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Thursday Poll: Your Current Phone is?

Since another major phone has been released, I’d say it is time to ask the readers of this fabulous community what they are currently rockin’. In the last 2 months, we saw Verizon introduce 3 of the top Android phones ever made in the Rezound, RAZR and Galaxy Nexus. And since this also happened to be the time that millions of original DROID owners were coming due on their contracts, we can imagine that at least a few of these “Big 3” were purchased.

So, which is it?

What is your current phone?

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  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus has been out for 13 days and look at how it is BUSTING ASS on all these so called android devices…Everyone got on the bandwagon of the Droid Razr GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Galaxy Nexus WIPES IT WITH THE FLOOR

  • Dlunky

    Well I have an iphone and felt that should have been a choice. Also i doubt a just realesed phone over 40 percent of the people here have. O well.

  • Anonymous

    I have enjoyed all the best android devices this year of 2011. I had the Htc Evo 4f, Htc Evo 3d, Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket, and now the Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus. What more can any android lover ask for. Nothing beats the Galaxy Nexus…

  • Anonymous

    I currently have a Thunderbolt, but that will definitely be changing soon.

  • Went from an EnV touch to a Galaxy Nexus. Huge leap. 🙂 So happy to be center of attention right now. 😀 😀 😀 

  • i need to change my vote from razr to nexus as of today. razr was a great phone but i’m glad i got the nexus. can’t go wrong with either tho.

  • rob

    Wow…bought my og droid 2 years ago…my razr three days ago. Been coming to this site…rooting, roming, over clocking the whole time. Deleting my shortcut…this place has been had…..

  • Lindstra17

    Next poll should be, What phone did you switch from to go to the nexus ?
    Am i right folks, am i right ?

    From my sexy nexy

    • Anonymous

      I will be the first.   Droid X

  • Anonymous

    Shocked to see the Nexus quadruples the next competitor.   And I thought the Razr would be big because of Motorola’s commercial campaign and Razr name recognition.  But then again your average buyer (like my wife) would never come to this site.  

    Hope this shows Verizon the need to stop locking bootloaders.  

    • Alexander Garcia

      Only geeks like us come to this site to vote. Trust me, the RAZR, the Rezound, and the iPhone4(s) are much MUCH more appealing devices for the average consumer and the Verizon reps will be pushing either of these three devices on their customers over the G-Nex. Seen it happen several times at three different local Verizon stores.

  • Rachel

    Still rocking the Thunderbolt… I’m waiting to see what’s coming for 2012 before I upgrade again.

  • Whoster69

    Still stuck with my original Droid, but getting a G-Nex soon!

  • Tim R

    Razr, Nexus, Rezound, Droid 1, 2 (GLOBAL) & 3, Incredible 1, Thunderbolt, Fascinate, Droid Pro, I have all of these. The D3 is my daily driver and what other phone I carry around changes from day to day

  • Well until Radioshack decides to ship me my GNex, I’m stuck with a Rumor Touch on Sprint…Needless to say I”m ready for a new phone

    • Jeremy Morrison

      dislike button needed.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus for me and rezound for the wife. Guess I have to vote from a computer. If rezound had the same ice cream sandwich build and unlocked bootloader those numbers would be much closer.

  • Motorsports601

    i have a nexus but it wont let me vote. had to do it thru my pc . is there a setting that lets me see the embeded poll?

  • Naga Appani

    hahaha, That is too big number for Nexus… Come on RAZR Mates, where are you all shaving?? Come and shave this NeXus… 🙂

    • Uniqueemb

      I can’t vote for some reason so add another for the Razr

  • Kris

    why didn’t droid-life pick up on this article? Android Central did.


  • Anonymous

    .droid x user, and I just got my boyfriend a gnex, I’m not jealous because I’m looking forward to what I’m upgrading to in may 2012. What is going to top the galaxy nexus?

    • Anonymous

      The Galaxy Nexus 2

  • I thought this was Droid Life not Nexus life. Yeah I get it its a pure Android phone but this should’ve been on Verizon 6 months ago, and who knows if VZW will ever see another Nexus device when HTC, Motorola and LG have their teeth deep in Verizons flesh. Not to mention in 2 months another phone will come out making the Nexus look like crap. 

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    These poll numbers are bull.  14,000+ unique voters?  Nope.

    • Why not? I’m sure Droid Life gets a lot more visitors than that; it’s a great site!

      • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

        Not denying that the site has street cred, it’s one of my go-to sites for info.  But when you can vote in the same poll multiple times, even from the same computer, the numbers are jacked.

        • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

          Just voted 3 more times from the same computer.  All you got to do is clear cookies and cache.

          • Anonymous

            Oh he price of technology.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, so you see a poll on a website, and then you want to see if you can vote more than once? A*al!
            Obviously this isn’t taken too seriously. Nobody is looking up margins of error, etc. It’s a stupid poll…
            Go check out msnbc.com and try all of their polls, and then comment on you were able to vote more than once, and the results of “Is Lady Gaga hot?” is not correct

        • Anonymous

          then that also proves the Gnex is hands down the most popular phone in the Android fanboy community doesn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    I bought the Incredible the day it came out and many new devices came and went but none could convince me to give up the Incredible. Last week I finally picked up the Rezound and I love it.

  • ddrrroooiddd

    I would of picked up the nexus if samshlong didn’t make it..and this isn’t “nexus life” this is DROID life. Its a samshlong phone with a android operating system not a true DROID.

    • Jeremy Morrison

      Is their even a true DROID anymore? The DROID in DROID-LIFE comes from the software AnDROID. And the Galaxy Nexus, the only phone with AnDROID 4.0 ICS is the only pure AnDROID phone running it right now. Take your Motorolla crap and Blur somewhere more useful.

  • Anonymous

    My Droid X has been a great device. Learned a ton of things Android related with it. Even after a year it is still getting love from developers. I can overclock & change minfree values to compete with newer devices. But she will need to be replaced soon. Moto radios & hardware are great but I hate locked bootloaders. G-Nex next? Maybe. I’m in no rush to upgrade. The DX is still holding down…for now.

  • dirtyriffs

    No Droid Eris love?!!!  Always OG ….

  • Anonymous

    I’m using the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. I considered the Rezound and Galaxy Nexus but did not want to be limited to 4GB/mo on my data plan. The last smartphone I used was a an original Droid that I had through work (I hated the sliding keyboard, I’m a bar-phone fan)

  • Wes

    Glad the Droid X is still going strong, such a great phone

  • 6210 votes = $1.86M.
    Dat moneyz 😮

  • Anonymous

    Went from Droid X to Galaxy Nexus myself.

  • Devi8

    I dumped the POS thunderbolt the first day the nexus was released, still got 250 on ebay for it, cost of upgrade 50 bucks, winning

    Honestly I feel that the OG was the best android phone until the nexus, I had the X, it wasn’t bad had great battery life, but the Tbolt was and still is a POS

    • Jeremy Morrison

      Sold my iPhone4 on Craigslist for $260 and bought the Nexus on a 2year upgrade so I got $30 off the $299 price. Paid $9 for the Nexus. Winning hard!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see an entry where we can rate each phone for user satisfaction, to see which one people actually like the most.  We’d probably have to throw out the GNex results since people are probably still enamored by it’s “new phone” sheen.

    • what are you smokingv

  • Anonymous

    Replaced my OG Droid at the end of August. Bought the HTC Trophy on eBay. My NE2 renewed on Dec 14th. Now waiting for a new WP7 model on VZW.

    • Windows phone i didnt know people bought that…but thanks for lerting us know

  • Benjamin Mackie

    44%. Someone should send this to verizon. There is a reason you shouldnt have delayed the phone, look at how many people got the phone, and how much earlier you could have made a ton of money off the phone

  • I love seeing the OG still getting the love it deserves.

  • Scea0512

    I love the Galaxy Nexus but there are a few quirks I do not like , Position of the volume rocker switch ?? brain cramp there as each time I turn the phone on I am hitting the volume rocker??? Also the ringtones SUCK !! horrible selection and the speaker is less than thrilling , not very loud at all ,I also dont like the added step now to ass something to your home screen , cant just long press that only brings up wallpapers , have to go to apps , then select one for the home screen , other than this the phone is awesome , hopefully they correct some of these issues soon with an update

  • Wow… apparently Nexus is pretty much where it’s at. Funny that my old school DX is still #2!

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised at the Thunderbolt number, but I have to say as an owner of the phone, the last update really made the phone so much better than before. In fact, I’m currently on the fence about replacing my TB since Nexus seems to have some bugs to work out first.

  • Anonymous


  • brandon coulter

    WTF! How many people like me are still waiting for their G-nex from letstalk?

  • B Diggs82

    Considering a lot of posts are saying they don’t believe it, it goes to show somethings up

  • Very interesting amaizing post!

  • Good post! really nice really

  • Phoenixy

    http://imageshack.us/f/823/nexuslol.png/Not so many people bought the Nexus:)

  • i am actually from hong kong and using milestone2, chose droid2 for the poll, same same but different right?

  • I am using the Rezound at the moment, but I still have my OG, DX and D3. I like to switch my phones like most women switch purses. lol

  • I got my Nexus Saturday night and then had my bachelor party that same night. I got wasted and must have dropped it and chipped it in two places. I’m totally bummed and felt totally crappy! Funny and sad story for everyone : ) Awesome phone btw!!!

  • Earleepa

    I paid for a nexus the day they went on sale but Verizon lacked the foresight to have enough in stock so that everybody that wanted one would get one so now I’m looking at maybe two or three more weeks of using a fascinate that I bought off of ebay when my og died so I wouldn’t have to use my upgrade till now. Next time Verizon, pull your head out of your rear end and have enough on hand so everybody that wants one gets one. If the oil companies ran their businesses like Verizon runs theirs I’d be walking to work 4 days out of 5 .

  • Rational Man

    I’m waiting to hear if there’s any shoes dropping regarding the Nexus. I was tempted with the Bionic and the Thunderbrick, glad I didn’t pull the trigger on those, so as soon as I get the all clear and the price drops a bit, I’ll be on there. 

    I JUST got into the whole rooting thing on my DInc, so it’s like a whole new toy for me to keep occupied with.

  • Pete

    i have galaxy and droid x and droid bionic.

  • Travis Stinebaugh

    Just had to send in my DX for a hardware bug and I was given the droid 3 as a replacement.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus lost weak radios lol

    • Dan Letsch

      I know you are trolling, but what exactly are you basing this on?  I know some are having problems, but I will bet if you poll most users, they are perfectly happy (me being one of them).  I have not problem if you want to feel the need to justify your purchase, but there is no reason to be a snot-nosed brat on every post.

      Go get the phone and try it for a week, or STFU about it.  Get a life, idiot.  It is people like you that make this site almost not worth reading, and makes others act in kind. 

      I happen to own a gnex, and have not owned any others, so I do not comment on the others.  I personally did not like the feel of the razr, so I did not buy.  Let people have their opinion and you can have yours.

  • Anonymous

    We all know that all these geeks wanted the nexus, that is why the % is higher. The razr is best.

    • Anonymous

      Did you vote for the Razr 600 times? Lol

    • mons

      The Razr is one of the ugliest phones I’ve seen in recent years.  Those huge bezels make me want to throw up.  As much as its thinness is a selling point – I hate the way it felt in my hand.  The rounded backs of the Rezound and Nexus are much more comfortable.

      • Wow, exaggerate much? It’s not like it has a gooey green mucus screen or anything…

        • mons

          I’m not exaggerating.  When I went to pick up my GN I also checked out the Razr and Rezound out of curiousity.  I was blown away by how wide the razr is – the bezels and that silver rim are huge.  I think my old DX was much better looking.

  • Anonymous

    Holy smokes. A lot of people have the Galaxy Nexus now.

  • Tyler

    It is surprising to see the number of Droid X users still out there!

    • Chris Sandoval

      I miss my droid x. This thunderbolt is too thick and heavy!

  • Anonymous


  • Sk102704

    I’m calling bull. I’ll agree that the Nexus is the best phone available now but no way has it outsold the next best competitor by over 4 to 1. I know taking a poll from a readers at a site like Droid_Life is going to be skewed to the general public but I gave a hard time believing that it was able to gain such a lead in what a week.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is in no way a knock on the Nexus. I have a Bionic, the most bitched about phone of 2011 and I would love a Galaxy Nexus, but I had an OG Droid that was just asking to be brought out into the field and shot. No way would it have made it until December and besides a few glitches, I am very happy with my Bionic. Getting all of the new phones in my hands is not an option and I am jealous of those who can, so its pretty much one phone every 12-18 months and I think for the most part peoples decisions on a new device is dependent on their needs and not what fanboys claim in these forums. So as I’m trying to get at is regardless how great the Galaxy Nexus is, it’s hard to believe that a site dominated by a fanboy community (Samsung, HTC, Moto) that one device can become an overwhelming favorite in just one week. This poll is about as legit as an Iranian student council vote.

    • What’s so hard to believe? It’s a desirable phone, it was on sale many places, making it even more attractive, and it had limited stock, giving bragging rights if you got one.

      • Sk102704

        Whats so hard to believe? Are you serious? That this phone has outsold every other Android model by over 5 to 1 now in 1 week. That’s whats hard to believe. Limited stock huh?

        • BigBox

          Only sold 5 to 1 to the readers of this site. Probably not the same in real life, but the GN is blowing up! I went to my local verizon store to play with it the day i came out and watched a few get sold. Went back the next morning to grab 2 for the wife and myself and 3 others were sold. Exchanged mine a few hours later (wouldn’t charge, call quality), and still another handful of people were buying the GN. Even the manager admitted the GN was selling better than the other 2. Was only in the store long enough to take care of my business… so yea, dont dismiss it.

          • Sk102704

            I’m not saying its not selling like hotcakes, I’m saying no way in one week has it sold 5 to 1 over any other Android model, even for people that visit this site. Clearly there are some people who are a little too proud of their new toy and have inflated the numbers with multiple votes.  As somoene commented here, he was able to vote 3 times for the same phone.

          • 41unique

            allot of the GNexus users are clearing the history (cookie etc…) and voting many times, so the poll is not correct! If you read more you will see that some has voted for the GNexus more than 5 times or more.

    • mons

      I can’t speak for anybody else, but I saved my upgrade for a long time to get a Nexus.  I was tired of my Eris so I picked up a used DX this past January or February to hold me over.  All the signs were pointing towards ICS coming out at the end of this year, and there were early rumors the accompanying Nexus would be on Verizon.  This makes me sound hipster – but I was waiting for the GN before it was announced.

  • you

    tbolt gonna over take the droid x

  • So basically everyone ran out and got a #GalaxyNexus. Sweet 🙂

  • Anonymous

    damn im old wit the d2, its fine i got a nexus coming when its a little affordable for a college kid on probation

  • Kevin Close3

    went back to the x for a while until they get the nexus bugs worked out, liked it tho didn,t want to deal wi

    th bad reception, low volume and loosing volume

  • Nick

    I’m rocking the Droid X. Its a great phone. I was going to get the GNex but I think I’ll wait for the quad core phones that should be coming in a few months. 

  • I am interested to know what “our master” Kellex is rockin’? 

  • Erie215

    Ill almost definitely be the only one on here to say im rockin a dell streak 5 lol

  • Dcrb4

    While I maybe out of line,I think this poll is very much one sided. I paid retail for the Rezound and think  it got me the BEST phone that Verizon has to ofrfer on their network. Even though the continue to promote the Razr & Nexus, I believe the Rezound will end up TOP DOG when all said and done!just my ,02 cents.

    • I had planned on getting the Rezound…. still on my DInc from April 2010, which has been a really great phone. I love HTCs build quality and reliability. Even before Android, I had HTC winmo phones.

      BUT, I’ve given in to the Nexus and ICS hype! …not that I think the samsung build is very good, it’s likely not… I just really want a Nexus phone, updates from Google, and of course first on the block with ICS. I know Rezound and others will get ICS eventually, but will Sense still cover it up? I’ve actually loved Sense, but Android is finally refined enough to not need a skin. I’m ready for a pure experience, and it looks like many others are too. …if HTC made the Nexus device on vzw, without Sense and first to ICS, that’s what we’d be reading about.

    • Chris Clancy

      Rented a Rezound the day the holiday return policy went into effect…. got a gnex the day it dropped and while the Rezound is a nice device…. it is no nexus…. just isn’t….never will be… doesn’t mean it is a bad phone though.

  • ckeelers

    Yep. Original Droid owner here and I’m so glad I waited. It was a loooooooooooonng 2 years with several “You know, I think it’s time to upgr-.. wait… naaah only 6 more months to go! I can wait!” moments but f@#! yeah I’m so glad I did. Love this thing!

  • LinuxLover

    An iPhone because I couldn’t stand the wait until the Bionic appeared almost 9 months after it was introduced, and nothing like it was originally designed to be like, either. If I had to do it all over again, I’d still buy an iPhone. I’m completely happy!

    • ckeelers

      Ha, your name and choice of phone are… well just… oh the irony. 😉  But hey in all seriousness, despite my love for Android, iPhones are solid. Glad you’re content!

      • LinuxLover

        Yeah, I thought for sure I’d be sporting some Android goodness, but I was just fed up waiting. On the rebound, I bought the competition and haven’t looked back. One thing that’s actually nice about it is the closed nature of it. Think of it this way, Linux distros actually prefer you to get all of your software via the repos. That way, they can be tested and insure a clean system. The iPhone does the same thing, but takes away your choice. I have a feeling that Android isn’t as buttoned down as real Linux and isn’t a secure as it should be.

  • Edgar

    I really wish my contract was up already. I need the G.Nex!

  • Cam

    Nexus…for now. This signal issue (3G, not 4G) has me considering returning it and waiting for the next crop of phones.

  • Bluemanblue5250

    If the Droid x had fr
    ont camera id still be using it.

  • Bionic

    Wow Bionic has sold more than RAZR?  Who woulda thunk

    • Tim242

      Do you really think this poll indicates sales???? Most phone buyers do not read phone blogs, much less this particular one. There are more nexus people, because it just came out. They are coming here looking for news of an update to fix its many issues.

  • If only i had the nexus. 

    • Tim242

      You’d be disappointed. It does not live up to.the hype. It has the worst battery life ever. Signal is not great. Camera is just barely ok. Screen isn’t the most responsive…especially in the browser. It is just ok. Not horrible, but not great either. My battery cover won’t even latch at the bottom now. I was changing batteries out, due to the awful battery life. That is what killed it for me. Samsung is not for me.

      • Anonymous

        Wow dude maybe you got a lemon. Battery life is decent especially for an LTE phone. With a mix of LTE and 3G I get about 12 hours.

        But outside of that, this is by far the fastest and smoothest phone ever. And just wait until devs make ROMs for this bad boy, sky’s the limit. I also find the screen SUPER responsive.

        Maybe you should swap and get a new one within your return period?

      • Yeah, same here. I love mine, my battery life isn’t any worse than my Droid OG, and the screen is beyond fantastic. I think you got a bad one or something.

      • dieringer scott

        I get 8 hours of moderate to heavy use on 4g and my screen is super responsive. Maybe you got a dud

  • Fbergman114

    D3 times 2. Crap phone with little support. Motorola seems to be intent on getting the latest phone out. With the Droid 4 just around the corner I don’t see them fixing all the issues this phone has. My last Motorola phone. I love android, but this phone might drive me from the platform all together.

  • Q

    Wow, wtf.. did everyone here save up their upgrades for the Gnex?  I feel left out 🙁
    *toss bionic out window*
    *orders 650 phone*

    • QtDL

      Last week when I called VZW cust service about an upgrade question, the chick was like “Awwww you got the Nexus? Do you love it?” me: “of course, it’s awesome” then she said “I got the Bionic (with a sad voice) :(” And yes I did save my upgrade for the GNex. I was eligible the beginning of September – heard about the Bionic, waited, heard about the Razr, waited, heard about the GNex (about a day later), Yup that’s what I’m getting. Easy decision for me.

      • the way phones are being cranked out,  soon as you finally decide on one and get it here comes something better. i think it’s stupid how you can’t upgrade sooner. it’s not like you’re jumping to another carrier.

  • so will all the moto haters skip the next signature google phone that’s sure to be built by google owned motorola mobility?

    • YourFriend

      I’m sure they’ll come up with some inane excuse like they always do.

    • I’d love nothing more to see another unlocked Blur-less Moto…especially if they kept up with the screen quality of the RAZR. Every other Moto phone’s display has been very lackluster to be modest. My Nexus is the first Non-Moto phone I’ve owned in a decade only because everything since the original Droid has been such a disappointment (to me because I demand a device w/ freedom and screen quality, but I understand this is subjective).

    • QtDL

      I’m no Moto hater and they do make good phones. I just don’t like the skins, bloatware, restriction, and long updates (not bug fixes, but 6 months before they get ICS on their phones? seriously?). I had the OG Droid and it didn’t have any of that stuff which I liked.

      • i had the OG DROID too before i bought the razr. the last 3 months of which it had a severely  cracked screen and still worked like a charm.

        • QtDL

          I know right. I dropped my OG so many times and never a scratch or crack. It did have a soft case on it but it still took some serious tumbles and never stopped working. He is in retirement now – might have to give him a new job, like alarm clock as others have used theirs for. 🙂

          • i never had the screen replaced. $100 deductible, might as well buy a new phone! lol

    • dragon19104

      On 12/15, black_man_x tweeted about a stock ICS device Moto plans to demo at CES.

  • Josue C

    i have the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket…and its up there…im surprised you guys didnt it put it up here only cause its not part of the Droid family… its a great phone!

    • Tim242

      This is a Verizon site : )

  • just upgraded from a storm 2 that was on its last legs to the gnex.  while I have been preaching android to my employers in the last year or so it is my first personal android device and I am loving it.    RIM has been failing and this was a good transition

  • Frnkwlf

    ics powered faSCInate

  • Skaterskye

    Its great becuase i have unlocked g-nex lol
    Im not on verizon. But i got to be part of this pole anyway lol!

    • Gotta love bein’ on some pole!

      • brandon coulter

        That’s what she said.

  • Anonymous

    Wrong Gregory but that’s ok.

  • if it wasn’t for the iPhone android wouldn’t even exist. i’ve never owned one but everybody is trying to catch the leader. lol!

    • Anonymous

      You make that up all by yourself?

    • Google bought Android 2 years before the first iPhone was released. Android wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for the iPhone and it’s success, but you’re definitely wrong there.

    • Doan

      Leader? Last time I checked, Android was leading in sales vs the iPhone.  By the millions.

      • yeah when you add up all android phones to one iphone. lol there’s not one android phone that can compete in sales of the iphone. with that said, i’m happy with my razr. i don’t get all into the technical details of rooting, unlocking and bootloaders and  so on. hell, i’m hardly on my phone! lol

        • Tim242

          One Android phone won’t sell more than iPhone, because of how many choices there are. It’s not because they aren’t good enough. It’s like if Pepsi only comes in blue cans, but coke comes in every color imaginable. There couldn’t be any one color coke to sell more than blue Pepsi. Your argument is very flawed. By the way, there are many iphones, not just one. Glad you love your Razr. I’m about to.return my Nexus, for the Razr. It is much nicer.

    • Matthew Rosidivito

      History begs to differ. I remember running Android on my old HTC Tytn II (Windows Mobile Phone) back in 2008, less than a year after the iPhone was released. When you consider development time, I think both projects really started around the same time.


  • Anonymous

    Seriously man, that number has done nothing but get bigger. People complain about the high percentage of G-Nex posts, but Kellex is really just playing very well to his audience.

    • JimVA

      Maybe non-Nexus owners are moving to other sites to read. I know I find myself reading this blog less often nowadays.

      • Anonymous

        Or, maybe people were holding on to upgrades for the true OG successor(pure google, unlocked). Sans keyboard.

        • Anonymous

          True successor lol, i do not recall the OG droid having signal issues and so many bugs like the nexus has. Get real already.

          • Anonymous

            “OG droid sucks lol” You said it yourself. Get lost troll.

      • Droid1

         I kind of turned away from this site too. Used to read it more often but not so much now. These blogs aren’t just made up of editors and articles but also the readers. The comments of the latter is what put me off (easier to just not go to the site than not read the comments). I get enough from iPhone fans. I don’t need Nexus users snubbing their noses at me too.

        • Genius

          Lucky for you it won’t be long until the hype starts on the next latest and greatest droid phone. Then the nexus haters and nexus owners who hate their haters will unite to hate on the next group of new phone followers.


          • A Droid phone will never equal a Nexus phone.  I would gladly take a 6 month old Nexus with stock Android and direct Google support than a brand new Droid flavor of the week that will never get updates.

          • amen 😉

        • Calculatorwatch

          I agree that the comments on this site have been really terrible lately. I used to love DL for the comments and how nice and helpful the community was. But then again that was when everyone had the same phone and everyone was focused on helping each other and uniting against the iPhone instead of waging flame wars against one another. Nowadays it’s just sad really, too many people who think they have something to prove.

        • shdowman

          as a new Nexus owner and one who has owned the OG Droid, Fascinate and Incredible 2, I would Never thumb my nose at you. The elitism that belongs to phone owners is ridiculous.

      • Anonymous

        The geeks on here are turds.

        • Droid1

           I guess it’s not just the Nexus users.

          • Anonymous

            Trolls will always be trolls, regardless of what they carry in their pockets. 

          • Anonymous

            You may be included.

    • Dude

      I’m pretty convinced polls like this are just popularity contests. I guarantee you 4,000+ people who read this site don’t all own the Nexus (or any phone that would have been in the lead, which the Nexus just happens to be the popular thing right now.) It’s not hard to vote from multiple devices, ip addresses. #pollfail

    • Franz

      What’s hilarious is that the nexus isn’t even a “DROID”.

      Technically it belongs in android.life

      • the main site is really more about verizon phones, not android phones in general. droids used to be all verizon so thats why he bought the domain name

      • Anonymous

        If you really believe that then you don’t understand this site. Do you believe that Rezound news should not be posted here? I guess you hate Transformer Prime News, or any tablet news for that matter. I guess any post about Honeycomb should have been omitted up until the announcement of the Droid Xyboard since we didn’t know it would be on a Droid device until then. Google TV posts should be gone. Any post about the Galaxy line should be gone. The Galaxy SII was reviewed on Droid-Life. How dare Kellex post that here, right?

        I come here for the latest and greatest Android News. Fortunately for me I am on Verizon so I get all the Verizon Android News as well as the big non-Verizon Android news. As long as Kellex and his team does that I will be here reading, even if I have to quit reading comments; which is sad because they used to add so much useful content to the site.

    • brife

      Chicken or Egg?

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually pleasantly surprised to see so many with the X and Thunderbolt still.  I guess they came right after us Original Droid users so they may still be waiting on their upgrades. 

    I’m definitely surprised the Nexus is so far ahead and the Razr and Rezound.  I think both are good devices, especially the Rezound, it’s realistically the best overall phone minus not having ICS.

    • The Rezound has the best screen quality overall, but just because it has a 1.5 ghz processor doesn’t make it faster than a 1.2 ghz processor of a different architecture. From what I understand the TI OMAP 4 and Exynos chips both beat the Snapdragon in performance.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t worry, I have the Nexus and I love it.  As I said the Rezound is better overall, camera, screen despite being smaller, cpu performs similar, gpu is better.  I wouldn’t buy it over the Nexus though.

        • I was worried about the GPU on the Nexus but after playing Shadowgun and GTA 3 I’m pleasantly surprised that there’s nothing to worry about. I haven’t seen the Rezound’s camera yet but I also didn’t have high hopes for the Nexus’s which was another pleasant surprise.

  • Anonymous

    Funny, I asked in my office today 7 people what they thought of the galaxy nexus and not one had even heard of it. In fact, none had heard of Droid-life either. You see, in the real world (non geek) people dont give a crap about unlocked bootloaders and Ics.  I know you all believe you are some HUGE community, but in the scheme of things, your 3000 phones is nothing and if the poll were taken in the general public, the outcome would be quite different. So go back to doing whatever it is you do with your gnex. Some sound so infatuated I honestly believe they sleep with their phones

    • This is an ENTHUSIAST blog. WE care about unlocked bootloaders and ICS. I’m so sorry that people’s contentment with their choice of phone brings you down. You may want to seek therapy. 

      • IBettyHumpter

        Do reply with what this blog is or isn’t, because it changes with every new phone!  It used to be about “Droid” phones and Kellex kept getting off subject so then came Android-life. but again Kellex has gotten off track.

        • That is very true…however, you wouldn’t check for daily news on Android, or more specifically, “Droid” phones if you weren’t an enthusiast. 

    • Doan

      What makes you think that your co-workers represent the majority?

    • Anonymous

      Sounds to me like you’re just looking for your coworkers’ approval.

    • Tim242


    • Anonymous

      Tres is right in his post.

      This an enthusiast site, I don’t think anyone believes the polls here would be the same as the real world. By the way, all those non techie friends and co-workers ask us for advice when upgrading. Or they buy the iphone because it’s a status symbol.

      • QtDL

        How is an iPhone a “status symbol”? Doesn’t every teenage girl and college kid have one?

    • Granted

      Haha! And another sparkle of intelligence shines down on this Corky from “Life Goes On” dumbmunity.

  • Cocainemonster

    What a dumb poll. Lmao.
    So basically all the smartphones that are on Verizon, that came out this year?

    • Well we do basically just focus on Verizon Android phones. 😛

    • Doan

      This is Droid-Life.com.  What carriers, other than Verizon, have Droid branded phones?

  • Wukman

    Everyone here slipping on the rezound, the only phone on the list that can make calls over WiFi and record video in slow motion…

    • Doan

      Free apps on the market can record slow motion videos, and any Android phone can make calls over wifi.

  • LionStone

    I guess the voting is over? Well +1 ThunderBolt and still have my Incredible +1…Lovin’ Android…waiting for the next batch of goodness 🙂

  • i voted bionic 🙁 

    god damnit! i had the money for the gnex on the 26th-29th then again on the 8th.. fawk you verion!

  • Anonymous

    Today while tinkering around with my Nexus my wife said “I think I want a droid as my next phone because it can do so much more stuff”

    • Whats she got now?

      • Anonymous

        My guess is a blackberry….

      • Anonymous

        She has an i*hone but didnt want to let me jail break it. I think she likes the idea of widgets and different launchers to change the look and feel where as every i*hone has the same set up.

  • Anonymous

    I have the Droid RAZR and my broseph picked up the Galaxy Nexus. Both are excellent phones. You can’t go wrong with either phone. It all boils down to personal preference.

    • Agreed

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wonder if people are voting multiple times to make the GNex so high. Wouldn’t surprise me based on the way people comment on this site.

    • Anonymous

      This is like asking who is your favorite team in Yankee Stadium. 

      • Tim242

        LoL. The Giants, of course!

    • Anonymous

      Surely some people voted for it only to be cool not that they actually have one.

    • Doan

      Take any public internet poll with a grain of salt.

  • Jeremy Morrison

    Currently have the G-Nex. Gotta take it back to Verizon tomorrow though and get a replacement because my 4G radio is totally f**ked!

    • Sorry sir there is no problem- verizon

      • Jeremy Morrison

        That’s pretty much the feed back i’ve gotten.

  • MattCrouse0509

    Is anyone else just bored with everything Gnex lately?  I realize it’s the first phone with ICS and it’s entirely unlocked but is it all THAT great?  

    Personally I have not purchased the phone but played with it at 3 different Verizon stores and done speed test at all three and the Nexus was half of my Bamf Tbolt EVERY time.  

    Personally this phone is not enough to make me dive into another $300 contract and honestly not even sure if it was $100 could I commit to a two year contract to get this phone.  

    As will always be the case there will be better phones on the horizon but right now from my rooted Tbolt……The nexus is a step forward…..not the leap forward I want in a new phone.

    • MattCrouse0509

      Also it feels like droid-life.com has become galaxynexus-life.withasplashofotherandroidnews.com

      • Chill. It’s like this with every major new phone release. September was the month of the Bionic just like this is the month of the Nexus. It’s a big deal because it’s Verizon’s only hacker-friendly device in over 2 years so of course it’s going to get a lot of press on a VZW Android enthusiast blog.

    • Thunderbolt to nexus comparison and you think the thunderbolt is better hmmmm…..

      • MattCrouse0509

        Clearly you’re to ignorant to read my post….at NO point did i say that I thought my Tbolt was better but I simply stated that with it being rooted for me personally the Nexus is not for enough of a step forward for me to dole out $300 or even $650.

        My point is that all has been made of this phone and it suffers from many of the ill’s that other phones have and for me as someone who uses my phone as a hotspot ALL day the fact that consistently in my test the Nexus did not perform well with speed test AT ALL in a great 4g market is a problem.

        I am not saying that the Nexus is not a great phone and if I still had my original Incredible it would certainly be my choice but with my current phone and having spent a limited time with the Nexus…..it is not even remotely enough to make me feel like GOTTA HAVE IT!

        • Anonymous

          Brian is a serial fanboy. Try to humor him.

          • MattCrouse0509

            Absolutely not….I realize there have been issues with the Tbolt but really…..saying the Nexus is SOOO much better is like saying the 99 Mustang is light years ahead of the 98….discount the body and there’s really not enough difference for a 98 owner to go DAMN…..I gotta have the 99

  • Djenks24

    Wow, I didn’t realize how popular the Nexus was! I’m beginning to understand all the Nexus articles. That’s ok, i’m not giving up my razr until Moto makes a Nexus. I’ll have an ICS ROM soon and the Nexus will have nothing on me:)

    • Except speed due to Moto more than likely throwing Blur on top of it and Nexuses already being overclocked.

      • Unique

        I had the Razr and Nexus (plus the Rezound) side to side and did not see a
        difference in using it only when I did a Speed test that the Razr out did the
        Nexus. I thought the Razr Screen was brighter, the sound was loader and better and build
        was better. I took pictures with both at the same time and the Nexus was
        faster but was blurry. So had a hard choose, do I want ICS, NFC etc… or a phone
        that has a better antenna that was built better and still get ICS at a later
        date. I bought the Razr and I’m very happy with it.

      • Tim242

        Your ignorance shines. Blur is not what it used to be. The Droid Razr is the fastest phone I’ve ever used, including the Nexus I’m about to return.

        • So you’re saying Blur doesn’t use resources? It sounds like that’s what you’re implying. Otherwise you couldn’t possibly believe that a device with an inferior processor, running the same OS with a skin on top of it could possibly be faster. The Droid Razr would only be faster because it’s running Gingerbread, an OS  with way lower resource requirements. What do you think is going to happen when it gets ICS? Remain the same speed?

  • Jcastle482

    I had to vote for the Incredible because my Nexus is back-ordered through LetsTelk. Tear

  • STiK

    This poll skewed much? lol

  • i added a line to get my nexus because i couldn’t wait til february 1 for an upgrade.

  • ^^^ if it didn’t have it ^^^ lol

    • EkcentricHippo

      If it was unlockable, I still would.  It’s a great phone.  Specs are great, it’s quick, snappy, and it’s unlockable.  It wins.

  • people are only buying the gnex for ICS, who would buy it if didn’t have it?

    • Jac_White

      Not the reason I bought it.  I like the form factor of the phone…the screen is gorgeous…..no buttons……unlockable bootloader, NFC, I could go on but I am sure you get the idea.

    • KevinC

      people are buying it for the updates quicker than anyone else direct from google and no bloatware or skins.  and the 4G LTE. 

      • Doan

        Spot on.  Other phones will get ICS, but will be loaded with bloatware and resource-hogging Android skins.  This is stock ICS.

        • Tim242

          Yet it sucks battery more than any Sense phone I’ve ever had.

          • Doan

            If you’re unhappy with it, it’s as simple as returning it.

    • I bought it purely for the fact that it has a contending processor and a factory unlockable bootloader for all my hacking desires. ICS was a plus but I could’ve waited. I’ve been waiting 2 years, when I got my OG Droid, to see VZW release a phone w/ an unlockable bootloader from the factory.

      • Oh, and pure android. That was another must that I’ve been waiting on since my OG Droid.

  • atmis

    How about “what is your current tablet.”

  • are people expecting dslr quality photos from a phone? i don’t have a problem with the pic quality of the razr. it’s not like i’m doing photo shoots with it. lol 

  • Dirk Diggler

    I wonder how many of those Nexus owners are actually gonna keep the phone……

    • Anonymous

      ME!! I love it!

    • Best phone ive had and i have gone through a lot

  • Alexander H

    Thunderbolt – First to LTE, first significant new phone since the likes of the DInc/OG Droid on Verizon. It may not be dual core (Atrix was only phone to do so until September release of the mythical…yet overshadowed Bionic. (excluding 3G DX2). It would seem enough people waited for the Bionic anyways.

  • SteveP

    Stuck with the X for another 3 months.

  • i have the razr and love it. no issues whatsoever.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    2 weeks ago it would have been OG Droid 48% lol

  • Anonymous

    _somebody_ has to say something for the Inc2? It’s a great 3g phone, which is all I need until 4g becomes more efficient and widespread. Slim, long lasting battery, great screen, never lags. I know I’m pretty much alone but I like my Inc2!

    • Anonymous

      I use to have an inc2. Its one of the best out there. If it had 4g and tv out i would have kept it. Best battery out of all those devices.

  • the question should be if the razr, rezound and nexus all came with ICS 4.0 at launch, which phone would you choose?

    • Nkmett15

      Personally, I would have chosen the Razr.

    • lol wut

      another question is: which two of those three devices will never see jelly bean…

      • Anonymous

        They will all see jellybean.

        • lol wut

          you are high

    • nexus

    • Anonymous


    • Nexus – unlocked bootloader and pure google experience will win me over every time

    • Doan

      Nexus.  I want stock ICS that hasn’t been modded by carriers and phone manufacturers.

      • Tim242

        Oh, it has been modded. Notice the Verizon apps? How bout the Verizon Wireless in you notification drop down?

        • Doan

          Anyone on Verizon should have the MyVerizon app, anyway.  I don’t know what the other ap is, so I can’t comment on its usefulness.  Carrier listing on the notification menu is hardly going to affect performance or aesthetics.

          • Tim242

            Just sayin…they had their hands in it. Maybe everyone should have VZ Navigator as well…you know, as a backup *rolls eyes*

    • Unique

      I had all three in my hands and I pick the Razr because of the built, better antenna with 4g and Calls and a few others.  ICS will just make it better.

  • Still rocking the OG Droid, hoping for a Droid 4

  • Holy unlocked-bootloaders-FTW, Batman! The Rezound and RAZR, which are pretty damn good phones, trail the Bionic, Thunderbolt, Droid X, and OG Droid? This is one bandwagon I’m happy to be on.

  • Urugaminet

    A week and one day ago I would have happily said OG Droid. Today, I’ll just sad happily say Galaxy Nexus. Still use the Droid, just not for making calls.

    • Jc

      Right there with you – the OG lives on, now mostly as a spare GPS 🙂
      G-Nex is awesome so far (3 days in!)

  • wow — 48% on the gnex!!

  • OG D1 today. Galaxy Nexus tomorrow.

    Can’t wait

  • Roy Harrigan

    Nexus One

  • Nsbjj

    Interesting.  Half the people polled here have the Galaxy Nexus. Yet Tuesday when I went into the local Verizon store in Everett, WA they told me the Nexus wasn’t selling very well.  I think the people on this site are very different than your ordinary Joe.  95% of the people could care less about rooting phones or flashing ROMs.  I think the Nexus phone is geared to a small (but loyal) group of people.  If you did this same poll on CNN, Fox News or USA Today you’d get a very different answer.

    • Anonymous

      Time magazine named it one of its top tech gadgets of 2011.  

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, the same time magazine that named the protestor person of the year. great reference. Lots of credibility there.

        • Anonymous

          Nsbjj was talking about how Gnex was a niche product and I was pointing out that Time magazine,a very popular and widely read mainstream magazine has given them a good amount of press.

          Read a little harder next time before you try and act smart.

        • Granted

          Haha! I’m starting to enjoy your comments very much. They seem to be centered in a non-vapid way of thinking.

    • Anonymous

       I was at my vzw store earlier this week and I saw 5 people buying it. seemed rather popular to me

      • Anonymous

         Go Blue!!!

    • Anonymous

      My vz store sold 50 the first day……lined up outside the day of launch, I only know because I was one of them!

    • Anonymous

       Not just techies like us are purchasing the G-Nex. There was a line at the VZ store in the town where I work and the manager said not many people had asked about it. I believe that’s because people already knew about it. Also a girl in front of me bought one after looking at demo phones. The phone is impressive to newbies as well.

    • QtDL

      My local VZW store is in downtown Boston a few doors down from my office. On launch day there were about 10 people in line right at 9 am, myself included. When I left the store at 9:10 am after I got mine, there were about 25 people in the store getting their Nexus as well. I asked the resident Android nerd in the store how many they had in stock that day – about 220 or so (it’s a large store). They sold out by 5 pm. They got another shipment the next day though. 🙂

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Well, to be fair, it is Everett. Everyone was probably at Wal-Mart. (joking 😉 )

      I agree we are different than the average consumer. I don’t think this poll was meant to represent real word averages.

  • Anonymous

    Tbolt for me.  Overall, it’s been a solid phone, but I’m longing for something sleeker and faster.

  • I’ve had the super-sized Galaxy Note for about a month now, and despite some occasional lag, I’m lovin’ it.  I’ve stopped reaching for my 7″ tablet since it’s just easier with the 5.3″ Note.  Phablet FTW!

  • Taylordaniels1

    I’m in a huge tossup here! I don’t know if I should get the Nexus or the Razr. I like the fact that the nexus has ICS but I like the razr because it is so sleek and it has a great camera from what I heard, and I can wait for ICS for a little while. Which one do you guys think I should get?

    • razr with a great camera?  where did you hear THAT from!?

      • Taylordaniels1

        from many reviews I read and i think the video review from phonedog

        • well my friend has one, and its a nice phone but the camera isnt so great. slightly blurry and colors are a bit boring looking if you get whati mean

      • i love how everyone thinks the razr has a great camera LOL

    • razrs camera isnt good, and the nexus is far better . but you could always wait for the razr max which should be more in line with the nexus

      • Taylordaniels1

        nah, there’s no telling when it will come out. I might as well wait for the droid 4

    • Anonymous

      I for one think Ice Cream Sandwich has been a significant upgrade! If I did not have it I would want it today, plus being first in line for future upgrades is more than worth it! We will have two updates within a month already!!,

    • nexus camera > razr camera


    4G, Amazing screen… 🙁

  • Toastedoats

    D2G – waiting on my G-Nex backorder to be fulfilled

  • WalkerNA

    Ouch!  I apparently have the least popular phone…. [Droid Charge]

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I had to get a nexus….hated the charge! Thank goodness for eBay!

  • Brian Walker

    Thunderbolt right now, but I JUST ordered my Nexus today. I will, however, vote accurately. 

  • jbonics

    36 droid 2 votes whooooo. well when it scores 3500 in quadrant you can wait a little longer for a tegra3 phone. if you had anything better than a og droid and you upgraded to the nexus you have some personal issues or your making up for a lack of attention. maby your just sad, or you need a girl…. somethings up……….ying

  • Cxandroid

    Other = Fascinate.
    Whoa is me, I’m trying super hard to win something new and cool, but alas.

  • Tim242

    We’ll see what the numbers look like after all of the Nexus returns.

    • lol wut

      you are such a tool x 2. quit posting loser

      • Tim242

        Abysmal signal (dBm). Abysmal battery life. Flimsy battery cover. It won’t even latch in the bottom right corner, after just a few days. You will see. I’m glad you have until Jan 15 to return.

        • Stewie

          Case-closed. (Damn a double meaning!) Idiot.

          • Tim242

            If you say so. Enjoy your pos.

          • lol wut

            all phones have issues.. if u do have a gnex then you will miss ICS and if you dont have one then you are already jealous. and not to mention you are gonna be jelly of our jelly bean next chrimmus… b*tch bwahahaha, u just need to go buy and used Droid X and play with its bootloader little man. save u a few dollars for those hookers this holiday season.

          • Tim242

            I’m on my second one. ICS is ok, but not great. Gmail is worse. It no longer shows the pic preview in the email. It just shows a tiny thumbnail. The hardware it runs on is junk. I have no.reason to be jealous. I buy phones at retail, whenever I please. I thought I could stomach Samsung for ICS…but have changed my mind. I may get the Razr, which has great hardware, and will get ICS soon.

          • The hardware is junk? It has a better processor, camera, and screen than the RAZR.

          • Tim242

            The Razr performs much faster. I’ve tested them side by side. The camera is awful on the Nexus. Every reviewer agrees. Screen? Hmmm, 1280×720 samoled vs 960×540 samoled plus. I’d call that fairly even.

          • I’ve seen many reviews of the Nexus and not a single one says anything less than a neutral comment. I’d say almost unanimously positive.I agree with you on the screens being on par with each other, though. However, I believe that the Nexus will beat the RAZR when it gets the ICS update in the performance department. The 4460 is better than the 4430 and when you add blur on top of it, it’ll just hurt it that much more…assuming moto sticks with blur in ICS.

          • Jamesw2

            nice try tool but rzar has samoled nor samoled +. the so called “advance” suffix motorola uses doesnt carry any meaning. its 540p samoled in rzar vs 720p samoled in gnex. yes both pentile. nexus has better camera, screen, processor, and gpu. do more research before trolling on a phone.

          • Ybdri

            I don’t like you rich boy.

          • Anonymous

            Ebonics?? That explains your following the pack even though so far the gn is a piece of crap

        • Anonymous

          battery life , cdma only is just horrible, few minutes of wifi gtalk video chat with my wife , she was on her new razr LTE and my GN battery again on wifi dropped over 20% , hers hardly at all .

          There are quite a few shortcomings that maybe i could deal with but battery life , i cannot . The ET4G that we have from a srpint trial has decent battery life , my orig Droid even overclocked never had this type of battery life . Hoping a few charging cycles or updates and it improves . I hate to see battery life when i go into an LTE area for Christmas day .

          I have tried cdma and wifi , both just browsing the web and facebook , twitter, battery sucks up.evrry few minutes, crazy . This cant last or normal folks wont be able to deal with this . Maybe i have a poor battery or bad phone?

          The streaks on the display like the white b/g while typing this, are they normal? It is like faint lines , perhaps a light blue . Havent seen such on the gs2 or Droid in the past or now on the same site.

        • I’ve read a lot on the alleged signal issues and when comparing dBm to phones sitting right next to it they had the exact same on 2 different blogs. Battery life isn’t great, but I get well over 30 hours (I’m not in an LTE area, though) with heavy use (playing 3d games, music, youtube, browsing) with an extended battery.

    • WindedBison

      I never like to feed trolls but come on man, let it go. Its just sad how much you care about other people buying a different phone than you.

      • Tim242

        I am not trolling. I’m being honest. The phone has a lot of issues. Too many for a lot of people. There wi be a lot of returns if the issues aren’t fixed by Jan. 15. I’m about to return the second one, from two lines on my acct.

        • Anonymous

          Consistantly bashing a phone with lies and inflated negatives = trolling. If you don’t like the phone , that’s fine. A post or 2 about it is fine. But when you consistantly talk about how horrible the phone is with lies and inflated negatives, that’s trolling.

  • I want to Upgrade But Can NOT Afford it
     The Droid 2 is Great But Has a Bad Battery Life Issue. Ive sent back 6 Phones within 10 months cause  of it

    • jbonics

      thats sad my d2 last at least 30 hours the secret is dont clock higher than 800 mhz and run the 300 mhz at 16 vsl. set profiles when batt. hits 75 have the cpu clock to 700 mhz at 50% go to 600 mhz and so on. the sales people must hate to see you…. thats rough.

  • Uncle Paul

    Wow, looks like all of us old Droid x guys who have been here since before launch day all went to the Nexus.

  • On an Incredible 2… waiting for that “perfect” phone… Galaxy Nexus was SO close!!! So close…

  • ArmyVet

    I too am a proud owner of a Galaxy Nexus. I was showing my phone off to one of those phonecase vendors the other day. I showed him face unlock, the livewallpapers, etc. Then he showed me what SIRI Allows him to do on his phone…Android devs have got to get to work on something to compete with that cuz its pretty cool. But it is the only cool thing about iphone.

    • jbonics

      the iclone is made fore girls, its a girls phone it was cool 6 years ago now its nothing. big ugly cases small little phone iclone users need attention thats why you get one. 

  • Anonymous

    i voted from my Galaxy Nexus.

  • When I bought my Galaxy Nexus there were four other people there, like me, upgrading their recently off-contract OG Droid.

    Perfect timing for the Galaxy Nexus to catch that wave  I expect it will be a common phone for the next two years.

  • Anonymous

    The official name of this site has changed to gnexus-life.com

    • Anonymous

      I’m find with that.

    • angermeans

      When it’s the device of the year and the most hyped Android device ever paired with multiple delays and other drama then its going to get some attention. Its a great device just pick one up and you will see it is by far the best around. Believe me as I am an HTC fan that despises Samsung and Motorola so i was dead set on getting the Rezound up until October 18th when I saw ICS and what it brings to the table. I loved my Nexus One, but passed on the Nexus S as I hated Samsung hardware, but this phone shines. I now feel like I missed out on the Nexus S as I spent the year with the Droid X, Droid 2, 2 Droid Incredibles, and lastly the HTC TBolt and I have to say skinned phones have burned me out and I wont buy one again.

      • Anonymous

        How is it exactly the device of the year?  I’m pretty sure the GS2 holds that title in the Android world

      • IBettyHumpter

        To be “Device of the year” I think you need to be around a little longer than an week.  Over hype and people crying for a release does not constitute credit for “Device of the year”

  • Tom

    The results of this poll show what kind of people visit Droid Life. Though I wonder if the D4 will change this poll when its released.

    I have the Gnex now. Awesome phone. I don’t think I could ever pick up the OG Droid ever again.

  • Nkmett15

    Droid X2 rooted with Eclipse installed.

  • Wschock77


    • Andrew Elliott

      Do you have a Life Alert too? 

  • Hep

    From one front runner (OG Droid) to another (Galaxy Nexus)!

  • Anonymous

    This really is Nexus Life isn’t it. Sh1t Son. Bionic ftw. Remember when it was Bionic Life and Thunderbolt Life.

  • geno villafano

    I like how the OG droid users are almost equivalent in number to the razr users…

  • Anonymous


  • Andrew Elliott

    Love my GNex but im having some serious 4g issues.  Best I’ve come up with is 9Mbps sitting next to a thunderbolt that is pullin 14Mbps.  They need to address this asap

  • Dacatalyst41

    LOVE MY NEXUS!!! Real Talk…but….Verizon is lying about the connectivity issues. 3G, 4G, and even WIFI drop connections.

  • Anonymous

    No love for the Xperia Play?

  • Nyce2beme

    I want a recount so I can get a nexus and re-vote

  • 3g and 4g out again in concord , north carolina area

    • dquicknc

      Hey Jim. I have no 4G here in Hamlet, NC. Still waiting on our rollout.

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  • Anonymous

    GNex FTW! Awesome! I didn’t know that it would be that lopsided, wow!

  • Anonymous

    Still with the original Droid.  I am not a power user like most of you.  I have never rooted.  If it had more on board memory it would continue to be fine for me.  I blogged a hike of the Appalachian Trail with it in 2010.  I like following all you Android enthusiasts and will probably go for the Droid 4 when it is finally released.

  • Anonymous

    Just curious…….ran quadrant a minute ago and came in at 1453………..my charge was running faster. For those with vanilla experience. Is this something to worry about?

    I know quadrant is not always an end all, I just expected it to outperform the charge!

    • Anonymous

      Talking about running it on the GN?

      If so, that app is not optimized for 4.0 yet.

      • Anonymous

        That is my thought, but does that matter? quadrant is just testing processor speed…..it shocked me!

        **** yes on gnex and quadrant standard app

      • Anonymous

        another fanboy rationalization for an inferior product

        • Anonymous

          Rather be that than a troll who goes to a Android site to bitch…

          Sorry you fail at life.

  • Still loyal to my D2 and my son still has OrigDroid but we both would have had Droid4’s today but as we now know Big Red went and pissed all us loyal physical keyboard users off last night….CAN YOU TELL I’M STILL PISSED so much for my xmas present

  • Ybdri

    Nexus FTW!!!

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Everyone dumped their OG for a Nexus. 

    (I’m not trying to start a flame war please don’t troll I’m just looking at the numbers)

  • Djlowproz

    Still on the OG Droid too broke to upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus

  • DJ PWN_3

    oh yeah baby, original X in the top 4!!!!

    • John

      slowly falling =P

      • Anonymous

        In a bit of irony, I am going to return my RAZR and fire my DX back up. 2nd time I am stepping down from a 4G device. So “add one for the X and lose one for the RAZR. 🙂


    gsm gnex here

  • Cnorris43

    OG DROID for a little longer…. No Funding for a little while but Nexus is next.

  • Sharonfadale

    Samsung Galaxy. POS

  • Anonymous

    1 week ago it was OG, now it’s GNex. Already wondering what my next phone will be capable of in two years…

  • Why isn’t DX with ICS on that list?!

  • Edwin M

    I did until about a month ago.

  • iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus sitting on my desk 😀

    • Anonymous

      Best of both worlds huh??? I just can not go back to ios………lol

    • wish i had the money to do that >.< lol

    • salto571

      OK SERIOUSLY what do you think between the two. I have been an android fanboy for a long time but got the Droid charge and it was a piece of s*** from the beginning so now im deciding between those two

  • Anonymous

    I know it’s not a Nexus, but I’m really surprised with the lack of love to my current phone, the Rezound. It’s a great phone & once it gets ICS early next year I can’t think of a train to pick the Galaxy Nexus over it. The camera is awesome, beats is great, HD screen with no pin-tile.

    • I had the Rezound before I got the Nexus, and I kinda miss the camera and screen – but I am loving the Nexus’ overall experience.

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t the only experience right now just being the first to ICS? Not being a smart ass, just my observation. After ICS, the Rezound will then have the same experience but still have a better screen, Beats, and a better camera…. right?

        • Well, I like fortified glass on the Nexus. From what I read about the Rezound, if you drop the phone on the screen without a protector, it’s the end of your life — and I tend to drop it face first frequently. Plus, I am not one for HTC Sense. There were some things I liked, but overall it was quite annoying. I prefer a stock Android experience that
          doesn’t interfere with the usage of such apps as SwipePad. Also, I missed Swype. The Rezound’s camera is truly the only thing I’ll miss. The extra features were nifty, but I can deal with the Nexus’ camera. I took some photos this morning and was actually more impressed than I had been in my inital usage of the camera. Both phones are great. I intend on buying my mom a Rezound very soon so that she can upgrade from my old Droid X.

        • Anonymous

          Will you have the same experience though? The biggest choice of an android phone to me is the Dev community. Within one week of release, devs are popping up all over the place… or shall I say… coming back to one general device. After the Droid…it hasn’t felt the same. Glad to have the nexus. I “rented” a rezound for a month, which was a great solid device. I still take the nexus over it any day of the week.

        • lol wut

          couple things here… its going to be AGES before that thing gets ICS… look how long it took the thunderbolt to get a working version of gingerbread… and that is an easy upgrade over froyo not and totally revamped OS like ICS. second is the on screen keys will continue to evolve and all phones with softkeys with start to seem ANCIENT

        • Frankers

          GNex also has NFC and isn’t a brick in your hands…

        • Anonymous

          Nope, not the same experience. ICS on the Rezound will be the version of ICS that HTC and Verizon want you to have. It will be skinned with Sense and filled with bloatware. The Nexus will be vanilla – just pure Google Android.

        • Anonymous

          The experience won’t be the same because it will have Sense on it. For better or for worst, HTC will make unique changes to the user experience. And if the update is anything like their past Sense enhancements, it will be a bigger resource hog than ever.  

          • Anonymous

            Kind of sad huh? I actually like a lot that Sense has to offer. (Although I have never bought an HTC phone for myself.) HTC would do themselves a solid if they offered a “vanilla” theme on Sense and just kept it as an alternative option. I liked the ability to change themes on my wifes phone, thought that was cool. One for Home, one for Football sundays, one for the office, etc. Kind of nice.

            Subject: [droidlife] Re: Thursday Poll: Your Current Phone is?

    • jake

      I have a rezound and love this bad boy, can’t wait till ICS on this beast.

    • Anonymous

      wish i was more into the gnex , battery life is crazy bad , soesker , camera , display rotation very slow, MTP file xfr is wretched , etc….

      Will either swap for Rezound mid jan or reactivate the droid again and hold out . Bought my wife the Razr and really like it overall over the GNex but no way could i get a device without a removeable battery . It has been a pleasant surprise though with the opposite to be said of the GNex . Let down , after trying the GS2, expected it ajd more from the GN , simply a let down…

      Keepg the GN only for updates and ICS a bit early is a mistake IMHO for a two year commitment to a lackluster device . If it already is questionable , how will it fair thru 2012 and 2013?

      Anyone who thinks the speaker is ok, play a youtube video then compare thru a Razr, Rezound, GS2….
      Also i prefer the razr and gs2 displays , they may not be HD but on a small phone , resolution isnt as important as contrast , colors….

      • Anonymous

        Give the extended battery a try, it is nearly the same size with cover as the stock and has been outlasting what I remember getting on my OG.  I currently am getting around 16-18 hrs of use out of it and I consider myself a pretty heavy user.

        The speaker is a disappointment, volume+ is a decent app that can help that a bit.

        I think the real draw to the gnex is the massive developer support this phone is receiving.  It will be convenient to get timely updates, but Im more excited about what the dev community will do with this phone.

        • Anonymous

          I’m ok w/o the latest updates, in fact i could use the ET4G “as is” for some time – until apps don’t support Gingerbread.

          I find GB much more convenient than ICS – for instance , hitting the menu button in GB and getting to Bookmarks in the browser is much better than in ICS where you have to “work” to get to the same features..

      • Anonymous

        My gnex battery life appears to be improving substantially with a few complete charges/discharges. Also, the extended life battery lasts a good bit longer.It’s only $25 right now too. The camera takes surprisingly good pictures. The pano mode is irresistable! Display rotation is snappy after a reasonable delay. MTP is simply a much more advanced system that makes all of your memory available to apps or storage.

        True, the speaker isn’t loud, but it’s not bad either. The display is simply gorgeous! Size, rez, contrast altogether is more desirable than any other phone.

        On the downside, some of the voice commands don’t work right, Verizon’s 4G LTE has been spotty, and there needs to be a faster way to get to bookmarks (perhaps via the quick control). But, I think these things will be resolved via software OTAs shortly.

        Overall the most desirable phone ever produced.

        • Regarding bookmark access, while in the browser hold down the “back” button to pull up the bookmarks. Apologize if you knew this already.

          • Anonymous

            That doesn’t pull up the bookmarks directly. You still have to tap the bookmarks heading after the page pulls up defaulting to history. I want to tap something or use the quick control to pull up the bookmarks in one step, not two.

          • True. I’ve been using the bookmark widget, works very well.

        • Anonymous

          I found that if i copy files into the root / base of the internal storage copies work, where if i try to copy into another folder – subfolder , it times out (perhaps Win7 x64 issue or my particular USB chsipset if it doens’t happen to others)
          the battery life i’m hoping improves, so far it’s not but i have only recharged a few times

    • TC Infantino

      Totally agree with you!  For me, the Rezound was the only option for the phone that will be with me for at least the next year, probably closer to two.  The specs for the Rezound are top of the line compared to what is currently out.  The feel of the phone is solid and comfortable. Excellent HD screen, great external speaker sound and volume, and it gets better signal at my house than even my OG Droid did (and that is very important because it is not easy to get signal where I live).  I personally can wait for ICS to come to the Rezound, and I know that there will be a way to root it sometime in the near future.  By the time I am getting tired of the stock Sense 3.5 on the phone is most likely when there will either be root or the upgrade to ICS.  I have no buyers remorse with this phone, and I do not think that those who chose another phone were wrong or mistaken. 

  • Goblueboy

    It won’t let me vote?

  • Edwin M

    I feel so left out…not.many Rezounds. Better than my previous Eris.

    • Anonymous

      I know right if it wasn’t for the gnex this list would be completely different

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Droid Life, but right now it’s clear that THE Android phone to have at the moment does not wear the DROID badge.  =)

    • Tim242

      We’ll see what the numbers look like after all of the Nexus returns.

      • lol wut

        you are such a tool

        • Tim242

          The signal (dBm) and battery life are abysmal. My back cover will not even latch in the bottom right corner after just a few days.

          • Anonymous

            I have no issues with either signal strength or battery life.  After a few full discharges/recharges, my battery life is already better than on my Fascinate, even with 4G on all the time.  Also, my battery cover is QUITE secure, not sure why yours isn’t.  Haven’t had any need whatsoever to do a battery pull on this phone yet.

          • Tim242

            I only do battery pulls to change the battery, because of the awful battery life.

          • Anonymous

            Hmm, sorry to hear that.  Dunno if I just don’t have as much stuff running on my phone as others, or if I don’t use it as much, but I am generally not having much of a problem going a whole day on one charge right now.

          • Dan Letsch

            I am in the same boat.  There must be some bad phones out there.  I do not have much to compare it too, but I watched 2+ hours of netflix, downloaded GTA over 4g, and did other various tasks and still managed 18hrs 6min before plugging it to charge at 5%.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. Mine is great. I have no problems with my signal. I haven’t dropped a call and I haven’t had issues with data. I don’t pay attention to the number of bars – as long as I can do what I want to do I’m fine with it. Regarding battery life, yeah it’s not as great as other phones, but I have no problem charging my phone mid-day if needed.

          • Tim242

            I got the extended battery, and the extra battery that comes with the charger. After swapping out the battery a few times, the battery cover won’t latch at the bottom. That will be the next issue. That battery cover is so flimsy, it is only a matter of time.

          • Anonymous

            Man, I’m really sorry yours turned out to be a dud. I hope you get the phone that fits what you want. I love mine. But this is the great thing about Android. You have choices. You can get style/model you want with the features important to you. If you’re an iPhone user and you’re not happy with the phone you can’t trade it in for a different kind of iPhone.

      • Anonymous

        True, but don’t forget, the unlockable bootloader is a HUGE deal, especially when compared to the latest Motorola devices, none of which are unlockable at this time.

        Also, Supercurio is already working on audio and screen color enhancements for it, and judging by his Voodoo enhancements for the Galaxy S series of phones, I know for a fact he will make the GNex just that much better!  He’s already noted that the audio quality is very good already (which I have witnessed myself as well), but that he can tweak it a bit more, and there’s a lot of work to do on screen calibration as well.

  • Anonymous

    No rezound love you have fun with getting crappy signal

    • Anonymous

      Sorry a little uncalled for I just want more rezound dev support

  • galaxy nexus fyi

  • Change the site name to GNex-Life.. look at those poll results haha

  • Steveheyboer

    No Nexus S choice? hmmm

  • Talies1020

    Holy smokes! I would not have expected the galaxy nexus yo dominate like this?!

    • Anonymous

      Really?  You didn’t expect an Android enthusiasts phone to lead the way in a poll posted on an Android enthusiasts site?

      • Anonymous

        Still shocking since it’s a poll of what people own, and the lte gnex has only heen on sale for one week. It’s dwarfing all other android phones combined, at least in this poll. I’d like to see some actual sales figures.

        • OneDroid

          I’m going to say, some people are lying about owning a Nexus when voting.

          • Pete

             Yup, lying happens all the time on the internet.

          • Anonymous

            Next thing your going to say is the tooth fairy isn’t real?

          • PPM16

            Yup, I know I did. I voted for the Nexus a bunch of times using proxies and my slapped together software. I can’t believe some people actually believe these polls.

          • Deter

            While I’m not surprised people vote on polls multiple times (possibly in the 100s of times range).

          • 41unique

            this is why i don’t come to this site as much.  It the same people that vote for the GN many times and knock down others.  this site once helped each other and that is what i missed about this site the most.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t expect one enthusiast phone to dominate 50% of the poll when it’s been out for a few days, and even most enthusiasts have their phone for a year+ when this wasn’t even on the radar.

      • Anonymous

         Go Wings! I’m watching them play Calgary right now.

        • Anonymous

          Let’s hope Conks doesn’t get run. Same refs as last night.

          • Anonymous

            That was a tough one to watch. Glad Conklin made it out in one piece though.

          • Anonymous

            Typical Red Wings. Take two periods off, dominate the third, come up short.

    • John

      used to be droid x dominated. now GN 🙂

    • AM

      Does anyone else think the Nexus numbers are BS? Are people lying? 20-25% sounds reasonable. 50%… really? Here’s the old poll for reference: 

      • I don’t think so. Only 4000 or so have voted so far. There were 15000 in the poll you linked too. Maybe it will even out some. Besides, the GN is selling like crazy. I would expect it to become the #1 owned phone by readers of this site.

        • Ken

           If this poll doesn’t reach 15,000 votes, does that mean Droid-Life traffic has gone down? 

          • Anonymous

            It could, or that people just don’t care as much for polls.  Take your pick.

          • Rete

            They could just let the poll run longer and make it look like there are more visitors now. It’s Friday and the “Thursday Poll” is still open.

      • Anonymous

        Back then I would have answered Droid X. Today my answer is GNexus. Between the Droid X and the OG Droid your looking at about 20%, not hard to imagine an additional 10% jumping on board along with the upgrades. 

        • IntlGrizzly

          But it’s only been a little over a year since people have had their Droid Xs. Are they really already switching? I have a DX but my 2 year contract isn’t up yet so no luck on getting the nexus.

          • Anonymous

            I did switch. My contract isn’t up until April officially, but I have an awesome friend.

            There’s also a chance of you calling CS and them upgrading you early to a lte device.

          • IntlGrizzly

            I envy all of you! If I was the account owner of our family plan I would definitely be talking my way into a nexus. Unfortunately as a 16 year old, I don’t have much leverage with Verizon.

          • ramifications

            A lot of people have upgrades from other lines (family members, etc). Also, some people just straight up paid for it.

            Personally my incredible wasn’t up for my upgrade till the end of this month, but my phone is broken so Vzw customer service gave me an upgrade, so I now have my Nexus.

          • Anonymous

            I know few people with 3G phones that were able to talk themselves into an early upgrade for this phone.  Speak to their retention department.

          • Granted

            Not true. My upgrade is in March and I own a Droid X, on a two year contract. So in my case it’s closer to the two year mark. But I also plan to buy a communication watch instead of a new smart phone, and I also will be eating my neighbors dog that incessantly barks, for dinner tomorrow. I plan to “The Good Son” it, and enjoy a full bottle of premium tequila with the meal.

      • Anonymous

         Old is the key word because since then I’ve updated my Incredible to the G-Nex as I’m sure many people have.

      • Jeff

        I would agree with but I voted on th old poll and at that point I owned the bionic. Now I own the GNex….. Don’t hate I love all Android phones…

      • Sammyxp

        The Nexus numbers definitely don’t make sense. Note, though, that this isn’t even remotely representative of actual distribution among the population. Only the number of Nexus followers on Droid Life.
        It also might indicate that Nexus owners are that much more likely to want people to know that they have a Nexus. Other phone owners might couldn’t care less.

        • Granted

          Haha! Very astute observation. Faux elitists attitudes run rampant among the clinically retarded. I contribute it to my own made up, phantom-penis-philosophy.

        • AM

          Yeah, figured it’d be a lot higher than the general population as a whole, but pivoting from 0 to 50% market share even among enthusiasts in a matter of days, when 72% of customers are on phones 1.5 years old or less, is pretty unbelievable.

          Anyone got sales data on it? I’m curious. Amazon lists the Nexus behind the Rezound and RAZR, for Verizon phones, but the time span for the ranking isn’t clear – eg bestselling over the past week, two weeks, two days, etc. It says it’s updated hourly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the phones that sold best within the last hour. It’s sold out on Amazon and Wirefly, though not at Verizon.

          I really like big screens, so if the Galaxy Nexus is a smashing success, expect to see 4.5″+ screens on high end phones become the standard. 

      • MFG

        The old poll actually goes against your thoery…

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Still milking the OG Droid – I didn’t buy into the GN hype and hysteria (which is really is only about ICS as the phone itself is meh) – I am going to wait for CES and see what real true badazz phone is just around the corner and that has a quad core chip.

      My Asus Prime will feed my techie needs for now.

      • Anonymous

        The CES phones will look like crap compared to what’s coming out next Holiday season. I would wait til then if you really want to be impressed. 

        • Gothamsghost

          Yea but can you imagine what the phones in 2013 will be like.  I’d wait til then.  Or no wait… 2014.  If you are always waiting for the next best thing then you would never buy anything.

          • Anonymous

            My sarcasm must have gone over your head. 

          • Anonymous

            I think he was playing on yours.

    • Cmandd

      I would not have expected people to actually believe results of an anonymous poll.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Even I did, with a blog full of developers and people who “hack” into their phones, it was expected.

  • Anonymous

    Proud to say…the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, baby!!

  • Anthony Armando

    ETA till blog is renamed to “Nexus-Life” ?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see a problem with droid-life.
      If you take Droid as representing the Verizon Android devices, this is still true.
      If you narrow it down to the Motorola Droid then (or other phones with “Droid” specifically in the name) it’s obviously false.

      • Anonymous

        Pretty sure you didn’t get the sarcasm.

        • Anonymous

          Woops.. if he wasn’t saying it negatively then I totally missed it.

          I’ve just seen a lot of posts lately pissed about all the Nexus coverage when this site is called “Droid-Life”

          • Anthony Armando

            confirmed, it was said in jest.

      • Anonymous

        Kellex said that to me in an email a couple weeks back. Almost word for word. Although, it seems to be generally accepted that all androids are droids to the general public.

        • Anonymous

          Hah great minds think alike then!

        • Anonymous

          If that’s why it’s called Droid Life, it needs a name change.  That is the uneducated way of calling it android.

          • STiK
          • Anonymous

            I’m not sure, is the fact that you are able to paste a link supposed to mean anything to me?  It’s a response to me, so…?

            I never criticized that this was a site predominantly about droids, if you were able to parse that.  I just said there is a difference between droid and android.

          • if you didnt check the link. android life is a companion blog to this that focuses on android outside of verizon.  he wasnt being a tool.

          • Anonymous

            I clicked the link, I understand the nature of the site.  I don’t understand the relevance to any of my comments.  I was merely stating, (for the third time in this thread) android != droid.  They are two different things.  I didn’t say I was looking for an android-life.  I just said that saying droid-life is droid-life because droid and android are the same thing is not a good reason to call it droid life. I’m perfectly fine with the fact that it’s a site centering around verizons line-up, and am perfectly fine that it’s called droidlife, since that’s vzw’s naming scheme for a lot of high end android phones.

          • heh, no disrespect meant, i just wasnt entirely sure from your response.  to me, while I know that the android universe isnt all droid, since I am not willing to switch carriers at the moment, it is basically the same thing as far as what i can get. so i can see why some people kind of consider them the same thing.

          • Andrond

            The reason this site is called droid-life is because it was started as a blog about the DROID. As time progressed and the DROID brand and Android did as well, so did the blog. It wouldn’t make sense to change the name, just widen the focus of what they cover. Yes it’s mostly DROID branded coverage, but just because a lot of Nexus information has been posted lately in no way means that Kellex and the DL crew don’t know the difference between Android and Verizon’s branding for DROID’s…because they certainly do! 

          • Anonymous

            Does it ever end?  I never said anything about the crew not knowing the difference between droid and android.  It seems more than a few commenters don’t know the difference.  It also seems commenters such as yourself cannot be bothered to read the whole thread and see that never once, in the entire thread, where the editors of DL mentioned.  God I hate disqus sometimes.  It’s probably going to send me another email with a comment written by another who cannot read.  I should probably just make a label and send it to trash, where most of them belong.

  • Bionic and loving it. First Android phone and it’s rock solid. Girlfriend and sister both picked one up (and I snagged them both an extended battery for xmas!).

    • Anonymous

      The bionic is a great phone, even blur is not so bad on it…….I have the galaxy nexus which I like better!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the Bionic is nice. Got one for $99 for my wife the same day I got the Nexus. She’s very happy with it and had the Nexus not come out I’d seriously consider the device. It might have some bugs, but I’m impressed with it.

  • Wow!  I guess “HypeBeasting” works…   😛

  • HTC Sensation, UK, giffgaff. Best phone I’ve ever owned, period.

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo. First (maybe the last?) for the X2.

  • Jamaicawind

    Wow i cant read for a moment i thought the poll said 54% of people had the bionic haha 

  • DJ PWN_3

    you have the original Incredible mentioned….What about us X users huh?! *grins* 

  • Daniel

    surprising results

  • Anonymous

    thanks for leaving out the droid x in this poll kellex :/

    • Spaced it. It’s there now though.

      • Anonymous

        yayy 😀 lol

  • MFG

    Wow…interesting results.


    I love Android. Different phones with different specs and different features and an OS that wants you to to make it yours! Beats getting one phone that everyone has with no choices. FREEDOM!

    • Anonymous

      AMEN to that, brotha!

    • Great comment.

    • Anonymous

      Preach on Nexus! 
      I get my GNEX on Tuesday, I’m almost there! 

    • David Parrella


      Actually, subtract Jesus; I’m Jewish.

      • Anonymous

        So was Jesus. 🙂 Happy Hanukkah!

        • Anonymous

           Excellent point.

    • Alexander Garcia

      Amen to that!!!

    • While I agree to a certain extent, with such freedom comes a price, and that price my friend is fragmentation. Not to mention the turnover rate on devices (I’m looking at your Motorola).

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    LOL Look at the RAZR

    • Dan Letsch

      Yeah, I could not believe that was all there is, as there are a few on here that addamantly support it.

  • Derek Stiles

    This week, OG Droid.  Next week, Galaxy Nexus!

    • John

      awesome. you’re in for one hell of a treat. despite some misc issues, which will mostly get addressed in future OTAs, you’re gonna love it!

      • Anonymous

        I agree. I upgraded from the OG. After a week I’m still in phone heaven.

  • wow thats alot for GN in such a short time!

  • Marvinaire

    What about the Droid X????

  • :)

    iPhone 4S 🙂

    • wow really

    • Anonymous

      cool story, bro

    • Anonymous

      Go away troll, we don’t want your kind here.

    • Ybdri


    • Anonymous

      No way you have that phone. If you did you wouldn’t be putting the smiley face at the end of your post.

      • :)

        Yes, I really do have that phone. No, I’m not trolling. I am completely happy with this phone. My first phone on Verizon was the OG Droid, which I still use and flash ROMs on every day. My OG Droid was a trooper. But as far as reliability and even usability, I love the iPhone way more. When I was on AT&T my jailbroken 3G S raped every Android phone out there. And as soon as I can jailbreak this phone, all of the things I miss about my Droid (mostly just tethering) will be gone.

    • Do not feed the trolls…

  • Guest

    I’m surprised the X isn’t a choice,

    • It is now, sorry about that. I knew I was forgetting a couple.

      • Droid Eris! Somebody probably still have it.

        • Brian Walker

          My brother does. I feel sad for him every single day. 

          • Anonymous

            I don’t even know him and I feel sad for him. I feel like we need to get together a collection to help him upgrade to something new.

          • Brian Walker

            I will most certainly pass your sentiments along.

          • Anonymous

            Where do we send our donations for Brian’s brother:-)

          • I’m on board!

  • Anonymous

    Should I say GNEX if it is coming tomorrow? 😀 HAPPEH FACE!

    • Might as well. 😛

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, mine is under the tree. 

      • Anonymous

        You know how to re-wrap presents, right? 🙂

        • Anonymous

          I think my family decided to stick it under there just to taunt me. 

      • Anonymous

        how could you not just unwrap it, use it, then put it back. ha

      • Anonymous

        If nothing else get that baby unlocked. You can always rewrap it.