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Verizon Looking To Acquire Netflix For $4.6 Billion?

As reported by Bloomberg, Verizon might be starting the process of purchasing another “big red” giant in the United States.  Netflix.  According to an investment banker with ties to Verizon, they are beginning to look at ways of snatching up profits and cutting costs from video streaming services such as Netflix and move beyond just their Fios service.

As stated in their report, if the deal takes place it is said to possibly take place in April of next year.  Will Netflix be better than ever if owned by Verizon?  Could this mean Verizon devices will all come pre-loaded with the app? And what does this mean for non-Verizon phones?  There is always a chance that this move would keep the mobile product unchanged too.

Via: Bloomberg 

  • If Netflix doesn’t say no to Verizon, then good help us all.

  • Havoc70

    HE LL NO, I dont want big dead controlling Netflix, VZ sucks already and to give them control over the movies no way!

  • Anonymous

    Great, no release dates for movies and tiered scene plans. There must be limits on on this stuff.

  • I think this will not be a good move considering that Netflix has long been performing poorly.

  • Watch as the Verizon-controlled Netflix treats the new season of Arrested Development like the Galaxy Nexus. They’ll deny its existence until the release date. Viewers will be mortified when they discover that GOB and Tobias have been replaced by brand-new, loathsome stereotype sitcom characters, created by Verizon itself. Meanwhile, Verizon will endlessly pimp its Netflix-exclusive new season of Two and a Half Men.

  • Anonymous

    Netflix comes preloaded on the Droid RAZR. 

  • Granted

    Wow, anyone who doesn’t think this is absolutely horrible news is completely retarded and a damn idiot. I really hope this doesn’t happen.

    Netflix is absolutely perfect with how it currently is and it would only go downhill if bought by Verizon. Verizon has time and time again shown that simply care about money only, without having the least bit of integrity and never caring about customer satisfaction.

    Just look at the insane account of features and policies that they have taken away in the past few years that only helped maximize their profits while getting rid of things customers highly valued. If the acquisition of Netflix takes place they will immediately raise the price through the roof, completely get rid of any perks we now enjoy, probably get rid of the certain number of devices you can activate your account to, it will just go on and on and on! Nothing they do ever benefits their customers recently with everything they’ve taken away or discontinued, and the grandfathered unlimited data plan is the last perk we have left. But I know they will get rid of it as well.

    Haha! I almost forgot you speculated that they would leave the service untouched! Always playing the devils whore, I mean advocate. A simpleton would speculate that they wouldn’t molest the current service. They will do everything they can to ruin Netflix if they buy it. Whatever will maximize profits while enraging customers is their M.O..

  • Anonymous

    I’ll cancel my service if that happens.

    • Havoc70

      Same here, Sc rew VZ

  • Adam

    I don’t think this will be good for Netflix in any way, which
    is exactly why I am behind this deal %100. After their price increase I
    switched to the Blockbuster
    Movie Pass
    from DISH Network. They cannot possibly beat $10 per month for streaming, 20
    additional TV channels, as well as DVR, Blu-ray and video game rentals. As a
    DISH employee I think their service has so much more to offer. Verizon will put
    the finial nails in the Netflix coffin.

  • Dominick DeVito

    New movie in theaters April 2012.
    Out on DVD: August
    Out on pre-Verizon Netflix: November

    Out on post-Verizon Netflix: November 2013

  • Anonymous

    Please no.  
    Verizon will just put a meter on everything and add all sorts of arbitrary restrictions.  

  • Anonymous

    I think this would be a good thing. If Verizon came to the movie producers and asked for rights to stream movies I am sure they would allow it. Verizon is a much larger company and has more bargaining power.

  • More likely it will just mean that they will have their way with Netflix by purchasing them that the government put a stop too early this year with the net neutrality bill.

  • Anonymous

    please be just a rumor…big red will surely find a way to ruin netflix if this is true t(-_-t)

  • ALL BAD. {{o_0}}

  • Anonymous

    NOOO!! please no verizon you ruined enough great things already 

  • Kindroid

    For 4.6 billion….Verizon could bring FIOS level broadband to all its service area….now that’s something I could get excited about….

  • *sigh*

  • Asdfa2

    If they acquire netflix, monthly subscription would be sky rocket. Furthermore, there would be no unlimited device connections

  • Cool! Prices can be expected to go up! Verizon is the new Apple I think 🙁

  • Star

    There goes unlimited streaming on Netflix, I bet…

  • Anonymous

    Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if this applies more to FIOS then to Wireless. If you think about it, earlier this year Blockbuster was acquired by Dish and adapted in as a streaming service through the Satellite service. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Verizon do the same just with Netflix. 

  • Anonymous

    This is Verizon we are talking about, they’ll force it on the consumer like all their bloatware and charge 5 x the competion and say we are getting a great price. Then they’ll lock it so we cant use competing services, just like they are doing with google wallet.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful…. Netflix sucks and has no movies as it is now. I had to cancel the service after the first month and also because they were raising the price. 

    The streaming service was nice but there was nothing to watch that wasn’t 5 years old.

    As bad as Netflix is, Verizon would only make it even worse.  And if there was a chance they made it better the price would be too high to afford. 

    Probably and extra $30 per month.

    Verizon has a hard enough time releasing and managing their phones and their network. Keep your eye on the ball Verizon.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Am I the only one here who does not use NF, and doesn’t care about them?

    • Cam

      Nope, same boat here. I abandoned them last year and didn’t look back. Their streaming titles were crap and generally old. Hulu has more recent shows, Redbox for DVDs, no need for Netflix any more.

  • Straylight

    Verizon buying Netflix? I cant wait to stream…. -A- movie before Verizon cuts off my data and calls me a bandwidth hog…

  • Random Guy

    This isn’t a VZW deal, it’s Verizon Communications, Inc. (the parent, 55% stakeholder in Cellco Partnership Inc. – what we know as Verizon Wireless – along with Vodafone) looking at the acquisition.  Verizon needs content for its on demand offerings to stay competitive, particularly after Dish picked up a huge library when they bought Blockbuster out of bankruptcy.  This would be all about content and studio deals which would be used to enhance the FiOS offering.  Netflix the streaming service would likely survive as a going concern without many changes, but the disc by mail business probably would not be long for this world.

    While DL readers are probably most focused on what would be offered with VZW phones, antitrust concerns would likely prevent a VZW exclusive and could go so far as to prevent VZW from including the software on new handsets.  All speculation at this point – if this is real, we’re looking at at least 12-18 months before we’d see any kind of integration due to the legal concerns, even if the deal gets approved by shareholders on both sides and priced as of an earlier date.

  • Haproot

    Looks like we’ll see commercials in Netflix sooner than I thought.

  • Anonymous

    Gods. No.

  • Yo dawg, we heard you like scam artists, so we made a scam artist buy out a scam artist, so you can be overcharged while you’re overcharged.

  • Steve Martin

    Verizon has a habit of turning a great idea into last months garbage by either delaying it or filling it with bloatware or overpriced features. So if Verizon sucessfully buys Netflix I will cancal my membership and go back to blockbuster. Or just use redbox and I hope others will do the same

    • TC Infantino

      Actually I would love that…poetic justice, Netflix drove Blockbuster almost completely out of business, then after Netflix pisses off a large group of its customers and stockholders Blockbuster starts scooping up all the customers who left Netflix.  I need to see if Blockbuster has any type of online streaming movies.

      • Gadgetskopf

        They do, but disappointingly, it appears like it only streams to a PC.  Their interface with TiVo works as a rental, so even though I had tried out their $9.95 dvd/streaming “see, we’re doing what Netflix used to do” plan, they still wanted me to pony up $3/movie if I want to watch it on my TiVo.

  • Anonymous

    Now this is scary!  Once they get control of this, prices will increase and we will find all kinds of limitations.  What worries me most, is my ability to use netflix on my RAZR and throughout the house.  Another example of corporate america at its best.  Consumers Do Not Need TakeOvers, we need competition.

  • rcpa

    This isn’t Verizon Wireless, its Verizon Communications, which is the FIOS / landline part of the company.  Don’t fear for your phone, fear for your internet.  This is the result of traditional TV starting to lose out to online services like NetFlix, Hulu, and all the others that are sprouting up.  Just like more and more people are abandoning their landlines for cell phones, people are starting to abandon cable TV for online services.  Where Verizon Communications now charges you for both TV and Internet, the TV part of it is starting to dry up.  This is a grab for the content moving forward.

    I’ve already gone cell phone only and I’m already contemplating dropping the TV portion of my FIOS plan.  Every TV show I watch is available through Hulu Plus on my Roku box or can be streamed from cbs.com on the PC I have connected to my TV.  I can also purchase complete TV series from Amazon to play on my Roku for about $40 a season.  Sounds expensive if I’m also paying for cable, but if I drop $60+ a month from my FIOS bill by dropping TV, then I can can afford to buy a few shows a year off Amazon when I can’t find them on Hulu Plus.

    • babadush

      I haven’t had traditional tv for almost 2 years. Best decision I’ve made.

    • Bryan Williams

      What this guy/gal said.

    • james

      Torrents are the way to go

      • Emilio Figueroa

        Those are good, but if you want to keep your favorite shows in business, you should definitely buy the season, or at lease an episode or two. Thievery is never the only nor right way to go.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Verizon is buying Netflix so they can kill it, to make their own streaming service seem better?

  • Anonymous

    Nothing is better when owned by Verizon. 

  • Silveruberxeno

    Verizon =/= Verizon Wireless.

  • Anonymous

    Great, if they manage that company as well as they have managed their phone releases we are all about to watch that service go down the crapper.

  • Eddie

     nothing good will come of this. 

  • Earleepa

    When is Verizon going to allow me to “acquire” the nexus?

  • Nexusplz

    and the new releases will be 2 years old when we get them

  • Desamation

    *****This Just In*****  David Stern just blocked this deal!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    right.. cause this is what the current movie content distribution scene needs.. more fragmentation.  you have to have like 50 different services to make sure you can watch what you want as-is.

  • Wyveryx

    Oh god please no….I thought a price hike up to 25 was bad… Now it will go up to 50 and then they will throttle my unlimited viewing…

  • yes give me another reason to not EVER go back to Netflix lol

  • Anonymous

    “And what does this mean for non-Verizon phones?”

    Nothing.  Verizon giving up a revenue stream?  HAHAHA!  You also need to remember that Verizon isn’t the same thing as Verizon Wireless.

    • Granted

      Yeah they aren’t connected at all, and this surely wouldn’t open up a cornucopia of shady back-door deals, and more grease left on palms than when the dumb shits from Jersey Shore fix their hair.

  • David Alkhoutoff

    This pretty much sums it up : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31g0YE61PLQ

  • Anonymous

    This is not good.  I don’t like the idea of any data pipe owner (which is, honestly, what Verizon is – FIOS and LTE are just data delivery methods, and they own the fiber to my house and a big chunk of the possible LTE spectrum) taking control of more content delivery providers.  Look at how Netflix already has to negotiate with the content owners (movie studios), and how that impacts availability of movies on Netflix.  What if they start making content available through only select systems/devices/etc.  It’s letting one company own too much of the sandbox.

  • Dear god, please say this isn’t true…. Verizon has a bad habit of RUINING THINGS….

  • DodgerDroid

    No! Hell No! No! I bet we would have to sign 2 year contracts for the service.

  • You will be forced to watch the latest DROID ad at the beginning of every movie and immediately after every || , >>, <<

  • Wow.

  • Mikewoods94

    Yeah say goodbye to streaming netflix with your verizon phone if that happens.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This means Netflix subscription will get more expensive.

  • Nate Baily

    This is old news. There’s a very low possibility of it actually happening. For one, if Netflix were to be bought out…there’s no way they’d be able to swallow 100$ a share when it was around $275 3 months ago. Also, VZW would have to take on the reigns of Netflix’s current portfolio. The only way i see this happening is if VZW works out their own deals with content providers, and pay for Netflix’s customers. Netflix is a tarnished name anyway.

  • Jeff

    Well that is one quick way to finnish off Netflix………

  • Fattie McDoogles

    The real question is how can you add a streaming movie service and with your data capped at 2 GB?

    • Only Streaming

      If this actually happens it would be interesting to see if Verizon would allow all streaming of Netflix through their network to not go against your data plan if they were to own it. Kind of like free calls from Verizon mobile to another Verizon mobile. Use the network and Netflix service on a Verizon device and it doesn’t count against your data plan. I could be down with that.

      • RaptorOO7

        I could see Verizon offering a streaming service for a monthly fee that does not cut into your monthly cap.  That is one way to get customers onto their network especially if the Netflix app becomes a Verizon only app.

        • Anonymous

          I see it being included with the $8 Netflix sub. Pay for Netflix, also have Verizon, be able to stream movies for free. At most maybe a small fee of like $4.

  • Adam Brandt

    Say it’s not so, Verizon destroys anything it gets near.  Will all movies have to go through a pre-screening process now to see that they meet with Verizon’s strict ideas of what a movie should be, before it’s put on Netflix?

  • If Verizon is full of a bunch of @$$holes, then they’ll limit the app to just their phones, otherwise it will stay pretty much as is.  So, in summary, expect it to be limited to just their phones.

    • Bionic

      fine by me

  • Anonymous

    This would be how the world ends!

  • Anonymous

    No. Stay out of content and just focus on your network.

    Not that I think regulators would look too kindly on this deal.

  • Cpep

    Oh good, I can see it now…..this week we will be releasing movies A, B, and C….wait wait…next week….nooo maybe the week after that….well sometime or another we will get around to it

  • Anonymous

    This just in. Verizon takes Blockbuster off all its phones. Says its due to incompatible hardware.

  • Mike

    Why does people seem to think that verizon will increase netflix cost above what it would have happened already?  Netflix already just dramatically increased their costs a couple months ago.  Why does verizon’s service cost more?  I don’t know why quality costs a little more, Why is their customer satisfaction levels way above that of T mobile, sprint and At&t?

    • Jeff

      Because the can…..and will….

    • Anonymous

      a) Corporate Greed!
      b) Corporate Control!
      c) Censorship
      d) Watch what we want, not what you want!

  • Ravnos CC

    That’s the most hilarious image I’ve seen all day, thank you DL. 😀

    • Anonymous

      You’re welcome *takes a bow*

  • Anonymous

    Can I haz the Galaxy Nexus first please.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon phones will probably still come with preloaded Blockbuster.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon will jack up the prices like everything else and say that there online video service is the best from the rest!!! “Can you watch me now? …Good!”

  • Eric Kwan

    If this means I get a Netflix subscription because I’m already a Verizon user—or even if I get a free subscription for being a FiOS user, which I plan to be soon—great.

    Otherwise, I’m not down with Verizon having this much influence.

  • Celebritybabydaddy

    This would be a crap premium, I don’t think there is any way NFLX would sell for $4.5 billion, the equity is worth $3.8 billion now. I bet if Netflix goes, it will be for a massive premium, more like $5.5 – $6 billion

  • Verizon sees all this data coming across their network and figures ‘we might as well be making some cash off of all of that’ 

    • Anonymous

      You mean other than from their customers’ wireless and fios bills?


  • does this mean I get my Nexus now?  

  • Anonymous

    Oh god, it’ll start taking forever to get your movies to stream.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for them to prioritize the traffic based on device.  Want fast steam?  Only on a DROID!  Got a non-DROID andorid or iOS, so sorry.  Oh and it’ll be extra $ for your slower stream too.

    That being said I would imagine if this is being bought by Verizon (not VZW) that it shouldn’t impact mobile as much.

    • Well, considering the fact that the net neutrality laws just got passed a few weeks ago, that would be against the law to do now.

      • Anonymous

        If these are the same laws that were supposed to open the wireless networks to unlocked phones I’ll remain only optimistic and not confident it won’t happen.

      • ‘cept all those laws side-stepped (down-right ignored) mobile web.  There’s even been talk of Verizon making customers pay extra to access less-well-known sites as fast as their AAA counterparts, so something like this isn’t too far outside the realm of possibility…

        • Granted

          Well of course, charging for visiting sites and raping and having business control mobile web is just their first step and big show. Once they have you paying to visit Google or Facebook, or killing off your access to it, well then everyone else sees how much money there is to be made and then it’s just a slippery slope to your home computer based internet.

      • Anonymous

        What Law?  Corporate Greed finds away to side step the law. and then lets talk anti-trust.  That hasn’t existed in this country for many years.  Thank You FCC for saying NO to ATT and T-Mobile.  Now lets hope that other fight to agree with the FCC and that we start seeing price reductions.  (I know, dream on!)

  • One I don’t foresee this happening. Even though Netflix is certainly burning through a lot of cash right now because of their expansions into Latin America and Europe, I don’t foresee this happening. The other thing, with the price gouging that Verizon does on everything, expect this move to be worst than Netflix actually setting up 2 prices (streaming and dvd deliveries). Verizon will not care and they will definitely jack up the price for streaming content even though the data is mostly out of their network. I rather have someone like Dish Network buy Netflix, sort of like DirectTV did with Blockbuster.

    • buycat

      Dish Network bought Blockbuster.

      • Oops thought it was DirectTV. Thanks for correcting that.

    • Dish Network bought Blockbuster, not DirectTV….fyi

      Second, why would they pay billions for something only to run it into the ground by jacking up the price for streaming. A company trying to expand its FIOS network owning a streaming movie service makes sense to me.

    • WAldenIV

      If you think Verizon price gouges, you clearly haven’t been introduced to Comcast, er, Xfinity.

  • Anonymous

    How does this expedite my gal nex’s arrival?  Would they just focus on my new phones official release date please?????

    • Anonymous

      Your nexus is female?

      • Anonymous

        You don’t want to be fingering a male GNEX would you?

        • Calvin Williams

          Well the gsm Gnexus is a beast, a force to be reckoned with, obviously a man with balls of steel.

          The verizon version on the other hand is verizons little bitch. thrown around day to day, stuffed in the back of stores and sold only on the black market. 

          If you’re gonna be fingering a Gnex, I would finger the verizon version.

          • The verizon version will love me more b/c I’ll show it respect where others have not. :]

        • KissMyAss

          Fixer would, he likes gay porn.

    • Bewara2009

      The Nexus is delay again! 

    • Bryan Williams

      This is a Verizon acquisition.   It will have little, if any, impact on the wireless provider.  They operate as 2 independent companies.

  • Anonymous

    nooooo! Last thing I need is for movie releases to be delayed indefinitely in Netflix

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Idk if you have ever used Netflix’s streaming service… but the Nexus will probably get be retired before anything that came out last year reaches the site

      • Anonymous

        Better late than Nexus… err… I mean never.

        • EC8CH

          i see what you did there

          • FortitudineVincimus

            Ain’t it a bitch that you clown me for not being able to wait to get my first tablet, an Asus, and you go and win one… mofo!

          • EC8CH

            Yeah… that’s some good stuff 😛

            Only way it could have been better is if it was a PRIME!


            I’m sure you’ll get yours soon enough.

      • Loki

        With 2 gb data capped for most people, who aren’t grandfathered in unlimited,  how the heck can people stream to their phones without outlandish over-fees? 

    • dkbetts

      JUST WHAT I WAS THINKING.  They are going to take one other thing I love and SUCK all the life out of it too.  Verizon used to be cool.

  • Anonymous

    Probably has larger implications for Fios than it does for anything mobile.

  • Let me guess, they’ll call it Vcast Plus. I hate Vcast

  • $30 dollars a month sounds good! Get at it Big Red.

    In all seriousness, I hope they don’t.

  • If this goes through, I predict no change for VerizonWireless products and customers. Price increases for both Verizon and Netflix subscribers, and a general worsening of the available Netflix content. (Note that the last one is going to happen anyway.)

  • Nooooooooo!
    I love Netflix. I like Verizon for the service it’s providing, but it’s an evil company (like all phone and cable companies).

  • CJ Vanilla

    no….. this means commercials. 🙁

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    And with this one ring, Verizon will be able to hurl Middle Earth into a second darkness.

    • We must get Hugo Weaving, I mean Agent Smith, I mean Lord Elrond on this ASAP

      • Sp4rxx

        Agent Hugo Elrond most def

      • Anonymous

        Is that a muppet dancer from Labyrinth or a Skeksi? Either way, your avatar is full of win.

        • Thanks. It’s one of the Fireys characters from the Labyrinth. Love that part of the movie. Hey, her head don’t come off. Can’t believe you pulled the Skeksi card out. Good to know there are other people who had the minds twisted as children on this site. Just found out they made a Manga sequel called Return to Labyrinth. Tells the story of Toby(Sarah’s baby brother in the film) when he turns 15. My avatar used to be one of the clowns from Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Then stumbled across the Labyrinth on tv & changed it.

          • Anonymous

            So much win right here.

          • Loki

            I thought it was the Vulture like Muppet from The Dark Crystal at first. Anyone remember The Dark Crystal

          • Anonymous

            That’s what a Skeksi is.