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Thursday Poll: Your Current Phone is?

Since another major phone has been released, I’d say it is time to ask the readers of this fabulous community what they are currently rockin’. In the last 2 months, we saw Verizon introduce 3 of the top Android phones ever made in the Rezound, RAZR and Galaxy Nexus. And since this also happened to be the time that millions of original DROID owners were coming due on their contracts, we can imagine that at least a few of these “Big 3” were purchased.

So, which is it?

What is your current phone?

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  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus has been out for 13 days and look at how it is BUSTING ASS on all these so called android devices…Everyone got on the bandwagon of the Droid Razr GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Galaxy Nexus WIPES IT WITH THE FLOOR

  • Dlunky

    Well I have an iphone and felt that should have been a choice. Also i doubt a just realesed phone over 40 percent of the people here have. O well.

  • Anonymous

    I have enjoyed all the best android devices this year of 2011. I had the Htc Evo 4f, Htc Evo 3d, Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket, and now the Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus. What more can any android lover ask for. Nothing beats the Galaxy Nexus…

  • Anonymous

    I currently have a Thunderbolt, but that will definitely be changing soon.

  • Went from an EnV touch to a Galaxy Nexus. Huge leap. 🙂 So happy to be center of attention right now. 😀 😀 😀 

  • i need to change my vote from razr to nexus as of today. razr was a great phone but i’m glad i got the nexus. can’t go wrong with either tho.

  • rob

    Wow…bought my og droid 2 years ago…my razr three days ago. Been coming to this site…rooting, roming, over clocking the whole time. Deleting my shortcut…this place has been had…..

  • Lindstra17

    Next poll should be, What phone did you switch from to go to the nexus ?
    Am i right folks, am i right ?

    From my sexy nexy

    • Anonymous

      I will be the first.   Droid X

  • Anonymous

    Shocked to see the Nexus quadruples the next competitor.   And I thought the Razr would be big because of Motorola’s commercial campaign and Razr name recognition.  But then again your average buyer (like my wife) would never come to this site.  

    Hope this shows Verizon the need to stop locking bootloaders.  

    • Alexander Garcia

      Only geeks like us come to this site to vote. Trust me, the RAZR, the Rezound, and the iPhone4(s) are much MUCH more appealing devices for the average consumer and the Verizon reps will be pushing either of these three devices on their customers over the G-Nex. Seen it happen several times at three different local Verizon stores.

  • Rachel

    Still rocking the Thunderbolt… I’m waiting to see what’s coming for 2012 before I upgrade again.

  • Whoster69

    Still stuck with my original Droid, but getting a G-Nex soon!

  • Tim R

    Razr, Nexus, Rezound, Droid 1, 2 (GLOBAL) & 3, Incredible 1, Thunderbolt, Fascinate, Droid Pro, I have all of these. The D3 is my daily driver and what other phone I carry around changes from day to day

  • Well until Radioshack decides to ship me my GNex, I’m stuck with a Rumor Touch on Sprint…Needless to say I”m ready for a new phone

    • Jeremy Morrison

      dislike button needed.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus for me and rezound for the wife. Guess I have to vote from a computer. If rezound had the same ice cream sandwich build and unlocked bootloader those numbers would be much closer.

  • Motorsports601

    i have a nexus but it wont let me vote. had to do it thru my pc . is there a setting that lets me see the embeded poll?

  • Naga Appani

    hahaha, That is too big number for Nexus… Come on RAZR Mates, where are you all shaving?? Come and shave this NeXus… 🙂

    • Uniqueemb

      I can’t vote for some reason so add another for the Razr

  • Kris

    why didn’t droid-life pick up on this article? Android Central did.


  • Anonymous

    .droid x user, and I just got my boyfriend a gnex, I’m not jealous because I’m looking forward to what I’m upgrading to in may 2012. What is going to top the galaxy nexus?

    • Anonymous

      The Galaxy Nexus 2

  • I thought this was Droid Life not Nexus life. Yeah I get it its a pure Android phone but this should’ve been on Verizon 6 months ago, and who knows if VZW will ever see another Nexus device when HTC, Motorola and LG have their teeth deep in Verizons flesh. Not to mention in 2 months another phone will come out making the Nexus look like crap. 

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    These poll numbers are bull.  14,000+ unique voters?  Nope.

    • Why not? I’m sure Droid Life gets a lot more visitors than that; it’s a great site!

      • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

        Not denying that the site has street cred, it’s one of my go-to sites for info.  But when you can vote in the same poll multiple times, even from the same computer, the numbers are jacked.

        • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

          Just voted 3 more times from the same computer.  All you got to do is clear cookies and cache.

          • Anonymous

            Oh he price of technology.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, so you see a poll on a website, and then you want to see if you can vote more than once? A*al!
            Obviously this isn’t taken too seriously. Nobody is looking up margins of error, etc. It’s a stupid poll…
            Go check out msnbc.com and try all of their polls, and then comment on you were able to vote more than once, and the results of “Is Lady Gaga hot?” is not correct

        • Anonymous

          then that also proves the Gnex is hands down the most popular phone in the Android fanboy community doesn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    I bought the Incredible the day it came out and many new devices came and went but none could convince me to give up the Incredible. Last week I finally picked up the Rezound and I love it.

  • ddrrroooiddd

    I would of picked up the nexus if samshlong didn’t make it..and this isn’t “nexus life” this is DROID life. Its a samshlong phone with a android operating system not a true DROID.

    • Jeremy Morrison

      Is their even a true DROID anymore? The DROID in DROID-LIFE comes from the software AnDROID. And the Galaxy Nexus, the only phone with AnDROID 4.0 ICS is the only pure AnDROID phone running it right now. Take your Motorolla crap and Blur somewhere more useful.

  • Anonymous

    My Droid X has been a great device. Learned a ton of things Android related with it. Even after a year it is still getting love from developers. I can overclock & change minfree values to compete with newer devices. But she will need to be replaced soon. Moto radios & hardware are great but I hate locked bootloaders. G-Nex next? Maybe. I’m in no rush to upgrade. The DX is still holding down…for now.

  • dirtyriffs

    No Droid Eris love?!!!  Always OG ….

  • Anonymous

    I’m using the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. I considered the Rezound and Galaxy Nexus but did not want to be limited to 4GB/mo on my data plan. The last smartphone I used was a an original Droid that I had through work (I hated the sliding keyboard, I’m a bar-phone fan)

  • Wes

    Glad the Droid X is still going strong, such a great phone

  • 6210 votes = $1.86M.
    Dat moneyz 😮

  • Anonymous

    Went from Droid X to Galaxy Nexus myself.

  • Devi8

    I dumped the POS thunderbolt the first day the nexus was released, still got 250 on ebay for it, cost of upgrade 50 bucks, winning

    Honestly I feel that the OG was the best android phone until the nexus, I had the X, it wasn’t bad had great battery life, but the Tbolt was and still is a POS

    • Jeremy Morrison

      Sold my iPhone4 on Craigslist for $260 and bought the Nexus on a 2year upgrade so I got $30 off the $299 price. Paid $9 for the Nexus. Winning hard!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see an entry where we can rate each phone for user satisfaction, to see which one people actually like the most.  We’d probably have to throw out the GNex results since people are probably still enamored by it’s “new phone” sheen.

    • what are you smokingv

  • Anonymous

    Replaced my OG Droid at the end of August. Bought the HTC Trophy on eBay. My NE2 renewed on Dec 14th. Now waiting for a new WP7 model on VZW.

    • Windows phone i didnt know people bought that…but thanks for lerting us know

  • Benjamin Mackie

    44%. Someone should send this to verizon. There is a reason you shouldnt have delayed the phone, look at how many people got the phone, and how much earlier you could have made a ton of money off the phone

  • I love seeing the OG still getting the love it deserves.

  • Scea0512

    I love the Galaxy Nexus but there are a few quirks I do not like , Position of the volume rocker switch ?? brain cramp there as each time I turn the phone on I am hitting the volume rocker??? Also the ringtones SUCK !! horrible selection and the speaker is less than thrilling , not very loud at all ,I also dont like the added step now to ass something to your home screen , cant just long press that only brings up wallpapers , have to go to apps , then select one for the home screen , other than this the phone is awesome , hopefully they correct some of these issues soon with an update

  • Wow… apparently Nexus is pretty much where it’s at. Funny that my old school DX is still #2!

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised at the Thunderbolt number, but I have to say as an owner of the phone, the last update really made the phone so much better than before. In fact, I’m currently on the fence about replacing my TB since Nexus seems to have some bugs to work out first.