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Motorola DROID Receiving Security Patches in Update

Last week, Motorola announced a “special project” for the original Motorola DROID that left most of us with a raised eyebrow. What on Earth could this possibly be after almost 2 years? It’s a security patch, my friends. Two of them actually. According to Moto, the update will be “invisible” in terms of device operation:

Thanks very much for signing up to give feedback about your Motorola Droid. You will be testing final software for Droid. This is a very limited update providing two security patches for the device. It should be essentially “invisible” in terms of device operation.

So not Gingerbread or anything to write home about – still nice to see it getting love after all of this time though.

Cheers Naughty Tester and K!

  • angle07
  • Anglehannahlucy

    Very Impressive.. Thank you


  • Mark Yankelevsky

    I have a slightly rooted OG, no custom roms (?).  I just ran some program on PC and it rooted it, I don’t even remember which one.  My goal was just to remove standard apps. 
    So, FRG76 update got pushed to the phone. I said “OK”.  The phone got stuck at a triangle prompt.  2 hours later, I gave up and pulled the battery.  The phone is still at FRG83G, and functioning.  Should I just forget about this “security” ?

  • Anonymous

    There is no update, there is never an update. I have been hearing update for so long now that I am sick of it.

  • Ihauntu2

    12:10 am CPT – I recieved an update to my OG Droid titled FRK76 – 761kb file 5minutes from acceptance to reboot.

    Anyone out there seeing the same?

  • foxdog

    who wants to bet they are going to lock the bootloader?

  • G123

    Custom Roms FTW

  • Greg Williams

    Well in this case I better unroot and go back to froyo so my device is more secure!

  • Jamdev12

    No thanks Motor. Already have Bugless Beast with 2.3.7.

  • djembeman

    I would guess if you are rooted with ClockworkMod Recovery, the update won’t be able to apply? Stock rooted Froyo.

  • Razor Dethroned 2k12


  • that is just great) thank you!

  • Wyatte3

    Does anyone still have an OG that isnt rooted.  The latest version of Gingerbread is 2.3.7 right?  No reason to wait on motorola to roll out an update.

    • Pfigurella

      Yes. Totally stock. Works great still.

  • My wife will use her OG until it completely dies or I forcibly take it away from her.  I hope to get a Galaxy Nexus to replace my OG as soon as it comes out.  I love my OG but I’m simply doing too much for it these days.

  • Anonymous

    *stares at his OG with CyanogenMod Nightly Android Version 2.3.7*

    Their “Final Software” is very different than the development communities idea of final software.  I have a strange feeling the OG might even get an ICS port.

    • Dominick DeVito

      I wouldn’t doubt it in the least bit.

      • Keith Sumner

        No way, ICS was meant for dual core processor’s I could probably see it MAYBE booting up on the OG but it would perform horribly.

        • Dominick DeVito

          yeah – Gingerbread wasn’t made for the OG either yet somehow I’m running it on my phone. Thanks to the dev community it’s possible. IN fact, I’m running 2.3.7 right now on my OG – what are you running on your Bionic?


          • Anonymous

            ICS requires more power, more ram and more internal storage. These factors could limit the hardware to function smoothly

  • Kevin Broce

    Wait, people are still using the OG with the stock rom?  Yikes, and what a waste of an unlocked bootloader.  Roms are the only reason I’m still living with mine. And “Project”, WTF is that?

    • Anonymous

      Remember, not everyone is an uber haxor. Most people don’t even know what rooting is, so it’s not very surprising

      • Kevin Broce

        Everyone I know that had an OG has already upgraded, either they were up for resigning their contract or the broke their phone and got something newer.  How many people are still using an OG and are using stock roms?

        • Anonymous

          Not sure about the stock part but I know most people on this blog still own a D1, myself included. Droid Life did a poll not that long ago about it. Plus not everyone got the D1 on release, some got it months later, once again I fall under that category. You may know people who have broken phones or have upgraded but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still people out there that either don’t want to upgrade because they still have a functional phone and don’t care about the latest and greatest, or they simply can’t afford to.

    • Chris G

      I rooted my OG and then put it back.  The only real “benefit” i could see at the time was “improved graphics” ie the look.  It is like rating a video game great when the graphics are top end but the game play is average/same as everything else.

      I have a slightly different view these days due to wanting a wifi only tablet on my unlimited data, but to 99% of users rooting doesn’t really have much benefit.

      • Casey Megginson

        You can also raise the upper threshold on the CPU scaling to 800 MHz with Cyanogenmod, and take it further with other methods.

        • Keith Sumner

          You can actually go up to as high as 1.2ghz with a custom kerlnel.

          • GreenGarden

            actually as high as 1.3 ghz

          • Greg Williams

            actually as high as _____ ghz

          • G123

            How? I’m not able to go past 800mhz. I am running cyanogenmod 7.1

          • RW-1

            You have to load a different kernel to go past 800, the one with CM only goes to 800 ….

  • aka hey we’re going to try this new security batch on your old OG because if it breaks it we’ll know not to put it on anymore and you’ll have to go get a new phone.

  • Guest

    No Gingerbread update?
    In the words of Eric Cartman – LAME!  SUPER LAME!

    • Interiorposterior

      What were you expecting? The Original Droid can’t handle Gingerbread properly without a whole bunch of tweaks and even then it’ll still be a pain to use. I’m currently holding onto mines until maybe the release of the Droid 4 or something better from Moto, so I have a 2.3.7 rom on mines. Gingerbread has drived me crazy because of how slow the DROID is. I have to reboot everyday, it freezes quite a lot, I can no longer really multitask anymore, constant force closing, you name it. I didn’t have that many problems on Froyo because it could handle it, but the Droid doesn’t have enough RAM, ROM, and internal memory to have Gingerbread properly functioning at its best. If Moto had released Gingerbread, it would have been a debacle and people would be left with a phone that was too slow and could barely have one app open provided it doesn’t force close.

      And this is why we’ll probably never see ICS via Roms either, sadly.

      • Anonymous

        I’m on CM7.1 and it runs fine for me.  You must be doing it wrong.

        • djembeman

          I was running UD 3.3.1 (Ultimate Droid) which ran better than CM7, but reverted back to stock because it ran better. Loved stock rooted, SETCPU to 800mHz on stock kernal. Runs great!! Pretty UD 3.3.1 was Gingerbread.

      • Racer9

        Wow, you’re doing something wrong dude. My OG is great with Gingerbread. Heck, I can run it at 600MHz and it’s usable. Not smooth or anything, but usable.

      • RW-1

        While the nightlies are giving us some fits, GB works fine on the OG< there is no reason a port may not be available to it for ICS, unless it is a kernel limitation or other hardware mod needed.

        Basically it would come down to, can it be done, and then, if any dev would do it. My bet is on Mr. Alfonso …

  • Derek Stiles

    YES! I can hold off on getting a G-Nex now!

  • You mean I wore my fancy pants for nothing?!

    • Some Random Dude

      What?! You should ALWAYS wear fancy pants!

    • JSIN1605

      I wore my boner pants and am seriously let down

  • Anonymous

    Now I see why they wanted this to remain confidential. Don’t want the masses to know that there are two invisble security updates coming. ^_^

  • oh man! i should probably start my OG back up and run to get this update! …or not.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    You know, this is the prime example of media hype and pandering by the media. I would blame this more on the media and blogs like this acting like this “project” was going to be something more than it was and now…. this lameness. 

    • This “lameness”? This is awesome. This device is two years and multiple generations old, and motorola is still committed to keeping it secure. That, my friend, is awesome.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. If it doesn’t give you eye candy therefor it’s lame. A security fix is still a welcomed update in my opinion.

      • Anonymous

        “committed to keeping it secure” yes. 
        Committed to giving us the latest version on Android on it not so much…
        This “security patch” is just something they pulled from a later version of Android so instead of of giving the consumer the latest Android they piecemeal it in “security patches”

  • bigrob60

    Should I install this while running a different rom? Not like I would need this after the nexus. Sorry for mentioning the phone in a non related story.

  • Dominick DeVito

    I guess Motorola felt this was more important the the Bionic fixes.

    • EC8CH

      seeing as how there are probably more OGD’s in use then Bionics…. maybe it is ?


    • bigrob60

      That made me LOL.

      • Anonymous

        LOL, Me too Happy Friday everyone 🙂

    • Mctypething

      U don’t even own a Bionic – dope.

      • Dominick DeVito

        I did for a few days – two of them. Both had the radio issue.


      • Guest

        • Adam Elghor


    • Qwerty

      u mad brah?

  • Anonymous


  • Dominick DeVito

    This might be the last relevant story on the OG.

    Here’s to the OG!! Cheers!

    • bigrob60

      I’ll hold up my phone w/ a lighter app on in tribute.

    • Raven

      Vague “Security” patches always worry me.  Who’s security?  Ours or theirs?  My guess is it is to fix rooting holes or block tethering like they did with 2.3.

      • FussyPenguin

        I’m totally with Raven. It is at rather suspicious that a company invest resources in a product that is clearly obsolete (DISCLAIMER: my phone is a OG).

        Although, if there is still a large OG userbase, and a significant percentage of them is running a rooted system with tethering (don’t look at me), then suddenly this ‘security’ move makes a lot more sense.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    F****** lame!

    Why even put effort into a phone that is on it’s last leg for must of us? What a waste of time/resources. Yeah. let’s put a security patch out for a phone now years later versus during the height of it’s use… makes a ton of sense?

    • Lakerzz

      Actually, it does make sense. It could be that the threats that the security updates are for didn’t exist at the height of its use, and do exist now.(sorry, just trying to give the benefit of the doubt here. :/)

  • James Friedman

    Here’s to hoping I never have to see this update (fingers crossed)

  • MFG

    Oh well.

    Sooo…Nexus? 😀

  • Dominick DeVito

    Since when are security patches a PROJECT?


    • Anonymous

      It’s called the “Operation Bootloader Lockdown”

      • Dominick DeVito

        too little, too late – I’ve been rocking custom ROMs on mine for over a year and a half now. Currently on GPA19 (2.3.7) from Pete Alfonso

      • Anonymous

        You actually let Carriers and Phone manufacturers apply updates to your device ?  Tisk tisk…

  • Anonymous