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Osmos, Winner Of Multiple Game Of The Year Awards Makes Its Way To Android

Another great game has finally found itself in the Android Market. This time it is Osmos, winner of Apple’s iPad Game of the Year on iOS. It’s a beautiful game with hypnotizing music that will continue to ‘evolve’ into an Android classic without a doubt. With magnificent colors and a wonderfully challenging plot, you will easily find yourself spending too much time with this game. 

Give it a try and let us know what you think down in the comments section. Android Game of the Year material?

Market Link: HD Version ($2.99) | Demo Version (Free)

  • RW-1

    Hmmm. Terrible…

    Not the app …  the mindset.

    I’m on a tight budget myself, but hell people.

    I went and checked out the demo. Awesome. Liked it. Played and got to the end of the demo.

    Worth my time and 2.99, so I bought it.  I’ll miss the 2/3rds of the cost of a big mac that would clog my arteries….

    If you don’t like it, don’t get it, but anyone whining about $2.99 ?  Geez …

  • Not gonna lie…. reminds me of Spore…

  • mary

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    • Granted

      You should check out eatmysemen.com, you filthy spam whore.

  • Anonymous


  • First game I’ve wanted to install that’s not compatible with my phone, a Droid X. 🙁

    • Jeff

      weird, it works great on my Droid 2.

      but it is OUTSTANDING on my Asus Transformer Prime. 🙂

    • Greg

      I emailed the dev last week, and the app is now available on the Droid X! They seem to be somewhat cautious about releasing to older phones, but are open to feedback. If the game is not available on your phone, download the demo below, and provide feedback to them.  


  • Granpa

    I played this when it was called Spore

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the exact same thing! I knew it looked familiar and couldn’t remember the name of the game until reading your post! Maybe the ongoing theme should be “The makers of SPORE suing the makers of osmos for copyright infringement!”

      • Jonas

        I played this when it was called Flow

    • Anonymous

      I played this way back when it was called Asteroid on Windows 95

      • Vegas

        I played asteroid back when it was in the arcade

    • Gowel76

      This game has no similarities at all, to Spore.

  • This would probably be a better game to play before bed then Angry Birds.. That game just makes me mad. I think I’ll try the demo before I’d buy.

    Now about paid apps. I have about a dozen of paid apps mostly on my XOOM but I have some on my Bionic. Mostly root related apps but paid apps are usually alot better and it’s a great way to support the devs who are working hard to get bring over new and exciting apps to Android. 

    • Granted

      Very true! Good paid apps take a lot of hard work to produce.


    Im not going to lie..i don’t see many people buying apps.. its kind of sad.. Android is the best and we know it but its like everyone expects everything for free.. yea there is more free stuff..there is also more crap in the android market. But then there are some good quality games like shadowgun, nfs2, this, shinerunner.. lots actually.. well more than 20.. can’t count fruit ninja because they don’t want to update it apparently.. but.. you guys have to support devs… so ill buy it just to support devs. Then again i have about like 70-100 bucks invested in apps, quality ones.. so just think guys.. the next time you want quality apps..think why they aren’t coming by the many.. at least yet.. 

  • Sirx

    If you play this, PLEASE do so AFTER purchasing it.  If we ever want to be taken seriously as an ecosystem by developers, we MUST support quality apps when we get them (and boy are they few).  Also, it’s a great game.

    • Sirx

      Scratch that–this game is apparently “not compatible” with my HTC Incredible.  “Fragmentation on Android is not a problem” my @ss!

      • Disgustipated

        might be a resolution limiting thing, got the same on my nexus one but thought that was cause i had an aosp ICS on it…might have to change the build.prop

  • Anonymous

    Is this a joke post? I am not normally negative, but this game looks like the most boring thing that someone could have come up with…

  • Prime7

    This game looks like ~flOw~

    • Asario31

      my exact thoughts. Anyone whos played flOw on ps3 will agree

  • Jeff Bowman

    how do i get his on a kindle fire?

    is the only way to root the device.

    • Yes, root and install Android market, why not?
      You can also sideload a pirated app, but I wouldn’t do this.

    • No Root

      No just sideload the APK onto the kindle. No root required.  APK file -> Computer -> Kindle Directory. Use a USB/Mini USB cable. On the Kindle, download ES File Explorer, find the APK file, open it. SHould install it. Since it’s kindle, no guarantee it will work properly, but worth a shot!

      • Piracy is bad, especially pirating a quality $2.99 app.

        • Guest

          He said nothing about piracy.  You can download the APK from the market onto your computer.

          • bucwylde23

            How do you do this? The market site makes you select a device to send it to. There is no option to download the APK.
            Where will the check be to make sure that someone bought the app?

  • trippin

    This would be great while smokin a big fat doobie !   :-}

    • Jim McClain

      that might make it better
      have to try it

  • Jim McClain

    2.99 ?  sorry I dont buy apps,

    • Lmrojas

      Because of people like you we get crap development for apparently.

    • Forrest Tracey

      Oh how boring your life must be!

      • Jim McClain

        sorry i have a life

        • I don’t get it

        • Android=Greatness

          you have a life? Or a job? So paying for an app isn’t worth helping and supporting someone who is a dev for a living? And supporting Android users? F U sir Eff y0u

        • Disgustipated

          apparently… since you’re sitting on the internet complaining about 3 bucks for a damn fine game

    • Anonymous

      People like you make me embarrassed to be an android user.

    • Bewara2013.14159265


  • Anonymous

    Picked it up like 20 minutes ago. Beautiful, wonderful, all-around lovely.

  • ZOMG Finally!

  • Anonymous

    I own the game on Steam…it’s super fun and addicting!

    • Anonymous

      Did you get it from the HIB like me?

      • Anonymous

        Possibly, or Osmos was like $2.49 on Steam long ago. Either way, the game rocks!

        Just demoed the game on my Nexus, and it does run quite smooth, and just like on the PC, is fun as hell!

      • Anonymous

        I have gotten every HIB, and that is were I first got the game. I love it.

        • Anonymous

          Same! Truth be told, I didn’t buy the first one, but I paid over the average for the second one (and every one after that) and got all the HIB #1 games w/ my HIB #2.

  • Running theme of the day seems to be “and the Android version came/is coming later.”

  • Anonymous

    reminds me of FL0W in browser. that’s pretty cool/the same thing.

  • AWESOME!!!! I love this game! Finally!

  • Such a good game!

  • Have this through a PC humble bundle.  Great game.  Very challenging in the later levels.