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Google Voice Updated – Better Text Notifications, Multiple Message Recipients

If you love Google Voice as much as Kellex does, you should head on over to the Market and grab the newest version that just went live.  The update allows you to prefetch voicemails so they can be listened to offline, send multiple recipients the same text message, and receive better text message notifications. Was hoping for some MMS support, but I guess we will be waiting a tad-bit longer for that luxury.

What’s in this version:

  1. Prefetch voicemails so they can be listened to even when there is no data coverage
  2. Allow sending text messages to multiple recipients
  3. Improved text message notification

Market Link

Cheers Siang!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Google Voice needs:
    -MMS, for the love of God. How has this service been around for years and not had MMS
    -API so third party apps can be made (and not suck)
    -Bug fixes. I haven’t had many but there lots of people who have issues sending SMS

    Google Voice was the differentiator between the iPhone and Android for me, so it sucks to see it languishing like this.

    • Mr. Joshua

      And the option to adjust how much time (how many rings) before voicemail picks up.

  • Tenesejedd

    Why am I not able to start a call from the GV app anymore? Anyone else have this issue?

  • JustCheckit
  • JMac726

    Does anyone have GV as their carrier? I’ve had the same cell # on AT&T for 10 years, and don’t want to change it.  When I switch to Verizon, I’m wondering if I should just get a new number w/ Verizon and pay the $10 or $20 to have my real number be ported to GV.  Is it reliable/does it ever go down? What happens if it does?

    • Jared

      I’ve switched several friends with your exactly scenario with minimal problems. Once your number is “ported,” re-add it to the google voice interface (it makes you add it initially, you’ll need to do so again, seems to be a porting issue where only gv calls get forwarded to your new, ported service).  reliable, save money, get over it. what happens when it does? you get a life for a few minutes? problems are rare, no more so than regular text problems.

  • llwang

    I still hope to be able to dial from within the GV app.  I’ve heard of stories of GV failing to intercept international calls from the dialer, resulting in expensive international fees from the carrier.

    • Drgrassmen

      Same issue here can’t take Canadian calls but
      can call canada

  • Anonymous

    I cannot compose text messages.. is there some trick I’m missing? I don’t even have compose as an option. Thx in advance!

    • katie

      hit menu on your phone, and ta-da “compose”

      • Anonymous

        It’s not under my menu settings.. I have – refresh, search, labels, balance, settings, more. I’m guessing there’s a setup I have to do? I have the vm portion enabled and working..

        • katie

          do you have sprint?

          • Anonymous

            verizon.. wonder if vzw blocks that function?

          • katie

            i have verizon and use it. did you set your account up by dowloading the app and creating your google voice account through the app? or did you creat your google voice account online first? i would try getting on the website from a computer

          • Anonymous

            I’ll do that. thx for the help! 😉

          • katie

            thats my only idea, hopefully it will work for you, you’ll have to uninstall and reintall the app…or at least log out and go throught the set up again

          • Anonymous

            I’m having the same problem.  Ever find a solution?

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, turns out I didn’t have an official GVoice number, but just an old number to check VM when I tried it out way back last year.  Get yourself an official GVoice number that isn’t the same as your mobile number and you’ll be good to go!

          • Anonymous

            thanks, that worked!

  • JoeInMo

    I see nothing new as far as message notifications.
    You can now reply to SMS Short Codes via the web, but still not the app.
    Dogfood settings are new.

    • Anonymous

      What are dogfood settings? It only has send feedback for me.

  • Ry D

    Does anyone know when they plan to launch Gvoice in Canada? Or if there are any good Macgyver moves I can make… I used the Macgyver reference because it JUST started airing here in Canada :-s

  • Aran Miller

    You can do multiple recipients online, so I always find myself trying to do this on my phone (even this morning) and I always find myself thinking “damn I wish I could send to multiple people on my phone and not just online”. So, thank you Google for finally releasing this one to us!
    As for the MMS support, we are starting to see it come out (from Sprint users), so I think that once Google finishes it’s negotiations with the different carriers we will see full MMS and I can’t wait for that glorious day!
    I am an avid user for Google Voice, I have loved it for a number of years now, and it has been my main phone number (only one I text and call on) for almost two years now when I got my Nexus One.
    339-225-9376   My Google Voice number.

    • CyberIT

      If a verizon customer sends a text to multiple people, including a GV number… will the GV user receive the text too or is that considered a MMS txt?

  • John

    Thanks.  Being able to text multiple people at once will be handy.  I’m looking forward to the update!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah… still waiting on that MMS support

  • Foamposite0o1

    Gvoice is my fav app.
    But I dont see an update on the market…
    And the current one I have on a tablet does not support multiple sms’ (which I need!)

  • Daveyje24

    so why will this app never verify my phone number???? so frustrating

  • omg… is that a froyo status bar in the picture? lol

  • Sundar Ganapathy

    does anyone else notice “dogfood” under settings?

    • Angryunibrow

      I also have the “dogfood” setting? LOL

      • katie

        its feedback if you click on it, im guessing they did mean to put it there, its a term for software testing, so maybe it will go straight to the development team

  • The update I’m looking for is when Google solves the issue where we can’t listen to voicemails through bluetooth headsets.   This has been an open issue, believe it or not, for almost two years.   Google…are you listening?

    • Foamposite0o1

      Which handset do you have? My og droid was capable of doing that, but my new blackberry bold 9930 (thats being exchanged) could not.

      • Didn’t work on Evo 4G, doesn’t work on my Thunderbolt.   Quite a few angry folks out there, according to the forums.

    • Aran Miller

      Google has been doing a lot of updates for Google Voice, so just wait, I think we will see all these lovely things soon enough

  • caseyisajim


  • Sweet! New Google Voice App w/prefetched voicemails.  I always found the voice mail retrieval a little buggy – and not because of network connectivity.

  • Is everyone else planning on prank calling Jon Lately as well?

    • Poor Jon lol

    • Mark

      Calling right now lol.

  • eddieonofre

    going to the market right now!

  • John

    So how much does Kellex actually love gvoice?

    • More than any app ever…

      • John

        That’s a lot 😉

        & what about you Tim? Not a fan?

  • Guest

    What’s better about the notifications?  Actually showing a preview?

    • Faster! And I have always seen a preview, no issue.

  • Anonymous