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Here is the Changelog for the Mystery DROID Bionic 5.9.901 Update

Remember the mysterious 5.9.901 update that popped up for the DROID Bionic this morning, confusing everyone? Well, we have the official changelog for it – a massive one at that. Seems odd that we would see such a big update so soon after the phone just received one of similar size, but hey, we love updates. And let’s not forget that the bug list for the Bionic was unbelievably large to begin with, so a second fixer was probably needed.

So what do we have in store? Everything is after the break.  

Application Updates/Improvements

  1. Preload VCast Apps Store
  2. Preload Sling stub application
  3. Preload MOG stub application
  4. VZNavigator preload updated to version
  5. Youtube videos restart after pausing to access Notification Panel
  6. Youtube screen flashes when Back key pressed during video play
  7. Voice call muted while composing a Visual Voiceamail message
  8. Visual Voicemail saves messages to internal memory with UI displaying SD card target
  9. Visual Voicemail delete actions sends delete and save commands to the server

Data Connectivity

  1. Stuck in 3G mode in strong 4G coverage
  2. No 4G data connectivity
  3. No LTE service in LTE only service areas (Hagerstown, MD)
  4. Patch for Alcatel-Lucent LTE infrastructure R9 support
  5. Dual IMSI support
  6. Excessive LTE handover attempts (SIB8 messaging processing)
  7. Improvements in Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot LTE download performance

Device Operation

  1. OTA update needs to utilize Admin APN
  2. Support for National Plus Code Dialing
  3. Cannot play WAV files
  4. Support for Bluetooth Personal Area Networks (PAN)
  5. Missing SMS alerts while on voice calls
  6. Choppy audio while streaming via to a TV via HDMI
  7. No Bluetooth audio when paired and connected

Stability/Performance Improvements

  1. Black screen lockups
  2. Reduced idle resets
  3. Voice call drops when SMS message is received
  4. Lockups when XT875 is in the multimedia dock
  5. Resets after camera multi-shots are taken
  6. Internal memory file creation dates shown as December 31, 1969
  7. Clock widget time does not match Notification Panel time

Told you it was big. So more bloatware and a ton of data connectivity fixes.

Cheers ___!

  • I applied the update to my phone.  I’m loving it!  

  • Marc

    After I applied this update, my Headphone Jack stopped working all together… has anyone else had this problem?

  • Anonymous

    I never received this update I only got the first and my phone still has terrible connectivity issues it still freezes between 3g & 4g all the time.

  • Ufish2

    I’m glad I got a fresh new rom on my rooted 
    tbolt..running smooth as silk with no issues
    which i bought 4 150$..no contract
    screw verizon :);)x)

  • the bull

    CCan’t wait for cm9 so i can rid myself of this Verizon bloatware crap. Who actually pays for vznavigator, when google nav is free and better?

  • Russ

    How do  get this update? The phone settings say the phone is up to date, but is not this version.

  • Anonymous


  • Im still at 5.5.893. No update available when I check with the phone. 

    • Emiller213

      Did you ever hear from anyone about how to get his update?

  • DroidPags

    So i downloaded and flashed this a few days ago, even though most of my issues were already fixed when 5.5.893 was released. I couldn’t stop myself. I find this update to be very stable and connection has never been better, however there is one major problem – battery life… Where 5.5.893 helped this tremendously, this new update has taken 5 steps back. Just as an example, i have had my phone unplugged for 3 hours and have not used it for anything yet but i only have 60% battery left. Battery Management is stating that the Android OS is has been using up 62% of the battery! This was never an issue on 5.5.893. In fact i would have 90% if still on that version. Anyone else having this issue? Thoughts on this latest update?  Any way to go back to 5.5.893 if necessary?

    • Taglogical

      Are you suffering the LTE outage in your area? Could be your phone trying to acquire 4G signal.  (we’re still out in Michigan)

    • I just came back here now to post that since I flashed the above update, my battery life is even BETTER and it was GREAT before! The other day I got up at 7:30 AM and unplugged my phone, went to work, watched youtube videos, texted, calls, checked voicemail, read pulse news reader, etc etc. By the time I went to bed at 11:30 PM my phone still had 40% battery remaining, but I plugged it in anyway. Incredible. Not once did I put the phone to sleep or turn off 4G.

      Thanks to Motorola.

    • Cornbread

      It may be that you maintain a 4G connection more often, and 4G will use more battery power than 3G. the sacrifice is speed vs. Battery Power. could get and extended battery if you want to keep the speed

  • Illinipoke98

    Woohooo!  This fixed my drop issue.  I was PO’d at first because I couldn’t get 4g at all and 3g was dropping but then we find out about the Verizon network issue.  Since 4g came back online here around noon yesterday I have had solid 4g at home and office, not one drop.  I was probably dropping 4&3g at least 20 times a day EASY before this patch.

    Rock solid now and it didn’t break forever root.  I’m a wifi hotspottin fool now lol.

    • Illinipoke98

      And literally 2 minutes after I type this, my 4g drops.  Network or phone this time?


      • Taglogical

        4G is out in Lansing, Michigan – I’ve heard other areas as well; this could be the 2nd Nationwide outage in as many days…

  • Erndog66

    Dec 20, 2011 11:40 PM (in response to rduckwor)Correct Answer5.9.901 Pushing to some. What’s the OFFICIAL STORY on this OTA??
    Wow. I shouldn’t be surprised at how many posts are up here since the site came back — but I am anyway. Haven’t had time to read through this thread yet but I will try. Anyway, as you know we  are always working on improving software for our devices. There is an  update for the Droid Bionic in process and it was inadvertently sent early to a small number of users on Dec. 19. We’re continuing to test the software and once the software completes the testing cycle, it will be distributed to  all Bionic users.”~Matt

    • Barlog

      Thanks for this post 🙂

  • This update was sent out by accident…

    read the first post.

    • That sux they are acting like they have no clue what it is. Im debating on installing it but dont want to end up like the users out there that are stuck 5.7 versions. 

      • Maverick16R

        I went the 5.7.xxx route but now back on path and trying the 5.9. P3Droid has a great path recovery program out to get back to path

    • Dude

      I noticed this update actually fixes the issue with the 3G/4G logo staying in the notification bar while using wifi. Wasn’t really an issue with me, but the logos no longer appear anymore while I use wifi.

  • Anonymous

    No update yet, 
    Ontario Ca.

  • Bionic

    My phone still says up to date

    • Anonymous

      Mine to. 
      Ontario, California.

  • My 3g keeps dropping out every five minutes this is reduces I’ve gotten all the updates and the problem is still there its retorted.

    • Dude

      The decoder key to your message (I think): reduces = Ridiculous, retorted = Retarded. Right? !!!

  • me

    Are people receiving this ota or pushing it from dl post?

  • Cdguylhs

    I still have not received this update.

    • wsnydes

      nor have i

    • me

      I haven’t either,the last update pretty much fixed any problem i had.been trying to read peoples comments to see if its worth it when i finally do,or if i should pass.

  • JnC

    who cares they can’t keep 4G  on so what does it matter, should have went to Sprint.. 

    • Ed

      I got strong 3g here in Baltimore area at least.

      • Ed

        haha, as soon as i hit post, literally my 3g dropped.

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting pissed the longer this continues. Still nothing data wise. Best network my arse….

  • I had 1 click root, loaded the update, and lost root. tried to run 1 click root again, and no dice. i’m rootless…ahhhhh i feel like i left the house this morning without pants on.

    • Anonymous

      Thats the main reason why I dont care to “stay on the upgrade path” as I was flamed elsewhere for rooting and throwing a ROM on my phone. 

      Never thought people would hate on me for rooting and putting a ROM on my Android phone…..

      • Anonymous

        Certainly not on Droid-Life, so where?  Some iCrapple site perhaps?

  • Interstellarmind

    I think the 4G network is facing massive issues. I don’t think it’s the radios in phomes. Hopefully, VZW will get it back up and running.

    I bet it’s the fact that SO many people are rocking LTE now. They went from a a couple of LTE devices (charge and tbolt… maybe one more) to like 6 (charge, tbolt, AND razr, gnex, rezound).

    LTE went down before charge release and before gnex release, both LTEs… stands to reason 3 phones getting on the grid would screw them up.

  • Anonymous

    Nationwide outage-3g and 4g!…..losing count how many this has been already. Think they need to quit worrying about the phone updates and get their friggin network working right!!!

    • Keithsmnr

      Oh so its not just me!

  • me

    Wow nexus really is the next iPhone .wish this site had mods to to keep people on task so we could actually find helpful comment’s.what a shame this use to be my favorite site.

    • Anonymous


      I don’t get what you’re sayin

    • You

      Then leave… your comment has nothing at all to do with this post and it’s people like you that leave these useless statements that clutter up the comment section.

      • me

        Yes it does, and if you cannot figure it out too bad it wasn’t meant for you.

        • You

          Really?? How does your opinion about the Nexus and how Droid Life used to be better, have to do with the latest Bionic update. You want to actually find helpful comments, stop posting yours. I’m done with this as i don’t want to add to these worthless comments…

          In actual reference to this post, i have the update and have noticed a smoother performance so far. The .893 OTA seemed to fix a lot of my issues, so any other fixes this update has should be helpful. I’m finally enjoying my Bionic to it’s fullest capabilities and IMHO this is now a quality phone.

  • Zero G

    Hope this update doesn’t break my Bionic further.  Used to see the cute little 4GLTE and 3G indicators next to my maxed out signal strength meter.  Now, unless I run in CDMA only mode I get a nice gray signal meter and every few minutes here or there I see 3G.  Before the update I wouldn’t have consider I had data issues.  Now I have a palm pilot and a 1990’s voice only phone…  Oh, and I contacted Verizon customer service and they were shocked that I had data issues and said it was the first they’ve heard of such a thing.  How do they sleep at night…

    • Anonymous

      Contact Motorola and be insistent. If you go to the third level of customer service you’ll reach their consumer affairs division . If you complain about data connectivity and the Bionic being defective you may be able to get Motorola to trade your Bionic for a RAZR. I did it and the RAZR has no connectivity problems I’ve experienced and is just an all around better device.

      • PAJ

        So many issues, is it my phone? Is it my network?  Is it me?  Turns out my frustration was due to the network being down.  Ya think VZW customer service would have mentioned that…  Will see if this update becomes official and if it resolves the last of my data issues (only in fringe 4G areas).  Otherwise love this phone…

  • knyght

    ran the update last night worked fine, woke up today to no 4g/3g service, rebooted phone 3g came up after moving battery saver mode from nite time to performance, rebooted, phone took 30 mins to get 3g service back still has not jumped on 4g and i am in a 4g zone. any ideas?

    • Keithsmnr

      Dame here but it might be another outage?

  • Peter

    Don’t matter what device you have when there is no LTE network to connect to anyway.  What is up big red?

    • Anonymous

      There’s no network, period, LTE or otherwise. Been down for around 6 hours now in N. Indiana. Top quality network…..sure is…..becoming a weekly deal.

      • Stephen

        Right outside of DC we have 3g just no LTE.  I’ve been up since 6:30

        • Anonymous

          Must be coming back spotty. I still don’t have anything and others in various places are still reporting it being out totally while some are saying they’ve got 3g but no 4. Gotta love it…..

          • same, no 4G and intermittent 3G -Detroit metro area 

          • Stephen

            I’ve been back on LTE for about the last 40 minutes now.

  • Anonymous


  • Zebra

    Nothing like an “update” that adds more bloat…

    • Illinipoke98

      Don’t mind the bloat if i can freeze it.  The alert app i have no issue with them adding.

  • Illinipoke98

    forever rooted, now rebooting after applying this update, fingers crossed.  The first update seemed to make my data drop and headphone issues worse, hope this fixes both

    • Illinipoke98

      Phone feels snappier, but my 4g is bouncing between it and 3g….but i’m right on the fringe off the 4g tower reach.  That reboot took ages.

      • Matt Offiler

        Have you noticed any negative issues since you posted? Ive got foreveroot as well but theres been so many irrelevant comments here its hard to find some actual useful answers.

        • Anonymous

          +1, get tired of the endless off-topic comments. Anyone notice if you can keep root with this?

        • Illinipoke98

          Nothing new negative, but either Verizon is having network issues or this did nothing to fix my data drop issue.  Still dropping and no 4g at all this am. 

          Phone seems snappier though for some reason.

          Still have root, plus a few bloat apps.  I defrosted some apps i froze before I updated.

          Update was smooth, no issues, but don’t know if it solved much either.

  • Ricktheprick

    Abandoned Bionic for GN because of subpar Bionic camera. Nexus camera is much better. Not the best, but captures very nice pix, and importantly is reliable. Bye, bye Bionic.

    • Leesfax

      Please.  The Bionic pictures are no worse than GN, and probably a little better.  You’re simply assigning values to a phone you own that simply do not exists.  Bye, Bye, prick.

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        i have both phones. and i’d say the nexus camera is considerably better.

      • Ricktheprick

        Do you own both phones? Have you done a side-by-side comparison? I think not. An objective, unbiased, side-by-side comparison will show the GN to be the winner in the camera department. Stop the hate. Try to be objective.

        • Leesfax

          Don’t need to OWN both phones.  Played with the Nexus in the store and took pictures with it.  Both cameras are about the same, neither are fantastic.  I was anxious for the GN to appear, I was going to buy it, but it simply isn’t enough of an upgrade for me, plu the GN has a few issues of its own.  The Bionic is now receiving a lot of fixes, and I’d rather stick with it now since its more tested.  By the time I’m done with it, the next latest, greatest, bestest, phone will be out anyway.  Neither your opinion is unbiased nor mine.  It’s just an opinion.

          • Anonymous

            Finally, a comment that makes sense.  Yes, people should absolutely play with both phones in hand if you’re torn between two phones.  Not just rely on specs and rumored reports of quality.  I was actually going to do the same, but alas the Nexus took too long to finally drop, so I actually opened my eyes and considered another phone, and guess what?  I ended up buying it. 

            I have since gone to a Verizon store and played with the Nexus, and it’s a pretty good phone. 

          • Taglogical

            Don’t sweat it, I have tried 2 Galaxy Nexus’s and they have enough issues that I went back to my Bionic, which imo is the best phone on Verizon right now.

          • Anonymous

            Now there’s a smart man!  It’s a shame I could only like your your comment once.

        • Mark Slomski

          i do own both phones and the gnex just takes the same crappy pictures faster. they are phones not a 1000.00$ profesional camera. I wish people would stop being tools on here about which phone is better and just comment about the topic of this blog in the first place grow the hell up or buy an iphone.


    I think before I try to install this I’ll restore my phone to stock with http://droidmodderx.com/bionic/too-easy-unbrick-bionic-with-oneclick-fastboot-restore/ and apply the update, then restore back to my root/custom ROM nandroid backup. That worked for the last update anyhow.

  • Edward Peichel

    I definitely did not get that update. I’m assuming it will roll out to me, anything I can do to push the process? Already shut off and removed battery. 

    • Anonymous

      Go to settings, about phone, and then manually pull it.

  • Huskerpower

    I just picked up a bionic plus an extra battery, battery charger and car dock for $150 at Costco. Great deal!

  • Nexusplz

    I hope our Nexus get those fixes soon. those issues were the reason I returned my Bionic in Sept.  Would still have it if this fix was included at release. its a good device.

  • Anonymous

    I havnt expierenced any of these issues. So I do not care about this update. 

    “Fixed” issues that were not present and doesnt add anything of worth. Ill stick to 5.7.893 until I make the jump to 5.8.894.

  • Alex

    Isn’t this the phone that took forever to get released, and it still had all these problems in there?

  • Oh snap, that phone was effed up.

  • Anonymous


  • Glad I got the Galaxy Nexus

    • Anonymous

      Then why are you posting here?

      • Anonymous

        iNexus trolls’ll be trolls

    • Dude

      Coool ! Welcome to the data/connectivity issue club 😉

      • What issues.  Obviously you don’t have one.

        • Dude


        • Abgar Musayelyan

          are you kidding me? random reboots. data drops and takes minutes to pick up.  am i the only one experiancing this? if so pls tell me so i can go get a replacment.

          • I have had mine since launch, network service is not very strong,including data.  but i have never had a reboot.  guess i got a good one… it was the last one at the store, saving the best for last i guess.  

          • oh also the network is dead… or on life support, sometimes delivering 3G, started a few hours ago.  so that could be the data drops.

      • Anonymous

        I have a Nexus and have no data/connectivity issues.

    • My penis is bigger than yours

      Nobody cares if you have a Nexus. I have the Nexus as well and it isn’t perfect either.

      • Tony Allen

        No phone is perfect. Not the Nexus, and definitely not the Bionic.

        • Definitely not. Just glad I don’t have the extra bloat Verizon puts on other Android phones.

          • Tony Allen

            Yup, I’ll be stealing an upgrade to get the Nexus in January 🙂

      • Wrong. I care and I don’t have extra bloat on my phone.

        • 1LoudLS

          No, He was right, He said nobody.

    • Own both G-Nexus and Bionic.

      Already on my second G-Nexus with the Drop-Call feature pre-installed and Surprise-I’m-Rebooting feature.  Glad my Droid Bionic is reliable enough to make phone calls.
      Thanks Moto for the updates.

      • Anonymous

        lol@ Suprise-I’m Rebooting feature.

      • I have noticed bad network connectivity on my G-Nexus but i havent actually dropped a call, and i have never rebooted randomly.  I have had mine since launch.

  • Thats a lot of fixes …. Wow … Got to love Android ..

  • me

    Question I updated the last ota from Dl before it was pushed to phone by Verizon.I never rooted am I still able to get ota’s since the one I updated to was the official.just a little early

    • Dude

      I updated mine with this new update coming from the 5.5.893 update, so yes, I’m assuming so.

    • me

      Thanks for the reply im just going to wait for Verizon to send it then. I put every ROM I could on my d1 and d2,but I just like the bionic stock for right,plus on top of it I wouldn’t no how to go back to stock since the whole process is different.

  • Jayrod718

    If I only deleted a couple bloat apps like blockbuster etc. will this update fail?

  • Is there a way to just re-flash the radio?   I have “Unknown” for Baseband, ERI, and PRL versions.

  • Dpiffy

    when did this ota update start coming out? just today?

    • NKTizzle

      It’s most likely a small test group. The full push probably won’t happen till after the first of the year

  • Anonymous

    My Bionic got worse since the last update..  Phone calls sound like static, 3g drops all the time, texts don’t send or receive until you shut off and shut the phone back on.

    • When you say “last” update, do you mean THIS update (901) or the last update (893)?

      • Anonymous

        893.  Well see how this one does, but it isn’t available to me yet.

  • Dstreng27

    i was waiting for official word b4 i flashed the update. after reading this i dont think i can wait anymore

  • Dstreng27

    im a little confused. does the update fix all these problems, or does it add some?

    • I’m apparently the only dumbass that has had a problem.

  • Kwalker23

    I just put ics 4.0.3 on my Bionic, its in alpha stage without 3g/4g and broken camera, everything else is fine. Buttery smooth and OC’d to 1.2 ghz

    • Matt Offiler

      Im calling shenanigans 

      • David Russell

        Why?  There is definitely an early ICS ROM out there for the Bionic. Like Kwalker23 says, it only has 1x data capabilities right now, but it is out there and it does work.  It’s called ICS4BIONIC Alpha 9 by TH3ORY ROM.  It is compiled from the Cyanogenmod 9 source.

        • Anonymous

          Because of the overclock. First off its not possible. Second its a waste of battery power. The Bionic is fast enough as it is. An extra 200Mhz isnt gonna make a difference to 99% of people. 

          How do I know? 95% of the time ur phone is on its NOT running at its claimed speed. Go ahead and look on the market for Antutu or another app that will tell you what speed ur CPU is running at. My Bionic hums along @300Mhz most of the time. If Im streaming netflix or radio it bumps up to 600Mhz….rarely ever does it NEED 1Ghz. 

          Every phone(including the “G-Nex”) does this. So someone claiming they overclocked it is a liar and stupid. 

          • Anonymous

            Wow. Overclocking it only means that he increased the cpu’s max speed, not that he necessarily is forcing the cpu to run at 1.2ghz minimum. And if he is running multiple cpu-intensive apps at once, he might easily push the cpu to max, especially in short bursts. That happens all the time on my xoom and nexus. Trust me, if your bionic were clocked at 800mhz max, and you tried to open your browser with pandora already running, I’m pretty sure you’d notice.

            Maybe next time you should make absolutely sure about something before flaming someone as “a liar and stupid.”

  • Hey, this post isn’t about a phone I own! BAWWWWW.

  • Dstreng27

    so far it looks like moto is fed up with us bionic users and decided to give us the middle finger. “Merry Christmas guys, here is a no data/bootloooping update”

  • Jd

    no matter how many updates they release moto still has crap software like my dx

    • Anonymous

      Kinda harsh no?  I definetley wouldn’t call it crap

  • me

    Some people already started getting this?

  • I’m sure all the Bionic owners were clamoring for another VCast App….

    • Miguel


    • Acniehaus04

      I thought that it was funny that I had to sign a waiver saying I was informed that my nexus wont come preloaded with vcast apps haha

      • Sk102704

        That’s a waiver I would love to sign!

      • Jimmypop13

        where? I got mine on launch day from a vzw  corporate store and didn’t see any document like this

      • I picked one up (but can’t activate it til the 25th…balls) and I didn’t get a waiver!  I’m honestly upset.  I would just love to string the VZW rep along like I’ll miss bloatware with a healthy dose of sarcasm

  • Dpiffy

    is this an official update? no updates showing avaiable for me ota… also… does anybody know if we are still able to maintain root if we have forever root after installing this update?

    • Yes you can maintain root with forever root.  Just be careful with this update…  It was so tempting that I updated and now my phone is borked.

      • Chadlatourelle

        What happened exactly?

        • I applied the update through the stock recovery, and when the phone rebooted every single com.google.* process force closed.   I rebooted into bootstrap recovery and wiped cache and dalvik cache – then I was stuck in a bootloop.  Did a factory reset and that didn’t help.

          I pushed the factory .886 files back to the phone in fastboot and have a working .886 OS, but no data/phone connectivity.  I can’t update back to .893 because I have the .901 update radio/kernel.

          If I use CWM recovery, I can get back my last version of .893, but still no radio functionality/connectivity.

          • Anonymous

            Did they never release the files for rsd?

          • RUSTY DIXON

            Hey Dave, have you tried the one-click fastboot restore? It’s at http://droidmodderx.com/bionic/too-easy-unbrick-bionic-with-oneclick-fastboot-restore/
            I’ve used it several times to unbrick my f’d up Bionic (good phone, but the f’d part comes from me using it). I’ve only used the Linux version but the Windows and MAC do the same thing. It puts the phone back to stock and then you’ve got to update OTA (at least that was the case for me).
            Hope this helps.

          • Thanks for the info.  My issue is the radio at this point.  Just went to Verizon and they tried another SIM card and said “you’re radio is messed up”.

          • Taglogical

            Verizon outage… if only I’d have got here sooner… How’s the phone, Dave?

          • Oddly enough, my phone started working this morning…. funny how that goes. The Verizon employee wasn’t aware of an outage.   Of course I screwed up my system by the time the connectivity started working again and now there is no way to get it back to normal.

            My phone was reporting “Unknown” for baseband and wouldn’t connect to Verizon for data or voice – so I think it was worse than a data outage for me.  So I threw everything I could find at it to try and get it to work again…

            Right now I have the .886 radio (sucks), .893 OS, and .901 kernel.  Can’t flash it all back and start over, and with the update checks I can’t go forward with anything.

            Ahhh well, at least it’s working.  😉

        • Guest

          Probably operator error.

      • Anonymous

        A word of wisdom. Dont ever update until you read about it first. Some updates break forever root. 

        But then again ur staying on OTA updates….so you wouldnt know. Their are about 8 different Bionic updates floating around right now. 

        • Oh I know…  I appreciate your advice.  I never touched the .5.6, or 5.7 stuff.  Just rooted and .894.  Then after reading a bunch of people having luck with this .901, I figured I’d go for it since it appeared official.

          Still trying to get my phone going.  I really didn’t need to spend 8 hours dealing with this today.  😛

          • Dude

            Reading all of your previous posts, the only issue I can see is that you were rooted. As far as I know installing updates on root will likely cause loss of root or issues. I really don’t see any other reason for any problems to have happened 🙁 Which sucks, I hope you get your phone up and running again!

          • Thanks Dude.  Yup it’s pretty much true… the only thing I did was root and install the .893 before it was pushed to me.  So, I don’t know why it’s unhappy…  it seems to have screwed up the radio somehow.  Not giving up yet.  😛

  • me

    damn moto on a terror.all these updates to all their phones on top if all these new phone ‘s say what you want moto but their getting it done.

    • +1 for manufacturer support

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      If you own the Bionic this does look like a worthwhile update for sure.  Good for you guys.

  • Travis Baughn


  • Dstreng27

    wasnt .991 the one that just got pushed? .901 is the demo version???

    • it’s the other way around. .991 is the demo

  • This update hosed my Bionic.  🙁

  • lol they add 3 more bloatware apps.