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Video: Hands-on with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE

Had a chance to pickup the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon yet? If not, maybe this quick video walk-through of it will motivate you to get your behind into a store. Assuming stores haven’t sold out that is, since many Big Red shops were running out within an hour this morning.

The phone is as good as you would expect it to be. It’s sleek, light, has a vibrant screen, feels great in hand, and performs like it has been optimized to perfection. OK, that might be a strong word after only having it for 4 or 5 hours, but as someone who has been toying with the GSM variant of the phone, I can say with a clear mind that there are very few flaws here.

Check out the video below to see for yourself.  


  • ccgabe

    First thing I did was download and update to Jelly Bean. Only had it for a day but so far I love it. Battery life may not be that great but haven’t had it long enough to tell

  • Tgznyc

    Dude cut your nails.

  • Freedomhays

    I’ll stick with my original DROIDX ……………

  • Javez543

    really missing my swype had a fascinate and fell in love with the swype feature! also miss the ringtones and being able to customize my home screens!

  • i really like the phone so far, got it last night. my only annoyance is that because the volume and power buttons are opposite each other, when i push power to unlock or lock i accidentally push volume button. i am wondering….when you slide screens to the left there are 5 icons, i know one is screen brightness but i dont know the other 4. could someone fill me in??

  • Can you make a video about the durability of the G-Nex? I went to Verizon and felt it and it feel really plastic-y compared to my OG. Even the RAZR felt metal-y and sturdy. Any thoughts on the plastic feel of the G-Nex? 

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else getting a blue cast to the screen if the phone is tilted even slightly left, right, up or down?


    Played with one today, a total disappointment. Its slow compared to the razr and rebound, the bench marks are low, totally not verizon’s premium smartphone..

  • Jeremy

    bought one yesterday. Great device, but I’m not using 4g and am still a little disappointed with the battery life. My nexus also hiccups when the live wallpaper is in use, but it’s smooth on a static wallpaper. Everything else is great (upgraded from an HTC Droid Eris for comparison)

  • Anonymous


  • Guest

    I’ve been hearing rumours that call and 4g reception is qutie poor compare to the razr and rezound. Is this true ?

    • Sfdsdf

      I used to get full bars with my droid x on 3g… now at work with the nexus I only get one bar and only 3g…. Not sure whats up with that

      • Josh Nichols

        AOSP shows data signal.. not voice Droid X probably shows voice signal.

  • Bradbyrd1110

    Sounds like a dude, but he has girl hands and a sweater!

  • Trevonte Carlson

    Somebody needs to cut their fingernails. 

  • abc123

  • Anonymous


  • Skyskioc

    Single bar on 4G in Orange County Calif. Signal really weak

  • Anonymous

    My battery life after a full charge went 5 hours 30 minutes of heavy use with it set to 4g and watching it switch between 4g to 3g but mostly 3g.

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired seeing this stupid tutorials over and over again. We need some Facts: BATTERY LIFE how good is it vs. the stupid Iphone 4s ???? 
    How about the 4G everything I’ve read is all about bad speeds? Can someone talk in regards to this before getting stuck into a two year deal?

    • Yup

      The battery is not going to compare to the ip4s since the 4s is not 4g. 4g speeds depend on your signal strength. I had one bar and 6mbs down.

    • Ben

      Last night with 4 bars I was pulling 28m down and 9.8m up on my nexus, every bit as fast as my rent-a-razr was.

      Battery is hard in the first few days, app downloads, setting configuration, etc.  I will post on that once I’m up and running.

  • I’m hoping to god I can get this by the weekend…I’ve waited so long guys/gals…I can tell it’s going to be worth the wait  coming from an OG Droid.

  • Ordered mine this morning and will have it tomorrow. Get this, I got an early upgrade from my Bionic that i purchased on release day. No BS. Just complained about the bionic a lot, mentioned AT&T and the Galaxy Note, and they said well perhaps just this once we can help you out lol. Im excited

  • Just got mine. Real nice! Love ICS – but there are things about G-bread that I miss.
    The phone is amazing – the display is so bright and crisp. And the feel of the phone is really nice. At first I was shocked by its size, but now it feels right as rain.

    Been busy reloading apps, etc. Its fast … real fast! I loaded quadrant and was surprised with the score though – shy of 1400! I thought it was around 3000? Linpack scores are smokin’ though …

    • CanThinkForMyself

      I’m curious what you miss about gingerbread.  I don’t like the permanent ICS search bar and oversized dock taking up screen space or removal of search and menu buttons, nor do I like the sidescrolling app drawer and some of the smaller changes from GB.

      Btw, Quadrant is a crappy benchmark.

  • Pennywise

    I must say, ICS is really nice!

    Also, this phone feels very cheap to me; I can’t remember the last phone I used that felt so… chincy.  The weight is nice and light, that’s not the issue…  I’ll bet you guys could put some folded paper inside the battery cover to get rid of most of the squeaking… Just don’t carry this thing in your pockets; you will certainly introduce unwanted flex and torsion on what seems to be a very weak internal structure/frame (ie more squeaks!).  Not sure about this one lasting a year, let alone a contract.

    I would probably recommend the Razr (very solid phone), or Bionic (if you want a removable battery or prefer it’s screen’s visibility in sunlight over the Razr’s poor visibility in sunlight, like I do – All OLED displays have poor visibility in sunlight) or the Rezound over the ‘GNex’ – really the only thing this phone has going for it is ICS, which will be released on the aforementioned (better) hardware within the first quarter of 2012.

    Of course, if you are a Software Developer, then Nexus all the way!

    • Honestly, I put a nice silicone case on it and it doesn’t feel flimsy at all to me.  But then my OG has been tougher than any phone has any right to expect.

    • Tysoncrosby21

      Your nexus must suck, I don’t have any issues with flex or squeaking on the back of my phone.  Weird…..

  • Graham Wilson


  • Maguiz2001

    got nexus in the morning. I am the 6th one to get from the store. It rocks

  • Sith77

    My htc rezound is better !!!!!

  • bd

    is there any way to unlink notification and ringer volume?  I’ve tried using my profiles, quick profiles pro and every other app out there. nothing seems to work.  On my OG droid I used quick profiles pro to have ringer on and notifications silent at night or during certain work situations.  

  • deewc74

    SO, I finally got mine but had to give a quick rundown of how.Had an OG bit the dust right around RAZR launch.Bought it at an indirect,had a gift card from some tires I recently bought for my truck.Used that for the RAZR and guy said ok thats it. I was confused because I thought the card had 100 bucks. He said nope its covered…..so sweet I leave couple days later RAZR lasts me till noon.Take back the RAZR they refund via check 5 days later.Went to VZW bought Rezound (extended return policy) finally the Nexus releases . Go to VZW at 9 am wait for 1 hr. get to register guy says we dont have any micro sim left.Went to another VZW they had it hooked me up YAAAYYYYY! MY POINT? Gift card $100 =249.99 return RAZR = 198.99 (restock fee 70 bucks),Buy rezound 249 .99 return for GN 249.99 ….money put in 35 restock fee for VZW 49 Difference from check . I’m done thankfully this is the phone i have been wanting.

  • Anonymous

    Ordered from LetsTalk.  Two Nexus upgrades for $240 less than buying it locally.  I think I can wait a week or two.

  • Yoderz

    Glad i got to best buy when i did. I was first in line to get one and there was only one chick working at the moblie section. Two dudes behind me were waiting at least half an hour before i was done. She kept looking for the memory card. I was just going to keep letting her explore, but decided to inform her that there wasn’t one. At first she didn’t believe me. *sigh* Oh best buy.

    • Anonymous

      I had the same issue with the Verizon store…the guy was asking me for my microsd & sim card from my bionic….LOL

  • Jacoblmueller

    Battery life?  I hope your next post is about that.

    • Gary Pasler

      So far (first charge) real disappointed;  Std battery.  3 hours off charger 100 to 36% with minimal web browsing – listening to local MP3’s via Bluetooth for 60 mins.  Hoping it’s just the break in on the battery / will give this a shot before using extended battery.

  • netflix looks AMAZING

  • Mpickup9

    Still no global lte phones on Verizon…big red must really hate people who travel abroad.

    • Alfred

      The Droid 4 is supposed to have global GSM. LTE only works on Verizon though.

    • CanThinkForMyself

      Droid 4 baby.

  • I finally figured out why Verizon delayed this device… They didn’t like the power icon!!! I am So Mad Bro

  • Once I get back from vacation, first thing I’m gonna do is go to Best Buy or Verizon and snag mine. It’s going to be Legen…wait for it, wait…Dary.

    • Foamposite0o1

      Why not order it online and get a direct seller discount?

      • Foamposite0o1

        * my direct seller discount

  • I finally figured out why Verizon delayed this device… They didn’t like the power icon!!! I am So Mad Bro

  • light flow sticks in my mind but I cant be certain.

  • Anonymous

    Voice mails are not showing up in the recent calls list like i saw at the announcement…I’m supposed to be able to play them right from the list

  • Does your battery cover squeak when pressed about where the VZW 4G logo is?

    • Cam

      Mine flexes slightly, but doesn’t squeak. I have seen posts by other people with the same issue. They just took them back and swapped them out.

  • Anonymous

    Bought 2 today love them.

  • Anyone want to buy a thunderbolt?

  • Booboolala2000

    Ahh. It has been fixed. Awesomeness.

  • Anonymous

    I think i’m in love…my dad and I both love our new phones! 🙂

  • steve

    Where can I get Kellex’s sick dot wallpaper

  • Fail

    Ha. The bugs are showing up fast! Poor 4g reception.
    Phone getting hot with moderate use. Poor battery life.
    Waited for this how long??

    • Anonymous

      Because no other phone ever has bugs. Fail on you, you are probably a moto fanboy and moto waited how long for the bionic and look at the bug list that took months to get fixed. Yeah 2 bugs( you can’t say battery life being bad is a bug since every android and every lte sucks battery life down)

      • nFans=iFans

        Funny, these are the same reasons (along with being delayed, like the nexus) that the Bionic got bashed to high heaven here.

        You sound mad.

        • Anonymous

          not mad at all. Enjoying my new phone=P

  • Razr1

    What a big bulky fat phone and huge bezels.   No thanks.   And yes, fan boys (u hear me), flame away.

    • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Anonymous

      You trolling bro? 🙂

      • Razr1

        nope, just tired of all the GN hype.  It’s not that great of a phone, really.   I think the razr is just as good, if not better, especially after getting the ICS.

        • Joelseph

          Hehe you said ‘the ICS’.  Like my Grandma says ‘the Walmart’.  : P

      • nFans=iFans

        u mad bro?

    •  The bezels on the RAZR are bigger and this phone is more comfortable to hold.

      • CanThinkForMyself

        The GN’s top and bottom bezels are enormous.

  • Mike

    Any word on the battery? 

  • Anonymous

    Alright guys, am I absolutely retarded? How do you set up speed dial? As in “hold down #2 to call the girlfriend”…!?

  • Keith Tibbetts

    I was the first at my local Verizon to pick this bad boy up and I’m so glad. Some people were saying it felt cheap, but coming off the OG Droid it just feels like not a steel slab, which I love. In my jeans I can barely tell it’s there. 

    For some reason the haptic feedback feels wonderful when I type on the virtual keyboard, which makes me not miss a physical keyboard at all. It just feels really put together. Any secret jealousy I wasn’t admitting about the apple hardware has been relieved!

  • Tsmall

    The reception seems horrible on mine.  Does it reduce performance if I have selected LTE / CMDA versus just CDMA when I know there is no LTE available?   I also think the speaker volume for Ringer and Media is very low.   Is there an app or something that can fix this as well.     NOTE:  I am comparing to my OG droid.

    • CanThinkForMyself

      Samsung phones generally don’t have loud speakers or good reception.  Setting it to LTE/CDMA in an area with no LTE signal will just reduce battery life slightly since the LTE radio is active and searching for signal.

    • Same with you on the speaker. 

  • Tneel317

    Hi guys, I just got the Nexus this morning. Problem is, the notification lights aren’t working; text, email, facebook. Anyone know what could be the problem? Also, I thought I saw in an earlier video of the phone, that you would be able to customize a color for each? I can’t even get it to light up period. Any ideas? I posted something on the DroidLife wall, but no luck. Another girl commented that she was trying to figure out the same thing. Thanks in advance!


    • ramifications

      Your best bet is probably the forums of androidcentral, phandroid, or xda developers.

      Good luck. I’m waiting for mine to come, probably early next week :/

      • light flow sticks in my mind but i am not certain

    • If I remember correctly, K mentioned it was an app. I do not remember which one though : /

    • try the Light Flow app like exiOS mentions below. it’s pretty neat

  • Anonymous

    I feel like Droid Life has been reborn. It’s like having our OG droids back and digging into all this fun hackery stuff all over again. I love it, and this community and I’m happy for everyone who already got their phones. Already feeling left behind b/c I have to wait until tomorrow but I just want to say…Stay TASTY my friends.  😉

    • CanThinkForMyself

      All is good as long as you’re a brain dead nFan.

      • Anonymous

        I know what I want out of my phone, how does that make me brain dead? 

  • pL4tiNumfi5t

    Picked mine up this morning, so far so good!

    • QtDL

      I teared up a little. He looks so peaceful….

      • Gnexus Lover

        honestly I almost cry when I saw that pic :/

  • Dollyllama

    Anyone have the otterbox case with the extended battery and extended battery cover?  If so, how well does it fit in the otterbox case?

    • Alexanderabaya

      No issues with the fit. Gtg

  • Bewara2009

    kellex those nails again…. next video try to cut them 😀

  • Anonymous

    Got mine first thing this morning and there was nobody in the store for the entire time i was there to pick one up. Total death, just like the Xoom release day when everybody was talking about lines, etc. Notta. Apple has the market cornered on long lines and fanatics in this area.
    So I got the Gnex, LOVE IT. Samsung, as was pointed out by another posted in response to me, IS a cheap ass manufacturer, chintzy as can be, especially for the price. Crap build, but as android goes, one HELLUVA a cool phone. Display blows the Rezound and Razr away (IMO) and ICS runs very nice. I still thing the iOS is far more polished and in side by side comparison the display and OS functionality are superior on the iPhone to ME. BUT, regardless. I love this phone. Lotsa pros. A few cons. Cons were not deal breakers and it’s the best android phone I’ve had thus far. Too bad VZW in my area hasn’t had squat for a response on it. Think I’ll go review it on my site just for kicks. LONG LIVE NEXUS!

    • I was the 6th in line, but 4th to get the device. Speed typing at log in station FTW

    • TC Infantino

      I totally agree with you about Samsung, I have had samsung feature phones in the past and they were very cheaply made, with sad sound quality and poor signal reception.  I do have to disagree with you about the display though, I have the Rezound and when I went to check out the Nexus I compared the screens between the two.  The clarity and color were almost exactly the same, but I have to give the nod to Rezound for more vibrant colors.  The Nexus does have a slightly larger screen and that is a big plus since both phones were almost exactly the same size length and width.  What kept me from trading in my Rezound for the Nexus was a few important (for me) things…1) The Rezound has a nice solid quality built feel to it vs. the cheap feel of the Nexus. 2) When watching a music video on Vevo on the display Nexus beside the Rezound with both at max volumn, the sound from the Rezound was much louder and clearer. 3) The signal strength displayed on the Nexus was one bar less than the Rezound in the same location (I live in a poor reception area and can still make calls with the Rezound, will not chance that I might not get signal with the Nexus).  4) The Rezound has better specs for cpu speed, both front and back cameras, and expandable removable SD card.  And I do use the cameras fairly often, as well as take video (which uses a good amount of storage space) plus I have almost 3000 songs on my computer that I can now put on my phone as well. 
      All that being said, these are only my specific reasons and I do hope that anyone that purchases the Nexus is very happy with it and that it lasts them the whole length of their contract completely trouble free.

      • Anonymous

        Can’t really disagree much there. Other than just personal taste, which is why the Gnex is in my stable. In my eyes, (literally) the Rezound display did not impress. The Gnex could use a brighter setting though. Everything else you said makes a total point. I also think I’m a little biased right now too, since it’s my first nexus phone. One thing, I got over 8 hours battery life off the first charge, and I used the crap out of it the first day. That’ something I’m pleased about and not used to with my other phones. Usually it takes a while to train the battery. Either way, I’m totally stoked about the phone and the only replacement will be a larger screened iPhone next year. 

  • Jj69chev

    anyone else having weak 4g signal? i’ve got 2bars and my wifes charge sitting right next to it has 4 bars..also a call made from my home was choppy, never an issue with my OG… not impressed with the radio, love everything else

    • Anonymous

      I have constant four bars with 4G in my apartment and anywhere around my building. The closest 4G coverage area to me is in Philadelphia which is about 25 mins from where im at. No problems here…

    • Anonymous

      The bars are for cell reception, so they don’t necessarily equate to a strong or weak 4G signal. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s an indicator for 1x/3G/4G signal strength.

    • Joseph

      My Nexus gets worse reception than my Thunderbolt. In buildings where I can get a weak 3G signal with my Thunderbolt, I would get no data at all with the Nexus.

      Of course, it won’t matter if you’re always in a strong signal area but in weak areas the reception sucks.

      • Christopher riner

        Agreed. My droid charge had no problems in my house, while my nexus has had a couple calls with in-and-out quality. Also, has done this weird thing twice where it shows ZERO bars, but my low signal notification light wont come on, and when i make a call i can hear them perfectly but they cant hear me at all…. Hope that if there are connection issues, that theyre fixed in an update. Otherwise this phone is shining my knob and blowing mY MiND

    • Anonymous

      Yup, experiencing problems with 4G (Albany, NY)

      • Anonymous

        In fact, if I don’t switch it to CDMA only, I lose ALL data + voice, and says searching for service. Anyone have any ideas?

        • Luis

          Don’t buy Samsung?

          • Anonymous

            It’s only the 4G, and I was getting the same problem with my RAZR before I exchanged it this morning.. 

            3G is full strength 

          • nFans=iFans

            Verizon has some 4G to 3G handoff issues on all their 4G phones in areas where LTE signal is low.

    • CanThinkForMyself

      Welcome to Samsung basebands.

      • Jj69chev

        never a big samsung fan, but like i said my wifes charge is full signal sitting next to my nexus…

      • Anonymous

        lol i warned them.

    • Anonymous

      What do you expect from Samsung lol.

    • FriendsOfLTE

      Compared to my tbolt and razr, (yes have both) my gnex is showing poor signal strength #s. Looking at db in status, not bars btw.

    • exiOS

      Im watching my signal fluctuate from -100 to -120 even my wifi is weak at -61 only 10 feet from the darn reprater

  • Loving this phone! Still need to organize the home screens more. Haven’t found a negative thing yet. Though I haven’t tested the battery life yet. That’s my main concern.

  • first person in my town to have one. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Do not, I repeat do not buy the car dock through Verizon. It does not have the usb or headphone jacks in the base. I’ll be returning mine.

    • Mosbo1654

      Have you found anywhere to buy the other car dock

      • Anonymous

        I found one at 
        http://www.fommy.com/view-full-page.php?skuno=93056  but they are not in stock yet. I talked to a rep there and they said the doc is designed to fit both the GSM and Verizon LTE model. The site says it ships by 12/23 but the rep said 12/27. I may wait to see what pops up in local stores. Needless to say, I am very disappointed in Verizon’s offering.

        • ebay dude,  so much cheaper

        • Anonymous

          Did you get this yet?  The pictures don’t really clarify and the model # they have is the same model # that is on Samsung’s Website, which is the same model # on Verizon’s.  In fact if you look at the various pictures on the Samsung website, it doesn’t appear to have the connections on the base and  you can’t see the 3 pins in the cradle.

  • Who needs a video when I have had a “hand on” with it all day? Is it ironic I can watch this on my own Nexus?

    Also, I rooted mine by accident. I just found out that I did that.

    • Anonymous

      Run a quadrant score and AnTuTu

  • Anonymous

    nexus or razr?????

    • Anonymous

      This is the Nexus.

      • Joelseph

        lol.  I don’t think that was the answer he was looking for.

    • CanThinkForMyself

      Try both, read reviews and make a decision.

  • Crmckain

    does anyone know how to stop the marketplace from adding shortcuts to my home screen?

    • Go into your “Settings” of the Market and uncheck the option for “Auto-add shortcuts”.

  • Jaime Ramirez


    • Anonymous

      If you’re abusing LTE, yes, top rear gets real ass hot

      • Christopher Dean

        At least I’m not the Lone Ranger on this one. 

      • Anonymous

        This (as well as battery) seems to be a real issue right now for LTE phones. I do hope there can be a software fix to this, but we may all have to wait for the 28nm LTE radios to come along (and those of us  that are early adopters will simply have to live with crappy battery life and hot phones).

        • not if you bought a thunderbolt on a 1 year like me ! 🙂

        • Pennywise

          The Bionic (nor the Razr in my admittedly limited use) get hot. The Nexus gets hotter than my 1GHz OG.

      • Pennywise

        Cause that’s where the caner is happening

    • Anonymous

      Not mine.

  • Anonymous

    woo wooo, anyway…

    HAHAHA +1

  • my local verizon sold out at 11 am… but they said they only had 20 in stock which i thought was weird. i ended up ordering mine online this morning but got screwed with shipping on weekends so i wont see mine til monday night… im an idiot

    • it’s coming from fedex.  call 1800 go-fedex and tell them you’re going out of town and you would like to pick it up at the local fedex station (if you’re willing).  if it ships by today it should get to you by tomorrow.  since it is the christmas season fedex couriers aren’t leaving packages that are due on a later date behind they are delivering everything when they get it.

  • Can you do a speaker test kellex?  That was a big issue for me on my droid x…I like to listen to music in the shower…would like to know how loud it is.

    • The speaker is really low.  I have a droid x and it’s almost twice as loud.  You can always get a $20 set of PC speakers and keep them in the bath room though.

      • Calculatorwatch

        I don’t understand why people like listening to music through phone speakers anyways, it sounds terrible.

      • Are you serious? Twice as loud? lmao he X speaker is the worst…THE GS2 review Kellex did was easily heard over the running water in shower so I’m suprised @ this. My BB curve could be heard perfectly fine over the water and the fan…

      • CanThinkForMyself

        That’s Samsung speakers for ya.

    • Yeah, the speaker is not too loud at all. It is night and day compared to the original Droid. Also, I see this as a flaw design, but if it is not sitting on a hard surface (i.e. my bed), the speaker gets blocked and you can’t hear it at all.

    • It’s actually pretty decent. A little better than my droid x. Sounds more clear.

    • I got this thing called a  Music Bullet at Walmart for like $15. It’s a single speaker but it’s volume is good. better than the phone speaker would be. Just a thought.

  • Earleepa

    By the time I get mine. Its on backorder . Ill probably already have all the accessories and Christmas break will be over.

  • Anonymous

    Any one else having battery life problems?

    • Yes.

      Battery was at ~55% when I bought/activated mine at Costco at ~12:30 and was down to 0% by ~3:00, after receiving the OTA update and autodownloading all my android market apps.

      I wanted to buy the extended battery, but neither Costco nor the nearby Verizon store had any.

      • Pennywise

        Just a reference for whatever it’s worth. My Bionic is 7 hours on battery today with 50% remaining and I’ve been abusing it all day.

        (purchased and installed 8/10 apps from 10 cents promo today, Updated 13 other applications several of which were 50Mb+ downloads, test-drove ALL of the games I downloaded yesterday and today, been txting all day, low call usage of about 15 minutes, screen is on auto brightness and the display’s “time on” is just under 2 hours)

        You typically ‘set the memory’ of the battery (read: create it’s potential) with the first few full cycles of the battery. I know I know, Lithium polymer yadda yadda.

        Trust me; charge your new phone to FULL before you even turn it on, use it until it’s telling you it needs to charge, then charge it to absolute full before using it (do NOT interrupt the charge). Do this for the first 3-4 charges of the phone and THEN you can make a determination of your phone’s battery life (which will undoubtedly be better than your boy’s identical phone because he didn’t respect the battery; ) and then charging/using it whenever you feel like it will no-longer permanently, hurt your battery.

    • DroidzFX

      you have to put the phone down.

      • Anonymous

        this. is my problem.

  • rad

  • Anonymous

    I’m planning on getting one tomorrow, I really hope they’re not all sold out…I stopped by VZW yesterday to see if they could hold one for me since that’s my upgrade date and they said no, but said they had a ton in stock… :-

    • Anonymous

      I just called Verizon customer service and talked them into giving me an early upgrade (my original date was next week). I am expecting the phone to arrive tomorrow. You could try the same if worried about your local store being out of stock tomorrow.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! I may have to try that on my drive home!

        Btw, how did you talk them into it? “I can’t wait another week”?

        • Anonymous

          I’ll be traveling during my Christmas vacation and will not be easily able to go to a Verizon store on the upgrade date. I told them this and that it would be beneficial to have the larger screen for navigation.

      • Anonymous

        Lol just one week? Try 3 months! 

        • Anonymous

          I talked them into 3 months back when I got the Dinc. At the time, I had a enV Touch and had to get a warranty replacement. It arrived the day the Dinc released (late April) but the touchscreen was basically unusable. Called Verizon and told them that this is unacceptable and that it is now affecting my job. I then asked for an early upgrade (original date was in July), and they agreed to it.

          It’s not impossible, you just better have a damn good excuse.

          • Anonymous

            I just said I don’t want to pay full retail and before Verizon went down they gave me approval so I had it done this morning. One of the reps tried to tell me they couldn’t do it for 3g to 4g I was like **** that and just called back. Fortunately the next guy was nice enough to give me my $50 discount I asked for on account of my troubles lol.

  • John

    K, you making this your daily phone for now?

  • Vaglvr

    your nails are so pretty.

    • FortitudineVincimus


    • After recording, I was grossed out at myself…clippers here I come!

      • Anonymous

        I couldn’t even watch the video because of your nails. 🙁  I skipped through here and there, but ultimately quit.  Keep up on that, please.

  • Give me your LTE version!!! My dad is a liar and after 3 months of telling me that he would get me this phone he has know said that I can’t get it. At all. Life without Nexus=Depressing.

    • Ndbaily

      after a comment like that, you should probably just find the nearest cliff

    • Mark Lewis


    • Anonymous

      I’m assuming you’re fairly young… why don’t you go out and earn the money for it yourself?  Just an idle thought…

    • Sounds like you need a job.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe spend more time working and less time taking mirror pics for fb and you would have money to buy one….

  • xformulax

    why am i watching this? i have one in my HAND!

    • I couldnt resist either

    • Jeres88

      I’m watching it on the phone 🙂