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DROID Incredible Added to HTC’s Bootloader Unlock List

Doin’ big things. After giving the Incredible 2, Rezound and Thunderbolt access to their bootloader unlocking tool, HTC has gone way back in time, giving the original Incredible the same access. That’s right, a device pre-DROID X and DROID 2 now has an unlockable bootloader.

And again, we turn to you, Motorola.

Via:  HTCDev, (2)

  • banjoonmyknee

    This is wonderful.  Now the 6 people who wanted to unlock their DInc and didn’t already do so a year or two ago using Unrevoked can do it!

  • Anonymous

    Other than the fine gentleman (and ladies?) that make DL possible losing money from the site being down, what do we as readers have to lose?  One day of android news?

    • Anonymous

      Nothing.  We’ll just go to the other big Android players. 

  • Anonymous

    “Without every major player participating, the blackout is pointless.  

    Wikipedia is the only site that will have an impact.”
    You just contradicted yourself.

    Every site can have an impact, though how much of one is what’s variable. And, of course, multiple sites going in on it compounds the impact.

    • Anonymous

      Of the ones that are going down, Wikipedia is the only one with impact. 

      What I’m saying is that it’s not enough of an impact, and in fact hurts them because people will look other places for their information, and possibly find them even more useful.

      People won’t realize the significance of Wikipedia going down… Certain parts of Google, Twitter, FaceBook, Yahoo, Bing, certain parts of Microsoft, Wikiepedia, and many others.  If coordinated in unison and included a high level explaination as to WHY they were going down would have a much larger impact. 

      Wikipedia going down will just piss people off.  Also, from the initial buzz I am hearing, most people don’t even know WHY they’re going down.  It’s also announced, so people just won’t go to the site, missing any useful message they have up. 

      Also, guess what….. nobody even blurbed about reddit going down.

      • Anonymous

        I’d love to see you back that up with something other than conjecture and anecdote. By the way, Google will be having something on their home page about SOPA, so that may be huge. Google’s one of the few, major players to openly speak out against it.

        • Anonymous

          I’m glad Google will, because they can make a difference.

          On that note, I can’t back it up with anything more than anecdotal, but neither can you. 

          Go ask a few people you know who that aren’t tech-people what they think about SOPA and what it means to them.  I’d bet you they’ll know nothing or very little about it… maybe just that Wikipedia is going down… but not any low-level details.

          I’m assuming you’ve also written your representatives in Washington already, and called them to voice your opinion… as well as your local government officials.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve written my reps on a few other things, but not this. They’re pretty worthless, here (I only get canned responses back). Still, it’s only an email and couldn’t hurt to shoot them out one more thing. I guess me thinking it would do nothing is like you thinking websites spreading the word will do nothing, so I ought not be a hypocrite.

            You;re proving the point of having regular sites at least spread the word about SOPA. Most people are ignorant, but not stupid. Even if it only hits a few people out of everyone who visits, it’s still something. I don’t advocate for Droid Life having a blackout (since, unlike Wikipedia, they’re for profit), but they really ought to have a huge banner or some other such thing to make people aware.

          • Anonymous

            +1 on the banner. 

            Also, call their office.  Great way to get responses.  Anyone can write an email.  Snail mail helps also since nobody does it anymore, its more likely to get attention.  Print it on a nice letterhead so it looks official. 

            No easier way to get a politician to read a letter than to make it look like you have money to donate and a large influence on his vote. 

            I’ve done all this before (been too busy lately to do it for this), and I’ve gotten phone calls and had conversations.  Doesn’t work every time, I’d say about a 50% success rate. 

  • Jim McClain


  • J Dub

    Put it on Facebook and say that the bill will shut down Facebook. I don’t know very many people who DON’T spend time on there.

  • Kimsj756

    i’m just wondering…
    does anyone know how to root Incredible? 
    And good roms that can go with it?
    My wife just got her new phone, and I want to play with the old phone (incredible).
    Thanks for your advice!

    • Anonymous


      Great resource of information on what you are looking for. Where I went when I rooted.

    • Russ

      Just head over to unrevoked.com and use the one-click tool there. It’s one of the easiest phones to root. I’ve got mine sitting on my desk (since I replaced it with a Rezound) and I load different custom ROMs on it all the time just to play with them.

  • Ahsan

    Whats up with all the “Nexus has ICS so its better!1!!” With an unlocked bootloader, isn’t the Rezound pretty much guaranteed a stock ICS rom?

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  • Hello Moto?

  • Anonymous

    love my OG droid but the  OG DINC with the AMOLED screen was and still is the best droid i’ve ever owned 😛

    • Anonymous

      My wife is her her third unit because of memory errors, but yes great device.

      • KevinC

        3rd replacement?  doesn’t sound like such a great device.

        • Anonymous

          That was my point. Ever heard of sarcasm? All replaced on warranty so you can’t really complain. For the record she has a tendency of making all sorts of electronic devices go haywire, repeatedly.

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    • Anonymous

      If your posts are at all indicative of your writing expertise, I sincerely hope you’re not charging for your services.

  • Max

    Unfortunately for me, being a small town area, Motorola is the best option for me, because they make the strongest radios.  Had and Incredible 2 for a while, would constantly fight for signal inside my house.  My DX never had that problem, so I went back to it.  And my RAZR doesn’t have that issue either.

  • >> And again, we turn to you, Motorola.

    It’s fast becoming a joke.

  • Hey, so, I have a Dinc with the GB OTA update. This will root my phone and allow me to put an ICS ROM correct? Because it says that it will keep S-On, which is OK?

  • Sporttster

    And yet MOTO is strangely silent on their locked bootloader crap….I’ll never buy another one…this one is it. Never again….

  • trumpet444

    HTC has become the developer friendly manufacturer. I truly believe 2012 will be the year of HTC

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always thought locked or unlocked, htc had the bet dev comm…

      • Josh Groff

        Heck yeah they do, leedroid ftw. Assuming you like sense. 😉

        Really wish the sensation had stable cm7 though :/

  • ncdinc97

    Well, not that I’m dissing this, but why? This phone has been unlocked for over a year, don’t they have better things to do than re-do what was already done? I think they should have done some research, and they would have saved some time…

    • Anonymous

      Prob took them all of 5 mins to post the unlock codes/tools on HTCdev.

    • Anonymous

      It’s about marketing.

  • Amcouts

    This is why I am looking for a HTC phone and ditching my droid 3. No more motorola for me after this phone

  • Kuboo99

    Wow. I really wish Motorola was doing this. I may be getting an HTC device next.

  • HTC is awesome but sense just isn’t for me…If a stock ICS rom comes out for the rezound I will be all over it!

    • TC Infantino

      I believe there is already one out there.  I am at work right now and can’t seem to find the site to give you the link, but I know that I saw it on one of the developers forums.  I think it is called Senseless something. Oh, just reread your post, no I don’t know of any ICS ROM, but there is a GB one that is Sense free.

  • That is a good question. ???

  • Off topic: Will DROID-LIFE be shutting down its website on Jan 18th at 8AM to protest internet censorship?

    • Coaster36

      Kellex you should black out droid life

      • trumpet444


    • zach

      totally agree

      • trumpet444


    • trumpet444

      While I agree with the sentiment, its pure stupidity. What, in the end, does that actually do? How does refusing to post droid/android related news for us to read and/or refusing to generate any sort of ad revenue for the site help that particular cause AT ALL????

      • Your comment is pure stupidity. And I won’t explain, cause I can tell you won’t listen.

      • Anonymous

        It brings attention to the issue.  A lot of people out there aren’t aware of what SOPA is or what it can really do, and simply posting pop-ups doesn’t work.  If a reader goes to their favorite website on a given day and find it’s not available, but instead has a page explaining SOPA has shut down the page, they will pay attention.  I say you do it, Kellen.  I can go one day…especially if it means that I can continue to read Droid-Life because SOPA was killed.

        You do realize that SOPA or PIPA could kill Droid-Life, right?

        • Thank you for taking the time to explain!  Nice way of putting it.

        • Anonymous

          Do you really think there is a large enough audience of readers who aren’t familiar with SOPA and PIPA that shutting down DL would make a difference?

          • Anonymous

            I think that if even one more person gets educated on the bills that it was worth it.  It’s easy for me to say, since running DL isn’t my job and it won’t cost me money if it goes down for a day…but I don’t accept “there aren’t enough people to justify it” as a good reason to not be part of the protest.

          • Anonymous

            Let me ask you this.  Do you think everyone who wants DL to go down has already written their representatives in Congress and called their offices?

            I’d wager no. Once the general population does their part, then the websites can do theirs. 

          • Anonymous

            That’s the whole point…a website is far more visible to get a point across than a regular user.  There would be absolutely no point in the websites going dark if the general population already did their part.

    • Anonymous

      they already shut down on sundays

    • Anonymous

      It’s an interesting thought, but ultimately futile.  Same as, say, slashdot doing it – Yeah, they’ll hit their target market with the point, but it wouldn’t have the same effect as Google/Facebook/Amazon/Yahoo/etc doing it…

      • And if other websites have the same idea as this comment, then shutting will ultimately be pointless. The more that don’t think that way, the better. 🙂

      • The supporters of SOPA and PIPA hope that most people in this country feel the same way as you do. If the general thought is “what I do doesn’t matter because I’m just the little guy,” then bills like these two go through the system unchecked and we are forced to live with them because nothing was said. But if you put together a bunch of “little guys” who reject that way of thinking, you can make a big noise that they can’t ignore. Kellen, you should definitely black out Droid-Life.

        • Anonymous

          My dad, who has very little awareness or understanding about SOPA, would never come to DL.  He doesn’t care enough to.  He does go to Bing, Yahoo, etc.  Shutting down DL for a day won’t matter to most people because most people who come here are aware and have probably already written their senators. 

          The general public is the group that needs to be educated.  Shutting down these “Average Joe” sites is the only way to make some noise.  Preaching to the choir won’t win any support… just reaffirm your opinion with others who share it.

          • Anonymous

            I’m glad you provided such a thorough analysis using such a large and diverse sample size.

    • Anonymous

      i’m onboard.  fight the power.

      most productive work day ever coming up?

    • +1 to this. Would love to see you join the blackout. Just post some information about SOPA on a black screen as your homepage. Would LOVE this.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Even though as some say we’ve been able to, and blah blah. Still <3 HTC for this. 

  • maybe this will “up” the re-sale value as i am currently selling it, doubtful,  loving my new rezound

  • izzledizzle

    Pretty sure I unlocked my old incredible bootloader about 18 months ago… I’ll still give them credit though.

    • Jason Purp

      They’re still giving the people what they want, and that’s what counts.

  • Evileclipse

    Does anybody really have any use for this? I’ve been researching it, and I can’t find any benefits to using the factory HTC tool.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a good question… I chose to still use the other methods on mine and my friends Thunderbolts. Then they don’t have record of it.

      • Anonymous

        This. You can root and ROM without voiding your warranty (since a faulty earpiece shouldn’t rely on your phone being stock to be fixed).

  • Lmrojas

    I just threw my droid x against the wall. About to drive the the Verizon store. Rezound or Nexus?

    • Anonymous

      REZOUND! unless you like random reboots,shitty build quality, terrible reception and bad battery life. I know someone with a DINC 2 that can go 2-3 days on a charge, great reception, great screen. Ive heard even better about the rezound. It is going to get ics next month and that year old DINC2 an HTC rep confirmed is getting ICS but no ETA so you have proof that htc supports their devices.

      • Anonymous

        I have the Nexus and have all of what you just mentioned. No random reboots, good build quality, good reception and good battery life.

        Who cares about 2-3 days on a charge. I own a house that has electrical plugs.

        The Nexus has amazing abilities. If all you want is long battery life I would recommend a flip phone. Those things last forever!

        Killer4247 I tell ya… you kids are funny…

        • Duong Vu

          “I own a house that has electrical plugs.”

          Hah. You made me LOL in the office. +1

        • Anonymous

          Actually, if you are out of a place that has access to electric plugs, then you need your phone to last the whole day.

          • Anonymous

            Of course, and it does. 

            I take my phone off the charger right before bed and when I wake 8 hours later I have lost between 7 – 10% of the battery.With needed use it will then still last all day till I get home.

            With heavy game playing I can kill the battery pretty quickly but if you are going to do that you need to expect to charge along the way. If you play games all day and expect the battery to last 18 hours you are just being silly.

      • OMJ

        you sir are retarded and obviously do not own a galaxy nexus. 

      • droidinc2er

        hm… i have an inc2, and I’ve had moderate use throughout the day, unplugged for 10 hours now, with wifi on for about 2 hours of the 10, and im at 51% on lefty’s cm7 kang.. not sure how that equates to 2-3 days..

        • Anonymous

          try a sense rom. CM7 is not know for it’s stellar battery life. Virtuous roms are the best. Affinity or unity. thats how i get that much battery time woth all sync and push on.

          • Sense UI did nothing but go downhill once it got to 3.0 . Rosie is a complete resource hog and lags like crazy. You can’t even unlock the phone without your home screens doing some retarded flips and spins. Sense UI was awesome back when Android needed it.

          • Anonymous

            Sense UI is STILL awesome! I just dont have the lag issues you speak of. I had the Rezound then the Nexus and now back to the Rezound. I had one of the those Nexus’ that was a complete disaster. Some people swear by it. I swear by the Rez…

          • TC Infantino

            That would just be your personal opinion, and while it may be valid for you, there are those who actually like the Sense 3.5 on the Rezound.  I happen to like it, and the large variety of widgets that come with it.  The only thing I would change is I would love the home screens to be like that $15 SPB Shell 3D launcher. It is very cool, but I have a hard time Shelling out $15 for 3D effects on my phone. 

          • Josh Groff

            Sense 3.5 looks beautiful with ICS, gotta put that horsepower under the hood to some use, and sense is not remotely as bloated as nexus users want it to be.

      • lmao 2-3 on a droid incredible 2? those few words just totally throw the whole credibility of your post completely out the window. calm down chief just because you’re too cheap to get Verizons flagship phone cough nexus cough does not mean you have to hate on everyone else who has. man up

        • Anonymous

          hm…i get 18+ on my razr with moderate use…i’ll eventually get ICS(i’m not impressed with it so no big loss) and i dont have a phone that’s been updated 3 times since release, a release that was a month late…and still has issues

          • Anonymous

            What phone are you referring to?  Can’t be the Nexus since it has not received any updates since release. Unless you mean the one that we got when we turned the phone on the first time. But nothing since…?

            What issues?

            But I am very happy you enjoy your Razr. (since you have to since it’s locked down and likely to be the only brand to never see another unlocked bootloader again)

          • Anonymous

            so the nexus didnt have 4.0 on release, and then get 4.0.1, then 4.0.2, and now 4.0.3 is rarin’ to go? or did the multiple sites i read lie about that? as far as issues, what about the random reboots some people are experiencing, thent here was the volume button issue…oh and the several posts i’ve read about the chintzy battery door, the crappy battery life, the crappy picture quality from the camera, …oh and the fact that it’s  a samsung…also, if you’ve paid attention through your nexus colored haze…it’s only here in the states that motorola isnt unlocking bootloaders…as the razr is unlocked overseas

        • Josh Groff


          Say what? I already have ICS and I upgraded my phone months ago, sure I had to wait a month after your phone came out, but I’m not plagued with resets and wireless issues requiring patches.

      • Anonymous

        umm..dinc2 is a awesome device, owned one for about 6 months. However, even if you aren’t in a 4G area yet I would still go with one that is 4g capable..dinc2 is probably the best 3g phone out there, but unless your on a tight budget, I would fork over the cash for something better..I wasn’t in love with the Nexus either, but no need to rip on it! 

        • Anonymous

          Yes the Dinc2 is nice. I got one for my daughter and she loves it. It is very similar to my old Thunderbolt without the 4g. She chose it for the size and it’s ability.  Very solid device.

    • It really depends on what you’re interested in. Both the Rezound and the Nexus are great devices, albeit very different in certain respects. The battery life on my Nexus is great, and I’m sure the Rezound’s is about the same. If you like OEM UIs, then the Rezound is for you, but if not, the Nexus is a great option.

      Personally, I haven’t experienced any issues with my Nexus and I’m on the stock ROM. I had the DX too, and I love my Nexus now!

      • Colin Zack

        Thanks for finally responding with a reasonable post instead of the usual insanity around here. 

        I played with the Rezound some today. Its a bit easier to hold, and has a better camera from what I’ve been told. Screen looks great and its very smooth.

        I own a Nexus and the screen is gorgeous. I think the plastic back feels great, but it is a little slippery. I love having a stock experience and much prefer that to sense, but that’s obviously an opinion. I haven’t had a single radio or battery issue, both have been great.

        Go into the store and play with both. Just remember that a sense based ICS will very likely not resemble stock, and that the update to 4.0.3 supposedly makes the Nexus noticeably snappier. 

    • TC Infantino

      Both are very good phones.  The Galaxy Nexus of course has the newest Android OS 4.0 ICS, as well as zero shutter lag on the camera.  I have heard good things about the bettery life with the extended battery, which from all reports doesn’t make the phone much thicker than with the regular battery.  They both have very fast dual core processors, 720p HD screens, and come with 32gb storage.  The Rezound has a very good camera, comes with Beats earbuds (decent quality for free), has good battery life with the extended battery (though it does make the phone a good deal thicker), and it has a removable SD card that allows up to 32gb, giving you 48gb combined storage.  It is all about personal preference, both can be unlocked, rooted and ROM’d.  I went with the Rezound based on the belief that the Samsung radios were not as high quality, the Rezound has a higher MP camera, and the Rezound felt more solid and sturdy in my hands.  I have not had any reason to regret the purchase, and I do not bash or diminish those who choose other than the Rezound.  We are all Android fans and we are here to help others become more so.

    • Anonymous

      I’d say get the GNex if you’re looking to be on the cutting edge and you want to tinker. If you want something high quality that simply works, and you’re not going to root/ROM much or at all, get the RAZR. I wouldn’t personally recommend the Rezound over those two handsets for a couple of reasons:
      -Worse processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon vs TI OPAM4). Even at 1.5GHz it performs worse on every test and real-world usage scenario than the RAZR, and the GNex processor is the same family as the RAZR but a slight step up.
      -SLCD screen. It may be HD, but so is the GNex. Both the GNex and the RAZR use a sAMOLED panel, which is far more vibrant, has better contrast, and looks all around better from low light to sunlight. The SLCD will be a little better with colour fidelity, but this only matters if you’re going to use it for production level photo editing (hint: you won’t).
      -The only advantages it has over the RAZR are a removable battery and an open bootloader, but the GNex also has a romovable battery and will see far, far more dev love than the Rezound.
      -Form factor. The RAZR has an obviously cool form factor, and the GNex has a huge, curved screen. Both are pretty cool looking devices. The Rezound is the same ol’ same ol’. This may not be a factor for you, but if form is a factor this is significant.

      These are my opinions; some will, of course, differ. I’d actually say wait for the RAZR Maxx if you don’t need to ROM and you don’t really want the thinness of the OG RAZR, but if you’re into ROMing and/or hate Motorola, it’s very, very hard to beat the GNex (and the Rezound won’t do it).

  • Anonymous

    It’s cool and all, but I wonder if HTC knows that the incredible’s bootloader has been unlockable for quite some time now? FULLY unlockable, mind you, a.k.a S-OFF.

    • Of course they know, they’re not stupid. mind you there’s people that work for HTC in the Android community. How do you think Eng Hboots and things like that get leaked? 

      • I’m Kick-Ass!

        Cyanogen 7 doesn’t seem to be supported anymore. Pulled from their site. Maybe 9 is coming soon.

        Any other good ROMs for the DInc?

        • I’m not sure where you’re looking but the CM7 Roms for the DInc are def still there: http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?type=stable&device=inc

          • I’m Kick-Ass!

            LOL. Thanks but I swear the links were not working last night!

            And there is this statement in the forums:

            “As most of you are aware, CM7 nightly builds have been down for about a month now. This originally stemmed from some hardware issues, which have been resolved. I’ve just made the decision (with some +1s from other CM maintainers) to keep the nightly builds down until we are ready to start doing CM9 builds.””There is still some occasional progress made on CM7, however for the most part maintainers are working on CM9 exclusively. It isn’t worth the time to revive the build cluster to a state in which it can build CM7, just to redo all of the work when we’re ready for CM9.” 

            I assumed they took everything down but I guess it was just a server glitch and they’re just not really doing nightly builds. Anyway, glad to see it’s back up. Thanks for checking.

  • Michael Forte

    I’d like to see what Motorola’s excuse is now.

    • Anonymous

      Same as before. They said if you want to root and rom you should go elsewhere.When they said that…. I did.

  • Motorola, HTC is making you look bad, REALLY bad.

    • Jason Purp

      Everybody makes Motorola look bad now. They’re digging themselves a grave. Slowly but surely.

      HTC is unlocking bootloaders and came out with the Rezound.
      LG has a new phone coming that looks pretty impressive.
      Samsung came out with the Nexus, which whether people want to admit it or not, is a very good phone.

      • Lgreg64

        the g-nex phone is not that good. ICS is great remove that and you don’t have great hardwear.

        • Anonymous

          Failed troll fails.

        • Jason Purp

          The hardware is on par with what everything else has or what everything else should have. Nobody said the hardware is amazing. It’s still a good phone.

    • Azndan4

      Rofl, Motorola makes itself look bad.  

  • Joe Pickornik