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DROID RAZR MAXX All But Confirmed for January 26 Launch According to Verizon

One of our readers noticed over the weekend that Motorola’s landing page for the DROID RAZR MAXX had an availability date of January 26. Once we posted it, the news quickly spread and Moto realized that they jumped the gun with it, almost instantly switching it to “available soon.” It looks now like Moto was indeed right, as Verizon is expecting the “all channel” launch to take place on that very same day, January 26.

We were big fans of the RAZR MAXX after getting our hands on it at CES last week, even calling it our top phone of the event. When it hits stores next Thursday, you can gobble it up for $299 on contract.

Cheers ___!

  • Domikinzu

    if this came stock with ICS (NOT an after-market update OTA, because you’ll still have those ugly soft buttons), I would ditch my GNex for it.

    Now that I’ve been running ICS, I simply cannot do anything else. 

  • Ardy

    Does it have a GSM radio (global phone) like the Droid 4 does? 
    It’s too bad if it doesn’t or that Verizon turns it off just they will do on D4!

  • Webby

    Yawn … 

  • Mark

    Exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Amazing how only a week with the Droid RAZR spoiled me after using my good ol’ OG Droid for the past couple of years. Immediately returned my RAZR last week after the announcement and leaks about the RAZR MAXX. Can’t wait to pick it up!

  • Penis

    I’m holding out for the DROID BIONIC RAZR MAXX 3 X2.

  • Guest

    Can’t we have one post with out the mention of the Galaxy Nexus, really?…. 

    • Jim McClain

      I doubt it really   lol

  • Jim McClain

    wonder why they dont just put the big battery in the present razor and switch out the back,like the did the nexus

    • Anonymous

      That’s basically what this is, from all reports. I would imagine one will be able to purchase a battery/back from a cell phone repair site for the Maxx and stick it on the OG RAZR.

  • Anthony Palumbo

    just wondering if a page like that existed for the droid 4 yet anyone know????????

  • Alflease

    I decided on the Bionic only because of the fact that I could purchase an extended battery.  If I had known that the Razr was coming out with a larger battery, I would have gone that way.  I’m sure that alot of others did the same thing. 

  • Audioslinger

    Ya know, my eye somehow didn’t see the ‘A’ in the word “All” in the headline. I thought the MAXX II was being announced and I wasn’t the least bit surprised….

    • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

      ^ this.
      Nearly shat myself reading the same thing.

  • Where is the Droid 4 ?!!?

  • Stephen

    How long after this phone is released until it is rootable? I have the nexus now and am strongly considering trading it in for the razor maxx.  The battery life and feel of the phone are two very large pluses that the nexus just cannot match.

    • Harryballs1234

      Can be rooted now. Same phone as the og RAZR.

    • Jim McClain

      the razor is so boxy feeling,I think the nexus is far more sleeker ,just a better looking phone to me

      • Anonymous

        Choice is great, eh?

  • Anonymous

    Props to Motorola for making the MAXX. If this was released in December instead of the 1st Droid RAZR, I might’ve bought it instead of the G Nex. NO props whatsoever for whoever made the decision to release the RAZR and the RAZR MAXX so close to each other. Moto screwed Droid RAZR owners way harder than Asus did with the revised Transformer Prime that’s coming out. At least there will be a 6-8 month span between those two products, not a month and a half.

  • BuyersRemorse

    Motorola should allow those of us that purchased Droid RAZR upgrade, pissed its a new bigger battery version released so blasted soon after the original. 

    • Evltwn

      Should’ve returned it before 1/15. That’s what i did, now the 26th can’t get here fast enough. Using my OG Droid, love it, but man is it slow.

      • Dbarden31

        Did the same thong. Returned my Razr on the 15 and went back to my OG Droid. Now I’m itching for Thursday to get here so I can buy this phone!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand this comment at all. Companies can’t improve on their devices based on customer response?? It’s not Motorola’s fault that Verizon forces you into a 2 year contract. Really the phone SHOULD cost you $500+. You know you can still sell your RAZR on ebay or Craigslist for around $350, which means you can buy a new RAZR Maxx when it comes out for $200-250 net net on those same sites….that would mean you basically just paid retail price for a phone, and you’ve cut a couple months off your plan AND you don’t have to sign up for an extra plan.

      Companies have every right to improve their products, and not accept returns on the previous iterations, especially tech companies. 

      I for one, am actually happy that Moto listens to its customers, and have basically removed most of the BLUR off their phones, and are now getting the battery life under control because that’s what we asked for.

      Personally, I’m waiting for the Droid 4 as I NEED my keyboard. Otherwise, I love the RAZR I have and am gladly going to sell it off once the Droid 4 hits.

      • Anonymous

        LOL, Motorola themselves even admitted that they are releasing too many products too fast. Apple does it right by updating the iPhone once a year. Samsung also does it right by updating the Galaxy S once a year. Moto on the other hand, has no idea how to build confidence and loyalty in their phones like those two companies do.

        • Anonymous

          Samsung has on schedule between 5-8 variants of the Galaxy products scheduled for release this year. That basically means 1 every 2 months. But because the products are broken up by carrier, it is less of an issue. Moto, on the other hand, is really heavily represented by Verizon. They don’t have a BUNCH of carriers to release phones on in the US.

          Apple, we shouldn’t even be discussing here, because there’s major issues with how they operate things. I’ll just leave it at that. 

          HTC does the same as Moto, as they release newer versions of their phones every 2 months, just 3D this, or HD that, or 3, 4 or 5 of this.

          So Samsung & HTC & Moto are all doing the same thing, it’s just Samsung is not as noticeable because of carrier diversity.

      • OG Droid Owner

        After using my OG Droid for almost 2 years, I have decided to give up my slide-out keyboard for two reasons: Super AMOLED Advanced display and I’m not an expert on phone hardware, but it appears that the LTE antennae and even the music codecs on the D4 are older models than that on the RAZR and RAZR MAX… what does that mean? 

        Well my guess (and I say guess because I have no source backing this whatsoever) is the D4 was put into production almost immediately after the D3 released (no LTE on the D3) but they kept pushing it back further and further. So you finally have everything in place to ship your company’s first LTE slider… Do you go back and try to get new HW specs on the phone back through testing and the FCC? Nah, you ship a phone that’s already on it’s way to being out-of-date before it even hits shelves. I love my OG Droid, but it was EoL’ed just a mere few months after I got it because the HW in the D2 was significantly better.

        No thanks. I’ll get used to the touchpad and not endure the headache of seeing D5 announced with everything I wanted in June this year.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, I have a good friend that works at Moto Mobility, the Droid 4 hardware, was what was SUPPOSED to be released as the Droid 3. When the Droid Bionic got delayed, they decided not to release a new LTE super phone at that time. Then the RAZR hit the design team, and they pushed out the Droid 4 to change the front fascia to match the new “image” of the devices.

          So the hardware in the D4 is OLDER than the RAZR and RAZR Maxx but only by a couple months, and the hardware is not obsolete, because the RAZR & RAZR Maxx don’t have better performing chipsets, they’re just a different form factor. They’re actually of the same chip family, and being that I work for an electronic component distributor, those chip set families don’t have new revisions. So the D4 has the latest hardware, it’s just a different footprint for a different PCB and different form factor.

          I was an OG droid owner, and a D2G owner. I don’t know why you’re complaining, the OG droid was perfectly fine for a good solid year and half. It wasn’t obsolete when the D2 came out, it was a solid performing device. I only got my D2G because I dropped my OG droid in the ocean. My D2G was a fine device, but if I hadn’t killed my OG droid, I would have been a happy camper with that device up until a couple months ago.

          Currently I have a RAZR because I got lucky enough I didn’t have to pay for mine, but I’m done with the touch keyboard. I HAVE to have a physical keyboard. I type WAY too much, and I’m just not fast on that thing. I can’t wait to go back to the D4 because of this.

          I saw the D4 at CES and man does that device fly. It’s definitely as good as the RAZR or RAZR Maxx in terms of performance. And the screen is as good as well. I spent a good 30 minutes with the device, and I would be a happy camper with that thing for at least the next year. Unless some of the Moto CES girls give me a rub and tug to buy a new phone, I’m all good with a D4.

      • Jamieritchie79

        Im not opposed to companies listening to customers and improving their products, but it is very apparent the the Maxx was already in the works before the RAZR was released…that is what I dont think is right.   BAD MOTO!

  • Jak_341

    At least the Galaxy Nexus can’t be delayed due to this Motofail phone!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how long it will take to charge that huge battery?

    • Jak_341

      Longer than it takes to copulate with your mother. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I read that in an SNL Sean Connery voice.

  • crash_davis

    awesome.  i get another chance to pass on a droid phone.

    • crash_davis

      make that motorola droid phone.  i’m done w/ motorola’s lying ways.

  • Anonymous

    Releasing with ICS or a “confirmed eventual upgrade”? That’s a make or break at this point.

    • Evltwn

      Releasing with Gingerbread will be updated to ICS.

  • Cockedandlocked1

    i returned my nexus because of its horrible radio and call quality cant wait to get the razr maxx with that massive battery.  the nexus and its unlocked bootloader can suck on it.

    • Bewara2009

      You did the right thing there .. 😀

    • Anonymous

      My gnex has excellent call quality and the radio only struggles in low signal areas which I am rarely in so I have no problems with it.  I would definitely be unhappy with it though if I was constantly in a low signal area so I understand why you would choose the razr instead, but the call quality on my nexus has been great so there might have been something else wrong with yours.

    • John

      sorry you live n a crappy covered area. not our fault

      enjoy updates for a limited time timmy

    • I’m Kick-Ass!

      I live 20 minutes outside of NYC and my wife’s Nexus call quality was poor. Frequent dropped calls. She liked everything else but needed reliable calling. She got the RAZR and the difference is night and day.

      Now she’s understandably a little pissed about the MAXX. Too late to return original. I may get the MAXX and switch phones with here since I’m usually near a plug 😛 

      Hopefully ICS will arrive soon!

      • Anonymous

        The Maxx is just an upgraded battery. I’m willing to bet repair sites will have parts for it in not too long and you’ll be able to purchase the battery and rear cover for the Maxx and put it on your RAZR. Taking the battery out actually isn’t that challenging, either.

        • OG Droid Owner

          I think there’s actually a slight difference between the chasis of a RAZR and RAZR MAX. Otherwise what you propose would be very simple and someone would have already done the mod. I’m interested to see how DIY the kits people make/sell for this are and what level of expertise is required to pull it off.

      • Ahku Droid

        I’ve been struggling over the G-Nexus and RAZR for awhile.  I’ve been using Motorolas since the StarTACs.  Weaker radios and battery issues with Samsung phones have bothered me, but coming from an OG Droid, a locked bootloader annoys the hell out of me too.  Motorola has 80 years of expertise with radios and is unmatched.  This is especially important when living in the suburbs like me.

        Thanks to both of you, “I’m Kick-Ass!” and “Cockedandlocked1”, for answering something other than how amazing the G-Nexus software is or if the Pentile screen sucks.

    • pete

      i did return mine too coz of the battery problems. with extended battery my talktime was about 5.5 hrs.

  • Anonymous

    Lol. The GN had a ton of confirmed release dates. I bet this phone never gets delayed. It’s Verizon’s new baby since the last one is already 2 months old.

    • Anonymous

      There’s nothing to delay. It’s the same phone with a bigger battery.

      • Anonymous

        Good point. 

  • Michael Forte

    I gotta say I’m jealous of the RAZR MAXX’s battery.

    • Dominick Melfi

      I too have a serious case of battery envy.

  • tbaybe

    im excited 🙂