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Verizon Support: Update to Address Galaxy Nexus Signal Strength in the Works

Reports started to flow in over the weekend that the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon was experiencing signal strength issues and possibly dropping calls like a mutha. Can’t say that I have noticed the dropped call issue myself, but it does seem tough to ever get a full 4 bars of LTE on this puppy. I’m also not having to toggle in and out of airplane mode as much as some have claimed, but then again, I have had to a couple of times and that’s unfortunate. Some have locked onto the idea that the 4.0.2 update somehow broke signal strength – the jury is still out on that.

So what is Verizon doing about it? There official Twitter support account claimed this morning that an investigation has started and that a software update “is being developed.” Wait, so that essentially says two things:  that they aren’t sure yet and are looking into it or they already know the issue and are fixing it. Hmmm. Either way, the issue is on their radar and we could see something in no time, being a Nexus and all.

How has your experience been? Bad signal and dropped calls? Neither? One or the other?

Cheers Chris and Scott!

  • Anonymous

    Same here = If it’s not fixed by Jan. 15th I will be returning this phone.  Love
    everything else about it, but reception is a deal-breaker. 

  • Greg Tataryn

    I know every phone varies slightly but I have noticed in areas where I used to get 1 or 2 bars on my Droid X I just barely getting it to show i even have a 3G signal on the GNex. Unfortunately I currently live in a city that does not yet have 4G coverage (supposedly coming in Jan/Feb) but I was in Atlanta this weekend and the 4G coverage never got to a ful 4 bars that I noticed.

  • CK1

    Here’s my take on it. We are seeing the actual signal strength of LTE for the first time. Previous LTE phones only displayed the 1X signal regardless of 3G or 4G connection. On my Thunderbolt, I would switch from 4G to 3G even with a full signal. On the Nexus, in the same area, I see that the 4G bars going from 2 to 1 to 0 then switch to 3G. 

    This is confusing the heck out of people. Their fix will be to switch it to display the 1X signal.

    • Steve Rajek

      That couldn’t be more wrong.

      • CK1

        There are 3 different radios (1X, EVDO and LTE) in the device. Each has it’s own distinct signal strength. They are only showing 1. Which one do you think it is?

        Good test would be to use a network extender that amplifies a 1X signal. My Thunderbolt signal would go up (1 bar to 4) when near my network extender. I cannot test the GNex as I no longer have my network extender. I would bet that if it is on 4G, it would not change.

  • Benandrews

    I allowed data roaming in the mobile network section and have been in 3-4 bars ever since

  • weapon x

    Oh man, myself and every other RAZR owner are relieved we didn’t buy into the heavy propaganda around here about the Gnex. Trust your own feelings guys, and compare hands on. I did and I made the right choice. Don’t let other people you don’t even know tell you what phone to buy just cause they are fanboys. 

    • Anonymous

      Do you have the blotch problems on the sceen that most of the Razr have in low light viewing.

  • RJFrank

    Very poor signal and dropped calls as a result! Hope an update comes soon…

  • Ryan W.

    Is this also why my GNex gets crazy hot when using the network connection? I hope this fixes it before January 15th! 

  • Are any of you that are having issues calling/talking to verizon? I spoke with Technical support and they have not heard any issues. The Technical support did explain to me that the GNex has 4 bars as opposed to the normal 5 and that can account for it.

    Also, I spoke to the technical support person and she stated she didn’t know of any dropped call issues. Honestly, call them if you’re having issues. Verizon technical support doesn’t read Droid-Life.

    The support person told me that the Samsung Rep that came in for a training on the GNex gave the battery life at about a day and a half.

    • Anonymous

      battery life of a day and a half…riiight. on wi-fi, or 3g.

    • Ryan W.

      I just spoke with a Rep and she seemed to be aware of the issue and the future bug fix. She offered to send out a replacement device. I told her I would wait to see if the bug fix works. Does your phone get really hot as a result of this? I haven’t heard that complaint and am wondering if mine is the only one.

      • I do not have a nexus yet but my Droid 2 R2D2 is slowly moving to the scrap heap so I am looking into the Nexus as its my top choice (followed by Droid 4 and RAZR) but I fear that the current issues with the Android phones may force my hand to head over to the dreaded iPhone

  • Anonymous

    I just experienced a really frustrating problem with my Gnex! it was seemingly working (led was pulsing = emails received) — but became totally unresponsive to touch. when i pressed the on/start key (right hand side)…nothing happened. The phone would not wake up. I then attempted to restart, with a long press. Nothing. I had to pull the battery and restart the phone. Very odd – and has not ever happened with any past phones (samsung charge, droid OG). Has anyone else experienced this??? 
    *on the subject of radio strength: mine is low quality. 103dbm / 1bar in my apt. I usually get 4 bars in my apt (samsung charge).

  • Razr

    Gee, I should have bought the Razr.

  • nexus on fire

    My g nex doesnt have connection problems just download restart connection app from the market and youll be fine. MY ISSUE IS MY PHONE WONT CHARGE TO 100 NO MATTER WHAT SETTINGS I HAVEIT ON IT ONLY GOES TO 98 PERCENT ANYONE HAVING THIS ISSUE? SHOULD I RETURN IT? HELP? Plz

    • Anonymous

      download circle battery widget in the android market it will give an accurate total of your battery and how it works. You will get to 100% using this application. Usually it take 6plus hrs of a full charge to reach 100% 

  • Anonymous

    All of this would be fine if they would just put BETA on all of their phones and service plans. My call waiting tone doesn’t work on my Gnex either. Love my phone still, but little things are beginning to annoy.
    jax florida multiple locations, no signal issues, 1 random reboot.

  • Josephcostain

    I get great signal best i have ever had love the G Nexus get3 bars of4 g and the tower is 28 miles away

    • Awoodx

      Me to no problems at all with 4g signal i get 2to 3 bars on average and 4bars quite often as well as  in doors at my house  phone is lightning fast ….  I LOVE IT..live in the seattle area

  • The first phone call I made with my G-Nex not only dropped, but restarted the entire phone. Not cool! I’ve had it for just two hours!

  • Anonymous

    Living in Portland Oregon aswell my gnex has been able to get pretty good reception. I have had full 4g plenty of times and never dropped a call. Though went going from 4g/3g i did have to airplane mode toggle once not a big deal i had to do it all the time on my og. The nexus is pulling download speeds fast enough to make me wanna cancel my comcast internet… if i could only tether to a router haha.

    • dev*

      Cheers fellow portlander 🙂

      My experience has been the same, solid signal/reception, one time switching to 3G I had to toggle airplane mode because it would only connect to 1X. But I had similar occasional issues on my 1st gen Droid. I haven’t had the tinny call quality issues others have reported either.

  • Davros

    Haven’t lost any calls but have had wifi connection drop when my DX had no problem. Ran Speedtest in 4G at 2-3 bars and got a download of 36Mb/s and upload of 18Mb/s. Wife says she is happy because she can hear me clearly now when compared to the DX.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve noticed below average signal strength so far on my LTE G-Nex. Coming from a Droid X, I consistently get about 35% less reception with the G-Nex, but my data speeds and call quality are miles beyond the X. I’ve got 30Mbps+ several times on LTE, and wifi results are about the same as the X. Luckily, the G-Nex doesn’t seem to mysteriously kill wifi/cell radios several times throughout the day like my X does. Call quality on the G-Nex, even when it shows no service, is so much clearer than I’m used to.
    Right now I’m sitting at -120dbm on 3G but browsing and posting this just fine over wireless tether so take that for what it’s worth. It basically stays at -120 here at home, but I have no trouble browsing or dropping calls. Seems like maybe it needs some more configuring, but no complaints from me so far (aside from the slight delay with the multitasking soft-button).

  • Mule0331

    Man, I grow more and more happy everyday that I got the Razr.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever floats your boat……….

      I assure you those are temporary feelings.

      • weapon x

        Hell no dude. No issues whatsoever with my Razr. Don’t fling mud just cause your precious nex was made by Crapsung. Awesome OS, crappy build. End of story. Period

        • RW-1

          Not everyone has had the issues listed…..

        • I’ve had no hardware issues. And I had the RAZR for a few weeks. I find the Nexus to be miles better. I’m a very happy switcher of phones.

        • Bob

          I’m sorry…you have NO CLUE what crappy build quality is until you’ve owned a Blackberry. Now THAT is crappy build quality! Anyone griping about Samsung needs to SERIOUSLY shut their mouth because they have never truly experienced what poor build quality is!!

          • Sinister

            Boy that’s the truth!! I’m so sick of everyone ragging on Samsung as well! I’ll take a phone made in Korea to one made in Mexico any day of the week!

          • KleenexBlows

            You’re dumb.

          • SteveO

            They’re right. You’re the moron. “You’re dumb”…great argument too. Really well thought out.

          • Anthony

            AMEN my blackberry tour SUCKED. thing was absolute garbage. i love my nexus, although i have noticed some signal issues.

    • Anonymous

      My question to you is …WHO ARE YOU FOOLING WITH HERE….The Razr has more troubles and problems that the GNex ever will. When was the last time you opened up that buggy camera on the razr????How about the fact that it always switches from 4glte to 3g so often your losing data on that device. If your one of the fortunate unlimited verizon customers I guess it doesn’t matter but how about if your someone who dosn’t have unlimited and your tiered data plan is being eaten up what do you do????? Don’t FOOL YOURSELF BUDDY..I personally laugh at people who really beleive that the RAZR OR REZOUND could possibly be better than the GALAXY NEXUS you must realy need some help from a technology standpoint to even purchase those devices. People who roll with the Galaxy Nexus are usually TOP TECH FOLKS that truly understand the device they have and that devices capabilities. Your Razr is a TOTAL JOKE….http://www.androidcentral.com/droid-razr-about-get-bugfix-update-including-data-and-camera

      • nFans=iFans

        LOL!  More like people who “roll” with the Galaxy Nexus are clueless fanboys and trolls.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    I have not had dropped calls. My wife says I sound better on the Nexus than on the DX. I was in a restaurant last week and tried a speed test. I got 26+ MB down and 15+ MB up. While sitting in a moving car I got 11MB down in a poor 4G area.

  • Paul Song

    Call quality is horrible. I’ve been using the ancient G1 and the voice quality is worse than that. Getting pretty upset about this. I understand 4G signal may not be that great depending on location, but I thought Verizon was the best in terms of call quality.

  • Interesting. I have noticed fewer bars than on my old droid and call quality seems to match. Haven’t experienced the wifi issues and my internet connections so far, so good. I expect that if there is a way to fix this we should hear soon.  but if not, this phone that I waited so long for, must go back. 🙁 And I’ll be damned if I’m paying a restock fee for a defective piece of equipment.

  • Interpol

    I whent from thunderbolt to the nexus and let me tell you the sinal on my tbolt was excellent. Cant say the same for this nexus, dont get me wrong its nice phone. They must fix the radios signal soon. Te other problem is my stock browser its way buggy not as smooth as other phones out there.

  • Mrific

    There is a easy way 2 fix this problem go 2 Verizon & return it in exchange for a iPhone 4s

    • Anonymous

      never an option

  • Azndan4

    Its about the same as it was on my thunderbolt.

  • Azndan4

    No problems so far. Connectivity has been better than my droid x in all regards (3g, 4g, Wifi, calls)

  • Zswap88

    Not to mention i test drove razr and had no signal or call problems but really bad battery life and inferior screen.

  • Zswap88

    Im having signal issues and call issues…the other party just quits hring me! My friends bionic gets about twicece the data speed as i do too… going to return the phone or at least try and exchange . Razr maxx anyone?

  • Anonymous

    I’m smack dab in the middle a heavy 4G coverage area at home (south san jose) and i consistently have 0-1 bars, once and a blue moon 2 bars…not even 3G…we’re talking No G.  F Verizon, my OG had 2-3 bars of 3G almost constantly at home.  Unacceptable.

  • Kornfag11

    Live in the cleveland area and running full 4g and not one dropped call yet. I guess thats one perk to living here! Lol

    • Anonymous

      Keywords being “one perk” 🙂

    • Mule0331

      Hahahaha!, Im from Cleveland area as well, and yes, its one if not the only perk of living here, LMAO!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    3 bars of 4G, Phoenix, AZ, -93dbm, and no dropped calls yet, but I don’t make that many calls.  Sound of callers, and sound that caller reports on the other end, are both very good.  Volume of ringtone and notification tone could be better, so I just bought Volume+ in the Market — at $1.62, well worth it — increases the volume so I don’t miss calls, texts, calendar reminders, etc.

    Battery Life — much better than I expected and better than my Droid Incredible. I think I will buy a spare battery for when I’m on trips, but I do that with every phone I own. So far, very happy with this phone — 4G is blazing fast, and Speed Test shows it to be 3-5 times faster than my home WiFi, which is cable broadband. Very impressive!

  • Jefferz0087

    Mine is perfect. I have 4 bars right as we speak of 4G!

  • Anewbreedx008x

    This nexus is far better than my OG droid signal strengh? PFFFT who would notice it was a pure hassal to even look anything up browser wise on my OG. Im extremly happy about this phone. If u give me better signal strengh then woo hoo. That would help on battery life swapping from 4g to 3g? Im happy as can be only thing that aggrivates me is the low volume of the external speaker on the back

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting about half the signal strength that I normally would get. No dropped calls.

  • Terrible signal.  I walked into a VZW store where the RAZR on display had “full bars” of LTE and showed -61 dBm on the status screen.

    At the same time, sitting about 2 inches away from the RAZR, my GNex showed -87 dBm.  

    There is definitely something very wrong with the radio.

  • Billyrouth2000

    I’m in a 3g only area and havent had any problems.

  • Pkiefer131

    I’m so confused. I’m on my thunderbrick right now running 4G twiddling my thumbs waiting on FedEx for my G-Nex. I just checked my signal and I’m at a -89 (three of six bars) so I paniced and needed to see how slow that was…I loaded a 13 minute video on YouTube in 3.5 seconds ran a speedtest.net with a 8000 kbps up and 788 kbps down…so my signal “sucks” according to everyone but its still faster than anything I have used (3G was like 800 kbps up). Could people just be beast hyping signal b/c the G-Nex did not come with an autograph from Jesus?

    • Ed

      one bar of 4G with a -100ish db strength reading(can’t remember the exact number) for me got almost 8Mmbps down on my nexus and a little under 1MB up when doing some tests.  So i’m not sure if it’s miss reporting the bars/strength or what, but that seems really good for 1 bar to me.

  • HappyPants

    I moved from a OG Droid to a Nexus.  I live in a fringe coverage area in wisconsin.  My Droid would bounce from verizons 3g tower about 5 miles away to a uscellular tower that is closer.  I could rarely make a call.  The signal strength would hover between -95 to -105 db.  My nexus now locks on to the USC tower with signal strength that hovers between -100 and -120.  Even though it shows a weaker signal I have yet to have trouble making a call.  The Nexus has performed much better than the Droid.

  • Keith Sumner

    FYI, Still glad that I got a Bionic 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am in Charlotte and my phone barely gets 2 bars.  The extended battery is draining in 5-6 hours.  Very frustrating.  Verizon is clueless.  I am sure the next step is to give me a new phone.

  • trevorsalienarms

    No dropped calls, but it does seem to be switching between 3G and 4G quite a bit. Completely lost all data connectivity a couple of times while I was in various stores around town over the weekend. Haven’t really seen anything above 2 bars LTE, though a speed test showed 22 down and 5 up from my office, so that seems good. Signal strength numbers don’t seem to get any better than -96 or so, much as has been reported by others.

    Inspecting a Verizon coverage map, I see that my home is right on the edge of a 4G/4G “extended” area, so that might partially explain the manic 3G to 4G and back again dance it’s doing at home. Driving across town to and at work, it seems to be able to hold a relatively stable 4G connection, but again, it never gets above 2 bars.

    Otherwise, I do like the phone…but I’d rather love it. Based on almost no facts (admittedly) I just have a feeling it’s got a problem finding and holding a solid signal. Seems flaky. If this can be fixed with an update…the sooner the better.

  • RW-1

    I’m somewhat concerned, however reading back on a lot of Samsung issues it was that the radio power needed to be tweaked, now I think antenna would really be the thing affecting reception, but it has to talk to the towers as well, either way perhaps a SW fix can work magic.

    Baseband update? Who knows?

    But I do think patching how it displays the signal is more of a cover up in any case, change the parameters of the display to show you one more bar than actual, and you’ll think your doing great when nothing has in fact changed.

    I still love this phone though! Hope the fix comes soon.

  • Jason

    I finally got the razor exchanged for the nexus and I saw all the complaints before I did so I was doing some checks in different places to see if there would be a difference. There definetly was and the nexus signal strength is much worse than the razor. The battery ain’t nothin to brag about either. I have to charge the nexus half way though work to get it to last the other half and then charge in the car for the ride home. I’m in a good 4g area so I know it’s not from switching but I do loose service out of nowhere and it will take it alittle bit to find it again. I’m hoping these bugs get fixed soon, I already did one exchange don’t think I can do another one.

  • My nexus picks up about 1/2 to 1 bar less than my droid x did. which is better than i was expecting. i have had no signal issues or 4g issues either. but if the update makes things even better that would be nice…

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that has had no issues? Full bars on 4g in the tiny town I live in. Full bars on 3g. But I can see how it would get frustrating.

  • no signal issues here in Wichita, Kansas. I have however had to return my phone once, and do a total of 4 factory resets due to a mysterious reboot/bootloop issue that I believe is related to a wifi issue. Anyone over at DL going to report on that? http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-nexus/464201-stuck-boot-loop.html

    • l4do0

      I’m having the same reboot issue.

  • Adam

    My Nexus has worked amazingly and had great coverage.  

    • Adam

      And I’m averaging 28Mbps down and 13Mbps up.

  • Anonymous

    Time to bring back the “Can you hear me now” guy…

  • Anonymous

    This is my phone and a Droid Charge, also Samsung.  His signal, in dBm, is multiple times better than mine (the ‘higher’ negative number is better, and the scale is logarithmic).  Our building, mind you, is a Verizon 3G/4G tower as well.  His accurately reflects how close we are to the tower.  My signal is more like I’m about a mile away.  I did the test in 3G only to make sure all things were equal.

    I never get above 1-2 bars in 3G or 4G unless at work, I’ve dropped more calls then I ever did in 2 years on Sprint in the 5 days I’ve had the phone, and call quality is horrible because of the awful signal.

  • thefullritz

    Yeah it’s a problem in Roch, NY.  No 4G at home and drops in and out at work.

  • Anonymous

    All the 4G radios experinces been sub-par compared to 3G on Verizon’s network from reading about each 4G phone, some are just a little worse than others.  The problem with the Nexus phone is 3G and the switch between, that’s where Samsung’s radios show show their lack luster performance.  I dropped about as many calls in the last 4 days as I dropped in the 18 months having my DX.