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1Weather Puts Most Weather Apps to Shame, Keeps It Minimal Too


Sick of the old standard weather apps? You may want to give 1Weather a try, as it not only matches up perfectly to the styling of Ice Cream Sandwich, but it also packs a punch on the functionality and features fronts. Brought to us from the folks behind TweetCaster and BaconReader, you won’t find many apps in general that look this nice.

Through 1Weather (which is free by the way), you get current weather, forecasts, warnings, precipitation levels by day, view sun and moon charts, photos of current weather, tweets by location, can set up a variety of your favorite cities or towns, and then add them as widgets. Is this the best weather app available? It might just be. 

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  • Anonymous

    % of time inside a weather app 100%

    No widgetgood looking widget = no point… stock ‘news and weatger’ widget continues

  • Ry D

    I feel like a retard asking this but where is the actual widget? 

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone explain to me why I would want tweets and pics in my weather app, and not be able to remove them?

  • when will people stop saying FREE!!! Its NOT FREE WHEN THERE ARE EFFING ADS ALL OVER THE PLACE! ….makes it crap. next….

    • tjmonkey15

      Not paying = free, ads or no ads.

  • Tony

    no service, forced to use Wifi lololol

  • ScottyfromGA

    looks good to me…am I only one that can over look the ads?  sheesh….

    • Anon

      I like the choice of free with ads or paid without. Either way, the dev gets paid but I get a choice of how.

  • Anonymous

    No widget? Would be great if it had one.

    • WAldenIV

      It does have a 2×2 widget.  The two bottom right pictures show it.  It’s a circular widget.

  • llwang

    DL can use a poll for the best weather app

  • Anonymous

    If the widget looked as good as the app, it’d be great, unfortunately I have little need for a weather app vs a weather widget. beautiful weather wins until this gets an update.

  • Android 4S means simple, sexy, stylish, and smooth

    iPhone 4S hit

    Whoops, hit the space bar by accident.

  • Anonymous

    How accurate are the forecasts? Pretty is useless if it is less accurate than the competition.

    • Noyfb

      Wait, You want a beautiful weather app, and one that is accurate?

  • Beautiful Weather still is the best weather widget but this is a good app. 

  • Anonymous

    It looks nice, but it is not the best, ‘AccuWeather Platnium, Weatherbug Elite, MyWeathter.com, BeWeather… Just to name a few

    • Anonymous

      imo weatherbug is beyond terrible. the only thing that I would compare this to is Beautiful Widgets weather. The look on all of those is far behind.

    • Potato

      Accuweather’s platinum app has lots of info. But it’s a terrible app performance wise.

  • David Geiger

    I didn’t realize there would be some many people from Montucky on this site. 

  • best weather app available?  surely you jest.  this is far from the best.  every other weather app out there nails me to the cell tower five miles away, and with GPS on they have me pin-pointed.

    1weather, upon install and scan of my location, puts me 1,600 miles away (one thousand six hundred!) and there is no GPS support.  and another thing, the map.  it’s horrible, you can’t zoom or pan, and it is really really ugly.

    Every other weather app is better than 1weather.  hell, my weather stick is better than this app.  unless you dig the white text and the gimmicky pictures and tweet feature, you are better off installing any weather app by selecting one blindfolded.

    • Granted

      Well he doesn’t base these posts on quality or integrity, it’s whoever will pay the most for the advertising.

    • WAldenIV

      First of all, he said it might be the best.  Second, my location was spot on, so the problem must be your phone, not the app.  Third, no one is forcing you to like or use it, so stop complaining.

      • lol, try rereading my post Mr Wannabe.  you might notice it isn’t my phone.  what this app “might be” is the worst weather app available.  check previous post again for recommendations.  no need to tell me about forcing use or liking it, and i certainly didn’t need your recommendation to uninstall it, i came up with that all on my own.  aren’t you proud?  but thanks for posting obvious troll.

        glad 1weather pays his bills though. DL does have it’s merits, so i don’t mind a throwaway article like this once and a while.

  • I’ll stick with beweather.

  • Tom

    Does it have hourly predictions?

  • Anonymous

    Does this app have a widget? I’ve installed the app, but can’t find any widgets on my Nexus. 

    • 4jiggz

      yea but its not the best looking widget……Im sticking with HD widgets…..

    • Jeff G

      Yeah what he said…

  • Anonymous

    This app said it is sunny, but it’s dark outside here in Austin at 6:30 p.m.  It was sunny earlier, but it isn’t anymore.  BeWeather blows this away.  Uninstalling.

  • Anonymous

    it does not work on my SG Tab 10.1

  • 6895533

    hey i have that same wallpaper on my nexus 🙂 you got it at zedge right ?lol

  • At first I thought this whole thing was a widget — that would have been cool. As far as an app, I could take it or leave it.

  • Anonymous

    Whitefish?! Awesome, I was born in Kalispell.

  • Firelight

    Wish it worked on my Acer A200 dammit. LOVE it on my Galaxy Nexus, however. Been rocking it for about a week now.

  • Not far from me! Living in Polson, Montana… What ya doing in Whitefish Kellex!!!

  • Anonymous

    The stock News and Weather app seriously needs an update, its been exactly the same since android 2.1.

    • Anonymous

      It even still uses a Menu button, Google didn’t even bother to give it a small makeover for the release of ICS.

      • Noyfb

        Been using weatherbug

  • Anyone have a direct link to the apk? My Market on my Galaxy Nexus LTE doesnt show app, and market.android.com says its incompatible

  • Jack Holt

    Hey I am in Billings, I was born in Whitefish, neat 😀

  • Rnaiyc

    No tablet support I guess?

  • I find an app like MyCast or Weather Underground to be much better. There is very little added function to the over done design. Some like it, I hated it in beta testing. Still do.

  • Negativerxn

    Huge ad!  Hell yeah.

    • Yeah, those ads are pretty obnoxious.

    • Trolololo

      adds really ruin it though 

      • Trolololo

        lol ads*

    • i have adfree and the ads dont show 

      • Potato

        Still takes screen space.

  • Anonymous

    It’s from the CM9 music app

    (Not sure if this replied the right way, dumb stock browser)

    • Anonymous

      darn, I don’t flash roms

      • Anonymous

        There’s an apk somewhere you can download though that might work.

        • Anonymous

          Hmmm….thanks, ill have to look around

          • Anonymous

            I was actually just about to add the link. 


          • Anonymous

            Its because of people like yourself that really make this site fantastic…keep it up

          • Anonymous

            My music is not showing up…how do i get it to show? It supports the google music cloud right?

          • Anonymous

            No, unfortunately it doesn’t.

          • Anonymous

            Well that sucks.

            No use for it now…oh well

  • Anonymous

    I used to use GoWeather, but I can’t get the wallpapers to work on my Nexus. Going to give this a try.

  • Anonymous

    I saw this on either Android Police or Android Central a couple days ago, it’s cool. But the real question is why you don’t have adblock.

    • yeah… seems hard to cover apps.

    • JustSaying

      Why don’t you like supporting the developers of the apps you use?

      • WAldenIV

        Ad blocking has no impact on the developers.  I’ve never once clicked on an ad and I never will.

        • Ever thought of clicking on a random ad to show appreciation to a developer?    

          • WAldenIV

            No way.  I’d rather pay for an app to support a developer.  I’m not giving business to the advertiser that way and I know the developer is getting the full amount.  I have plenty of paid apps, so I’m not one of those cheapskates.

      • Anonymous

        They’re getting enough support with me downloading their app and recommending it to my friends.

  • Anonymous

    how did you get that google music widget?

    • Yamaha3240

      Music app shortcut? the black one is cyanogen mods version of google music