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DROID Bionic Receiving Mysterious 5.9.901 Update?


A little over a week after the DROID Bionic received a substantial bug fixer, a new update has popped up on a variety of handsets as build 5.9.901. We poked around for a changelog, but have come up empty. It’s definitely a mystery, though you can load it now thanks to a nice grab by some community forum members. The update is a hefty 56MB in size.  

Download:  Blur_Version.5.5.893.XT875.Verizon.en.US.zip [mirror]


1.  Download the file from above and drop it on the root of your SD card (not internal storage).
2.  Reboot into stock recovery (adb reboot recovery).
3.  When the robot appears, press both volume keys in at the same time.
4.  Select “apply update from sdcard” using the volume keys, then the power switch to initiate it.
5.  Choose the file that you downloaded above and let it load.

If you see this, be sure to let us know. Loading on my Bionic now.

*Note – Likely breaks root methods. Perma-root may leave you with root though.

Via:  DF

Cheers Kenneth and Nate!

  • Patrick

    Just received 5.9.902.XT875.Verizon.en.US

  • was anyone able to grab the update file of 901?

  • K I KNow it was a month ago now, but after reading troll comments for the last 10 mins i still wanna know if the update is worth anything

    Can we add a vote section to what build people are currently using (for each phone for us normal people?)

  • lithoman

    ok ok right side up or upside down who cares…it only matters what pocket..(left or right) you put it in..

  • John Suh

    The Droid Bionic is just the phone you love to hate.

  • I have just updated to this new update 5.9.901 and kept root.

  • Bgardner15

    is this 5.9 or 5.5.893 because I already have 5.5.893 in my bionic now..

  • Jfelts

    This doesn’t make sense to me. This talks all about the 5.9.901 update however has a link to download the 5.5.893 update? What gives?