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Nielsen Report: Facebook Most Popular App Among All Age Groups, Followed By Angry Birds

In Nielsen’s newest age-based report on app usage among Android users, you won’t find many surprises. Besides the pre-installed Android Market, Facebook is the most popular app with an overwhelming 80% statistic. Following Facebook, you will find Google apps, Angry Birds, and even Task Killers high up on the list.   Task Killers? Haven’t these people read our site?

Scrolling down the list we see that Words with Friends is highly popular among more mature Android users, and also that no person can go without The Weather Channel app.  Does Nielson’s report reflect what your app list looks like?  I have a feeling that Nielson would find more superuser apps if they surveyed Droid Life.

Via: Nielsen

  • Anonymous

    While I do use facebook its by far my least favorite social app.

  • Jon Tobin

    I understand that it needs to be comprehensive, but doesn’t it kind of go without saying that Android Market would be the most used application?

  • Anonymous

    I am not going to lie.. I used facebook a ton even though i have moved to greener pastures on Google plus. To many friends and family on it, to move entirely from it. But now FB doesnt work so well with my galaxy nexus and does not sync contacts. So Ive had to move to friendcaster for my fb needs. Angrybirds? Hey who doesnt love angry birds

  • Anonymous

    How to forward your Yahoo Mail to say your gmail which is associated with another account you are most likely using… lol http://goo.gl/r89TE

  • ZZzzzZzZZZZ

    WOW ! Slow day at the office huh Kellex ? I need my daily Nexus fix now !

  • The idea of using a task killer USED to be crazy. Times have changed.

    #1, Apps misbehave. Apps sometimes crash and get stuck. Simply tapping on the icon again doesn’t do anything, it just brings up the same frozen screen. Task killer is needed to kill it. Or possibly going into Settings | Applications and Force-Closing it – but some system-level apps sometimes needed to be kicked.

    #2, Apps are greedy. They take a lot of memory. They sit in memory when you’re done with them. Android is supposedly very good with the low-memory killer – but it’s not a mind reader. I’ve often seen GTasks sitting in memory even though I don’t even have any kind of auto-sync enabled in it, while Google Maps and Music are being killed while I’m using them.

    #3, Anybody with an OG Droid. There’s just not enough memory on that device to let Android decide what lives and dies. The system IS much slower when there’s 6MB of ram free than when there’s 30MB RAM free (and yes, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen > 50MB free). Apps have just gotten so large that you can’t waste any memory at all and still be able to have enough space free for a call to come through (It’s very frustrating hearing it ring and having it take 3+ rings for the low-memory killer to clear up enough space to allow the answer-the-call slider to respond to the touchscreen)

    #4, Even if you’re not killing apps, it’s nice to use it to see what is sitting in the background. I’ve uninstalled apps after finding them sitting in memory when there’s no good reason for them to be (either I haven’t run the app at all since the last reboot or I have no automatic sync or notification or anything installed). Pandora was the worst offender.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know how many people they ‘asked’ about their apps…maybe a better source of info…

  • Anonymous

    Not Nielson: Nielsen.

  • why doesn’t my captivate run right without a task manager? i uninstalled mine last time i read about how they were useless and then after seeing much lag in my homescreen, found it powered down on its own 3 times in a day before i reinstalled ATK. not trying to make an argument, just not understanding why they’re considered useless. i know captivates are buggy as all hell, but i wouldnt think that would make a difference

  • one thing to say is google may not have the top app but look at that ecosystem of google apps that they have up top, Go Google

  • Dominick DeVito

    where’s ROM manager? :p

  • Mimeo Ink

    Words With Friends popularity seems lower in the older demos, not higher. 25%, 22%, 21% as you move across.

    None of these graphs represent my usage pattern, which doesn’t surprise me.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    f****** pathetic. FB and a game, pathetic. 

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Mad? no. Disgusted by my fellow man and his follow the sheep mentality of having to live/die by FB and social networking and the disturbing trend that people show of valuing video games to this degree? Yes.

        • Earleepa

          Let me ask you something. Do you see everyone of your friends every day, if you do then you haven’t lived. I’ve lived quite a few places what time I’ve been on this earth and facebook gives me a way to keep in contact with those that I can’t see everyday or maybe only once a year. So I don’t really see what your bitch is unless you have no friends.

          • FortitudineVincimus

            I have no friends or companionship outside of my right (or if I’m feeling adventurous, my left) hand. Let me complain, it’s the only social interaction I get. 🙁

        • Mctypething

          So everyone that has the FB app on their phone lives/dies by it? Your logic is totally off. A lot of people have a FB account just to keep in touch with a small group on friends and family and maybe log in a few times a week. Same logic for video games, just because someone downloads a game doesn’t mean they aren;t living an otherwise productive life.

    • Rusty_Shackleford
  • Justin Kos

    sad to see ATK in there

  • Anonymous

    The top 6 are usually all preinstalled in all phones.

  • Anonymous

    I think the most surprising thing here is; People are still playing angry birds.

  • slerms mckenzie

    glad im that .00001% that doesnt use stupid social networks like facebook,twitter, google plus.
    ( i love google alot but sorry not even i will give in to a google social network and i really like them alot)

    • Anonymous

      Why are you glad? Why does everyone take issue with people being more social(even if it is electronically)?

      I use Facebook for parties and events. Yeah, some people go a bit overboard, but overall it’s really useful when you figure out what you want from it.

      • Anonymous

        I use it to keep up with old friends and family back home in Texas (live in NY now). Don’t understand why some make such a big deal about it.

    • Anonymous

      Even if you arent into social networks, the one reason you should use google+ is to have automatic upload (backup) of your pictures to picasa for free.

    • Anonymous

      I bet you’re the first person to tell people when bands “sell out” as well. 

  • Earleepa

    Where’s my demographic?

  • Anonymous

    …and that’s the news. Next up, Armageddon as the collective consciousness of the population dwindles in the face of dumbing down syndrome.

  • Anonymous

    What I am curious about is this says that the app was used in the last 30 days. Does it count if I use my contacts that are synced w/ Facebook? I know that Google and Facebook have conflicting views on how contact data should be stored so does this mean that whenever I look at a contact that is synced via Facebook that the app officially is opened?

  • Anonymous

    So the exact same 15 apps are the most used by people in all three age groups?  And Quickoffice, The Weather Channel, and Yahoo! Mail are all more popular apps than Google Voice, IMDb, Dropbox, [insert 100 obviously more popular apps here].

    Sure, Nielson…sure.

    • Most of those apps come preinstalled so yea

      • Anonymous

        But this report is claiming that these are the most USED apps. I don’t buy it.

  • Iammodo

    crazy people still using task killers

    • Anonymous

      that’s what I was gonna say too.. really sad that that is in each demographics list.. /facepalm

  • EC8CH

    Here’s an idea for an app:

    Advanced Task Killer Task Killer.

    Task Killers need to die in fire

    • Anonymous

      Advanced Task Killer already does that.

      • EC8CH

        it kills itself?

        • Anonymous

          If you check the box it will kill itself.

        • Mike

          Emo Task Killer kills itself.

  • Tyrian

    You can see the older demographic trying to stay hip with their kids.

  • Joshua Granville

    Why are people still using task killers?

    • Anonymous

      Sometimes an app hangs and I need to kill it. Task Killer apps are quicker than the way that’s built into Android.

      • Jared Kirk

        Same here.  I don’t use advanced task killer though I use ZDBox which has a task killer built in.  I have a feeling most people overuse them though.

      • What’s even quicker is setting a long press of the back key to force close the current app. CM7 has it built in so that you can set what the keys do. There’s root apps out there that allow to do the same.

        • I tried that setting for awhile, but the OG Droid is often out of memory and so slow that it was registering my repeated/frustrated presses of the back button for the primary purpose of “back” as a long-press to kill the app.

  • John