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Motorola Prepares New “Project” for the DROID RAZR

Motorola’s Feedback Network is sending out invitations tonight to DROID RAZR owners, asking if they want to participate in a soak test for a new “project.” The details of the update are absent as usual, but with software leaking within the last couple of weeks, we have a pretty good idea as to what we can expect. You probably shouldn’t assume that this one is Ice Cream Sandwich just yet and should instead focus on the likelihood of simply being a bug fixer and slight UI enhancer.

Cheers N and P!

  • RW-1

    Seems they cannot internally test their own crapware anymore eh?

    Jha boy, you really suck.

    But I’ve moved on, as many of the OG club have done.

  • The leaked software update you referenced also included an updated radio, which, according to DroidRZR.com users who have flashed it, is FAR, FAR superior to the current one, especially in terms of LTE reception.

  • IamtheMan

    y’all are quite clueless actually. entertaining read.

    • BestDeathEver

      insecure much?

  • Philw1956

    Got my invite.

    • DichSucker

      aren’t i special

  • Ramdanih Seven

    Woowww great news..!!! ICS is coming for razr ūüėÄ

  • RadicalPie

    “Motorola most likely moving Razr from 2.3.6 to 2.3.7, Oh Boy!” Alternate Title for Post

  • linda samuel

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  • Anonymous

    ICS … Could be interesting to see what non-Blur does with it.

  • I love my Razr so far. I don’t even see a need for me to root it. I just can’t wait for ICS to come out, it will feel as if I have a brand new phone again!

  • Rodys Gonzalez

    One of the reasons I went with Razr; was the idea of being updated… Big difference in itself from my OG;.. .but now i got something to look forward to… ICS will make my Razr feel like I just got a whole NEW phone…. ¬†

    • Anonymous

      I would say the ability for you to take care of your own updating with the og would trump any but the nexus’ in keeping software up to date

  • proboly ICS

  • Sangelo

    They should pay more attention to droid 3 which I doubt but yeah

  • FreddyDickHead

    nice to see one of the participants has kept his/her word of keeping this information confidential.  NOT!

  • Domikinzu

    but-but-but…I thought the BIONIC was “the machine to rule all machines”?


    • Anon

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • Sure, but you do realize that a phone isn’t a machine right?

    • Josh Groff

      The RAZR Just rules all machines more I guess. ūüėČ

  • I bet the new “project” is End-of-Life now that the Maxx is being released.

  • ddevito

    Better be ICS. As I’ve said in earlier posts, we ALL need ICS on our phones. Android can only succeed if the maximum number of users are using their latest and greatest OS – it’s how open source thrives.

    More users = More Ideas = More bugs reported = More fixes = More innovations.

    Let’s stop the inner-Android bashing shall we? Same team. I know, I know, I’ve been guilty. Well, it starts with me.

    2012 = the year Android regains its dominance

    • Blackmagick20

      When did Android lose its dominance?

      • ddevito

        I guess I should retract the word ‘regain’ and replace it with ‘further its’ (dominance).

        I’d like to see some developer enhancements so we can start writing some kick ass apps, I think it’s the only way Android won’t be an afterthought to 3rd party app devs.

        I also would like to see OEMs cut down the number of phones they pump out and better support existing customers, particularly OS updates.

        And I think Google should set hard hardware requirements for their Android versions the word ‘fragmentation’ stops getting sprayed all over the media.

    • Yeah but it’d be like blur ics, have you seen it on htc’s sense ics, it looks the same as gingerbread, unless blur takes a RADICAL redesign that it so¬†desperately¬†needs

      • Lmrojas

        That was with sense 3.5 Ics should have sense 4.0. We don’t know how that will look

      • Mak450

        Yes but sense makes ICS look like GB because it’s just so damn big. Blur is nowhere near as heavy…

    • Anonymous

      I guess the 700,000 activations a day and all the market share android has was all the phones having the latest os..oh wait….

    • Anonymous

      Patience young pedowan

    • Anonymous

      i dont “need” ics on my phone, in fact, i could care less about it really…and no one “needs” it…most simply “want” it

      • Josh Groff

        Or have it, developers already have ports out on phones, needs patching, but most of the ones I tried seem stable.

      • ddevito

        Okay, who ever ‘needs’ an OS upgrade? But don’t you want to use the platform’s latest and greatest offerings?

        • Anonymous

          you missed the first line of my post…where i said “i could care less about it really”…i’m not impressed with ICS, in fact i almost see it as a downgrade

    • balls

      you post here too much, get a job

      • ddevito

        I have a job, I write Android apps for my company.

        So THIS IS my job. And I’m lucky for having it.

  • fartbubbler

    if the Razr Maxx had an unlocked bootloader and ICS, I’d think about ditching my GNex.¬†

    • Then and only then would the though even cross the mind xDD

    • SlicK

      You obviously haven’t used the NFC chip yet.

      • Anonymous

        other than google wallet which doesn’t work most of the time for me nor is it¬†available¬†in most places. NFC is pretty over rated. The only time its useful is when someone else has NFC and wants to get on WIFI.

        • ddevito

          Not true. You can use your phone anywhere PayPass terminals are installed. Pay Pass is everywhere.

          But I see Google Wallet terminals popping up everywhere

          • Anonymous

            im saying that there isnt paypass in many places. also the machines usually are kindof crappy and dont always work instantly.