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Contest: Two Kindle Fire Tablets Up For Grabs From CompanionLink

On the day that Amazon’s new Kindle Fire is released to the world, what better way is there to celebrate than by giving two (2) away to a couple of Droid Life readers? Thanks to our local Portland friends at CompanionLink, we get to do just that. In a meeting with them last week, we were discussing the fact that their Android product is taking off in the business sector like crazy due to the massive growth on the platform. But as any growing company, they want to learn more and find new ways to expand or better their products. So that’s where this contest comes in to play – they want you to tell them a few ideas about how they can make your smartphone even smarter. 

A little background:

CompanionLink is a software company in Portland, Oregon, specializing in data synchronization for mobile devices. With over 15 years experience in the field, it’s safe to say CompanionLink knows sync. Today, CL’s largest focus is Android to Outlook sync, though they do a lot more than that. If you’re in the market to sync your Droid, be sure to check them out. You can also find them on Twitter for more info.


Two (2) Kindle Fire tablets.

The contest and how to enter:

CompanionLink wants to know what killer productivity feature you wish you had on your Android device?

In order to enter, all you have to do is give them feedback to that question in the comments below. And feel free to think outside the box here. For example, what if your phone could automatically send out a message when you’re running late to an event? It would send a text message to everyone attending the event and use GPS and traffic estimates to let them know how late you’ll be. Things like that.

The contest runs from the time of this post through Friday (11/18).


On Friday (11/18) Monday (11/21), the folks at CompanionLink will sift through the comments and pick our their two favorite ideas. From there, we will contact the winners and get the Kindle Fires sent out!

Update:  CompanionLink is enjoying all of the responses and would like to give you the entire day today (11/18) to respond. They will pick winners over the weekend and give them to me on Monday morning to announce.

Good luck everyone!

  • Eric Fries_comfortsuites

        My Droid X is an amazing device…….How ever I wish it had zoom on video like on the camera.And a lens on the same side as the screen so if I wished to scype I dont have to stand in front of a mirror.

  • Thanks for this awesome monitor.

  • Jaco_99

    connection to phone to answer on my tablet with out picking up my phone. Just a simple notification saying call from mom, pick up, ignore. I saw it was out there but I would like it for the Acer A500

  • John Patterson

    It’s hard to be productive when you are working with a Kindle Fire, it’s too
    much fun. However, most of us have to work and be productive. Direct access to
    Google Apps or Amazon Apps that provide the same local and online functions as
    the apps on Google Mobile would provide me with all the productivity I will
    need … in between movies, books, games, music and Apps, Apps, Apps.

  • My last suggestion is for my tablet to be able to send my task list to the GPS mapping in my car and plot the most time efficient route to get all of my “to do’s” done. An interface that would allow me to check off each item as I arrived at each location.

  • I’m not sure if it would take an NFC chip or bluetooth radio to accomplish, but a app that lets you know audibly or visually when you are closer to a device you are connected to. This would help when you lose a bluetooth earpiece or a galaxy player.

    Also, an app that would allow you to  select presets or recently used tasks when entering them into your task list or calendars.

  • Theheirarchy

    I’d love to see more tasks/reminder integration, and an even more robust calendar!

  • The ability to interface with any device I have, Eric Cartman Trapper Keeper Ultra Keeper Futura S 2000 style. For example, go near the fridge and it would pop up with anything I had added to it, when I added it, how long it would last, potential recipes, temperature, etc. Then near the TV I could bring up whats going on now, volume levels, picture settings, potentially record stuff, change input. In my car I could adjust AC/Heat, change music, stream Pandora to it, autostart from inside. And so on and so forth with every electrical appliance I had. I know some of them are possible with the use of specific programs but it would be awesome for Android to be smart enough that it could learn how to communicate with anything.

  • It would be great to have one email system. I have multiple email accounts, some used alot more than others obviously  But it would be great to go to send an email and just choose which email address you would like to send it from. Being able to check your emails from app would be perfect, instead of using 4 different programs, and getting all these different notifications. I know there are ones that can do quite a few, but I personally have not seen one that can do all seamlessly.   I think that would be a big hit.. Excuse me if there is something like this that works as good as I say, but I haven’t seen it.  

    • Jayrod718

      Gmail does this very well!

  • trackstar31

    they should make android phones be able to tell you once you go into a crowded bar, who’s single, who’s taken, who’s on the prowl, the odds of getting lucky, the odds of making a mistake you’ll regret, and what everyone’s favorite drink is, their personality, and offer up some conversation starters.

  • Shawn

    I would like to see features like the ability to send a text  to my car with a list of things that i need to pick up and have the ability to remotely start my car from anywhere simply by sending a command from my android device.  Seamless interaction between phone and tablet  would be great too.

  • I would like to sync my playstation or XBOX 360 controller to play games on my phone. I know you can sync WII controllers but there controllers suck.

  • Soundmix

    Need one of these for my SO.  That would make her day which in turn will make my day!

  • GobbleGobbleAndroid!

    I would absolutely love to have an alarm app that can also show me deals for places that morning!

  • Luisgonzalez805

    It would be great if my Android Device would come with a fully customizable keyboard so that if you choose to have five rows like on a computer you can. You can also choose have both a backspace and delete button on the same keyboard.    

  • Q. Edwards

    I wish my phone could automagically send out pre-labeled files to me on the days I need them. Kind of like a digital secretary. It would obviously work with calendar apps, but it would make sure you’d never forget your files.

  • Eric

    I’m a police officer. I would like to be able to integrate my tablet into work. Ie run license plate data, write tickets and wirelessly print them in the car. I’d like to dash mount my phone and have it double as a video recorder and automatic license plate reader. I could go on.

  • Csking33

    Automatically connect to wifi when available, disable otherwise. Disable 3g while driving.

  • jm

    An app that pings a keychain attachment of some sort — for finding your lost keys.

  • I wish android had better apps for sysadmins….