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Verizon Support: Update to Address Galaxy Nexus Signal Strength in the Works

Reports started to flow in over the weekend that the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon was experiencing signal strength issues and possibly dropping calls like a mutha. Can’t say that I have noticed the dropped call issue myself, but it does seem tough to ever get a full 4 bars of LTE on this puppy. I’m also not having to toggle in and out of airplane mode as much as some have claimed, but then again, I have had to a couple of times and that’s unfortunate. Some have locked onto the idea that the 4.0.2 update somehow broke signal strength – the jury is still out on that.

So what is Verizon doing about it? There official Twitter support account claimed this morning that an investigation has started and that a software update “is being developed.” Wait, so that essentially says two things:  that they aren’t sure yet and are looking into it or they already know the issue and are fixing it. Hmmm. Either way, the issue is on their radar and we could see something in no time, being a Nexus and all.

How has your experience been? Bad signal and dropped calls? Neither? One or the other?

Cheers Chris and Scott!

  • Slickjim215

    got the phone on Mar 23 and from the second i got it my connection was slow and dropped about ever minute 

  • Scott

    The Galaxy Nexus has serious signal issues. While camping my daughter had the Razr and her internet and data where working very well with 2 to 4 bars signal strength at all times. My wife and I had two new Galaxy Nexus phones and had no internet, no data and no bars. While in a local town my daughter had 5 bars, internet, and data. My wife and I had two bars, no internet, and no data. As an investor data is paramount, and the Nexus has serious issues if you aren’t living in a very high signal strength area. I explained the issue to verizon and received the run around about signal strength coverage areas, different chips, and additional nonsense. Unfortunately for Verizon I had access to my daughters Razr which functioned without issue. As an x-tech for Grumman Aerospace I know a signal issues when I see it. Verizon has a disaster on their hands since the  issue does not seem to be software resolvable.

    • Since the Driod Charge and GNex basically have the same hardware radios and the Charge also had signal issues which were eventually resolved through software updates I would be shocked if they could not resolve the signal issues (yes signal strength issues not indicator issues) through radio firmware tweaks.

  • J.O.

    First of all, I’m a tormented soul because I absolutely LOVE my Galaxy Nexus! I moved from a Droid X, which I also enjoyed, but the camera was and remains crap. Even the Nexus blows my Droid X away with picture quality and the Nexus even gives my wife’s iPhone 4 a run for it’s money! Again, it’s not hard to please me in that category given my past experience, ANYTHING was an improvement (for the record, Moto did seem to fix things with the RAZR… it also takes some good pics).

    Functionally I am in love with this phone! ICS is a huge step in the right direction and the multitasking still blows me away. I do a lot with Google Apps for work and am fully Gmail integrated so it made sense for me to stick with Android. I’ve also managed to retain semi-decent battery life, but do have spare batteries on hand. Something I was used to with the Droid X.BUT, I am plagued by dropped calls and it is pretty embarrassing when… say, interviewing a new hire, or talking to the boss, or a customer, ect, ect, ect, …I keep dropping calls. It happens around 5-6 times per day and seems to be completely random (I’m in a 4G market in the Twin Cities MN area) and some days seem better than others. Sometimes I can’t make it 3 mins before I hear “Hello? Hello?” sometimes I can make it over an hour without an issue.

    Callers on the other end report a “clicking” or a “beeping” and then silence. Some have said it gets static/garbled and then fades out… so maybe we are dealing with two different things, but I NEVER dealt with these issues with my Droid X.

    I talked to Verizon tech support and they said that “they have heard of others having the same issue” and that a software update is coming out, but that they are being told to replace the device when calls like mine come in… which scares me. I have NO other issues with this phone, just the dropped calls and if a software update will truly fix it, I don’t want the risk of getting into a refurbished phone that may or may not have other issues…

  • Graham

    I’ve operated 5 phones over the years from my basement suite. None have
    been perfect but the Galaxy Nexus is by far the worst. No signal sending
    or receiving 50% of the time. My Motorola Droid consistently pulls 3
    bars when tested side-by-side.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    Signal strength has been fine for me and I’ve had no dropped calls. On the other hand I have an associate in Sacramento who has a new iPhone and he’s had a load of problems since getting it. His calls get dropped and his battery runs out much quicker than it used to.

    No new technology is perfect on release and there was really a demand for the Nexus to be released. I’m betting the delays were because of similar problems. The 4G network Big Red is deploying is new also. I remember having more problems when 3G came out but that could have just been me.

    You will always have people with issues. Sometimes they are legitimate and sometimes not. The one thing I’ve noticed is much more brand jealousy concerning the G-Nex than any other phone. Seems many of the detractors are just trying to make noise because they chose a different phone.

  • Theraskell

    I am really starting to think that there is a problem with the radios. Multiple times I have been in an area where I am getting 4 bars of signal and I when I run the speedtest app, I am only getting maybe 7 megs down and about 7 megs up. With 4 bars!?!?! Where is my 20 megs down with full signal strength? Anyone else in the Denver are with a 4g phone getting better speeds? I hate trying to show off in from of my AT&T icrap friends and this happens. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • I am now on my second Nexus. The first had horrible problems with Latency even on wi-fi. Well I have not tried the new radios But I can say the actual signal (dBm’s) and the indicator are horrible. I have read VZW statements about it being an indicator issue. But I have spent alot of time with my GNex, our Droid Charge, HTC Thunderbolt, and Motorola Xoom and can say that Verizon is mistaken. I will be more then happy to share my data. BUt I can tell you there is no more blatant of an example as one location where I can not get a 4G LTE signal on the GNex. BUt I can get one on the other 3 devices and can pull down 45 Mbps down and 13 mbps up. Measured from the speedtest.net app as well as other speed test sites and apps. there also is a hugh difference in the dBm and latency from the GNex and my other three devices. I feel like Verizon is turning a deaf ear to us and telling us we are all crazy and are just looking at the signal bars.

  • Dennard70

    im not sure there is a problem with the nexus i watched 3 hours worth of hd video on you tube today with no bars in the signal indicator and it never skipped a beat.

  • Anonymous

    I just got my nexus, and I am sitting in my office with my OG Droid right next to the Nexus using Sensorly to measure the reception levels.

    OG Droid: -3dBm
    Nexus: -75dBm

    I can always get at least one bar at my house up in the trees, I am in rural norcal, but with the Nexus… Nada. Couldn’t even activate the phone at home. 

  • heath

    pure crap,im in lumberton,nc,i purchased the phone late last thursday night!btw the volume is so lame i had to buy a volume app just to decently hear the phone ring,am i alone in these phones/why would vzw pusy a phone out knowing good/well it had alot buggs,etc in it/makes no sense!!!!!!!!

  • Dennard70

    on the phone with verizon tech support at the moment and they have know idea what i am taliking about with the signal issue that the nexus has been giving everyone a fit with. so i guess there is know patch being worked on at the monent

  • 1.E4? C5!

    This is my first smartphone so maybe my expectations aren’t as high as some of yours, but I have been finding that although the bars may not always be there the service seems to be (Goleta, CA and UCSB campus).  I have been able to send and receive calls from places that were a problem with my motorola dumb phone, like deep in the lab.  Locations that use to be good still are.

    Regarding battery life, I’ve just switched to an extended battery but with the stock power source I was getting greater than 16 hours on a charge depending on use which generally equated to about 5 hours of on screen time.  My wife (a light user) has been reliably going more than 24 hours each charge.

    My experience has been that if you use the GNex as a phone that has mail, calendar, and browsing capabilites than it will get you through the day on a single charge.  If you are using it as a computer than you may have to charge it in the middle.  To me this seems fair, I mean how big is your laptop battery?

    Lovin’ my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Voodoo

    does 4G LTE even work ?? My Droid X had no problems.. My Bionic and Gnex can’t even hold a signal..

  • Joc726

    I have had no signal problems.  How about SOUND VOLUME very low?  Anyone had that problem????

  • Jim Button

    my GN side by side with the Motorola Droid Razr there was no match, I was on 1X no bars and the Razr was at full 3g and 4 bars… I plan to return the GN for a refund and waiting on another phone…

  • Scottholstein Sh

    I comprehend all of the talk about how you can’t directly compare devices and their db signal strength. However, I won’t claim to fully understand it. I can tell you this. I have a Dx2 as my old device. I bought the nexus this past Saturday, 12-17-11. The signal quality on the GNex is the pits. I have tried it on 4.0.1 and 4.0.2. It makes no difference…the signal strength is poor at best. The db rate shows -120 most of the time. I reactivated my DX2. I can make calls on it that I cannot make from the same locations using the GNex. My db on the DX2 is around -85 to -95. Everything on the DX2 is faster and that should not be happening. I don’t have 4g in my area and have the GNex set to CDMA only. Battery life stinks…probably because I can’t get a signal worth anything. I will return the device by 12-31-11 if nothing is resolved.

  • (Putting on my dusty BS Electrical Engineering cap)  dB measurements are all relative to some fixed, calibrated point of reference.  For 4G and 3G, the signal strength reference point might be the same (or might not) and it’s likely identical measured calibrated signal strengths have different performance characteristics.   Saying I got -93db on my Bionic and -99db on my Gnex, so therefore the Bionic is better is assuming all the underlying calculations and calibrations are equal.   The Samsung engineer who calibrated the GN may not quite match up with the Moto engineer.

    And signal bars?  Those are just arbitrary visual representations of the relative dB measurements.  Take them for the idiot lights they are.If you want a decent comparison, take two Nexus or two RAZRs since they should be calibrated similarly. The best comparisons are real life tests such as data throughput, voice quality, dropped calls.  You know, things that actually are tangible.   Try not to get too upset if your dB measurement is different when you change phones.    (You’ll start to look like the iphone users who freaked out when the iphone 4 changed their bars calculations.)Anandtech is basically trying to say don’t get your panties in a bunch over technical aspects you don’t understand.(This being said, my GN was unable to connect to both 3G and 4G on Sunday for about 15 minutes after spending all day on WiFi.  At least it has only happened once.)

  • Jim Beam

    Signal strength is terrible, can not use this phone anywhere in my house in Chicago even though my previous LG had a reasonable signal everywhere except the basement. Dropped calls also an issue.

  • I have some signal issues where its almot like the 3G or 4G goes into sleep mode. The bars go gray and you cant access the internet. Idk if this is what everyone else is having issues with???

    • Anonymous

      This happened to me about an hour ago. The phone said I had signal but if I looked close at the notification bar it showed that the phone wasn’t downloading any data, it was only uploading. I did a reboot and so far it’s fixed, for now.

  • weapon x

    Its a shame that Google continues to rely on Samsung

  • Anonymous

    Anandtech has a response to this concern:

    Personally I disagree.  While I like that they don’t have the bars artificially inflated, I am experiencing weaker WiFi and CMDA Voice connections.  Anandtech focuses on LTE, which may well be correct as I haven’t had LTE problems and in fact I have no baseis of comparison coming from the DInc, DX, and DX2.  I do love the point he makes about not comparing apples to oranges where bars and dBms are concerned.

  • not sure why,but I have great signal and fast, ive been pegging the meter on the speed test

  • Anonymous

    I have been saying this all along, Samsung are the worse when it comes to signal strenght, build quality and sound quality.

  • nFans=iFans

    This is me doing my dance for all the nextrolls who suffer at the hands of karma.


  • Antares Ps

    So Glad you posted this! 
    I got a Nexus Google on Friday and the signal SUCKS! 0 bars on 4G and 1
    bar on 3G.  BB 9930 and a 6 year old
    Droid get 4-5 bars in the same location with Verizon.  This has made the phone useless, internet
    non-existent, call quality the worst I’ve ever had (0 bars). 

    Called and talked to Verizon level 2 support and they were
    useless too!  Turn-on, turn-off
    phone.  Remove battery and SIM card.  Re-power unit.  When I told them I would not waste any more
    time because I read on Engadet and Twitter that Verizon acknowledge there was a
    problem and a sw fix was in the works, Level-2 support stated, “we don’t work
    off of internet rumors” When I gave her the Verizon Twitter account info,
    she said, “they don’t pay me to read Twitter only what’s on my
    screen.”  When I told them it’s sad
    when the customer has more information than level 2 tech support, she said,
    “is the anything else I can help you with tonight?

    Completely useless and a waste of my time.  I have 10 days to return the phone and I just
    might have to if they don’t get it fix ASAP. 
    Wanted to post in case anyone else is having signal problems too.

  • EC8CH

    Ive gotten four bars on lte. Getting -90 to -100 at my home which isnt great but Ive had no issues with dropped calls or data and my speeds are consistantly around 10 Mbps

  • Mine works/switches back and forth perfect. No battery issues. I hope the comments are just a reflection of a small portion of people with problems, and that the only ones commenting are users with problems.

  • liveinthemix

    …radio is just weak.. I’d say about 33% weaker than a motorola radio.. My OG Droid and Razr (which I exchanged for this phone) both had solid 3G performance in my condo, and the Razr would pick up 4G no problem on my balcony.. I’m never seeing more than 1 bar 3G on this thing inside or out of my condo.. but once in a solid 4G area, inside or out, it’s fast… Still contemplating going back to the Razr before the holiday return period is up though.. I’d rather have good signal all the time and get ICS later, than have ICS now, and deal w/signal issues for 2 years in my residence.. 

  • Opal8

    Having problems with signal,only two bars.Having problems with forwarding e-mail.

  • SBH

    I’ve had a bit of issue with LTE connectivity. I’m in the same boat as most people, if I’m indoors, the signal is very weak. It struggles to stay on 4G and it will sometimes disconnect completely requiring a reboot. Doesn’t matter where I am, home or work (both LTE covered areas), it drops. Over the weekend, while I charged my phone at night, it would seem to lose data and never regain it until I’d reboot it when I woke up. I was surprised just now to find that my phone was still on 4G data when i woke up and i didn’t have to reboot it. Hoping things continue to improve. Love the phone and once the signal is fixed, I will be very happy.

  • Anonymous

    my experience has been odd to say the least…no reception/connectivity problems with me at all…what’s wierd is inside my apt it shows -100dbm on average and i have no problems with reception 3g or otherwise (i don’t live in a 4g area)…my OG would drop calls at this point but the GNex is handling it like a champ…who knows?!?…no bars and what seems to be bad dbm but with stellar reception!

  • cdraptor

    I haven’t notice any more dropped calls, but I do have to say that I have found it hard to get full bars on the indicator, now that being said with 3bars in 4G LTE I was getting 12.4M down, 6.8M up.  Tonight I had something very disturbing happen, I was on the phone and the signal not the best, all of a sudden I was getting major distortion from the person talking to me,  he seemed to hear me okay.

  • Ryan

    Is anyone else’s GNex get really really hot? Is it related to this network connectivity issue? Let me know!

  • Taglogical

    Yea… my phone kind of needs to be able to… make/receive calls. Went back to my Bionic; best phone I have used to date.

    (Go go Droid 4!!!  Razr HD?!?!)

  • I’ve had my nexus active since the 13th, and it was definitely not the 4.0.2 update because I did not get the update until late afternoon on Weds.  Where my Thunderbolt sitting side by side with my Nexus it always had at least one bar less.  BUT I have not had any kind of connectivity issues in 4g or 3g areas.

  • Anonymous

    If I am inside 1 bar max!  I was going to take it back and see if mine was just a lemon.

  • Guest

    Not in the cards for me, phone was basically useless and the constant searching for signal killed the battery in a few hours several times losing 50% in an hour. As much as I hated to do it I had to return it. Funny when I did Verizon claimed they hadn’t heard of any signal issues and soon after I get home I see this…

  • Not in the cards for me, phone was basically useless and the constant searching for signal killed the battery in a few hours several times losing 50% in an hour. As much as I hated to do it I had to return it. Funny when I did Verizon claimed they hadn’t heard of any signal issues and soon after I get home I see this…

  • Anonymous

    Yes I will be so happy when the FIX happens because my Galaxy Nexus falls to -120dBm 6asu and falls to 3g with NO signal as soon as I make it into the house. The price for early adoption i assume but I am fine with my Galaxy Nexus because I know this fix will be here soon. Meanwhile when I go home I just switch to CDMA service so this way my battery isn’t taxed switching between 4g/3g so with this I will be fine till the fix comes…

  • me

    everyone should just chill out this is why didnt want to release it yet.but. they will fix it my bionic is a great phone now.your nexus will too be patient.I am glad however I didn’t have call problems as that’s why I have a phone.but if you like your phone keep it if they can fix a whole list of things on my phone they can with this one too.

  • I get the feeling people are seeing “less bars,” but the same or better call quality. The visual is just different, I think.

    • Nope, I was getting -120 db on my now former Nexus while my Thunderbolt sitting right next to it was getting -90 to -95. Didn’t pay attention to the “bars”

      • Not going to dispute that. I hope a future update helps you out.

  • Anonymous

    Same here = If it’s not fixed by Jan. 15th I will be returning this phone.  Love
    everything else about it, but reception is a deal-breaker. 

  • Greg Tataryn

    I know every phone varies slightly but I have noticed in areas where I used to get 1 or 2 bars on my Droid X I just barely getting it to show i even have a 3G signal on the GNex. Unfortunately I currently live in a city that does not yet have 4G coverage (supposedly coming in Jan/Feb) but I was in Atlanta this weekend and the 4G coverage never got to a ful 4 bars that I noticed.

  • CK1

    Here’s my take on it. We are seeing the actual signal strength of LTE for the first time. Previous LTE phones only displayed the 1X signal regardless of 3G or 4G connection. On my Thunderbolt, I would switch from 4G to 3G even with a full signal. On the Nexus, in the same area, I see that the 4G bars going from 2 to 1 to 0 then switch to 3G. 

    This is confusing the heck out of people. Their fix will be to switch it to display the 1X signal.

    • Steve Rajek

      That couldn’t be more wrong.

      • CK1

        There are 3 different radios (1X, EVDO and LTE) in the device. Each has it’s own distinct signal strength. They are only showing 1. Which one do you think it is?

        Good test would be to use a network extender that amplifies a 1X signal. My Thunderbolt signal would go up (1 bar to 4) when near my network extender. I cannot test the GNex as I no longer have my network extender. I would bet that if it is on 4G, it would not change.

  • Benandrews

    I allowed data roaming in the mobile network section and have been in 3-4 bars ever since

  • weapon x

    Oh man, myself and every other RAZR owner are relieved we didn’t buy into the heavy propaganda around here about the Gnex. Trust your own feelings guys, and compare hands on. I did and I made the right choice. Don’t let other people you don’t even know tell you what phone to buy just cause they are fanboys. 

    • Anonymous

      Do you have the blotch problems on the sceen that most of the Razr have in low light viewing.

  • RJFrank

    Very poor signal and dropped calls as a result! Hope an update comes soon…

  • Ryan W.

    Is this also why my GNex gets crazy hot when using the network connection? I hope this fixes it before January 15th! 

  • Are any of you that are having issues calling/talking to verizon? I spoke with Technical support and they have not heard any issues. The Technical support did explain to me that the GNex has 4 bars as opposed to the normal 5 and that can account for it.

    Also, I spoke to the technical support person and she stated she didn’t know of any dropped call issues. Honestly, call them if you’re having issues. Verizon technical support doesn’t read Droid-Life.

    The support person told me that the Samsung Rep that came in for a training on the GNex gave the battery life at about a day and a half.

    • Anonymous

      battery life of a day and a half…riiight. on wi-fi, or 3g.

    • Ryan W.

      I just spoke with a Rep and she seemed to be aware of the issue and the future bug fix. She offered to send out a replacement device. I told her I would wait to see if the bug fix works. Does your phone get really hot as a result of this? I haven’t heard that complaint and am wondering if mine is the only one.

      • I do not have a nexus yet but my Droid 2 R2D2 is slowly moving to the scrap heap so I am looking into the Nexus as its my top choice (followed by Droid 4 and RAZR) but I fear that the current issues with the Android phones may force my hand to head over to the dreaded iPhone

  • Anonymous

    I just experienced a really frustrating problem with my Gnex! it was seemingly working (led was pulsing = emails received) — but became totally unresponsive to touch. when i pressed the on/start key (right hand side)…nothing happened. The phone would not wake up. I then attempted to restart, with a long press. Nothing. I had to pull the battery and restart the phone. Very odd – and has not ever happened with any past phones (samsung charge, droid OG). Has anyone else experienced this??? 
    *on the subject of radio strength: mine is low quality. 103dbm / 1bar in my apt. I usually get 4 bars in my apt (samsung charge).

  • Razr

    Gee, I should have bought the Razr.

  • nexus on fire

    My g nex doesnt have connection problems just download restart connection app from the market and youll be fine. MY ISSUE IS MY PHONE WONT CHARGE TO 100 NO MATTER WHAT SETTINGS I HAVEIT ON IT ONLY GOES TO 98 PERCENT ANYONE HAVING THIS ISSUE? SHOULD I RETURN IT? HELP? Plz

    • Anonymous

      download circle battery widget in the android market it will give an accurate total of your battery and how it works. You will get to 100% using this application. Usually it take 6plus hrs of a full charge to reach 100% 

  • Anonymous

    All of this would be fine if they would just put BETA on all of their phones and service plans. My call waiting tone doesn’t work on my Gnex either. Love my phone still, but little things are beginning to annoy.
    jax florida multiple locations, no signal issues, 1 random reboot.

  • Josephcostain

    I get great signal best i have ever had love the G Nexus get3 bars of4 g and the tower is 28 miles away

    • Awoodx

      Me to no problems at all with 4g signal i get 2to 3 bars on average and 4bars quite often as well as  in doors at my house  phone is lightning fast ….  I LOVE IT..live in the seattle area

  • The first phone call I made with my G-Nex not only dropped, but restarted the entire phone. Not cool! I’ve had it for just two hours!

  • Anonymous

    Living in Portland Oregon aswell my gnex has been able to get pretty good reception. I have had full 4g plenty of times and never dropped a call. Though went going from 4g/3g i did have to airplane mode toggle once not a big deal i had to do it all the time on my og. The nexus is pulling download speeds fast enough to make me wanna cancel my comcast internet… if i could only tether to a router haha.

    • dev*

      Cheers fellow portlander 🙂

      My experience has been the same, solid signal/reception, one time switching to 3G I had to toggle airplane mode because it would only connect to 1X. But I had similar occasional issues on my 1st gen Droid. I haven’t had the tinny call quality issues others have reported either.

  • Davros

    Haven’t lost any calls but have had wifi connection drop when my DX had no problem. Ran Speedtest in 4G at 2-3 bars and got a download of 36Mb/s and upload of 18Mb/s. Wife says she is happy because she can hear me clearly now when compared to the DX.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve noticed below average signal strength so far on my LTE G-Nex. Coming from a Droid X, I consistently get about 35% less reception with the G-Nex, but my data speeds and call quality are miles beyond the X. I’ve got 30Mbps+ several times on LTE, and wifi results are about the same as the X. Luckily, the G-Nex doesn’t seem to mysteriously kill wifi/cell radios several times throughout the day like my X does. Call quality on the G-Nex, even when it shows no service, is so much clearer than I’m used to.
    Right now I’m sitting at -120dbm on 3G but browsing and posting this just fine over wireless tether so take that for what it’s worth. It basically stays at -120 here at home, but I have no trouble browsing or dropping calls. Seems like maybe it needs some more configuring, but no complaints from me so far (aside from the slight delay with the multitasking soft-button).

  • Mule0331

    Man, I grow more and more happy everyday that I got the Razr.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever floats your boat……….

      I assure you those are temporary feelings.

      • weapon x

        Hell no dude. No issues whatsoever with my Razr. Don’t fling mud just cause your precious nex was made by Crapsung. Awesome OS, crappy build. End of story. Period

        • RW-1

          Not everyone has had the issues listed…..

        • I’ve had no hardware issues. And I had the RAZR for a few weeks. I find the Nexus to be miles better. I’m a very happy switcher of phones.

        • Bob

          I’m sorry…you have NO CLUE what crappy build quality is until you’ve owned a Blackberry. Now THAT is crappy build quality! Anyone griping about Samsung needs to SERIOUSLY shut their mouth because they have never truly experienced what poor build quality is!!

          • Sinister

            Boy that’s the truth!! I’m so sick of everyone ragging on Samsung as well! I’ll take a phone made in Korea to one made in Mexico any day of the week!

          • KleenexBlows

            You’re dumb.

          • SteveO

            They’re right. You’re the moron. “You’re dumb”…great argument too. Really well thought out.

          • Anthony

            AMEN my blackberry tour SUCKED. thing was absolute garbage. i love my nexus, although i have noticed some signal issues.

    • Anonymous

      My question to you is …WHO ARE YOU FOOLING WITH HERE….The Razr has more troubles and problems that the GNex ever will. When was the last time you opened up that buggy camera on the razr????How about the fact that it always switches from 4glte to 3g so often your losing data on that device. If your one of the fortunate unlimited verizon customers I guess it doesn’t matter but how about if your someone who dosn’t have unlimited and your tiered data plan is being eaten up what do you do????? Don’t FOOL YOURSELF BUDDY..I personally laugh at people who really beleive that the RAZR OR REZOUND could possibly be better than the GALAXY NEXUS you must realy need some help from a technology standpoint to even purchase those devices. People who roll with the Galaxy Nexus are usually TOP TECH FOLKS that truly understand the device they have and that devices capabilities. Your Razr is a TOTAL JOKE….http://www.androidcentral.com/droid-razr-about-get-bugfix-update-including-data-and-camera

      • nFans=iFans

        LOL!  More like people who “roll” with the Galaxy Nexus are clueless fanboys and trolls.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    I have not had dropped calls. My wife says I sound better on the Nexus than on the DX. I was in a restaurant last week and tried a speed test. I got 26+ MB down and 15+ MB up. While sitting in a moving car I got 11MB down in a poor 4G area.

  • Paul Song

    Call quality is horrible. I’ve been using the ancient G1 and the voice quality is worse than that. Getting pretty upset about this. I understand 4G signal may not be that great depending on location, but I thought Verizon was the best in terms of call quality.

  • Interesting. I have noticed fewer bars than on my old droid and call quality seems to match. Haven’t experienced the wifi issues and my internet connections so far, so good. I expect that if there is a way to fix this we should hear soon.  but if not, this phone that I waited so long for, must go back. 🙁 And I’ll be damned if I’m paying a restock fee for a defective piece of equipment.

  • Interpol

    I whent from thunderbolt to the nexus and let me tell you the sinal on my tbolt was excellent. Cant say the same for this nexus, dont get me wrong its nice phone. They must fix the radios signal soon. Te other problem is my stock browser its way buggy not as smooth as other phones out there.

  • Mrific

    There is a easy way 2 fix this problem go 2 Verizon & return it in exchange for a iPhone 4s

    • Anonymous

      never an option

  • Azndan4

    Its about the same as it was on my thunderbolt.

  • Azndan4

    No problems so far. Connectivity has been better than my droid x in all regards (3g, 4g, Wifi, calls)

  • Zswap88

    Not to mention i test drove razr and had no signal or call problems but really bad battery life and inferior screen.

  • Zswap88

    Im having signal issues and call issues…the other party just quits hring me! My friends bionic gets about twicece the data speed as i do too… going to return the phone or at least try and exchange . Razr maxx anyone?

  • Anonymous

    I’m smack dab in the middle a heavy 4G coverage area at home (south san jose) and i consistently have 0-1 bars, once and a blue moon 2 bars…not even 3G…we’re talking No G.  F Verizon, my OG had 2-3 bars of 3G almost constantly at home.  Unacceptable.

  • Kornfag11

    Live in the cleveland area and running full 4g and not one dropped call yet. I guess thats one perk to living here! Lol

    • Anonymous

      Keywords being “one perk” 🙂

    • Mule0331

      Hahahaha!, Im from Cleveland area as well, and yes, its one if not the only perk of living here, LMAO!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    3 bars of 4G, Phoenix, AZ, -93dbm, and no dropped calls yet, but I don’t make that many calls.  Sound of callers, and sound that caller reports on the other end, are both very good.  Volume of ringtone and notification tone could be better, so I just bought Volume+ in the Market — at $1.62, well worth it — increases the volume so I don’t miss calls, texts, calendar reminders, etc.

    Battery Life — much better than I expected and better than my Droid Incredible. I think I will buy a spare battery for when I’m on trips, but I do that with every phone I own. So far, very happy with this phone — 4G is blazing fast, and Speed Test shows it to be 3-5 times faster than my home WiFi, which is cable broadband. Very impressive!

  • Jefferz0087

    Mine is perfect. I have 4 bars right as we speak of 4G!

  • Anewbreedx008x

    This nexus is far better than my OG droid signal strengh? PFFFT who would notice it was a pure hassal to even look anything up browser wise on my OG. Im extremly happy about this phone. If u give me better signal strengh then woo hoo. That would help on battery life swapping from 4g to 3g? Im happy as can be only thing that aggrivates me is the low volume of the external speaker on the back

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting about half the signal strength that I normally would get. No dropped calls.

  • Terrible signal.  I walked into a VZW store where the RAZR on display had “full bars” of LTE and showed -61 dBm on the status screen.

    At the same time, sitting about 2 inches away from the RAZR, my GNex showed -87 dBm.  

    There is definitely something very wrong with the radio.

  • Billyrouth2000

    I’m in a 3g only area and havent had any problems.

  • Pkiefer131

    I’m so confused. I’m on my thunderbrick right now running 4G twiddling my thumbs waiting on FedEx for my G-Nex. I just checked my signal and I’m at a -89 (three of six bars) so I paniced and needed to see how slow that was…I loaded a 13 minute video on YouTube in 3.5 seconds ran a speedtest.net with a 8000 kbps up and 788 kbps down…so my signal “sucks” according to everyone but its still faster than anything I have used (3G was like 800 kbps up). Could people just be beast hyping signal b/c the G-Nex did not come with an autograph from Jesus?

    • Ed

      one bar of 4G with a -100ish db strength reading(can’t remember the exact number) for me got almost 8Mmbps down on my nexus and a little under 1MB up when doing some tests.  So i’m not sure if it’s miss reporting the bars/strength or what, but that seems really good for 1 bar to me.

  • HappyPants

    I moved from a OG Droid to a Nexus.  I live in a fringe coverage area in wisconsin.  My Droid would bounce from verizons 3g tower about 5 miles away to a uscellular tower that is closer.  I could rarely make a call.  The signal strength would hover between -95 to -105 db.  My nexus now locks on to the USC tower with signal strength that hovers between -100 and -120.  Even though it shows a weaker signal I have yet to have trouble making a call.  The Nexus has performed much better than the Droid.

  • Keith Sumner

    FYI, Still glad that I got a Bionic 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am in Charlotte and my phone barely gets 2 bars.  The extended battery is draining in 5-6 hours.  Very frustrating.  Verizon is clueless.  I am sure the next step is to give me a new phone.

  • trevorsalienarms

    No dropped calls, but it does seem to be switching between 3G and 4G quite a bit. Completely lost all data connectivity a couple of times while I was in various stores around town over the weekend. Haven’t really seen anything above 2 bars LTE, though a speed test showed 22 down and 5 up from my office, so that seems good. Signal strength numbers don’t seem to get any better than -96 or so, much as has been reported by others.

    Inspecting a Verizon coverage map, I see that my home is right on the edge of a 4G/4G “extended” area, so that might partially explain the manic 3G to 4G and back again dance it’s doing at home. Driving across town to and at work, it seems to be able to hold a relatively stable 4G connection, but again, it never gets above 2 bars.

    Otherwise, I do like the phone…but I’d rather love it. Based on almost no facts (admittedly) I just have a feeling it’s got a problem finding and holding a solid signal. Seems flaky. If this can be fixed with an update…the sooner the better.

  • RW-1

    I’m somewhat concerned, however reading back on a lot of Samsung issues it was that the radio power needed to be tweaked, now I think antenna would really be the thing affecting reception, but it has to talk to the towers as well, either way perhaps a SW fix can work magic.

    Baseband update? Who knows?

    But I do think patching how it displays the signal is more of a cover up in any case, change the parameters of the display to show you one more bar than actual, and you’ll think your doing great when nothing has in fact changed.

    I still love this phone though! Hope the fix comes soon.

  • Jason

    I finally got the razor exchanged for the nexus and I saw all the complaints before I did so I was doing some checks in different places to see if there would be a difference. There definetly was and the nexus signal strength is much worse than the razor. The battery ain’t nothin to brag about either. I have to charge the nexus half way though work to get it to last the other half and then charge in the car for the ride home. I’m in a good 4g area so I know it’s not from switching but I do loose service out of nowhere and it will take it alittle bit to find it again. I’m hoping these bugs get fixed soon, I already did one exchange don’t think I can do another one.

  • My nexus picks up about 1/2 to 1 bar less than my droid x did. which is better than i was expecting. i have had no signal issues or 4g issues either. but if the update makes things even better that would be nice…

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that has had no issues? Full bars on 4g in the tiny town I live in. Full bars on 3g. But I can see how it would get frustrating.

  • no signal issues here in Wichita, Kansas. I have however had to return my phone once, and do a total of 4 factory resets due to a mysterious reboot/bootloop issue that I believe is related to a wifi issue. Anyone over at DL going to report on that? http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-nexus/464201-stuck-boot-loop.html

    • l4do0

      I’m having the same reboot issue.

  • Adam

    My Nexus has worked amazingly and had great coverage.  

    • Adam

      And I’m averaging 28Mbps down and 13Mbps up.

  • Anonymous

    Time to bring back the “Can you hear me now” guy…

  • Anonymous

    This is my phone and a Droid Charge, also Samsung.  His signal, in dBm, is multiple times better than mine (the ‘higher’ negative number is better, and the scale is logarithmic).  Our building, mind you, is a Verizon 3G/4G tower as well.  His accurately reflects how close we are to the tower.  My signal is more like I’m about a mile away.  I did the test in 3G only to make sure all things were equal.

    I never get above 1-2 bars in 3G or 4G unless at work, I’ve dropped more calls then I ever did in 2 years on Sprint in the 5 days I’ve had the phone, and call quality is horrible because of the awful signal.

  • thefullritz

    Yeah it’s a problem in Roch, NY.  No 4G at home and drops in and out at work.

  • Anonymous

    All the 4G radios experinces been sub-par compared to 3G on Verizon’s network from reading about each 4G phone, some are just a little worse than others.  The problem with the Nexus phone is 3G and the switch between, that’s where Samsung’s radios show show their lack luster performance.  I dropped about as many calls in the last 4 days as I dropped in the 18 months having my DX.

  • Mmungo13

    I get absolutely no signal at all in my own home on my Nexus. I had 3 bars of strength with my Droid X. I glad to see its not just my phone. This needs to be fixed.

  • I live in a suburb of albany, at home 4g all the way but driving around it drops all the time. In the mall in clifton park, no 4g att all in some parts walk to the other side wala 4g.

  • mchlkrieger

    RAZR: 1 – Nexus: 0

  • GiveMeAgg

    Me experience has been that out of multiple LTE devices *Samsung* Galaxy Nexus is off on signal strength by 20 dBm.

    • Anonymous

      MORE LIKE 60dBm

  • horrible signal compared to my charge, but no dropped calls luckily. Definitely an issue though. I’m in Pittsburgh.

  • David

    Ordered by my Nexus on Friday.  Out for delivery today to the house.  Spoke with VZW customer service after reading this post / twitter and after being told (no need to worry) then transferred to tech support where the agent told me “knowing this is a concern of yours, if you have a good phone now I would keep that phone until you hear more positive things about the nexus.”  WOW

    • Binglut9

      Who cares what some guy said….this is the reason verizon has a 14 day grace periof…people are making to big of a deal

  • Dan

    As previously stated. The signal bars are a bit on the low side for me. No dropped calls at all, however. I’m also being told that the call clarity is outstanding (from folks on the other end of the call).

  • Matt Antes

    I live in WNY, and I ‘should’ have near full coverage of 4g. I do not, it goes in and out every 1/2 mile it seems. Some areas are full 4g, and half mile away, at my home I have between 1bar 4g or none at all and it switches in and out to 3g. Very dissapointed in LTE coverage for a so-called best network.

    • Binglut9

      I live in buffalo same problem you had called last night and now tgis morning i have 5 bars on a constant…call tech support

  • Jeff Carter

    I dont use my GNex alot for phone calls, but compared to my old DX, the signal is not near as strong. Im kinda dissapointed.

  • Grant Jenkins

    Bought the G-nex for me and my wife.  We have sold 4G signal and still dropping calls left and right.

    • Does turning off 4g help with the dropped calls?  I turned off 4g because I don’t get much of a signal for it, and I haven’t had any dropped calls, though I’ve made only around 10 or so since getting the phone on launch day.

      • Zswap88

        i switched off 4g but still dropped calls…now trying to just use wifi and cdma because my battery died in 3 hours today

  • Adam

    I’ve definitely been seeing terrible signal strength.

  • Robertmacri

    Wow, I am surprised to see all these issues… My signal has been great. Much better then my incredible ever was. Perhaps my incredible was that bad…. i used to get one bar at work. Now i get three… now battery life is another story. 😉

  • Aborrelli

    Used the phone in Several different places over the weekend San Diego, Denver, Breckinridge… 

    Definitely seeing some odd issues with signal…. At the airport I had to reboot the phone three times to get it out of airplane mode.  once the phone goes to 3G sometimes the only way for me to go to 4g is to reboot the phone… very annoying. 

  • Coming from a Droid Incredible, I’m noticing increased/better reception in areas where I previously got really, really bad reception.

  • I havent experienced any issues, I get great signal and speed. I dont really care how many bars I have if im getting 15-20 mbps down =D

  • Don West

    I’ve been having horrible issues with signal strength since I bought the Nexus.  Places where previously I’d get three to four bars with 3G, I’m getting one to two.  And on occasion, I’m getting no signal.  I called Verizon today and what the data support rep told me was that the fix they’re working on is not with actual connectivity, but rather with the data display itself.  In other words, what we’re seeing may not be accurate in terms of signal strength, and they’re working to fix that.  Not anything related to the actual quality of the signal itself.

    • makes sense, because, like i said im getting 15-20 mbps down no matter what my signal shows

  • Scottholstein Sh

    Signal strength on 4.0.1 was great. After 4.0.2 update…really bad. Just bought the phone. Was able to use it two hours before update…I think the update has something to do with it.

  • Sera3phim

    My signal strength is consistently lower than expected whether it be on 3G or 4G LTE; though I have not experienced any dropped calls. Also, this being my first 4G phone, the data speeds appear to be much lower than I had anticipated (streaming videos, etc.).

    My absolute biggest gripe so far with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on ICS 4.0.2 is the ridiculously low System Volume Output. I can’t hear anything my phone does unless i’m in a stone silent room. On my way to work and ringing? Missed Call. Text Message sitting next to me on the desk with ambient music playing in the room? Goes unanswered for 20 minutes. Setting an alarm for work in the morning? Better set a back-up. Want to show some co-workers a cool new trailer on your gorgeous 4.65″ Super AMOLED screen? Nobody can hear what’s on the screen. The list goes on and on.

    Couple the low volume with the very slow and short Notification Light pulse and when you aren’t paying direct attention to this device you probably won’t notice that something has been missed.

    I have a feeling they nerfed the volume on accident when they addressed the earlier Volume Bug issue.

    I am hopeful that with this being a Nexus flagship phone that all of these issues will be addressed promptly and correctly.

    Besides these issues, I do think this is simply an awesome device.

    • Binglut9

      Use sound plus and turne the volume to eight and put it in tremblebworks like a charm

    • Anonymous

      Same here. This is actually more of a problem to me than signal strength. I don’t ever hear my phone unless I am in a silent room. Unfortunately there’s a couple of racks of servers running near me at work and I miss everything. The LED doesn’t stand out and is barely useful.
      With all of the negatives, I still love this phone. It looks awesome, especially when showing videos. It’s fast to respond and 4G is great too. Ice Cream Sandwich is beautiful. The major cons, volume, weak LED, and signal strength all sound like something that can be fixed too. Either officially, or otherwise 🙂

      • RW-1

        Volume+ app, available for free thru the dev’s website.

      • Anonymous

        I wonder if you guys listen to overly loud music on headphones…and have thereby damaged your hearing. This isn’t meant to be insulting! I’m just curious.

        I live in NYC – in a very busy part of the city, on an avenue, so there is endless traffic (cars, trucks, and buses). The noise coming in my windows – when they are CLOSED is probably about 50-60+ decibels. Loud enough that 30+ decibel-filtering earplugs don’t stop the noise. Yet, I have no problem hearing my phone ring. And, I have the volume set to medium/low (I don’t like loud noises, when I can avoid them). Also — another factor in terms of distinguishing one sound against background noise is the tone and pitch of the sound/ring. Some of the ringer choices are pleasant sounding, but in too low a key for them to catch your attention against most background noise. At least, that’s how it works for me.

  • Andrew Elliott

    I get 2 bars 4G max(only 3g in my home) dont know if thats the phone or the network in my city. Also i have gotten a bug where when I unlock the phone and the buttons are not dispalyed at the bottom making it impossilbe to exit some apps.  Quick reboot fixes it but it has happened twice now.

  • Ebecktaz

    I have not had any dropped calls but i do lose my 4g in my house but have had to cycle to get it back.

  • I agree. I have a VZW tower on my work site and had full signal with my Bionic.  Now 1-2 with my GN.  Needs improvement for sure.  WiFi isn’t the greatest either.  

  • Anonymous

    Hehe, suckers bought a Samsung and thought it would have good reception.

    • Dan

      stupid post is stupid

      • Anonymous

        On the contrary. I would have been stupid to have any interest in the Nexus 3 knowing it shared a radio baseband with the Droid Charge, which had the worst reception issues of any Verizon phone I’ve ever owned.

        Samsung doesn’t fix the long standing issues with their phones that make them poor communication devices- they recycle hardware and slap a better screen on it to make it a better entertainment device. The Galaxy Nexus is no exception.

      • nFans=iFans

        Mad nFan is mad.

      • nFans=iFans

        Mad nFan is mad.

  • Alex Tarnowski

    I guess i got lucky i get four bars 4g outside and inside 2-3 in san diego

  • Trophynuts

    HORRIBLE SIG but no dropped calls ….yet. Both on 4 and 3G

  • Sfdsdf

    I’m about 15 miles from chicago and I used to get 5 bars at my work in 3G. Now I get zero bars in 3G or 4G at home I get only 2 Bars at 3G & 4G 

  • Anonymous

    i’ve only noticed that my 3g reception is not as good on my nexus as it was on my X… i currently don’t live in a 4g network, so i can’t really comment on that

  • ctannerd

    I constantly cycle between 3G and 4G.  The best signal strength i get with 4G is one bar.  3G is better with full strength.  This signal cycling is killing my battery.  i can barely get three or four hours out of my device.  I would contribute the poor battery life to the device struggling to lock on to and maintain a solid 4G connection.  I have been experiencing this problem from day one with the device.  The 4.0.2 update came with in minutes of me setting up the device so i can’t compare if the 4.0.1 rom was any better.  I have to admit after all the delays with this product and the lack of marketing whatsoever i am really disappointed.  My Charge is starting to look better and better everyday

  • Anonymous

    On  4G, I get 3-4 bars at all time in Douglasville, GA. My only issue is I wish the speakers were better.

  • Anonymous

    I live and work within the city of Seattle. No problems with 3G/4G signal strength at all. My wifi signal strength seems sub-par, but I am never more than a room away from the broadcaster. No dropped calls, but have only made a handful of them…
    From reading these posts, it sounds like I may be in for a shock when I leave city limits 🙁

    Thanks for reading, and GO HAWKS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank god, I usualy get like -85db in my house, am over -100db with the nexus!

    • stupid question. how can i tell my signal strength?  is this in settings?

      ***edit*** disregard. i see it under “status” in settings/about phone.

      • Anonymous

        Yup… about etc… you got it.

      • Anonymous

        Settings, About Phone, Status..you’ll see signal strength.

        or *#*#4636#*#* then phone info

  • I’ve noticed you can no longer dial *228. Any reason for this?

    • Anonymous

      DO NOT do *228 with a SIM Card….SIM card and phone SHOULD block the call, and your phone shouldn’t even allow the call to go through…
      that’s the BEST way to destroy a SIM card FAST!
      just do a battery pull for 30 seconds and reboot….the SIM card will take care of all the old stuff that *228 used to….automatically!

      • RW-1

        Good answer, however the card does prevent that call to *228 anyways …

  • my house sucks so i only get 1 bar on 3g-4g but when i’m at work it’s full 4g. so i don’t have a problem but i’ll take the update hoping it helps my home reception.

  • bikerbill

    No problems at all lets hope it also imoroves battery life as this tjing eats up a battery fast .

  • Anonymous

    random: how do you apply a factory image to the gnex?

  • Chessysalerno

    I live in a good 4g area and my first Nexus couldn’t even connect to 3g! Had to swap it out and now get ok 3g but still no 4. When I reboot it takes a good 15 seconds to even find a signal and my Uconnect keeps telling me the signal strength is poor (at best I get -100 dBm). My OG droid had a great signal. It could no longer do anything else but it had a great signal!

  • MattCrouse0509

    I noticed this signal issue when I stopped at verizon this weekend and compared the Nexus to my Tbolt running a TeamBamf rom and I had full signal on my Tbolt vs 1/2 on the Nexus.  I also was pulling download and upload speeds twice what the nexus was.  I like a lot about the Nexus but this is a bit of a set back in my eyes.

  • I haven’t had any issues infact, my connection has been great. Granted this is my first 4g phone, so I don’t know what it was like beofe the Gallaxy Nexus came out. However, I get anywhere from 2-4 bars of 4g from home and I live in an area where I cannot get 3g from any of the of the other cellular providers. So I am very pleased.

  • i’m in central maryland.  we’ve had 4g for quite some time (one of the first areas i believe).  i had an OG, rent-a-razr, and now a gnex.  i was able to get 2 strong 3g bars INSIDE my concrete office building with motorola products, but can barely 1 weak bar of 3g with gnex.  that’s where i notice it the most.  otherwise, 4g is pretty consistent, but i did expect better seeing how i’m near I-95 and US 50 most of my day. these are well covered areas in terms of 4g coverage. 

    • Anonymous

      What is the shape of the building you work in?

      • Sfdsdf

        If your talking to me its Square

        • Y5

          what is this i don’t even

      • it’s a 3 story building pretty much in rectangular shape.  i sit near one of the exterior walls.  i’m not sure my concern in valid anymore after seeing the post about the gnex accurately showing signal versus other products.  we’ll see.  

  • dschuett

    Very bad signal on my Nexus, and pretty disappointed. I’m really hoping it is a software issue. I used to get FULL 3G coverage in my house now I get ZERO. My wife has the droid 2 and is sitting right next to me with -83dBm where my Nexus is at -140dBm. I think this is why battery drains are so horrible as well. Hate to say it, but this could be a deal breaker.

  • No dropped calls, but only seeing 1-2 bars of 4G and then lots of full 3G

  • indoors at work/home my OG Droid would get 3-4 bars of 3G. GN has been getting 0-1 in 3G. that being said it’s been notably better about staying connected and pulling data even with the poor connectivity. 4G i’m usually at 2-3 bars outdoors, but generally no service indoors.

  • Aaron G

    Signal is crap…1-2 bars 3g and 1 bar LTE if I go outside of my office.  I have owned the T-Bolt, Bionic and now the GN and I would say this by far has the worst reception.  I have not dropped any calls but I do notice that most places that I had full LTE service with the T-Bolt and Bionic, I have almost none now.  Oh, by the way I’m in Central Phoenix where we have had 4G for about 2 years now.

  • Karma

    Samsung has a long history of inferior radios/signal and the Nexus is no different. Anyone who thought that the Nexus would be better was and is kidding themselves. You can’t fix the hardware. Sorry people but what you have is the best its going to get.

    • RW-1

      Actually most of th eissues with Samsungs radios were related to software, the software controls the power output and in a lot of cases it needed to be tweaked upwards a bit. Of course that will have an effect on batt life. …

  • It seems like my signals strengths are being misrepresented.

    My 4G only shows one bar while my signal strength is -120 dBm. However, I don’t think this is correct since it shows -120 regardless of where I go, and that’s obviously not possible.

    However, I had one bar on 4G and pulled down over 8500kbps. Bizarre.

    • Sfdsdf

      Mine does that too I’m not getting that bad of speeds and its showing one bar or even none and its still trucking 

    • Ed

      I also had an instance with 1 bar 4g and over 8000kbps

  • Anonymous

    Had a few dropped called, and only ever got full bars a couple of times.

  • Binglut9

    I had the same problem i called last night tgey did something on their side and made me factory reset….i put it in airpkane mode til i woke up and what dobyou kniw im starting to get 4 or 5 bars of 4g on a constant beforebmy 4g would only go to two bars and then drop tov3g then drop out….so give them a xallvor factory reset seebwhat happens….mines is working great 4b barsvas we speak

  • Jared Kirk

    I always seems to have less bars than my wife’s Stratosphere. Only got full bars on 4g once since I’ve had it, but then again it’s only been 3 days so…

    No dropped calls though…

  • Anonymous

    I have a great signal while in town! (see screen shot) I actually live in a fringe area so my 4G and 3G switches back and forth. I really don’t have any complaints on the signal strength. I put my Nexus and my Wife’s DX2 side by side and the Nexus was at -101 and hers at -98. Seemed comparable to me.

  • My signal sucks!!!   I have like 0-1 bars when I have full bars normally with my droid charge. Im only in a 3G area, so not an LTE issue with me

  • I’ve had noticeably low bars on 3G (nearest 4G is 2+ hours drive away), but haven’t had any issue with dropping calls or anything.

  • Anonymous

    no dropped data here, just a little higher dbm than other phones but nothing major.

  • I have had zero problems with mine so far. It’s been completely solid for me.

  • Anthony Armando

    i have full 3g coverage while my 4g coverage has been poor in my place. i just figured this was due to the fact that i do not live in a major city and 4g was not totally rolled out in my area.

  • I’ve had no problems at all with mine. I get full 4g almost every where I go. I live in S. East Florida so I’ve been in a 4g area for a over a year now so that may help.

  • Anonymous

    no problems here. Can I also say that with the extended battery and moderate usage (wifi off, bt off, gps on, 4g), my battery is going the distance. I would recommend the extended battery to everyone, bonus is that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb as on other phones. 🙂

    • Jared Kirk

      Yeah I’m really impressed with the extended battery… barely even notice the difference in weight and thickness.  Only difference is that the bottom “chin” isn’t there anymore.. it’s all just one smooth surface

  • Henry_31016

    3g/4g signal is bad, phone keeps rebooting for no reason and call quality is below average. I had the dx for over a year and never had this problems.I will for the update before deciding on returning the phone and getting the razor. I really hope they can fix all these problems, i like ics.

    • Anonymous

      Unlock the bootloader. That solves ALL ISSUES. 

      If that doesnt help you can “ZOMG TEH NFC!!!” those issues away.

      • LoL

        Don’t forget the oMgZ 720PPPPP sCreEN!!!!  and wTFbBQ ONScreeeeN buttonzzz!1!!

    • fleshgod

      The call quality on the nexus has been far superior than my droid x, much louder and clearer. I always hated the call quality on the x and I had 4 replacements so I know it wasn’t just a lemon.

      • Tim

        The replacements are likely to be lemons. No matter what they say, refurbs are not good as new.

        • fleshgod

          You’re missing my point,
          I’ve had 2 new and 2 refurbs so I know it was the phone in general. I was never happy with the x call quality from day one and I purchased the phone on launch day. The clarity was bad and the volume was very low, however with the nexus my experience has been better clarity and much louder.

  • Sappyswami

    I haven’t had any of thee problems fortunately, and have full bars of 4g in Oakland. Though I only keep 3g on usually.

  • well coming from a bionic, this thing seems stellar!!

    the bionic was so bad, maybe its skewed my judgment on this. 

    • Anonymous

      Bionic signal is fixed and stellar after the latest update.

  • Kelly

    haven’t had any issues here, but I also don’t have anything to compare to with regard to 4g signal strength

  • Mattywalnuts

    Manhattan, West Side

    Droid 2: 68 dbm 0 asuNexus: 86 dbm 54 asu (both 4G and 3G) …now in 1x, haven’t moved from my desk

  • Signal strenth is meh, but I live in the mountains so I just come to expect it. I have been getting trouble trying to send MMS picture messages. Anyone else?

  • Guest

    my rezound had better signal

  • Mike

    no dropped calls. full 3g 1-2 LTE bars, though in Denver proper was getting 3+. Havent had to cycle aiplane mode yet. 

    with that said my 4g upload speeds are abysmal, 200-500kbps

  • No dropped calls (not made that many really) but the signal is lower than my thunderbolt. But in other ways, it’s better. In haggerstown I visit a workplace where the thunderbolt would not get 4G, the Nexus would (in and out) so it seems to vary. So far, I can live with it.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all the major radios on mine – I could only get full 3G and 4G when standing outside this past weekend in both Las Vegas and San Francisco, go inside a building and it would drop to almost nothing. Sitting here in my house now I’ve got -120db on the cell radio and no bars, WiFi won’t go above 2 bars even sitting in the same room as the router. 

    OG Droid got a decent signal in all these situations…

  • Anonymous

    No dropped calls for me, but I have noticed that I’m often not holding 4G (which I should have in my area), I have very few “bars” (even in 3G, and I don’t think I’ve ever had more than two bars 4G), and even my wifi shows a weak connection.  I have only two bars (waves? arcs?) wifi even when I’m sitting in the next room.  The data comes though…

  • Bart shaw

    Terrible!  Waited months for this phone only to have it be inferior as an actual phone! I am forced to use wifi all the time.  Why am i paying verizon $300 for a phone and $30 a month for data that doesn’t work.  I could have just bought  

  • Eric Payne

    At work standing 10 feet from our repeater in our store i get 3-4 bars, at home i get 0-2 bars. NO dropped calls so far, and have been able to call and text with no bars of service. Starting to wonder if it is just not displaying the signal correctly. Either way i am satisfied, the signal has not gotten in my way in the least, and the phone works as advertised. I do not live in a 4G area, so can not attest to 4G signal.

  • And here I thought it was just me. Thank god Im not going insane. Ive had to reboot many of times as airplane mode wasnt working all the time to get 3G back since Im not in a 4G area.

  • Jesus phone ain’t so Jesus?  Say it isn’t so.

  • Tblain

    Haven’t dropped any calls, but my signal is less than stellar in most places. I seem to average about two bars in most areas (speedtest will usually net me about 12k/8k) and sometimes 3 bars (speedtest then jumps to 18k/12k). Couldn’t tell you how this might compare to another phone, as it is the first 4g device I have used, but I can say that my DroidX carried full bars pretty much anywhere in the area.

  • Ed

    Bad signal at my house, but i’ve always had a pretty poor signal there with all my phones (it’s slightly worse than my wife’s charge I usually see 1-2 bars she gets 2-3 bars).  No drop calls though even when I see no bars which happens at my house here and there.  Haven’t had a need for airplane mode.  Great 4G around town typically 3 bars, and at my office where I get 4bars 4g.  Transition to 3g to 4g and vice versa seems fine, possibly 10 seconds or so between the action bar icon changing.  Don’t notice any struggling.  I’m in the Greater Baltimore Area.  

    Although it’s been good other than specifically inside my house, 
    I do think the radio is probably weaker than the charge’s or the software is “worse”.

  • Skyskioc

    I am in the Orange County California area and can only get 0 to 1 bar on 4G. No dropped calls yet, but haven’t had to make many calls either. Just wish I could get full 4G bars. Continues to swithc back and forth from full 3G to one bar 4G. Coming from a DX, I had no problems with 3G service. $300 for a Galaxy Nexus and $200 a month for phone service with all my family lines ! “COME ON VERIZON YOU GOT MY MONEY NOW FIX THIS SH*T”

  • Matthew Stone

    Getting 0-1 bars normally. Sometimes I’ll get 2 bars, but it’s RARE. I am in a 3g only area.

    Haven’t dropped any calls or had any problems with data…just showing 0-1 bars of reception which is weird.

  • Davidukfl

    4g and 3g signal are a little crappy compared to my old DX and my wifes old Revolution. It’s about the same as her Dinc, which doesn’t get that great a signal. No dropped calls though, and even 2 bars of 4g is still getting me 11mbps+ speeds

  • andrew rossi

    have a hard time getting 4 bars of 4g still, 21mbps sometimes 

  • Ben

    No dropped calls, but I haven’t called much on mine yet.  Signal strength though was immediately noticeable.  GFs DX2 has 4 bars and -84dbm and me standing right next to her has 2 bars and -100dbm.  So yeah, something is up.  I have yet to see 4 bars of 3G in this phone, on my D1 I ALWAYS had 4 bars in my area.

  • Raptor007

    Mine does jump from 2 to 3 or 4 bars, but mostly sits at 2.  It should be higher.

  • Anonymous

    Wait one second. Stop the presses. There is a radio issue with a Samsung phone? No, this cannot be. It’s not like their radios have been less then stellar in most of their cdma devices.

    • Anonymous

      And everyone said it would be “perfect” with no issues. 

      Just wanna point out how many people flamed the Bionic for the 886 radio. Ur jeezus phone isnt perfect kids. 

      • Anonymous

        Nobody said it was. Go away troll.

        • Dude

          You must not have been on Droid life for very long…

          • Anonymous

            Yup. He clearly doesnt remember all the iNexus trolls that claimed it wouldnt have signal issues simply because it was a Nexus. 

        • Nexus=Fail

          Says the poor nFan.

      • BillyT

        I’ll flame the BIONIC – that POS drove me insane.  I had even more problems after the OTA!  But I’m sure you’ll tell me it was just my device.  No problems with the Nexus so far…

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Gs2 blows this thing out of the water. It does have bad signal and plastic feel, but at least it has a better camera, display and front facing camera.

    • Anonymous

      Their radios sucks big time and they never improve it. At least Moto is working hard making better lens, sensors, display and putting more features in their products. Come on Samsung you can do better than this.

    • Crack Monkey

      I’ve had no problems with the G-Nex and my daughter’s Fascinate has been working great for over a year. Her GPS signal is consistently more reliable than my wife’s DX and it’s never dropped a call or failed to transmit a message.

  • Chris G

    I still have a Droid Pro in my pocket for work.  Signal on my GNexus is garbage compared to what I can pick up on the Pro and formerly my OG.

    However I have been really utilizing wifi so I do not notice it as much.

    That said, when the signal works, it really works.

  • Drazyw

    Mine flip flops all over the place from 3g to 4g to no data at all. if it drops to nothing, it takes forever to come back.  On average about 20dBm off from my Razr.

  • Chris G

    I still have a Droid Pro in my pocket for work.  Signal on my GNexus is garbage compared to what I can pick up on the Pro and formerly my OG.

    However I have been really utilizing wifi so I do not notice it as much.

    That said, when the signal works, it really works.

  • Jer122

    Signal is horrible in 4G and often goes go 3G where my DRIOD Charge did not

  • tjmonkey15

    Haven’t had any dropped calls, but a lot of low signal (well, low bars anyway, and lob dBm).  I’m hoping that fixing the signal issue will help increase battery life too.  I’ve had a larger than average % of time when there is “no signal” according to the phone’s battery use menu.

  • Anonymous

    I have noticed signal drops and sometimes no signal or network. It was switching on me from 4g to 3g. Haven’t noticed any dropped calls but I probably had signal then. And this is in the bay area and Pleasanton which should have no problems with signal. So far it is preety bad.

  • Acniehaus04

    Ive been having a hard time getting full 4g and I should be getting good signal strength. i also have the phone on 3g a lot for battery and even that jumps from 2-4 bars constantly which seems odd. It is also very hilly here in SE ohio but my old Droid X seemed to get decent signal all the time

  • Anonymous

    in PHX, AZ, since launch, phone can’t seem to establish a good connection for 3g/4g.  sometimes, it doesn’t latch onto a signal for a few minutes before coming back online w/ 3g.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in the Dallas area and my signal really sucks 4g to 3g dropped calls no signal on 3g and 4g where my DroidX always had signal. Hopefully it will be fixed fast and before Jan 14 or returning.

  • Tim Swann

    I’ve had one dropped call, but that could have been because I was in my basement. 

    As for signal, I don’t find myself in 4G coverage often (only when I am at work and because of my building my signal in general is not very good), but my 3G coverage has been pretty good. On my old BB which I just replaced with the Nexus, I always had coverage in my office building, so maybe I am having issues with signal also…

  • Anonymous

    I have 4 bars 4G all day at work, and about 3 bars at home (western boston suburbs) Drops down to one bar in my basement.  My DroidX was just always full work/home/and basement.  Surfing net in basement on 1 bar 4G still seemed faster than 3G though, so I assumed it was just a more sensitive meter.

    No dropped calls, but haven’t used it much.  Phone call clarity is way better than my DX. Just wish the battery life was as good, waiting for extended battery in the mail.

  • Adrian

    Software can’t fix it.

    • Jothen2002

      that is what i was worried about because i read alot of people talking about samsungs hard ware being sub par compared to motorolla. This is my first samsung phone. I have had the bionic and the razor and did not experience the drop calls or weak signal like i have on the nexus. I have been even thinking about a return if it doesnt get better. I hope software will fix it

      • Anonymous

        Eh, I have had a thunderbolt on day1.  When that device first came out, the signal was crap.  Continuously dropping 4g and it had a complete data drop off when switching to 3g.  So basically you had 2-5 seconds of no data at all.  Eventually through updates it got better, so I expect the same with the nexus.  I’d imagine verizon is getting better at optimizing their network as well, so honestly I’m not worried. 

        • GiveMeAgg

          Dropped data connections are different than actual signal strength though. You can have a strong signal and have no data. Fixable by software. Weak signal strength could be antenna/sensitivity issues not correctable by software.

    • promise?

  • When I have 4G, it works well.  But, if it drops to 3G (which is very often in the Olympia, WA area), I just lock the screen and forget using it because I know it won’t work.  

    • Anonymous

      I live in oly also and my girlfriend has the same problem with her nexus…thought it was just us for a second

  • Anonymous

    Mines at 3 bars 4G with -93. I haven’t had any issues, the only time I lost data was in the movies saturday night and I usually have like 1 bar of 1g on my OG so that’s pretty normal. 

  • Anonymous

    Why cant i press *228, option 2 anymore to update roaming? It wont send the call

    • Sinofue

      I don’t think 4G phones use that system anymore.

      • Raptor007

        the PRL is done much the same way GSM phones are updated.   Which has its benefits.

    • Anonymous

      4G LTE phones are really GSM phones now. The CDMA is buried underneath. It operates like a GSM phone where the SIM card controls everything and automatically updates your PRL for you. No need to dial 228 anymore. In fact if you watched when you bought the phone, they didn’t dial to activate either, just wait for the SIM to register on the network. 

      • Anonymous

        Interesting. Thanks guys.

    • Walter

      *228 does not function, and is not needed on LTE phones.  They get their roaming list updates differently.

  • Anonymous

    drop calls, take much too long IMHO to get signal after reboot, going from 4G coverage area to 3G kills signal and all data connectivity.

    • Binglut9

      Dont reboot just use airplane mode

    • Anonymous

      Whoa whoa WHOA!!! Stop the press!!! You mean to tell me that the jeezus phone AKA “G-Nex” has signal issues?!?!

      No way!!! Didnt see that coming 8 months ago….. 

      • Anonymous

        I saw it coming all along, these geeks did not listen to me, now they are crying lol.

        • Mikewoods94

          No one is crying troll. I simply posted my experience per the post. I am sure an update will be coming out to address this minor issue.

          If you don’t like the GNex then why bother reading or posting your worthless comments.

          • Anonymous

            Nexus geeks are cry babies lol. If you can take the hit go cry somewhere else.

    • Anonymous

      No dropped calls yet on my Nexus. Signal strength is a little bit worse than my Bionic (post OTA) but only slightly.

      In an area with strong signal I can get speeds my Bionic never could. I got 34Mbps down and 17Mbps up the other day.

      Overall I am very happy with this phone and I’m sure software updates will mitigate the few issues that have arisen.

    • NexusIsAFail

      So much for the god phone, lol!

      • Anonymous

        lol i could not agree more. Moto won as usual 🙂

  • No issues with my Nexus, not a single one!

  • Dxindy

    I have 4 bars on 4G, but I’ve noticed if it’s an area with low 4G signal, it seems to be slow picking up the 3G

  • Dan

    Agreed. My phone doesn’t seem to get more than 2 bars of 3G, even outdoors where signal is typically pretty solid. No case is on the phone.

  • PC_Tool


    People are still on 4.0.2??  😉

  • Anonymous

    I usually only get 2 bars signal strength on 4g and 3g varies but usually no more than 3 bars. However, despite what the bars show i can maintain a signal much better than on my charge or thunderbolt which i had to toggle airplane mode on several times a day. Handoffs between 3g and 4g are much improved as well.

  • Wasabi

    Love the phone, and the battery life isn’t as bad as I thought, but…

    I have poor reception, and is anyone having random reboots? I lose like 8-10% battery everytime it happens. Have only unlocked the phone, no root.

  • joejoe5709

    Spokane, WA

    I’m not dropping any calls and text messages are very speedy, but I’ve yet to see full reception bars anywhere. Same story with 4G. I have yet to see full bars, but the internet seems to be almost as speedy as the Rezound I had so I figured the phone just has high standards for what it considers “full” bars. Wifi has also been pretty weak. My wife’s iPhone gets great signal strength in our living room and my Nexus does not. I did not have this problem with my Rezound.

    Honestly it’s not a deal breaker. The internet is still pretty speedy, but it would be nice if they could iron out any issues.

  • Clark White

    Signal pretty horrible where I am in West, TN.  4G will go full bars when I pass by the tower, but 3G is pretty low wherever i go.

  • blastbeats

    Got better signal strength on my HTC Droid Eris (a 2+ year old phone).  Both by looking at dBm and from observations while using it.  If it’s not fixed by Jan. 15th I will be returning this phone.  Love everything else about it, but reception is a deal-breaker.

    • neknoznip

      Return policy is no longer 30 days fyi…. I was told only 15 days plus restocking fee. I’m having same signal issues.

      • Rolo72

        Same here. I was told the 14 days though.

        • Crack Monkey

          You may have been told that but the policy is Jan. 15, 2012. Not every sales clerk is up on the policy.

      • Verizon’s return policy still states: “Purchases made between November 15 and December 28, 2011 may be returned or exchanged through January 15, 2012”

      • Anonymous

        You can do better with the rezound.

    • Dude

      The GNex having signal issues after release is the definition of Irony to me. Or is it just karma? Either way, I love it 🙂

      • Genius

        Guess what haters… I still wouldn’t trade this phone in for yours. 

        • Dude

          I’m not a hater at all. I just think it’s hilarious. Every single GNex bandwagon fanboy who trolled the Bionic threads had it coming 😉 I even said this was going to happen in one of those Bionic posts.

          • BillyT

            Signal strength is one thing, connectivity is another.  My piece of ess Bionic coulnt stay connected for more than an hour and dropped data at least a dozen times a day.   I have yet to experience a problem with my Nexus – anecdotal or not – this phone destroys my Bionic in every way.

          • Dude

            Sweet. I’m glad it does. Still doesn’t mean that the Galaxy Nexus is without it’s issues, just like every phone is right after release.

          • [email protected]

            Guess what, I didn’t experience any major problems or data dropping 12 times a day on my Bionic either, neither did I have one dropped call even once like a lot of nexus owners are complaining about.  Suck it.

          • Anonymous

            lol, they killed the bionic and the god device for these turd geeks failed them lol.

        • Anonymous

          Let the anger out of your system 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Radios is the most important feature in a device. Secondly is call quality and lastly sound good sound. Moto has it all.

  • Anonymous

    i been having a tough time as well getting a strong signal of any sort. including wifi. i havent experienced a dropped call even in a weak signal area. i have had to reset the hand set a couple of times to get a signal back though.

    p.s. why does the browser have the text small like that? old versions of android auto zoomed the text when you double tapped to fit the screen. not a dealbreaker but i guess i might have to get use to it.

    • Yes I have noticed that my wi-fi signal is lower as well then my wife’s Droid Charge.

    • Binglut9

      Browser settings you can change font size at factory state its comes snall i turn mine to large

  • I haven’t noticed any dropped calls or signal problems.  Everything seems to be working great for me.

  • Jac_White

    @zepfloyd:disqus  are you saying you believe this will be improved upon based on software and not be a lingering hardware issue that lasts for the full 20 months + I have the phone?

    • Anonymous

      Improvements can be made via radio firmware…to a point and I expect it will get better. I wouldn’t expect it to match the Razr all the time though, no. This is sort of the over arching generality that Samsung just doesn’t make radios as well as Motorola, which most of us are used to. 

      • Anonymous

        Fascinate and Charge are good examples of how Samsungs radios are lower quality than the rest. My family and I have had both, along with HTCs and Motorolas. We never got a software fix for the Samsungs, even through root and different radio flashes. Samsung will never be on one of our phone buying lists again.

  • Tom Luley

    In my house I get 0 or 1 bar of 4g with it randomly cutting to 3g and I am in the middle of a 4g area. If I go outside and down the road 100 feet either way, there are towers and I only get full 4g coverage if I am right underneath the towers. To be able to text and make phone calls inside my house, I HAVE to have WiFi on. It isn’t fun.

  • Dave

    I get low signal strength on 4G compared to my Bionic. A lot of the time it will just drop down to 3G. Never had a dropped call yet, however.

    Rather unfortunate but I’m going to hold out for a software fix. My workplace is in a 3G only area and it’s been going strong there. At home, I’m typically on WiFi. I do get the feeling that when on 4G that the low signal strength is making the radio work harder than it needs to and thus become a drain on the battery life. Not sure if that is a valid claim.

    But it’s not enough to get me to return the phone. As long as I get my texts and calls..that’s been 100% so far. Hopefully future updates will boost the radio.

  • Travisjshepherd

    no problems whatsoever here, 3/4g both working great, and my call signal/clarity rival that of my og.

  • Poor signal quality here. This goes for 3g, 4g, and wireless. I have yet to see 4 bars for anything and my signals are averaging less than -100. Looking at my signal quality under battery life, I have only had one blip of green since I have had the phone with it usually sitting in the yellow to yellowbrown.

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope they address this!  My Nexus goes from 3G with 3 bars to Zilch!  Then magically about a minute later it comes back on line.   It has done this probably about 10 times since Saturday.   Never happened once on my OG Droid.

  • I’ve seen limited 4G signal strength (in the Boston area), but no calls have been dropped.  However, my Bluetooth freaks out if I have more than one device paired.  It will essentially stop functioning…

  • On Saturday night I mysteriously lost all connectivity while at a restaurant, but that’s happened to my Droid 1 indoors before so I wasn’t too concerned. I haven’t had any dropped calls at all, and that includes a pretty long phone interview on Friday.

  • NexusLover

    Wife has the Bionic and compared to her, I have had a weaker signal in 4g and 3g. Also I have had issues with rebooting for no reason. I dont know if it is an App I have downloaded that is causing the problem. Anyone else had this issue?

    • Villamota4

      Ditto..  on Wifes Bionic. Havent had rebooting issue.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I have noticed that there are many places that my Thunderbolt and my Rental Razr had full LTE and 3G and now I am struggling to get like half signal in those areas.

  • FutureFuzz

    4G is good switch to 3G and its week. Yet to drop a call. Updates will be faster on this then anything else so no worries on my end.

    • swooshbb

      Not to be too skeptical but my Nexus S 4G still suffers from the Samsung Galaxy GPS issues and even though it is a Nexus I have seen little attention paid to it and no fix in sight.

  • I get 0-1 bars where I would have 2-3 on my iPhone 4, Droid 2, OG Droid, and Palm Pixi Plus …. And in the city I was getting 1 bar of 4G where I should have 3-4…. it’s pretty bad.

  • Arizzxo

    It’s been perfectly fine for me and they must have just switched 4G on in my area since I’m getting 4 full bars of it in my house now

  • Anonymous

    I havent had any dropped calls. Where I live is supposedly a 4G area but thats not the case. I leave 4G turned off most of the time.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God.

  • Yes I have had horrible signal strength. Example sitting in my house my wife’s droid charge gets full bars and my nexus 3G only. Some have said they thought it was a 4G radio issue. However I noticed that 3G signal is also weaker then my wife’s Droid Charge. Also when you do have one or 2 bars I notice from doing speed test that ping times are 3x greater then they should be. I have not noticed so many dropped calls.

  • DJ

    No dropped calls but i get 0-1 bars of 4g and full 3g.

    Steve jobs is doing his best to screw android from beyond the grave

    • jnt

      more like VZW is doing so by pushing forward on a subpar network…

      • Anonymous

        How’s that? I think they have the largest, strongest network in the US.

        • jnt

          3G, yes.  4G/LTE, largest/fastest, yes.  But it’s unreliable.  If AT&T had the number of “major” outages Verizon’s LTE had over the past 8 months, they would be reamed publicly.  Verizon is just lucky the majority are still on 3G only.  

          • Binglut9

            Its the first deployed lte of course there will be problems still in its arly stage…they have to start somewhete and anyone with half a brain would understand that there will be growing pains

          • jnt

            Well I’ll use the other half of my brain to say, again, I know that… the problem is that it’s not marketed that way at all, and there’s an implied trust when using Verizon that service will be excellent all the time.  

      • Anonymous

        Subpar network? How so? All the  iphone knuckleheads were dying for their iCrap to be on the Verizon network for years before they were available on Verizon. AT&T, Sprint and the others wish they had the network that Verizon has.

        • jnt

          Subpar 4G network… if you’re a 3G only user, it’s the best around.  4G users lose that rock solid reliability.

          • Anonymous

            You’re right….if your comparing no network to the 1st LTE network in the states….wait AT&T is now in 3 markets with LTE…HSPA+ and wimax are not really 4G

          • jnt

            I was simply commenting on the reliability – and it’s unreliable, I’m sorry.  The wrong gust of wind can cause you to lose 4G and switch to 3G (or drop data), even in a strong 4G area.  No matter how big/fast the network is, that’s, by definition, unreliable.  And I get that it’s a relatively new technology and we’re “early adopters” and all that – but it’s not marketed as a beta product – which is really the main problem I have with it.  People sign up on Verizon and pay them what they do b/c Verizon has the rep (and rightly so) as being rock solid – and 4G is just flat out not rock solid.  Never will you hear, “yes, we’re rock solid Verizon – but if you use a 4G phone, be prepared for, at the very least, occasional flaky data issues”.  

          • Anonymous

            You’ve been spewing that garbage in the forums too. Just stop it. The issue is reception on one phone. Other 4G phones get fine reception. So respectfully, stfu.

          • Zswap88

            Didnt have problems with the razr… its the phone..

        • Anonymous

          I get better service with sprint in las Vegas than I ever did with big red

          • Overblow

            Sprint?!  You mean get better service with Sprint’s 512 kbps 3G and 4 mbps WiMax?  Sprint doesn’t even have Wimax in Phoenix, the 5th largest city in the country. lololol

          • yea and sad thing is that by the time Sprint has LTE with handsets rolling out late next year Verizon will probably be almost done with their LTE roll out and ATT maybe will have 25 cities by then…lol

      • Biggles

        Sorry. I think AT&T is the undisputed champion of subpar networks.

        • jnt

          never said they weren’t! 🙂  And I’m not saying VZW’s 4G network isn’t fast and large, but it’s very unreliable – simply b/c the tech is beyond what the phones can handle *easily* right now.  

        • Overblow

          No, AT&T is the undisputed king of douchebag management.  Sprint is the champion of subpar networks.

      • Anonymous

        Verizon’s network is FANTASTIC! I do get better signal strength from my Droid RAZR,  but the Nexus and Verizon are still unbelievably great!

        • Anonymous

          Motorola is the vet in the cell phone game..no one is gonna out do them as far as radios go

        • Anonymous

          My signal strength on my Razr is great but my Gnex is poor at best. Are you in a major Metro area? 

          • Anonymous

            I love in Rowlett, Texas: just outside of a very major metropolitan area.

          • Anonymous

            May be contributing to my poor signal on the Gnex I’m about 35 miles from anything that even resembles a city. looking forward to my move in a few months to Indy. 

      • Anonymous

        The network’s fine for all of my friends with non-Nexus 4G phones.  It’s the 4.0.2 update they pushed out, IMHO.

    • I haven’t had any dropped calls, but I also don’t think I’ve seen my GNex go above two bars. I’m smack-dab in between Washington DC and Baltimore, which might have something to do with it.

  • Booboolala2000

    Some signal fluctuation and dropping data occasionaly. Will be neat to see how fast this gets updated. Being a Nexus and all. Keep those updates coming Google.

  • I didn’t think the bars had anything to do with your data signal.  I was under the impression those showed your call strength.  Is that not correct?

    • Anonymous


  • Cuffie

    Ive had low 4g signal in a 4g area and good 3g signal in 3g areas.

  • Erkleehoo

    i have had no issues whatsoever ! Morristown TN.

  • Teng247

    hmm havent had any issues with mine.  Get 4G just fine and never dropped any calls.. crossing my fingers

  • two

    I can get 3G at all times with no issue. 4G however rarely gets above two bars for me. I have at times had to select cdma only mode to conserve battery life. I have NOT experienced any dropped calls or poor quality calls of any kind. Would love to see more stable/fast 4G speeds for data soon.

  • Anonymous

    i have noticed that the 4g signal doesn’t seem to get too many bars, but haven’t used it too much yet to notice.

    my wifi signal, on the other hand, seems bad.  great signal if i’m in the room next to it, but when i leave the room, it drops much more than my other phones.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t had any dropped calls, but my data connection sometimes stops working. Mostly, it happens when I’m not on 4G.

  • Bionicman

    signal strentgh is not as good as when i had the Bionic but i haven’t lost connectivity or data. it pretty much works everywhere. it even works in places my DInc wouldn’t work.

  • Anonymous

    I live in a 3G-only-for-now area and have not experienced signal strength problems yet.

  • Anonymous

    VERY good 4G and 3G (down the street from my house) – 1x or horrible 3G in my house….called Verizon and logged a ticket at Tier3. They said they’re getting a lot of calls on this and working long hours to address (at least in my area, northwest Houston).

  • Cuppa Coffee

    Losing 3G signal periodically, voicemail will not connect, trouble transferring pictures from my PC, and a couple other small bugs.  Hopefully they can get this worked out or my phone is going back to Best Buy.

    • Oceancold

      Cuppa Coffee…if you have Visual Voicemail, the Verizon Visual Voicemail does NOT work.  There is a special Visual Voicemail for Nexus app you need to download.  Works fine.

      • Cuppa Coffee

        Ocean, thanks, but I’m referring to normal voicemail.  I don’t use visual voicemail.  VZW had me to a hard reset on my phone during the 1 hour i was on the phone with them and nothing worked.  I can long press the #1 to access voicemail only now.  I can hit the notification icon and get into my voicemail.  Frustrating to say the least!

        • Anonymous

          your speed dial probably got messed up somehow, i see this all the time at work

  • Anonymous

    Well, last Thursday I picked it up, and when it was set to CDMA/LTE, I would drop data/voice every 5 -15 minutes, and wouldn’t let me make calls or text. Huge problem. Ended up going to Verizon Friday evening, they gave me a new phone, and have had zero problems since then.

    I also heard Android 4.1, which was pushed out to testers on the 2nd, is supposed to be a huge improvement with signal strength

  • Haven’t noticed anything, but you’re right. I do very rarely see 4 bars of 4G on this phone.

  • Anonymous

    There are new radios in testing. One’s a part of 4.0.3 and another behind that.

    • Anonymous

      Just wondering, how do you know?

      • Anonymous

        Well publicly if you check out Android building (
        http://source.android.com/source/building-devices.html) and scroll down our Nexus, you’ll see the preferred radios are new. Now it’s possible if Verizon suddenly feels they don’t like it, it could change and roll later, but so far it should all roll at once. 

        • Since this is a Google Experience device, is there anything stopping the super-nerdy among us from setting up our own build environment and loading 4.0.3 and the new radio firmwares right now?  (Looks like the code is available already.)

    • AOSP

      this guy is clueless. He doesn’t even know the definition of A google experience device. 


      A google experience device had NOTHING to do with Skins or no Skins. Some “insider” LMAO. 

  • Anonymous

    why do you need to toggle to airplane mode?

    • OG Droid

      If you lose data, you can do this to switch back to get data back if it cuts out

    • Anonymous

      This resets connection, if it’s just idling. 

      I would suggest people download Restart connection from the Market. (Much faster process)

      • Didn’t know that app existed.  Thanks for the heads up!

        • Anonymous

          No problem, one android fan helping another 🙂

    • All LTE phones have had a history of getting stuck on 1x, 3g, or with no data at all, toggling airplane mode fixes the issue. I have to do it a couple of times a week on my thunderbolt.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I dont know yet.. I DONT HAVE MINE!

    thanks UPS for messing up my deliver!

  • Anonymous

    My signal strenght is low to none at my work while I used to get decent signal on my Droid X for 3G anyway. I get 4G when I step outside the building. but inside, no chance.

    Atleast the Thunderbolt used to give me SOME 4G indoors. not the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Porkweasel

    I have that issue.  Definitely.  3G doesn’t come in at all in areas I am used to getting it and 4G is weak overall.  Switching between the two is much easier than on my previous LTE phone though (Droid Charge).

  • My Xoom and Nexus both display identical signal strength bars.

    Haven’t dropped a call yet either.

    My anecdote > everyone elses’ fyi.

    • Anonymous

      3g signal is nearly identical to my DX and 4g has been available over 90% of the time for me. Haven’t had the issues either. That’s not invalidating everyone else, just saying it’s not as severe as some people want to make it out to be.

      • Anonymous

        It is bad. I have the phone next to the razr. LTE on Razr is -75, Nexus is -105

        • So lower is better, right?

          • Anonymous

            well, higher really. 0 is a full milliwatt of signal strength. -3 is half -6 is 1/4 and so on. 

            since we’re talking negative numbers -75 is higher than -105(not condescending)

          • mike

            good explanation

          • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          It is brutally bad. At home I sit at -120 always and sometimes -140.

          I’m not going to go into it all, but trust me there is a serious problem and I am on my 2nd G-Nex with the same issue.

          It has nothing to do with the bars… it has to do with signal.

          My thunderbolt had great signal in all the places my Nexus struggles to stay connected.  

          Those that think they don’t have the problem…. Have you noticed yet that you have a voicemail and wonder why you didn’t hear the phone ring?  If so it’s because at the moment the call came in you didn’t have a connection at all.  I don’t get tons of calls but this has happened to me twice already.

          They have had enough time to resolve this and I will give them till the return time is over. I cannot risk them dragging this out until March.  I will re-purchase the phone again if they get it resolved.

          P.S. There are those that are not aware they have the same issue since they are either very close to a tower, or are simply happy that 4g is faster than what they had before.  But if you owned a 4g device prior to this you quickly realize that something is terribly wrong.

          I know the phone “can” work well. I had it working great once and then over time it seemed as though it lost power and couldn’t regain…

          • Zswap88

            I also get text message fails…bogus!

  • Jason

    ya service does suck.  at my job i 4g on my thunderbold and not on the nexus, and the nexus drops in and out of service

  • Michael Forte

    And everyone wanted the phone so bad but there were still lingering issues. There was a reason they waited to release it, despite people thinking it was delayed to sell more RAZRs and Rezounds.

    • Anonymous

      every lte phone has issues at first with the radio. Even moto phones seem to be plagued with it as the bionic had a terrible issue with dropping signal and data completely. I think it is something with verizon’s lte network.

      • jnt

        and that, unfortunately, is the cold hard truth about this network… as fast/great as it is, it’s unreliable, and takes away the main reason we all pay for VZW services. 

        • Anonymous

          Agree. Hopefully they can get their network to be more reliable and play nice with the battery with the upcoming 2nd gen lte chips.

      • Anonymous

        Not true. The Razr and Rezound did and do not have radio issues.

        • jnt

          The Razr did, just not as widespread as the Bionic.  Check the notes on the latest OTA for the Razr.  I’ve owned them all, and in my area, the Rezound had by far the best/strongest radio.  Rarely lost 4G, and held it in places my Razr/Bionic/Gnex can’t even see more than 2-3 bars of 3G.

          • Anonymous

            Yea you are right I guess. My girl lost 4g during that outage on her Razr a couple weeks ago. My Bionic after the update holds a great signal and I can get 4g in places where I couldn’t before. Hopefully the GNex radios issue is software related. When I had a Fascinate though, no bit of software would fix that phones radio.

          • Anonymous

            Never had any issues with my Bionic. I live 40 miles away from a LTE area and I STILL pick up LTE. 

        • Unfortunately not…   my Razr has had a similar issue going from 4G to 3G, it tends to just lose data altogether.  Airplane mode fixes and it’s good for a while.  Just got the soak test update, hopefully it fixes it.

      • Nope

        My Bionic never drops signal, it occasionally drops data.  Haven’t heard of any data issues on either the Razr or Rezound.

    • Anonymous

      Now they’ve gone ahead and released it with the problems, that will make a certain percentage of people happy. Those who aren’t will return it and exchange for a RAZR or Rezound. Verizon marketing FTW.

  • Yes, I’m seeing it.  I’m dropping calls left and right and I can’t get 4G at my work when I could on the Rezound.

  • My phone’s signal has been great. Once, though, I went running and my phone displayed 3G, but the bars were grey instead of blue (meaning not actually connected to data/Google services), and it wouldn’t load any data (like Google music… which I was listening to while running). I rebooted the phone and data came back in 2-3 minutes after. That’s been my only issue in 3 days of having the phone.

    I’d rate my experience with the phone (in terms of radio/data performance) an 8/10, probably.

  • OG Droid

    Hell yeah. Loving this phone!!

  • Anonymous

    Good to see that verizon is working on a fix. I figured they would be anyway but that is about the only issue I have with the phone is the signal is lower than other phones. Most likely will help with battery life somewhat also.

  • Karl

    No problems so far with signal…but I do have a question…
    When the update gets pushed, do I lose root?  Will it re-lock the bootloader?

    I guess if I lose root, that’s not a big deal since I can just re-root, but I don’t want to have to unlock the bootloader again and lose all my data.

    • Anonymous

      it won’t relock the bootloader. I am not sure about root situation.

      • Probably lose root, but that can be regained in all of 1 minute.

        The only thing you will probably need to do beforehand though, is flash a stock recovery if you tried out clockwork at some point. 

        • Karl

          Thats a good point, I’d have forgotten about that.  

          Thanks for the replies guys.  I only rooted the OG after it stopped receiving updates, so this is new to me…

          • Anonymous

            All we must do is wait a few days for devs to hack it into their next updated rom… flash a zip and viola; data/apps/settings all still saved!

    • John

      won’t relock bootloader but prob will lose root

    • Thats the drawback of voiding your warranty.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, that’s a bummer. I logged on to the Administrator account on my home computer and that voided the warranty, too. Damn warranties.

        • Crack Monkey

          So you’re joking about your home computer right??? I only login as Admin and never have voided a warrantee…

    • Anonymous

      No, even if you reflash to stock you have to use adb with the “fastboot oem lock” command.