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Galaxy Nexus Time Lapse Feature Turns 400 Mile X-mas Drive Into 6 Minutes of Fun

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One of the coolest features introduced with Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus, was the camera’s ability to record time lapse video. If you have the time and occasion where you may not need to move your phone for an extended period of time, you can create some pretty amazing clips. The problem there being, an extended period of time where you are not needing to use your phone much. One of our readers just so happened to have that time this past holiday weekend on his 400 mile drive home. With car mount in check and charging cable attached, his Galaxy Nexus turned his journey into 6 minutes of time lapse fun.  

For those unfamiliar with the time lapse option, simply head into your camera app, choose the video recorder and then the half circle icon to set your time lapse interval. Press record and enjoy!

Cheers Ben!

  • Eric Wong

    As of today, ZERO video was submitted to Qualcomm’s one charge challenge. We suggest that you should consider taking up this challenge by using 24/7 Time Lapse app, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.portable.timelapse.lite So that you can capture at least one full day worth of photo in a single charge, which you can assemble into a single time-lapse video to enter the competition. More information on this app can be found on http://247timelapse.com

  • Snowbomb7

    This feature is GREAT! Just made myself a video doing this! http://youtu.be/n3AayP2mKm8 Cheers to all! Happy New Year!!!

  • UNOFjr

    Thats my hometown! Rich-WHAT? Richmond! Richmond, VA

  • http://twitter.com/shehippie CrazyOldBroad

    I wonder if he was driving in TN.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Christopher.Raymond.Brown Chris Brown

    While I don’t really ever see me using the feature, that is pretty amazing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DCasper Dustin Casper

    Maybe if he wasn’t driving so slow he would have made it home faster than 6 minutes. SLOW DRIVERS SUCK!

  • Tyler

    I feel inspired. Now if i only could leave my phone alone for a couple of hours to video tape something important, or had a way to stand phone up (didn’t get the car dock).

  • Anonymous

    I can’t help but notice the video is 1080p on youtube. 1080p recording at 24 FPS = 9GB per minute uncompressed. I don’t know what kind of compressing the Nexus camera does.. but how the hell did he record a 400 mile drive with only 32gb of storage?

    • Tyler

      Its not recording at 24 FPS its recording at a preset frame per x seconds. Its would be the equivalent of taking a picture every 10 seconds for this video. You have to set that option before you start recording.

  • guest

    Pretty fun. And funny that no one noticed you could do this with the Motorola Xoom and Honeycomb nearly a year ago… and in 1080p.

    • Anonymous

      this is in 1080p.

  • http://twitter.com/_elemenopee_ Kavin Nguyen

    A few drops of acid and every road trip will look like this.

  • Davros

    How much memory did that take?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, just imo, but that was unwatchable…yawn…  not Glee-like unwatchable though….

  • Josh Tribo

    Looks so nice cranked up to 1080p

  • Anonymous

    I just puked.

  • Septainability

    I had fun watching the clouds slowly change.

  • Gino Fratto

    Looks like the Babe Ruth home run footage must have been shot with a Nexus! Who knew…

  • Joejoe509

    if you really travelled 400 miles in 6 minutes you would be going approx. 4,000 miles an hour or 133.33 miles every 2 minutes. Wow!

  • TC Infantino

    Is there a good app out there for time lapse video for those of us who have another phone?  I checked in the market and it looks like there are a few, but I would appreciate the input of the techno people who frequent this site.  Thanks in advance.

    • TheRealBeesley

      Lapse It by INTERACTIVE UNIVERSE is very very good. 

      • Ben

        I test drove that app on my Razr, the shutter sound drove me nuts.  I could have gone to /system and deleted the sound file but I do like the shutter noise for normal camera operation (so people know when they can quit smiling).

      • TC Infantino

        Thank you for the info.  Appreciate it

  • Matthew Morrison

    Please can someone tell me where i can get a custom phone skin for the nexus, i have tried 3 or 4 different websites but none of them have the nexus as an option yet. 
    … And if you dont know what I’m talking about then check the image

  • http://twitter.com/KayvonKevlar Kayvon Khaledi

    Droid-life, looks like you should start a new post with just time lapse videos. Now that be pretty cool.

  • Interstellarmind

    Waiting for a good animation app/ feature, myself.

  • Scott Meyer

    What car mount did you use Ben, didn’t know there was one that didn’t cover the camera. 

    • Ben

      I actually just pinched it into a DroidX2 car dock, it doesn’t fit particularly well, but the top latch thing holds the phone in well enough for this.

    • Sk102704

      I know the car mount for my Bionic doesn’t cover up the camera which I use an app called Autoguard to record my driving like a blackbox (I started using it the day after some idiot slammed into me and tried to say it was my fault) so I would assume there are some car mounts that also allow this.  Probably just newer ones though.

    • Tyler

      Galaxy Nexus’s official car dock doesn’t cover it.

  • TheRealBeesley

    Was the phone in airplane mode?

    • Ben

      No, but it probably should have been, I think a phone call would have killed the video.

      • TheRealBeesley

        so no one text, called, or emailed you for 6 hours?  Man, I wish I had that kind of privacy lol

        • Tyler

          It doesn’t capture sound so a text could come threw and nothing with be noticeable to someone watching the video, unless vibrate caused something to happen that is.

  • Anonymous

    I made one the other day with my Galaxy Nexus.  This was my commute through Austin, TX


    • Caliguy

      Hey..I recognize some of those roadways. LOL.

  • Tysdad08

    Looks like he ends right past Bristol Virginia/Tennessee so that’s cool I know I have been to that FedEx store.

    • Ben

      Bingo!  Come on out and visit us this summer and we can go water skiing.

      • Tysdad08

        Might have to do that im always on south holston lake all summer and it gets boring after a wile. Good to know more android nerds are around sometimes I feel like the only one.

        • Jager07

          Was going to guess similar, since I’m originally from Johnson City.

  • Anonymous

    Did a 3 hour time lapse looking out of my window (
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnBLDTge8hw ) Gotta love ’em!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. I’ll have to play around with this feature more. Anyone else catch the wreck that happened in the middle of the video?

    How much space did this eat up on your internal storage?

    • Ben

      The video was ~500megs when it finished, although recording in 720p would have cut that by a lot.

  • Kevin Kelly

    could someone please just tell me if anything exciting happens and where to start the video to see it. it was boring after the first 5 seconds.

    • John

      That’s a time lapse for you..

    • Ben

      0:30 – Approach to Richmond VA Skyline
      1:25 – Pull off the interstate for Gas
      1:34 – I let my dog out to pee
      1:36 – We grab some food (and you stare at our parking spot for a while)
      2:48 – We hit traffic for a car wreck
      2:49 – You can almost see a car driven off the left shoulder and up a hill (he swerved to avoid traffic and lost control I guess)
      2:50 – You can see the original rear-ending that started the traffic
      3:34 – You can see a traffic jam eastbound caused by a rear-ending
      4:48 – We slow down for another rear-ending in the left and right shoulders
      5:30 – My wife has to drop an expense report off at FedEX
      5:50 – Home

      • Anonymous

        Pretty cool, I was just in Richmond over the weekend visiting cousins. 

      • J Dub

        Where was the wreck? Around Roanoke? Always freaking wrecks through there. Around exit 137 on I-81 is the worst.

      • Anonymous

        Nobody else said it, but I will. Thank you for driving in the right lane except to pass! :)

        • Ben

          Ha ha ha, I actually felt bad for a stretch in there where I camped the middle lane for too long and had some folks passing on the right.

      • Weege

        At what frame rate did you record this on? Thats pretty cool.. Will have to use this when I drive from Denver to Albuquerque. .

  • Sius

    At the start they are in Virginia. I see a Richmond Virginia exit at 25 seconds. Pretty cool, my neck of the woods.

    • Ben


      Give or take a little bit, that was the route.

      • Djlowproz

        Nice I was just on I-81 few weeks back going from Fairfax, VA to Charlette, NC

      • Anonymous

        Except you went through Richmond rather than on 295. I thought that was Wytheville near the end.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sweet!

  • BarryBostwick

    If only cars could go that fast…

    • Edwin M

      They can, if you have the hover conversion done. That’s only about 3 years away according to back to the future.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ken.obrien3 Ken O’Brien

        But the real question will the skyway system be up and running by then?

        • Edwin M

          Damn contractors, always slowing down construction.

          • Anonymous

            Hey guys, I’m a rep from the contractor who is building the skyway system and I’m glad to report everything is on time!

      • Robs6711

        Yes but “hover” will need to be disabled for the battery to last longer than 5 hours.

        • Anonymous

          Who needs 5 hours of battery life when you get everything you need in 6 minutes?

        • TC Infantino

          Oh no, not at all.  You just need to refuel the ‘Mr. Fusion’ powercell with any garbage you can find in a trashcan when you are running low on power.  Of course, if you happen to not have the Mr. Fusion powercell, you will have to know exactly when lightning will strike and where, hook up some type of lightning rod to the ‘Flux Capacitor’ to supply the required 1.21 gigawatts of power needed. 
          Damn, did I just reveal how much of a geek I am?

          • eddieonofre

            yes, dear, yes you have
            but you forgot to mention the uranium 

          • Mike Corbitt

            The Libyans! I don’t know how they found me! RUN FOR IT MARTY!

          • Anonymous

            Well the uranium isnt required if you have the ‘Mr. Fusion’ powercell upgrade or you happen to go with the lightning technique TC described. I highly recommend the ‘Mr. Fushion’ upgrade. Those Libyans take their uranium seriously.

          • eddieonofre

            yeah, we officially are geeks level 53

          • Anonymous

            yes…. yes you did. WELCOME BROTHER!

      • Sk102704

        Probably happen before the Cubbies win the World Series as Back To The Future says lol

  • Anonymous

    Fun? I think I just had a seizure

    • Jason Purp

      You don’t “think.” You just know.

  • Anonymous

    What route was this? From what location to what location?

    • Tysdad08

      Looks like northern Virginia to northeast Tennessee down i64 onto i81.

  • Lucas Monroe

    How did his battery last this long?

    • John F

      “With car mount in check and charging cable attached, his Galaxy Nexus turned his journey into 6 minutes of time lapse fun”

    • Anonymous

      Car charger….. lol

    • Anonymous

      with car mount in check and charging cable attached, his Galaxy Nexus turned his journey into 6 minutes of time lapse fun.  

      • Lucas Monroe

        Oh I missed that part haha. Makes sense.

    • Edwin M

      The article says it was plugged in.

    • Lolpoop

      10000 mah extended battery

  • Jason Purp

    Thanks for the awesome news