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DROID Incredible 2 in Red Hitting Stores November 24

If the standard black DROID Incredible 2 wasn’t to your liking, hold out until November 24 as Verizon appears primed to release a full-on red version. We aren’t sure if this has anything to do with Project Red or not, but it would certainly fit the theme of that organization. Specs and price will likely remain the same. Not a bad way to re-launch the product ahead of the holidays though, right?  

I would ask if anyone is interested, but I know the answer to that already. Instead, I’ll just ask if everyone is a fan of different color schemes like this on phones? Personally, I’m sick of the black slabs and would gladly accept some color options. Would be nice if OEMs would produce these at first launch though and not months down the road.

Cheers ___ and ___!

  • Jocylin

    I actually have this phone and it looks “incredible” (hehe) in red especially with a clear case its really.not as bright red as the pictures look.and its actually a lot more flattering than you think 1000X better than the white version and personally like it.better than the black 🙂

  • JTB


  • JTB

    For all the haters, it is SOLD OUT already on Verizon’s site.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I still think if this had had an LTE antenna I would’ve picked this thing over the T-Bolt.

    Being that it didn’t, I’ll just have to deal.  Oh well.

  • Dominick DeVito

    who the hell cares about any non-LTE Verizon phone these days?

    • Maybe…just maybe, I’m going out on a limb here but…perhaps people, stay with me now, that live in areas that DON’T have LTE would care?  I mean…I’m just sayin bro.  I mean sure LTE is great if you live where it’s available but the rest of us don’t have it yet and probably won’t have it for another year or so.

      • Dominick DeVito

        I can’t argue with that – yes, I understand that. But other than the $100 difference why would someone buy this phone?

        The LTE phones have better hardware. So yes, maybe, I’m going out on a bigger limb to say that people care about hardware specs.

  • Anonymous

    What’s point of calling it a red phone when the front bezel is still BLACK? When Apple releases white iPhones, is the front bezel still black? HTC just doesn’t do it right. This — just like the white HTC EVO — looks like nothing more than a regular black phone with a white protective case. Fail.

    Oh, AND it’s ugly, SMH.

  • Jessica Casteel

    I want a dark purple for my Droid 3

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take the red back plate for my dinc2. Would look sexy.

  • Android5.0:D

    all the Norteños gonna be rocking this phone lol

  • Anonymous


  • hatethanet

    Red: great for Ferraris, terrible for phones.

  • Anonymous


  • Gross

  • Anonymous

    Verizon’s cheesy “Droid” brand advertising is getting really old…

  • Anonymous


  • Joelseph


  • Anonymous

    Inc 2 has been one of the best phones I have owned. I don’t think I would carry this version, but members of my family would love it. In areas such as where we live, where we won’t see 4G until near the end of 2013, going with a 3G phone and its better battery life (and much cheaper price) now makes some sense. (Sense … HTC… see what I did there?)

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Why? That’s like 5 phones old new now.

  • I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the original Inc2 (in black) was the last really good looking phone HTC has made. Everything after has been a more bland, stretched out, and awkward take on this design.

  • Anonymous

    Thats an ugly phone

  • I love the color red with all my life, but this just might be a little too red…

  • this is the black cole for for bad android lovers who post comments that end  with bro

    • Anonymous

      HA! HAAAA!

  • Edwin M


  • Anonymous

    Too bad there isn’t a green one to compliment the red one.  You know for the holidays!

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I think it looks awesome.  The Inc2 is a solid little device that was released about 3-4 months later than it should have been to get maximum exposure & sales. 

  • Wow, that is so ugly. I’m a neutral color guy myself anyway, even though red is my favorite color. Some things just shouldn’t be read.

  • Anonymous

    and bump goes the nexus..

  • Jason Purp

    I’ve had the original black Inc2 for a few months and it’s easily the best phone I’ve had so far.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely a good phone, I got one for the wife and she’s very happy with.  Not sure about the red though… :/

  • Anonymous

    Worse than the R2D2 Droid. Yes I went there.

    • Tesseract 3

      While many people think that, some people, such as myself, actually bought that fine. As a Droid 2 it has received great dev support, I used Liberty for awhile and now have Cyanogenmod on it. I have received tons of compliments on the design and have never had anyone bash it for “being a lame star wars phone”. Everyone who sees it thinks it’s really cool. And even better, because it’s Motorola the build quality is great. I have dropped it numerous times on very hard surfaces and all that happens is the battery cover pops off. It’s still in great shape after a ton of abuse. Over a year into my contract renewal with it and I have no buyers remorse at all, I love the phone. It will easily last me until the end of my contract. LOL. People love to hate on the R2D2 but they have no idea what they are talking about. 

  • Jay Allen

    Wow, another 3G phone in a different color, watch out sales…

  • Anonymous

    Great… How about a G-Nex in black Verizon?

  • LionStone

    Whoa! That’s bright …can it be turned down?

  • Anonymous

    Holy red phone batman!

  • Anonymous

    This looks awesome. Can they start selling the white and red back panels now for us people that bought the Inc2 ages ago?

  • Mike1825

    I just called my local Verizon Store and asked about the Galaxy Nexus. He told me that he can’t give me details but to call back on Tuesday. I tried to get more out of him but he said that it would coincide with Black Friday… This was a store in Panama City, FL…..

  • Anonymous

    looks kinda pink to me. but i think i’ll buy the back like i did with the dinc1. if that’s even an option

  • Timothy

    Would love a red Galaxy Nexus!!!

    • Anonymous

      I would just love a Nexus!!!!

  • Jduncan31990

    this is not the nexus…

  • Anonymous

  • MFG


  • Anonymous

    Very bright, but not a bad phone.  My wife has one.  It has really good battery life being a 3G only, and only a single core.  The one core is fast enough for everything a normal user would use, and if you don’t have LTE in your area, then its a good choice.

  • JMac726

    MY EYES!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Not even Santa Claus would want that phone. 

    • you know what, forget verizon. This is Google’s fault, how can you do an exclusive with satanic verizon…. come on Google. GROW SOME FU@#@#@# balls.

      • SamIam

        Ummmm…ok.  Did we forget the OG Droid already?  Without that Android wouldn’t be nearly where it is today.

    • Maybe with a black belt and a little white trim.

      • EC8CH


  • That is hideous. Maybe it’s all the viewing angles next to each other, but the red is overwhelming. I can’t look at it for more than 5 seconds.

  • El El Kool J

    Whoa… that is crazy to look at!!  VZW come on now… Red? Really?

    Scroll straight to the comments to save your eyes… 😛

    • SamIam

      it’s not just the red.  it’s the hot red-pick & with all those odd bumps it just looks wrong.

      • SamIam

        red-pink that is…

  • Umm no…just no.

  • Guest

    Pretty funny that the description still reads “sleek, all-black design”

    • JMac726

      so sleek, it’s red

      • TROLOLOL

        so black, it’s red FTFY

  • SamIam

    Wow. I’ve seen cancerous tumors that looked better than that.

  • Red rocket! Red rocket!

  • Red rocket! Red rocket!

  • Why does this have a date but the G Nex does not WTF!

    • Anonymous

      Because god hates the G-NEX and Verizon

      • White_HTC_Rezound

        Where is the white, red or silver Rezound!!!  Also wish the Rezound was Droid branded- I am going to miss that Droooooooooid sound every time I receive a text message.
        Let’s get some color variations on the Rezound, no one wants the Inc 2 anymore…

        • Evan Knofsky

          Get Zedge and just download the Droooooooid sound 😛

        • Rezound_over_Nexus

          Agree- who wants this old 3G phone- release the Rezound is some new colors- hopefully White!!!

    • SamIam

      Because HTC doesn’t ride quite as far on the bloody edge of tech that Samsung does.

    • EC8CH

      because this isn’t going to destroy the sales of all the other phones on Verizon 😉

    • Because you touch yourself at night

  • Matthew Merrick

    my eyes hurt when i look at that >_<

  • Anonymous

    I kinda like that.