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Wii’s “Game of the Year”, World of Goo Makes Its Way To Android

Owner of a Wii or iDevice?  Then we are sure there is a chance you have heard of World of Goo.  If you are an Android purist, then maybe you have seen it available for your PC.  Starting now,  the classic game World of Goo is available on the Android Market.  This game has won “Game of the Year” and many other awards for the Wii and even the iPad, so it is about darn time it came to Android. 

Set in a beautiful world, you use ‘Goo’ to create structures, bridges, cannonballs and other contraptions to complete objectives.  There is a reason this game is so highly acclaimed.  Check the video down below and be sure to try out the demo version that is available in the Android Market.  Go have some fun.

Market Link ($2.99) | Market Link (Free)


Via: Droid Gamers

  • Most dramatic and dark music for such a bright visual game, almost makes me want the game and i know nothing about it

  • imade karari

    Loved it on Wii & on PC. Now I cant wait to play it all over again on my Xoom


  • Tsak6789

    Can it be played o a Honeycomb tablet?

  • Anonymous

    : Looks kind of odd. I’m still trying to wrap up Robotek. lol

  • DJyoSNOW

    SO: Which Came First The Monkey or The Goo… did any one ever play Tiki Tower  It’s a similar concept and I’ve played tiki towers for a while now. Who doesn’t like monkeys lolz

  • Played on PC thru Steam. Cannot emphasize enough how good of a game this is. $3 is a steal. Will definitely pick up.

  • Ian

    Just installed and played the first two levels of the free demo. Excellent controls and graphics. Just as good as the Wii version, but somehow not *quite* as satisfying on the small screen as it is on the Wii.

  • Can’t download on the OG droid…anyone wanna post the apk to the free link please   🙂

  • Jason Purp

    World of Goo? Sounds like a normal Friday night.

  • Jager07

    Very similar concept as Spaghetti Marshmallows, released over a year ago.  Great game.  Too bad it’s no longer supported by the dev. 

    • Imns

      World of Goo was actually originally released back in 2008.  That said, it is a great game and I’m going to at least download the demo version to see how it plays on the smaller screen.  

  • WayneBradyKnowsAll

    World of Goo…thats a little game that Wayne Brady plays with his girlfriends. Fact.

  • PyroHoltz

    Dare I say, I wasn’t too impressed w/ this game when I played it on the PC. I also grabbed it for the Wii hoping it would be a better interface but I was sadly let down again. I’ll check it out on my D3 but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Anonymous


  • Billy Jenkins

    im gonna download it only because there are 60 reviews and everyone of them is a 5 star review

    • Anonymous

      88 reviews so far, all 5 stars. Wow.

      • Anonymous

        Why wow? It’s a great game and deserves to be played.

  • Great game….love the fact that there’s a demo for those who haven’t played it on other platforms.

    As much as a “MUST BUY” as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are IMHO….

  • Anonymous

    World of Goo!! YEAHHHHHHHH!

    • WayneBradyKnowsAll

      Thats what she said

      • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    Really tired of all these “Hand me down” games give us something original.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe PLAY the game first before you state an opinion?

      • Anonymous

        Well EvanTheGamer if you must know I have played the game and if you will read my post again you may notice that I didn’t have any disparaging remarks about the game itself. My opinion was that I was tired of all the Hand me down games. Games that have been available on other devices prior to Android. The problem that I have is once it is available on my Android its old news. So next time you have something to say about something I post turn on the light in your moms basement, put down your Wii, Xbox, Playstation control and have someone read it to you again. 

        I really wish you knew how to spell “started”.. LOL

  • Markopolo1022

    oh by the way first comment since Droid life started .. finally .. ha ha

    • Markopolo1022

      never mind “‘(

  • Markopolo1022

    nope never hear of this game but ill give it a try!

  • Anonymous

    Perfect game for a touchscreen.

  • Played in on PC and loved it…
    but not compatible with my OG 🙁

    • Me too.  Not compatible with the OG Droid.  Won’t let me download–which is a bummer, because I wanted to play it when the GNex drops.  Now I’ll probably forget about it.

  • Goo-tastic