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Twitter App Receives Update, Brings New Polished Look To Your Mobile Device

Twitter fiends can head on into the Android Market and snatch up the newly redone application.  They have given the user interface a nice new sparkle along with sort of changing the way you interact with Twitter.  You have always had your timeline, mentions, profile, and the search option – now you have “Home” which is your timeline, “Connect” which is your mentions, “Discover” which is your search and hashtag center, and finally “Me” which is your organized profile just as you would see on the desktop version. 

Since we are on the subject of Twitter, don’t forget to follow us.  Below is a video demonstrating Twitter’s newly enhanced web experience that also just came into effect.  Go tweet!

Market Link

  • Anonymous

    it looked polished already before. now it just looks like iOS.

  • good week for social networking; google+, fb and twitter updates.

  • Anonymous

    This looks like a facebook app. What happened to their color scheme of more turquoise than blue?

  • Maybe I am missing it, but isn’t there anyway to re-tweet (“Quote”) using the traditional RT style?  That has been the one thing holding me back from using the 1st-party Twitter apps

    • Anonymous

      Click on the Tweet, then on the button with two arrows forming a rectangle. It brings up options for ya.

      • I know about that, but selecting “Quote” literally quotes the tweet rather than do the RT @username type RT that most use.  I don’t see any settings to go to that version of RTing

  • Anonymous

    TweetDeck still rules them all!

    • Anonymous

      The native twitter app is better IMO.

  • Ggdgh


  • Anonymous

    They also added twitter hosted photo service. I’m hoping it will actually load them for me now.

  • Edwin M

    I got tweetcaster pro from Amazon during a free app of the day and never looked back.

  • Vaglvr

    most over used words: polished, hyperbeasting. ugh. UGH.

  • Anonymous

    Until they put an option to start back up where I left off reading, I will continue to use Tweetdeck.  

    • are you talking about the android app or the web interface?

  • It looks good, but it seems a bit laggy.  They need to tighten it up a bit to get it to where the last design was in terms of smoothness.

  • Wow. First Facebook, and now Twitter? Both amazing updates that were in need of a face lift.