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Verizon to Charge Customers $2 Fee When Paying Bills Online or Over the Phone Starting January 15

Time to set up “auto pay” through your Verizon Wireless account. According to our sources, Big Red will start charging you a $2 fee both over the phone and online for your monthly bill transaction unless you have your account set up to pay automatically. I know this news won’t excite most of you, but know that there are still plenty of options to get you out of having to pay this “convenience ” charge. We have all of your options listed below. This new $2 fee will allow Big Red to “continue to support these bill payment options.”  Mmmhmm.  

Below is the confirmation that has been released by Verizon.

Customers Encouraged to Use Options to Avoid Single Payment Fee That Starts Jan. 15

Verizon Wireless offers customers numerous free and simple payment options and we encourage customers to use those options. Starting January 15, a new $2 payment convenience fee will be instituted for customers who make single bill payments online or by telephone. There are a couple of exceptions. See below. The fee will help allow us to continue to support these single bill payment options in these channels and is designed to address costs incurred by us for only those customers who choose to make single bill payments in alternate payment channels (online, mobile, telephone). It is waived for those who pay by electronic check or enroll in AutoPay — we encourage customers to use those or other payment options that incur no fees. [See complete list below.] The telephone and online single payment fee, which takes effect January 15, will be disclosed up-front and throughout the transaction.

There are numerous payment options available to our customers where the fee is waived or where no fee applies. They include:

  1. Electronic check online (My Verizon Online, My Verizon Mobile/Handset). Fee waived.
  2. Electronic check via telephone. Fee waived.
  3. Enrollment in AutoPay using credit/debit/ATM card or electronic check; fee does not apply
  4. Online from the customer’s home-banking service provider website; fee does not apply.
  5. Credit/debit/ATM card, electronic check or cash at a Bill Payment Kiosk, Panel or with a representative at a Verizon Wireless Communications Store; fee does not apply.
  6. Use of a Verizon Wireless Gift Card or Verizon Wireless device Rebate Card to pay a bill in-store, online or by telephone; fee does not apply
  7. Paper check or money order mailed to the VZW remit address on customer’s bill; fee does not apply.

Update:  They gave into customer complaints and have now decided not to institute this fee.

Cheers ___ and  ___!

  • As for me, my Verizon bill is $55 a month before taxes after a 22% employer
    discount, 450 minute (which I use about 20 of a month) and unlimited
    data (grandfathered). No text plan since I use Google Voice which can
    even forward MMS messages to email. I think that’s not all together a
    bad value. It all depends on your circumstances and what type of service
    you need.

  • Herbk

    The answer is obvious … just as Netflix, VERIZON will loose, some if not all partekers, myself included.

  • Pat in iowa

    Am i missing something here? Didn’t Verizon offer a monetary reward for switching to paperless billing and thus saving them the costs of printing and mailing the bills? If we all went back to paper bills, it would not cost Verizon as much as them stand to make off the new fee but it would send the message that we do not like being taken advantage of. Seems to me that Verizon is tryiong to force all of us to go to paperless billing and /or use their auto pay resulting in less operating costs for them and possible fewer employees on their payroll.


    You charge and you break our contract and I go to ANOTHER CARRIER

  • Jjjj

    I just spoke to Verizon regarding this. According to the representative i spoke with, VZW has decided not to institute the fee.

  • Dieter

    That’s why banks are so lucrative – they just help themselves (charging fees) because they already have our money. Which tradesman would bother if I owed them one Dollar, yet the bank takes ten cents, if they think I owe it to them!
    Dieter, Adelaide

  • Anonymous

    And it is gone.  They pulled it back.  

  • angry customer

    My contrat is up in March, maybe it is time to find another provider.


    Verizon should be ashamed of Its self! This a thinly veiled money grab.. if you insist on this policy I will bail out on Verizon as son as I can, because I know you will add more and more charges in the future! It is time Congress rein in the the communications indutry. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!

  • Kalyani

    Sounds like it’s VZN’s ploy to force everyone on auto pay.
    Why don’t you just call it like it is.

  • Hillbillycarl

    i have ben a loyal verizon customer and i have researched on how 2 get out of my contract, 2 dollar fee is bull;;;;;; and you had better prepair yourself for millons of people to do the same thing ,so we are talking about hundreds of millons in revenew that verizon will lose . i think its to the best intrest that verizon stop this 2 dollar fee before it causes them to lose a ton of money

  • dws1947

    Can you hear the people?  You are cutting your own throat, Verizon.  We cannot stand for such an antagonistic and unbusinesslike move on VZ’s part.  A penalty for making payments!  How bizarre!

  • Juzzepe

    Verizon = FOOLS

  • DBNebraska

    Verizon can take this fee and shove it directly up their dirty assholes.

  • Lildreamr23

    I would just like to say that for the people that are barely making it as it is, this $2 is outrageous! I have always liked Verizon and have had loyal service with them for almost 4 years. I have always been on time with paying my bill and it has always been a very nice convenience to be able to pay my bill online or on my phone. We don’t have checks through our bank and to drive 30 min to the nearest Verizon store just to pay the bill, to me is stupid!
    I would also like to say that we are quickly becoming disappointed in the service that we get. We pay over $100 a month and we can’t even use our phones at our home. We were forced to get a land line so we could have a way of getting in touch with our families. When I asked Verizon about all they said was update your roaming area and they should work. I did that and nothing changed. Also, mysterious charges have been added to both our phones last month and when I contacted Verizon about they were not much help in resolving the issue. They did take $0.80 off our bill.
    Finally I would like to say that why would people stay with Verizon when they keep adding charges and their service keeps going down when there are cheaper plans, with different companies, that offer better service and have more things available, such as unlimited everything? 

  • Rkent

    Extremely upset that I have to pay for Verizon to take my money!

  • Nope I signed a petition today against this practice.  I hope everyone else does too!! 

  • Superman

    guess they’ll just get a check in the mail from now on

  • Bdalesmith

    Verizon is not the only Company doing Wireless, at the end of the day it will cost them more than the $2 by lost Customers.  I am making my move as soon as possible.

  • CustSince’94Out

    Customer since ’94 looking to dump this crap service.

  • Boise Ed

    Have the folks at Verizon been taking a tack from the airlines?

  • Nearly40

    Isnt more work for them to process a paper payment and take longer to get thier money waiting for the check to clear the bank. What dumbass comes up with this stuff ? LOL

  • Granted

    And does anyone else find irony in the term “convenience fee”?

    • Granted

      Because you know…..it’s no longer a convenient phucking way to pay if you’re charging me for it!!!!!

  • Gman2317

    Tell me the difference between their auto-pay and my scheduled EBT?? why the additional cost?? Next they’ll have their own VISA card to make you use

  • Anonymous
  • Go here to sign the petition and get Verizon to scrap the plan:

  • Jimbo

    Would this be considered a change to the contract terms? (In other words, can I get out of my contract? ) Sure sounds like it to me. 

  • Djmake

    It is time for all of us to make a statement to big businesses and banks.  We need to have “write checks” month.  A month of EVERYBODY paying for everything with checks would send a definate “don’t mess with us” message.  They try to convince us, that paying on line with debit / credit cards, is for our convenience, when the reality is, it’s a money saver for them and they don’t have to worry about bouncing checks.

  • Pjmimis

    Whatever happened to customer service?? Loyalty to long term customers?? Thing of the past I’m guessing. This may make me reconsider upgrade when the time comes. Between them and the bank fees, what is next……frustrating!!

  • Trishnewman97

    I just switched back to the paper bill and wrote them an email telling them that the reason for switching back was my response to their 2 dollar additional fee.  Perhaps, if more people do so, they will have a change of heart as Netflix did.

    • Trishnewman97

      I also told them that I would now begin sending a check rather than using the online option. 

  • Please sign my petition to stop the convenience fee! https://www.change.org/petitions/dan-mead-chairman-and-ceo-of-verizon-wireless-do-not-impose-a-convenience-fee-for-customers-who-pay-by-phone-or-website

  • Leesan87

    Just use ACH.

  • Palsywalsy

    Where can I find this on the Verizon website? I want to make sure I can point it out to the rep when i call them.

  • This is the type of corporate behavior that leads to more regulation. Switch to T-Mobile. Better rates, faster speeds, better service. 

  • The difference between me and you is that when I signed the contract I did not expect them to care about me.  I signed it fully knowing their motives, and knowing that I need a service they offer me.  So I entered into a business agreement with them, now other business decisions were made, things changed with them, I recognize that, and I adapt instead of crying a river like all you people who are stupid enough to think that a business who wants to make money cares about you.

  • Bdrsvt

    Hell if Verizon credited it’s 4g customers a $2 (inconvenience fee) every time the lte network went down, they would owe us a payment. I would wave the $2 convenience fee. Your welcome Verizon.

  • katie

    This definitly wasnt one of the “big news of 2012” Posts i expected to see!

  • Guest

    Report Verizon to credit card companies that do not allow credit card fees.

  • Irie

    I just started an online petition against this fee!  Click the link below to sign and also share with all your friends by email or facebook.  Click on the link below or copy and paste in address bar!


  • Qbrisco

    the check is in the mail ha

  • Deuce269

    I guess its time to remind them why online bill pay was invented and why they prefer it. everyone should just send them a check in the mail and then they will remember that online bill pay saves them money.

  • Unotlikeme0303

    verizon is some rape-artists they chargin for erything feelin like im being raped by big red! 

    • Dude


  • Applepiter

    Fyi, the way the scam works- its not only about the two dollars, its about the ability to argue a inappropriate charge, once you pay it they wont usually credit you for an overcharge. Example: vzw has made deals with premium messaging companies charging 9.99 for messages, they use misleading with messages like reply stop to receive more messages. This is a long term screw in many many different ways. This is purely a money maker with no reason behind it except to confuse there customers and charge them with things they don’t want and was tricked into ordering. Shame on you vzw!

  • Anonymous

    Time to show Verizon how “We the People” run things and not them.  Anyone else up for a Go Daddy type revolt?

    • Anonymous

      got my freak flag up! Let’s go!

  • Dude

    As long as consumers keep thinking “Verizon has the best network and is most reliable,” they’ll continue to charge for you ridiculous fees like this. The telecom co’s are the worst…..anyone seen what Comcast charges for these days? Yay free market. I’m just shocked we’ve gotten to a point in the Corporate States of America where companies are allowed to charge consumers to pay their bill. It’s time we all move back to cash, as apparently the “technology” payments are too cumbersome for companies. They’ll re-think it when they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash in their stores and physical security becomes ian issue. 

  • spudx


  • JohnPA2006

    For the record the headline of this story is incorrectly worded.

    If for instance you have Bank of America and added verizon wireless as a payee for electronic payments, your OK, no fee.
    If they are ebilling your bank account directly, there is also no fee.

    This is mainly to stop the in-store credit card payments, or mailing in of a paper check.
    Any payments from your banks payee listing is considered and ACH payment.
    so your safe.

    • katie

      you cant pay your bill in store with a card! this is mainly to prevent people from going to the verizon website to pay their bill, or calling verizon and paying your bill through the automated system. there is no miswording!!!! What you are refering to is billpay set up through your bank not through verizon

  • ChrisI

    I work for a large bank, investigating financial crimes for a living. I do not have a SINGLE auto payment established on my bank account (I keep very little money in my actual account though either). I would advise you people to do the same, especially with a company like Verizon. Anyone ever tried getting their money back from a large corporation if they extract $ from your account when your bill is in dispute, or service was cancelled but they continue to charge you anyway? I see it all the time…..gyms are notorious for it. It’s my advice to pay by cash at the store and get a receipt. You give Verizon access to your bank account and the “authorization” to charge it whenever they want, you get what you deserve.

    • Kris Brandt

      This.  Forcing you to enroll in auto-payments is bad.  Its what gets you into financial trouble when you realize that you may need a little extra time to get that money.  Its wrong to force customers to do something out of convenience to the company.  This is another slap to the face in terms of convenience.  I need to see if there are better, cheaper options than Verizon when my contract is up.

  • Irie

    just go to change.org and make up a petition and people will sign it.  Thats how bank of america changed their mind in charging ATM fees.

  • droidx

    Now we can all get out of our Verizon contracts if we want to!!!  It states in the Verizon contract that any change that might be materially adverse to us can get out of their contract

  • JohnPA2006

    Here is the killer thought about the whole story.

    They want to charge you a fee, …. for paying them.
    in other words.
    I have to pay you , for being able to pay you.
    Charge you a fee, for paying your fee.
    A fee for a fee

    Speak those words out loud, someone at verizon obviously hasn’t done that.

    Verizon is really trying to get everyone to stop mailing in paper checks, which is not a bad thing.
    However they could have said it differently like….
    “Switch to ebilling whatever, and get an extra 30 minutes on your wireless account allowance.”

    To charge me a fee, for the ability to pay you, is absurd, angering and will make someone
    walk into a verizon store wanting to “smack a beez-hotch”

  • Anonymous

    The funny thing is it actually costs companies more to process checks than an ACH online payments…yet they want to charge $$ for the less expensive option.  Yeah – that makes sense. 

  • looks like VZ is going to get their wish, 2 fewer lines from me.  Assholes!

  • cardi

    This is crazy every company in the wotld is charged a credit processing fee. So verizon istrying to mske us pay for there buissnes cost. But are quick to not honora warranty on s phone whrn thr wifi stops working cause a lil scratch on a screen. There bout to here about this. Everybody take ten minutes and complain on thrre form, twitter and facebook

  • Anonymous

    verizon has to be the greediest company aside from apple this i pathetic they didn’t even need the fee they just felt like adding it. 

    • Cam

      Of course they don’t need it. They don’t need to charge so much for the service either. They will charge as much as they can get away with, without losing a significant amount of customers.

  • VerizonFail

    don’t forget going to a store and paying at a kiosk like it’s 1992. FML.

  • Kris Brandt

    This is retarded.  I have to set up auto-pay for a service that doesn’t have the exact same monthly bill?  I think not.  I already split the costs between me and my girlfriend.  We charge a portion on my card and then charge the rest on my girlfriend’s.  Not only that, but Verizon makes mistakes.  How am I to assume that whatever gets automatically charged (via auto-pay) is the correct amount?  Setting up Auto-Pay is a HUGE blunder for ANYONE.  You can’t negotiate with Verizon on issues found if you’ve already paid.  This is ethically wrong on their part.  They get charged $2.00 for what?  7-11 down the street doesn’t charge me a dime to use my card.  Why should Verizon?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never had them make a mistake on my auto pay.  But unlike you, my bill is always the same amount and I pay the whole thing from one account… so I can understand those arguments.

  • Franzie3

    Anyone know if this goes the same for people with a one-bill account who have both Wireless and Fios service?

  • Anonymous

    I think Verizon execs have been taking advise from AT&T on how to piss off their customers – they’ve really been doing a damn good job at it lately. I think it’s about time for some heads to roll at the top.

  • Applepiter

    At the very least, I will screw going green, and opt for a paper bill. It must cost something for the paper,ink and labor!!! And I will call vzw for any and every question issue tnd everyrhing else I need, no more looking anything up online. And last but not least I will call and try to cancel my contract due to the changes vzw has made(may not work, but I will try)

  • icedrop

    Honestly…..This is the biggest scam yet. I can put up with a lot of crap but this just crossed the line. F U VERIZON!

  • inerdtia

    I guess we are going backwards with progress. I’ll go to the flipping’ store every month and pay my bill in person.

  • Androidguy

    Everyone just switch to paper statements!! Go back to the old school days of mailing a check. See how fast they change this policy.  

    • Anonymous

      or see how fast they start charging for a paper statement 0.o

      • Androidguy

        Touche. Although I would imagine they could never get away with that. Then they would be charging you to pay your bill no matter how you pay. I love my 4G but I would leave VZW high and dry in that world.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah they would rename it Premium Paper Bills and charge you $2.99 a month for the “service”.

  • Davel3

    Ok…I can see the $2 fee for paying over the phone, but to pay online, where you do everything makes no sense.  Sending in a check is paying employees to process it, paying for the bank processing fees, yet there is no “convenience fee?”  WTF

  • Hikarutilmitt

    If I’m reading that 4th picture correctly, isn’t it still possible to pay the bill using the My Verizon app on your phone and avoid the fee too? Heck, I use it NOW and it’s probably the fastest way for me TO pay my bill. Their site sucks.

  • Just created my www.bbb.org Complaint.  If enough do this we can get something started.  Is there a petition up yet??

  • why are they charging $2 .. dont the workers over in india work for pennys? or did they finaly get unionized.. ?   i will not have a problem paying it if know its for some workers in the US!

  • If you’re paying  your cell phone bill, doesn’t that qualify as a debt? If so, you could always pay Verizon in cash. Flat-rate-shipping-boxes-filled-with-seventy-lbs-of-pennies cash. “Legal tender for all debts, public and private”!

  • Anonymous

    This wont affect me as Im already on automatic payment, which I check EVERY month….but to charge $2 for the customer to PAY THEIR FINANCIAL OBLIGATION?!?!??! That is riduculous…unfortunately, if other companies follow suit, it may become the norm.  My guess is that they want direct access to your credit card and/bank account for the time when you dont pay attention and go over your Tier Data plan limit so they have no trouble taking the money out BEFORE you notice the overage charges.

  • Anonymous

    Thought of moving to Verizon. Even though I would use auto-pay, I won’t move to them now, just because of  the blatant greed evident in this policy.

  • Anonymous

    You can still pay online through your banking service which takes 2 days longer in my case but is still free.

  • Seannyboy39

    Damn I would love to put Verizon out of business for their mass amounts of B.S

    • Seannyboy39


  • RW-1

    Anyways, thinking about it more, just added VZW to a payee on my banks site, pay electronically from the bank, no fee, no mess, no raiding my pocket.

    • dreedy android

      Make sure you watch your bill statement every month to make sure you’re not getting charged for something you shouldn’t be.  Myself and some friends started autopay and their bills, including mine, started fluctuating monthly. 

  • Anonymous

    You can use a credit card in the store without a fee? This new policy is garbage.

  • dreedy android

    No way that it should even be right on any level!  The thing here is that this is no different than big banks trying to charge you a service fee for using their debit cards or a maintenance fee for your checking account every month.  And the bad PR that those banks received caused them to back off of the fees.  This is absolutely no different.  VZW making up the money for the credit/debit fees the banks charge them and the cost associated with their 4G coverage.  $300 4G devices, more expensive non-unlimited data plans, now $2 fees for me to pay my bill online.  VZW charge me a fee to do their job?  Absolutely insane.  The backlash they will get for this going to go through the roof!

  • Anonymous

    This is some serious bullsh!t. Verizon needs another $2 each month just to “continue to support these bill payment options”? I didn’t realize verizon was so strapped for cash. /s

    The problem with automatic bill pay is, verizon has a tendency to add bogus charges to your bill, hoping you won’t notice. Don’t believe me? Check your last 3 months of statements and you will probably find something that makes you say “WTF?”

    • Anonymous

      What’s an example of a bogus charge?  I have seen nothing out of the ordinary, and I have been on auto-pay for years.

      • Anonymous

        Do you look at each statement carefully? I have been with verizon intermittently since 1998 and I can’t remember the number of times I have called customer service to argue about surcharges & miscellaneous fees that were obviously complete crap. Maybe they reserve that special treatment for people that go to a different carrier when a contract expires, but it’s still BS.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t look at each statement but I get a payment confirmation in my email every time and it’s always the same amount so I only need to look at the statement if the amount is different, which it never is.  I wouldn’t put it past them to try and pull that crap though.

  • Gforce1963

    How much is it going to save them if all the people who they pushed to pay online and not get a paper bill start asking for them to send a bill. Printing and postage cost is going up for them.

  • Anonymous

    Makes me glad I have billpay for my bank

  • -RM-

    Although I really do not approve of this and hope that Big Red gets burnt for this, however, there is a tiny bit of good news for Discover Card holders that I’ve found in the process of setting up auto payments. Apparently if you use your D Card to automatically pay cable, phone, internet bills (comcast/verizon) you get extra chashback.

  • RW-1

    Mail in your payment, issue solved.

    • onixblack

      u jelly Verizon

  • akhi216

    VZW nickel and diming again…why am I not surprised.

  • akhi216

    VZW nickel and diming again…why am I not surprised.

  • rrosotho

    Its $ 2.00 now and then $ 12.00 and then $ 22.00 and so on!!! Verizon has the best nework so they can do this. Its just greed. I hope other companies DONT follow behind them.

  • SuckItVerizonCanYouSpellETF

    Calling these morons today to discuss prorating my service based on the downtime for the month of December. And I’m sure not standing in line at one of their stores to pay on a stupid machine while watching their slack jawed “associates” chew gum and lean on the counter.

    •  God no, that is such a sad sight.  I do not have the time to pay in store.

  • Anonymous

    Time to sart consodering the $19 cell service.

  • Anonymous

    Nevermind. VZW is still a douchebag. Please ignore my previous comment. It is early and i didnt sleep well…

  • Anonymous

    This is nothing but VZW trying to get customers to pay on time. It has nothing to do with credit card fees since auto pay does not get charged the $2 and you can auto-pay with a cc. VZW doesnt want people calling up on the due date or “forgetting” to pay their bill then paying at the last minute online. I tend to agree with them on that. That is all.

  • MikeM

    Send my your Bill payment and $1 extra, i will take care of it for you.

  • Anonymous

    I will be paying with rolled coin at the Verizon store. Haha.

    • I’ll be paying in UNROLLED coin… all 23,000 pennies worth a month.

  • Anonymous

    How does the extra fee get justified if I’m saving paper? On what planet does this make sense?!

  • Ano

    As long as “credit card” is one of the auto payment options I feel like I have some protection because I can dispute the charge through my credit card company. I don’t want Verizon to be able to reach directly into my bank account and take money.

  • F U Verizon!!

  • juscozimme

    Waking in the morning to this mess.  We spend so much for the service,  but at the same time they continue to stab us in the back.  Is is worth it?  I don’t want to shell out an extra two dollars and I don’t want to set up auto bill pay.  The problems we experience occur when a company gets greedy………………..Whatever.

  • 好文章,转啦

  • DJyoSNOW

    What thrills me I Believe for the consecutive time that I received my bill in a text message on Christmas Day.

  • Hep

    Crap!  Verizon is becoming Comcast!

  • guest

    Another example of corporate greed.  Finding new ways to milk its customers.   If 10,000 customers (average bill $75/mo) decided to down Verizon and go with Sprint or ATT.  10,000 x 75 x 12 = $9 mil loss revenue..

    • Of course, I pay with my credit card (which charges Verizon a fee) rather than directly from my checking account (which doesn’t charge Verizon a fee) because I like my 1-2% cash back.  Just another example of “consumer greed” in my case.  I suppose that this will get me to change from using my credit card for the points to using my bank account, which won’t have the fee from Verizon.

  • Lane

    $2.00 fee doesn’t start until January 15th and according to Verizon
    Wireless, customers will be warned before the fee is assessed and given
    other payment options to avoid the $2.00 charge. If you don’t want to
    pay it you can use these other payment channels:
    ACH (electronic check)Pre-enrollment APO (Autopay)Online from customer’s home banking service provider (online bill pay through your bank)In-store using My Verizon Express, BPK or a store representativeVZW gift card, rebate card and friends and family referral rewards cardPaper checks and money orders mailed to Verizon Wireless remit address via USPS

    How are all you taking this news? Is $2 a month —
    $24 a year — a small price to pay for good coverage and 4G LTE (when
    it’s working) . Or will this be the final straw sending you to more affordable carriers with possibly less coverage?

    • Lane


      • Lane


    • AngryTurd

      It’s a culmination of things for me but I’m off contract right now and will be trying different carriers becore i renew with verizon or make a switch. I’m. In orange county, ca…there should be some decent alternatives for me at probably cheaper monthly fees. I had a very bad nexus experience with signal and battery issues. Liking the droix razr but miss a physical keyboard. Had they released the D4, I might be able to excuse the 4g outages. Verizon has gone from great cutomer service and customer appreciation to a smug FU attitude and I’m sick of it.

    • Lane


  • Anonymous

    They besta watch themselves…

  • AngryTurd

    Oh Verizon…I’m already on autopay but this still irritates me. How about some good news coming from you guys any time soon? My 4G is back up and running and you probably feel like I should be kissing your big hairy purse for it.

  • First step: Get everyone paying online and not via home-billing/checks. Step Two: Charge them for using online payment.

  • Bobbyhill

    Just when you thought Verizon couldn’t get any greedier.

  • 90million customers if all paying online with credit card 180 million dollars. if paid for 1 year 180million times 12 is $2,160,000,000. I see the reason for the 2 dollar fee already 🙁
    2 Billion dollars, wow.

  • Dsparil

    If you read, you can pay online with an electronic check without auto pay to avoid the fee. You’re only going to need your bank account number and routing number. They are only charging you the fee for using plastic to pay online.

  • Bgibbsunc

    So will i get charged if I do online banking?

  • CapnShiner

    I think the idea of charging a fee for any method making a payment for any service is completely backwards. How does is make any sense to do something to discourage customers from paying their bill? I understand trying to recoup costs and passing on fees they get charges from banks but why not just increase the fees for NOT paying the bill on time? Don’t punish people who are responsible enough to pay on time by credit card each month without autopay. The reason the transaction fees are increasing in the first place is because of the people who don’t pay their bills. Punish them instead.*

    *Disclaimer: I use autopay, so this doesn’t even affect me.

  • Terry_nolting06

    Well, I guess instead of using my debit card, I’ll be sending a check. Hope they don’t mind the wait……

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t they just come to my house and stick a gun in my face and take my wallet. It’s getting about as ridiculous. The more we pay, the more they take. It’s simple economics. All of these comments I’m reading below should be made via secure message to VZW on your named account.

  • Anonymous

    I pay my bill through my bank’s bill pay service, will I still be charged $2?

    • ROB

      Doesnt look like it. It says from your home banks website so thats what I assume billpay is. Now to check to see if the bill pay has a fee…what fun.

    • tripod


  • Deltaechoe

    Here we go again, another new nickle and dime policy.  It’s about time the FCC and BBB step in and stop these corporations from sticking it to consumers.  All the mobile carriers keep getting worse and worse, with more fees and less reliable service, it’s time for a massive overhaul of the mobile communications section of business.

  • Tsteege

    Well Verizon, you will be receiving paper checks from me as well from now on.  I like to have some control in how I pay my bills, as it is my money even though you “think” differently.  Way to engage your customers, usually in business you want to do it in a positive nature, but if negative works for your then by all means, keep pi$$ing off the hands that feed you…

  • Time to set up “auto pay” through your Verizon Wireless account.” 
    Time to leave Verizon.  Another huge corporation not happy with the billions in profits every quarter sticking it to the consumer.

  • We should all go to one of their awful stores once a month and pay in pennies

    • Anonymous

      I’d sign up for that. Jacksonville ready to piss off VZW. My monthly is about 350 dollars, I’d love to throw a bag full of pennies on the counter.

    • John Davids

      You know that stores can refuse the “pay in pennies” trick, right? The myth that any creditor cannot refuse pennies as legal tender is quite false. They can and they will. The only thing you will accomplish is making an public ass of yourself.

      • How is it possible to refuse the pennies, being that they ARE legal tender? If that’s how I choose to pay, why is that something they can refuse? 

        • Anonymous

          So is paying with a $1000 bill… doesn’t mean they have to accept it.

        • They can refuse to sell you the item, thus not incurring the debt.
          However, in this case, you already have a debt to Verizon, so they have to accept pennies.

      • Wyveryx

        Actually unless they state it in the contract or at the store prior to payment, it is legal tender.
        I don’t see any signage saying that they don’t accept pennies for payment.

      • DaveJ

        John Davis,

        According to the Federal Reserve Act anyone in the U.S. must accept “Legal Tender” for all debts public and private to satisfy those debts. If this was not a law then the banks could refuse your mortgage payment and make you give them something else in exchange.

        So although I am not a lawyer the fact that we have a law on the books that says legal tender must be accepted to satisfy all debts public and private would setup a heck of a case against Verizon or anyone else that refused to be paid in pennies. However last time I checked their store representatives do not handle billing and refer you to an automated Kiosk thereby making it a moot point anyways.

      • Only if its a new transaction, like you are going to buy a new phone.

        However in this case you are paying a bill and they have to take any legal tender to settle the debt – that is required by law. It’s even written on our money.

  • Anonymous

    I figured pay online meant pay through your bank… but apparently I can do so with no charge? wtf, what other online payments are there?

    • tripod

       This fee is for when someone calls a Verizon Operator, and then provides them with all the info printed on one of their checks so that their bill can be paid. This is usually done by people who are late in their payments and need to pay urgently. Verizon then submits the info to the bank as a debit. The bank charges Verizon for this. Many companies charge a processing fee for lazy customers who pay their bills this way. If you pay through your bank’s site, or mail in a check, there is no $2 fee.

  • I heard you like charging, so I put a charge on fee on that charge so you can charge while you charge!

  • Really Verizon?

  • DBK

    Isn’t the kiosk just a physical version of the My Verizon app and the online service? And yet there’s no fee to use your card with it? Wha?  O.o

    (please correct me if I’m wrong, though)

  • Craig

    Another mistake on the part of VZW and I have a feeling that they will come to regret this. I can understand the added cost of a human accepting payment via phone but the online cost is static whether it is submitted manually or via auto pay. The costliest method would be to have customers come to your brick and mortar store and use a CSR for payment. These companies like our cash strapped governments are just looking for added ways to make money regardless of how they do it or who they might offend.

  • Anonymous

    Why is everyone complaining when it only takes about 3 minutes to setup? If you dont want to get charged the extra fee just setup the autopay. Other companies have been doing this for years verizon just started it.

    • Were all complaining because once again verizon is trying to nikel and dime theier customerd

    • dreedy android

      Maybe because in todays economy, alot of people are living from paycheck to paycheck and just don’t have the ability to set up an autodraft.  I have autopay set up but it still pisses me off that they would do this.  They are nickel and diming their customers to death!  Setting up autopay for many people just can’t be done right now.  Alot of people just can’t do it b/c they don’t have the money in there on a consistent basis.  It’s just wrong…period. 

    • Maybe some people have multiple bank accounts and pay their bill out of different ones from month-to-month. Autopay won’t work in this situation.

  • AT&T….

  • Anonymous

    This sounds more like they are simply trying to pass on the cost of credit and debit payments. Maybe there are lots of people paying only small portions of their bill at a time, and each time, the credit card companies charge, and they just want us all to share the cost. I know a local major grocery store chain who stopped accepting credit cards because of the fees, and they didn’t want to pass the cost on and raise their prices. I doubt it’s just Verizon wanting money, it’s probably much more. I usually by schedule payments through online banking, or even myverizon app.

  • a132


  • Everyone needs to mail in paper checks.  Do you have any idea what it costs a company to open envelopes and process paper checks?..a lot less than the credit card fees they are trying to save.

    • PC_Tool

      Do this, people.

  • Babyboy14622

    Thats f’d up. Anyone else agree about a fee shouldnt be charged.

  • This is a direct result of the Durbin Act limiting fees on debit card transactions.  Just thank Congress for protecting the public, now the fees just get passed on to the consumer.

    • Anonymous

      But you aren’t allowed to pass those fees on to the customer. That is in all of the credit card companies retail agreement. If they catch you using a surcharge they can shut you out – although Visa and Mastercard probably get way too much business from VZW to actually follow their agreement.


    hmm, pay by check anyways so no affect on me.. 

  • Airtimestudios

    I was going to change to Verizon when my current contract was up but with all the latest outages and now this…is there truly any of these phone company’s willing to step up and offer their customers what their actually paying for every month?

  • Bewara2009


  • Come on RepublicWireless !!!! 🙂 

  • Magnious

    Wow, I thought the cost of Paper, and mailing out tons of letters every month was more cost than getting an electronic payment.  I guess I was wrong.  Maybe I will go back to mailing in checks, since apparently that’s what they want me to do.

    • Anonymous

      It is more expensive to go with paper. This is purely a greed move.

  • Ems170

    http://www.bbb.org Better Business Bureau. It takes less than 5 min to file a complaint. Enough is enough. They obviously get enough to warrant a whole section on wireless complaints.

    • Anonymous

      Done and done. 

      • Also done. This is ridiculous. As if they need anymore money from us. I pay just shy of 200 dollars a month for 2 phones…my friend is on Sprint (though their service is terrible) and he pays only 200 dollars a month for 5 phones, 2 of which are “4g” and that includes UNLIMITED everything. I get 1400 minutes and unlimited data on one phone and 2GB on the other…RIDICULOUS

        • I sure love my AT&T. It may not be perfect but I don’t get hit with fees all the time…. I had Verizon…Won’t ever catch me messing with them dirty wh0res again.

        • I’m on Verizon and I pay $200 for 5 smartphones a month. Are you grandfathered on some old voice plan?

  • y are we paying for service we barely get

  • Les

    I guess they didn’t learn anything from the BofA thing.
    Ill go to another carrier. That’s free.

  • Though I think it’s dumb, if you look at the picture, the bolded text specifically says that it applies only to credit card and debit card payments.  Bank account payments still don’t have to be auto pay to be free.

    That of course makes sense, since Verizon pays a transaction fee to the credit card and debit card issuers, but ACH transfers (from bank accounts) are free.

    • Mrk4312

      So it’s basically a credit card surcharge then?  Aren’t they not supposed to do that?

      • No they are not. It’s in the terms of the merchant agreement.

        • True, but Verizon might be big enough to tell the credit companies to pound sand if they don’t like it.

          The credit card companies are charging a fee.

          I mean, heck, I use my credit card (which gets cash back, but charges Verizon a fee) rather than my checking account (no cash back for me, no charge for Verizon) because I’m greedy.  So do other people.  Hardly surprising that Verizon wants to make this change, they’re greedy like me.

  • Anonymous

    and we should charge them everytime the network is down…………

  • Theraskell

    They dont say anything about paying your bill in person at the store. I guess I can just do that.

    • Make sure it’s a actual corporate Verizon store not a “kiosk” store. Otherwise, the Kiosk stores charge like $2 or something to pay your bill in store.

  • Anonymous

    how about giving me a $2 credit every time the LTE network crashes and then $4 credit every time it crashes and takes down both 3g/4g.

  • vaocmo70

    Really? Convenience fee? Come on Verizon, how silly is this! With their rates as high as they are, they are lucky to get my payment to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    They should have said the charge was to make LTE more reliable. We’d all be dancing in the streets right now.

    • Forever Complainer

      No, I’ll still complain by saying I’m already paying more that for other carriers because of their network is supposedly reliable.

      • Anonymous

        That is a good point.

  • R2so1000

    Does this mean I can cancel my contract and renew to upgrade my phone like back in July 

  • Its not that I can’t utilize auto-pay its just I like to look over my bill before I just hand my money over. Verizon seems to like to sneak extra charges in from time to time for some apparent reason.  I like to catch those before hand.  Its easier to give my money than it is to get it back.  

    • They love to sneak extra charges in. Hence why I left the freaks.

    • Phoenix2088

      With auto-pay, the bill comes in well in adva.nce to the actual pay date. So any billing errors are a non issue.

  • Anonymous

    So, Verizon is charging us to pay our bills?

    Mind = blown.

  • Matt1

    Let’s not take the rage out on this post, instead call up verizon, post on their forums, facebook, twitter about it. If enough people do it then they’ll think twice about it

    • not happy

      I agree ! Just like Netflix earlier this year when they tried to split up the company. People bitched enough and they backed down ! If we make enough noise, Maybe they will retract this service charge. Come on everyone post on there forums and facebook and twitter ! Its bad enough there 4G service sucks already and now they want to start charging for paying your bill. Ya its only $2 but these days its a lot to me especially when gas is so expensive. F you Verizon ! 

      • RW-1

        That’s because netflix isnt going to cost you upwards of $450 or the cost of a phone to leave ….

        • spiritfiend

          If they change the terms of the contract by adding a fee, you can break the contract without a penalty.

          • Anonymous

            but they’re not changing the contract, I’m pretty sure the contract does not say that online bill pay will be free

          • Jared Swets

            They still will not let you do that.. When they upped their service charge fee a few months ago they still refused to let me cancel my service (it was 100% in the contract that I could leave, trust me) but they did knock $10 dollars off my bill every month.

          • Mitchell Roth

            Watch this tutorial and take notes so you’ll be prepared to get out of your contract (if you want to) next time they up your fees, etc. This guy has it down.


    • Logan Powell

      This is a good way to go about it. Please though don’t be a dick to whoever you talk to. Just let them know you disapprove. I can’t wait to deal with the backlash from this tomorrow at work. Yay…

      • I agree, calling customer service and visiting a retail store is not going to do much.  I’m sure everyone you talk to disapproves of this as well, but cant do anything about it.

    • Agreed, if enough people do they’ll have to rethink their latest money grab. Personally I’d like to charge them a $2 fee for my having to read their bill every month to look out for the “errors” they so prone to. And what about a fee for failing to deliver the constant service I’m paying for?

      It’s not that $2 is so freakin’ much, it’s what it stands for and how these companies feel they can make additional money off their user base when they’re already raking in cash hand over fist and limiting their precious bandwidth.

  • How about paying me back my $$$ then your network is down, Verizon?

  • Mujuboo

    Am I going to have to pay a “reliable LTE network” fee if I don’t want my data to get cut off every week?

    • Jeremy Turnley

      At this rate, it looks like no matter how much you pay that’s going to happen.

    • Anonymous

      So.. Verizon is telling us that if we use their “Auto Bill Payment” bill to our credit cards, we won’t get this fee?

      Thank you Verizon! you are the best….

  • Dank

    “2 dollars!!!!”

    • This isn’t surprising.  Sprint has the same charge, it’s $5/month however.  Sign up for automatic bill payment and the charge does go away.  This is still online payment, just automated.

      Go ahead and play with snail mail.  I’m already signed up for AutoPay as it is and it won’t affect me.

  • Is this a joke!?  I thought companies and agencies were removing AWAY from paper-billing and in most cases charging customers/clients to process payments through paper or related means.

    Some VZW customer service agent is getting an earful.  It’s bad enough they rape us on data and voice pricing, but this is ridiculous…

  • Dank

    Hmmm, they are willing to pay for snail mail bills, which should cost nearly the same?  I thought it was illegal to charge for this?  Didn’t Dell get in trouble and have to stop charging a 
    “convenience ” fee?  Always a loop hole I assume… 

  • Dongwenal

    What Happen go green paper less Bill? verizon greed.

  • Djjsin

    Verizon has 107.7 million subscribers…they made over 3 billion in 2011 as income. this move will net them an extra $80 million a month…do the math..

    Seriously? 3 billion isnt enough?

  • Celsochan1941

    Well friends, its time to unite to bring mighty GREEDY empire. CALL VZ TO COMPLAIN, ELSE, THEY WILL PROCEED WITH THIS NETFLIX TYPE OF BLUNDER.

  • ppl saying meh 2 bucks, yeah 2 bucks, today (well jan 15) but will it stop there? no of course not theyll snag bits and pieces here and there that wont make you shake your finger

  • Doug

    Will they also be issuing credits to people with LTE phones that haven’t had data or at least a constant data connection for the second time this week…

  • Celsochan1941

    Good timing. NOW, we have an excuse to break our contract early. They can’t just impose that added fees without feedback from customers. DICTATORSHIP? CLASS ACTION SUIT WILL FOLLOW. FUCKK YOU VERIZON. MAY ROT IN HELL. FUCKK YOU.

  • Smr561

    I told you this the day before the G Nex came out

  • Taco

    What happens when I don’t have the funds in my account when it’s time for the “autopay” to pull funds out? What if I just finished pulling my last $100 out of my checking for that good ole 2o’clock in the morning BJ from Toothless Terry on University Ave?

  • Really people? Do you not have bank accounts or credit cards to set up auto pay? Its not the principle of the thing…

    Its not a material change of contract, because you can walk into a store and pay, or mail in the payment, or auto pay.

    The paper statement between the cost to print it (ink, paper) and the cost to mail it probably equals out to about .40 cents…they’ll live…

    • Bionic

      well said bro.  people just like to bitch about anything

      • Guest

        you a dick bro?

    • P4mc

      I pay my family plan every month. I just hate being forced into things. Really, what’s the difference if I pay my bill over the phone and the auto pay. In the end you still get your money. 

    • I hate email

      I don’t always know if my pay check will make it in before the auto pay takes it out… I have a large plan (that’s what she said).  I would rather not have to worry about that and pay at my convenience when I know I have the funds avalible… 

    • Postage

      Does the .40 cents include postage?

  • Bionic

    anyone ever noticed that the LTE usually goes down on an expansion day or close to it?  whenever they light up new cities or expand it seems to happen.  growing pains

  • P4mc

    When is enough gonna be enough with verizon. $2 really!? I hate when companies try to force my hand into their crap. shouldnt we be moving away from mailing stuff and go electronics. Even for that I have to pay a fee like paying them $220+ a month wasnt FREAKING ENOUGH!!!!

  • Rob Haney

    I just read it again and we can still pay for free online if we use our checking or savings accounts.  They only charge for the debit and credit cards.  ACH doesn’t get charged.  Still dumb as hell but at least there is a simple work around (at least in my case.)  I only used my credit card to get points anyway. 🙂

    • Well, perfect. I use my checking account anyways.

      • Rob Haney

        Yeah I don’t mind using the checking instead. Still dumb as hell to charge people that want to pay their bills.

        • Anonymous

          Not that I think they should do it, but they get charged transaction fees for every debit and credit transaction.

          • Rob Haney

            Yes that is true, but so does every business that accepts debit and credit cards. You don’t see them (accept in rare cases) doing this kind of thing.  Plus, banks charge businesses for the volume of checks and cash they deposit as well.  IMO, this is the cost of doing business. Verizon makes a fortune and this is all about greed. As usual. 🙁

    • Jerry Lange

      Good i have both debt and checking account setup so ill just use thst thanks for confirmation

    • Guest

      You can still use your credit card provided it is set up for autopay.  It’s only “one time” (i.e. not regularly scheduled) payments that get the $2 charge.

  • Anonymous

    Got to love the charge for convenience!

  • SteveP

    Apparently Verizon didn’t pay attention when the Banks told us they wanted to charge us $5/mo to use a debit card.

    • Which is most likely where this is coming from. The banks got reamed for trying this, so instead they are charging fees to the merchants, who in turn are going to recoup that by charging these “convenience fees.”. Welcome to the new Great Depression.

      • Rob

        I was wondering when I would see this comment.  That’s the reality of this.  The banks used to charge the retailers but it was pushed out and then the banks tried to put it on the consumers… well, it didn’t work so now the retailers are paying it again by charging the consumers a new fee that they owe the bank.  At least there are ways around it.

  • DaveIsAwesome!

    So pay with electronic check instead?  Problem solved?

  • Pilotbluemike

    this is ridiculous. probably costs nothing to them for customers to pay online.

    • Rob

      Yea, this really puts a dent in using my MIR cards to pay my bill.  I’ll stop paying my bills early with them from now on.

    • nothing other than the fees those companies charge Verizon.. but after that’s pointed out, you’re still convinced that you’re right

    • tripod

      The $2 fee is ONLY for those customers who call an operator and make a payment via IVR (Where you verbally give your check info to an operator and they processes it as a debit to your bank). The bank charges Verizon for this. This is usually done by frantic customers calling to pay their late bills because they forgot to mail a check. This is not a fee that everyone will be charged.  Many companies charge a processing fee for this kind of transaction. Just pay the bill in a normal way via check or your bank or via their auto-pay services and there is no $2 charge.

  • Budu

    Going to start mailing checks again. Verizon’s going against the hipster green fad. Yay…

    • exactly and now that usps is closing so many stores and slowing service who knows when they’ll get my check, o well

    • Lewis

      Turning off paperless billing now.

      •  “A $10 fee has been added to your account for this change. If you would like, you can change back to paperless billing for another $10 fee.”

        I shouldn’t be giving them ideas.

      • Djmake

        I like this one!  That would really put a crimp in things if they had to post all those bills, and how about paying with checks.  If nothing else, it could help create jobs.  🙂

    • Anonymous

      If you note the pictures above it does not apply to ACH payments made, so you can pay by electronic check with no charge, even as a one time payment.  No point in mailing the check if you can just pay it electronically.  This is just for debit/credit/atm cards mostly.

      • Jeebus

        But I want to pay by credit card to get points and not sign up for autopay.

        • Anonymous

          You won’t get points with a check either.

          • jb73

            Exactly. If I’m losing money, I’m going to make Verizon earn it. Send me paper bills and process my checks again.

            Now, I’m off to complain to Verizon directly.

          • A7666054

            Think I’ll do the same. Or since my contract is up, maybe I’ll see what the others are charging.

        • Guest

          You can still do auto bill pay with a credit card and still get the points…that’s what I do!

        • Ha, here is where you lose.  Those points the credit card company gives you come from fees they charge the company (in this case Verizon), yet you complain when those charges are passed on to you.  Double standard.

          • 1LoudLS

            Mind = Blown

          • Kris Brandt

            Yes, because if you charge $80 on your card, you get $2 back in rewards. /sarcasm

          • Robert

            Darn.  I only get 80 cents.

      • i think the point of mailing a check to them is to inconvenience them for this stunt

        • Anonymous

          In reality, their payment processing center will not care whether or not they see an increase in check payments.  It is scanned by a machine.

          The only person you are inconveniencing would be yourself for having to take the time to write and mail said check as opposed to a few clicks online.

          That said, I don’t agree with this, but it is unfortunately the trend.  Rather than just figure these costs into the prices, now it seems everyone likes extra fees.

          • They still have to maintain that machine, and someone has to get the mail fed into the machine.

          • Anonymous

            True, but the cost of that would be negligible versus the revenue from the fee.  Lets say that it took 100 extra people at $40,000 per year.  That is $4 million in costs.  

            Lets say that 20% of users – 21.54 million (107.7 million total users) pay this fee for 6 months.  That would be $258.48 million in revenue.  Sure it may inconvenience a few workers in the mail rooms, but in the big picture it is really not much.

          • Djmake

            But it could put a few people back to work.  They would have to deal with safely disposing of the checks, and the people that make checks would have to hire more workers to help with the printing and mailing of them. 

          • Saik0Shinigami

            One problem with check scanners… I like to write dollar amounts as math problems. : )

          • NE1

            No to mention, I like to staple the check to the bill stub (as a convenience to make sure that it is not lost of course!)

          • Jeremy Turnley

            Paper billing, on the other hand, plus that fee, and things start to get more interesting. Plus you help out the USPS.

          • Anonymous

            It would be interesting to see the numbers of paperless subscribers before and after this.  And good point on helping the USPS.  Also, this very well could be a Big Red controlled leak to “test the waters” so to speak to see how much of a negative reaction this would net before deciding on enacting the change.  I guess we will see.

          • Djmake

            But it would create an increased need for postal workers, somebody has to sort through those payments, they need opened and scanned, somebody has to build the machines to do these things.  Just think what a boost it would be to the economy.  🙂

        • Michael Quinlan

          Which is why we should all pay in store, using a store representative.  Within the new “rules”, make it as inconvenient and costly for them as possible, without costing yourself any more money.  If enough people do this, they may realize that paying electronically is a convenience for them as much as it is for their customers.

          That said, I’m going to continue using autopay with my credit card.

          • Hypcrsy

            Ordinarily I would agree with you, but we don’t take payments at the registers for bills 😉 We use the kiosks set to take the bills.  I don’t agree with the fee either, but don’t take it out on us employees, we have no control over that.  Post to twitter and facebook and on their forums about it and make the change you want to see. 

          • MJZ

            Oh, I plan on paying at the kiosk for sure… and then grabbing the first available CSR and asking as many mind numbing questions as I can think of over the course of 30 minutes as possible.  

            I’ll get my $2 worth of inconvenience at the end of the day.

          • Anonymous

            I agree about not taking it out on the store representatives.  They are not making this decision and if you have ever been in retail, you will not impact the overall business by making the lives of those making probably not even a living wage miserable.  As far as you may get is annoying the general manager who has to tell everyone to suck it up and deal with it.

            I would start here where it has a better chance of enacting change.  http://news.verizonwireless.com/contacts/pc_corp.html

            And even if they don’t end up charging this fee, it will make its way into pricing soon enough, so at least now you can see what it is for and have the power to control whether not you receive it.

      • Don

        Great Point!

    • ITCharleston

      Then they will start charging us an inconvenience fee

    • Anonymous
  • how about the data loss and 2 dollar “convenience” fee cancel each other out

  • John

    oh wait…i’ve been paying via electronic check anyway online. shoot…
    i was about to be pissed.

  • joke

    someone needs to stop this non sense. just like bank of america.

    • thats what i thought lol, banks getting greedy tryin to charge debit card fees again

  • Mrsrosa01

    People ate just looking for another reason to bitch about Verizon if your that unhappy go to another company….its two dollars in reality it probably cost them that to take the Money out they’re not getting rich of this and honestlythe money I pay monthly for my phones two dollars is not going to break the bank. I will pay it for the convenience

    • joke

      really? you wanna pay me 2 dollars for it? 

    • Joodu

      Why pay for something you were getting for free before? Are you going to say that every time a company increases or creates fees?

    • It’s not that you or any of us can’t afford 2 dollars, it’s the fact they ARE getting rich off this crap. If a million of their customers give in and just pay it, you just put another 2 million in profit in their pockets for absolutely nothing. Nothing is more convenient or more beneficial after Jan. 15 than it is right now.

  • Anonymous

    So they want to charge me a fee to pay them? That is capitalism evolved.

  • John

    I’m taking pennies into the store and make it worth my $2.

    • Thesaber2000

      That would be so worth it just to see the look on their face haha

      • We all know they would take it in a heartbeat though.

  • toner

    this is about as logical as my g/f q week out of any given month.

    • Anonymous

      It is just the companies ways of passing on those higher credit card and debit card fees, just like the banks.  While I don’t agree with it, I understand the point of view. 

      • Granted

        Oh hello devils advocate, how are you doing today? Felated any corporate demons recently?

    • JohnPA2006

      Giving truth to the old saying, 
      “Anything that bleeds that much and doesnt die cannot be trusted”
      (no disrespect to your g/f )

  • John

    ……………,-*llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll……………………… …….
    …………..lllllllllllllllllllllllllll/………;;;;llllllllllll,-`~-,……………………. ..

  • Jesus Verizon. Best carrier performance wise but they have got to be the greediest douchebags.

    • They are. The king of hidden fees.

  • Anonymous

    This must be to cover all the ot they have to pay to their engineers with all the network outages they are having.

  • really? i pay over 200 bucks a month i dont think its really gonna be a pita to NOT charge for using the debit card

  • WarEagleVII

    Well, time to break out the old checkbook for these clowns. Way to go VZW. This, dragging the Nexus release out and the Bionic FUBAR makes me think a “Netflix” type exodus is in order. You are obviously not listening to your customers now. A smack in the head is in order.

  • Jonathonflores6958

    Wtf??? Charge me to pay my bill!? I know its only $2 but theyre squeezing dollars out of everywhere they can. Its a convenience to charge us. Thats the only convenience.

  • Tony

    Not that I plan on leaving but wouldn’t this fall under a.material change of contract?

    • smj887

      I’m curious about this as well. My knee-jerk reaction says No but I’d like to hear from others.

      • Heather W

        I was wondering the same, I thought if it was over a certain amount a month/ year it would fall under the material change but Im pretty sure Verizon would find a way around this.

  • Pmtwice

    Their greed is staggering…

  • Bionic

    I love how you people are all pissed about something that makes paying your bill a lot easier.  I use auto pay on almost all my bills.  car, phone, electric, you name it

    • Anonymous

      Good for you. Now go pay them and let us rant in peace

      • Bionic

        you all just want something to bitch about

        • Rob

          It sounds like you are the one complaining.  Go ahead and make another stupid comment so you can get the last word in about a thread you love reading about people getting pissed in.  I too pay with autopay from my bank.  I’ve never trusted any company being able to take my funds through autopay and Verizon is doing a good job of making it harder to get users to trust them with their cards by charging them $24 a year. 

        • No. Some of us get paid bi-weekly and won’t have the hundreds they’re ALREADY charging us just sitting in our accounts for autopay to go through. I’d understand if this was a new service, but they’ve been offering this service for free for YEARS and they’re not losing ANY money! Verizon will be one of the few companies coming out on top this year, believe me. This is ridiculous.

          • You’re faulting them for being one of the few companies coming out on top this year?  That makes you the fool.

        • Guest

          you a dick bro??

      • Actually, you should be paying your bills instead of complaining, you just n00bishly told someone who uses AUTO PAY to do something that’s already done for him.. thus you=losing

    • Anonymous

      Some people can’t do autopay because of fluctuations in their pay schedules.

      • Bionic

        ehhhhh, i guess ill give you that one. but if you set it up for end of the month it really shouldnt matter. Im a business manager so i do payroll a lot.

        I do see your point tho

        • Thegeektern

          I dont like auto pay because sometimes there are mistakes on the bill that I need to fix and that can take months, one time they said I didn’t return a phone took 3 month for them to find it in there wear house and credit my account if I had auto pay they would have got there$ 600 and then it seem they lose the motivation to do anything about it.

      • Which is my situation. Sometimes I pay early; sometimes I pay late. Its depends on when I get paid. I much rather manually submit my payment than be paranoid as to whether I have the money in the bank for them to deduct.

    • I am on a family plan, and we split the bill. Autopay doesn’t allow you to use more than one payment method though, so we have to do it manually. I love auto pay, but it doesn’t work in this case.

    • Guest

      you a dick bro??

  • Anonymous

    Hmm… +$2 per user * millions of customers = +2 (millions) of dollars per month. 

    • Or $0 if people change their habits but their costs might go down.. Lowering costs=(millions) of dollars they can spend upgrading networks and whatnot..

      • Anonymous

        Reduction of a negative is netting a positive. I can’t see any way in which Verizon loses with this scenario. People, being inherently disinclined to change, are unlikely to modify their payment method, increasing the likelihood Verizon will net some easy cash. As for me, it’s a preference to pay online because it’s easy, but allows me to easily monitor my expenditures. I’ll just have to suck it up and switch to auto-pay. 

  • I mail my checks, its easier for me to keep track of things that way.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll make them send me a paper statement, they’ll spend money on postage and manpower required to process the check. F those parasites. 

    • my thoughts exactly. F them

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you 100%!!!

    • Anonymous

      If most vzw customer follw the treand then usps may get some more work….
      They really need it now.

    • Rafagon

      Go for it. And whenever you have the chance, switch to AT&T!

      • Mfren08

        lol, let’s not get carried away here.

      • not unless they 1) get the Gnex and 2) carry over my unlimited data….oh yeah, and 3) don’t suck anymore lol

    • maybe they’re doing this to help out the postal service

    • Anonymous

      When are you cancelling your service?

  • Thats is BS!!!!  They lie to us by saying its the “Most Reliable Network” but both 3G and 4G goes down all the time which fucks us already now this.

    so im gonna guess that paying through the verizon app is included on the $2 as well

  • Joconnor1981

    Reaallly…really vzw wtf!!

  • Eric Richardson

    As much as it sucks, I don’t see it as any worse than the “convenience fees” that I’m charged through my utility payments and such. That said, I’ve been on Auto Pay since time began, so it doesn’t effect me. 

  • Anonymous

    Where am I supposed to get 2 EXTRA dollars Verizon? Not easy to find in the jungle

  • MJZ


  • That is crazy, we need to take this down like Bank of America’s Fee for using a debit card, I hope they listen, or I am going start taking in jars of pennies into the stores, okay your machine won’t take this can you count it?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Verizon, you’re breakin’ my balls.

  • Bionic

    Makes total sense to me.  People need to pay their damn bills.  Ive had my acct. on auto-pay for 10 years now

    • Rob Haney

      Just because people don’t want to be on autopay doesn’t mean they don’t pay their bills. 

      • Bionic

        did i say that?  no.   But I dont see why people would not want to use auto

        • Rob Haney

          Yes you did imply that: ”
          People need to pay their damn bills.” 

          Some people like to be in control of paying their bills rather than give that power to the money grubbers.  

          • Bionic

            i kinda see where your coming from, but setting up auto-pay is no different than giving your card number or check acct number every time you pay online anyway. so again i ask, whats the big differece? I just dont get it

          • Rob Haney

            Very different. Auto pay gives them more rights than a one-time draft.

          • Rob

            Because if your bill is over, they take the money out.  It’s much harder to dispute something when you’ve already paid for it and want your money back then when you  are disputing to pay something.  The majority of people in this economy can’t afford a mistake of minutes that cost them $200 and now can’t pay the power bill.  If they don’t have autopay they can pay the power bill instead.

          • Gp

            You do realize that you receive a bill well in advance to the auto pay date.

          • Anonymous

            You don’t get it for one of two reasons.  Either you’re a 1%er and have money to burn, and don’t live budgeting nickel to nickel like the rest of us, or you live with your parents.  Given your flippant tone to people who are posting a legitimate gripe, I’d have to say the second one (most likely with a part time job at Verizon).

          • Bionic

            Actually im married with a 1 year old daughter. we are middle class and live paycheck to paycheck like most people. Yet somehow im able to use auto-pay. And no i dont work for Verizon or any communication company.

          • Anonymous

            Well, I guess you’re the lucky one.  You’re surprisingly vehement about shilling for VZ though, for someone not on their payroll.

          • Guest

            you poor bastard you just don’t get it!!  SO SAD!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll bet a $1 you’re a republican? 

      • Bionic

        i dont label myself politically.

    • Makes sense how?? I pay my bill every month usually early and they are gonna charge me to pay it now as well?? they can’t keep their network running why should i pay at all?

      • Bionic

        set up your auto pay for a day just after you usually get your bill if you want,  its easy dude

        • David Verba

          I’m with the rest of the people here, YOU’RE A DOUCHE!

          And a dumbass – many people pay have their bills planned out and pay in a way that makes sense to their budgets.  And yes, if there is a problem, you can forget about getting your money back from Verizon.  Once automatically paid, they won’t do anything.  How can this even be legal?  WTF is going on with this country?  We pay thousands and thousands of politicians billions of dollars and they can’t even stop things like this?  It’s like the wild west again, but the companies are the gangs and the people are the town folk. Of course, what can we expect when the white house has turned into “The Real World – Washington D.C.” and the political race is like an episode of “Survivor”….

          P.S. – you’re still a douche.

          • gp

            You get a bill in advance with auto pay. The amount is already known. Non issue here…

          • Anonymous

            And now we have the third rep from Verizon chiming in…

    • Anonymous

      You’re an idiot.

      • Bionic

        and your a bitchh.  but who’s keeping score?

        • Rob

          Last word to every comment  Bionic:43   you’re winning!

        • Guest

          you a dick bro???

    • Matt

      We really couldn’t care less about how you have the ability to use auto-pay. Its easy for you, not everyone is you. Get over yourself.

      • We really couldn’t care less about your lack of intelligence in not being able to figure out how to use auto-pay.  Its easy for everyone else, not everyone is intelligent.  Get over yourself.

    • Guest

      you a dick bro??

  • Llamas

    Or just keep paying via bill pay as always.

  • Taco

    9hrs of LTE outage and now this? Has anybody called VZW about some sort of compensation for the outtage? Not trying to be an ass here but 9hrs is just way too much. Im very patient, I can do 1/2hr or even 1hr but 9? cmon.

    • Bionic

      why do you need to be comped?  you still had data coverage, just not LTE.  LTE is still in its infancy, there will be growing pains

      • Taco

        Not in my area…i couldn’t even connect to my 3g. It was like this all day at work.

        • yea i had my 3g drop as well all day up in northern new york

          • Weretoad

            Hey! I used to work at Best Buy 1089 in Watertown, NY. Small world!

        • Anonymous

          i was not able to connect at work either 3/4g while i was on lte but if i switched over to cdma i was able to pick up 3g but it would drop as soon as i picked it up and i usually have full 4g bars ( not that means anything lol).

      • Here in Arizona when Data drops 3G does as well so I have to agree he and everyone should be comped for the lack of data that we pay for.

        • Bionic

          sure, i have no problem with that. But i will take a few days of hiccups over ATT or sprint any day.

          • yep and enjoy a $2 fee to pay your bill every month 

          • Anonymous

            Not if you use Autopay.

          • Anonymous

            Oh no, don’t start that again….

      • Actually, I was without data at all all day till around 8PM when I finally got 3G. Only now is my 4G returning.

      • Edwin M

        I didn’t have any coverage at all (Rezound). Not even EVDO. My wife’s iPhone was fine though. This was during work too so I couldn’t get any emails. I’ll call and see if they’re going to do anything. Yes, I know, my wife wanted an iPhone so I got her one. Not a phan of the iphone.

      • It’s not just LTE. I have had no data at all all day today. Verizon told me to “just use Wifi” even after I told them that I was out all day and my car is not equipped with wifi.

        • Boo hoo, some low level rep was dealing with tons of pissed off callers such as yourself and gave you a sensible solution because there was nothing they could do about the outage, how insensitive of the rep.. They should have just gotten everything back up just for you!  Obviously they were working on it but what did you expect the person to tell you..

          • Anonymous

            I think it’s the “just” part of the advice that irks… as if it’s “just” that simple….

          • Anonymous

            How long have you worked for Verizon?

          • Granted

            Haha! Yeah! These people are always so easy to spot.

      • Anonymous

        Mostly because we pay an arm, leg and other various body parts for the effing 4G handsets? If 4G is in “beta”, I could have gone with a cheaper handset! I don’t N E E E E D 4G. But I don’t want to pay for crap I don’t get.

        • You still get it most of the time, they didn’t say you’d get it continously

      • Anonymous

        It’s not a comp. it’s a convenience fee.

      • Guest

        you a dick bro??

    • Anonymous

      I “activated” a phone on a preexisting line today and because if this problem my wife is without a phone. They deactivated the old phone and now the new one is “stuck” in a “switch” so she was just SOL as she drove an hour and a half in a car with 250,000 miles on it. Thanks Verizon.

      • Anonymous

        you can reactivate the old phone by dialing *228 on it. Not justifying the outage, just informing.

  • Rob Haney

    So I have to give them money, in order for them to get more of my money. Mega fail Big Red.

    • No, you don’t have to give them money, if you give them money your inefficient ways you do. There’s a difference

  • what a joke, first you can’t keep your network running nicely, your galaxy nexus launch was a joke, and now you want to CHARGE US for paying our bill online? GTFO and don’t come back. You are so lucky you have a monopoly on the wireless carrier service here in northwest montana.

    • Bionic

      whats the difference between paying your bill online and having it auto-pay on the same date you usually pay?  seems easier to me

      • Anonymous

        I want to pay my bill when I want to pay it so that I know that I won’t overdraft my bank account. Not that there isn’t enough there 99% of the time, but on that odd chance, I like to be sure.

      • HolyGrail

        The difference is…..Options. Choice is good, and not everyone is able to do it one way…..What works for you…might not work for others.

      • Just because it seems easier to you doesn’t mean it is easier for everyone else. You have posted multiple times about people not wanting to set up auto-pay and how it is so easy and blah blah blah. Some of use have share plans and can’t set up an auto-pay. Or some of us have weird pay schedules from our jobs and setting an auto-pay isn’t as easy. Or what about the errors Verizon occassionaly makes on bills? I am not going to pay a bunch of NSF fees because Verizon makes a dumb error and charges me 50 dollars more one month and bc I am on auto-pay. Just because you like it, doesn’t mean everyone else has to like it. I pay my bill on time every month, but I like to see my bill before I pay it to see if there are errors. People have the right to be upset. I pay using debit/credit cards online for other bills without a fee, so why is Verizon handing us a fee? Doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Guest

        you a dick bro??

  • what about if we pay via the my verizon app on our phone? I don’t see that listed.

  • Linuxdood

    looks like its back to the check is the mail days.  good job vzw.  such a progrssive tech company

    • Bloo

      Make sure they mail you your bill, too. No eBills or whatever they call it.

    • Guest

      or force ppl into online auto-pay, the most progressive option

      • I’m in a family plan and we split the bill. Auto pay doesn’t work if you want to use two different cards.

        • Then they would say you’re abusing the family plan lol since its intended for one immediate family with parents paying the bills not a bunch of adults

          • Saik0Shinigami

            So in modern society where it’ socially expected for both parents to work and bring in income it’s somehow unheard of for the bill to be split between them? He said two cards not 10. Where your “bunch” came from is beyond me.

          • Please show me where in the Family Plan terms and conditions it says you all have to be in one immediate family?

            My brother and parents and I all live in one house and we split the bill as well. Hell, last time I was at the corp store, they were trying to sell me the another line on the plan by asking “do you have any friends needing a phone? you got one more line available”. So they frankly don’t care who the other 4 people are. They get their money and that’s all they care about.

          • Doesn’t have to, but if they’re giving you a major break on your bill for paying together as a family it isn’t unreasonable for them to have the payment coming from one place.

        • Also, you don’t have to use a card to do this..  I still pay my mom every month, set up as a direct deposit from my account to hers.  Not that difficult.

  • Edgar

    Oh F ME!

  • Anonymous

    Wow thanks Big Red.  You know how to please your customers.

    I am on a family plan and I pay my “share” of the bill every month via a credit card.  Now I’m going to have to go into a store to pay my part?

  • Anonymous

    Just a way to get more money out of us customers to try to fix the issues with their flawed LTE network design that keeps going down!


    How convenient of them to think about us -.-


      lol, this comment says it all…lol

  • Are you freaking serious Verizon?