZR and it’s PROVEN ability to outperform the other current phones in many areas would disagree with you. Actually most of Moto’s phones are usually current and sometimes ahead (when compared to what is currently available).

    Xoom: Actually many Xoom owners like their device, and they just got ICS. All things considered, the Xoom is still one of the few devices they got right (they just got ahead of themselves and did a subpar job of correcting that).

    Droid 2/X: I have a Droid 2 and have never had any problems with it. It’s gotten even better with the Gingerbread update. A lot of X owners feel the same.

    The point is you can hate all you want, but it doesn’t change the facts (or your clouded perception of them).

    • Justin Ellis

      LOL bless your little heart. You have such a chubb for Motorola its not even funny. 

  • After my last 4 android devices have been Motorolas, I’m moving on. I got screwed over with the Bionic…bought the razr because bionic sucked so bad…now within one month there is a “new” battery within the phone and now there is one with an unlockable bootloader…seriously? Why would someone buy this? I wish I had waited on the Nexus now….Motorola better offer the chance of us to unlock our bootloaders vs paying almost $700 to get the same phone lacking a few lines of code. I hope Google does something with this in the next few months or else I will getting a different manufacturers device. Sometimes the iPhone does sound better..Apple controls you but at least they don’t make the same phone “new” every month…once a year is more I like it. I’m tired of being screwed over. 

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  • KevinC

    other than the unlockable bootloader, what makes this phone different than the other razrs?  why didn’t they just unlock their phones like HTC did?

  • Anonymous

    So much for not flooding the market this year with tones of the same phone in differnet varients

  • Kris Brandt

    I’m not jumping on the Moto-hate bandwagon here.  Yeah, their business model sucks, but announcing a dev moto phone?  That is good news.  Yeah, it sucks that this wasn’t done originally, but it hints at an even better future.  With the sales of the Galaxy Nexus going well (and other manufacturers have taken notice of its sales), maybe Motorola has finally realized that there is a substantial market for such phones.  Maybe we are much more likely to see a dev version of one of their top-tier phones from now. Even though I doubt few would buy it at retail, it does provide hope for Moto doesn’t have its head completely up its ass.

    • Papapau

      Huh? How does your statement differ if they’ll just allow unlocking bootloaders of current owners who wants to?

  • Anonymous

    Nothing interesting here. They announced unlockable bootloaders last year.

  • Hmmm….so with everyone set on NOT buying it….will Motorola come back and say “see, unlocked bootloaders do NOT increase sales”

    • Anonymous

      this is exactly what will probably happen.  they’re doing this on the third iteration of a phone whose specs may start feeling dated by the time it’s anywhere near available (where carriers and operating partners allow it.. hahaha).  then they can pat themselves on the back and get back to screwing people over.

      i hope by this time google’s fired all of the management and execs.

  • Anonymous

    motorola at its finest.  screw over the customers who bought your previous “editions” by one-upping them weeks later.  this is almost like a slap in the face.  and it almost makes no sense.  why wouldn’t they just unlock the razr itself?  why a new phone?  google needs to kick them in the ass when this takeover is complete.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a reason the droid x was my last moto phone. And I haven’t recommended one to anyone since.

  • Wade Wilson

    So instead of releasing the Razr with a stock 3300mah battery they had to release an entirely new version.
    Instead of releasing the Razr with a stock HD screen, they plan a release of an entirely new version.
    Instead of releasing the Razr with a stock unlocked bootloader, they plan on releasing an entirely new version.

    And this is the point at which I am far too glad to have bought a Nexus instead of the Razr like I contemplated. Why anyone continues to buy Moto devices is beyond me. I mean are people really too blind to realize that a month after they buy their Blur’d device, an updated version is going to be released. Sure Motorola has been a savior for Android devices, but it’s all just become one giant money hungry operation.

    Just my 2¢.

    • Sporttster

      Yea I bought the RAZR but it’s my last Moto phone. I’m done with the madness. Now I find I’m stuck with a phone that has a small battery when there’s a bigger batt unit now available and THEN to find out that now they’re talking about releasing a unlocked bootloader dev phone of the same frickin thing…..yea, I’m done with them. Make it right the first time. Should have unlocked and put the bigger batt in the regular RAZR. Instead they’re ticking people like me off….not a good business model…..

      • Anonymous

        You’ve been Motorola’d!!!

    • And they still use PenTile screens. #FAIL {{-_-}}

      • Wade Wilson

        Good point. The Bionic’s screen gave me a headache every time I looked at it, and now after using the GNex, the Razr’s is begining to look worse and worse every time I see one. I hate PenTile just as much as anyone else but the Nexus atleast makes it unnoticeable on most screens (grey/white can get ugly sometimes -.-) 

        • Samsung invented PenTile so of course THEY know how to use it better. Moto is using their technology as a battery saver but it is incompatible with the screens Moto uses so the display comes out disgusting as hell.

          So they’re crippling their phones with a technology they don’t even own and they won’t listen to anyone about it? And they still won’t unlock their bootloaders?

          I’m seriously hoping that Google will set Moto straight. If not, I think I’m gonna have to write them off as a device manufacturer. Two more years is too long to stick with a company that doesn’t seem to know what the hell it’s doing. {{-_-}}

  • guest

    This sounds like HORRIBLE news as it implies they have no intention of unlocking the existing phone. Perhaps I am mistaken but that is my take on the announcement.

  • Anonymous

    Unless they can get their custom rom from a dev phone to run on a locked bootloader phone it is pointless.  Even then only devs will buy it.  Consumers aren’t going to spend full retail for extra customization.  If it that important to them they’ll probably just get a Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    It’s clear that Motorola decision makers don’t pay any attention to the community built up around their products.  If they did, they’d know this move would piss off a lot of people.

  • FTG

    what so they’re releasing a developer GSM edition here in the US? Nuts to that, I wanna keep my unlimited data.

  • Imanjja

    Didn’t everyone here hate on this phone cause it was locked now that they are unlocking it your still hating moto. Can’t win

    • this is droid-life dude, it’s Nexus-or-GTFO round here. With a big heaping side, of pretend to be outraged for the customers who don’t really give a damn, and a big gulp of acting like Motorola never supports their devices(which is probably the reason for the bootloader thing anyway).

      Yeah so apparently everyone who didn’t buy one around here because the regular models are locked down, now still won’t buy one and will continue to act like they care how other users feel. They’ll also pretend this means the regular razr models are now obsolete, and shall never again see an update. 

      Eventually i’ll come here for news one day, and not read rhe comments. Oh what a glorious day that’ll be.

    • this is droid-life dude, it’s Nexus-or-GTFO round here. With a big heaping side, of pretend to be outraged for the customers who don’t really give a damn, and a big gulp of acting like Motorola never supports their devices(which is probably the reason for the bootloader thing anyway).

      Yeah so apparently everyone who didn’t buy one around here because the regular models are locked down, now still won’t buy one and will continue to act like they care how other users feel. They’ll also pretend this means the regular razr models are now obsolete, and shall never again see an update. 

      Eventually i’ll come here for news one day, and not read rhe comments. Oh what a glorious day that’ll be.

      • Guest123

        you mad bro?

        • Well I’d have to be, I keep coming here and reading the comments. That’s pure madness.

    • DBK

      They aren’t unlocking anything. They are simply releasing yet another variation of a severely milked phone that is unlockable. Big difference (and possibly the worst thing they could have done). The few people here who still liked Moto are starting to become an extinct species.

      • Anonymous

        definitely the worst thing they could have done.  instead of trying to heal the wounds by unlocking the moto phones people are currently stuck with, they’re screwing them over again by releasing an unlocked phone that these people would still have to buy retail.  it’s a really dick move on moto’s part.  they don’t give a F about the dev community.

  • RW-1

    The true meaning of this post.

    Moto:”How can we sucker some more towards buying yet another model of something we really haven’t innovated in a while?”

    Make another tease post.

    Suckers. Stop buying into this and get something already unlocked. The only way to send a clear message into those big Jha ears is not thru them, but to his wallet.

    • Anonymous

      a better message would be firing all the top execs once the google buyout is complete

  • The positive side is that at least it seems like Moto is listening to what customers want…

    …However to figure it out they have to keep launching a new model. I
    am waiting for the Moto Razr Maxx Develpr edition with removable
    battery. That should only take about a couple months; Once the sales
    of the current Razr start to diminish.

  • Mark
  • Anonymous

    Why not just piss in everyone’s face and save having to release the phone?

    Why would a phone even require a spell version to get the bootloader unlocked?  Is it really that hard?

  • 来啦,好文章,转啦

  • Anonymous

    Ok. I bought the normal Droid Razr when it came out. 

    After seeing the 720p verison come out in Chine I was like ehh that’s pretty cool and I’m a little dissapointed they didn’t put on the US version, but my display is fine for me.

    THEN they come out with one with a wayyyy better battery like a month later and I thought,” wow, I’ve have my phone for 4 weeks and motorola already has a better one out” and to be honest I was kinda irritated.

    And now? They come out with another even BETTER one? At this point I feel like motorola is just fisting me without the courtesy to wait more than a couple months to give me a break

  • razrmaxxnow

    good news, moto is finally listening to its consumers

    • Ahsan


  • lol i kept telling people motorola is gonna sell as many razrs as possible through the apple method. How many times can we release the same thing and call it different?

  • Bobby Hill

    Why do all of these comments sound nearly the same?

    • Tim242

      Hmmmm I wonder why?!

    • Hank Hill

      Dang it Bobby! 

  • I plan to upgrade my phone this week…if they release a date for the US and its here shortly I will get this phone for sure if verizon gets it..I like Motorola phones, look, build quality…locked down is the ONLY reason why I am deciding Rezound or Gnex

  • Ahsan

    Damn, and I thought getting Bionic’d was bad.

  • Ahsan

    Will all old devices receive an unlock tool?


    Release a thousand RAZR variants just like with the original RAZR brand, didn’t see that one coming. 

    • Anonymous

      Interestingly enough, that flood of barely-differentiated RAZR variants from 2004-2008 is what almost doomed Moto the first time around (ie prior to the OG Droid). Something tells me thay if Google hadn’t swooped in to rescue them, Jha would have been eager to go down the same path again.

      • Jay

        It wasn’t that they were releasing an army of razr’s, it’s that they were releasing an army of clamshell phones when the iphone came out.They were lingering with a form factor that was going out of prominence.

        Unless something comes along that replaces touchscreen slabs, or everyone moves onto next gen processors and adds some killer feature that no one’s done before(and what on earth that could be I’d never guess), and moto continues pumping out OMAP4 powered slabs I don’t see a problem.

        Course the next significant device they produce could look nothing like the Razr, probably have some sort of ridiculous multi-core intel chip or something, and be released exclusively on AT&T and someone would still complain.

  • Tim242

    So, the one thing moto fans wanted most was an unlocked boot loader. They don’t keep their word of unblocking current models by the end of 2011. Then they release the Razr, with a locked bootloader for $300, just to.release a newer model with a bigger battery, then drop the price of the OG Razrto $200, just two months later. Now, they decide to release a third version already WITH AN UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER? Are you kidding me? They just really pissed off their user base. So glad I returned the Razrfor the Nexus. This is inferiorating!

    • Jay

      something tells me you’ve said something along the lines of “piss off their user base” about 5 times…how many times can this alleged user base be pissed off?

      • Tim242

        Actually, this is my first time.

        • Jay

          Well color me surprised.

  • Wheres the unlockable bootloader for Bionic??

  • Steve

    I’ll wait for RAZR “Developer Edition MAXX”

  • PeckerWood

    bfd.  this will be a UMTS phone on T-mobile….yawn

  • Anonymous

    Hard to believe that this company released one O.G. Droid which was considered one of the best Android phones for a long time.  Even the Droid X had a large following for some time. After that they started going down hill.

    Sent from the current best, the Galaxy Nexus.  

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        +2. The DX was honestly awesome hardware at the time. But Blur absolutely ruined that device. It was (and still is, sadly) just a solid OS update or 2 away from greatness. In fact, that basically describes all of Moto’s current handsets.

  • So if this has an UNLOCKABLE bootloader, not an unlocked bootloader, will there be a tool to unlock it, and would this work on the original Razr? And as usual, another phone by Motorola that is unnecessary and will piss a lot of people off.   

    • Kiel Macewan

      most current devices don’t have unlocked bootloaders.  you unlock it via fastboot.

  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for the Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx owners. Maybe the dev community can reverse engineer the RAZR developer edition and turn traditional RAZRs into developer models.

  • Anonymous

    This has to be a joke lol.  Why on earth would they decide this would be a better idea than allowing their current devices to be unlocked. 

  • Anonymous

    So glad I don’t have to deal with this company anymore.

  • Anonymous

    My advice people is not to buy anything Motorola.  It’s very obvious that the thinking at Moto is not logical and clear.   What a way to piss off you recent customers.  Google needs to get in there and whoop that ass and tell them to stop.  Apple will bring their heaving guns this year and Moto should just save this for a iphone 5 killer.  A developer edition Razormaxx with 720p display, quad core, 1.5 gig of memory,  fast and high quality 13mp camera could put them in a favorable light come summer/fall.  Doing this one feature at a time is just asking for trouble. 

  • Anonymous

    Droid Razr
    Droid Razr MAXX
    Droid Razr Developer Edition 
    Droid Razr MAXX Developer edition

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

       Enough phones to make me jump off a Foxconn building.  I now know how those Apple Chinese slaves feel. 

      • Anonymous

        Last i checked Those apple slaves you speak of make products for 9 different android OEMs….including Motorola

        • Anonymous

          Only the ones working for Apple actually jump. The rest only threaten to go through with it.

    • Tim242

      I just spit out my drink! Haha

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      LMFAO. Best. Post. Ever.

    • Sirx

      Thank you for making my entire Monday worth it!  Who else read each word of every product name on every line?!  That’s what makes it extra hilarious! (no scsm, btw).  Now please email this to Moto so they’ll know how we really feel about their business model!

      But if they are not releasing the Droid Razr 2 4K HD Super-Duper Amoled MAXX Gloval 5G LTE++ DSLR R2D2 Developer Edition in “Black with Tiger Stripes” color, then no deal! 

  • Anonymous

    So the next phone that comes after this developer phone .. will be some other new droid.device..then 1 month later the developer version comes out. Lol. Lord.

  • Anonymous

    This would be why the Droid RAZR (original, sad to have to say about a phone that was released under 3 months ago). Was myfinal Motorola device for a long time, and I am glad I returned it. I have enjoyed the HTC Rezound and have not looked back.

  • Anonymous

    Sooo….. they’re not really unlocking any bootloaders. They’re just releasing another phone for hundreds of dollars to do what they said they would do for every other phone?
    Come on Motorola. I want my Bionic unlocked!

  • Rumors are that the RAZR Dev edition will have improved specs in line with the RAZR HD released in Asia

  • Kuboo99

    Well, that’s cool but I am going to wait and see if maybe there will be a Motorola nexus. That would be awesome.

  • Ahku Droid

    So, if I am reading it correctly, they are going to sell full retail/non-subsidized by carrier developer editions directly like Google tried to with the original Nexus?  Not going to lie, this pisses me off since I was going to buy a MAXX tomorrow.  They just don’t get it…

    This is showing how much of a hold Verizon has over Motorola’s dangles.  

  • Jim

    omfg i’m fuming right now. i’ve made plenty of empty promises to never buy motorola phones again but this tips the scale

  • Pmagent2013

    stop the hating, Motorola was the savior of android and still makes the best hardware and the least obtrusive skin and updates their devices much quicker than anyone else. They have made a few mistakes but they are still one of the best in the business.

    ….and enter the obnoxious remark  

    • Faster buggy updates. Fixed it for ya.

      • Pmagent2013

        i dont have a single prob with ics for my xoom, didnt have a prob with gingerbread for my DX or DX2.

        • My first DX was amazing up till they released Gingerbread for it, then I started getting keyboard freeze ups, random reboots, sliders ( to answer call, unlock phone etc started lagging), I thought it was my phone, so I replaced it, got another one with the same issue, replaced that one, and the one I have now does the same thing the past 2 did. It’s either that I’m unlucky or the updates themselves blow.

    • im compleatly with you man moto hard ware is the sickest hardware around ….i have litteraly have every android phone vzw has ever put out and the razr by far is the best to hold and look at….now i really dont understand why they dont just i unlock the existing razrs but hell we all know what were in for when we buy these phones ….especially when we get them subsidized at an fraction of the retail cost………we are stuck with them for awhile think of it like this ….you buy a new car …..3 weeks later they they come out with a new and improved version…..does it make your car any less good ? no it just means that you dont have the newest and greatest thing out there but come on people just enjoy what you have or pony up and buy what your lusting after 

      • it makes your car worth less, which is not good

    • trumpet444

      While true, the problem is unnecessarily locking down all of their devices. Yes the D1 and Xoom were unlockable, but why lock down everything else? Its not Verizon. They “allowed” the D1, Xoom, and the G-Nex. It’s Moto’s fault. That’s why everyone’s pissed. Unlock the CURRENT line, not a ‘newer’ phone that requires another $600 dent in your pocket

  • Anonymous

    We don’t want “Developer Edition” phones, we want the current crop of phones unlocked, you know, the “Consumer Edition” phones.

  • lol its gonna be the same hardware, just a new fastboot file 

  • @Motorola, when people say Android is about choices, that doesn’t mean you release 3 phones every 2 months

  • Everyone is attacking Motorola but isn’t this in reaction to creating a ‘liability free’ phone for the carriers.

    • Staticx57

      You mean how all Samsung, HTC, and LG phones are unlock able? This is a joke and so is Motorola.

    • Tim242

      Hmmm neither my unlockable Nexus, nor my unlockable Thunderbolt understand your “logic.”

  • This would be great (so would the MAXX) if I didn’t already buy a G-Nex and get the extended battery. ICS, unlockable, dev modes, and I have no issues with battery life… so… yeah

  • Droid RAZR Developer edition released……
    A week later…
    Droid RAZR MAXX HD announced! …Comes out..
    A week later…
    Might as well buy it from Costco when it comes out so you get 3 months to replace your phone, 4+ Razr phones will be out by then. 

  • Anonymous

    when this comes out devs may just get their hands on one and figure out how to unlock regular ones. 

  • Wyveryx

    sounds like moto is becoming the new apple. Here’s a new variation of the device you just purchased.

    Buyer: “Why didn’t you just unlock your previous version?”
    Moto: “Why would we do that if you will buy this one too! It’s better too because it comes in 
    Buyer: . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . ,.-‘”. . . . . . . . . .“~.,
    . . . . . . . .. . . . . .,.-”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .“-.,
    . . . . .. . . . . . ..,/. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”:,
    . . . . . . . .. .,?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .,
    . . . . . . . . . /. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,}
    . . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`^`.}
    . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:”. . . ./
    . . . . . . .?. . . __. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :`. . . ./
    . . . . . . . /__.(. . .“~-,_. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`. . . .. ./
    . . . . . . /(_. . ”~,_. . . ..“~,_. . . . . . . . . .,:`. . . . _/
    . . . .. .{.._$;_. . .”=,_. . . .“-,_. . . ,.-~-,}, .~”; /. .. .}
    . . .. . .((. . .*~_. . . .”=-._. . .“;,,./`. . /” . . . ./. .. ../
    . . . .. . .`~,. . ..“~.,. . . . . . . . . ..`. . .}. . . . . . ../
    . . . . . .(. ..`=-,,. . . .`. . . . . . . . . . . ..(. . . ;_,,-”
    . . . . . ../.`~,. . ..`-.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . … . /
    . . . . . . `~.*-,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..|,./…..,__
    ,,_. . . . . }.>-._. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . . ..`=~-,
    . .. `=~-,__. . . `,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . .`=~-,,.,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . `:,, . . . . . . . . . . . . . `. . . . . . ..__
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .`=-,. . . . . . . . . .,%`>–==“
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _. . . . . ._,-%. . . ..`

    • Kuboo99

      Is it just me or does the face palm picture look a lot like Captain Picard?

      • Teng247

        Thats cuz its supposed to be picard…

      • EC8CH

        there is no greater facepalm than the Picard facepalm

    • Anonymous

      Well, it seems to be a pretty successful business model considering. Not saying it’s a good one but there are plenty of people out there with too much money of too much credit that will buy.

      @3b7d2c8acb5629b844469b73f4cdc1ed:disqus it is 😉


  • Anonymous

    Whtever, just get ICS out to my damn Verizon XOOM already. Motorola LOVES to piss off their existing customers by jist leaving them hanging.

    • Anonymous

      The worst part is some people still have unreasonable love for them.

      • DBK

        Hey now. My D2 was and still is a beast. Have had no problems with it and it has even performed better with the GB update. Now granted the D3 and the D4 should have been the same device, but the D2 was pretty solid (unfortunately it was released at a weird time – thus the 3 versions). It’s my GPS now (rockin a RAZR Maxx), but it’s still going strong (and it’s still rooted). 


      • Anonymous

        Unreasonable? Because there are so many other stock Android tablets out there with HDMI out, a storage card slot, and 4G. This, almost a year after the XOOM was released.

  • Jim


  • Anonymous

    What will Jha think up next?  This guy is just a machine of great ideas lately.  

    • Anonymous

       Don’t worry.  He still has the Razor with 13mp, Razormaxx with 13mp camera, Developer Razormaxx with 13mp camera, Razor HD, Razormaxx HD, Developer edition Razor HD, Developer Razormaxx HD, Droid 4 HD, Developer Droid 4 HD, Droid razor with 13mp camera, Developer Razor with 13mp camera, Razor HD with 13mp camera, Razormaxx HD with 13mp camera, Pink Razor….Brown Razr….Orange Krazr………………………………………. Brain just exploded!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

     Developer edition my ass.  Just unlock the phones you already sold starting with the Droid X.  Another damn Razr model added to the lineup! 

    • Anonymous

      Sold my X on swappa and grabbed an Inc2. The difference in the two phones is amazing…

  • Anonymous

    I hope it’s actually a dev maxx! And on vzw of course 🙂

  • Knkguillot

    So glad I got the Galaxy Nexus. I’m not going back to motorola again.

    • Anonymous

      …unless they get a Nexus. This place will do a complete 180 if a Moto Nexus is released.

      • …with obligatory “I’m not going back to Samsung again” comments.

  • 4th time bionic owners got screwed. LOL

    • Tim242

      Eeeek I forgot about that bunch : /

  • Jag28co

    Can’t wait to get my nexus

  • Anonymous

    Another RAZR variant instead of just unlocking existing RAZRs? Haha these guys are even stupider than I thought.

  • I’m putting my money on that it will not be released directly through a carrier, it will require a full retail purchase from Moto themselves.

    Wayyy too little too late Moto, I had my Droid2 only because my 3rd replacement OG died and I moved on to Samsung…..yanno there is a reason why they are so popular, maybe you should try and follow suit?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah its probably an unlocked version not sold through carriers and its a good bet it’s a US GSM version. It’s hard to sell an “unlocked” CDMA phone when it has to be flashed for the specific carrier. SIM cards just make the whole ordeal simpler.

      • Anonymous

        Unlocked bootloader, not carrier unlocked.  They’re pretty much independent from each other.

        • reading > you

          Toby never said anything about carrier unlocked

          • Anonymous

            “It’s hard to sell an “unlocked” CDMA phone when it has to be flashed for the specific carrier.” implies carrier unlocked.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, I did read the comment.  You can get CDMA phones on different carriers.  I’ve heard of either Sprint or Verizon phones on Cricket before.  SIMs do make a big difference, but not always.  Look at the iPhone.  For a long time it was locked to ATT, but they carrier unlocked it for T-Mobile.  And you might want to re-read yourself: “Unlocked version not sold through carriers” = carrier unlocked.

          • VZW phones can easily be programmed for Cricket or any other CDMA2000 carrier, that’s indeed true.

            The only difference is that you won’t get those PRL updates by dialling a number; you have to flash it manually.

  • Uncle Paul

    No custom kernels=half assed soltuion.

  • Arnoldt2007

    How about an unlock tool instead of a new phone? Dear Lord!

    • trumpet444

      I’ve heard of another smartphone company that instead of offer up a software feature or tool, opted to lock said feature/tool to a completely different phone. Hmm…. I wonder what the name of that company is……

      • Anonymous

        Cept Motorola built their security into hardware so that a piece is burnt off the chip unless a jumper is installed.

  • Uncle Paul

    Wow look who finally caved to the onslaught of flat out abuse on twitter,facebook. petitions, etc..

    I wouldnt hold my breath, they also said they woukd be intruducing a bootloader unlock solution similiar to what HTC has done..

    I will believe it when i see it Moto, but your late to the party has just about every respectible dev is working off a galaxy nexus at this point and everything else is a port from there.

    What is that i hear? Soundslike the priceis rigth loser

  • Spiros Zangotsis

    too late motorola, you dumbasses

  • Justin Ellis

    Moto fanboy with a defensive comment in 3….2…..

  • Kiel Macewan

    how many times can they rehash the same hardware? 

    • Anonymous

      Take 1: Bionic
      Take 2: Razr
      Take 3: Razr Maxx
      Take 4: Razr Developer Edition
      Take 5: Razr Maxx Developer Edition?

      • You forgot the HD version that for some reason hasn’t made it over here yet….coming this spring/summer?

        • Ahsan

          Nah, It’ll be announced a few days after the developer edition hits the market.

        • It won’t make it to the USA because most Americans buy subsidised phones.

          Verizon won’t subsidise it because the price for it doesn’t match their model. If they did, it’d probably cost $450 on 2 year contract.

  • So you have to buy a new phone…. stupid.

  • Justin Ellis

    Motorola continues to not get it. Another slap in the face of their customers. 

    • Anonymous

      Double Like

  • Jamie

    Nice.  Just after everyone finishes buying a Razr or Razr Maxx.

  • Anonymous

    It’s obvious that Motorola’s goal is to have as many variants of the RAZR smartphone as the RAZR dumbphone had. 

    God help us all.

  • Anonymous

    Droid RAZR Maxx Developer FTW

  • Hahahahahahahahahaha @ everyone who bought the Maxx. Oh man, in 2 months they will announce the Razr Maxx Developer

    • Anonymous

      2 months? I give it a week and a half.

  • KevinC

    yeah, but all existing razrs will be locked. no thanks. any new features?  in the few months it takes to come out the razr hardware will be obsolete.

  • Sob157

    You had me at bionic.. and when I say had me, I mean I will never buy another piece of moto-shit ever again. I bought moto for years and this overhyped under impressing device has me yearning for competition.

  • Just what I needed. An announcement like this just before my contract’s up. I guess I just have to suck it up and jump in or else I’ll have this OG forever.

    • Anonymous

      Get the Nexus, don’t buy into this crap.

  • Matt Fitzgerald

    What total assholes….How about the Unlock the Bionic first??

  • Chris Sandoval

    Too bad the Razr is not Super Amoled Plus HD

    • that would be the Razr HD, but that won’t be released until after the Razr 3D

  • Motorola Promises to Release Fewer Phones:

    -Droid RAZR
    -Droid RAZR Maxx
    -Droid RAZR Developer 

    I guess “fewer” depends on your point of view. This is just embarrassing.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking this too.

    • Chris

      You forgot the different colors lol

    • Potato

      Thought that was HTC who said that.

      • Anonymous

        They both did. It seems like the theme for 2012 is less phones, better support.

        • I think Sony said they would be releasing a bunch of phones in 2012, so they are going the other way

    • Ray

      next is the DROID RAZR MAXX Developer phone in white and purple lol

      • Good Job Moto

        Then DROID RAZAR MAXX Developer HD, they must of ment Fewer Phone Names

        • Anonymous

          That name is way too long. Hopefully they can fix that by releasing the Droid RAZR 2 the following week. Short n’ sweet.

          • Noyfb

            Don’t forget to add another$100 to the pricetag for being unlockable

      • No this version isn’t the MAXX. That’s coming 3 months after this. THEN the white and purple ones will come out.

      • Tim

        Since when do additional colors equal additional phones?

    • Anonymous

      it said fewer phones, not fewer variants. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        This is actually a really, really good point that people would do well to take note of.

    • Droid razr super ultra maxxx dev with kevlar and stuff is gonna be released right after dev..

    • Michael Radcliffe

      Actually, HTC and Motorola both have stated it.

    • Droiiiiiiiiiiiiiid

      there are actually 4 variants….
      -Droid RAZR 16GB
      -Droid RAZR  32GB
      -Droid RAZR Maxx
      -Droid RAZR Developer

      Moto fail…..

      • Anonymous

        They’re attempting to fail and much and as hard as they can before Google steps in and forces them to stop.

      • JamesKirk

        Don’t forget about a Droid Razr Razr, where it is a touch screen on the front, turn it around and it flips open to make calls

      • Anonymous

        The hell are you talking about?
        Oh yes! Lemme go put a bigger SD card in my old Continuum. BEHOLD! It’s now the Continuum 34GB, a completely different model!!!
        Really dude, really?

        • Anonymous

          Yes, really.

        • Anonymous

          Ha! You own a continuum!

          Really dude, really?

          • Anonymous

            Yup, it was super amoled goodness without the wonky GPS of the Fascinate. You got a problem?

        • DBK

          The 32GB (internal) one has no external SD card and was released after the 16GB (w/ external card), therefore it is another version/iteration of the phone (and yes the model numbers are different, thus different phones). And if you really want to be picky, you can throw the different colors in there too (since they were released afterwards – thus more versions of the same phone).

          • Anonymous

            Uhh not according to verizon’s website, it states it has 16 gigs of onboard storage and a 16 gig sd card. So uhhh…no it isn’t a different version…it’s the how the original Razr came with $50 slashed off the price.
            And if I were that picky I’d hate myself. You mean to tell me everytime you drive down the street and see someone in the same car with a different shade of paint, that that counts as a separate model in that automaker’s lineup? Don’t be silly.

          • DBK

            They released a 32GB one w/o an external card, genius. Therefore it’s another version (and has it’s own model number). Do your research before you start correcting people.

          • Anonymous

            Well google’s is turning up zilch when I search both “droid razr with 32gb internal storage” and “motorola razr with 32gb internal storage” and on Verizon’s website the Razr 32GB is clearly stated as having 16gb of internal storage. There’s also absolutely nothing mentioning a Razr with 32gbs of internal storage on Moto’s own website. So yeah I’m pretty sure you’re full of poo-poo and pee-pee

      • Anonymous

        Yet, no one speaks of it as a fail when *pple makes…
        -4S 16GB WHITE
        -4S 16GB BLACK
        -4S 32GB WHITE
        -4S 32GB BLACK
        -4S 64GB WHITE
        -4S 64GB BLACK………. they all have different model numbers, but it’s one phone?

        Also, how many “variants” of Samsung Galaxy II are there? Samsung was just smarter by using the SGII and getting less noticed for it.

        I admit, Moto has made mistakes, starting with a delay of the Bionic, not the release of the RAZR.  But at least this time Moto is using the ROMs. Only difference hardware wise, is if you want a thin phone or battery life, isn’t going to delay ANDROID 4.0 updates.  Moto is getting on track finally, calm down people. 

    • I’m not sure if you’re being serious or not, but those don’t even differ much in everything that isn’t the housing.

      Different colours are also a trivial undertaking.

      Or are you going to tell me that a RAZR MAXX that has essentially the same hardware and software as the regular RAZR, or a purple RAZR which is 100% the same as the original RAZR both require full-time investments like a whole new model does?

      Or that RAZR Developer edition isn’t just a RAZR with an unlockable bootloader?

    • Jay

      Point of view? Nah son. In 2011  they released 
      Atrix, Atrix II, DroidX2, Droid3, Photon, Bionic, and the Razr.
      The razr was released prior to that press release, so so far the Maxx is the only device they’ve launched.

  • angermeans

    Good god Motorola would you stop releasing a new (and better version) of the Razr? All you are doing is alienating your early adopters and early adopters are your biggest and best fans. Just make the current Razr (and other Motorola phones) unlockable much like HTC and ASUS are doing. This is a joke and yet another slap in the face to your fans. When will you get that?

    • Anonymous

      Ageed, and well said…they need to just do what HTC did, only better!

    • Riskwizzard

      That’s what it is the Moto Razr Dev is an unlocked phone for the development community. It is not for commercial use.

      • angermeans

        It doesnt mean that a good bunch of Moto’s fans that are developers didnt purchase the Droid Razr and Droid Razr MAXX. Now Motorola is saying well you have to buy our Developer edition to get the unlocked version. Its just a plain joke and a real slap in the face to what Android is. They lock their bootloaders for almost two years promising an unlock coming, but they didnt say that it would mean people would have to buy a different phone. Not to mention all these different versions of the Razr will certainly cause confusion at the very least. Moto is just milking the phones they have coming down the pipe while they await a certain buy out from all mighty Google. You can let Moto out on some BS fine print, but this is full reason I stopped buying Motorola hardware a long time ago. 

    • Monty Waggoner

      Early adopters know what they’re getting themselves into. All you can do is jump on board and hope for the best. 

      It would be nice to just unlock the phones that are out there already but maybe they’re just locked down that good that it’s not possible. (Doubt it)

  • Too little, too late.

  • Chris

    ………………………………….what? Am I seeing things?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this is just going to be one of their non-VZ RAZRs. I still don’t get this part: “regulatory obligations.” Has anyone ever explained what “regulatory” rules they are following?

  • And why couldn’t they just unlock the device like htc does via software?

    • shamwow

      Make you buy a new phone so they make more $$$

  • Wingshater21

    too little too late

  • Can we get this stock? Or maybe Motorola could at least do like what Sony is doing and release Alphas and Betas of their progress on updates for these devices. Either of those — or preferably both — as things they do with their Developer Edition would be great and could further show their support for their developers and/or tinkerers.

    • With an unlockable bootloader, you could make it stock in no time. 🙂

      • Ha. This is true. But flash-able updates on their progress with software upgrade would be very nice, and fitting.

      • Anonymous

        Kellex, nowhere in the release does it say the US version IS a RAZR. Just a device. Food for thought.

        “In the coming months, we also plan to introduce an unlockable developer DEVICE in the United States through MOTODEV”

  • Anonymous


    Too bad I already have the Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      Another Nexus owner just shaking his head.  Dummies would have been better off releasing a unlocked Razormaxx with 720p display and better camera on 11/11/11.  Would have beaten the Nexus but even Motorola does not have faith in their first attempt. 

      • Anonymous

        It would have been a lot tougher decision for sure. I can almost guess that the Nexus wouldn’t have meant as much to me if there was another unlocked phone available.

    • trumpet444

      drop the F

      • Tim242


  • IcRy Hard

    like dis i1 u cry erytim3