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Safe to Assume that the DROID 4 is Not Launching this Week?

A couple of reports have indicated that the DROID 4 was on target (at least for a while) to launch on December 22. Since that happens to be tomorrow and we have yet to hear a peep from either Verizon or Motorola, is it safe to assume that it’s not coming this week? We have been surprised in the past, but there isn’t even an ounce of buzz coming from any of the stores. Sorry folks, looks like your days of a physical keyboard, dual-core processor and 4G LTE are going to have to wait.

In randomly related news, we have heard 2-3 times now that the device could have been pushed back to February. By no means do I know what to think about that date (or even if I believe it), but we were starting to wonder how Verizon was planning to sell through inventory of this phone, the Nexus, RAZR and Rezound. You can imagine that stock rooms are going to fill up with 3 out of the 4.

Cheers Chris!

  • nFans=iFans

    “You can imagine that stock rooms are going to fill up with 3 out of the 4.”

    Razr, Rezound and Nexus?

  • Anonymous

    This device looks awesome 🙂 Another great product from the best Motorola.

  • Booboolala2000

    Wonder if it will be a world phone. Seeing as my Nexus isnt i liked the D3 because it was a tank and looked good and could travel.

  • TP2User

    I am really starting to get pissed at Verizon on this.  They keep dragging their heals.  Get with the picture or you will lose this customer who is outside of the 2-year contract time.

    • Www Blah

      What do you know Verizon Wireless doesn’t release the Droid 4.  TP2User I am beyond pissed off and if it wasn’t for me being on a family shared plan I would be out!  Now the rumored release date is Feb 2nd!  Really Verizon

    • Www Blah

      And on top of what I put before Droid 4 was seen on Droid Does which is through Verizon so therefore droid 4 to me is not a rumor and Verizon needs to quit playing around cause it is pissing off a lot of loyal customers!

  • Guest

    if only the d4 was like the d1

  • Granted

    Oh boy, here you go promoting release rumors again to help drive traffic. One-Trick-Pony if I ever saw one. “Gee whiz, it worked so well for the Nexus, have to try that crap again!”. Once again integrity suffers for greed. Yeah sure, you don’t control releases, but it won’t stop from posting every rumor you hear or fabricate.

    • shdowman

      Chill out. This isnt bgr. This site is based on verizon android phones. Passing on info is the job of the site.

  • Anton Dillard

    Does anyone else think that their is no Droid 4 anymore? Maybe there WAS going to be a Droid 4 on the 22nd but with the specs and the look Motorola and Verizon wanted to try something different. Maybe that random Droid RAZR Maxx that popped up in their system is actually the new name for the Droid 4. Makes sense in my alternate reality 🙂

  • I don’t care about the Droid 4, I have my Nexus ^_^

    • Troll

      Troll somewhere else.

    • EatDix

      I hope your Nexus came with crabs.

    • dreedy android

      Happy you have a Nexus!  But my question is when did you start to speak for everyone else that is interested in the Droid 4?

    • Anonymous

      This is exactly why there needs to be a nexus.droid-life.com site.  This way the iPhone-caliber Nexus elitists can stick with posts relevant to them, comment on them and plan circle jerks about their phones(or whatever they do).  The rest of us can read about non-nexus phones without every other comment being about the Nexus.  BTW I read the Nexus posts too but don’t post irrelevant comments about my OPINION about another phones superiority.  Now I feel better that I got that out 🙂

    • Anonymous

      With radios issues lol

  • Ishan Patel

    If you notice Motorola’s production model, they tend to release a phone,
    and then put a keyboard on it and call it a Droid.  i.e. Droid X =
    Droid 2, Droid X2 = Droid 3, Droid RAZR = Droid 4.  This kind of
    strategy is sensible to lower costs while giving the impression you’re
    pushing a lot of products [which is why the Droid Bionic was such a waste of time, and money].  If the Droid RAZR has an extended lifespan
    (i.e. via RAZR MAX) then a later release of the Droid 4 may make sense.  Let’s hope they don’t release the Droid RAZR 2 before the Droid 4 which would technically mean that they would skip the Droid 4…

    • Anonymous

      It is called choices for everybody. You need to type facts, otherwise just read and do not type .

  • Anonymous

    where’s my evil twin?  lol

  • Craig

    I don’t think their is much demand for a $700 global phone that is loaded with bloatware, sim locked, radio locked, and WiFi hotspot locked. On top of all that this beast is quite heavy compared to other phones.

  • Regg

    It probally will launch in February because so far every Droid phone have launxhed with the new OS so this probally will launch with ICS.

    • Anonymous

      Do you feel this one will have it by then? isn’t to soon ?

  • Anonymous

    Lets think about this logically. Why is February significant? Probably because that’s when Motorola is looking to have their first builds of ICS done. The DROID 4, Razr, Bionic, and DROID 3 all share a lot of similarities and all except for the DROID 3 have been confirmed to receive ICS. It stands to reason that Motorola will hold off on releasing the DROID 4 until they have ICS all packaged up and ready to ship with the phone as opposed to releasing it now and seeing poor sales.

    • I can agree with you on that but why would they have let so much of the phone leak and be testing it right now?

      • shdowman

        One word…bionic.

  • Prime7

    February? Isn’t that when the DROID 6 is supposed to launch?

    • Anonymous

      Shut up

      • Anonymous

        They didn’t ban you yet???

        • Anonymous

          Why are you still crying troll?

  • Guest

    Please let the RAZR Maxx come out before February

    • Anonymous

      They may launch together or close to one another. I wouldn’t expect Motorola to ship the Razr Maxx without ICS, and the February release rumor for the DROID 4 is probably because they decided to ship it when ICS is ready. That effectively makes February Motorola’s best guess at having ICS ready if my speculation is correct.

      • Anonymous

        Remember, that verizon loves to test these devices and software.

    • Anonymous

      Only if it has a physical keyboard… 🙂

  • JS

    If that’s true, why the tease on Droid Does?? Sheesh

    • Agree why put that put that out there?

    • Www Blah

      This pisses me off let us have the phone im about to go with the iphone because im that pissed off!

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Can anyone tell me what its been like returning those phones you guys decided to rent out while your were waiting for the nexus release? Im just curious.

    • Easy bring it back with receipt and thats it

    • I wasn’t actually waiting for the Nexus, but I did have a Rezound for a weekend that I returned to Best Buy.  I made sure to bring the box and all the stuff it came with.

      Once they figured out how they messed up the
      original purchase… the return itself was a piece of cake for me. 
      They called Verizon for me and canceled my new 2-year contract and
      reset my upgrade date to that day.  Then they credited my credit card back for the full amount I had originally paid.  No restocking fee.

      Then I switched back to my OG Droid.  Now I’m waiting for the Droid 4……  still waiting…

    • Anonymous

      I had a RAZR for a few days and took it back to the local Verizon store along with the box and accessories (no reciept or anything) and they just took it back for the $35 and no questions asked.  Well, they did try to encourage me to try something different, or keep it, but didn’t push at all.  They gave me no trouble in returning.

      As long as the phone isn’t broken or beat up, you should have no issue returning it.

      • Thelegendofdavid

        Good to hear! Thanks BadPlasmid

    • Ben

      I kept my razor for ~2 weeks hoping that I could get past the battery life and the green-ish display tint.  The store didn’t give me any trouble at all when I brought it back on Nexus day and exchanged it.  In fact, the guy didn’t even power it on, just charged me the $35 and handed me my Nexus.  I couldn’t be happier!

      • Thelegendofdavid

        Thanks for your story

    • Samdung

      Can you hear me now? You cant because your call was dropped like a turd. Calls are often dropped on pho es that have turd radios..i mean samdung radios

      • shdowman

        Nice story bro.

        Might I direct you to a samsung phone thread.

    • Booboolala2000

      I returned my Razr on release day and the salesperson didnt question my reasoning at all. I said thatvibreally thought that i could do without a removeable battery. It did about 95% of the time but….was a great phone but i want uodates after valentines day. D4 will be my backup phone. That or ?

  • 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I actually was looking forward to at least checking this phone out at the store, seeing as how I have the OG, D2G, and D3 I am looking to add this to my collection…luckily February is when one of my lines upgrades so I would have had to wait until then anyway.

  • Anon

    i cannot believe you guys fall for the droid every month trick that motorola is throwing out at you… 

    • Anonymous

      I dont. The Bionic is very capable. This is just another choice for someone in the market for a phone.

      • Anonymous

        I have been saying this all along. Only stupid nerds or geeks will buy a device every 2 months. You need to buy a good device ,and also a device that you will love for 2 years.

  • Niklas

     Well, if the D4 comes out in February and it’s the only global GSM slider with Verizon’s LTE then I’d still get it. However, I’m hoping the 2/2/2012 date is false or other companies join this smartphone category to provide more competition.

    • Andy

       It’s really unfortunate that Motorola is the only company releasing high end global sliders. I wouldn’t be surprised that if the D4 is released in Feb., it’ll still be the most powerful global slider out. It’s not a good time for us who require global phones and a physical keyboard.

      • Johan

        The only reason I’m waiting on the D4 is that I want a high end global slider. If another company (maybe not LG) comes out with one then I have no problems switching companies.

        • Anonymous

          I agree, though I also like Motorola’s build quality, industrial design, and voice call quality.  I also think the D3 has the best physical keyboard on the market today, and the D4’s physical keyboard looks even better.

          I highly doubt the D4 will be delayed until February.

          If it’s not out tomorrow, then it’s going to come out either 12/29 or 1/5 to catch the post-Christmas shoppers.

          I’m still planning to get a D4, but if Samsung surprises us with a Galaxy Nexus Slider, or HTC announces a quad-core slider at CES, I’d be willing to reconsider…

          • Anonymous

            Also, I don’t think the D4 is in direct competition with the Nexus, RAZR, and Rezound.  Either you want a physical keyboard or you don’t…

          • Anonymous

            Good choices, i personally do not like slider, but they are good for some people.

        • Aston

           I have no problems switching phone manufacturers if another company comes out with a high end global slider. Here’s hoping other companies join this category.

        • Miles

           If HTC or Samsung came out with a non-outdated global slider before the D4 comes out, I’d get it.

        • Markson

          I’d jump OEMs too if I could. Too bad the Stratosphere didn’t cut it. Neither global nor dual core.

    • Steve

       I was hoping to upgrade from my D2G soon. I know VZW requires you to have you’re phone active for a certain peroid of time before unlocking the SIM. Feb. may be too late for my Europe trip. I guess my D2G will have to do.

      • kevin

        From my understanding the SIM unlock requirement is that the line your phone is on must be in good standing for the last 60 days. Verizon unlocked the SIM on my D2G the same day I got it. I plan on doing the same with the D4.

        • Rony

           Same here. I got my D2G SIM unlocked within a week of purchasing it since I travel to Canada often. Using a local SIM is much cheaper than paying Verizon’s international plan.

      • Skinja99

        I unlocked my Dinc2 the week I got it. Just call Verizon and ask to be transferred to  “Verizon Global”

        But FYI, there is something weird going on where they limit you to 2G/Edge in Canada.

    • Anonymous

      I was holding out on my upgrade from my aging Droid X for this, but they just made the choice easy for me…

      Galaxy Nexus all the way.

      Really, really wanted a good slider phone, but OEMs are collectively dropping the ball in this market segment.

    • anon

      The Droid 4 will not be released until February 2012. I can confirm this from within VerizonWireless.

      • Anonymous

        If it is launching with ICS, as some are suggesting, then February might make sense.  Otherwise, I find it hard to believe…

  • J Dub

    When will my days of unlocked bootloader, phys KB, 4G, dual core, big HD screen, vanilla ICS start?

    • Anonymous

      Not when the brand of the phone starts with Moto…

  • Robert

    Shoot.  I was gonna get this for my wife for Christmas.  She’s physical keyboard loyal.  NOW what do I do??

    • Let this be a lesson not to always trust rumors.

    • Lmrojas

      at least you didnt pre order and have it cancelled like my Transfomer Prime was.

    • Anonymous

      The wait will be worth it.

  • Guest

    angelfag77 will be crying!

  • Tdpolo26

    only thing is in feb we arent to far from quad core sounds pretty dumb to wait till then

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    • Anonymous

      That’s probably when Motorola is looking to have the Razr and Bionic builds of ICS done. Being that the 4 is a sister device based on specs, Motorola probably plans on launching the DROID 4 as it’s first phone with ICS.

    • Mitch

       I guess starting with the D3, Motorola intends on releasing outdated sliders. The D3 didn’t have LTE. The D4 won’t have quad core and no single baseband chip.

  • Anonymous

    I love my Galaxy Nexus, and I was wondering, the wallpaper that it’s advertised, you know, with all the colors, I use it, but Verizon has a picture of the phone on their website, with a very similar wallpaper on their G-NEX, and I want it so bad lol, but I can’t find the image anywhere on google, help me lol

  • Anonymous

    February makes sense.

    Honestly, it was to early to release another Droid since the 3 just came out.

    • J Dub

      Droid Bionic —-> Droid Razr

      It’s never too soon. 

    • Www Blah

      Its not to early they screwed up with Droid 3! I need this phone now my OG Droid is done for and I needed to upgrade like a month ago….

    • quadcore

      Why would February make any sense when quad cores are going to be right around the corner… I would just wait in that case.

  • Anonymous

    You’re good Verizon…

  • Anonymous

    SH1T SON

  • Why would they push it back that far with those specs and after all of the leaks?

    • Luis C.

      From what I’ve been reading, the D4 is pretty much ready for release and it’s just up to Verizon now. I’m sure it’s too late to change anything hardware wise. So when CES comes and all the talk about single chip baseband solutions, quad cores and other things start spreading, people are likely going to start doing the whole waiting game again.

      People passed on the D3 because of the lack of 4G. If a bunch of new phones with quad cores and other new specs get demoed at CES then I’m sure many will pass on the D4 in February.

      • If they wait till CES when they unveil their new styled quad cores the RAZR styling will be out of date so to say. Seems like Verizon doesn’t know how to handle all of the phones coming out these days. Maybe they should stick with high end and leave the low ends out of there. Also worth noting that the original design leaked back at the end of October and it already looked ready to release. I would say the delay is all Verizon’s fault. 

  • Anonymous

    Motorola sure does love that hump

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they remembered that the Droid 3 just came out a few months ago.