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New Verizon MAP List is Out: DROID Bionic Drops to $199 On-contract

It’s probably time for the DROID Bionic to start dropping in price now that the DROID RAZR is out and the DROID 4 is only weeks away from our hands. You can now pick up the phone for $199 on 2-year contract, $100 less than it debuted at back in September.

On a related note, the XOOM dropped to $199 for the holiday weekend, but we are pretty sure that price is going to stick until they can sell out of them. With the XOOM 2 also on the way – December 8 a possibility – they need to make room.

And there is the Galaxy Nexus listed again at $299.

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  • Bob

    I wouldn’t give you 5 cents for a Droid Bionic. Mine is by far the biggest piece of crap ever! Motorola is a friggin joke!!!

  • Guest42

    Am I the only one to notice that the Droid 4 is not listed? Also the rumored white Razr. 

    I stopped in at a Verizon store yesterday, and the rep I spoke with said that he *has* trained on the Nexus, but not on the Droid 4, so his expectation is that the Nexus *could* release Dec. 8 or 9 (subject to change, he added quickly), but he would be very surprised if the D4 released that soon. 

    So there’s your unofficial, off-the-record, anonymous rumor for the day. 🙂 

    But seriously, he told me they are kept in the dark until public announcements are made, and that my best bet is to check the vzw site daily. 

  • Anonymous

    The Bionic is such a crappy phone, they should not be allowed to even give it away.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    With all this new phone stuff….just wishing…but what are the odds Verizon would have any sympathy if I just got a Droid 3 in July??  I had an OG Droid and held out for renewal….I was waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S 2, but since it never hit Verizon I went for the Droid 3!!!!  I would have never been able to wait till now…but I would love the G-Nex!!!!!  Even a Droid 4 would be cool for the 4G.  I think verizon should have mercy on upgrades if we stay brand loyal at least!!
    Just hoping……….

    • JohnPA2006

      I agree with you Sir,

      What really grinds my gears the most about all this is.They bind you with a 2 year contract but come out with phones every 3 weeks, they are choking off the same people who would buy another phone in 6 months if they could.

      12 month early upgrades were great, instead of making it shorter, they made it worse by making you have to accept a 2 year contract, with 20 month early upgrade.

      NUTS !!

      • Anonymous

        Yup!!  You it really pissed me off when they did away with 1 year contracts with the explanation that no one was taking advantage of them.  What a crock of BS….they just didn’t want to subsidize any more phones.  I was up for paying the extra for the hardware no problem.  I just don’t know if I can afford to pay the full retail for these new phones!!

  • jnt

    does this price map me that, for a change, there’s going to be a break in new ground-breaking devices??

    • jnt

      *mean that

  • Anonymous

    I think Kellex is just recycling old news. Didn’t he post something awhile back showing these two price changes anyway???

  • Anonymous

    Seems a little late to drop the Bionic’s price, didn’t Radio shack have it for like $179 the day it was released?

    • Radio Shack had it for $199 for one week after its release. It was an instant $100 off, no waiting for rebates and stuff.  I bought my Bionic at Radio Shack that week only because of that sale.

      • Anonymous

        Me as well.

  • Tom

    You know I wish Verizon would just take my money already…. That is all I want… I want the GNex, why do they refuse to give it to me? WHY?

    • Anonymous

      because the more you want.. the more money they’ll make eventually.

  • Elliot323

    Meh, I still got mine for $240 off contract 🙂

    • JohnPA2006

      What bodily fluid or organ did you have to sell to get it for that price?
      I would totally donate blood and or sperm (but not at the same time) 
      for a Droid 4 or BIONIC.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t get the Bionic, you will be so frustrated and no one will know because you won’t have any data capability.

        • Anonymous

          I have no problems with data 90% of the time.

      • Anonymous

        I bought the Bionic for $200 two weeks after it released at Radio Shack.

  • MFG

    So the only way the GNex will be released at $199 is if it’s a special holiday sales price.

    Edit: Or if Verizon releases a 16gb and a 32gb.

    • fartbubbler

      I don’t even care what the price is at this point, I just want the dang thing RELEASED.

      • MFG

        I concur. 

  • Anonymous

    This is proof that the Nexus is confimed! 😉

  • Jack Hoffman

    GNex or bust…

  • EC8CH

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus 11/10/11 – ….

    if only 🙁

    • Mctypething

      I thought you had pill boxes to glue together bro?

    • Anonymous

      On the bright side, we should have it before May 10th…

      • Anonymous

        yea you’d think!

  • shdowman

    Should be free…

  • Skaletr

    i dont understand how this is new if the nexus is still listed on there as releasing on the tenth??

    • Dave

      That’s not a release date…that’s just the period when the Nexus can be advertised at $299. That start date for MAP does not necessarily indicate a release date.

      • JMac726

         but they haven’t been advertising a price since 11/10 either…

        • Dave

          That’s correct. Were the phone to be released on 11/10 then this would be the price they advertise at. Keep in mind these are internal documents. Just because it’s on the MAP list does not mean the device will be listed anywhere with a price on the start of that date range.

      • Anonymous

        Except for the rest of the phones on there it does….

        • Dave

          I’m sure some of them may coincide with release dates but obviously internal delays happen.

          • Anonymous

            If it was “new” as kellex stated than they would have changed this for the “internal delay”

  • 🙁 Galaxy Nexus 299 in this roadmap.  Thats bull… even for the 32gb version there is no reason it needs to be that high.

    • Well considering that all of the competing phones released at $299, I’d find that your conclusion is suspect.  If you want it cheaper you’ll likely have to wait a few weeks.

    • Anonymous

      iphone is $299 for 32 gb did you really expect anything less?

    • Stop blaming Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus price.
      Blame the idiots who paid $259 for a Thunderbolt.
      Who paid $299 for a Charge. 
      Who paid $299 for the Bionic.
      Who paid $299 for the Rezound.
      Who paid $299 for the Rzar.

      Dont you think if they didn’t sell well (when its first released of course) at that price they would lower it?
      Stop complaining you live in a capitalist society, if you want to pay $199 switch to Att. 
      I refuse to pay  more than $199 for a phone also, therefor I will not buy a Nexus when it is released. Period end of story. 

      • Mctypething

        Just because you can’t afford $300 for a phone doesn’t mean those that can are idiots. Personally, I think $300 is reasonable for everything these phones can do. Is $100 really that significant at the end of the day for something you’ll have for 2 years?

        • Haha, who said I cant afford it, bro? I just stated that I wont pay it. $100 plus the higher rates we pay on Verizon adds up compared to the competition. so over 2 years it does make a difference.  

          • Mctypething

            I just think it’s hilarious that people gripe so much about $199 vs, $299, given that the phones can do much more and run much faster than when they were $199. Hell, going out to a semi-nice dinner for 2 people costs about $75, in the grand scheme of things $100 isn’t that much to gripe about. Your protest isn’t going to do much, tons of people are willing and able to pay $300.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah but those people are getting ripped off whether they no it or not. No $299 phone really does or did anything more than any $199 phone on any other carrier. Even if we assume there’s a bit of a markup just because LTE runs on friggen magic and pixie farts, if AT&T can sell the Atrix 2 for $50, why is the same phone in more rectangular clothing $250 more on Verizon? In some cases we’re actually paying significantly more for less powerful devices. The Thunderbolt compared to the Sensation and Evo 3D? The Revo vs the G2x and Thrill? etc etc.
            I mean hell I’d pay SOME premium for 4g if I had to, but this much? C’mon man…i hope other carriers arent planning to follow suit, but it doesn’t look good with the Amaze being what? $30 higher than average? and that LG coming to AT&T.

      • Blueethernov13

        I feel the exact same way, I’m not paying more than $199 for a phone. When the price drops, I’ll grab it. They sell the $300 phone because you people buy it at that price.

        That doesn’t mean I can’t afford it, but I do think just because you guys flock to the $300 price, they continue to sell them at that price. Especially Verizon, haven’t they hiked up prices enough over the past year???
        At the end of the day, its just a phone. Once you get the Nexus, it will be good for 2 years. I have a Droid X rooted, i can wait a few more months for a price drop. Besides, a Galaxy Nexus 2 will be introduced in March, that will include a hotplate for frying sausage links on the back cover…

        • mmm, stock sausage links

        • Jim Ortmeier

          If price is the big issue, then why are you at Verizon? Granted their coverage is excellent but their monthly costs are huge. That’s where I don’t understand the 199 vs. 299. That extra $100 is a one time cost, but on the lowest price plan with data you’re looking at around $1800 over a 2 year period, and that’s before tax. Figure over $2000 with taxes.

          I think AT&T is pricing them at 199 because they are trying to bring in new customers. They’ve already shown they’ll eat most of the cost of a phone (iphone), so why wouldn’t that be the case here as well? The bottom line is that Verizon’s competitors are all cheaper than they are, yet they have the most subscribers, due to their coverage. Both Sprint & TMobile have phones that are over $200, and they don’t have LTE either. So why aren’t they a ripoff?

          The reason I don’t feel bad about the $299 price is look at what you’re getting. Most people say “$299 for a phone?!?” If all it did was make calls I could agree with them, but most of these phones can replace a netbook for the most part. I remember back when the StarTac was big, the retail cost for it was around $700. That’s for a phone that could only make calls and store some numbers. No texting, web browsing, apps, video or music. These phones can even replace an ipod as far as video and music, and they run anywhere from $200-$450, and you can’t make calls with an ipod.

  • How reliable is this if it’s still showing 11/10 for the Galaxy Nexus and the Rezound(which debuted on 11/14)?

    • Skaletr

      that is the same thing i just thought. how are these things new if they still have the nexus as releasing on the tenth?

      • DroidzFX

        In the real world information doesn’t always get updated the way it should. Also Verizon is pretty well known for keeping their employees in the dark.

    • Anonymous

      About as reliable as everything else Kellex posts….Not to reliable. I mean his so called source throws out pretty much every date possible so then he can say well my source was right.

  • David Klonne

    I don’t care how much the Nexus is, I’d give what’s left of my soul to have this phone