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Netflix App on Android Receives Tablet UI Overhaul, Ahead of iPad Version

The Netflix team released an update to their Android app today that includes a new tablet experience for bigger screened devices. The Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are supported as well, so the timing couldn’t have been better. It’s very similar to what you see on TV-centric Netflix apps and is a welcomed visual overhaul. With that said, this app might be the slowest and clunkiest in the history of all Android apps. Well, either that or my XOOM and its dual-core processor just isn’t powerful enough these days. Through the first few minutes with it, I kept hoping for it to return to being snappy and fluid, but that just never happened. Here’s to hoping that the next update includes some performance tweaks. 

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Via:  Netflix

Cheers Edward!

  • Monica

    Streaming content on a tablet is awesome but only when you can actually stream something you want. I tried Netflix and was so disappointed by their streaming library; I cancelled and tried Blockbuster @Home instead. I knew quite a bit about it since I work for DISH but didn’t think I would like it as much as I did. I still have it to this day I have recommended it to everyone in my family.

  • Anonymous

    Its too laggy 

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  • Anonymous

    Can’t even try this out yet as I can’t seem to get past the login screen without a “timeout” message on my Xoom Wi-Fi.  No, connection issues, everything else is running fine, but Netflix seems to think it can’t connect.

  • Netflix must have used the Transformer WiFi for testing. The interface looks great and the playback is flawless on my tablet.  Funny, ASUS was the last to get officially certified for Netflix.

    • Yep, same for me on my Transformer, and it got the update yesterday 🙂

  • This will go nicely with my Transformer Prime!

  • Granted

    Yeah, it’s a no go on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Wifi) too. After I updated the app went all apeshit crazy and it gives me this message…..


    So that sucks a big fat phallus. I hope they fix the problem soon. But you also have to update to even use the Netflix app, so either way it’s broken now and you can’t use it.

  • Granted

    Awesome! I love me some Netflix! But I wonder if there are issues with the new update on the Galaxy Tab. Maybe I’ll hold off a little bit. Even though I own the full series,I still wish they would add the ever so amazing The Mighty Boosh, to the instant streaming. I can stream it other places but I’d love to have that higher resolution that Netflix provides. 

  • Booboolala2000

    Not to mention that video playback on the XOOM is horrible and pixilated.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t updated yet but I haven’t been ecstatic about the performance yet anyway. When it first came out for Honeycomb I had a very annoying problem where it would automatically pause about every 58 seconds. All I had to do was press play again, but really annoying trying to watch a whole movie with it stopping every minute. This latest update fixed that for me but now my audio gets way out of sync, up to 1-2 seconds off from the visuals. Really hoping that one of these days it’ll actually work like it should. Maybe this latest update will do it for me. I’ll have to see when I get home…

  • Is this for Google TV Honeycomb too?

  • Rich

    IDK if they used the same code for the smartphone app, then there is no problems… I don;t see how your dual-core couldn’t possibly run this well…

    Maybe you have spyware or to much loaded or running… maybe to much on the device altogether…

    I say if it works decent on the phone then is should on the tablet, seeing the only difference is the version of api used and the layout and screen sizes are different but same code… I hope… If it is bad then I won’t get a tablet because I would use the piss out of netflix on a tablet…

  • MFG

    This is a great example of the Kindle Fire helping all Android tablets.

  • Jamdev12

    Hi Edward,

    Do you mean the UI in the app is less snappy or the video playback. The UI seems fine to me. The playback on the other hand though is choppy on scenes that seem to have a lot going on. I know I didn’t have that before this update.


    • Anonymous

      The UI in the app is way worse for me. It just doesn’t seem hardware accelerated and scrolling movies is choppy.

  • EC8CH

    Sorry Netflix… I’ve moved on 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Me too. I loved the service but there just were no movies in the instant category.  And there were almost no movies in the dvd category either.  Unless they have improved it I think it was a 2nd rate service.

      And when they increased the price for something that was almost useless I dropped them.


      which service did you “move on” to?

      • EC8CH

        I have an Amazon Prime student membership, so for $40/year I added streaming videos on top of my free 2day shipping.

        Their content selection isn’t any better than Netflix’s streaming service, but it’s much cheaper and Amazon has apps on all of my devices (tv’s, bluray players, etc).

        I use it mostly for steaming stuff for my kids and they don’t care how old the cartoons are.

        I’m hoping eventually these streaming services will all get improved content and offer it to use for a reasonable subscription.  I have high hopes for Amazon as they seem to consistently be trying to offer their customers will the best content deals ($.69 tracks, free app of the day, etc).

        • Billy Jenkins

          i was using netflix the other day and noticed they have a few tv show seasons for instant watch that won’t even be released in stores until January. The selection can’t get much better than that.

          • EC8CH

            even so, apparently hundreds of thousands of their subscribers didn’t feel their selection warranted the price when they cancelled their subscriptions.

          • Billy Jenkins

            I know. I was one of them. But since that was a few months ago and since Im not the one paying I decided to use it. and a few days ago I noticed an entire tv show series available to watch instantly on netflix. Including season 8 of the show which hasn’t even been released yet in stores on dvd. If u dont believe me then look for yourself. I dont think u need a membership to look. One Tree Hill season 8 ended a few months ago and won’t be released on dvd until December 20, 2011 and its available to watch instantly on Netflix. thats only 1 tv show I watch and know of so idk how many more shows or movies are like this. I agree that the selection could be better but it has been improving since they changed the prices.

  • Ozzzmosis

    i noticed this last night 

  • Kinchas

    Coming to Android first….nice complement to Android market force…..

    • Yeah, just because they wanted it for kindle fire launch… don’t expect this as a precedent 

      • FriedRize

        When there are billions more of Androids, yes, commercial sense suggests Android will get it first.

  • Trix Knicely

    Hmmm…. Seems to me like someone is a Kevin Bacon fan.  Maybe the biggest Kevin Bacon fan ever? http://goo.gl/8IkqM


    Hey Guys! It’s only a matter of time before droid-life.com is updated with the Galaxy Nexus November 18th rumor from Reddit!!!

    • Chris G

      I heard it was already released and VZ is wondering what is wrong with all of us for not knowing it.

    • it updated it last night

      • TROLOLOL

        AH… you are indeed correct. but i usually bank on this site posting it as a new story than have to go back a page to see that an older post is updated…

        they should have just posted it as a new story for today to satisfy the Galaxy Nexus nerds

  • Edwin M

    Nice, makes me want a Kindle Fire even more.

    • Chris G

      I prefer Amazon to B&N, but hardware wise, the Nook is a superior tablet.

      • You must have gotten a different Nook than me because I wouldn’t give 2 cent for another Nook.

        • Edwin M

          I think he means the new one. Nook Tablet

  • Anonymous