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Premium VZW Retailers Sending Out Galaxy Nexus Emails – It’s “DELICIOUS!” and “Arrives Tomorrow” (Updated)

Update that matters:  Verizon has made it official.

Hands down the best Galaxy Nexus ad to date. Reminds me of a used car spot out of Kalispell, MT. Or better yet, a weekly mattress blowout sale from 1 of the 180 Mattress World locations here in Portland. Would have been nice to see the actual Verizon LTE G-Nex on there though instead of the GSM version.

“Android OS now even sweeter with Ice Cream Sandwich!” “DELICIOUS!!!” “ARRIVES TOMORROW.” Classic.

Everyone realizes the hilarity in all of this madness now, right? Bravo on the viral marketing job, Verizon.

Update:  The image below also just came across the wire. If we are just now seeing merchandising emails with 12/15 on them pop up this late in the day that all reference tomorrow as being the day, I’d say tomorrow is almost guaranteed to be the day. I know that we have been surprised enough times to not expect anything until it happens, but man, this looks good, does it not?  

Cheers Eugene and Sheldoneous!

  • Anonymous


  • Natesurber

    That’s my freaking logo! Where’s my kickback Team Wireless?

    • Brian

      What is your logo?  I am the owner of TEAM.  Just curious..

  • Anonymous

    This device is huge owww.

    • Guest1

      smaller than the razor loser!!!

  • VerizonHater

    Contacted 2 local corporate stores on my break at work about 20 min ago…  First one said they couldn’t hold one for me and that they still don’t know a release date.  Second one said they couldn’t hold one for me (apparently it’s first come first serve in Akron, Ohio), but that they open at 9 am and that they just got approval to sell the Gnex TOMORROW!!  15 hours until I’m holding Ice Cream Sandwich goodness!

  • Jbrock98

    just called my local verizon store the guy told me they got an email around 4pm/eastern saying its been pushed back again 🙁

    • Jbrock98

      then i call a store 40min away and the rep told me they received an email pushing the date back then another email was sent out later saying the launch is back on…. VERIZON IS TROLLING

  • Sean Couch

    I just got a call from a verzion store by my house who I spoke with this morning.  This morning they didnt have any phone but just called and said they are getting 2 of em either on Friday or Saturday and asked if I wanted them to call me when they were in.  I already have one store holding it for me by my work who is suppose to call me tomorrow when they have them but better to have someone else hold one in the time being in case things go south.

  • wonder why nothing on verizon site yet ? nor an email

  • droseum20


  • Titty sprinkles!

  • Is it just me or is that the same font from Mass Effect 2?

  • heroicmonkey714

    Just called the Dedham, MA Store— confirmed that Nexus will be available for pick up tomorrow

  • skirk

    Sweet Jesus… mine’s reserved!

  • That’s because you are at the speed of 4G, As they SHOULD be…

  • xformulax

    The questions remains… what huge network vulnerability held this up? we all know 4.0.2 fixes this… but I’m extremely curious as to what they’re so afraid of… We know it’s not simple bug fixes, they could give 2 shits about their customers or buggy phones.

  • Jaime Ramirez

    my heart beating 6:00 will be official

  • Just called 3 LA area stores about 30 minutes ago. None knew when this phone would be released and said that if it were to be released tomorrow they would have had training on it already. The stores I called were the Beverly Connection, Westwood, and Santa Monica locations. 

  • It’s official http://www.androidcentral.com/official-verizon-galaxy-nexus-availability-announcment

  • Mikehen08

    I think this is real, look at the bottom of the latest screenshot. It said White Droid Razr effective 12/15 too

  • Mark Suthard
  • Anonymous

    I’m going to assume it’s being released tomorrow but should I order online or wait at the store at 8AM?!

  • slurms mckenzie

    just called the escanaba, ironmountain and st. marie and all said tomorrow is the day

  • i talked to my advisor at a corporate store a little while ago and asked if any more push back emails have been sent/meetings or is everything still on for tommrow, and she said nope everything is still good!

  • and the CLIO goes to……

    TEAM WIRELESS for the ad with the:

    Most colors
    Most exclamation marks
    Most fonts
    Most bolded fonts
    Most awesome

  • Just called the corporate store here in San Antonio…I was told that they ARE SELLING the Nexus Tomorrow…FYI

  • 16 hours from ICS goodness. I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for a Sega Genesis and a Kriss Kross tape.

  • Mark Suthard

    Android [email protected]n
    Boom. Verizon just announced. Dec. 15

  • Anonymous

    OK…just called another local store…”will I be able to buy a Galaxy Nexus tomorrow?”  “YES”  “Do you have them in stock?” , “No, but we expect to get them tomorrow”


  • Josh Mizrachi

    I just spoke to a REP I SWEAR SHE EXPLAINED THE WHOLE THING why it was delayed. It was waiting for this update. they just got word 5 minutes ago that it’s officially coming tomorrow. They were waiting for this patch. Now that it’s there we are getting our phones. I just reserved 2 of them for me and my cousin! She said as long as no glitches are discovered between now and tomorrow morning the phone is launching tomorrow!

  • Trophynuts

    i could have typed that up in Google Docs 

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    I hope this is for real. I went into a Verizon store and a best Buy today and they both said that they were expecting for it to go on sale tomorrow.

  • cj8795

    called my Verizon store asked for a pre-order she said we won’t be having any, i immediately asked if it was launching tomorrow and got a firm yes 😀

  • Anonymous

    It’s about to get real up in here.

  • Still waiting for http://news.verizonwireless.com/ to make the dream a reality…

  • rob p

    Heh, good luck on tomorrow. Just called 3 corporate stores in Northern VA and a Radio Shack. Nobody was talking from VZW, and the Radio Shack said maybe Friday. Will be excited if it’s tomorrow but seems damn unlikely at this point.

    • Jamaicawind

      Dude i tried the same thing but seeing how all this info is JUST going out I’m gonna assume that we should try calling back in an hour or so. I also live in Northern VA and I’ve been calling like crazy and i actually got 1 store to confirm its coming out tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    So we should be able to drive by a Verizon store tonight and see if they have promos up right?

  • Anonymous

    Your update to the original post is very promising.. *Fingers crossed*