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Verizon: Carrier IQ is NOT on Verizon Wireless Phones

So if you follow the security arena of this tech world at all, then you probably saw the name Carrier IQ brought up a time or two in the last couple of days. Just last week, we reported on one of Android’s security gurus receiving a C&D from the company for pointing out that it along with carriers essentially practice shady business. (That C&D has since been pulled, by the way.) It has not been pretty for CIQ, and rightfully so. As a software company that specializes in tracking your every move without your clearance, you can imagine that they aren’t on everyone’s favorite list these days. And when we say “your every move” we mean what apps you open, where you are, what keys you press, texts received, and so on, all without you saying “Sure, I agree to let you track that stuff CIQ!”

What about your Verizon phone? Is there CIQ software on it? According to @VZWJeffrey, one of their PR representatives, Carrier IQ will not be found on any of their phones. We will have to assume that Jeff is in the know, since this is a topic that no one should be reporting false information on. So that should relieve you.

And what about the Galaxy Nexus? No, it won’t have CIQ software embedded inside it. It’s a Nexus, folks.

Via:  The Verge

  • No one important

    The htc evo 4G from sprint has it….scored 420…..

    confirmed……sprint has ciq installed……now need to figure out how to remove it..

  • Rlacrossjr

    hmm Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon

  • Spidey

    My Droid Eris was confirmed to the Carrier IQ from the Lookout CIQ detector.

  • thaJack

    iPhone has CIQ, according to Apple. I guess Verizon forgot.

  • reedboy10

    droid are peices of shit screw them and the desiners of them

  • “According [email protected], one of their PR representatives, Carrier IQ will not be found on any of their phones.”

    So I’m hoping this includes older phones also, such as OG Droid?

    I’m still on that…

  • broooooo

    Motorola secretly prides itself on having this same software built into their phones. It is a goldmine of information usable in analyzing usage data, advanced troubleshooting, and customer support. They are even working on being able to push a fix to your phone for freezes/force closes/ battery life issues before you even know you have them. And as soon as you say “I agree” to anything motorola related on your motor phone, you have automatically agreed to this practice.

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  • Tom V.

    surely verizon uses something else then, a software of sorts that tracks and collects info, maybe not CIQ (or have the full fledged ability of collecting what CIQ seems to be able to collect), as the rep said, but they must have something.  i mean, i have nothing to hide or am planning any criminal acts via text or mobile browser web searches lol, so i’m not worried as much as i am bothered that this kind of stuff is collected (not that i’m surprised, either, as this world is a creepy and shady one).

  • jake creed

    it’s not on my droid 3… i just got the xda checker app and its not on it… so in the case of the d3 vzw is telling the truth

  • Anonymous

    Yea, because VZW is so honest and forthcoming with information that what they post is the gospel truth. Looks like somebody got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and I hope the powers that be shut the lid and snap it off at the wrist. And yes….I’m mad bro.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody good on the tracking your every move front?

  • Dom

    Verizon most certainly does have something on there. If you go to your Verizon Account, under Privacy you have to opt out of those 4 areas. 

  • Hamforce2010

    When chatting with @vzwsupport yesterday they said they know nothing about CIQ and u had to contact the individual phone manufacture???

  • J Dub

    Yeah, of course. CIQ isn’t on any carriers phones. Right.

  • Anonymous

    My xperia play has something called QC SEMC Service running that has all the permissions that was on that video from the guy that exposed this. Is this some kind of related application?

  • Anonymous

    Bravo Verizon..but really, the Nexus reference is only inviting the Nexus trolls into these posts

  • Anonymous

    Why would it be? Verizon does that themselves.

  • Anonymous

    I… flat-out don’t believe them. I’ll await independent verification.

    • mx371

      Completely agree.  Checked my OG Droid last night and came across a com.motorola.hiddenmenu that has all of the same permissions and characteristics of the CIQ apps showed in the video I saw on Giz.  And this is on PE6.5 >.<

  • Anonymous

    You are actually going to believe a PR person? They will say whatever they need to to protect the companies image and sell stuff. Facebooks PR person says they don’t steal data either.

  • Anonymous

    I made a big stink about it on Mattias’ latest Google+ post.  It seems that people aren’t worried about CarrierIQ soiling the Android brand name.


    Google needs to put their foot down on this crap.

    Its not innocent albeit annoying UI skins this time, carriers are intruding on our personal information now.

  • Ekil

    Does that mean they made their own software to  spy on you? That MyVerizon app does start at boot time…

  • Anonymous

    “And what about the Galaxy Nexus? No, it won’t have CIQ software embedded inside it. It’s a Nexus, folks.” but it’ll sure as heck have vzw bloatware installed on it…so whats your point?

    • Anonymous

      wow a measly two meaningless apps, get over it already.

      • Anonymous

        it could have 50 for all i care…no samsung phone will ever touch this pocket…my point is, everyone says nexuses are free of bloatware…2 isnt zero

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    “And what about the Galaxy Nexus? No, it won’t have CIQ software embedded inside it. It’s a Nexus, folks.”

    Verizon managed to get the MyVerizon app and their logo on the Galaxy Nexus. I wouldn’t put anything past Big Red at this point. 

  • Waitandbait

    Nexus? didn’t you see the latest news?

  • Ice456789

    Carrier IQ and the Galaxy Nexus have that in common. Neither are currently on Verizon

  • CarrierIQ

    No, it won’t have Verizon Bloatware embedded inside it. It’s a Nexus, folks.

    Oh wait…

  • Umiwonder

    Well my droid eris has “HTC Location Service” and under permissions it can access the same thing as Carrier IQ, like location, sms, gmail, sd card contents, record audio, and take pictures.  There is no option to close or remove.  So WTF.

    • Umiwonder

      Anyone else?

  • jnt

    VZW is bound to have something though…

    • MFG

      “We don’t have CarrierIQ on any of our devices.

      …VerizonIQ is a different story.”

  • And what about CURRENT crop of VZW phones already in use, which Jeffrey does not address, by virtue of his “will not be found” future-tense verbiage?   Thunderbolt, Bionic, etc-etc

    • or “Will not be found” as in, we’ve hidden that crap from your prying eyes..

    • Sp4rxx

      what about “not on any phones” could be any clearer?  Any means any.

      • Seriously?  I hope Vzw paid you to post this stupid reply.

        • MFG

          Here is the quote: “To be 100% clear: Carrier IQ is *not* on #Verizon Wireless #VZW phones.”

          So, TomAss, you can relax.

          • Dom

            You are correct, carrier iq is not on there. However they do have their own version which you have to opt out of under “Privacy” in your Verizon account.

          • Sheriberi511

            do you need to opt out under privacy on your phone or from your online acct with verizon?

        • Sp4rxx

          yeah seriously – you people read way too deep in to things that aren’t there – it’s called paranoia.

          Heck, even if they DO have it installed and the @VZWJefferey was lying, i don’t care that they track me – i don’t do anything on my phone that warrants any special attention.

    • Anonymous

      TrevE made an app that lets you check your phone (must be rooted) for CIQ and other loggers. I tried it on my Thunderbolt and CIQ is not on it, but other loggers are

  • DroidzFX

    What does this comment have to do with the Nexus?

  • Just because they don’t call it “Carrier IQ” doesn’t mean they don’t have something like it (or worse, knowing VZW).

    • Here come’s the conspiracy theory’s! Could VZW has something else. Yes but I would assume it would have been found by now. If there isn’t any report of it that means it doesn’t exist until someone finds something. Don’t guilty someone before giving it a trial.

      • Anonymous

        Other loggers have been found on Verizon phones.

      • Counsel Dew

        Have use read the terms of use published by Verizon? If not, go read…

  • Alias747

    Does Carrier IQ know what I am thinking right now? :Puts on tinfoil hat:

    • Anonymous

      Checking your CIQ feed and . . .

       . . . Dude! That’s your sister! Get your mind out of the gutter.

  • Mctypething

    Obligatory troll post asking what this has to do with the Nexus release date.

    • Edwin M

      You obliging bro?

      • Nex


    • Imagine a world where obligatory posts didn’t exist.  You created a monster.  🙁

      • Anonymous

        Tim, in reference to our discussion on the other post….

        “And what about the Galaxy Nexus? No, it won’t have CIQ software embedded inside it. It’s a Nexus, folks.”

        So…no Verizon phones have it, but we are gonna specify the Nexus doesn’t have it.

        Just calling them as I see them. :p 


        • I totally feel you, but I think that people go a little too far with all this ‘zOMG they’re tracking my movements” stuff. 

          We all just need to step back and take off the tin foil hats. I for one, have waited a long time to have a Nexus device on VZW, and since I already own a Nexus device, I know that owning a Nexus means you have complete control over the device and you don’t have to worry about carrier interference. 

          We just like to address major concerns some people seem to have with Verizon’s actions involving the G-Nex 🙂

          • Anonymous

            I think casual users can have a casual stance on this but if it proves to be as invasive as it’s reporting to be, then business users have legitimate concerns and possibly larger issues. 

          • Counsel Dew

            Except, if course, the two apps that Verizon apparently puts on the new Nexus… 😉 Don’t forget those two…

  • Anonymous

    Just give me the GNex so I can put CIQ on there myself and then remove it and claim it can be done.

  • EC8CH

    CIQ seems prime for an anonymous attack. 

    • How will we hack it, honestly as horrible as that is it just sits on your device so its not like there is an easy target.

      • Sure it is. The software sits on your device, but it sends data somewhere. If the data just sat on your device, it would be pretty useless. The company most definitely stores that data somewhere, so that is who you hack.

      • DroidzFX

        Just tell Scarlett Johansson and all other Celebs who have had their phones hacked. If the data is sitting on your phone in plain text its there for the taking.

        Not complaining about the Johansson hack though.

        • EC8CH

          nothing motivates the FBI like a call from Scarlett Johansson

          • Just saying that it would be no walk in the park, we do not even have a definite target


    Of course Carrier IQ isn’t on it. Verizon prefers their own crapware: VZCarrier IQ.

    • You mean VCast IQ right?

      • Anonymous

        “My VCast IQ Assistant +”

  • DroidzFX

    its not on CM either

    • palomosan

      Not on Bamf either…
      When we set up our phones with Sense, there’s an option for allowing HTC to track your behavior, that’s the reason why I never sign into Sense.com through my phone. 

      This issue seems to be more with Sprint phones.

      • DroidzFX

        Just another reason to ROM it up.

  • guesticles

    Whats this galaxy nexus phone you speak of?

  • Joelseph

    LOL that tweet cracked me up.