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How I Fell in Love with a Sony BluRay Player with Google TV [Opinion]

Over the holiday weekend, I had a small budget to buy a new TV for my bedroom and maybe a cool something else to go with it. (Was thinking PS3?) I was budgeted to spend under $500 and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted but I know I definitely wanted a TV with WIFI and it had to be able to stream Netflix as well as some media off my network. To get the biggest bang for my buck, I was looking at a no frills 37” HDTV with a higher end BluRay player with wifi. As luck would have it, right when I thought I figured it all out, I saw a pile of Sony BluRay Players with Google TV built-in, for $199 each. I dropped the ‘SMART’ player player I had and headed to cash out. All in all, I spent right around $475 for the TV and the unit. Not bad for what has now basically become a smart TV with a WiFi  BluRay player.

When I got home, I unpacked and hooked up my new toys and it took me about ten minutes to set everything up and get it running. The longest part of the setup was the software update to Honeycomb for the player. It came with a qwerty remote, which I love, and the remote also doubles as a true universal remote. Aside from the full keyboard, the remote also has a touch sensitive cursor to fully navigate the screen like a mouse on a desktop. My only complaint with the remote is a lack of backlight. As far as the BluRay player goes, it runs great and I will leave it at that. It is a Sony, it is BluRay (their invention), it plays great. End of review for the BluRay portion. 

The Google TV portion of the player literally brings the term “smart-tv” to life. Now we all know that Samsung has a line of “SMART” TVs, and every other company out there has some “wifi enabled” options built in them, but those features are not even in the same realm as Google TV. Comparing those to Google TV is like comparing a Palm Treo to a Galaxy Nexus. (Nice name drop huh?) That may sound extreme, but it doesn’t take long to realize this is the truth. In my configuration, adding Google TV to a standard HDTV was literally like implanting a brain into the TV. In some aspects, it reminds me of the old PC days whereas the TV has become just a monitor again. Following a spent with this device hooked up in my bedroom, it only seemed fitting that I purchase another unit for our main entertainment center before the sale ended, which I did. My plasma in the living room was quite the opposite of the TV in my bedroom and I purchased it only 6 months ago. Unfortunately I paid extra to have a “wifi enabled” tv with apps on board and I only say unfortunate, because those apps and features will never be used again now that Android has taken a firm position in my living room. Unlike video game systems, you don’t just go back to older versions of windows on you PC to re-live the nostalgia. For me, I won’t be going back to the pre-installed junk on my plasma just for fun. It is with a sad bit irony that I can state, my 6 month old smart tv has become obsolete due to a product produced well over a year old. Figure that one out.

So what is it that is so great about Google TV? Where is all the magic in this little box? How did I fall in love with it? Google TV is so much more than just adding a browser to a TV with some hokey apps, much more. I am reminded of back in the day when they first added the interactive guide to cable? For you Gen Y and whatever, younger people since then, we used to have to purchase a TV guide or go to a special channel to see what was upcoming on cable back in the day, there was no interactive guide. Before you ask why we didn’t just use the web, it was because we couldn’t constantly tie up the phone line just to check AOL and Netscape, but let’s keep this story on track. The guide used to just scroll endlessly with an infomercial in the upper corner selling a 50 pack of hunting knives, or whatever, while you waited for your favorite channels to scroll by. If you missed your channel, you had to sit through all 700 channels again or you could just start surfing. Well, at some point, in the late 90s I think, our cable boxes got smarter and they added an interactive guide to them. (This time also marked the death of the little black boxes when everything went digital.) The guide was a huge step forward and while may not seem like a revolutionary thing now, take yours away and you will see how handicapped our cable boxes used to be. It is in this same fashion that Google is going to make its way into our living rooms. Google TV adds a diverse amount of function to everything I have in my entertainment center and it seems very natural in its place with my other components. When using the device, it is almost like adding a perfect functioning skin onto your basic TV. I have come to realize that this is what Blur, Whiz, and Sense are all trying to do. I said trying. keep up with me.) Google TV changes things from just letting me watch my TV, to actually using my TV. From the customizable wallpaper and app drawer, all the way down to the way it communicates with my cable box, receiver, TV, and home server, the integration is seamless.

It also happens to be user friendly for all levels. Using a media player connected to my TV that has every codec known to man, all the way to a search engine that finds what I want to watch by searching live TV, future TV, Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, the Web, and even Google Rentals, there is never an excuse for not being able to find my favorite shows. For something that just was opened to the market a few months ago, there is enough to keep you entertained and informed for now and I find myself not spending as much time with the browser as I initially thought I would. I have a tablet and laptop better suited for surfing the net and when it comes time to share on the big-screen, the Chrome to TV plug-in will really shine. In addition to the Chrome to TV plug-in, all android devices have various remote apps and several other items that make their use even more fun in the experience of it all.

In the short weeks I have owned my Google TV, I have not only grown to use it constantly, I truly have come to love it. It reminds me of the Christmas season just two years ago when my Verizon upgrade date was up on my Palm Treo and I had been following a small movement for a new line of smart-phones running off a new operating system made by Google. The search engine guys?!? I took the plunge and bought myself a Motorola Droid because the commercials and the web compelled me so much. (I even ponied up and got my wife an Eris. ha! Old joke if you are an OG D1 guy.) I really didn’t know what to expect from my Droid but I wanted to be “wowwed.” It was less than 24 hours later that I was officially at that state. I then began an endless pursuit to find out what I could do with this device and many nights were spent poking into forums and through youtube videos rooting, romming, and bricking my phone over and over again. (God I loved SBF.) Those old phone days are long gone but my new Google TV is giving me this same type of experience all over again. Just like in the beginning, I am still spending countless hours tinkering, reading and tweaking to get that
perfect experience. With a broader adoption of Google TV on the horizon, I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

Almost forgot to mention, I still haven’t bought a BluRay disk yet, not that anyone in my house has noticed.

This was a guest post written by DL reader Pakman2k.

  • Oeoutfitters

    I purchased the same box 6 months ago and it has become the entertainment centerpiece of the house.  Everyone uses it… even my technologically impaired wife.  Just yesterday I downloaded the Google Tv remote from the market for my Galaxy Nexus. This makes the standard factory remote fall on its face and it was a pretty good remote.

  • It cost me $10 to have the same thing and even better.. it called HDMI cable + Sidereel.com..
    the steps:

    – buy the right cable to hook your laptop/PC with your TV
    – Hook up your laptop/PC to your TV.. (if you don’t have HDTV and have an old one just get a converter)
    – open your browser and go to http://www.sidereel.com (you can use netflix, hulu, the daily show etc)

    and now you have a smart TV with anything you want..!

    can’t beat that!

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  • Jamdev12

    So to me there is an issue in all of this. The Bluray player may give the perception that you now have a smarttv, but there is an issue with this notion. These tvs, bluray players, video game systems are not programmed yet to be smart. A smart appliance like GTV should not only be able to search for content for me. It should be able to offer additonal content it thinks I like based on what I’ve already watched. For example let say I watch a show that has Bill Mauer in it. GTV should be able to recommend shows like the Daily Show or some other show or program about commedians who take on the political establishment. If I read a news story about planets in our solar system it could probably recommend reading about the Keppler mission or finding other planets close to other stars. These so call smart devices are not smart enough yet, but they’ll get there soon enough. I hope.

  • Chris Sandoval

    I bought my google TV during the holiday season as well for 150 due to it being an open box item. (It was one of the displays)
    A BB costumer activated their Netflix account on it, so I have free Netflixl
    But the best thing about this product.. its an ultimate Entertainment device.
    Cousins came over.. we played “We Draw” through our smartphones, watched YouTube videos, and than finished tge night with a movie.
    A week later I had a party and I had my music play from my phone through DLNA,after that.. back on YouTube to play “we found love” 3 times cause I don’t have Rihanna on my phone.
    And on days I have videos or pictures to show to everyone…
    Back connected with DLNA.
    🙂 awesome media device!

  • Daniel Tifft

    Great article! I have an Xbox 360 that has many viable media options but I had never really thought of checking out Google TV until now, thanks.

  • Jrak02

    Isn’t this basically the same thing as HDMIing your laptop’s display onto your flatscreen? The writer lauds the wide range of codec on the built in media player (you mean, like VLC?) and then lists a variety of live channel and video streaming services it provides (you mean, like the internet?)

    What am I missing?

  • Which Blu-Ray player was it?

  • Benjamin Clay

    When I first looked into GoogleTV, I was really disappointed with the remote, the slowness, the interface, etc.  Has the latest update (to honeycomb) made this worth looking into again?  

  • I have 2 Sony Blu-Ray players with Google TV. I love them. My only complaint about them is that they can be a bit sluggish at times. The Honeycomb update went a long way to address the sluggishness, but they could still be a bit quicker. The remote is awkward for some. Personally, I love it, but it confuses the hell out of my 78 year old dad. I really thought my wife would hate it, but she just loves it and to my mild surprise, my 6 and 8 year old kids just know how to use it. Netflix works great. I LOVE PLEX. That app has really made a world of difference on the platform for me. I am hopeful for more apps, like HBO GO, a dedicated Weather Channel app, or Calendar widget so I could have the TV on in the morning displaying the family’s agenda for that day with weather and traffic. 

    I have recommended the Google TV to lots of people and have a few that have adopted it.    

  • I too got this Sony BluRay player / Gtv and have also fallen 100% head over heels for it. My wife and I have talked many times already about how it is the most used and best Christmas gift we’ve received in years!

  • Josh Flowers

    Google TV is awesome…if you have cable. otherwise, you’re just as good running a ps3/360 with 1tb hard-drive in the ps3 for content.
    cool functionality without cable, but really only running on 1/4th the fumes if you’re not able to use it with a full cable package. otherwise a pc w/hdmi connection is almost more functional in terms of web surfing/media player/server hub

  • Anonymous

    To “Just askin” Do you not see the word “Opinion” in the title?  Well written post.  

  • 4geez

    googleTV on the revue at least is awful.  My friend has one and all it does is crash

  • 12HLKKFJBEA I like it very much!

  • Shane McKeever


    This is so funny, I have the above on my Amazon “saved for later” page. I’m glad to hear you like it. I have been waiting on pulling the trigger. Now I hear that Sony unveiled a new model at CES. 

    There are some of us on here who remember the days before cable boxes. Thanks for the write-up. I may be pulling the trigger soon…

    • Shane McKeever

      Oh, and my wife bought an Eris shortly after my OG Droid purchase. Both rooted and ROM’d a gazzillion times

  • Anonymous

    Not to bring up a Gnex comment but it did for me what the TV did for you. It brought me back to the OG Droid days when I was venturing into a new OS instead of getting an iPhone. Just because of that part of your review I might get it for my brother to use, and me play with it,  because my 52″ is hooked up to a  computer and I am pretty sure google TV isn’t better than that. Also, wow I am only 20 and I understand the black box, the old tv guide and everything. Makes you feel rather…nostalgic.

  • I have a Logitech Revue and I love it! Then I found the Google TV Remote app for my phone and tablet and that made it 10x better! It’s not really needed for me right now in my apartment with my computer in my living room but when I move into my house in a few months it will be used daily!

  • Anonymous

    Great post Pakman2k, I’ve really thought long and hard about getting GTV. I have to admit, I have an asus transformer, and while I have no complaints about it, it’s a great product, I don’t use it as much as I thought I would. I’m definitely more willing now to step up and give GoogleTV a shot.

  • oh man i remember when i talked my gf in the time to get an aris! I was an OG Droid guy too. 

  • Where is the 3D support for bluray?

  • Mudfish

    Great review. I have a nice (over priced and no doubt over hyped) blu ray player already. My question is, is there a huge difference in experience in the sony player and the stand alone logitech product?

  • Anonymous

    I recently bought Sony’s GTV Blu-Ray player, and I can confirm similar levels of love. My family has really taken to it, even though they’re all BlackBerry users with minimal technical skill. The only problems are WiFi-related, but that’s specific to my house (router’s in the opposite corner of the house, plus plaster walls).

    • I too have bough this same Blu-Ray player and I too love it dearly along with GTV. My mom loves it because she can now watch all her Amazon VOD things on our 55″ TV instead of her 14″ laptop and I love it because its just awesome to play around with if you’re a techie and an Android lover.

  • Chris Badalucco

    While I get (and like) the general premise of this article. Can we get a ‘lil’ proof read before we post it to the internet??

    • Anonymous

      I had re-written a few parts of this when I had the flu and felt like poo. When I re-read this today after it posted, I wished I had waited to give it back to Kellex until I saw it with clear eyes and felt a little better. Not exactly the perfect coming out party. lol 

  • Shawn Lasky

    Someone may have mentioned this already, but you can use your Android phone as a “backlit” remote using the Google TV app.

    • Anonymous

      Tablets too! 😉

  • Xious

    I bought the Sony Bluray GTV in 2010 and had only really used it for the guide (being able to search for an episode by just typing instead of browsing a channel listing is awesome). There was no market, the DLNA didn’t really have a wide-range of codec support or any kind directory list storing. However, the HC update improved it 10-fold. The DLNA now has much better codec support (although it still won’t store directory listings) and it has the market which introduced Plex. Now I can get rid of my HTPC. Can’t wait until more GTV devices show up on the market and more app developers join the fray.

    • Anonymous

      Ironically, if you look at Amazon or many other places, the early reviews pretty much describe exactly what you are. It was very expensive, had little to offer, and dissapointed a lot of people. After the update though, it was a totally different picture. This is one of those things that makes it hard to judge a product by reviewer score. You have to know when and why it got what it got.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    $229.99 at best buy. To bad I have a computer hooked to every TV I own 😉 Im a PC and I hate apple.

    • Shane McKeever
      • Raven

        I was about to run out and buy one until I looked at the Amazon picture.  That thing is horrendously ugly and will have no place in my gleaming all black entertainment system (I abhor white and silver hardware).  I think I will wait for a better (all black) physical design to come out.  It almost looks like something that Apple designed, how ironic that it runs Google.

  • Someone kicked in my door and stole my 42″ Aquos and pretty much everything else in my apartment that wasn’t a hassle to fit through the back door. After CES announcements, I’m currently awaiting TV manufacturers to release integrated Google TV sets so I can jump on the band wagon.

  • Dbutcherd

    Can you add which version of the Blu Ray player you purchased?
    Are you able to stream your own content from your home computer?

    • Anonymous

      NSZ-GT1. Absolutely! I download a majority of my TV shows and store them on an old laptop in my house. This networks in just like a PC.  With my shows stored in a closet server and the players in my bedroom and living room, I have full access to all of my stuff everywhere. 

  • The only reason why I don’t have GoogleTV yet is because I use PS3 for my entertinement needs and I simply don’t have a place for Google TV.

    • Anonymous

      Same here. I would love it if Sony woke the f up and put either GTV or Chrome browser/OS on there; the thing is gimped as is. So much potential, so little delivery.

      • EC8CH

        +1 for GTV on PS3… even though it will never happen 🙁

        • Anonymous

          I wish it had, I would have 2 PS3s right now. 😉 Could have been an easy sell to the wifey.

        • Anonymous

          …or an Android powered PS3

          I just blew your mind

          • Anonymous

            Kind of implied since Google TV is Android, but my mind is blown nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with the droid eris? i wuvd mine 😀

    • Anonymous

      In December of ’09, if you bought a Motorola Droid, you could get an Eris for free. Many spouses got Eris for Christmas that year. The true geek within the couple got a Droid. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I see. Well. I am not a spouse… haha

    • Anonymous

      Same, except for the fact that Verizon stopped supporting it 6 months after release. Glad I found Droid Life and rooted the $#!7 out of that thing. It just got replaced by my Nexus.

      • 6 weeks….lol…

        I was working for verizon and the htc rep came in showing me updates that would take 3 months or more to be released…

  • Just askin

    Not that I’m accusing DL of anything, but can we get some confirmation the “guest” author isn’t on the Google or Sony payrolls…

    • Anonymous

      Further more, can we get confirmation that this “Guest” is not the troll that followed AngelFace around?

      • Anonymous

        I have never followed anyone around…?? 

        • Anonymous

          Nice article, PAK. I’ve been waiting for a real-world review of GTV from an Android lover’s perspective; I don’t trust the objectivity of most of the major gadget blogs.

          • Anonymous

            Much appreciated. Through the holidays there was some serious Gnex vs the world hating going on around here that I really was concerned about the site. I bought this device and decided to do a write up to mix things up a bit. I never thought K would post it but he did. Appreciate the compliment!

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, the whole, “my GNex is the sooper bestest and anyone who doesn’t have or want one is a moronz lolzorz!” attitude that’s been going on around here is making me want to leave for greener pastures. I know it’s not the site’s fault, but it does get really annoying.

          • Anonymous

            It does but what is just as annoying is “Moto build quality is the best and Samsung radios suxo0z!!!”

            I appreciate that people want another device, that is what Android is all about, but I still find it very hard to find many (though there are a few) concrete reasons why someone would choose the Razr over the G-Nex.

            But in general I do wish the comments section would clean up a bit. I admit that I have been at fault, and I used to scroll down to the comments as quick as possible because they were full of more information about the article. Now you just have to wade through the crap to get to the good stuff (similar to every forum that gets big).

          • Anonymous

            I might be guilty of coming across that way but generally I try to respond with my own experience and relatively unbiased opinion. Sorry if I have personally come across as a jerk in that way. That said there are plenty of people who, without merit, bash the nexus seemingly to make themselves feel better about not buying one.

            I think the nexus is n ear perfect for me and some other people. I also realize there are other options that are better suited for others.

          • Anonymous

            I do the same. I felt myself getting sucked into these stupid arguments and saying dumb things bashing on people. I personally chose the RAZR for my own reasons and find myself Gnex bashing due to the flak I get for choosing Motorola. Funny how in only 6 months, Motorola has gone from premiere and innovative to trashy traitors. lol

          • Honestly I almost ended up with the RAZR cause its such a nice phone. I have the Gnex but I’m really liking what Moto has been doing with their new hardware. The RAZR is a good ass piece of hardware. I never try to bash any android phone. I only bash the phone that starts with an i….

          • Anonymous

            They’re both great phones. I got the RAZR on Amazon’s crazy $0.01 deal, or else I would have gotten the Nexus. Can’t say that I’d trade it for a Nexus, having used both (albeit I only briefly used the Nexus). Of course, if I had gotten the Nexus first, it might be the other way around. Both of them are top of the line.

            Can’t we all agree to just hate the iPhone? :-p

        • Anonymous

          I agree with droidzilla. Great write up, thank you for sharing and taking the time to do it. 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Thank you very much. Getting positive feedback like this from the veterans around here is pretty cool. I really appreciate it. Might have to write something else up……

          • Anonymous

            Nice opinion piece…

            Funny…from what I read in your article you seem to have been on almost the same phone progression as me.  I went from Palm Treo to Blackberry to Droid1 to Bionic to Galaxy Nexus.

          • Nice to know that someone else out there is enjoying GTV like I am. I have one myself when it first came out (Sony blu-ray w/ GTV $350 at BestBuy). So far I love it and there’s always new tricks every other day which keeps me busy. This past holiday I got one for my father-in-law and he loves it. Now as the phone goes, with the RAZR and Nexus. My dad has a RAZR and he came from a blackberry to Droid X. The RAZR is really responsive but I actually haven’t got a chance to play with it fully. Now for the nexus, I haven’t actually seen in or held it and there are too many people trying it out at the Verizon store but I am planning on getting once soon. And I’m still have and rockin’ the Droid Eris rooted with Gingerbread but I had to reverted back to the stock rom as it was giving me too many problems. But I do love HTC sense no doubt but HTC takes too long to send updates. I do understand that the carriers are the ones who are holding up the updates and they have to test it out first before being deployed to the comsumer. Besides that, if you have this beautiful Gnex you wont have to worry about updates.

        • Anonymous

          Hey PAK, what’s the sony model of the bluray player.  Been looking for one under $200. =)

    • It’s an Android news site. 

      • Just askin

        So you’re implying that either a) tech news sites never include sponsored posts – or at least, always mark them clearly when they do; or b) of course tech sites include sponsored content, and we shouldn’t expect otherwise. Perhaps we just see things differently, but in either case I’d have to take issue.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m a religious follower of DL. But why not push for more transparency when we can? It’s my hard-earned money, I’d like to know the info I’m basing my purchases on is reliable.

        • Shane McKeever

          Why don’t you go try Google TV out yourself and formulate your own opinion. This site isn’t here to make your mind up for you, its here to help in the process.

    • Anonymous


      • Just askin

        Good enough for me. Thanks 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I know! It’s crazy to see someone gushing about an Android product on an Android blog; there must be some sort of backroom payoff going on.

      • Just askin

        If you’re foolish enough to think that there never is, please go ahead and waste your money on bad information. I seen enough to trust the regular posters like Kellex, but when I see “guest” I’d just like to know what’s up.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve been a “guest” poster; it means just that. I’m sure they could get a paid poster, but it’s pretty unlikely from what I know of DL. It would be far more likely that Sony would send them a gatis unit for review. Doff the tin foil, dude.

          • Just askin

            Yeah, you’re right. We should probably just accept everything we read on the internet at face value.

            Oh and by the way, DL has had a number of sponsored posts in the past. I was simply checking to see if this was one of them. Like I said, I’m a regular reader here, just asking a simple question. 

          • Anonymous

            I trust Kellex to disclose things like that. You don’t have to; it’s still a free internet until SOPA is passed.

          • Anonymous

            I think he had originally kept my name off because it was the first time I had ever written anything on here. It’s there now.

          • EC8CH

            DL has posted sponsored articles before, and when they do they are marked “sponsored”.

  • GCurry

    I got the Logitech Revue, same idea.   Too bad they opted out, cause it was great, especially after the Honeycomb update.   Slightly underpowered, but architecture is excellent.  Check out redux app in the market for more “interesting” TV.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had my Revue since November 2010. I’ve been nothing but disappointed but I still see huge potential. Hopefully there will be more apps coming for it, the current selection is laughable. Also, the performance is actually worse after the honeycomb update.

    But I guess that’s the early adopter’s dilemma.

    • Nick

      probably also a hardware problem. The performace on our 46inch sony google tv has been phenomonal on honeycomb. However I do agree that there could be some more apps.

  • Saybow

    it is unfortunate that it probably will not see ICS and that the market is lacking apps. if it saw ICS it could be truely great with a cyanogen mod google tv or some kind of rom that could add a USB tuner in. Especially since it is intel based i cannot imagine it would be hard to compile those drivers into the kernel (although i am no android dev). 

    That being said this is a really great device if for nothing more than the Netflix and DLNA support (i must say though that it does NOT have every codec known to man. there are some big ones missing but all of the major ones (IMO) are present. 

    Do you have any suggestions for GTV apps? I have been using mine with pretty much just the stop 3.1 apps and that is about it. 

  • Anonymous

    I to have the 
    Sony BluRay Players with Google TV and I also love it but we need more apps and soon. I also don’t like when I go online and head into a website like CBS to watch recent episode and  I get a message saying that my system is not allowed to view videos, what gives!!!

  • Highwire

    woooo go GTV!

  • Anonymous

    I’m 90 percent sure I’m getting on the Google TV bus with this new generation, though I’d be 110 percent sure if there was a dvr app or something. But yeah, in 2012 there’s no reason to put up with scrolling through a huge list to find your favorite channels and see if anything you like is on.

  • I bought a Logitech Revue right after Christmas because of the Honeycomb release and the drop to $100. Combined with my accumulated rewards points, I got it for considerably less than that even. I already had a wifi Sony blu-ray player in my bedroom, but I wanted to be able to stream my Google Music and open up more video file formats in that room. I also already had a Harmony remote so controlling it without using the keyboard made it a no-brainer decision. I use it pretty much daily now when I get up and before bed. Worth every penny invested.