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Verizon Support: Update to Address Galaxy Nexus Signal Strength in the Works

Reports started to flow in over the weekend that the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon was experiencing signal strength issues and possibly dropping calls like a mutha. Can’t say that I have noticed the dropped call issue myself, but it does seem tough to ever get a full 4 bars of LTE on this puppy. I’m also not having to toggle in and out of airplane mode as much as some have claimed, but then again, I have had to a couple of times and that’s unfortunate. Some have locked onto the idea that the 4.0.2 update somehow broke signal strength – the jury is still out on that.

So what is Verizon doing about it? There official Twitter support account claimed this morning that an investigation has started and that a software update “is being developed.” Wait, so that essentially says two things:  that they aren’t sure yet and are looking into it or they already know the issue and are fixing it. Hmmm. Either way, the issue is on their radar and we could see something in no time, being a Nexus and all.

How has your experience been? Bad signal and dropped calls? Neither? One or the other?

Cheers Chris and Scott!

  • Mmungo13

    I get absolutely no signal at all in my own home on my Nexus. I had 3 bars of strength with my Droid X. I glad to see its not just my phone. This needs to be fixed.

  • I live in a suburb of albany, at home 4g all the way but driving around it drops all the time. In the mall in clifton park, no 4g att all in some parts walk to the other side wala 4g.

  • mchlkrieger

    RAZR: 1 – Nexus: 0

  • GiveMeAgg

    Me experience has been that out of multiple LTE devices *Samsung* Galaxy Nexus is off on signal strength by 20 dBm.

    • Anonymous

      MORE LIKE 60dBm

  • horrible signal compared to my charge, but no dropped calls luckily. Definitely an issue though. I’m in Pittsburgh.

  • David

    Ordered by my Nexus on Friday.  Out for delivery today to the house.  Spoke with VZW customer service after reading this post / twitter and after being told (no need to worry) then transferred to tech support where the agent told me “knowing this is a concern of yours, if you have a good phone now I would keep that phone until you hear more positive things about the nexus.”  WOW

    • Binglut9

      Who cares what some guy said….this is the reason verizon has a 14 day grace periof…people are making to big of a deal

  • Dan

    As previously stated. The signal bars are a bit on the low side for me. No dropped calls at all, however. I’m also being told that the call clarity is outstanding (from folks on the other end of the call).

  • Matt Antes

    I live in WNY, and I ‘should’ have near full coverage of 4g. I do not, it goes in and out every 1/2 mile it seems. Some areas are full 4g, and half mile away, at my home I have between 1bar 4g or none at all and it switches in and out to 3g. Very dissapointed in LTE coverage for a so-called best network.

    • Binglut9

      I live in buffalo same problem you had called last night and now tgis morning i have 5 bars on a constant…call tech support

  • Jeff Carter

    I dont use my GNex alot for phone calls, but compared to my old DX, the signal is not near as strong. Im kinda dissapointed.

  • Grant Jenkins

    Bought the G-nex for me and my wife.  We have sold 4G signal and still dropping calls left and right.

    • Does turning off 4g help with the dropped calls?  I turned off 4g because I don’t get much of a signal for it, and I haven’t had any dropped calls, though I’ve made only around 10 or so since getting the phone on launch day.

      • Zswap88

        i switched off 4g but still dropped calls…now trying to just use wifi and cdma because my battery died in 3 hours today

  • Adam

    I’ve definitely been seeing terrible signal strength.

  • Robertmacri

    Wow, I am surprised to see all these issues… My signal has been great. Much better then my incredible ever was. Perhaps my incredible was that bad…. i used to get one bar at work. Now i get three… now battery life is another story. 😉

  • Aborrelli

    Used the phone in Several different places over the weekend San Diego, Denver, Breckinridge… 

    Definitely seeing some odd issues with signal…. At the airport I had to reboot the phone three times to get it out of airplane mode.  once the phone goes to 3G sometimes the only way for me to go to 4g is to reboot the phone… very annoying. 

  • Coming from a Droid Incredible, I’m noticing increased/better reception in areas where I previously got really, really bad reception.

  • I havent experienced any issues, I get great signal and speed. I dont really care how many bars I have if im getting 15-20 mbps down =D

  • Don West

    I’ve been having horrible issues with signal strength since I bought the Nexus.  Places where previously I’d get three to four bars with 3G, I’m getting one to two.  And on occasion, I’m getting no signal.  I called Verizon today and what the data support rep told me was that the fix they’re working on is not with actual connectivity, but rather with the data display itself.  In other words, what we’re seeing may not be accurate in terms of signal strength, and they’re working to fix that.  Not anything related to the actual quality of the signal itself.

    • makes sense, because, like i said im getting 15-20 mbps down no matter what my signal shows

  • Scottholstein Sh

    Signal strength on 4.0.1 was great. After 4.0.2 update…really bad. Just bought the phone. Was able to use it two hours before update…I think the update has something to do with it.

  • Sera3phim

    My signal strength is consistently lower than expected whether it be on 3G or 4G LTE; though I have not experienced any dropped calls. Also, this being my first 4G phone, the data speeds appear to be much lower than I had anticipated (streaming videos, etc.).

    My absolute biggest gripe so far with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on ICS 4.0.2 is the ridiculously low System Volume Output. I can’t hear anything my phone does unless i’m in a stone silent room. On my way to work and ringing? Missed Call. Text Message sitting next to me on the desk with ambient music playing in the room? Goes unanswered for 20 minutes. Setting an alarm for work in the morning? Better set a back-up. Want to show some co-workers a cool new trailer on your gorgeous 4.65″ Super AMOLED screen? Nobody can hear what’s on the screen. The list goes on and on.

    Couple the low volume with the very slow and short Notification Light pulse and when you aren’t paying direct attention to this device you probably won’t notice that something has been missed.

    I have a feeling they nerfed the volume on accident when they addressed the earlier Volume Bug issue.

    I am hopeful that with this being a Nexus flagship phone that all of these issues will be addressed promptly and correctly.

    Besides these issues, I do think this is simply an awesome device.

    • Binglut9

      Use sound plus and turne the volume to eight and put it in tremblebworks like a charm

    • Anonymous

      Same here. This is actually more of a problem to me than signal strength. I don’t ever hear my phone unless I am in a silent room. Unfortunately there’s a couple of racks of servers running near me at work and I miss everything. The LED doesn’t stand out and is barely useful.
      With all of the negatives, I still love this phone. It looks awesome, especially when showing videos. It’s fast to respond and 4G is great too. Ice Cream Sandwich is beautiful. The major cons, volume, weak LED, and signal strength all sound like something that can be fixed too. Either officially, or otherwise 🙂

      • RW-1

        Volume+ app, available for free thru the dev’s website.

      • Anonymous

        I wonder if you guys listen to overly loud music on headphones…and have thereby damaged your hearing. This isn’t meant to be insulting! I’m just curious.

        I live in NYC – in a very busy part of the city, on an avenue, so there is endless traffic (cars, trucks, and buses). The noise coming in my windows – when they are CLOSED is probably about 50-60+ decibels. Loud enough that 30+ decibel-filtering earplugs don’t stop the noise. Yet, I have no problem hearing my phone ring. And, I have the volume set to medium/low (I don’t like loud noises, when I can avoid them). Also — another factor in terms of distinguishing one sound against background noise is the tone and pitch of the sound/ring. Some of the ringer choices are pleasant sounding, but in too low a key for them to catch your attention against most background noise. At least, that’s how it works for me.

  • Andrew Elliott

    I get 2 bars 4G max(only 3g in my home) dont know if thats the phone or the network in my city. Also i have gotten a bug where when I unlock the phone and the buttons are not dispalyed at the bottom making it impossilbe to exit some apps.  Quick reboot fixes it but it has happened twice now.

  • Ebecktaz

    I have not had any dropped calls but i do lose my 4g in my house but have had to cycle to get it back.

  • I agree. I have a VZW tower on my work site and had full signal with my Bionic.  Now 1-2 with my GN.  Needs improvement for sure.  WiFi isn’t the greatest either.  

  • Anonymous

    Hehe, suckers bought a Samsung and thought it would have good reception.

    • Dan

      stupid post is stupid

      • Anonymous

        On the contrary. I would have been stupid to have any interest in the Nexus 3 knowing it shared a radio baseband with the Droid Charge, which had the worst reception issues of any Verizon phone I’ve ever owned.

        Samsung doesn’t fix the long standing issues with their phones that make them poor communication devices- they recycle hardware and slap a better screen on it to make it a better entertainment device. The Galaxy Nexus is no exception.

      • nFans=iFans

        Mad nFan is mad.

      • nFans=iFans

        Mad nFan is mad.

  • Alex Tarnowski

    I guess i got lucky i get four bars 4g outside and inside 2-3 in san diego

  • Trophynuts

    HORRIBLE SIG but no dropped calls ….yet. Both on 4 and 3G

  • Sfdsdf

    I’m about 15 miles from chicago and I used to get 5 bars at my work in 3G. Now I get zero bars in 3G or 4G at home I get only 2 Bars at 3G & 4G 

  • Anonymous

    i’ve only noticed that my 3g reception is not as good on my nexus as it was on my X… i currently don’t live in a 4g network, so i can’t really comment on that

  • ctannerd

    I constantly cycle between 3G and 4G.  The best signal strength i get with 4G is one bar.  3G is better with full strength.  This signal cycling is killing my battery.  i can barely get three or four hours out of my device.  I would contribute the poor battery life to the device struggling to lock on to and maintain a solid 4G connection.  I have been experiencing this problem from day one with the device.  The 4.0.2 update came with in minutes of me setting up the device so i can’t compare if the 4.0.1 rom was any better.  I have to admit after all the delays with this product and the lack of marketing whatsoever i am really disappointed.  My Charge is starting to look better and better everyday

  • Anonymous

    On  4G, I get 3-4 bars at all time in Douglasville, GA. My only issue is I wish the speakers were better.

  • Anonymous

    I live and work within the city of Seattle. No problems with 3G/4G signal strength at all. My wifi signal strength seems sub-par, but I am never more than a room away from the broadcaster. No dropped calls, but have only made a handful of them…
    From reading these posts, it sounds like I may be in for a shock when I leave city limits 🙁

    Thanks for reading, and GO HAWKS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank god, I usualy get like -85db in my house, am over -100db with the nexus!

    • stupid question. how can i tell my signal strength?  is this in settings?

      ***edit*** disregard. i see it under “status” in settings/about phone.

      • Anonymous

        Yup… about etc… you got it.

      • Anonymous

        Settings, About Phone, Status..you’ll see signal strength.

        or *#*#4636#*#* then phone info

  • I’ve noticed you can no longer dial *228. Any reason for this?

    • Anonymous

      DO NOT do *228 with a SIM Card….SIM card and phone SHOULD block the call, and your phone shouldn’t even allow the call to go through…
      that’s the BEST way to destroy a SIM card FAST!
      just do a battery pull for 30 seconds and reboot….the SIM card will take care of all the old stuff that *228 used to….automatically!

      • RW-1

        Good answer, however the card does prevent that call to *228 anyways …

  • my house sucks so i only get 1 bar on 3g-4g but when i’m at work it’s full 4g. so i don’t have a problem but i’ll take the update hoping it helps my home reception.

  • bikerbill

    No problems at all lets hope it also imoroves battery life as this tjing eats up a battery fast .

  • Anonymous

    random: how do you apply a factory image to the gnex?

  • Chessysalerno

    I live in a good 4g area and my first Nexus couldn’t even connect to 3g! Had to swap it out and now get ok 3g but still no 4. When I reboot it takes a good 15 seconds to even find a signal and my Uconnect keeps telling me the signal strength is poor (at best I get -100 dBm). My OG droid had a great signal. It could no longer do anything else but it had a great signal!

  • MattCrouse0509

    I noticed this signal issue when I stopped at verizon this weekend and compared the Nexus to my Tbolt running a TeamBamf rom and I had full signal on my Tbolt vs 1/2 on the Nexus.  I also was pulling download and upload speeds twice what the nexus was.  I like a lot about the Nexus but this is a bit of a set back in my eyes.

  • I haven’t had any issues infact, my connection has been great. Granted this is my first 4g phone, so I don’t know what it was like beofe the Gallaxy Nexus came out. However, I get anywhere from 2-4 bars of 4g from home and I live in an area where I cannot get 3g from any of the of the other cellular providers. So I am very pleased.

  • i’m in central maryland.  we’ve had 4g for quite some time (one of the first areas i believe).  i had an OG, rent-a-razr, and now a gnex.  i was able to get 2 strong 3g bars INSIDE my concrete office building with motorola products, but can barely 1 weak bar of 3g with gnex.  that’s where i notice it the most.  otherwise, 4g is pretty consistent, but i did expect better seeing how i’m near I-95 and US 50 most of my day. these are well covered areas in terms of 4g coverage. 

    • Anonymous

      What is the shape of the building you work in?

      • Sfdsdf

        If your talking to me its Square

        • Y5

          what is this i don’t even

      • it’s a 3 story building pretty much in rectangular shape.  i sit near one of the exterior walls.  i’m not sure my concern in valid anymore after seeing the post about the gnex accurately showing signal versus other products.  we’ll see.  

  • dschuett

    Very bad signal on my Nexus, and pretty disappointed. I’m really hoping it is a software issue. I used to get FULL 3G coverage in my house now I get ZERO. My wife has the droid 2 and is sitting right next to me with -83dBm where my Nexus is at -140dBm. I think this is why battery drains are so horrible as well. Hate to say it, but this could be a deal breaker.

  • No dropped calls, but only seeing 1-2 bars of 4G and then lots of full 3G

  • indoors at work/home my OG Droid would get 3-4 bars of 3G. GN has been getting 0-1 in 3G. that being said it’s been notably better about staying connected and pulling data even with the poor connectivity. 4G i’m usually at 2-3 bars outdoors, but generally no service indoors.

  • Aaron G

    Signal is crap…1-2 bars 3g and 1 bar LTE if I go outside of my office.  I have owned the T-Bolt, Bionic and now the GN and I would say this by far has the worst reception.  I have not dropped any calls but I do notice that most places that I had full LTE service with the T-Bolt and Bionic, I have almost none now.  Oh, by the way I’m in Central Phoenix where we have had 4G for about 2 years now.

  • Karma

    Samsung has a long history of inferior radios/signal and the Nexus is no different. Anyone who thought that the Nexus would be better was and is kidding themselves. You can’t fix the hardware. Sorry people but what you have is the best its going to get.

    • RW-1

      Actually most of th eissues with Samsungs radios were related to software, the software controls the power output and in a lot of cases it needed to be tweaked upwards a bit. Of course that will have an effect on batt life. …

  • It seems like my signals strengths are being misrepresented.

    My 4G only shows one bar while my signal strength is -120 dBm. However, I don’t think this is correct since it shows -120 regardless of where I go, and that’s obviously not possible.

    However, I had one bar on 4G and pulled down over 8500kbps. Bizarre.

    • Sfdsdf

      Mine does that too I’m not getting that bad of speeds and its showing one bar or even none and its still trucking 

    • Ed

      I also had an instance with 1 bar 4g and over 8000kbps

  • Anonymous

    Had a few dropped called, and only ever got full bars a couple of times.

  • Binglut9

    I had the same problem i called last night tgey did something on their side and made me factory reset….i put it in airpkane mode til i woke up and what dobyou kniw im starting to get 4 or 5 bars of 4g on a constant beforebmy 4g would only go to two bars and then drop tov3g then drop out….so give them a xallvor factory reset seebwhat happens….mines is working great 4b barsvas we speak

  • Jared Kirk

    I always seems to have less bars than my wife’s Stratosphere. Only got full bars on 4g once since I’ve had it, but then again it’s only been 3 days so…

    No dropped calls though…

  • Anonymous

    I have a great signal while in town! (see screen shot) I actually live in a fringe area so my 4G and 3G switches back and forth. I really don’t have any complaints on the signal strength. I put my Nexus and my Wife’s DX2 side by side and the Nexus was at -101 and hers at -98. Seemed comparable to me.

  • My signal sucks!!!   I have like 0-1 bars when I have full bars normally with my droid charge. Im only in a 3G area, so not an LTE issue with me

  • I’ve had noticeably low bars on 3G (nearest 4G is 2+ hours drive away), but haven’t had any issue with dropping calls or anything.