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Video: Hands-on with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE

Had a chance to pickup the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon yet? If not, maybe this quick video walk-through of it will motivate you to get your behind into a store. Assuming stores haven’t sold out that is, since many Big Red shops were running out within an hour this morning.

The phone is as good as you would expect it to be. It’s sleek, light, has a vibrant screen, feels great in hand, and performs like it has been optimized to perfection. OK, that might be a strong word after only having it for 4 or 5 hours, but as someone who has been toying with the GSM variant of the phone, I can say with a clear mind that there are very few flaws here.

Check out the video below to see for yourself.  

YouTube Preview Image

  • ccgabe

    First thing I did was download and update to Jelly Bean. Only had it for a day but so far I love it. Battery life may not be that great but haven’t had it long enough to tell

  • Tgznyc

    Dude cut your nails.

  • Freedomhays

    I’ll stick with my original DROIDX ……………

  • Javez543

    really missing my swype had a fascinate and fell in love with the swype feature! also miss the ringtones and being able to customize my home screens!

  • i really like the phone so far, got it last night. my only annoyance is that because the volume and power buttons are opposite each other, when i push power to unlock or lock i accidentally push volume button. i am wondering….when you slide screens to the left there are 5 icons, i know one is screen brightness but i dont know the other 4. could someone fill me in??

  • Can you make a video about the durability of the G-Nex? I went to Verizon and felt it and it feel really plastic-y compared to my OG. Even the RAZR felt metal-y and sturdy. Any thoughts on the plastic feel of the G-Nex? 

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else getting a blue cast to the screen if the phone is tilted even slightly left, right, up or down?


    Played with one today, a total disappointment. Its slow compared to the razr and rebound, the bench marks are low, totally not verizon’s premium smartphone..

  • Jeremy

    bought one yesterday. Great device, but I’m not using 4g and am still a little disappointed with the battery life. My nexus also hiccups when the live wallpaper is in use, but it’s smooth on a static wallpaper. Everything else is great (upgraded from an HTC Droid Eris for comparison)

  • Anonymous


  • Guest

    I’ve been hearing rumours that call and 4g reception is qutie poor compare to the razr and rezound. Is this true ?

    • Sfdsdf

      I used to get full bars with my droid x on 3g… now at work with the nexus I only get one bar and only 3g…. Not sure whats up with that

      • Josh Nichols

        AOSP shows data signal.. not voice Droid X probably shows voice signal.

  • Bradbyrd1110

    Sounds like a dude, but he has girl hands and a sweater!

  • Trevonte Carlson

    Somebody needs to cut their fingernails. 

  • abc123

  • Anonymous


  • Skyskioc

    Single bar on 4G in Orange County Calif. Signal really weak

  • Anonymous

    My battery life after a full charge went 5 hours 30 minutes of heavy use with it set to 4g and watching it switch between 4g to 3g but mostly 3g.

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired seeing this stupid tutorials over and over again. We need some Facts: BATTERY LIFE how good is it vs. the stupid Iphone 4s ???? 
    How about the 4G everything I’ve read is all about bad speeds? Can someone talk in regards to this before getting stuck into a two year deal?

    • Yup

      The battery is not going to compare to the ip4s since the 4s is not 4g. 4g speeds depend on your signal strength. I had one bar and 6mbs down.

    • Ben

      Last night with 4 bars I was pulling 28m down and 9.8m up on my nexus, every bit as fast as my rent-a-razr was.

      Battery is hard in the first few days, app downloads, setting configuration, etc.  I will post on that once I’m up and running.

  • I’m hoping to god I can get this by the weekend…I’ve waited so long guys/gals…I can tell it’s going to be worth the wait  coming from an OG Droid.

  • Ordered mine this morning and will have it tomorrow. Get this, I got an early upgrade from my Bionic that i purchased on release day. No BS. Just complained about the bionic a lot, mentioned AT&T and the Galaxy Note, and they said well perhaps just this once we can help you out lol. Im excited

  • Just got mine. Real nice! Love ICS – but there are things about G-bread that I miss.
    The phone is amazing – the display is so bright and crisp. And the feel of the phone is really nice. At first I was shocked by its size, but now it feels right as rain.

    Been busy reloading apps, etc. Its fast … real fast! I loaded quadrant and was surprised with the score though – shy of 1400! I thought it was around 3000? Linpack scores are smokin’ though …

    • CanThinkForMyself

      I’m curious what you miss about gingerbread.  I don’t like the permanent ICS search bar and oversized dock taking up screen space or removal of search and menu buttons, nor do I like the sidescrolling app drawer and some of the smaller changes from GB.

      Btw, Quadrant is a crappy benchmark.

  • Pennywise

    I must say, ICS is really nice!

    Also, this phone feels very cheap to me; I can’t remember the last phone I used that felt so… chincy.  The weight is nice and light, that’s not the issue…  I’ll bet you guys could put some folded paper inside the battery cover to get rid of most of the squeaking… Just don’t carry this thing in your pockets; you will certainly introduce unwanted flex and torsion on what seems to be a very weak internal structure/frame (ie more squeaks!).  Not sure about this one lasting a year, let alone a contract.

    I would probably recommend the Razr (very solid phone), or Bionic (if you want a removable battery or prefer it’s screen’s visibility in sunlight over the Razr’s poor visibility in sunlight, like I do – All OLED displays have poor visibility in sunlight) or the Rezound over the ‘GNex’ – really the only thing this phone has going for it is ICS, which will be released on the aforementioned (better) hardware within the first quarter of 2012.

    Of course, if you are a Software Developer, then Nexus all the way!

    • Honestly, I put a nice silicone case on it and it doesn’t feel flimsy at all to me.  But then my OG has been tougher than any phone has any right to expect.

    • Tysoncrosby21

      Your nexus must suck, I don’t have any issues with flex or squeaking on the back of my phone.  Weird…..

  • Graham Wilson


  • Maguiz2001

    got nexus in the morning. I am the 6th one to get from the store. It rocks