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Verizon Will Flip The 4G LTE Switch In 11 New Markets Tomorrow

With word breaking within the last hour that the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is official for tomorrow, this news that more LTE markets will also get lit up is simply icing on the cake. If you have been waiting for 4G LTE speeds to make their way to one of your towns, then check the list below of areas receiving the love from Big Red. With these additional 11 markets getting the green light, the total reaches 190 for the year, an impressive mark to say the least.

New Markets:

  • Dover, DE
  • Lafayette, IN
  • Fitchburg/Leominster, MA
  • Duluth, MN
  • The Rochester Area, MN
  • St. Cloud, MN
  • Manchester/Nashua, NH
  • Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Findlay/Tiffin, OH
  • Youngstown/Warren, OH
  • Indiana, PN

Expanding Markets:

  • San Diego, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Washington D.C.
  • Savannah, GA
  • Chicagoland, ILL
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Hagerstown, MD

X-mas came early this year, folks.

  • Anonymous

    Good for them, I hope it works better than 4G where I live. I think it is still in beta actually.

  • Chad Ramey

    just got some 4G LTE Love Hartselle Alabama Droid Razr

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • WalkerNA

    Yay for Dover, DE!  Hopefully I’ll get decent signal from Bear.  Does anyone know the average range of these 4G towers?

  • Anonymous

    woooooooooo NH!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Boo, still nothing north of SF or Sacramento 🙁

  • TheRealBeesley

    So Since when is PN a state?   Indiana, PN?    

  • Anonymous

    Big red must hate the west coast -__-

  • Anonymous


  • No love for Wyoming 

  • Yes! when i get my Nexus i will have even more area covered with 4g lte here in San Diego.

  • TommyZ

    I noticed Expanding Market Chicagoland, IL. How much more expanded can it get. I have been to the outskirts of what I consider Chicagoland and have a 4G signal. I wonder what they mean by expanded.

    • Viivi137

      Hopefully it’ll reach Kankakee =(

  • Brandon Sobotta

    Welcome to St.Cloud.

  • this could be part of the reason why the nexus was delayed

  • Anonymous

    Indiana, PA not PN 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Jammastersteelers

    Probably never get it in the Ocean City, NJ area.

  • The DC expansion has been on for almost a month and I love it. I lived in a 4G area but worked in a 3G area. Now I’m fully covered.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It’s been on in Youngstown for the last 3 Weeks and is awesome!

    • Brichards322

      I’m right across the line in New Wilmington and have nada, zip, zilch, zero 4G action!

  • Where the heck is Chicagoland ILL?  Do you mean the Chicago Suburbs located in Illinois? IL?

  • tjmonkey15

    When did we get our 51st state of PN?

  • Robert Rowe

    When is Jacksonville,FL getting turned on to 4G?

  • Pimfram

    I think they should bring FiOS to the midwest now.

  • Anonymous

    about time i go to school in St cloud 🙂

    • Brandon Sobotta


  • Why is Verizon still abbreviating IL as ILL?

  • Poughkeepsie? That’s my spot!

  • Tbolt_in_Cincy

    Maybe this explains why my 4g has been goofy ever since the outage last week.  I’ve had to do a battery pull 3 times to kick my phone out of 1x.  Same ROM, same Radios.  

  • Eli

    I hope Cambridge and Isanti MN get some 4g love, because we are about 5 miles out from getting it from the south.

    • Thartung777

      Second that, would cover my entire working area then.

  • Jim

    We will get LTE in my little hellhole of a town just as 5G is rolled out on the East Coast.

  • cpro

    I’m in Poughkeepsie, NY and I’ve been enjoying 4G LTE for about a week now

    • Anonymous

      I’ve had 4G LTE for maybe 3 weeks now. LOVING IT! My Bionic doesn’t have much competition in the LTE band because I live in i*hone country. 

  • Dan

    Still waiting in palm bay,fl.

  • Sirx

    Hour and a half outside D.C., two hours outside Baltimore.  I hope one of those “expanding markets” finally gets me in that little Venn Diagram *fingers crossed*

    • Dbs

      How far south of DC will it be tomorrow?

  • dquicknc

    No 4GLTE love for my part of NC. :'(

  • Nate Davidson

    Woah, we weren’t scheduled to get 4G until Q4 2013… Damn, Sometin good musta happened. Damn DX2…

  • Anonymous

    Lafayette, IN has had LTE since it launched. It was technically the West Lafayette market, but service has been available throughout both sides of town. Wierd… I won’t complain about better reception at the mall, though.

  • Jeffrey Kaplan

    Still nothing in the NH Seacoast?  C’mon, Verizon!  How hard can it be to extend 4G along the I-95 corridor north of Boston?  It’s THE busiest highway in New England all the way north to Portland, ME.

  • Anonymous

    How close do you have to be to that 4G City to get reception? I was
    debating on getting a 4G phone because it is not in my area. Delaware is
    the 2nd smallest state, most don’t know it exists. Dover is the capital
    an hour drive away…would that be close enough for the tower or do you
    have to be actually in that city to pick it up?

    • Anonymous

      Im 40 miles away from Savannah Georgia and I have 3 sometimes 4 bars of LTE. 2 Bars inside the building I work in. 

      LTE reaches pretty far out. 

      • Anonymous

        oh much appreciated response..yes Dover is 37 miles from the coast where i live. Hopefully that”ll do, as even WiFi sucks in my brick house.

        • Anonymous

          I forgot to mention that this is the second expansion of LTE in Savannah….I didn’t even turn on my LTE radio until the day BEFORE the 1st expansion and my Bionic still picked up LTE.

          • Rob

            Where are you? I’m about to be in Brunswick for the next 4 months and have little hope of it reaching there.

          • Anonymous

            Hinesville, well Fort Stewart actually.

            I goto Bradenton Florida like everyother weekend and I have LTE once I reach the state line and I keep LTE all the way down to Bradenton. Honestly I don’t think Savannah’s LTE will reach THAT far down…..

            However Hinesville is like 40 miles away from Savannah and we already get LTE here. So maybe this expansion will penetrate even further south.

    • Dbs

      Richmond it goes 45 miles west of city limits.

  • Havoc70

    San Bernardino Ya twits, geez all the way around SB but not SB

  • Dwjr82

    columbus georgia? i’m only an hour from atlanta


  • Anonymous

    Surprised it took this long for Lafayette. Boiler up!

  • Funny to see my small home town of Tiffin getting it already, although its been on for almost 2 weeks now.

  • Tyson Sukeforth

    They flip on 4G in my hometown the same day Galaxy Nexus is released? PERFECT TIMING! 😀

  • Lmrojas

    I can’t wait for the Nexus to sell out in a matter of minutes and all you idiots will bitch and moan. My Verizon store claims it only has 10 in stock, I’m ordering online..

    • Dbs

      Every store has at least 25 in stock. Not much chance of them selling out. My store is very small store and has 25+.

    • or you could try to get it in the store, and if you don’t get it, order it online and have it the next next day

  • I’m right in between Baltimore and DC, hopefully my area will feel the love. (On my new GNex AMAGAWD!)

  • Tim242

    They do not list all expansions. There are local news releases that report expansion in the Little Rock Market. Not sure why they sometimes leave a few out.

  • Chewey246

    LTE and the NEXUS same day………….whoa light headed.  Early Christmas for me tomorrow!

    • and the white razr (even though the nexus is my phone of choice)

  • df2rools

    you said that new paltz NY was going to get LTE on the 15th what happened?

    i really hope you missed it and its getting LTE =/

  • Anonymous

    Rochester, MN area! Getting closer, have 4g an hour east and now an hour to the west. Hoping La Crosse will be on the next wave!

    • Alias747

      +1 for repping La Crosse!

    • droiddog

      I want it so bad in Winona, but that most likely won’t be happening for awhile 

    • Susyflower

      I’m all about La Crosse getting 4G!  It’s getting closer!!

    • Kornfag11

      I’ve had it here in cleveland from the start and still haven’t used it! Rocked the dx, on the dinc2 now, and going to get my first taste of ics and 4g lte tomorrow!

  • Aventador779

    Expanding San Diego, CA…. HELL YEA!!!!!! 😀

    • Jer85008

      Any idea of where they are expanding or if it’s just beefing up existing coverage?

      • Mike

        As a fellow San Diegan I am mad that I am in kearny mesa in the only high rise and getting 2-3 bars.  The service is still fast but still.  Also i am not deep in a steal building

        • Anonymous

          I’m in UTC during the day with full power 4G. At home in North Clairemont, sucks ass! Wonder if it’s a socio-economic flip! LOL! Imma be pissed if Barrio Logan has 4G!

          • Anonymous

            Work in Mission Valley, live in North Park and 4G is pretty much amazing everywhere I go in the city.

    • Darthseph23

      Cannot wait either.  Super cool!

  • Keith Sumner

    lolwat chicago already has it.

  • S Farris

    What about Oregon!!

  • Allen Cross

    Is ‘Indiana, PN’ supposed to be Indiana, PA?

  • glad to see dc is an expanding market, will be able to use my galaxy nexus on it tomorrow

  • NewsWorthyTech

    Does having Washington D.C. on the list of Expanding Markets include Lorton, VA?

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Hell yeah!!! i live in sf so having better coverage is awesome!!!!!

  • Negativerxn

    No love for the desert southwest…ever.

    • ThelegendofDROID

      cacti don’t need 4g

  • Anonymous

    That picture reminds of an old high school score board.

  • Glad to see that, despite the Nexus release tomorrow, I still get the shaft, along with half of Texas on LTE.

    • Anonymous

      You have the Bush family and Rick Perry. Shut it.

  • Mikehen08

    Nice to see Baltimore expanding. I am right on the line of 4G coverage, hopefully it gets me in.

    • Dbs

      If you don’t have it already its ot likely. They turn it on as much as 30 days ahead of it being official.

  • Murphy

    No, I did.

  • WOW. i get galaxy nexus tomorrow, and 4g in manchester nh, is this real or a dreampinchme

  • whatsinaname

    how about some love for Montana….. Probably will be the last place with 4g

    • Haproot

       No kidding!  By the time we get it it’ll be bogged down by everyone else.  Won’t be much different than the 3g we have now lol. o.0

  • And it only took them a year to get a phone worthy of my last new every two. G-NEX HOOOOOOO!

  • EC8CH

    sweet Duluth and St Cloud… filling in upper MN

  • Hopefully the expansion on Chicago’s market will reach my side of the lake. 

  • Djlowproz

    good expanding in DC just in time for the G-Nex