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Contest: Two Kindle Fire Tablets Up For Grabs From CompanionLink

On the day that Amazon’s new Kindle Fire is released to the world, what better way is there to celebrate than by giving two (2) away to a couple of Droid Life readers? Thanks to our local Portland friends at CompanionLink, we get to do just that. In a meeting with them last week, we were discussing the fact that their Android product is taking off in the business sector like crazy due to the massive growth on the platform. But as any growing company, they want to learn more and find new ways to expand or better their products. So that’s where this contest comes in to play – they want you to tell them a few ideas about how they can make your smartphone even smarter. 

A little background:

CompanionLink is a software company in Portland, Oregon, specializing in data synchronization for mobile devices. With over 15 years experience in the field, it’s safe to say CompanionLink knows sync. Today, CL’s largest focus is Android to Outlook sync, though they do a lot more than that. If you’re in the market to sync your Droid, be sure to check them out. You can also find them on Twitter for more info.


Two (2) Kindle Fire tablets.

The contest and how to enter:

CompanionLink wants to know what killer productivity feature you wish you had on your Android device?

In order to enter, all you have to do is give them feedback to that question in the comments below. And feel free to think outside the box here. For example, what if your phone could automatically send out a message when you’re running late to an event? It would send a text message to everyone attending the event and use GPS and traffic estimates to let them know how late you’ll be. Things like that.

The contest runs from the time of this post through Friday (11/18).


On Friday (11/18) Monday (11/21), the folks at CompanionLink will sift through the comments and pick our their two favorite ideas. From there, we will contact the winners and get the Kindle Fires sent out!

Update:  CompanionLink is enjoying all of the responses and would like to give you the entire day today (11/18) to respond. They will pick winners over the weekend and give them to me on Monday morning to announce.

Good luck everyone!

  • Eric Fries_comfortsuites

        My Droid X is an amazing device…….How ever I wish it had zoom on video like on the camera.And a lens on the same side as the screen so if I wished to scype I dont have to stand in front of a mirror.

  • Thanks for this awesome monitor.

  • Jaco_99

    connection to phone to answer on my tablet with out picking up my phone. Just a simple notification saying call from mom, pick up, ignore. I saw it was out there but I would like it for the Acer A500

  • John Patterson

    It’s hard to be productive when you are working with a Kindle Fire, it’s too
    much fun. However, most of us have to work and be productive. Direct access to
    Google Apps or Amazon Apps that provide the same local and online functions as
    the apps on Google Mobile would provide me with all the productivity I will
    need … in between movies, books, games, music and Apps, Apps, Apps.

  • My last suggestion is for my tablet to be able to send my task list to the GPS mapping in my car and plot the most time efficient route to get all of my “to do’s” done. An interface that would allow me to check off each item as I arrived at each location.

  • I’m not sure if it would take an NFC chip or bluetooth radio to accomplish, but a app that lets you know audibly or visually when you are closer to a device you are connected to. This would help when you lose a bluetooth earpiece or a galaxy player.

    Also, an app that would allow you to  select presets or recently used tasks when entering them into your task list or calendars.

  • Theheirarchy

    I’d love to see more tasks/reminder integration, and an even more robust calendar!

  • The ability to interface with any device I have, Eric Cartman Trapper Keeper Ultra Keeper Futura S 2000 style. For example, go near the fridge and it would pop up with anything I had added to it, when I added it, how long it would last, potential recipes, temperature, etc. Then near the TV I could bring up whats going on now, volume levels, picture settings, potentially record stuff, change input. In my car I could adjust AC/Heat, change music, stream Pandora to it, autostart from inside. And so on and so forth with every electrical appliance I had. I know some of them are possible with the use of specific programs but it would be awesome for Android to be smart enough that it could learn how to communicate with anything.

  • It would be great to have one email system. I have multiple email accounts, some used alot more than others obviously  But it would be great to go to send an email and just choose which email address you would like to send it from. Being able to check your emails from app would be perfect, instead of using 4 different programs, and getting all these different notifications. I know there are ones that can do quite a few, but I personally have not seen one that can do all seamlessly.   I think that would be a big hit.. Excuse me if there is something like this that works as good as I say, but I haven’t seen it.  

    • Jayrod718

      Gmail does this very well!

  • trackstar31

    they should make android phones be able to tell you once you go into a crowded bar, who’s single, who’s taken, who’s on the prowl, the odds of getting lucky, the odds of making a mistake you’ll regret, and what everyone’s favorite drink is, their personality, and offer up some conversation starters.

  • Shawn

    I would like to see features like the ability to send a text  to my car with a list of things that i need to pick up and have the ability to remotely start my car from anywhere simply by sending a command from my android device.  Seamless interaction between phone and tablet  would be great too.

  • I would like to sync my playstation or XBOX 360 controller to play games on my phone. I know you can sync WII controllers but there controllers suck.

  • Soundmix

    Need one of these for my SO.  That would make her day which in turn will make my day!

  • GobbleGobbleAndroid!

    I would absolutely love to have an alarm app that can also show me deals for places that morning!

  • Luisgonzalez805

    It would be great if my Android Device would come with a fully customizable keyboard so that if you choose to have five rows like on a computer you can. You can also choose have both a backspace and delete button on the same keyboard.    

  • Q. Edwards

    I wish my phone could automagically send out pre-labeled files to me on the days I need them. Kind of like a digital secretary. It would obviously work with calendar apps, but it would make sure you’d never forget your files.

  • Eric

    I’m a police officer. I would like to be able to integrate my tablet into work. Ie run license plate data, write tickets and wirelessly print them in the car. I’d like to dash mount my phone and have it double as a video recorder and automatic license plate reader. I could go on.

  • Csking33

    Automatically connect to wifi when available, disable otherwise. Disable 3g while driving.

  • jm

    An app that pings a keychain attachment of some sort — for finding your lost keys.

  • I wish android had better apps for sysadmins….

  • Steven Sangster

    I want an app that list every grocery store, their layouts and where to find items..

    Like seasonsings Isle3 in tom thumb. 

    I hate wondering around grocery stores clueless for 30 minutes to pick up a few things for my girlfriend.

  • Droidexaminer

    I wish that my android device knew how to actually cheer up a user. Maybe have a emotion indicator. For example im having a bad day and it will send me inspirational quotes or compliment what im wearing by looking at the front face camera.

  • Palmerj213

    I’d like to see integration with blackboard and android calendar features. It’s annoying to have to go and manually re enter info that’s already on blackboard.

  • I want the ability to dock an ICS phone inside of a tablet shell making it function as a tablet.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, android is so diverse I’m actually have a hard time thinking of things. I think android should have a built in sound recorder to record telephone calls or things of that nature. Also, an IR blaster to control my home entertainment system would be awesome.

  • I would like the ability to control my entire house through my phone, i currently use x10 hardware around my house and it is a shame there is nothing worth while enough to use on my phone it is a untapped market… I would happy toss money at whoever made something awesome there…

  • Kenhunt86

    I wish airplane mode worked…get it?

  • jawabba

    Create an app that would link to other android users as you walk by sharing basic info such as apps and contact info.

  • James

    I would love the ability to write notes directly on pdf files and have them auto sync to dropbox from a single app

  • I think a killer productivity app would be the ability to control the weather! Then I can bring hurricanes and tornadoes to all my enemies and demand $1,000 dollars to not kill their awfully cute puppy with a lighting bolt. MWHA-HA-HA-HA! 

    Or maybe something that just makes a good espresso.  A think I need a good espresso.

    But I really hate that puppy with their uncontrollable cuteness and soft puppy fur and that unconditional love. Ugh.

  • tstecknj

    I would like to have my Android phone to be used as a Credit Card, Debit Card, and all my loyalty cards all in one.  Yes I know there are things like KeyRing for my loyalty cards and I use them, but it would be awesome if I could use my phone instead of the credit cards and debit card to pay for things at brick and mortar stores/restaurants.  Of course retailers would need to be able to accept using my phone and me being able to select which credit card or my debit card to pay for the items, but..  Not having all these stupid plastic cards in my wallet making it a brick would be a most awesome thing. 

  • I am thinking like George Jetson. Drive my car, get me dressede, shave for me (cuz I hate shaving)

  • I’d love an application that keeps track of my fridge/grocery list based on what I already have at home. I could scan in/out items as i buy/use them. It kills when when I get home from the store, only to find I had half of my list already (pasta, bread, milk, etc).

    Enable NFC with the fridge for added bonus of not having to scan in and out (tag EVERYTHING)

  • Anonymous

    Within the context of what the company does, I think it would be really nice to have a much better email client to synch with my work’s Exchange.  Right now, none of the applications I have found are very intuitive.  An easier way to select multiple emails (beside using checkboxes) and then performing some action on them would be nice.  It would be nice to have the OS read them to you.  I’m sure some of these things already exist.  Unfortunately, don’t have enough time to research it.

  • Anonymous

    A service similar to BBM would really shine on Android

  • Ryan McLelland

    I would like for the device to make true synchronization of media better. Being able to select networks, and use the phone as a cloud device between them. So as I enter a wireless network at location A it grabs new files and adds them to the phone and places the files that are new from A on the phone. Then when arriving at B it does the same thing. It acts as a personal cloud. None of the security risks from normal cloud stuff but the same level of convenience.

  • Connecting it to my phone via Bluetooth or something and being able to send emails and texts from my tablet. Another thing would be better word processing and the ability to view embedded PDF files in the browser. 

  • Patrick Reardon

    I’d love to see affordable NFC technology (like door locks that the previous commenter mentioned), and more apps that would be useful to an IT Admin such as managing networks, Google Apps administration, etc.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see a Topo app for wireless freqs to help calculate furnell loss a cross topology of the land on my xoom. Being an wireless internet tech working with the layout of the land and line of sight technologies, this is a must.

  • Shawn

    Use the GPS to determine phone settings based on environment. In the office, movie theater = quiet mode; at home = loud etc. You should be able to define the context and setting for different environments.

  • all id want is a better usage of word processing and powerpoint on android. Quick office is ok but lacks many of the features I would like to see in a processing app. I wish then whatever i could make in the word app would sync to the cloud and be available on my computer for further tweaking.

  • Mark Lewis

    Use machine learning to understand my routine.  Use my task list and calendar to anticipate what I’m planning to do.  Offer suggestions based on both.

    For example, I hang out with friends every Thursday night.  We always eat out, and sometimes we’ll catch a movie too.  My Android phone would know all of this and offer suggestions on where to eat and what movies are playing nearby that we might like.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to have some kind of text messaging gestures. I’m thinking canned responses that you can associate with a gesture, integrated into any text field on your phone. Make it happen CompanionLink!

  • justin norman

    i think some cool use of the new NFC Technology, would be the ability to open up your front door with your secure NFC, input a pin number, wave your phone, door unlocks. ( yes i know this can also sound scary ) but look at automatic unlocking cars now, how awesome would it be to just wave your phone with a handful of groceries and have your from door just swing open for you 😉 

  • My vocal cords have been paralyzed since I was 10 years old as a complication from a surgery I had.  I can only speak at a low whisper.  Technology has been great to me as it has allowed me to do most of my communication is done with text messaging, email, etc!  I love it!  🙂  With that being said, there are still some technology features I would like to see developed.  It would be great if there was a high quality sounding text to speech app for android phones/tablets I could use.  There are some text to speech apps out there but they are clunky and/or sound awful.  I am looking for voice quality found in the Paul voice of the Natural Reader text to speech software.  Or, the voice quality of the voice used in the IBM Watson supercomputer.  Granted this app doesn’t really count as a “productivity feature” you wanted but it would help me be more “productive”.  😉  I know as far as I am concerned, I don’t want to use machines specifically designed just for text to speech.  A text to speech android app is much more practical.  If anyone knows any dev who could make this happen, please pass my idea/suggestion on.

  • justin norman

    ill post another idea for my lady, who for gosh sakes, loves to shop!

    what if you had a googles maps of each mall in the usa, the ability to view their daily specials and what is actually being promoted in stores before you even go there. black friday, and the holidays are already upon us, and it would be nice to have a step ahead of the game. 😉 just an idea for thought! thank the girlfriend for that one.

  • Ryanwv24

    I would give my left nut or 1st born to be able to wireless sync my excel docs like a share to my pc.  this way when i make a edit on my phone it will auto update on my pc.

  • Anonymous

    I would love my all my android devices to have macro features where I can set several programs to launch and complete a certain function with the touch of a widget.. for example.. when I get in my car after work I push the home widget and it launches my Google music playlist syncs my Bluetooth to my car and launches Google maps so I can see traffic. It would also launch something like vlingo so i could hear and dictate text messages without having to take my eyes off the road…

    That is what I am really looking for in an app..

  • justin norman

    i think my final idea i would love to see on a device, would be the ability to share things im doing on my phone with a buddy of mine. Ive been browsing websites, or playing in an app that they had as well, and thought that they should see the same thing that i see. to have a buddy list to be able to share with, instantly that would pop up on their screen at the exact location that i am at would be dope!

    plus, it would be great for conferences, someone could be doing a demo of something up on stage, and you could have your android device right in front of you, following along with them close up and personal, rather then on an un-interactive, jumbo screen above. 🙂 lets get this done!

    • justin norman

      you could call it BuddyView 🙂 also be able to share maps, apps, songs, contacts (i know a few of these can already be shared side by side ) but mobile browsing, app browsing, and certain other aspects of this cannot.  
      thanks again for the donations! glad to see a local portland company getting involved! keep it local gents! 🙂 503 <3

  • I want more graphic/art related apps on my Android tablet. Not sure they’re powerful enough yet for what I want to do though.

  • Chelred3

    Also this is no big deal, but I would LOVE to be able to use my smartphone while it’s plugged in and charging! It would make those unfortunate times when your battery dies at the worst moment possible, much more manageable! :]

  • Mobile productivity would benefit from allowing delegates to access, schedule, approve and deny appointments on the corporate calendar remotely.  Currently, only mobile users can connect and sync directly with only their primary account.  AFAIK, delegates can only access calendars remotely through a very kludgy setup.

  • Chelred3

    I think one problem…no not problem, more of a “missing link” in the android app services is the apps that are for the “self defined, electronically challenged mommy”. My entire family of 5 has smartphones (3 of them being droids), and needless to say we all vary in age and electronic experience; sometimes my parents call them the “too smart phones” because they “seem to make things harder than necessary at times”. My point being, it’s generally the adults whom are buying these smart phones… 1) they have the monetary stability and 2) they are just as guilty as the youth for trying to keep up with the times, even though their experience if often quite limited…why not make it easier for them? My idea is to enforce apps specifically for moms. 1) A grocery list app, kind of like a notepad that has a built in checklist and can also be seperated for multi-trip stores. Plain and simple, but little to no work enforced. 2) A coupon book app, but not just an app to the online coupons…more of an app to gather those coupons from these sites and put them in folders by items and dates. This way women’s online coupons are organized just like they would be in real time and it’s quick and easy to find them at the checkout. I would also really like it if this app had the ability to set alarms as a reminder for soon-to-expire coupons. As a business, it would be a good opportunity for yourself to make deals with the coupon sites and they could be advertised in the “resources” button on the app or something. I’m not sure that these apps don’t already exhist in some form, but somtimes it’s not the idea, but the rennovation that counts. I honestly believe your company could really benefit and put yourselves ahead if you focused on the womens’ market and how to make it easier for the everyday woman. Because you’ve already done a great job for the tech-savy woman.

  • Productivity should be about making one productive. We are lazy people, we procrastinate and no amount of task calendar applications really fix the problem. The reason is simple: They don’t tell us what to do, it’s a pain in the neck to set up the busier your schedule is and then the only reminders are set by US. If you have an app that can read in a calendar schedule and say, a to-do list, and then schedule the to-do’s intelligently in one’s ‘spare time’, or prompt a person during their spare time to do one of the tasks that is important. location awareness can make it so the app learns when a person is in transit or not between calendar events. And can calculate an appropriately timed reminder based on time and location of the event. If it can auto-set well-timed alarms while it’s at it to keep you in tandem, that’s even better. And for some tasks like phone calls, it should be able to auto-determine whether or not you’ve done so using your phone log. A smart app that tells you to be on time, and/or make up for lost time, to get priorities straight and doesn’t give the user the opportunity to procrastinate. It may be annoying, but it certainly will get us going. And if it gets people going, it’ll grab attention.

  • agdaniels

    I would like to see a more robust document editing/note taking suite that allowed things like persistent and synced document revisions or markups, photo manipulation, search, sorting,  and compatability with microsoft office documents.

  • Thesmith7

    An App to make me breakfast in Bed

  • Nick20719

    It would be truly amazing if my android phone had the ability to project a virtual keyboard. As a DROID X user, rooted and rom’d, I have everything I need except for a keyboard. There have been many times when my laptop baterry died but my phone still had some juice! While in class, I can type pretty fast using that nice 4.3″ keyboard, but with a virtual keyboard that could be projected, I could type as fast as I would on my laptop, and when im done I can just turn it off and not have to worry about carrying a bluetooth keyboard! I already use my phone as a USB/median for projects for class instead of a traditional USB, so having a virtual projecting keyboard would be amazing. I already have office suite/quick office, so all I need is a keyboard, and i could rely solely on my cellphone and make quick changes to papers/power points before and in class.

  • mikejs78

    A task app that integrates with all my Android devices and a website in the cloud so I can organize my day.  

  • Anonymous

    The ability to sync with a beer mug..

  • Agentorange1985

    The feature I would most likely want is something simple, that probably mayn people have thought of before.  If there were a row of customizable keys on the keyboard, say 5 or 10, and we could put our most commonly used words in each of those keys so we don’t have to type them out every time… for example, 3 of the keys would have my 3 different email addresses.  That way whenever I was filling out a form or texting someone, all I would have to do is hit that key and it would fully type out my e-mail address.  Kind of like the “.com” button on most keyboards, but customizable.

  • Cronek28

    not killer productivity but I would love a (bubblebee from transformers) app that I could type or say something and it would repeat it in quote and clips from movies and songs… but a sweet app for productivity would be one that dose all my work for me while I take a nap

  • Sgladwell

    Good Luck!

  • Finire

    Remote media and alarm control for android.

    I would like the ability to control my alarm clock and media on my tablet, from my phone. So if I wanted my tablet to be sitting on my desk, say hooked up to my tv via a HDMI cable, I could control what it was playing from my couch or bed with my phone.

  • Kal5el

    How about an errand course plotter? I tell it my errand to-dos, and it plots the best course for me. It could account for time of day and traffic, could make specific stops that I request, could find other stops along the way, and also account for my start and stop locations.  Like if I want to go from work to home, but I want Baskin Robbins, and I need milk, it would check the time of day and traffic, find a Baskin Robbins, plot my course past there, and give me a good place to stop for milk along the way. And all I have to do is tell it where I want to go and what I need to get done. 

  • It would be nice if my phone can forward a contact info to another contact without having to type all the info.  Example, colleague calls and needs a contact info…rather than typing all the info out to the colleague, you can forward the requested contact to your colleague. 

  • I would like to see…

    An app that allows me to sync (data/music/movies), securely, on my own WiFi network. Another words, when I’m working on my home PC and I can select certain files via an explorer from my encrypted drive and select “GO”, then the next time my phone is within my WiFi network, it will transfer to an encrypted folder on my SD card. Kind of bypassing the whole Cloud thing and keeping it In-House…securely! 

    I web interface for remote access and streaming would be grand too:)

  • Professandobey

    Running seperate apps simultaneously, each in a window, would allow for killer multitaksing, especially on tablets. For example, you are chatting with someone about an article on Google Talk; you could have the article take up half or 2/3 of the screen while your conversation uses the rless

    Perhaps you could even drag the border between windows to reallocate more or less screen space to an app as needed. Or maybe you could give one app about 10% and the other 90%, automatically switching the sizes when you make one window active. In some instances, making one app take up 100% could be as easy as a swipe up or down, keeping the other app ready to go and ready to be summoned again right where you left off.

    Another great example would be when you are taking notes on something. Perhaps you are watching an instructional video, and you want to put items on your shopping list as they are mentioned on the video. With app windows you wouldn’t have to leave the video to type in your notes. The windows could pause the video playback when you type. Furthermore, this could be helpful for inputting things from a webpage onto your calendar. Perhaps you want two webpages open at once to compare info or fill in a form.

    On a tablet, you could even have 3 or 4 app windows. The key would be making sure window management is quick and intuitive. The biggest problem could be that this type of feature would be better off baked into the OS.

  • An app that is always listening to what I am saying.  And depending on time of day (knowing I work during the day and go out at night), it can tell me if i’m starting to sound stupid at work because i’m rambling or it notices that my voice is strained and knows that i’m nervous around my boss, and then it vibrates in my pocket and gives me a warning, or even something i should be saying.  And then if it’s late at night, it knows i am out and if i am starting to slur my words, it’ll tell me to chill out, or even tell if im failing talking to girls and tell me the right thing to say or just to give up. 

  • Ps5281

    Being new to Chicago, I would love an app that would give real time tracking of all CTA buses and “L” trains.  Much like Glympse does now, track where a bus or train is, the direction of travel, and its speed.  I would also include a notification system that a user can setup to alert them when a certain bus or train arrives a stop along the route.  I would set the notification to alert me when the bus I will ride almost daily is at a stop 3-4 stops before mine.  Basically alerting me to down the street and meet my bus as it arrives, avoiding having to wait longingly staring down the road for my bus.

  • Ferradinho

    The biggest productivity feature I would like to have on my devices is a better time management/productivity system.  It would be awesome to be able to better manage and sync calendar, to-do lists & tasks, shopping, notifications, etc.
    A lot of this can be done with google services and third party apps but it would be great to have integration for everything between devices and use a type of smart notification/alert system.
    I have a Xoom, Rezound, and DX that I almost always have with me.  It would be nice if I dismissed a notification on one and it automatically dismissed it on the other devices.  Or even if it detected if a specific device had its screen on and only delivered a notification to that device.  Having to dismiss a Google Voice, Gmail, or calendar notification 3 times is always a pain.

  • Anonymous

    My idea entails a simple but multifaceted app. The main principle was to take what I already do and make it quicker, removing the friction from some actions and enhancing notifications and such. It uses one or more activation regions, invisible but always active on screen (think Wave Launcher) that the user can touch and slide from to switch apps and toggle settings, or tap on to get social networking updates. It also gives popup bubbles whenever a text message or email comes in, or a calendar event occurs, allowing for quicker responses than sliding the notification bar down.

    You can read more about it at the following link, which will be updated over the next few minutes. http://jonhlambert.com/productivity.php

  • I’d like a pedometer app that uses the phone’s accelerometer to track the user’s movement during the day.

  • Some Call Me Tim

    I’d love to see an application that would allow me to clock my time more efficiently. I already use my calendar for this but to be able to clock on and off of a job and have that data ready to go (or even better, already in my billing software) when I get back to my office that would be an incredible savings of time. As an independent contractor I spend a huge amount of time out of my office and time management is always my top priority. 

  • deathbyburk

    I’m an accountant and I also have many attorney friends that need an app that can help keep track of all of our time and billings per client.  How bout a feature that we can say our clients name and the gps will track mileage and the phone will track billable time.  So at the end of the day or week instead of having to enter and remember every little thing I did during the day and how many miles I drove, the app could spit out a spreadsheet for me 🙂  PS I will pay $$$ for this 🙂

  • An app to analyze my calendar and tasks for associations to enhance productivity.  For example, during “work hours” set in my calendar, it will prioritize tasks marked as “office work”.  If I’m in a meeting, the app would scan the listed attendees and display tasks/discussion topics associated with those attendees.  It go further by searching for key words in calendar items and cross-referencing them with key words in task items.  Also, if it determines that I will be going from one location to another by analyzing calendar locations, it could suggest calls I could make during my drive (I figure it would be too late if it waits to see I’m actually moving).  These suggest calls could be further filtered by determining if a callee’s place of business is open (via posted hours on the internet) during my drive.  These are just some of potential uses.

  • Aaron Halbert

    I’d like an my smartphone to truly be “smart”. I want it to tell me when I’m running low on things in my fridge or if the milk is going bad, that my gf’s favorite perfume is on sale and where to get it, remind me that my boss loves tacky glass dolphins and her bday is coming up so I should grab one… you know a true personal assistant or an external brain dump, not that Siri crap. 

  • RacerX

    I wish there was an add-on reusable screen to our phone which can show an image like a bar code and is able to be read by store scanners. 

    For instance, I ordered a tv through walmart.com’s “site to store”. I got a confirmation email to pick up my new tv.  The email states to print out and take it to the store.  I just took my phone there and tried to see if the clerk was able to scan the barcode directly from my phone with no luck. The clerk had to type in my customer info in order for her to process my order.  It’s wasteful to print out the bar code in order to speed up the process.  Wasting paper, ink, and my time to print my email is just plain stupid. 

    Another time, JC Penny sent me a text with a QR Code promotion. It’s pointless since the store cashier can not scan it off my phone.  She ended up looking up the promotion code and manually entered it into her register.

    It would be great if store scanners could read straight from our phones.  The reallity is that stores wouldn’t want to spend the money on replacing all the scanners with something that is able to.  My suggestion is to have a reusable add-on screen or even a small printer attachment for us to use instead of printing out a whole page from home/work.

  • Berklunt

    A feature that allows you to tell your android device your working on a project and need to keep distractions away to get work done, so then your android device automatically locks you out of your phone so you get productive work done!

  • Rjb219

    I would like to see an app that has a simple interface to allow for multiple users to be able to add things to google calendar.

  • Rogueforce

    I would love an app that would automatically detect if I am near a device better suited for a given task. If I am near the pc with my phone and using a messenger program(aim, trillian etc) this would be detected and any messages would be displayed on the pc.

  • Scott

    The ability to walk through a store or grocery store and get instant coupons delivered straight to the phone.  If I accept the coupon then I can scan the phone for the coupon and get the discount.  Currently, I have to clip a whole bunch of coupons, keep them organized, get rid of expired ones, etc. all while taking two small children shopping.  Plus it would save on printing costs and the time to clip coupons.  

  • What I would like is an app that allows me plug my tablet via usb to my laptop and allows me to use my tablet as a second Monitor. I have found myself traveling for business and wanting that extra space since I’m used to the dual monitors at work. If anyone knows of an app that does this, let me know!

  • Ishmogeekus

    To my knowledge, there is no app to automatically turn off sync of a  corporate account.  It is annoying to get home and still have work emails pop up.  I don’t want to turn all sync off.  It would be great to have an app that knew when I left work, and then turned turned work emails off.  Leave work at work!

  • Ishmogeekus

    A whiteboard widget that can be placed on both your android homescreen, and your computer desktop.  When you write on one, the text/handwriting shows up on the other.  No opening files, no saving, no clicking, no clicking, no clicking!  It would make taking any sort of note, task, reminder, etc. very streamlined!

  • TripleZero

    I would like a good packet sniffer such as Wireshark

  • I’d like an app that I can take a picture of ingredients available in my refrigerator and/or pantry. It would then automatically compile them into a list and suggest cooking recipes based on things I have in the house. It would also allow me to look up a recipe and tell me additional ingredients I need to make that dish.

  • Dapinkslip

    I wish I had an app that erased voicemails without dialing in when I already know its BS.

  • Dapinkslip

    I wish I had an app that warned me when coworkers are PMS..ing. Would save a lot of headaches.

  • Dapinkslip

    I wish my Droid had the ability to detect my mood or detect the weather allowing it to play the appropriate music, instead of having to choose an album, playlist, or shuffle feature.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love it if a phone automatically sent out a message if you don’t dismiss an alarm in a timely manner.

  • Dapinkslip

    I wish my OG Droid had the ability to detect when I’m driving so that when I receive a call, I can answer it through voice recognition and it will automatically be on speaker mode.

  • Skittleoid

    I want an application that would track your positions constantly and save them on a well secured webpage. That way you can later go back to a specific day and find out where you were or view the pictures you took that day and follow the street where you took them. You could add text to certain time stamps or locations and keep a “log” of your life.

  • Skittleoid

    An app that allows me to use it as an xbox controller or becomes a display for my xbox to project the picture on like a t.v. 

  • I would love an app that could aggregate everything that is happening and send information automatically to other people. 

    For example, it would notice that you added “Coffee at 9” in your Calendar. If it is 8:30 and you are over a certain amount of miles away, it would automatically send a text/email saying “I’ll be running late!”. That’d be extremely useful. 

  • Anthony Withrow

    I wish that when I get in my car my phone will sync with a touch screen on my dash, that way I can use gps navigation or choose music to play right on my dash

  • How about a phone that also puts my laundry away for me? I don’t mind *doing* the laundry (i.e., putting it in the washer/dryer), but it always sits in the hamper after it’s done and more often than not I just pull clean clothes out of the hamper and never hang them up.

    Okay, fine – perhaps something a little more plausible? I know apps exist for this in some form, but they’re all needlessly complicated: location-aware activities. Examples: I’m on the bus, and I’m taking a nap. Wake me up before my stop. I’m in my car, driving; read my texts to me and let me respond (hands-free, of course). I’m in my bed: silent mode. The tools out there today require far too much setup and I’ve never bothered. Give me a natural language “what do you want to do at this location?” parser.

  • Doug Burch

    I want an similar to tasker (check out android apps) but with more features as part of the phone.. not the app like… when in proximity to my car bluetooth, switch on pandora, or between x-x times when gps puts me at work put phone into silent mode (meetings). That kind of thing

  • ntrddragn

    im not sure if it has been said or not or if there is a app already that does it but i want an app that put all the blogs,fb,twitter, forum into one. kind of like google+ but for social stuff. where you specified category like “Droid”, this would contain DL Blog,DL Twitter post, droidforum twitter post  etc.and each category is customized by the users.im tired of logging into twitter to retweet something from DL contest and check DL blogs. Maybe its just me. =/

  • clarkbsharp

    I think an app that managed all media, books, music, movies, art, kind of a personal entertainment store(age)…

  • I wish that I had the ability to set a profile on my phone, such as (I am currently at work, or I’m currently at school), which would then allow for different text message auto-replies AND customized voice mail messages)

  • Spartanjohn13

    I had an idea for and app whike working ong my C++ class project the other day…one that takes all different mediums of communication between you and other people and puts them all in one place. Imagine clicking on a contact and seeing all your Facebook Wallposts and messages, tweets, emails, ims and texts all ordered chronilogically and being able to quickly sift and search through all of it and reply from there. A universal mailbox if you will.

  • I’d like an augmented reality app that aggregates social media information from multiple sources.  Say, Facebook, Foursquare and Google +, showing all posts from friends about my location.  I would then like to take that aggregated data (maybe as a quantitative assessment) and send it to friends via multiple methods, like text, email, IM, or via the social outlets directly.

  • I would like to see a productivity app that keeps an email log history with the Contacts (both sent and received). Have it automatically monitor for emails to/from their email address. This is a function that many CRM products try to do, so that you can easily see what correspondence has occurred with a client or other contact. Including phone log capabilities would be helpful as well and have it integrate within the phone feature, so that it doesn’t have to be manually entered. And then the ability to sync that information with Outlook and maybe other CRM products, such as Salesforce, ACT!, etc. Thank you CompanionLink for offering up this contest! Those Kindle Fires look awesome!

  • Steven Gawanda

    I wish my android device had a setting that would avoid the ghetto. Like, while driving if I get to close it screams out ” Its the ghetto, back away”. Totally wanting that. 🙂

  • Zach

    I would like to see an app that connects to a small inexpensive GPS locator that you can easily attach/remove from anything with safeguards to prevent unauthorized removal. It would need the ability to easily add and track an unlimited number of locators. Options to alert you if an individual locator moves beyond a set boundaries, quits moving, starts moving or any other various setting. It would be nice to be able to track vehicles, expensive equipment, pets, children and anything else you don’t want to lose. Every locator would have a unique code that you would log in and register and then be able to track. 

  • Anonymous

    How about a printer app that really works. I have tried various printer apps on various printers. none of them worked. so I would like an app that actually works.

  • Cartertheninja

    I would like a very complex adaptive a.i. Similiar to siri but better. And fully integrated into all aspects of your phone including a predictive keyboard like SwiftKey. The sky’s the limit. I want my phone to know what I want to do before I do it.

  • dlight

    An app that can detect 3G/4G signal and place it on a map of your location (city or state) to show you the best area to be in for optimal signal.

  • Al

    The ability to control the mouse and keyboard of my computer wirelessly on the local network and through the web. For both but the web one have the ability to use the hdmi out display the stream of the computer screen. Maybe even a file transfer capability between phone and computer.

  • As my personal digital assistant, my phone should integrate data from multiple sources and anticipate my behavior.
    For example, when I get into my car, it should turn on the GPS app that I use. When I go to bed and place it in the dock, it should turn off all sounds except the ringer and then dim the screen. When I travel it should display a map of the airport with a highlighted route to walk to my next gate or the baggage pick up.

  • Balu Krishnasamy

    I would love to see some sort of WIDI feature built right on the OS / App on my Android Device. I could just plugin my device to the power source and let WIDI do the rest of the streaming to my display that i choose to..

  • Maybe some features where you outlook contacts have fields for twitter, Facebook, etc.. that would be updated when the contact updates his/her status, phone #, or whatever real time in your outlook contacts. So just by opening your outlook contacts you can see that person’s status, check-ins, etc..

    Something like that updated real time on the fly would be cool to see in outlook on the PC and/or a android phone, instead of logging into Facebook/twitter all the time to check out everyone.

  • Darthjce

    A reliable realtime vnc/webserver for my computer. I sit at a desk all day and would like to be able to just vnc into my phone and have it on my computer screen to see texts, voicemail and anything else i have to dig my phone out for. Every app I’ve tried has connection issues, so it’d be nice to have a polished (paid?) version available.

  • Matt Antes

    I would like an app that can take a picture of all receipts and all income checks and autonomously add the numbers to an excell-like sheet and then at the end of the year, automatically do your taxes for you and upload them to the IRS. All the while during the year, it can keep track and predict budget amounts and if your paid taxes match up to what you may owe or receive at the end of the year. I mean really? Who else wouldn’t want this?

  • I wish there was a better way to remotely manage all my servers and cloud storage in one app.  Having to sign into different services and pay exorbitant amounts for remote viewing is just too much. 

  • Jason Thompson

    I would like an app like the Blackberry Bridge or splashtop so that via bluetooth and/or wifi and/or peripheral port we could use the resources on or phones or vice versa. Phone to tablet or tablet to phone.

  • An app that when running errands, can figure out the most efficient order of places to stop that takes into account closing times, traffic history, fuel consumption, and time efficiency. Would provide a map with directions and navigation. 

    You plug in the addresses, and the app spits out the itenerary. This would be awesome!!

  • RickX93277

    Virtual Keyboard built into the phone that projects onto surfaces and better voice to text/voice command features that can distinguish voices and set security depending on who is giving commands

  • A killer feature would be the ability to have my android device be able to answer my call for me and to speak to the person calling with my voice. This could be used for when I am in a meeting and can’t answer the phone. The person doesn’t have to get ignored on the call and possibly get the supplemental text from my phone saying I am in a meeting or can’t answer my phone, but instead gets my voice saying “Hey I am in a meeting and will call you back later.” This could also be a personalized message based off the callerID. 

  • All-In-One key via NFC. Especially for my car, that would make life easy, and my pockets lighter.

  • definetely a projector on that can project an actual keyboard on the table surface. it could use the camera to do recognition. 
    you can put you finger on the table and type and it would be able to interpret the finger movemenrs. 

  • Anonymous

    Remote desktop with wake on LAN and gesture support to be more tablet friendly. Maybe also allow multiple simultaneous connections.

  • Tuffgong01

    i wish my droid would make sure my dvr is recording the shows set to record even though there is a sports event on that makes everything a half hour late! no more will I have heard my signification other complain that my damn football made her miss the rest of amazing race! PLEASE Help!!! 

  • 1966 C A H

    If there’s one thing that I really wish Android had by defalt it would be support for multiple user profiles in the same manner that Windows does.  Granted, on phones the number would remain the same, but since these are essentially computers now, the experience should be able to be differentiated by user.  When purchasing a tablet especially, I want to be able to have all my stuff set the way I like it when I use it but still have the ability to let my wife use it with all her own customizations/email settings/favorites, etc. Logins could be differentiated by unlocking with a certain PIN/Face/Pattern for example.  This would make buying an Android tablet a more viable option for family use, as well as allow me to be more comfortable with using the device for business purposes while still allowing personal use by other family members.

    The other feature I wish Android had is an “experience index” for applications and devices, or at least meta-tagged reviews upon submission.  The pace of software and hardware development in the Android/Mobile world is blistering.  My Droid was king of the world 2 years ago, and now it struggles with many applications. While the Market has a yes/no compatibility data point, there is nothing other than sifting through the comments and ratings or installing and trying a program out that will give you any sort of feel for how well a particular app will run on your hardware/software.  Even a system that tags ratings to hardware/software would deliver more relevant information.  The current rating ecosystem is rendered less effective because all ratings are lumped together.

  • I help run a family business selling Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, accessories for those phones and other electronics. Thing is, its not just family that works there. There are a couple of people that seem a little sketchy and sometimes it seems like we’re missing some inventory such as accessories or even phones. It’s pretty hard to keep track of it since we use a custom PoS system and doing inventory in our case is printing out a Microsoft Access document with our entire stock and comparing it to what we actually have. As you can imagine, this takes a while and usually more than one day to complete since there’s always something that seems to pull you away from it. By the time I come back to work on my next shift(since I don’t work there everyday), the inventory has changed quite a bit and I have to restart.

    I wish there was an app that allowed you to naturally use a Microsoft Access document(most of the ones on the Market are terrible and lack many crucial features) which automatically synced with what he have on our server. Better yet, an app that you can use the camera as a scanner, so that it can read the UPC/Part number and the Serial number so that it can mark off that the item is accounted for, instead of having to manually look for the Product ID number and then compare serial numbers.

    Something like this would not only save a lot of time since it no longer requires me flipping through several pages to find a specific item based on its ID # and its serial #, but it would no longer require having to print off a new list every time there has been a change, and having to restart.

  • Simon Marcus

    I would like it if my Android device would automatically mirror my work/home computer as soon as I leave the office/house–and vice versa. So, for example, if I were working on a spreadsheet and checking Google maps on my computer, I would like those pages to load immediately on my Android device when I leave the office, so that I can continue working/browsing and I won’t lose any time at all! This could be achieved quite easily: my Android device could connect to my home/office wifi, and, as soon as it loses the wifi connection (or my GPS coordinates change sufficiently), it would know to retrieve the most recent files and pages I was looking at. 

  • Matthew Dezzi

    I need some sort of SolidWorks viewer to view my models on a tablet.

  • garymrobb

    I would like an instant messaging/sharing app that can sync with and adjust your status based on your calendar and location.  For instance, it would be able to tell when you had a meeting scheduled and where you might be.  Then, status/availability could be adjusted if you were at your desk, out of the office, in a meeting, etc.  This could also apply when you were away from work to keep track of where your family members are and whether or not they are busy at the moment.

  • I loved Locale on my G1 and the GPS location feature, it was just a battery drain.  I wish I could setup times of the day that the GPS would turn on check where I am at and see if I have events in the area, sound profiles, or contacts.  Like 4 or 5 times a day just get a quick update on my location and what I have to do.

  • Josh

    It would be awesome to have an application that much like groupon would alert me when I am in the area of a deal.  so based on GPS location alert me that a deal is going on.

  • Anonymous

    I think it would be cool to have a personal assitant for Android like Siri that was so functional that you could tell it to set up a lunch appointment some day this week with a contact in your address book. It would do this by automatically checking your schedule for the week and send an email or text message with the days you are available requesting a reply from your contact. Once it receives the reply it automatically adds it to your calendar. That way, you give it a simple direction and it does all the work like a true personal assistant. It would be nice if it could pick a restaurant and make reservations based on your preferences from checkins, etc…but that’s just dreaming.

  • Scott Wexler

    I have always wanted the ability to sync my phone across platforms / locations with media and physical machines… for example… sync my android phone with my imac and macbook pro at home with my home media and printers, nas, so forth… but have a way to sync with a profile to my work system and my local/network printers, and nas storage at work for important files…

  • Duff12182

    I want a shopping app that I can plug in everything I want to buy and will weight cheapest price and driving distance based on my thresholds of willing to drive and amount saved to determine the best place to go. 

  • Ivan92116

    an app/widget that evertime I get a call it would prompt me to log the call as either a business or personal call, add notes, assign followup tasks, etc. It should sync with a cloud service where all the info can be stored and reported from.

  • Ivan92116

    an app that i can enter my route to work and the time I usually leave home and at that specified time each day it would automatically check for the traffic and notify me of any issues…and also check alternate routes. It would also check the weather for day. 

  • Ari Jay Comet

    As a business person who often travels, even if just in-town, for work … I’ve found a feature missing that I would like.  Although my car does have navigation, I often times use my phone navigation (google maps is just THAT good on Android, IMO).  And while many 3rd parties (ie: Pioneer) are making efforts to better integrate cars and phones, there is a feature that remains missing.

    When you enter your car, it would be nice if your phone/mobile device was aware of this, and also noted the time. It should automatically say “hey, I see you’re about to drive off — and you have an appointment in 15mins, are you driving there now?” — and if yes, it should/could automatically start navigating you to that location.

    Bottom line though, we need more integration between our various devices (home, car, work, etc) — and we’re getting there.  iOS has reminders, Google has Tasker — but it goes beyond just reminding you to do things (tasker at least can do certain events).  But it should be more automated, based on the time of day, your location, and the events in your actual calendar!

  • I would like an app that gathers all of my media from multiple sources i/e itunes, amazon, and google and organizes them and plays them seamlessly.

  • d

    I’d like my phone to have native support for networked devices.  When I connect to a wi-fi network on which my phone has the required permissions, I want my phone to immediately see and have access to printers, PCs, data servers, DLNA servers, etc for any application to take advantage of.

  • A location-aware, wallet-aware Groupon Now-like app.  It’d use Google Wallet history along with GPS location to offer you location-specific, customized coupons.

    Be in an area close to a Starbucks and your phone would know from your purchase history that you like a nice frappachino every once in a while and offer you a buck off one on the spot to entice you toward a purchase.  Get more complicated with seasonal or climate-based offers (android owner is in a Target and a stormfront is moving in, offer $5 off a new umbrella).

  • EC8CH

    What a lot of businesses need is an android client for their Business Management software.  If company’s like SAP developed mobile client software on android, employees could log time, order parts, log expenses, check inventory at any time no matter if they were working in the office or while traveling off-site.  Information such as gps locations could also be logged to ensure employees are at the correct locations when logging time to certain jobs.

    My place of work is actually developing our own Business Management software from the ground up, and we have plans to develop an android client to do just this.  To my knowledge, nothing like this is currently being offered by any of the companies who sell Business Management software.  I think it would be very beneficial for them to partner with android developers and offer this as a feature to their products.  It would certainly be a unique selling point for them in a very crowded market.

  • When I’m texting and it auto corrects to a word that’s not a word, it irritates me a little. But when it auto corrects a word to a word that IS a word, sometimes I think, “That’s not even a word! … Wait, it is a word but can’t you read my mind?” I wish my Thunderbolt could read my mind! 🙂

  • I want some kind of GPS to-do list app. When you walk into say the office you work at, the app will update itself to only show things that have to be done while there. As soon as you leave the office, it will update to show things that need to be done before returning home.

  • urosme

    Get some excercise. If device is still for too long, start beeping & vibrating. Then, if moving, measure the movements, distance etc. All of course configurable by user preferences…

  • I would like a stock Backup/Restore feature that would provide flexibility and control over those backups. I’m talking I get my phone up to a point that I want as standard such as the OS options the way I like, the wallpaper, my contacts, apps you get the picture. I would also like it to be able to do incremental backups if I would like to. Then say I want to clean up my phone and get rid of stuff I just restore it to a point I like and I save myself a lot of time and that’s being more efficient and productive!

  • Jeremy Roberts

    There needs to be a simpler and automatic way to backup app data- for example, everytime you close out Angry Birds on your phone it saves the score to the cloud and the next time you open it on a tablet it updates to that new level of progress. But for all apps, all  the time.

  • I would like an app that would allow you to take a pic of the check you wrote and update your checkbook automatically.  I hate having to write it in myself.  

  • I wish that my phone could automatically know when I am in the bathroom, or taking a shower, and reply to text messages and calls with a text saying that I am in the shower or bathroom. 

  •  Honestly, the only thing I really want on my droid…a chipotle app.

  • SFC Airborne51

    As active Duty Army an app that would be of incalculable uses to us is one capable of using the GPS and can be interfaced with our Blue Force Tracking Systems. This would allow commanders on the battlefield not only to know where the big equipment items are like Strykers, Tanks, Aircraft, etc. It would also allow them to have 100% eyes on the ground of where all troops are. It should also have a panic type switch so if you are cut off or injured it can immediately let nearby troops know where you are and that you need immediate evac. This would put our Soldiers on the battlefield in a much greater position to not only overtake objectives but also a greater survivability rate for getting immediate medical attention in times of need.

  • Rocking an HTC Thunderbolt. The feature I want? HDMI OUT and way better battery life.

  • Zet2002

    One thing I always wondered is why there is no ICE (in case of emergency) feature on droid phones. Maybe there is and I just didn’t find it. I don’t want to go to an app for it. I think it would be awesome to have it built in.

  • My needs are simple…   I would like to use a tablet to replace my netbook in school for taking notes.    I use Microsoft One Note.   Very easy, simple, “WYSIWYG” and I can enter text anywhere I want, resize boxes easily, add images, etc etc etc

    I would like to see THAT type of productivity.

    Sure, “Evernote” is close, but it’s way too clunky to be useful to replace One note.

    Maybe add in a “Mind Mapping” feature, and you’ve got a student who will be using a tablet for all note-taking and studying.

  • Girlypeekaboo

    I wish my Android device……
    could recognize when im drunk texting and state, do you really want to send this? You will be kicking urself in the head tomorrow, just go to bed and you won’t have any regrets. then i will wake up in the morning look at my phone and see that i didnt text anything stupid. i will just look my phone straight on n be like aw i love you! Best phone ever!!

    Never again would i be nervous at looking at my phone the next morning aft a drunk night 🙂

  • Jacob Wilson

    I am still using an unrooted Droid Eris So anything that actually works would be great.

  • I’d like to use my phone as a remote for Google Music’s web interface. Similar to the Remote app on iOS or the YouTube remote for Leanback, something so I could control what ever was playing on my PC easily from my phone.

  • A great app I would like to see is something that can simultaneously post “status updates” or “currently listening to…”–or any other social activity you might be inclined to share– in just ONE app. There are too many networks out there that are trying to one-up the competition. And this forces you to use their proprietary app if you want it done “right”.

    For example, if you are a user that likes to keep in touch with friends who use a variety of networking sites (Google +, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, the list goes on and on…), you have to register for each one. Obviously. However…if you want to share any information, you have go to jump through a variety of hoops to make sure that each and every user in your network sees the same information in the manner YOU intended to show it.

    Many a time have I found myself lookin to quickly find a friend to have lunch with at a local restaurant, yet only so many of them use Facebook, or Google+, etc. I’m then forced to copy/paste that same update on every single site/app!

    Sure, one could argue that there are apps out there that already do that. Yet, they are still limited to what the developer of said app WANTS to support. What I’m talking about here is COMPLETE UNIVERSAL FUNCTIONALITY! I want to be capable of posting a picture/video/status/last.fm type updates in one fell swoop. 

    Imagine the time you’d save, and the hassle you’d be able to avoid. The world is leaning more towards social networking to the point where virtually everyone–including major corporations, your place of employment, your high school gym teacher, even your neighbor’s goldfish!– is online in some extended network you take part of in your daily life.

    I patiently await the day that we can do all of this in one, single app. It will be a good day. :]

  • I wish my Android was able to a built in “home” mode. Where when it tracked me at home certain apps/widgets would appear giving me simple options (i.e. turn on tv, set temp, dry clothes/progress on drying clothes ect…) in one app that’s built into both my phone/tablet and appliances.

  • Exact locations of food trucks everywhere, at all times. This could prove to be bad for my heart.

  • I’d love built in proxy support.  That is all.

  • I would like to see an ability to hold a layout and personalization of a UI in a cloud that would be able to be reinstalled regardless of type of device.  

    My wife loves her Sense UI but is very intrigued by a Nexus device.  Being able to hold her layouts on each of her screens and even widgets would make moving from one device to another easier to swallow and ends the whole “I have to set it up again?  Forget it”

  • an app that would recognize my ideas, and schedules itself without actually having to write each one of them separately…. typing/writing takes a long time… and sometimes you might lose the sudden idea that you had..

  • Dvidec

    With NFC taking off, and the new galaxy phone really pushing the technology, I’d love to be able to bump into a document that somebody’s working on.  An easy way for me to be able to access their document, review it while they’re working on it, make comments, then bump back updates.  For Word, Powerpoint, etc.  Bumping a powerpoint to a few colleagues would be a heck of a great way to do a business meeting (at a bar)

    Good Luck

  • Being able to link to multiple units deliver content and control content from one unit.

    I.E. A teacher managing a classroom of students using android devices. The teacher then can effective monitor all students from their screen and provide help instantly from the device. Each student can have their own differentiated learning styles and content tailored to their own needs and abilities.   

  • JHo

    I’d like to see an app where you can determine your own statistical data on getting to work with all the traffic.  Like something that tracks things and breaks it down so you know if you leave your house at 8:15AM on a Tuesday that statistically, you’re better off going route A instead of route B…but if you leave your house at say 7:43AM on that Tuesday, statistically you are better off going route B instead of A.  This is for an area not covered by traffic via Google maps. 

  • Nathan Burnett

    a tool that will allow developers to see the platform status’ of various API’s and aggregate the latest developer posts from that platform’s rss feeds. so you can get notified if certain API’s are having issues so you can run damage control as it happens.

  • Jlv2k5

    similar to the iCloud, I want my phone to be able to sync with not only my computer but with my tv too, and any other wifi devices like a Ford sync system, etc

  • A simple widget/setting I can enable to automatically text people who call text when I am unavailable. It should also have an option to set times when I want it to text people without me having to enable it.

    Another app I’ve always wanted is a notepad app that automatically syncs with a cloud server. Any changes made to the txt file are automatically synced to the cloud, without me having to choose to save any changes.

  • 321Puck

    I think a great product would be an app that you could use to automatically combine features that you like or use most in other apps. For example, you have a mobile banking app & another app that lets you order from your favorite pizza place. This new app would provide the payment info automatically from the bank app to the pizza app to place the order without having to switch between the 2 apps.

  • I wish my Android device could predict the future! 🙂

  • Collin

    I’d like a good notepad app. =P

  • I would like my Android Device to be a complete replacement for my desktop.  Plug into a docking station with a mouse and keyboard, and have document suites such as Microsoft Office or Open Office readily available with full-formatting options.  Open up Steam, and render graphics just as well as a laptop/desktop

    The Android Device would integrate seamlessly with Outlook, corporate VPNs, and in essence, replace the pc / laptop as we know it today.

    The day my Android Device replaces my home computer…..

  • Anonymous

    NFC capabilities to open the door to your house. If you just have your phone on you, you can walk up to your previously locked door and walk in with it being unlocked from your pocket. 

  • an app that could communicate with newer cars and use advanced voice recognition to control your car remotely would be awesome. it should be able to control features of the phone, but also be able to communicate with other devices. for instance, you could say “DROID, start my car, bring it to 74 degrees and put on some Miles Davis”. the car could communicate with your google music cloud library and pretty much be synced with your phone. 

  • Drew

    I’d like an app that lets you know if someone is checking you out. For example, if I’m at a bar or restaurant and a girl is checking me out, then my phone will alert me. Or if I’m talking to a girl, my phone will let me know how interested she is in me.

  • Usmcpug82

    An application that could identify pills/prescriptions/etc, via the camera or description of the markings for street cops would be amazing. 

  • Kilo

    I would like productivity app the would on open app,notification,or send a text base on location for example u goto a train station Google maps or hop stop would open up n show u transporting map or goto Walmart or Target a note app or to do list would pop up or u goto a landmark n the camera app or drawing would open

  • I would like my pictures and videos to flawlessly sync to my desktop pc.

  • Heisman

    i would like to see an app that could intergrate email, text, facebook, twitter, rss feeds, etc.  basically have all my information in one package with a widget so i dont have to go to 10 different apps to get my medias.

  • I wish a tablet could be totally integrated with my phone and computer

  • Johnsonscouting

    I wish there was an app that would map out various tracks of land and give acreage of said track of land. I use a program to do this on a laptop with a gps antenna but with this phone it would be awesome and the accuracy is pretty close to what good antennae were 15going years ago.

  • I would love an app that can find the best place for me and my friends to go out (bar, restaurant, etc) and best place to park based on the area and what we’re looking to do.

  • Avery Ma

    I’m interested in unifying a  cluster of devices that track an overall progress for daily wellness and attempt to balance all aspects of my day (i.e. Health, Work Productivity, and social interaction).

    I want a cumulative, one-stop metric of my performance as a human being in the above categories. I want to know my impact on my work environment, be advised on my preset healthy eating habits, and reminded/suggested of appropriate social events. This would be a dashboard of categories that I have, or am currently in progress of, to fulfill an overall goal of daily wellness. Something that essentially takes into account the things that I do at work, at home, and at play; giving me feedback on how successful I was at meeting either preset, self-imposed goals – or compared to peers who fall in a similar category of interests and daily activities.

    Imagine knowing how well I balance work and leisure. Imagine being compared in real-time to other persons in the IT industry and find out the things that influence each of them as they happen!

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to have a productivity app that will automatically open my “to do list” when I arrive at a specific location. For example, let’s say I need batteries, garbage bags, and dog food from Walmart. As soon as I pull into a Walmart location, my phone recognizes this through gps and automatically launches my list.  

  • Hud

    DO NOT DISTURB priority for a calendar event would be amazing. I think it would be really cool, if you could set a calendar event at a Do Not Disturb Priority level, for use if you are in an important business meeting, or an event, or in a movie, or at the Theatre, or on a date, for examples. Then, without having to do anything further on your part, if someone texts or calls you (maybe include an optional setting for email too) while that calendar event is taking place, not only would the text or call be silenced or be on vibrate, but an automatic text would be sent back to wireless callers and maybe even a pre-recorded voice message played to callers from a landline, stating that you are currently unavailable until whatever time the event is over, and that you will review their message at that time and will be able to get back to them sometime thereafter. Later, at a self designated amount of time after your event is scheduled to be over: say 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes after, you would then receive a notification that you have “x” amount of missed Do Not Disturb Messages and “y” amount of missed Do Not Disturb calls. There could even be a setting where you could allow only certain numbers to be able to get through, and override the Do Not Disturb Calendar setting, like a spouse, boss, parent, child, or babysitter.

  • custompro98

    I would want an app that enabled OS virtualization (at least other mobile OS’s) to act as emulators for developers on the fly on tablets.  That app would also have to Bluetooth//NFC sync to your smartphone that you would write the code on and run it from the tablet.  It would be sort of a mini development cloud.

  • would be nice to have a photoshop mobile version on my android device…

  • Full phone voice control interface, like Siri times 10

  • Blueliner19

    So the family uses an app on their android powered phone that they can make a grocery list or any type of list. Each family member can add items on their phone and it syncs to all the family member phones. But lets say someone in the family heads to the grocery store for a few items and doesn’t check the grocery list app or didn’t realized someone in the family just added an item. The app, using GPS, would recognize you are at the grocery store and send a customizable notification letting you know. To further customize, the app would allow specific lists for individual stores, ie Stater Bros, Costco, Kohl’s, etc. The app, again using GPS, would notify you when you are near or currently at the store of items on the list.

  • Djnitehowl

    I would love to be able to have an all encompassing widget that would help me to plan my day. So on one screen have a calendar, to do list,  news, stock, time and weather that would automatically update.

  • Jayrod718

    The ideal productivity app for me as a developer would be an Android app that would provide a development interface to code and design apps right from my Bionic! Droid4thewin ….

    • Erica

      This is an awesome idea! I would pay for that and so would my company.

  • An App that could control my thermostat, and maybe even a way to set some outlets on a timer. I would love to have my space heater turn on in the bathroom 10 minutes before I wake up.

  • I would like to know new things to try at the grocery store. I would like to see what new items might be out, and what people think about them. Recommendation based on users reviews and also coupons integrated, paid for by the product manufactures. QR Codes in sections of the store to see whats new in “Pasta” or “Cereal” or “Frozen Veggies” etc.

  • I would like an app that could be used to control the tech in my house from my phone or tablet and that would also have the ability to auto activate things like lights, coffee machine, music or the tv.  For example you have an alarm set to 5am it activates your coffee pot for you as well without you having to set the pot yourself, or your on your way home and the gps puts you within 100 ft of the house its already opening the garage door and turning on the lights and music in your house.  Also it could notify you automatically of certain things going on with your computer or ps3.  So that say for example your ps3 is ready for an update it could notify you of that pending update and you could go ahead and start the update instead of having to do it when you get home or you have dls going on your computer and one finishes and you want to start another one.  Something that combines the functionality of a remote desktop app with a universal home remote.  But also incorporates a level of security with the level of access.

  • Jrboldt76

    I would personally like a top mounted camera so you could lay your phone down to record.

  • Walmart app- create a shopping list, arrive at Walmart, connect to their network, and it would give you the locations for all your items and the quickest route, through the store, to pick them up, as well as the pricing

    Medical history/health insurance app- have all your medical history, insurance info on your phone. You go to a new doctor, sync to their system. It searches your data and plugs all their needed info onto their form.

  • David C.

    A better calendar app.

  • Medical app that helps figure out what is wrong with you.  Not just a symptom searcher or Web MD, but something that you can scan yourself or another and have a diagnostic of your current health, and well being.. Feeling down.. There’s an app for tha… oh wait I can’t finish that statement. Might get sued for copyright.. 🙂

  • As a shopper, I would like to have 1 app that would include
    several important functions. Bar scanner
    that does price checks from local stores using GPS (grocery, clothing, etc),
    showing the best deal in your area.

    A shopping list that
    is highly functional from creating list by store, aisle, price, sales tax.
    Adding an item, you could scan or search and it would show your top stores with
    prices and let you add items to a shopping list. This app would also allow you
    to search thru digital coupons by store and load them along with your discount
    card.  When you are done shopping, all
    you have to do is let the cashier scan your device to apply.

    A pantry manager
    that lets you enter in spices and such with expiration dates.

    Sync devices is a must for those of us that
    need to share or have multiple people adding to the list.

    Website to manage
    list online


    Lastly, integrate google
    task/calendar into the app as well. 
    Today there are several apps that can
    provide some of these functions but none of them make shopping efficient when
    you have to dig thru several apps. 

  • Wendnrein

    I work in a nursing home. I would love to do all of my patient input info on my tablet, have resident info pages (This is patient x- she wears a shirt, bra, pull ups, knee high ted hose, glasses, a partial top denture) ect. This would make patient info more accurate and allow more continutiy  when training new staff (which turn over in nursing homes is almost scarey) .There would be pages that say what alarms and fall preventions the resident had and such. There would be I&O pages, BM records, meal and snack records and behavior records.Everything would be updateable by a master program by the nurses and management team. I see this more as a small to medium sized tablet software honestly.  It would have to be secure software and reasonably priced since nursing homes don’t make money the way they used to, but if it worked well a person could make money hand over fist. I know that there are some companies making similar stuff to this but they are aimed towards the management team, we honestly need something geared more towards the floor staff.

  • I’d love for an app to be able to disable all phones within a 50 foot radius, for when you’re at a movie theater. That way you can keep all those ringers and phone calls from occurring.

  • A full featured time tracking app, that syncs client info, time sheets and expenses from android device into Quickbooks on desktop, with the ability to add new clients/projects and email invoices out in the field.

  • I would love to have 3 apps running concurrently in separate desktops that I can swipe or gesture between. When I’m working on a paper, I like to have research open on one screen, my paper open in a second, and music open in another one.

  • I want a really good tasks app. One that tracks my past tasks, and can adjust the due date and time based on when I completed a repeated task in the past.

  • Anonymous

    An app to handle collaboration on tasks and requirements managements. Example. assign and prioritize tasks with your team members, request estimates, push concepts for approval from your project manager.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like an app that sends all my texts and calls to my PC so I don’t have to have it attached to me all day.  

  • Brian Petro

    I want an android app that will connect my TV, my laptop, my desktop and my tablet all together so if i wanted to watch TV from any of those devices i can if i wanted the tv to record something and send it to my laptop i can, if I get an email my TV will get it, and so will all the other devices.  EVERYTHING interconnected.  It doesn’t matter what platform I’m using that it will update, and talk to everything.

  • An app that would allow me to sync every part of my digital life with my location.  I like services like foursquare and Facebook Check-in, but it is tedious to keep “checking in.”  Having an App that just automatically checks me into a location based upon my GPS would be awesome.  If there are several locations near me, asking if I am at a certain place (and remembering my preferences along with other personal data) would go a long way for me.  I am not scared, just like Woz, to push out where I am and what I’m doing, so long as I have the ability to turn it on/off.  From here, retailers/store owners could sell advertising or coupons.  Here’s what I would love:

    —Granted, this would work best for places that I will be staying at for longer periods of time, not just browsing or walking past.  I would hate to get a reminder to check-in to every store I walk past in the mall.—

    Tuesday – I go to a new place, say a bar that is near a Victoria’s Secret.  It knows that I am a male but isn’t sure if I’m at the bar or at the store.  So it rings/vibrates (no jokes now…) and asks me which one I’m at.  I say bar.

    Saturday – I return to the bar.  The app remembers my last selection, combines it with my demographic info, and automatically checks me into the bar.  

    Following Saturday – I return to the bar for College Football.  The bar is having a deal on chicken wings and as soon as I get checked in, the app sends me a coupon for half-priced wings.  I can show the coupon to the bartender and I get my cheap wings.  

    AMAZING – and I only had to check-in once.

  • BayRyder

    Ok I would like an app that would send out text messages for me automatically. I know there are apps that know when you driving, meetings, etc. & send out texts you tell them like I’m busy, call you back or whatever. But I’m a busy guy. I like to drink beer Fri, Sat, Sun with the fellas & now Thursday night football is here so another busy day. The thing is my girlfriend likes to text me alot asking what I’m doing, where I’m at, who I’m doing, etc. Sometimes I just don’t hear it or just too drunk. I would like an app to read/analyze certain peoples texts I choose & reply back appropriately for me.

  • Bryan Henderson

    Just like the Logitech scanners in the old days, I think our phones should be able to double as a scanner. We’re light years ahead in our technology now that we should be able to swipe our phone across a piece of paper and have it instantly available in high definition. Taking a photo of a page just isn’t cutting it.

  • Heyimsteve029

    To enable text forwarding from my phone to a tablet

  • I want my phone to have a holographic graphic 3D screen!

  • I want an app that completly ties a tablet and phone together.. I.E . if im sitting here using my tablet and a phone call comes in on my phone instead of reaching in my pocket for my phone I get a pop up window on my tablet with the caller id answer/ ignore option and if i answer i use the tablet for the call while my phone stays in my pocket the whole time , same thing goes for text messages as well. You would think this would be a BASIC feature of the android ecosystem.

  • i would like an app that reads the books to me as i’m going to bed then stops when it hears me start snoring

  • Andrew Vanderwall

    I wish that I could write notes on my phone with a stylus pen of some sort so that I could use it for quickly jotting down information on the fly. The stylus could also then be incorporated into screen and phone navigation and for use in other apps and games. 

  • 0_o

    Siri!! >.>

  • Anonymous

    The only thing I would wish for is a feature that can give up to the second traffic reports, and also warn you ahead of time that you’re about to be plowed by traffic and automatically message your contacts if you’re going to be late. I get slammed by traffic way too often around here, and being late sucks.

  • My should be my personal assistant and allow me to tell it all the thing i need to do in my day, then schedule all the events and remind me. This app should also be able learn and adapt to me and my schedule, and be able to make connections from my facebook events, and other netwoking sites. 

  • John Gaspardo

    I want to be able to sync info between my computer and phone on an as needed basis with intelligent programming to do it when i’m not using my phone and when the battery is charging or in a way that stops it from sucking too much battery life. I want it to mirror changes on both phone and computer as well as use usb instead of wifi or cellur when plugged in to save battery and be quicker. I want it to prioritize the data based on whether I need it now or later aka contacts first, then email, docs, and then bulk info/backups. I want it to automate these process so that I don’t have to think about it. it should just work. this has to be a 2way sync that has a corresponding app on the computer to tell what i want to sync as well as streaming capability so that I can access info that isn’t stored locally via computer if I could remotely access  my computer that would be even better and it all has to be very secure.  

  • Humbleopus

    I would like an app that can turn down all the radios playing the loud obnoxious music when sitting at a light.  It would also turn off the phone of the people driving slow in the left lane.

  • Jgplainc

    i wish all my apps were fully integrated.  I update my calendar and it should automatically update my Cozi app.  Or my wife texts me about a new appointment I wish I could have an option to sync it to my calendars.

  • I would like an app that could connect you gaming console like PS3 or Xbox 360 to your phone wirelessly to transfer content back and forth such as music, pictures, or movies etc… 

  • not necessarily on my phone but I wish Google would release an all-in-one music, market, and file sync desktop application. Like iTunes, the program would interface with the new Google Music Store, make your music available offline on your computer, and it would also interface with the market. The file syncing part would sync specific folders to locations on your device’s internal or external memory and all of this could happen over wifi.

  • DrewGalyen

    I want my device to be able to better interact with both myself and everything around me. I want my device to understand what I want to do better, and I want it to tell me more information about places and people near me. If I say “Navigate to the nearest xxxxxx” I want it to do just that, not bring up a map or offer a suggestion.

  • I would like an app that could remember what I was up to on previous days.  For example, if someone asks me where I was on October 29th, I would have no idea.  The app that could bring up where I was that day (from a GPS record), what I had planned on my calendar, what texts I sent, what calls I made, whether I was listening to music, etc.  Any of those things could help stir my memory as to what was going on that day. This would be a background app that would hopefully not take up too much battery power.  It could be named Remembrall from the Harry Potter device!

  • Justin

    A phone that can learn your behavior so that after a while your phone learns your patterns and starts doing things semi-on its own.  

    Say that during the week on my lunch hour I always check twitter for updates on all things android and instead of having to unlock my phone then click twitter its just a pop up that I have to click that allows me to just jump right in without any navigation.  I would say automatically just open it but that would get annoying if you didn’t actually want to do that activity.  And then you’d wait for it to load and have to exit it.  So instead, just learn behavior and prompt you if you want to open an app or do something based on your habits.  Lets face it we are a habitual creature and who knows how smart it could get.  

  • Spc Hicks09

    A feature I would like to be able to have would be “Home Automation.” Turn lights on at command, start dishwasher in case I forgot, turn coffee pot off and a bunch of other ideas. Ability to use what the time of day is and instantly activate certain features in the house like sprinklers and more.

  • Anonymous

    A system like OpenFeint but instead of signing in to keep track of scores, it allows supported games to keep track of levels, accomplishments, save states etc.  That way, since Android is expanding into more and more devices you can leave your game from your phone and pick up where you left off on your tablet and even on your Google TV.  This would also work for iOS (iTouch, iPhone and iPad)

  • Tucker Nebel

    I would like a phone oriented chrome browser.

  • I’m looking forward to more productivity apps in Android. Adobe seems to be spearheading that on the mainstream. I’d love to edit photos and webpages in Android. Ultimately, with the social-networkosphere I’m looking to more developer apps for Google and Facebook, Twitter perhaps.

    Productivity means being able to conference, too. I’m waiting to see if the Kindle Fire will evolve into a videoconferencing device with more of the smart features that a device such as this could offer. Hence, my next buy will be the Galaxy Nexus. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I wish android would have a feature that would “share” information with your friends automatically based on your preferences, such as when you grab a app from the app store it auto texts friends it might think liks the app based on your experience.

  • Anonymous

    Home automation functions built in such as lights, outlets, for coffee maker, garage door opener, thermostat, hometheater and connections to electric meter to let me know wattage so I could keep better track of bill.

  • I’d like to have a really good productivity suite with a word processor, a spreadsheet creator, and a presentation creator… One comparable to Apple’s iWork for iOS…

  • foamman

    An app that would mute my wife and kids between 5:00am and 10:00am.

    • foamman

      Damn you SwiftKey… 5:00pm and 10:00pm

      How bout a keyboard that knows what I want to type.

  • Trina Angel

    I want an android App that can send text messages to my pc and allow me to respond so that I do not always have to hide when I am checking my phone at work.

  • Robert Walters

    I would love an app that allows music to be broadcast over bluetooth and also through the head phone jack.

  • I would love an app that would allow me to sync all of my files between other android devices and pc and even mac all wireless .  I have tried a lot of these but they all seem to have problems.  I would like to have one that works smooth and I would pay for one that works great.

  • hfoster52

    The killer productivity feature I would like is an app that allows me track all my business expenses when I am traveling and fill my expense report automatically.

  • Yinomega

    I would like an app that lets u use the camera as fingerprint scanner as a security password. Imagine unlocking your phone by having it scan your hand or finger.

  • The perfect productivity app for me would be one which maintains a list of my appointments and to-dos and automatically schedules to-dos for down times.  E.g., a friend asked me a week ago to get him/her something by the end of the month but I keep forgetting to do it since it doesn’t have a pressing deadline.  I’d like the phone/device to remind me (after i’ve been idly sitting at home for a while) that I could be spending my down time accomplishing these tasks.

  • AdrianR1189

    I’d like an app that connects to my digital camera and is able to edit pictures to post them online.

  • Anonymous

    Management and log/stat viewing for a xenserver install.

  • Robert Hixson

    An APP that would pause any music I was playing from my phone when people were talking around it. I hate missing good songs to co-workers.

  • Anonymous

    Better pdf integration. I tried and paid for many of the pdf apps in the android market but none of them are up to par.

  • Morpheus282

    Printing documents or web pages to a WiFi printer would be great.  I can’t count how many times it would have been handy to print a document or boarding pass from my phone without having to power on the laptop.

  • Ddecicco3939

    i wish that all of my android devices would keep the same home screens. i would  like my apps to download on multiple devices when i personally only download it on one. 

  • I wish my phone had a feature that made it simpler to use. Don’t get me wrong, I love my phone, but the more features and apps they add to the software, the clunkier and more difficult the phone becomes to navigate. It’s fun for playing around, but often when there is something specific I want to do on my phone, it just takes to damn long to do it. There needs to be a feature to streamline the OS and just give the ability to access what I want with ease. 

  • kangamitzi

    I would like to see some way of remote text notifications. In our case, we have one room in the house with great cell reception, and it happens to be upstairs in our office. We do have the CellFusion house phone, so we can leave our cell phones in the office and still receive cell calls elsewhere on the house phone via bluetooth, but there is nothing for SMS notifications. An app that would call the house phone and notify us of incoming text messages (and maybe go a step or two further with reading it back, or T9 replies) would be nice so that I don’t have to tote the phone in the bad reception areas in case I am expecting a text.

  • i would like an app which would allow me to shut down another drivers vehicle for 15 – 30 minutes. It could even be group based. 1 moron cuts off 5 people in traffic we all vote him out… bam car dead… awesome

  • It would be cool if Android had a messaging/social app built into Android OS. For example, BBM but with better design, and perhaps more functions 🙂

  • Ijm5012

    I’d like an app that would allow syncing between your phone and tablet, i.e. the screens from one device can be copied to another device

  • woctaog

    I would like an app that can show me coupons and deals in nearby stores based on interest and location.  So if I’m at the mall with my wife I can see coupons for stores near me, based on interests that I choose.

  • Josh

    I’d just like to be able to use my phone to remove the need to carry keys. Could use nfc to open doors, bluetooth to start my car, etc. im sure smarter people than i could figure out what else could be done….just dont misplace your phone! haha

  • Joshua Dudash

    I would love an app to ease the tech-unsavvy into the new age.
    This would be something for people who dont yet own a smartphone or tablet but who have that ever so slight tug that it might be neat and push them over that barrier.
    Something that can highlight the best features but is informative. 

  • Play_w_fire

    I think what would be most useful for me is if all of my devices were able to be synced, so that regardless of which android device I am currently using, they all receive all of my notifications, and can be replied to as if they were from my phone. aka…someone texts my phone, but it instantly syncs to my tablet…and when I reply from my tablet, it appears as if I’ve replied from my phone, and not some random number they’ve never seen. Obviously this is just the basics of a really awesome app. On a side note, how cool would it be if you could transfer video chat from one device to another one…mid call???

  • freerogers

     Google Chrome browser integrated so that browsing is faster and more intuitive.

  • Brandon Corkery

    I would love to have the feature of some sort of android software suite in which we could sync everything to and from our device.

  • As a soon to be MS in ME graduate and huge car enthusiast I think would be really cool if there was an app that could record and display real time performance parameters/numbers and lap times.  The app could use the in built accelerometer, gps, gyroscope (some smart phones have them) and possibly even a means of linking with the OEM ECU of the vehicle possibly through the OBD II port with, let’s say, a micro USB converter cable.  Obviously the latter would depend on the manufacturer and year of the vehicle but the possibilities are endless.  Myself and many of my friends make performance modifications to there personal vehicles and race/drift them.  The modding community for both domestic and foreign cars is a Billion Dollar industry in this country.  If a relatively cheap app was available for even simple vehicle performance parameters (horsepower and torque estimates, lateral g’s, acceleration times, top speed, various temperatures, OBD II scanner, even miles per gallon, to name a few), lap times, data logger and maybe even tuning, then people like myself could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on expensive race equipment.  Of course this would not serve as a full replacement for said equipment but if you could offer even 25% of what the real race equipment does for 1-5% of the price that would be a big plus!    

    This app could also be appealing and useful to those who are interested in increasing their miles per gallon (hyper milers 😉 ) as they can be provided real time data right on there smart phones as opposed to spending hundreds on comparable equipment that does just that one thing.

    Also the app could link or communicate with the OEM provided infotainment software and/or systems such as On-Star, MyFord Sync, AcuraLink, BMW’s M Mobility System or BMW Ultimate Service, etc and notify the user when the his/her vehicle is properly warmed up or cooled down (oil, trans fluid, coolant, etc).  This can be useful for track days too.

    Just my 2 cents on what I believe to be an un-tapped market.  


    Dylan Lawson

  • Anonymous

    full desktop ubuntu environment. simple as that. 

  • Acker77

    I want an app that can reroute my driving directions in real time to take the best route according to traffic using all available options. It should also know the difference between roads with lights and highways. 

  • I would like a feature that would let us connect our phones to a pc wirelessly, like webtop but just wirelessly.  It would be nice to have all the features of a computer available just like a laptop everywhere you are.

    The reason would be it would be much safer, you wouldn’t have to log onto a public computer with the risk of having a virus getting everything you typed.  Another huge plus would be having all your documents, pictures, music, bookmarks, saved passwords….EVERYTHING with you.  Having your phone would be just like having your laptop/ desktop with you.

    From my IT guy stand point, I hate going on a computer that is running an old, slow, or gummed up operating system.  With this little feature you would always have a fast and quick OS, plus you would have internet where ever you get 3G/4G.

  • Rouxster

    I would love to see more lock screen integration, so that you don’t have to unlock the screen to control certain applications, such as Google Music.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see an add-on for Google navigation that would let me tap a button to instantly see how far away I am from the next two or three exits and what gas/food/lodging options are available at a glance and without needing to do much more than that quick tap.

  • Lee Vang

    Even though Lync is a Microsoft product, I wish there was an INTEGRATED app to make and/or schedule conference calls, participate in live meetings utilizing the front-facing VGA camera, and have all mobile chat logs save to “Conversation history” in Exchange mailbox, like it does on a corporate workstation.  All conference calls would synchronize to calendar like meetings already do for Exchange accounts.  Along with this, you’d have all the available features that Lync typically would on a workstation: send files saved on your sd card, screen sharing (may be a bit farfetch’d), one-on-one conversation, etc. 

    Android is far too powerful to switch to a Windows Phone 7.5, which doesn’t even incorporate basic Lync chatting services.  At least Android has OfficeTalk 🙂

  • Jsnoffke

    I would like something like siri, but not so much like siri. Whats the point of voice control if you have to hold a button for it to work. I want an app that you can record a word or phrase and once your phone hears that phrase or word it brings up the assistant and you can ask anything you would want like siri. Kinda like how xbox uses the kinect you dont have to hit “A” for the kinect to start listening, you can talk when ever you want and it hears you. Think of the possibilities, you wont even need to pick up your phone to find out information.

  • Tom K.

    I would like an App that will let me call certain contacts from my Google Voice number all the time with out having to have it ask each time.

  • I would like my phone to display holographic images so that when I talk to people I can just leave my phone on the table and be able to see/talk to the person on the other end. Kind of like Princess Leia from Star Wars when shes all like “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi your my only hope”. That would be really cool and in turn help prevent alot of neck injuries from holding the phone with my head.

  • An app that would control every electronic device in my house.  A smartphone to go with a smarthouse!!! lol 

  • Message push to all registered devices of the same account. Google voice does this but only if you are using google voice as your number.

  • Digophelia817

    I would like an app that would allow me to rearrange my call screen so it’s harder for me hang up on people with my face (for example, to move the “end call” button an inch lower, or move the “mute” button higher).

  • Dreamwish

    I’m sure it’s been said before, but an app that took any material posted to it and put it on Facebook, Google+, etc, at once would be sweet.  I still like being able to have different social circles via different platforms and so material uploaded to that platform directly would remain “exclusive” (the app wouldn’t pull information, only push it), but sometimes I wish I didn’t have to upload things several times over to cover everyone, when I want to do so.

  • Wade Halva

    I’d like an app that could estimate my drive time to my next appointments based on what is listed as my location on my calendar and then create “drive time appointments” for those estimated times so that I don’t run too late.

  • If my Android device could produce a hologram of myself and go to work that would be awesome. I could then sleep in and my hologram can trick everyone into thinking I am doing work, much like I usually do.

  • Miguel

    I would want my android device to tell me exactly where that one thing is that i just can’t find

  • I don’t mean to rip off George, but I want iToilet! 😀

  • Michael

    Not productivity per se, but I want a way for my phone to tell me where I left things. Sort of like Google, but for physical objects. “Phone, where are my keys?” “They’re on the kitchen table.” “Thanks.”

    I’ve actually sort of been thinking about how to do this. It involves RFID sensors in every doorway in my house, plus an Android app. (Obviously, this would only work inside my house.)

  • I wish my Android device could run VMware Workstation so I could have Windows Virtual Machines and use Windows programs

  • Chasm31

    I wish my phone would automatically sync with all my devices such as tv and vehicle. I know there’s ways to do this but I wish it was automatic. Maps when I need maps, music when and what I want to hear, read texts, and lookup tv guide and change channels. Basically ease of use from one app to stay connected at all times.

  • Anonymous

    I want an app that syncs everything with all my Android devices (and Windows computer)

    Gmail, text messages (w/ mms support), calls, chats, browsing history, etc. With the ability to send back as well (texts)I know there are apps to to each one by itself but nothing that does it all in one.Just push it another step further, being able to hook up to my phone via wifi and then use it to make calls on whatever device is synced with it. Like mobile hotspot but mobile calling.

  • Anonymous

    I wish my Android phone was also a Lightsaber.. that would be the only way to make it cooler and me more productive.

  • I would like to have an app that pings off the gps location of all the hot women near me and map the location

  • Seamlessly inform contact you are texting, IMing, on a call with, your current battery level so that if you stop responding they are aware that your phone has possibly died.

  • lilschil

    Recharge battery via solar power

  • Uncle_ernie

    I want a system monitor similar to the Windows Task Manager so I can watch the system work and tune my use of features and apps in order to extend battery life and discard apps that are too resource intensive.

  • John Roberto Zapata

    Location based profiles.
    An app that would just change a profile in the phone depending on where I am. For example Work would show work emails and have different notifications than home.

  • pwstrain

    I’d like an “Entertainment Awareness” app. It should be location based, so when I query it for what’s happening it looks locally. It should also learn my preferences – theatre and karaoke over bars and poetry readings, for instance. It would be really cool if it kept up with my calendar and told me in advance of travel what was going on at the destination so I could book it.

  • Speedykid12345

    I would love to have something that allows me to develop/edit videos in a professional manner.

  • Jszklany

    I want an app that allows me to use my android tablet as pen input device for Photoshop on my PC.  Something that allows me to see the pictures, edit them, customize menu bars, etc.

  • i’d really like an easy way to sync saved games and app settings from my phone to my tablet.

  • Anonymous

    It would be great to have a usable projector function on tablets. It would make work presentations, watching movies etc a lot easier.

  • Jspoxson

    I would love to be able to access a to-do list from all of my android devices and my iDevices, and have that to-do list have sorting, prioritizing, subtasks and recurring tasks available to me. And I would love it if I could see a calendar that showed me not only my appointments for the day, but all of the tasks due that day too.

  • I wish my phone and computer could sync and that some functionality of my phone could work on my computer. e.g If i am sitting at home and my phone is connected to the same network as my computer, i wish i could receive texts and respond to them from my computer or get phone calls and be able to answer them with the mic on my computer. I dont carry my phone around with me everywhere when I am just home from work, but i am generally at a computer browsing the net.

  • Ali

    IR blaster

  • Mitch Sears

    I am a freelance promotional and documentary filmmaker, and I love my android and tablet. They’ve revolutionized the way I get the job done. Whether it’s rewriting shared scripts with my team on google docs, conveniently presenting idea boards to clients on my tablet gallery, or just showing off my work to potential clients in those “elevator presentation” type situations; android just makes my life easier. Unfortunately, there’s on area that I can’t seem to streamline: editing. Regardless of all the mobile innovations, I still am stuck at my desk at home, lugging around hard drives all over the place to get the bulk of the work done. It’s just the way things work, but with apps like Photoshop for tablets and their Creative Cloud, it makes me hopeful for one day for android to make my editing workflow as nice as it has the rest of the process.

    I would kill for an app that could synchronize a video project across several devices. I realize that we’re still limited by technology and infrastructure, but I would love to see the day where I can shoot video on location, plug the sd card into the tablet between shoots and get the video to some sort of cloud drive. From there, the video files themselves would be compressed to a lower quality universal file type that could stream easier. From a tablet on location, I would then be able to make quick, rough edits; while simultaneously my editor back at the office could access the raw footage on his iMac at home and begin logging, animating, and all the other processes that are just too much for the tablet. On the bus ride home I could then continue making simple edits using the low quality versions of the file. Then once I get home, the work my editor and I made on my tablet are saved on a universal file format (maybe xml). I pull up the project off the cloud drive onto my tower at home, open it up in Avid or Final Cut and clean up the rough cut using the full size footage with the powerful machine. This would allow me to work on the project on the go, without lugging a huge macbook around AND allow the rest of the team to start doing their job simultaneously.

    It would also be nice to be able to say, pull up the rough cut (streaming) on my android phone or tablet, when meeting with clients. Rather than taking 20 minutes to render, put it on a hard drive, and go to their office, I could just send them a link to the file, and they can see where we’re at and give me feedback collaboratively (maybe a timeline comment system).

    This is probably TL;DR, so real quick: Cloud based video editing using a universal file format allowing uploading, editing and viewing of the compressed work on the go on my android devices, and leaving the heavy lifting to my power machine at home.

  • I’d like the two following things:

    1.  An app that shows what’s on TV, then you select what you want to watch (from your phone) and your TV changes to that station (or internet stream for that matter)

    2.  A way to sync my Google Music with more than the Google Music app.  It’s pretty terrible and an eye sore.

  • I would like a Kindle that has a USB host. I shoot digital photography on location, and it would be nice to immediately be able to see the photos on a large screen (larger than the camera LCD), but carrying a laptop around on location is a bit cumbersome. A small tablet with a USB host (so I can read Compact Flash cards) would be great, and easily fit in my camera bag.

  • I would love to be able to sync my Android phone to my laptop – so when I am working on my laptop, and I receive a text message or phone call, I don’t have to pick up my phone, go through it, etc – my new messages/notifications could just pop up on my laptop home screen all in one application. That would be awesome! Wireless would be even better! 🙂

  • I just have a simple request — syncing with my computer as far as work spaces go.  Say I swipe my phone and then all chats, open browser sessions, actively playing music, is transferred to my phone.  The same would work vice versa to the computer.  But a swipe using NFC or maybe bluetooth connection or wifi… I’m not sure of the logistics of the transfer method, otherwise I would have made it 🙂

  • ONE_OF_300

    I would like an app that uses the phones sensors (which no phone has right now) that can read my brain activity and know what I want to do with my phone and have the app ready as soon as I unlock the phone. Or if it is something like sending a text message, read the thoughts and send the message automatically without even unlocking the phone…. hmmmm…. : p 

  • pegi

    I have often wished my smartphone had a thermometer… lol  and a really good macro lens on my camera.

  • nwd1911

    I would like an application that allows data to flow from Smartphone to Tablet to Laptop/Desktop seamlessly.  SMS could be transferred to Tablet or Laptop with the push of a button or automatically based on your settings.  The phone could still be used to send/receive SMS, but you could type on your Tablet/Laptop.  Conversly, if you are watching a YouTube clip or movie on Tablet/Laptop, it could transfer to your Smartphone with a push of a button.  Your information would be available in the most convenient form regardless of device.  Work items could be synced as well, Execl doc that you need to take with you as your run out the door for a meeting.

  • Jim Reagor

    Not really productivity but I want an app that lets me share, live, the music I am listening to with my friends sitting around me either via bluetooth, wifi or cellular network.

  • The one thing I want on my android phone to do is when I set a ringtone for a specific person that it also plays it when they text or email me and not the default sound that I set for email or text. That way if I hear an email or text from somebody I can choose to open or ignore it.

  • Anonymous

    Something like Pulse but for all of the daily deal sites, Living Social, Woot, etc. One way to easily find out what all of the deal sites are selling that day. Also add in features to edit which sites you want to see and what types of products you are interested in.

  • Pmagent2013

    I would love a way that all my data and files and projects would automatically sync between my tablet and phone. Oh maybe use your phone as a keyboard for your tablet and even eventually include nfc support so you can bump devices to transfer files and projects.

  • Anonymous

    How about a music file manager that can repair song data/information just by recognizing the song. It could bring uniformity to the various music files that one gets from many sources. Build this into my music player or add this functionality to a file manager or song identifying application. I currently have music that will not bring up album art or that is labeled with the incorrect Band or Album title. Kind of annoys me.

  • Prryan

    I would like to see a Volunteer/Service project application that gives people ideas for ways to help out in the community.  It would use your phone’s location, and given how far you would be willing to travel it would provide you with places that are in need of help nearby.  Also using the phone’s location it would connect you with other people in your area that you may know who are also volunteering!

  • Lordchaz

    Video conference calling

  • RobC

    I’d love to have Matlab functionality on my tablet so I can code on the go without having to pull out my giant work laptop

  • Anonymous

    A way to send a text message to people easily telling them I’m late, and based on the nav app how long it’ll be before I’m there.

  • Joshzandersantee

    An app that would turn 4g on and off depending on what apps are being used at the time. Like if your checking an email it would be off but if there’s an attachment then it would turn on. Or if you opened YouTube,Pandora, or any other heavy usage app.

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Better sync with Exchange without a third party app, via USB if needed…

  • Panderson81

    All the apps I want are available and It would be nice to have a tablet to use them on

  • Lance

    IT would be nice if my phone had more interactivity with my car, tell me here im parked, warn me when im under a 1/4 thank of gas, tell me what codes are being exclaimed when the check engine light goes on.. unlock drrod lower windows or start the car as im leaving the house..    and jam all apple iphone signals as i walk/drive by them LOL

  • alert me when a document in a specified location (network drive, for example) is modified.  It would help tremendously to know that someone made changes (that I was waiting for) to a document that i was working on with them.  it would save the hassle of having to check myself via the computer or having the other people email me to let me know they modified the document.

  • Ben

    I have multiple computers in my life (work desk, work laptop, home desk, home laptop (x2), tablet, smart phone).  

    Across all of those platforms I browse the same stuff online.  Can we please get Browser Tab, Bookmark, and Password Synchronization in a resource efficient, stable, and secure browser?

  • Tommy Thompson

    I would really like better multi-tasking abilities, I know that isn’t an app, but it has to do with them. I would love the ability to have the browser open on one half of the screen and adobe ideas or some other app open on the other half. 

  • I would like to see some mobile math processing. I realize that is is very processor heavy, but matlab, mathematica or maple even would be fantastic to have on the go.

  • I would like to see a similar functionality to the card swipes that WebOS has.  Multitasking is so much easier on WebOS.  If android had a similar feature I would pay good money to purchase!

  • Damian

    Star Trek style dictation. Remember in Star Trek how they would ask the computer to theorize what could be the cause of something. Apple’s latest release takes a step forward, but is a far cry from the voice interaction seen in Star Trek.

  • John

    I wish my android device had better transcription services.  Google voice has the ability to transcribe a voice message, but the transcription is rarely accurate.  It is often helpful for me to read the transcription of a voice message to understand why the person called.

    At some point if this could be linked to better translation services, it could possible facilitate easier communication between people who speak different languages as well.

  • Anonymous

    Meteorological sensors like thermometers, barometers, anemometers, and hygrometers incorporated into the phones linking to a weather service so we could get live weather updates from multiple areas and hopefully improve weather prediction. 

  • If I save an event or reminder on my phone I would like it to push a notification to my computer as well, maybe through Chrome. Sounds like something that probably already exists.

  • If my Android device could communicate with my cars and remind me via calendar/email/text notifications when recommended services are due, tires should be rotated, show me diagnostic trouble codes and what the problem is instead of a MIL  light.  It would also be nice to have the services due reminder be programmable to schedule at your local dealer or mechanic a date and time based on your calendar availability.  To go even further have a database of all vehicle info and standard labor rates in your area alongside time to perform the service(s) to prepare you for an expense ahead of time.  In these times preventative maintenance on our vehicles is key given more and more people are holding on to vehicles even longer.  Just a thought or two…

  • Rp780

    I attend a lot of meeting, so the productivity feature i would like to see is one that allows me to take note ( typing or writing) while it automatically records the meeting. Once the meeting is over the files will be emailed to me. 

  • I would like a ‘bump’ style feature to switch my service between multiple phones.  So if I had multiple phones, I could just bump my service to the other phone for the day then bump it back.

  • Anonymous

    I would like a feature that dynamically adjusts my meeting reminders based on my proximity to the meeting location.  I.e.  If I am 100ft from the meeting, remind me 5 minutes before.  Or I am 2 miles from my meeting remind me 1 hour before. And so on. 

    Additionally, this feature would be even better if it had a setting/sub-feature that (when you are far enough away from your meeting) it asks you how you are traveling to your meeting and takes into account time for public transit, traffic, walking, biking, etc and extends the reminder.  You would be allowed to set custom option sets so it would only ask you those options (for example: biking/walking to your meeting, it would only ask you about biking/walking instead of bus, train, car, etc too).  The prompt asking how you are traveling would appear (remind you) at the time it has calculated you need to be reminded if you would select the SLOWEST travel option, and then would snooze the reminder to a later time if you select a faster option.

  • Frstsaxman

    I would like a app that will sync my driod phone, my android tablet, and my Google tv so that I can access each device from the other device.

    For example if I am at work or waiting in line at the DMV and I want to watch my tv or shows in my DVR then I could access my google tv through my droid phone and/or tablet and live stream tv or prerecorded shows.

    If I am at home watching TV I would like to receive my texts and emails and be able to respond to them in a non intrusive way on my tv and/or tablet.

    Basically we need the phone features available on whatever device we happen to be using at the time and would like access to TV and our DVR from anywhere on whatever device we happen to be using.

  • How about an app that tracks what you do and when?  This data can be used to see which apps are used most often and for the longest periods of time.  From this data you can offer suggestions for other apps to use that offer similar function, combine the utilities of two or more apps, are new, or are recommended more highly.

    I’d also love to have a theming application that could offer real-time updates to how everything would look.  Right now all you can do is create your own or settle for something another person created.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not aware if there is software that does this already but regardless I’m sure it could be implemented in many ways: I think a software that connects to the phone via a client and wifi/usb cable that allows easy sharing of files, documents, pictures, music, as well as sharing some of the phone functions: sending a sms/mms from your computer through the phone. Usb mode is simply just a bit too basic and cumbersome at times.

  • Chino7236

    I would probably kill for a way to manage phones from a server, like the Blackberry server.  Remote wipe, track, security policies, web filtering, etc.  There is stuff to do this on a per-phone basis, but this is a nightmare to manage from a corporate standpoint, and the only reason why we still have BB’s at the office.

  • Evan Knofsky

    I would love notifications to be synced throughout devices. Example, when I check an email on my tablet I wish the notification would go away on my phone, or if I check the email on my desktop the tablet and phones notification would be cleared. Same goes for twitter / Facebook and other social medias.

  • I would like a scheduling app that sync’d across multiple phones so I can keep track of friends and familys schedules that change on a weekly basis. 

  • I wish there was an app that could actually automatically backup all the settings on an app and give its users the ability to transfer it to another phone without the need of a MicroSD card..

  • Anonymous

    Maybe not very productive, but the ability to set a time frame for when I want ringer volume up and when I want it on silent/vibrate for people who are on a specific schedule, it can be annoying having to turn sound on and off twice a day everyday, and even disruptive to others when you forget.

  • Bluedevils0000

    The ability to hook my phone straight into my tablet to transfer files.

  • jackard

    I would LOVE a better app that would combine google contacts, calendar and tasks and if you could tie into evernote I would be in heaven.  

  • Anonymous

    I wish tasks, lists and reminders were more of a native feature.  I would settle for a powerful yet simple tasks/lists app.  

  • Feras Hanano

    Something like Smart Actions from the Razr, natively. Not like Locale, etc. Although, Amazons streaming program is pretty pimp; watch something on your tablet, pause and have it pick up and transfer to your tv, phone, pc…

  • Cmrobinson2019

    There are two apps I would like.  One is an app that quickly finds the “best of” broken down to 3 or 4 demographics.  The amount of time I spend researching could be greatly reduced!  Let’s say for example I want to quickly find the best brake pads for my vehicle.  The app would return 3 to 5 definitive choices [maybe based on categories like: 1) overall value  2) popularity 3) user voted  4) experts 5) emerging.]  I know a lot of it is subjective, but I want to quickly research it, get an answer, purchase it, and move on.

    The other app that eventually will come is an app that replaces the ballot box.  We have a representative style of democratic government.  That is to say, we have people who we elect to make choices for us as a populace, because historically it would have been impossible to get all of our opinions quickly and costly.  Today, with tremendous advances in technology government could have bi-weekly electronic elections to learn what the majority of the community wants.  If the app were secure it could create a whole new democracy and faster more “truly” representative government.  You could start it in a small city 20,000 or less people to see how it works.  It would be truly transformative.   “Democracy (via this app) would be the device that ensures that all people are governed the exact way they deserve to be!”

  • Dave Sacco

    I wish my Android device could replace my desktop computer so I could do work from the beach!

  • Jeremy Stewart

    I’d love an app that would show a simple status of computers and allow you to reboot or power them on remotely.

  • Anonymous

    An app that gives you LIVE traffic statistics from local news stations/whoever reports local traffic
    and that can calculate what your toll will be on turnpikes/toll roads
    and would allow you to pay your toll with your phone (assuming it has

  • Kevin k

    How about something that uld allow your phone to be used as an easy pass device. Say your in a different vehicle than your own and want to use it you can bring up something on the phone that activates it.

  • I would like my android device to have a link with my car’s computer without the need for bluetooth OBDII adapeters.  You get so much good information and can log details along with gps so you know where problems happened.

  • Anonymous

    Productivity feature…I need an app with robust network and server monitoring. i can imagine a nice console that lets me see server and network health, as well as connectivity and auditing features. Combine this with the VPN of choice and monitor your network remotely on the fly. Throw in some storage usage features and you have a gold mine. Android needs more productivity/business apps to open up that market. 

    On a personal note I would really like to see something in tuned with a project management role. Something similar to the Microsoft Courier that never was. This could be used at home and at work and could simplify life’s projects greatly. Pulling all info together no matter what you are doing always creates more time and efficiency, I have yet to see an personal assistant app really make that happen. 

    Thanks for the contest. 

  • Anonymous

    Push email rather than pull email, considering the battery life issues with 4G this would be a win-win-win

  • Chino7236

    I’d love a way to unlock with my fingerprint.  We are probably a ways out before the screens could ever be sensitive enough, but biometrics somewhere on the device to unlock would be sick.  Especially if you could use that unlock in to different user accounts.  Imagine being able to pick up a tablet shared by the family, swipe your finger and unlock in to your theme/settings/wallpaper/apps.  Kids could unlock in to modes that just had their games and hid the email app synced to Exchange at work.  Having multiple user accounts that could run concurrently would be great in general.

  • I wish my android device was able to automatically sync to my girlfriends phone, and set off a crazy obnoxious alarm to remind her to take her pill. The pill.

  • kking56

    be able to connect to a media server that can play your media anywhere you are with voice only activation. that way not have to waste storage space with media on the tablet it self.  Also a transparent design when the tablet is off so it looks like a piece of glass and then when it turns out its display appears.

  • Dave Hale

    A group collaboration tool.  Something like toodledo (if it’s API had the sharing for mobile clients working) combined with Evernote/Springpad (a place to put put files/docs/links/etc).  It wouldn’t have to be realtime, but having a central place to store and track everything would be great for projects.

  • I would like my android phone to have better integration with my computer, like the iphone and itunes does, and better battery life wouldn’t hurt 

  • I would like a tablet to be able to tell me if my car is being broken into, tell me if my car is not running at 100%, will start my car for me in the winter on a schedule and will give me feedback on my driving habbits that will suggest ways to drive more fuel efficient or safer.

  • Justin Norman

    another awesome idea would be child tracker – a feature that you can link phones up together, so that a parent can track the usage of their childs phone, and their gps location. i know its been out there on some low level apps, but this would be ideal for new users coming to the cell phone world, and a safety concept for widespread child use of cell phones! 🙂 

    • David Hayden

      It’s called Google Latitude.

      Anyways, It’d be nice if there was feature that kicked me off Droid Life when I have work to do. Actually, I hope they don’t make that.

      •  Google lattitude is easily turned off and it wont track their activity on the phone but lattitude is a step in the right direction

  • Paulyp1919

    I guess it might be nice to have you Outlook Calander automatically dial conference calls.

  • Bladeofanduril27

    I would like my phone, using the power of Droid and CompanionLink combined to interweave itself with the time-space-continuum so that it can slow or speed up time to counter the negative atrophy at play in the universe.  This would also allow for rewinding time a few minutes for when natural male stupidity comes into play and creates a need to unsay something moronic that I may have said to my wife. It would also allow me to say to my boss what I truly feel about him without being fired.

  • vzwdj

    I think a killer productivity feature I would love on my android phone is an app which automatically adjusts to your location based off of GPS coordinates you setup and sends out various commands. For example, you would set your Home address as home and office as office and anytime you were within X miles of the location your phone would do whichever commands you program it to do…such as turning on the air conditioner, heater. lights etc. and this would all be pre-programed and automated when your device GPS shows you within X miles of your destination.
    It could also be further integrated with time settings, meaning you could also set it based on time and GPS..i.e. if it is 6pm and you are within 2 miles of Home you could have it set to turn on your outside lights, but if it is 11am they wouldn’t go on.

  • I wish I had a seamless way to sync my Outlook/Exchange tasks. I use them daily and it’s not supported on most Android devices.

  • Mitch619

    I live in NYC, and nothing would make me happier than my phone incorporating expected subway train departure times into navigation.  For instance, at night, trains come infrequently, and it would be great to know that a train just left and another won’t arrive for 15 minutes, allowing me to catch a cab or take a different train.

  • Justin Norman

    i work very hard all day long, and i get documents sent to me on the daily, from pdfs, to xmls to other types. i would love the ability to write, edit, and print my documents wireless from my device, and have them print to a remote printer in the office building, without having to worry about getting a pc,  and have it be in the right format, and be ready to take to my office meeting on the fly!

  • Sprotthedestroyer

    i would like to see no touch hand motions. just like facial recognition but useing the camera very similar to the way the kinect works. i can swipe my finger a few inches above the screen and have it unlock. or even using the same motion to scroll thru your homescreens, and even a recognition where you can tap your finger an inch above the screen and send messages and maybe even use the keyboard that way. i heard they were making it but havent heard anything since then. Thats the function i want to see on my android device

  • Terrasinick

    I wish the android tablets would sync with your android phone and you could recieve text messages and phone calls on your tablet. I wish all the information and pictures on your phone could be connected to the tablet so you wouldnt have to worry about your phone and tablet.

  • I wish I could have a feature that keeps my tablet and phone sd card data in sync over bluetooth. I HATE having to transfer data every new device/rom, and sometimes wired, wifi or cloud options are slow and a pain in the butt.

  • Anonymous

    I would love for my Android device to have the ability to blast whatever I am viewing at the time to another device. If I am listening to music I would like to point it to a larger sound system and maybe push it off screen and it will begin playing on the speaker. Or in the case of a tv, watching a clip or viewing a webpage, just push it off toward the tv and it will begin to display it. One more thing would be to pull information, such as driving in a car and you could pull info to the device such as oil pressure or tire pressure….. We can only hope!!!

  • funlap38

    I would like an app that tracks my time usage of various things over the course of a long period of time, like a month or so. It would require a bit of manual input. Then after the initial observation period would let me know how I can better utilize my time to become more efficient. This would include tracking routes of driving or calculating how long you spend on phone calls and from whom those calls come. This would help to make me much better at managing my limited time.

  • Jdb

    An app that would allow for the creation of a “guest” profile for my phone.  That way when I lend my phone to my daughter or someone else they would have restricted access text or apps.

    • Justin Norman

      they already have this jdb 😉 

  • Mike M

    I’d like an app that would allow me to connect my phone / tablet to my digital camera.  I could hook them up by usb, and be able to view / download the photos right to my android device, instead of having to go camera > computer > android.

  • Rockrdr

    I’d like a quick scribe app with stylus, sometimes your reading or doing whatever and you just want to hit a “button” and bamm jot down a quick note befor you forget…

    ex. “opps forgot the milk” wife is gonna kill me! 😛

  • Jason Kehoe

    I would like my android to record the entire day and archive it. It would record all audio 24/7 with an option to scrub back to the past to see what was said and the geo location it was said at. It would be great to have an audio historic archive of our lives. When scrubbing back you could “Tag” voices to pair then with the speaker. You could then search for audio from them in your archive.

    • Rockrdr

      try evernote!

  • A native app that can easily drag and drop files and media between computers and phones on the same wifi connection irregardless of the kind of system or operating system.

  • I’d love a sync to my car through my Sync system, reading emails, voice prompts for buying, reading books through the car audio, ability to search the Kindle by voice, full integration to read into the car’s computer as well. It would bring a new concept to “books on tape” and give me a one stop into what is going on with my car.

  • I’d like to be able to seamlessly and automatically sync my tablet and my smartphone. The tablet should be an extension of my smartphone. For example, the tablet should receive texts and notifications synced to my phone.

  • Matt

    I want an app that will open my front door when I get home.  Any and all home automation!

  • Anonymous

    I would like an app that keeps track of my kids while I’m on my phone or my computer, even nicer if it would do this while I take a nap.

  • Anonymous

    One productivity feature that I would really love is to have the ability to “swipe” the people I wish not to speak to. Multi-touch would be a plus, but its probably stretching it….

  • Typo

    I would like to see android tablets with the ability to take phone calls…

  • i believe there should be a way to throw whatever you are doing on your phone to a pc, tablet, another phone, etc. wireless syncing on whatever you are doing should be a high priority to heighten the productivity level.

  • Bcas15

    I would like an app where I could answer my texts on my laptop.  I know google talk is similar but not everyone has google talk. 

  • Fady Ibrahim

    I’d like a feature that would connect my android apps from a phone to a tablet so they can sync together but also to my desktop computer. For example, it could be inside a windows app, where if I started a game, I can pause it and continue it on a desktop, or a tablet. But the idea would be, it doesn’t have to be an android device running the app. That way, maybe through an app or  browser, I can continue my game that I started on my phone or tablet, that way I can use the android ecosystem on any other ecosystem (windows, mac, etc).

  • Preston Kiser

    Proper note taking and transcription would go a LONG way for me. Android does have a number of note-taking and voice-recognition apps, but none of them offer a compete feature set. Handwriting recognition, accurate stylus support, and quality dictation and transcription of voice would make tablets such as these so much more viable for real-world usage.

  • Anonymous

    I would love an app that controls a BBQ pit. Set it up to control temperature and read temperature of the various meats you are cooking. It would be able to control servos on the BBQ pit to control the temperature. It would also have alarms that tell you when the meats are at optimum temperature. You could spend more time with family and friends and less concerned about controlling the pit!

  • Vyperstrike

    The ability to move flawlessly across platforms.

    I could be listening to music on my phone while surfing the web, get home, click a button and instantly have the music playing on the PC and the website on my tablet. Something like that.

  • BikerBob1789

    Able to remotely control appliances, lights, HVAC etc.

  • Jflikk

    I would like an app that would give me updates as to the weather and general walk/drive times on my way to work and school as a wake up alarm.

  • Brian Caswell

    I would like an app where I could answer texts and calls from my laptop.  I know Google Talk is close to the texting part but not everybody has google talk.

  • i wish there was a simple way to stream my desktop enviornment to my tv.  so i could use my computer from my livingroom, without it actually being in my livingroom.  using the phone as an input device.  maybe a couple shortcuts on the phone app to jump directly to music/ web/ tv/ etc.

  • I would like cloud functionality to host secure documents. Then, using the GPS/Wifi/Network on the device check whether you are in an area that has pre-determined access to specific data. Then once you have validated that you are in the required area, you have access to that secure data. This would be very useful in many fields.

  • Genius

    I wish I could input my daily driving routine (i.e. home to work, leave at 8am, work to home, leave at 5pm, etc) into a traffic monitoring app that would text me the moment it detects a jam up in my route during my drive. 

    The ability to only have to enter your daily routine once and your droid would know to alert you BEFORE you get stuck in a traffic jam, for years to come (or until you change your routine), would be priceless. 

    • Guest

      Android already has this its a traffic widget, I use it and Love it!  here http://www.droid-life.com/2011/06/21/tip-google-maps-traffic-widgets-can-save-you-some-serious-time/

      • Genius

        Well it’s not exactly the same thing. I don’t want my phone tracking traffic to different places 24/7 via it’s choice of routes, I wan’t a specific route that I input to be monitored only during the times I enter. And if I leave the house and it shows no traffic, then 10 minutes into my drive there’s an accident on my route that brings traffic to a halt, I want my phone to buzz and alert me instantly.

  • I wish my phone could read my mind and be able to send texts or emails or open an app  without me saying or doing nothing 🙂 just thinking. 

  • Sukhpreet Kang

    I would like my phone to also be a radar detector when using the car dock

  • I really want something to keep me on task, focused on getting work done. The app, at random intervals, triggers an alarm. To shut it off, I must honestly answer if I’m working or if I got distracted. If I say I’m not working, my phone turns on air plane mode for a time before turning it off but, if I said I was working, the alarm does not sound for quite some time. Kinda hard to explain…. 

  • Mr Manville

    I want an app that allow me to customize data entry. For example, I want a personal finance app, but all the ones Ive test have too many clicks to enter data or are just way more than what I need. Just a simple dollar amount field and a category field, then the data is pulled down into a hidden spreadsheet with dates added and aggregations done behind the scenes. Perhaps a hub where I can view trending.

  • Full featured screenwriting applications for tablets would be awesome. Sometimes I want to carry around my tablet instead of lugging around my laptop! Would be nice to have when inspiration strikes!

  • I wish I had a unified Google Docs/Dropbox sync where everything is in the same place and synced everywhere. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if this counts as a productivity feature, but I would love to be able to fully blog from my Android phone or tablet. WordPress and other services have blogging apps, but it doesn’t have access to all the CMS stuff that I have to use on our site, and it doesn’t seem like these apps handle embedding images that well. If I could fully blog from my tablet, it would be awesome. And something like the Asus Transformer Prime with the keyboard dock would be a great laptop replacement! Though if I could blog from the Kindle Fire, that’d be even more awesome since I am a big fan of 7-inch tablets.

  • Anonymous

    For my android phone to be able to allow cross platform multiplayer for MW3 on PC PS3 and 360.

  • Motta2003

    I’d like my phone to regulate my heating/cooling based on the outside weather and my previous settings if I adjusted them…plus having it remotely accessible would be sweet!

  • Bart Carter

    Would love to see a really killer GTD android app and widget combination.  RTM is heading in the right direction but would like to see something like Ominfocus on the Android platform.  Maybe Nirvanahq, will get in gear and get a native app for Android.

  • Anonymous

    text/email/call later reminders.  If I’m in the middle of something and can’t respond right away i can click to have it remind me to do it x hours anr y mins from now

  • Joshua Newsome

    Also, while there may be something out there already, a VPN client and a good instance of a web server would be nice.

  • I wish to be able to have an native application that does video conferencing with a drawing board that all connected parties can draw/colour/type on. This would be perfect for collaborating on storyboard via a tablet, and this is particularly important as I’m a filmmaker.

    Of course, the storyboard that the team have collaborated on should be saved in the cloud and synced to their PCs later on. It may not necessarily be Dropbox, but it would be a killer to have a Dropbox sync option.

    The video conference would allow sound to be heard and hence discussion on what kind of music to use for the film could also go on there. It would be killer to all collaborate on lightweight portable tablets that lasts for hours without the need of a full-fledged laptop.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like it if there were more automation built into Android regarding managing of ringtones and notification sounds.  Kind of like Tasker or Locale, but built in.  By default.  These are supposed to be smartphones.  They just need to be a little bit smarter!  🙂

  • File editing based on proximity to wireless network or devices.

    For example: I’m walking out of the office. My phone asks “You were recently working on file ‘QuarterlyEarnings2011.xls.’ Would you like to take this file with you?”I say “Yes” and the most recently saved version of that file is synced to my phone so that when I get home, I have the latest version available.
    As my phone logs onto my home wireless network, and more importantly, as I approach my home computer, I’m asked “Would you like to continue editing ‘QuarterlyEarnings2011.xls?'”
    Now I never have to stop working!

    … As I read this, maybe this is a feature I’d start hating right away … 


  • Better autocorrect features.  The number of embarassing autocorrect errors I encounter daily is too much!

  • Chrome as my browser

  • Bdickerson74

    I would love to see perfect sync between my phone and tablet native to both. For instance, I could check my text messages on my tablet when in range of my phone. This would keep me from having to switch between the two devices while working. And obviously more than just text messages. Sync progress in games and scores. 

  • Anonymous

    i wish my phone would send a confirmation call for appointments that i have with a friendly voice.  as in, i set the time and how early before the appointment actually takes place for it to call the person that I have an meeting with.  that would be killer.

  • Remote searching and access to emails and files.

    Not desktop mirroring, but an android client that would pair with a desktop client and allow you to search an entire outlook inbox for old email, or search your PC’s hard drive for a file, and transfer it to your android device.

  • RickyB

    I would love it if more devices had “docks” for home and car.  I think this is something missing and a lot of folks out there would jump on them.  I guess this is more of a manufacturer pitch but I would love to have a dock on my nightstand for my phone with a speaker and alarm clock integration!

  • Tsteege

    I would love to have the ability to have people check-in as to their status at the office.  Say a work site that lists everyone by department and shows if they are in/out/lunch or whatever.  Then after hours, using the same app it can post to a different linked site like your family site.  So going to the kids game would never show up on your work site, but your spouse could check and see your on the way… 

  • Anonymous

    I really wish there was some kind of uberfunctional doc-syncing device. Yeah, we gave Google Docs and Dropbox, but it’s just not the kind of seamless editing on mobile, hit save, pick it back up on desktop (or vice versa) experience that would make for great mobile productivity.

  • I would like an app that lets me know what games my friends are playing and have everybody be linked together with a high scores page (sort of a social high scores page).

  • Jbegs23

    I would like to see a car that has a dock on the center of the steering wheel. You attach your smartphone to the dock and using the navigation/GPS, enter your destination, and the car drives itself to your end-point.

  • I want a BBM type service for Android

  • Anonymous

    If my device could control everything in my house that would be pretty damn cool. i mean TV, Microwave, Oven, A/C ect….

  • An app that calls the person in front of me and tells them to go the speed limit instead of 10 under

  • JD

    Killer Productivity Features I need:

    1. To know in real time when some else is doing a task so I am not duplicated their effort.

    2. To be able to find my keys in the morning when they are missing.

  • Ecruz

    Something similar to cloud based synchronization. A way to be able to have all the devices that a have to be able to communicate with each other as well as be able to communicate with others that I allow in my cloud. 

  • I would like video editing software like final cut pro. It don’t have to be that advance, but somthing that i can do my class projects on.

  • Kevinkw

    I would love to be able to access/set my home DVR from my phone or tablet.

  • Jonathan

    Would love it if my phone could EASILY and afforabily sync data beyond email calendar and contacts.  Shopping lists (to easily share) / To Do Lists / Collaborative Family Data…

  • Oakley1261

    I would like something similar to Pandora for my home server.  The option to be able to “Like” music at home while streaming it to my phone.

  • Punkdefied

    I’d love a task list (to do list) that integrates with GPS.  The idea being if I have a task for today to get milk on the way home it would do pop-ups/vibrate/audible alerts letting me know when i was near a store to get milk.  sometimes when I am deep in road hypnosis I forget to do things that are outside of my normal routine.  This would also help me avoid proving my wife right (that I forget almost everything she asks me to do).

    Can you make this a reality?

  • Chris Hilbert

    I would love to be able to use Gmail with Locale.

  • BostonFan87

    Functionality based on GPS and time. Some Examples: When I’m at home or work, I don’t need my Email to be synced. When I’m at work, I want my phone on silent. When I’m at work, I need my work schedule and when I am away from work, I want my personal schedule. When I’m at home, I don’t need 3g on. In the morning, and evening, I want my news. When I’m at home or at a sports venue, I don’t need to be updated with sports scores. Mainly this is just a thought to someway separate my work phone from my personal phone without having two phones. The phone NEVER needs to pull double duties. It just needs to be one type of phone part of the time and a different type of phone the other half of the time

  • I think Android is already great. But, one thing I don’t like is the frame rate. Sometimes android phones are just choppy, and I used WP7 for instance and the frame rate was terrific.

  • TJ Egan

    – A 100% synchronized music player that syncs between my work/home computer and my phone (Google Music is not getting it done for me)

    – A group-message like service for anyone with Android (Not an app, but rather build in like BBM, makes it easier to coordinate with 2+ other people)

  • Wireless sync with my music/movie collection.

  • Alan Paone

    I would also love to see an app that syncs my angry birds stars between a phone and a tablet, that way I could play on both and not worry about losing my absurd amount of progress, I think that would help my productivity more than anything because I wouldn’t feel the compulsion to beat all the games again everytime I get a new phone tablet or ROM. 
    To tie this into enterprise, you could be really evil and sync full 3-star records into everyone at the company, thus taking away the desire to waste time both at work and at home, making everyone a more productive person.

  • Anonymous

    My biggest complaint about my Droid (X) is the lack of a good unified inbox. I would like to have my G-Mail/Yahoo Mail/Texts all in one place and easily be able to search all three.  I hate having to use a 3rd party mail app (K9) to accomplish this (e-mails only too), it’s a bit buggy and doesn’t quite push message out to the phone properly.

    Another would be better integration for cloud storage options with photos/videos/documents/etc.  

  • Recognize my voice better for voice to text

  • scooph

    On the fly verbal translations.

  • Finire

    I would like to see better integration with the Ford Sync System. Currently very few phones are supported over the system for text messaging. Let us txt through our cars already!

  • Eddie Leblanc

    notetaking app to record audio/video of lecture and make notes at the same time and when reviewing notes you can jump to the relevent part of the lecture

  • Rx8freehk

    Google docs integration with a better onscreen keyboard

  • I would like an App where it can collect data to tell you the Average Waiting Time at Different Places at Certain times to get in, and to get your food. 

    For Example, I want to go out to Dinner, but I’m not willing to wait Longer then 30 Minutes to get in, nor do I want to wait any longer then 10 Minutes to get my food. I would also be with a Group of 3. I would input that into the App, and it would tell me about places near me that have average waiting times less then that for that group size.

    Or you could also input the Exact Amount of time you have to be out to eat. It would then use the data it has collected to show places where you could be in and out within that time. 

    To go a step further, you could also have it tell me the average time it takes them to get the Food to you.

    It would collect the Data from other people using the App, and from the Data you then Input After the Fact.

    I could see something like this being Very Successful after the Initial Start up of Collecting the data.

  • A better Google Docs application would be great.

  • Anonymous

    something to do my work for me so i can read Droid-Life.com all day! 

  • A better Google Docs app would be nice.

  • Drfromnc

    all in one email inbox. i have a HP TouchPad and it’s mail app combines all new messages….i love it….

  • When it comes to productivity, automation appears to be king. The less work I do, the more I can accomplish other things. There are several applications that can help, but none seem to bring them all together (Tasker has been the closest, but requires some technical expertise and costs money). Something like Siri would be great, but that’s more of a personal assistant, and is still pretty limited.

    I would think some combination of personalized notifications (reminders for an event, a to-do list reminder, etc), automated application (location awareness, time-sensitive tasks like ringer volume, etc), and social features (let me know what friends are checked in nearbye on foursquare in the last 10min, quick recap of what my friends are doing tonight, etc).

    There are power users, and there are common users – common users can have their phone do so many things, but it’s not easy, because these applications are spread all over the place. Having something easy for the common user would be very useful.

  • Ckellogg1

    An app that sychs with my coworkers B.S. levels and tells me if I should go to work or stay home and play Xbox.

  • Justin Norman

    my favorite concept idea ive yet to seen implemented into phones just yet is the ability to turn work that i do on my phone into pdf documents, and be able to wireless print them from where ever i am. I have people sending me work information all day long. and it would so awesome if i could just wireless print those documents on the go, and not have to worry about where im located, having to grab a pc, or having to resize, re edit documents for viewing/printing on a pc. 

  • AxelaTDK

    Something that can minimize glitches and bugs in our phones besides a OTA software update. As much as I love my android smartphone, it does get buggy a lot more than other phones I’ve played with. thanks

  • i want my phone to save 10% of battery so that it is hard to actually die.  do this by turning off background apps, radios, dim the screen and turn up screen time out.  when it gets to 4%, turn the phone into a deep sleep mode but still allow alarms to work.   that way if you forget to charge your phone or the charger is faulty we still get up in time for work.   

    thanks guys!

  • Emmanuel Sanchez

    I would like for the UPS/FEDEX/USPS or any of the like to send a notification as soon as your box opens to tell you that you have a package waiting for you say at a mail box or PO box or something like that

  • Connect to work VPN.  Use bluetooth from phone to send RDP screens to my computer

  • Joseph Wynant

    when using the phone in portrait and typing on the keyboard, you can see the keyboard and the app you’re in. when in landscape, you can’t! instead you see ONLY a big text entry field. i want to see the app and keyboard in landscape mode! =D

  • Anonymous

    A simplified calendar conflicts checker.  The application (or widget) would present very simple “month” and “day” buttons and “time” buttons, which would allow the user to very simply input a date and time.  If it coincides with another event, you would get an immediate notification.  You can also set it so that it will warn you about close, but not overlapping, events.

  • Apps like Swift Key X can ‘learn’ from your SMS, twitter, Facebook, and etc. to recognize your style of writing. Now if that was integrated with your whole phone and let’s say you google a term, like, ‘renewable energy’ for a research paper that a sith lord, or your English teacher, has assigned. If you included a term like ‘essay’ in the search, your phone would filter the results and tailor a semi-ready essay rough draft thing going on. Maybe even an outline but in your words so it wouldn’t be plagiarizing. I’m just stuck in an essay writing mode..

  • Peter Haack

    More augmented reality games & apps.  With the robust nature of the superphones this type of thing should be pervasive in a short time.

  • Anonymous

    My Android should have the ability to disable all Hipster devices within a 100 ft. radius so I don’t have to listen to all the ihonks talk about Siri, iCloud, iMusic, iTunes, iPad 2, etc!

  • I wish my phone had the ability to use GPS to automatically put its self on vibrate when I’m in certain building or follow my schedule and when I’m in class put my phone on vibrate automatically

    • there is an app for that.  (NOT spoken in the tone of an i*hone commercial)

  • David Thomas

    Would love an email app that lets you delete individual emails from the server (ala the Blackberry) using a POP3 account.

    Also anything that could do a better job syncing contacts/calender over the 3G/4G and my Outlook would be fantastic

  • Julian Tirsu

    I would love if there was a way to change ringer profiles (silent, vibrate, loud, etc.) based on your GPS location to switch automatically if you’re at work, doctor’s office, or at home 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I wish it had predictive traffic, not just real time traffic.  A program that could analyze past traffic trends by day, week, time, accidents, types of congestion and make predictions based on current day, time, traffic conditions to provide a route that will get me home more quickly.

  • caboose1286

    I’d definitely love it if my phone could act as a universal remote for my receiver, TV, cable box, etc. That sure would make for a lot less clutter around the living room!

  • I would kill for easy to use Cisco VPN access. 

  • Easy, simple remote desktop access.

  • i wish i could get my device to do automated shopping services, like contact a company that would run errands for me while i was at work

  • Iny

    I want an app where I can read all of my Kindle, Nook, or Google books in one place, rather than have to look through multiple apps to find the books I want to read. I own a Nook Color, so I have books I have purchased through their app, but I have a lot of classics on the Kindle app.

  • legalkill

    Instant network file sharing across platforms.

  • Eric Paine

    I’d like to have two apps open at the same time, same window.

  • A notifying email feature that lets me set it to only notify me about emails that contain certain key words or to ignore others and not notify me

  • Jack Hoffman

    The ability to do Notes/Task with Exchange, without using a separate email program!

    Touchdown is great, but default Android client is getting better and better, but tasks/notes are essential for a lot of business users.  BB users have had it for ever, now we need it.

  • Duluke

    I would like built in IR transmitter and universal remote functionality, powered by Logitech.

  • J_Godd

    Would love my phone to become a universal remote for my TV, DVR, Stereo, XBox and BluRay.

  • Anonymous

    How about the ability to sync your phone with the kindle? I mean like be able to use the kindle like your phone or vice versa…

  • Nsbjj

    DVR cable box integration.  Being able to watch what’s recorded on your cable/satellite box on your phone or tablet from anywhere.  So if you’re on vacation you can watch what your home DVR recorded on your tablet.   

  • DubJ

    I would like my phone to enlarge to a Tablet which can then enlarge to a 24inch desktop monitor which can then enlarge to my 64inch TV. ALA The Jetsons.
    Hell while Im at it, it should drive me to work to.

  • Marben20

    a great not  syncing tool… like microsoft one note… but make it easier for input and copy content for tablets and phones. Also to make it easy to share with other people is very important so you can both contribute to it at the same time.

  • GotSka81

    I would love to see a sharepoint-style software that syncs between all OS environments.  My company has windows, mac, ios, android, etc and it would really help!  Most offerings just don’t cut it.

  • Bygalvez

    I wish my android device could control other devices in my home through a single utility that uses both infrared and wireless tech.  Like a universal remote and network adminstrator.

  • Appleanche

    Being able to sync all data through your phone and computers at home easily. This is especially true on Android with it’s sort of confusing file system for most new users. For example if you opened up a word editor it would show all files usable available automatically, whether it was on your PC or Phone.

  • Paul Peeler

    The ability to simply connect to NFS, SMB, etc.. shares.

  • Grmestrpr

    With the growing population and the increase in global warming, I wish that there was an app to find another planet that is habitable so that I may go there and start humanity anew.

  • daniel mann

    Better battery life.

  • I wish I had a tablet period! But I would like to have some sort of budgeting tools.

  • Anonymous

    I want to be able to access and control all features of my phone from my PC.  Similar to the Motorola Webtop app, only not sub-par.

  • I wish I had a tablet period! But I would like to have some sort of budgeting tools on it.

  • Droid_X Owner

    The most wanted feature on any device is to have it last longer than a day with full use.  Remember old cellphones that could last 3-4 days before needing to be charged.

  • The ability to delete emails via the notification bar.

  • I wish my Android device could more easily be remotely controlled. For example, when I’m at work with a keyboard and mouse, I wish that I could pull up a window that is my phone’s screen and easily control it. I realize there are some applications that do this but none of them do it well. I wish this could act more like Windows’ Remote Desktop, changing the resolution to my monitor’s resolution and everything – not just simple VNC or equiv.


    I would like an app that could record a lecture and change in to text and then turn it into a document 

  • Anonymous

    I would love for my Android device to have stylus based note-taking with handwriting recognition.

  • The most desirable productivity feature I wish I had on my Android phone was true cloud integration of everything in one cohesive hub. Currently I have Google Voice for calls, GMail for personal emails, and DeskSMS for texts. If there was one unified location I could easily and quickly check all forms of communication regardless if I’m on my phone/tablet/computer.

  • I wish that when i shake someones hand for the first time the device automatically syncs all there contacts and you can later add or modify things to it in recent contacts added. Could be done using either NFC, gps , or any of the other radios in devices today. 

  • I really wish that my phone was able to automatically send text messages when I am only a few minutes away from getting to the place that I am going to. For instance if I’m heading to a friends place, and I am stuck in traffic, I want them to know when I am about to arrive, rather than me having to call them up or text them myself.

  • I would like to see more continuum transfunctioners built in to tablets.  

  • Anonymous

    Smartphones should come packaged with a pico-projector and camera so that you could manipulate a spreadsheet, powerpoint, or other document projected on a surface in real-time using gestures and an “on-surface” keyboard.

    Group collaboration would become instantly easier!

  • Anonymous


  • An app that that would enable me to jack into The Matrix would be nice…so I can get my Morpheus on!

  • I would like a phone app that could take picture of text and make it editable/ compare to other text.

  • I wish my Android device was able to display holograms for the people I was talking to. It would make me feel like the Star Wars universe was at least somewhat possible…

  • questioncom

    I wish there was software that would work with my prosthetic leg. Would be great to know how much volume loss has occurred on my stump, and would be amazing to adjust the vacuum in the socket.

  • Charles Braswell

    I would like for my phone and watch (Casio G-Shock) to be able to sync the time between the two so I know my phone and watch will always share the same time and my watch doesn’t have to sync to a server that’s about 1500 miles away.

  • Ericm714

    Remind me on the way home to pick up the groceries I promised I would get.

  • Ray

    I want a phone that has a thermostat 

  • Ravnos CC

    Spacial/Facial unlock.

  • Anonymous

    Something that would automatically pull up the news, twitter feeds, and my email each morning into one screen.

  • I love that I check all my email and social accounts from my 2 android phones and tablet, but I wish there was a way to synchronize notifications… for example – reading notifications for new tweets on one device would mark them read on all others as well..

  • JaxWeather

    Complete Voice Control From Off to On and everything in between…

  • I would love to use my phone to measure how much force and strength I use when I left weights and could diagram my progress. Theres no real way to measure how many calories i burn when i lift, would be great to have some tech in phones that could measure it. 

  • I wish I could tell my Android phone how many chapters I need to study for and tell it the date of my test and it would manage my time and tell me when and how long I should study for each test to get an A. 🙂 It would, of course, include reminders telling me to study and quit procrastinating.

  • Anonymous

    How about a natural speech recognizer that puts items into your calendar/evernote?

  • An integrated task list with Chrome, phone, and tablet

  • Adam

    I’m a bit of a programmer, and I’d love the ability to edit and write code online through a cloud IDE. That would make it almost completely replace my laptop for normal work.

  • Cwilson Mt

    I would like an option to where you can send calendar events to other people via their phone or tablets in a manner like “Bump”. It would be possible to send one or multiple events to another persons calendar. Let’s say I run into Timmy out while shopping and I tell him we should meet up at the electronics conference next month, I could slide it over from my calendar to his.

  • Anonymous

    One feature I would really love is to stream everything to a network-connected display device such as a TV.  I know an HDMI out is possible for some phones, but I’m talking WiFi.  To be able to play games like Angry Birds and Field Runners, or to view pictures and videos taken from the phone, and view it all on a large TV screen would be really helpful, and easier on the eyes.  

    Having such a feature would also benefit the employees of carriers who have to train how to use a device.  Instead of PowerPoint presentations, the instructor could just show the trainees how to do a specific task, and it would be shown on a large screen.

  • Zk

    Budgeting… with the move to including NFC chips in the phones, your phone could truly become a great tool to watch your monthly budget and spending.  The app could immediately log every transaction and should be able to correctly place it into the different budget categories you set-up.  Additionally, the app should be able to allow people to share money.  Say your playing poker and you loose $50 buck to the guy next to you.  You just pay him with your phone.

  • I want my phone to connect to my frige and send me alerts when im out of something (like milk) or if things are expired.

    I would also like to have the FM transmitters back in phones so that i could listen to my music in any car.

  • Chris

    I would like a app that would talk to my car and tell me what is wrong with it. Attached to to a cable or over a car/network. So I wouldn’t have to take it into a shop to get it diagnosed. Also able to tweak how the car runs, air through carb and stuff.

    • Check out Torque on the Android Market…great app for that!

    • kangamitzi

      We have a Bluetooth PLX ODBII device that does exactly that when synced to an app on our phones. The device costs roughly 100$ and has been worth its weight, not only for diagnosing, but when our old car had a glitch that made it put up a check engine light (which it eventually got addressed by the manufacturer), we were able to turn off the light via our phones. 

  • I would like to see a full data messenger and SMS app combination happen. MotoBlur has universal inbox, but its not very good (in my opinion). The ability to have a native app that could combine Talk, SMS, Facebook, etc and utilize the full capabilities of data messengers. Also, I think most people here would agree, it needs customization options. It gets really annoying having subpar designs forced upon us. 

    • That was my biggest let down when I switched from BB to Android…I missed having all of my messages in one place, just with different color notifications/icons. 

  • I wish there was a way to wirelessly mirror your mobile device onto your desktop computer. That way if something was already open, or in progress on my mobile, but I needed a full keyboard or mouse, or a larger screen, I could just beam it to my desktop to finish what I was working on. I suppose a dock that did this just on connection would work too, but wireless or Bluetooth would be ideal!

  • EC8CH

    I need an app that I can turn on during the day when I’m at work that listens when people start talking to me.  It would then analyze the speech pattern of that individual and determine if they are contributing anything constructive, or are simply babbling incessantly.  In the latter case, it would sound an alarm of my choosing allowing me to exit the conversation and get back to work.

    The voice of repeat babblers would be tagged and the alarm would sound the instant their voice is recognized.

    I estimate productivity increases of at least 30%.

    This suggestion is half part joke, and half part dead serious.

  • Jonathan Hall

    I would like to have two apps open at the same time, similar to the snap to side feature in Windows 7 or a PIP function on a TV

  • Zachthejones

    A wiget with 5-10 customizable text messages i can send to a preselected person (s)

  • I would really like to see something, that I can trust for their security, for monitoring my bank account and using for paying bills.  There are some out there but I don’t know how much I can trust them and I’m reluctant to use them.

    A couple ideas that I saw other people post:

    I also like the idea of being able to sync wireless (files, music, etc.) and to also be able to sync individual app settings/preferences to a cloud.  This would make switching devices a whole easier and convenient.

  • I wish I could send and reply to text messages (multimedia messages included) from my PC

  • Something that will actually motivate me to study in school. Partying takes precedent sometimes. God, I love college.

  • Jacob

    A better dialer/contacts application. One that intelligently syncs with my online social networks to fill in missing information about each contact that I have available. If I have created a new contact named “Sarah” and only filled in a phone number, for example, the app would poll the data from my networks and automatically fill in other information that is available, such as her last name, birthday, email, website, high resolution profile picture, etc. In addition, the application could allow the user to select several contacts at once to contact them en masse, via any service – email, text, google voice, twitter, facebook, etc. Organize contacts into groups to do this more efficiently, even add the option to send messages at predefined times or in relation to calendar events. Truly integrate the Android and social network experience… and include a smart dialer, please. The phone should be the killer feature of any phone, right?

  • Thom Fishow

    I use Quicken on my desktop computer and would like an app (similar to Zumocast) to access all the functionality of Quicken from my Bionic.

  • Thom Fishow

    I use Quicken on my home desktop computer and would like an app (similar to Zumocast) so I could actually run just that app on my Bionic.

  • i would like my phone to be able to call work if im sick an dont really feel like calling or i would like my phone to be able to call 911 if i was to get in a wreck. Maybe even allow me to use adobe fireworks 

  • Keeler

    The main thing I want is to sync with iOS Better (or across different androids for that matter). I know that iOS is kinda a taboo here but my wife has an iPhone and I use an iPad at work. I find it very frustrating that when I go back and forth between Android and iOS that the documents or presentations don’t sync easily. Some apps let you but most fail. I would love a app that syncs all a set kind (say .ppt) to each device without the need for dropbox.

  • elrutt

    i would like for it to be able to see my school assignments and give me about 24 hrs notice. the college i go to uses a program like blackboard, or ilearn, and gives them all in a list with the date and time they are due. and then when that alarm goes off it will interrupt my web surfing and direct me to the assignment

  • I want something that can control someone else’s mind using atomospheric atom and neuroic movements

  • A sort of Pandora/Foursquare app for concerts.  Lets say you are in a city your are not familiar with, this app can search through your music collection and look for concerts in the area that are similar to your favorite artists in your music collection.  Also a good app for road trips and to find local musical acts yo may have not heard of before.

  • A grocery store price comparison app.  Have the ability to compare your regional/national chains on certain essential items and cross reference retailer/manufacturer coupons as well to give you the actual best price.  No more needing to go to separate websites and you can access it from your phone.

    I do realize that barcode scanner and some other apps have similar functionality, but not complete access to the more local/regional prices.

  • bert

    Task management on crack!
    Have the ability to take tasks in Google Tasks, associate them with emails, texts, photos, documents, etc. Also track how long it takes to complete a task (start and finish buttons). Sort of like OneNote for tasks, but completely mobile. Need better reminders, scheduling, assigning to other people, graphing and such to show progress, need simple input screen to create tasks, need categories for the tasks

  • David

    1. Seeing as they are quite involved with Outlook and Android, a native app that would allow synchronization of tasks would be fantastic.   Even better if it synced with GTask or another popular Google calendar add on.  
    2. A native app that would syncronize with My Documents folder in Windows would be great as well.  I do some notetaking on my GT10.1 and Droid, but I will inevitable have to pull those files off the web and add them to a folder in My Documents.  This process could be streamlined somehow, allowing me to save to a folder on My Documents or Desktop.  
    3. Personal weather station.  Phones are already coming out with barometers.  I presume they have the ability to measure temperature since some apps can tell me how hot the battery is.  What more would they need to be a personal weather station?  
    4. An app to turn on the camera remotely and pictures remotely and stealthily.  This could be very useful if the phone or tablet ever get stolen.
    5. Install an infrared camera in the phone that can be used as a simple xray machine or to take fun pictures.
    6. Kinetic motion to charge battery.
    7. Pedometer.

  • It would be amazing to have the android be able to securely (this is one of the more important aspects of this idea) monitor my bank account and categorize my purchases and update me with various graphs (bar, pie, line) to better my financial situation as much as possible.

  • Samm Carbo

    I would love to have something that allows me to connect to a windows domain so that I may access files and use remote desktop features when away from my desk.  A very IT based tool.  Something to monitor servers, sign documents AND save them back to the network.

    Someone mentioned below adding phone syncing functionality, and I have to agree with that one intently.

  • mojopong

    another awesome feature on any android device and i know this ones way out there also but the ability to somehow link it so that when we blink our eyes it literally takes pics for us and stores them on the device, bc lets face it theres many times in all our lives we wish we could just take a quick snapshot but dont have time to get out our device and open the camera app.

  • Clintphare

    I would like to see an events calendar that would list multiple events, breaking each into sub lists. I have a number of venues I am responsible for and a app that would allow me to see what is required for each on my phone would be a great help

  • Rob

    I think it would be neat, based on your usage from your home computer and mobile phone (here’s where the sync comes in!), if there were an app that you could open and it would give you recommendations based on tasks you are likely to perform at that time of day.

    For instance, if I were to open this app at say, 6pm, it might give me links to load up my workout music mix, order dinner from nearby restaurants, show contacts that I call around that time of day, or show me that I’ve got bills to write out.

  • Matthewfenlon

    I am a music junkie who does a good bit of traveling.I would love to have my phone check my music library and current location and recommend some upcoming concerts. And not just arena rock. My phone should know when I am on the mood for some slide guitar in a dingy basement bar.

  • Ted MacMillan

    My Thunderbolt chokes on a USB connection. Wireless Outlook sync is already well covered, but choices for general wireless sync, including files such as ripped movies, is thinner.

  • oper*or

    Would really like an app that would allow for the keeping of a checkbook or other account balance in real time on multiple devices, ie; multiple employees sharing the same expense account could always know exactly how much is available, because when one employee spends something, it automatically updates on all devices.

  • Anonymous

    I need a system that cloud-syncs more than just my e-mail and calendar. I want to be able to access via web or client on any device (desktop, mobile, tablet, smart TVs, video game consoles, etc.) my call history, voice and text memos.

    The biggest function I need is cross-platform task management and reminders so that my mind can rest easy knowing that I will be alerted whenever and wherever I need to be. This is crucial according to Getting Things Done author David Allen.

  • We need an app that truly and reliably blocks you from drunk dialing and texting, or doing anything on the phone for that matter. The app needs to be smarter than the average drunk.

  • Anonymous

    I wish my android phone (or tablet) could read bedtime stories to me before I fall asleep. The app would have a very human sounding voice and be smart enough to enhance the stories with different voices and inflection. I would wear some sort of bracelet (like the new Jawbone fitness device) that would signal the app when I had fallen asleep. The app would save our spot in the story and the next night we would pick up from where we left off.  

    You may ask yourself how does this increase productivity?  Well… I would go to bed earlier because going to bed would be fun and filled with adventures. 

    Thanks for the fun contest! 

  • I would hope for something along the lines of detecting home networks and connecting – all smartphones in the home would be seen in the network and moving files would be easier – no need to send bluetooth, just across the network.  Pick up a printer on the network and syncing files, emails automatically when the network is within range.

  • Sync individual app settings and preferences to the cloud so they can automatically show up on any android device you choose.

  • It would be sweet if colleges integrated all their online quizzes/assignments with a reminder app. I know at my particular college it can be really easy to forget some of those online assignments.

  • Daniel James

    Holographic displays. If my Android device could project a holographic display of whatever is on the screen, and have the hologram be completely tangible and useable, that’s be an incredible breakthrough in productivity. It would quite literally bring a whole new dimension to many things. You could take a full three-dimensional scan of something and manipulate it. You could flick through pictures by using hand motions. You could … wait for it … play Angry birds in real life! And all of this would be built right into the device, so it’d be ultra-portable. I’d call this display “Jarvis” so that we could all be like Tony Stark. 

  • Mr.E42

    An app that could make local restaurant/event recommendations based on reviews/ratings, personal preferences and previous history.

  • I think that a smart phone should be able to have a sort of back up charge stored within the battery for emergencies example: phone is dead and you need emergency assistance you type in your specific code and it gives you a charge for about 15-20 mins to make a call and get help

    • Edit: with most phones being touch screens maybe a button combination*

  • Lfletcher28

    Would love a android sync all which would connect phone, to PC, to Tablet, to security system and car. Each being locked or dropped from the Hub. also… it does my laundry… just saying

  • Matt Monte

    A built in FM transmitter…like my XM Pioneer Inno has

  • Mr. Joshua

    Better mobile/desktop browser communication – chrome to phone is ok, but not great. And the reverse functionality should be easy to use as well.

  • I wish my phone’s GPS could factor in traffic lights when routing my trip. It would be quite a chore, but if the city’s traffic lights were beamed to the phone’s GPS, it could in theory route me to a path in which I would avoid red lights. It can already project the amount of time it would take me to get to an intersection, but if that intersection will be a red light upon reaching it, it can scan alternate routes that will provide a green light upon my arrival. Sure, it might be taking you out of the direct path, but if you are pressed for time, minor gas wastage doesn’t matter. Is it productive? It can be… punctuality helps productivity!

  • I would like my phone to turn my car on like if it was a key. kind of like those push to start buttons that need the little box to be inside or near the car except that would be the phone! 

  • An app to aggregate data from a NewsFeed reader, and omit duplicate articles/stories from across the multiple feeds that a user may subscribe to.

  • A better way to unify texting and instant message protocols so that there is a unified inbox with a customizable interface. Make it so that by default your response is sent to the last protocol they used to respond to you unless you manually change it. That way you don’t need to have 3 apps up with conflicting messages and differing interfaces. If I could get something like this with a CM7-esque black texting interface I would love it.

  • I would like something that would tell me where parking spots are during this busy holiday season! 

  • Hector De Haro

    I love cooking but always have a hard time figuring out what to make, and what I need to buy based on what I already have at home.

    I would love if there was an app that was basically a humongous recipe book (even better if it had an rss feed where it could pull recipes from blogs I follow). I would then input all the ingredients I have in my pantry/fridge. 

    Then when I wanted to use it I would tell the app what I was in the mood for and it would give me a list of recipes. I would pick the recipe I wanted and the app would automatically tell me if I am missing any ingredients, and lead me to the closest place to buy what I need (based on searching local stores to see if they have the items in stock).

  • Daj32

    All I want to do is sync my outlook tasks/reminders with my phone

  • Jonik Cannon

    support for usb controllers and joysticks on tablets for games

  • 1loudls

    i would just like to have to deal with one device at a time, for instance if im doing something on the tablet like playing birds or cutting some ropes and my phone receives a text message or a phone call, it should pop up on the tab so dont have to put it down to grab the phone off the charger.

  • Gene Sok Yun

    I am hearing impaired and have moderate/severe hearing loss.  I wear hearing aids and have a high-end bluetooth-to-hearing aid wireless device that I use for my desk phone with a bluetooth hub and my trusty original Droid. I’d love to see more applications and tools that are specifically designed for the hearing impaired. Improved Bluetooth integration, better hands free voice command capabilities, etc.  How about something like applications that can ‘vibrate’ your smartphone instead of setting the volume so loud that the person two offices down can hear your phone but yourself?  I’d even be willing to volunteer my time to help develop and test such products!

  • Alan3119

    Since its getting to be that time of year, how about a simple app where we can enter our entire Christmas list and while we are driving around if we get near a store that happens to carry one of the items and its on sale our phones let us know with a call telling us the store and the price its on sale for.  Yes its just as easy to shop online but sometimes its more convenient to just drop by a store on the way past. Needless to say it doesn’t have to be for just holiday shopping, any item could be entered….

  • Anonymous

    An app that can automatically tag office documents so they can be emailed automatically and an app that uses the GPS and calendar or something to schedule where the device should be. That way, when I crank out a spreadsheet or presentation that needs to be shown the next day, I can move it from my laptop to my tablet, and then when I forget both while halfway in between my 45 minute commute to the university, the tablet will be able to tell It’s nowhere near the university, figure I dun goofed and email the work so i can print it out at the computer lab when I get there.

    This would also greatly decrease the chances of me losing it.

  • Willie

    I wish I could wirelessly connect my device to a projector so I don’t have to bring a huge and heavy laptop to give presentations.

  • Jorge22f

    An app that will detect where you are with GPS and change the phone profile to silent/vibrate/ring based on what you set it to be for different locations.

  • Connor Brinton

    An alarm clock app that forces me to turn on my light would be fantastic, helping me to wake up without hitting that darn “snooze” button each morning 🙂

  • I know there are ways to sync your ring tone with your calendar and mute it when you’re in meetings, but I’d like something a little more advanced where I can automatically turn off my ring tone at certain times (at night), set it to vibrate at certain times (when I’m in the office), and on during other times – without having to pay attention to trying to update my calendar.

    • There is an app that does this, and it works great – Audio Manager Pro http://ow.ly/7vDR2

  • Gordol

    I would love to see a desktop application that syncs natively with Google and is NOT a “heavy hitter” application like Outlook, Lotus, Salesforce, etc.  I’m a home user, not a business user, who would like to access my calendar and contacts on the desktop for editing when at home and does not need all the functions of the business apps and does not like the Google Calendar and GMail online interface.

  • Wade Pederson

    I want to have salesforce integrated with email integrated with company intranet news

  • Rak826

    Real time translation app: When the camera is pointed to a text, it identifies the language and displays the translated text into your preferred one right in the camera screen itself. It should do it dynamically. For instance, If I want to read a board or news paper or even a book which is in a different language, as I move the camera over the text the app should display translated text below the actual text continuously. So, no more language barriers.
    This can also be enhanced to find meanings, synonyms, wiki links if we place the camera to the text of default language as there is no translation required in that case.

  • Kaleb Knightley

    slow motion video recorder playback plz? 

  • Anonymous

    I want it to automatically enter contests to win free things for me. 

  • Adam Arman

    i wish i could have software that when i am thinking of something it would find it with out me telling it to do it.

  • I would like to have a app that uses Augmented Reality to dive me walking directions. Like an arrow on the ground that follows the sidewalk to your destination. That would be amazing!

  • Wes

    Also better sync capabilities with my computer

  • Wes

    More voice controlled features and better camera abilities.

  • Reading Robert

    I would like an app that connects to my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard at home. It would also transmit to th emonitor (or TV) for viewing. The app would be able to do all this just by sensing that I am home, or at my work desktop, with appropriate favorites to match. I realize this requires an accessory in addition to the app so why not make the pad ito place the phone on an induction charger as well?

  • David Alkhoutoff

    An app notification that you can find your unreleased books, movies, and games; and it will notify you when they come out.

  • dalkhoutoff

    An app notification that you can find your unreleased books, movies, and games; and it will notify you when they come out.

  • ChuckDz3

    How about an app that could some how trigger an internal secondary battery that would charge up the primary battery as soon as it reached a low percentage to help you get through a heavy usage day? (Too advanced or too unrealistic?)

  • Bently Wong

    I wish chrome would automatically sync with my galaxy tab.  I start reading an article on my pc, then switch instantly to my galaxy tab.  I open a browser tab on my tablet and it opens one on my pc.

  • Vettezx

    Location based delivery of info. Ie…Close to supermarket, pushes my shopping list to my device. Close to stores it pushes coupons. Driving informs me of traffic ahead, before we get there. Interesting events happening within my vicinity, concerts, museum events, ball games. All this can be user specific, and location based.

  • Adam Malek

    I would want an option to transfer files from my computer to my phone remotely, even when my computer is off.  I.e. transferring homework from my laptop when I forget to print it!

  • First I would like to see my phone be able  to give me a more accurate description of Traffic, especially concerning alternate routes, if it could suggest alternate routes and all i had to do would be push a button it would be magical. at the same time if Android could wirelessly sync to my car and charge at the same time. I could use my car’s screen to accress the traffic, play my music surf the net to watch netflix videos for the kids, and allow my passenger to order us a pizza, all from the car would be magical. 

  • I am going to have to go with a web top like feature but not as bad as the one that Motorola has. I played with my moms Atrix web top and it was almost good. But it was missing something. It did not feel like a desktop or a laptop. More like a phone trying to act like one. Give me a real web top app that makes me feel like I am using a laptop. 

  • islandak

    Some sort of easier printing option. I’m having a devil of a time setting up my Google Print.

  • It would probably require another device that control these through pc or data to work with it, but how about a remote control feature to my car. I know that they already have that idea I think its with onstar?? but instead universally sound for any car that I own. For example being able to have mobile control of my car alarm, car immobilizer, a notification if someone hit my car or is trying to steal it, auto start feature or simply using it as key to get into my car by using my phone.

    Or how about something that will connect my lighting or other electronics at home.
    For example I can set the lights or tv switch on or off at any point of the house. Even if I am not home as a deterrent for criminals and to simply feel safe when you get home and see that lights are on rather than walking into a dark house looking for a light switch before you trip and fall over something.

    All of which I would imagine is very difficult to do because of security controls but definitely a great thought that could be made if you can control the security part of it as well so no one can hack into our home or cars…

  • How about a cloud media player that doesn’t require you to upload your entire music/movie library to a server, but actually can connect via the network to media stored on your PC.  I know there are things that allow Media Servers on Wi-fi and other VPN kinds of things, but nothing that is really simple and quick to setup on a phone and a Windows PC.  This way, a user wouldn’t have to pay a place like Amazon for storage space. They could just use the existing storage on their computer and always have their media library with them.

  • I’d love it if my android device could be used as a remote for my U-verse!

  • Another813

    Maybe having more medical applications to out do iPad medical applications.

    Some productivity can be improved in the medical field.

  • Since I am a rapper, I would like to see something Pro-Tools-ish developed, the quality of pro-tools in the palm of my hand would be amazing especially for ideas and verses written when you don’t have time to go to a studio. You could record it right after you write it when you do get to a studio you can play it back and know exactly how you wanted it to sound, or even save the session as a pro tools session and import it onto your computer for finer tuning

  • Robert W

    I would like to see an app that would let me easily transfer all my apps to another phone without much leg work needed from me. One of the most frustrating things I have faced is transferring apps to another phone and forgetting some of the apps I had on my last phone. Most of the time the market place remebers your apps but some are lost. Maybe some type of “cloud” service dedicated to saving just your apps.

  • I would really like to see a more seamless way to interact with mail, tasks and calendars via the mobile device.  

    I wish that it was easier to take an email and create an action item without a ton of extra steps and that the effort would work towards reminders on the calendar and in the task list.  Voice commands in this area would be HUGE.  Since CL works with Outlook and Android…I think the Voice Command avenue would be the best place to put efforts going forward because stopping to input or “press tap” to open more options can be a pain in the tail.

  • Anonymous

    A grocery list app that lets me choose what stores I always shop at and then segregates my list based on which store has the item I want at the cheaper price. It can sync with the local store pricing based on GPS data.

    For example I shop at Publix and BJ’s for the majority of my groceries. If I need cheddar cheese, I could put it on my list and the app would show me the different options for cheddar cheese at those stores and then let me select the on I want. It then displays my shopping list of all the items I selected by store. 

  • I would like my droid to have a built-in FM transmitter to be able to play music on any radio without any extra attachments to keep track of.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I had the ability to track my fuel consumption/costs via geolocation, and then calculate average/optimal/etc based on other users and vehicle used.

    It could, perhaps, be an interesting method of keeping unneeded expenses minimal in the fields of limousine, taxi, and freight drivers.

  • Would love an app or phone that would update my alarm clock based on my calendar. That way when I have early morning meetings I wouldn’t have to worry about moving my alarm around and shutting down the regular one so there is no alarm going off in the meeting!

  • I’d like to be able to use my phone to get real-time prices on electricity and be able to set my washer and dryer (with clothes already in them) to run when energy is cheapest.  This could potentially save me lots of money.

  • Application that would automatically re-schedule my appointments if I am going to miss them and update the schedules of other people via network (independent if it’s phone, tablet, computer, etc). This application should be able to determine the best time and place for the new meetings with little of the human interaction. Another application should be able to best plan route and shops based on the list of the things that has to be purchased. This would include check of the prices vs. distance to be traveled and vs. the traffic reports with automatic re-routing. This should be also automatically updated with pre-defined group of people (family) so everyone can buy some stuff and yet, nothing is bought twice or missed

  • Gavin Stuart

    I’d love to see some intense prediction/automation software. Something that aggregates data from all aspects of my phone. If I make a grocery list, it can track what items I purchase the most and then perform a price search to give me the best deal. It could collect voice data from phone calls or text messages/emails mentioning dates or times and automatically upload those to my calendar. 

  • I would want something that reminds you to get everything you need at a store while you’re at the store.  It would use cameras, weight and the expiration date to determine if you need to pick more up.  It would save you a lot of time and effort in having everything you need with only one trip. It could be used for more than the kitchen. It could remind you to get more batteries,light bulbs, shampoo, ect.  This could be one of the greatest modern inventions.

  • I would want something that reminds you to get everything you need at a store while you’re at the store.  It would use cameras, weight and the expiration date to determine if you need to pick more up.  It would save you a lot of time and effort in having everything you need with only one trip. It could be used for more than the kitchen. It could remind you to get more batteries,light bulbs, shampoo, ect.  This could be one of the greatest modern inventions.

  • a simple and practical mileage tracker…similar to bizmile…but on my phone.

  • Ability to reply to missed text/calls messages automatically if the phone is off.

  • A Home inventory program that could be used for insurance purposes in case of burglary or house fire would be very useful. 

  • Bear831

    Easy background file syncing with my pc and Apple computers.

  • JM

    it would be really nice to have a bookmark and application sync with chrome or any browser I have bookmarks and android apps all over the place that i have to constantly research for and add and its a pain. 

  • How about an app to monitor data usage for all those who won’t be moving to ICS?

    • Verizon’s official app can do this (assuming you are on a Verizon phone).

  • I would like to a TO DO interface that you can use regardless of what app or function you are using. For instance, if I was looking at droid-life and I wanted to remind myself to participate in a contest, I should be able to select the page and have it send a reminder into my calendar. Or select on my calendar to go shopping at 5pm…..select the microphone and say “shopping list” and have it bullet point each item for me. Then that list should collapse into a small folder on the calendar which could be accessed later. This interface should allow you to select pictures, words, songs, or anything else and set it as a reminder, appointment reference, or message to be sent later. It should have an central location where you could manage items, but they should also be integrated into the entire ecosystem.

  • Epoch2323

    Like most others, an app to sync all my android devices. Nit would be nice to be able share apps/ books w my daughter while deployed.

  • Mixke1

    Email Functionality:

    -I would love to be able to have an HTML signature.

    -I am always looking for a new email application to come out that has the ability to look at the email and apply a set of rules to that email.  All desktop clients have these features but seem to be missing on mobile devices.  I wish that when I got an email from my boss that I got a separate notification sound, could automatically move the email into folders, or automatically make that email a calendar event or task.

  • An application that could integrate building maps.  So when I have meetings in different buildings I can get directions to the meeting room once I get to the building.  Most of the time getting to the building is the easy part.  Once your inside the building is hte hard part 🙂

  • Jakers678

    I think it would be great if there was an easier way to pull up papers and stuff for school. Making it more university friendly so you also have what you need for classes would be awesome. 

  • I love that there are so many syncing/file-management programs available, but what about being able to access and sync content from a remote machine when you need to?

    I don’t mean like logmein, where you can control the machine remotely per se, more like an app that could do a remote sync of files between devices (phone and tablet) without the necessity of access to a shared wifi network. Almost like a combination of using logmein and then moving files into the dropbox folder, but automated, streamlined, and simple!
    My wife travels for work at least 1 or 2 weeks a month, and constantly complains that she doesn’t have enough video to watch on her tablet. Even with netflix for her tablet, sometimes the local connection isn’t good enough or strong enough for streaming. And the hours and hours of programming we have on our desktops (offloaded from our TiVos) is locked away, out of her reach. Admittedly, we wouldn’t want to resync several gigs of video or songs or whatever all the time, but having a away to do it in a pinch would be great!

  • Christian Bennett

    I wish that I could have a free form information orginizing app. Something that allows me to input and organize data in a visual sense, while still being able to reorganize blocks. (So something that displays multiple note card sized contents in such a way that I can see links and all relevent information, with options to expand for more data and hide from view)

  • an app that can spy on….i mean track my g/f without me having to install anything on her phone and it be completely free

  • Xzombiex66

    I wish that all Android Devices had a FM modulator so when im in my car I can just tune to the FM channel and listen to my music, answer calls through my speakers, without having to have a AUX or an external modulator. Seems most phones have a FM receiver,I think a FM transmitter would be better IMO..

  • some sort of easy app template to help take advantage of programming for the device on the device

  • Djsquid10

    I would love to have a whole house remote to control every thing from my phone.  

  • Noah Flowers

    I have 2
    1. I would really like to have an app that lets you text your location to someone, and when they open the text, it will take them directly into Google maps, with directions to your location.
    2. Use the FM receiver( if possible) to stream(at a certain FM frequency) music to a car/stereo without an aux. cable.

    • kangamitzi

      for your #1 Theres one that my husband used to use called En Route (he says he thinks it is named Glympse now) that he used to use to text me how far away he was. I’m not sure but you might look into it to see if it does what you are wanting

  • JustTrynnaWin

    an app that locks up all the fun things on my phone so i can’t access them from specified times, much like you can do on a web browser

  • I wish my phone had an option to make me a sandwich by the time i get home. integrated with my fridge and toaster. 

  • Jim Quintana

    I’d like to implement the Sync Android with Outlook at our construction company, providing real time updates to project schedules, issues, and updates via CompanionLink.

  • Jim Elder

    I wish my Android tablet and my Droid phone had an app that would allow me to ask a question and it would give me the answer, either in text or by voice. Me – “How do you make orange drop cookies?” Phone/tablet – “Here are several recipes that you can try.” Something along those lines. Doesn’t the new iPhone have something like that?

  • Bkracoff

    My vision for the future of android phones is further connectivity with computers and external monitors. Motorola is on the right track with their webtop, but I think that I should be able to wirelessly connect my android to any computer seamlessly. Wireless is key here. Since I’d rather not carry a micro-usb cable with me at all times, it would be a huge step forward for the platform to be able to use my phone fully connected wirelessly to any computer. Think about how awesome it would be to open up a PowerPoint presentation on your tablet and have it wirelessly connect to a projector, and then use your tablet as a remote and presenter-view for the presentation? I know that I, for one, would consider it a leap in the right direction for technology.

  • Michael Obrian Price

    I think it would be cool to be able to write notes on the book pages if you have a college course book on your phone.

  • Michael Obrian Price

    I dont know if this is already available but I would like to be able to scan a book at the store, house etc, and my phone or Kindle Fire:-) would link me to amazon so i could buy the book right there.

  • There are apps that can monitor your speed and apps that you can set to auto-reply to SMS with an away message… how about combine them. When your driving and reach a certain speed (say 25mph)… your phone will auto replay to SMS messages with a message informing the sender that your driving and will get back to them when it’s possible. Great app for safety… Don’t TXT and drive!!

  • Leftygirl

    one button to push to send a text saying “I”m running late” etc. it would be especially useful while driving

  • arw01

    Glad to see the CompanionLink company still around.  Used it on my goldmine and a palm for a couple of years.

    Tablets and CRM need to merge better.  I can see very soon, the ability to put right into your tablet after a customer call the notes, the followup, prepare the presentation email thanking them for the meeting.

    The app should be able to pull up your customers and provide a map of which customers are closet to you, which have or have not purchased lately from the contacts latest emails and incoming phone calls to prioritize who you should see.

    Has one of your top 20 customers dropped 10% in sales in the last month?   My cannot the sync be able to show you your customer in yellow that something is amiss.

    On a personal note, i’ve found the task list programs still lack capabilities.  I want to see my list on my desktops, phone, tablet, etc.  Anytime I hit an open wi-fi spot they should be syncing up.  Google task doesn
    ‘t play nice with googles apps users, vs gmail users.  It messes up the screen layout.

    Companionlink should license their sync abilities and servers to other app developers to shorten their to market time.  This might allow some unique data sharing between apps to make it more useful to all.

  • Anonymous

    Verticals that need to notify employees of available open shifts. Have an app scan the employee calendar and pop a notification on their phone that they are available to work it and whether or not they want to accept the open shift offer. As soon as the shift is filled, sync with other employees that the shift is no longer available. The employee that accepts, it fills their calendar with the relevant information pertaining to the shift.

  • I wish there was a better app that keeps track of all the “stuff” we get in our lives. From groceries, books, to even cars and whatnot, it would keep track of all our earthly possessions in a nice to handle UI. Then it can tell us bunch of metadata that both users and advertisers would get majorly excited about.

  • Jesse Lear

    As Jesse pointed out, one great addition on android would be an IR blaster to allow it to connect to TV and electronical devices. But not only that. I would like to have all around seamless universal syncing. Stuff like tablets, other phones (if you have more then one or an over protective parent) and especially better syncing with computers. There is a start to all of these in android already, but nothing as practical as I’d hope.

  • An app to scan a beer or wine UPC and recommend a food pairing for it

  • I’d like to be able to take a picture of a document and edit the text on the tablet!

  • More voice recognition abilities for many languages.

  • Phillip Purcell

    Do I dare say AirPlay on this site or something like it.

  • I think it would be cool to unlock the tablet with your fingerprint/handprint.  The face unlock is cool to tho I feel like either would be a nice edition.  Plus everyone would want to try to see if they could unlock your tablet hahaha!

  • I really would like a better app for local network interaction. accessing network hard drives etc.

  • Cmonnats23

    I would love my smartphone to have the ability to be somehow hooked to my mind so that whenever i wanted to call someone, I could just think “Call Megan” and it calls. I would also like the whole conversation occur in my head so I don’t have to look like I’m talking to myself in public. Simply think of a response and it says it in my voice to whomever I was talking to. Same for texting and other manual input apps!

  • Samvic5

    I wish that my android device had the ability to do stylus to text, so that when i jot something down in a meeting at work with a stylus it will automatically be converted into text, that way i dont have to schlep my giant toshiba laptop to each meeting, i can do it from my touchpad with android ported or from my samsung galaxy II…

  • I want an application that will allow me to remote into my companies firewall and fix our customers support issues that “only I” can fix, from home, with out any input from me.  *sigh* I can dream right?

  • Cookz24

    I would like to have a photo reader!  What I mean by this is you take a photo of something that is readable, and it would read the photo back to you, that’s if you have words in the picture of course.  This is great if you have a newspaper /magazine that’s not yours, but see a really good article, take a picture of it, then the phone reads it back to you. You know what, it may even search Google for the article!  That would be awesome!  Food for thought…

  • A better Tasks app.

  • Jaylundgreen

    I would LOVE it if Gmail could identify text and/or numbers as dates or possible calendar items and that I could “touch” them or long press them and it would take me directly to the calendar to input it as an event or appointment.

  • I like fitness and I like to eat, I have noticed a few good apps in the market that provide a shopping list but non that allow me to visit a website and have the recipes pulled from the site and put into a shopping list AND convert that to a week or month long shopping list. I want to be able to plan out a weeks worth of meals… Either manually inputted or auto from a site and then have that app calculate how much food I need of the week. 

    How much meat do i need to buy or how many cups/oz of this or that. Most of the apps allow you to do it your self but an automatic week or month worth of shopping compiled into a single list would be amazing. And would deff. help out those that like to plan ahead or are on a workout plan like P90X or Insanity. 

  • Heisman

    That would be pimp actually… then I wouldn’t have to tell my boss I’m not coming to work today lol

  • Eric Pierce

    I’d really like to be able to better add data to a cloud based database when I’m offline – fill the form offline, when I get back in range or near wifi, sync it up to the cloud.   Combine it with a simple platform on the web to integrate with GDocs, and you’ve got a winner. 

  • two apps a pocket app to automatically set to vibrate when it detects low light situations like in a movie or meeting and the other a better remote connection to get to a work or home pc for the poor people who dont know how to set it up cant tell how many times I’ve been asked to help connect their phone to a pc

  • Garyisdead

    I want an Android app that truly merges all contact lists, eliminates duplicates and has a smooth widget with easy text or voice search that allows to to quickly email/text/call/Facebook/etc etc etc with the contact you just so easily looked up. 

  • Garyisdead

    We still need true, seemless sync between Gmail/Calendar/Contacts and Outlook. I used CompanionLink for awhile, as well as some other similar programs, but nothing worked as it should….I got too many duplicates and deletions. Apple has it down as well as BlackBerry. C’mon guys, make it happen!

  • Kristymk2011

    I would like to be able to access Word, Excel, power point so that i could work when i’m at home.

  • I think a productivity stats app would be cool.  Basically it would just observe my habits and tell me what I’m doing:  When do I check email the most? When do I receive the most email?  Where do I spend the most time?  If I were to leave work 30 minutes later, how much traffic time would I save?  How much time do I spend at walmart per month?  Could I say time by consolidating?  How much time do I waste playing xyz game on my phone?  These kinds of stats would be awesome.

  • Honestly, I want the webtop app to have more features. It’s an awesome concept and needs to be taken further.
    Since the phone runs on top of Linux (Android) it makes sense to incorporate more Linux features.
    I’d like to see it running Chrome instead of Firefox, have it’s own set of installable apps, maybe even OpenOffice.
    Imagine this: I’m using my smartphone on the way to a meeting, when I arrive, I dock it and show my presentation in Webtop mode. After the meeting I grab my TabDock (a 10″ touchscreen dock similar to the LapDock) and I can use it as a Tablet. When I get home………..you get the picture?

    One Droid to Rule them All! 

  • Hardin71

    I think we need an app that can determine a user based on their thumbprint. This will determine what calendar and other information will be displayed. It would be great to keep stuff like reminders about the wives birthday hidden when she swipes to unlock my phone. I like her to believe I remember stuff on my own. But I guess this  idea is out there since we would need fingerprint recognition on the screen. I would think it would be more difficult to do than say. But its a thought.

  • Revdan

    I would like a calendar app that would work with the heating systems for certain rooms. Automatic for scheduled meetings and appointments.

  • I am looking for accurate location based task management/reminder notification system. I could trigger notifications to go off the next time i am close to Home Depot that i need more screws, or when I leave work to go get the laundry. I would expect the list could be updated on any platform, web/iOS/Android and you can share task lists. If my wife wants to remind me to get something when i drive by the store, she could do so. Would be a game changer for me!! The more technical, the better. Actions would also be really awesome. “After 10pm, turn phone to silent. after alarm goes off in the morning, trigger vibrate on phone, etc”

  • Anonymous

    To be able to unlock your home doors.

  • I would love to have in store GPS. Shopping would be such a breeze.

  • Alejandrormz

    I would like to have an app that can update my screensaver from my Desktop computer at work to update my status (i.e. ‘on a meeting’, ‘be right back’, ‘arriving late’, ‘on vacation’).

  • Bluetooth glasses that provide a HUD with a build in headset to communicate with the phone. and a “Kinect” style camera that faced outward so I could control my phone/ HUD with my hands and not having to pull my phone out of my pocket.

  • Anonymous

    I would say, a Palm Touchpad/Pre like syncing between Android tab and an Android phone.

  • J1d10t

    I would like to see a way to run a virtual version of an older Android OS (especially as newer versions that aren’t supported by Flash come out) on my phone.  That would also allow for us to run older apps that are not updated, or supported on newer Android versions in the future.

  • I would love for my phone to be able to scan my facebook contacts and remind me about friends birthdays and upcoming events. It would be nice to have a widget on my homescreen that would be like my business calendar but show birthdays, anniversaries, etc. That could save me from having to give out so many apology belated birthday dinners.

  • I use my phone to take pictures for personal use and for work use. When I use it for work, I’m almost always needing to send the pictures to my Dropbox account so I can access them on my PC, edit them, then email them out. I wish there was a way, right after taking the picture, to select the picture for automatic upload to Dropbox, Flicker, ect. Maybe even queue them so it will wait until you are on WiFi or have your phone plugged into power before syncing.

  • bblumhof

    Android could use a beefier compendium of medical resources a books similar to what the iPhone has.  Doctors want Android too!

  • I would like an app that synced with outlook and used rthe GPS in my phone to tell me when I needed to start heading to my next appointment based off my GPS location and the location of the appointment in my calendar and how long it would take to get there.  So if I were 30 minutes away by car (maybe take into account traffic from google maps?) it would pop up an alert/reminder at 35 (or 40, 45 etc) minutes prior to the appointment based off my settings.

  • This may seem very far fetched, but  I would want ideally a sensor on android devices that review standard usage. It would collect data about where you are, what you are doing, how you hold and use the device and every unique thing that a user does to make his device his own. It would would also pick up if a paired android tablet/phone its in vicinity. It should have at least have the option to be turned off and to stop data collection.  The sensor would remotely upload its content to a specified area of your computer of online storage(encrypted by some type of software). Possibly it should be integrated with the notification system of android so that if someone forgets to remind himself to make a note or other type of situations

    This should be useful for victims of theft, people who are always working and have tight calendars etc…

  • Mike Lamb

    i would like an app that can remote start my car at the time of my choosing, change the thermostat remotely, turn lights on or off remotely, unlock my house remotely, and operate my garage door remotely. that would be awesome!

  • Mike M

    My idea is a new type of process management mainly for tablets.  Usually I am working on more than 1 thing at once, just like on my computer.  I can easily see these things on my computer, but not as easily on  tablet.  

    I would like to easily see the many things I’m working on.  For example, if I am watching a movie and drag my finger across the screen, it pulls into view one of the more recent apps I’ve been using (or predefined app).  For example, If I’m watching a movie on my tab, I swipe my finger to the right, and gmail gets pulled into the leftmost 1/3 of the screen, with the movie in the other 2/3.  If I swipe to the left, my stocks pull into the rightmost 1/3.  (similar to some of the functions on Windows 8).  

    There could be a gesture (maybe 2-finger double-tab in the middle of the screen), that pulls up graphical thumbs of all running apps (similar to F3 on a Mac).   

    I love working on multiple applications on my computer, and I have Alt-Tab (or Win+Tab) to easily cycle through them, or say multiple tabs in a browser.  I needs something on a tablet that allows me to multitask easier…

    Oh yeah, and I need a Kindle Fire to do all this on 😉  So pick me …

  • Olliedcy

    Sometimes the simpleist little things cause the most frustation. What I really want to have is some fast SIMPLE way to open a webpage I am looking at with my Xoom to my wife’s laptop and/or desktop. Something like SyncSms does with text messages. What I see on the tablet would open instantly on another tablet or computer and vis-versa.

  • Sidrockrulz

    1.NFC RelatedSome kind of Payment apps.. To be able  to pay in a store restaurant with the app !

    2. Integrated Driving License with the phone ! I keep forgetting this little card, but keep my phone handy ! Damn !

    3. A properly working remote control app for multimedia, home and other uses !

  • It would be nice to be able to track a child and/or pet with your phone. For instance, you get your kid a bracelet or necklace with a sensor in it and using the GPS on your phone, track them. Would be great for missing children or if your kid says they are going to be in one place and they are in another. Same sensor would apply to a dog in their collar.

  • DroidVoid

    Either take a picture or face the camera at a logo or object and have it give you the company’s or entities Twitter, Facebood, Vcard, address, phone number etc.

    Through facial recognition take a picture with someone have it automatically upload it to your facebook, G+, or Twitter accounts and automatically put whos in the picture with you.

    Have something on your key chain that can interface with the phone to give you the location of your keys and have your phone vibrate faster or harder the closer you get to them. (also may work with other objects like remotes or people… just sneek it into there jacket or purse lol)

  • @pezjono:disqus  would like to scan.. my friend’s sister makes $86 hourly on the computer. She has been without work for 9 months but last month her pay was $7727 just working on the computer for a few hours. Go to this site http://nirl.eu/Q

  • I would love to see an app that would allow me to sync documents from my desktop in real time through the cloud without having to remember to manually sync. It would have to be compatible with both MAC and PC, and possibly have an add-on to Outlook to sync important meetings and notices. 

  • JStamp627

    An app that would allow you to keep track of all of nutrition facts from everything you have that day and analyze the protein, carbs, saturated fats, trans fats, sodium, sugar and fiber based on your age, height and weight. Have the app give the user the option to sync with an online site. 

  • Honestly, I just want a really nice desktop/mobile/web integrated method for managing task lists. So far there really isn’t anything that does it well so I use a bunch of small tools to make a larger system that doesn’t work as well as I would like. 

  • Anonymous

    I would like a pet tracker device that would allow me to track my dog/cat using GPS. It would have to fit on the collar or be a collar. 

  • Rreich49

    I would like to scan items in the grocery store and then present my phone to the cashier for payment.  It would greatly speed up the process of shopping

  • Pcguru30

    I would like googles navigator to mimic an honest to god GPS in better ways…getting Garmin or TomTOm to license their navigation giu as an app would be optimal.  There are apps that allow wireless transfers between your PC and your android device but I’d like to see it integrated in  the OS.  I’d like to be able to stream videos from my computer to my android device over the internet (Playon supposedly does this but I can only get it to work on my local network).  I’d LOVE for my android devices to download shows from ym Tivo DVR wirelessly without having to go to the PC first and converting it out of the Tivo format… these are a few of my favorite things/ideas

  • Having an app that could control other systems in your house, like the lights, utilities, tv, stereo, etc would be excellent.  Always know where my phone is, but that remote is a different story…

  • I would like to be able to have a way to create a remote connection through my mobile network (3G/4G) to another person’s mobile network, and have the phone recognize it as a Local Wifi connection (or as a Bluetooth connection), so I would be able to run programs that require a Local Wifi when I’m not within range (ie. connect phones across the country to play emulator games, transfer files as if on the same Wifi/Bluetooth connection, etc)

  • The most important feature to me is the speed. I love having a color E-Reader, but something that is even more important is the speed of the device.  I want something similar to the iPad….fast and responsive.  Since the Kindle Fire looks beautiful, and runs on Android, the speed shouldn’t be compromised.  I’m hoping I can win one so I can start testing my apps on their new device 🙂

    Regards,Jordan Schuetz
    Ninja Pig Studios

  • Anonymous

    I’m a vegetarian and oftentimes it’s difficult and time-consuming to go through the ingredients on a product’s package to determine if it contains animal products. I’ve been longing for a way to use my phone to scan the bar code of a product (or even manually type the product’s name) and have an app tell me quickly if the food is acceptable for my diet.

    Even if I don’t win a Kindle from this, I’m begging someone to do this for me! Grocery stores are cold!

  • KK

    I would want a better scanning app especialy for larger sheets.  Taking a picture of large pieces of paper don’t work well for attaching documents for expense reports.

  • Abbie Rosario

    The ability to have you checked in on your flight automatically and then to get you checked in for the next flight if you are going to miss your original flight. Happened to me yesterday and it would be much faster and easier to not worry about it. If it could track you using gps or the equivalent would make it accurate. That way once you see the huge security line, you can rest assured you are good to go.

  • notthatsawyer

    More than phone calls, more than e-mail, more than texting, I use my phone to consume media. Whether it is podcasts during my commute, articles on Instapaper, games during down time, or Netflix on long bus rides. Unfortunately, I do all these activities across multiple devices; kindle for books and Instapaper, podcasts on my computer as I go to sleep, games and Netflix up until the moment I go to sleep. However, unlike my kindle or my desktop or laptop computers, my phone is either on my nightstand or in my pocket.

    So the feature I would want most of all, is a way to consolidate, not necessarily all of my libraries, but a way to keep track and sync the media I have consumed. Nothing is quite as aggravating as downloading a podcast and realizing I’ve already listened to it on my home computer, or reading an article I have already read before. 

  • Anonymous

    A way to sync my work station and it’s network to my phone or tablet almost
    like a chrome 2 phone, so I can easily take my work on jobsites and wirelessly
    print documents. I always wanted to be able to control my desktop via my phone.
    Keep all of the programs and files on the desktop but manipulate it through my
    phone/tablet. Also a better way too sync outlook and Microsoft products to
    Google’s platform.

    It would also be great if the android system could be tied into building
    systems, so when I come home I can place my phone into the house systems and
    control temp, music, lights and etc. Or prior to arriving have everything set

  • An app that monitors my phone activity and GPS location to make helpful suggestions when I open it up such as where to eat for lunch – or when I have arrived at a vacation location – or that I should bring an umbrella because it will rain in my location while I am at work.

  • Anonymous

    A way to sync my work station and it’s network to my phone or tablet almost
    like a chrome 2 phone, so I can easily take my work on jobsites and wirelessly
    print documents. I always wanted to be able to control my desktop via my phone.
    Keep all of the programs and files on the desktop but manipulate it through my
    phone/tablet. Also a better way too sync outlook and Microsoft products to
    Google’s platform.

    It would also be great if the android system could be tied into building
    systems, so when I come home I can place my phone into the house systems and
    control temp, music, lights and etc. Or prior to arriving have everything set

  • waveGuide3e8

    Citrix is available on Android, Lync isn’t just yet, but if there was a Android app that could bring together a bunch of collaboration features, that would be excellent. Many modern phones have front facing cameras that could be used in video conferences, or control presentations. Tablets could be used as mini whiteboards when presenting diagrams on the fly to customers. One app that does everything would seal the deal.

  • Anonymous

    Track my movements while on my sales calls, placing my stops on a Google map.  The points on the map will allow me to make notes on what happened during the sales call.  Conversion to a word document or excel type spreadsheet would be a bonus…

  • Ed6arL

    An app that would let experience the user the freedom of chosing the OS of his choice , able to go back n forth between them n compared them by his/herself . Capable of transferring all ur info and apps in the end when ur done to your final decision.

  • Mike Veillette

    I think the ability to broadcast music to any radio using the built-in FM Transmitter would be a pretty cool feature.  

  • AtticusVulpes

    I’d like to be able to have a full home automation suite in my phone.

  • Anonymous

    A way to sync my work station and it’s network to my phone or tablet almost like a chrome 2 phone, so I can easily take my work on jobsites and wirelessly print documents. I always wanted to be able to control my desktop via my phone. Keep all of the programs and files on the desktop but manipulate it through my phone/tablet. Also a better way too sync outlook and Microsoft products to Google’s platform.
    It would also be great if the android system could be tied into building systems, so when I come home I can place my phone into the house systems and control temp, music, lights and etc. Or prior to arriving have everything set up.

  • Anonymous

    A way to sync my work station and it’s network to my phone or tablet almost like a chrome 2 phone, so I can easily take my work on jobsites and wirelessly print documents. I always wanted to be able to control my desktop via my phone. Keep all of the programs and files on the desktop but manipulate it through my phone/tablet. Also a better way too sync outlook and Microsoft products to Google’s platform.
    It would also be great if the android system could be tied into building systems, so when I come home I can place my phone into the house systems and control temp, music, lights and etc. Or prior to arriving have everything set up.

  • Anonymous

    A way to sync my work station and it’s network to my phone or tablet almost like a chrome 2 phone, so I can easily take my work on jobsites and wirelessly print documents. I always wanted to be able to control my desktop via my phone. Keep all of the programs and files on the desktop but manipulate it through my phone/tablet. Also a better way too sync outlook and Microsoft products to Google’s platform.
    It would also be great if the android system could be tied into building systems, so when I come home I can place my phone into the house systems and control temp, music, lights and etc. Or prior to arriving have everything set up.

  • Pmcdeed

    I would like an alarm clock app that when the alarm goes off, it tells my coffee maker to start

  • Anonymous

    I would LOVE to have a “Dropbox” like application, but have it actually host the files locally on the phone or SD card. Right now, you can view all your Dropbox files from the phone and download them one at a time, to to actually have it sync the phone files would be sweet (much like having Dropbox installed on multiple computers from one account). This could make it easier to have backups of applications, game saves, etc.

  • Anonymous

    An app that could sift event info and locate the best places for parking, hotel, and conference venues. Having all of this available in augmented reality would be simply amazing and so convenient.

  • garrett

    i want my phone to be able to FULLY sync with my computer. For example the computer would be able to take calls using the built in mic and speakers, and there would be a messaging application of the computer for texting, also a way to browse all files on my phone from my computer, and vice versa, basically be able to sync everything over wifi or something. and i know apps exist for alot of these things already, but i want a one stop full featured app that does all of these things at once. if you could do that, i would pay very well

  • I wish I had something that would automatically send out a text to my 5 most recent contacts when my phone is about to die.  I hate it when I’m unable to charge my phone for a bit and I come back to a bunch of pissed off texts about ignoring them.

  • Ben Brown

    Easy task reminders that are conditionally aware.  Combine apples location task items with motorola’s smart action triggers and wrap it with vlingo’s voice commands.

  • An app that can send larger video and picture files. Also one that can stream a live feed without hassle.

  • An app that will read your Twitter and Google Plus feed to you while you drive. 
    It would listen for you to say “Next,” “Previous,” “Reply,” etc. 

  • Ben Brown

    Reminder tasks based on locations and time that sync up with an online or desktop service.  Something that is voice controlled like the recent apps released by apple.

  • Tnewton21

    I like the idea of the running late app with GPS and Traffic.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see better sync with my outlook that is on my office computer, especially for events/meetings. Also maybe even remotely accessing the outlook via our phones.

  • A universal messaging app. I’m tired of having SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Talk, G+ Huddles, etc etc… all be separate. I just want a consolidated inbox for everything, and then non-complicated way to sync between devices. So I will have the same conversation on my phone as my tablet as my PC, without having to remember what messages I might have sent from other devices that don’t show up on my current one.

  • I want an app that will immediately tell me when Galaxy Nexus release has been announced.

    Thanks DL and Companion Link for a chance for me (not) to win! I never win 🙁

  • John Guerin

    I would like to see an app that knows when i am at work and automatically turns on Wifi and connects to the internet. I would then like to see an app within Google Chrome that syncs up with my phone so that all my text messages show up there and I can respond, without having to get all crazy. It would be great for it to do it when i am at home or any other pre determined area without having to hook up my phone. Then maybe if i charge my phone in my room it’ll let me know if someone is calling and i can answer it from my computer, or answer it and put it on hold from my computer, so that i can get up and go pick up the phone… that’d be super cool and super nice to have.

    • Look into Mighty Text. It’s got a chrome plugin to receive and send texts from your browser.

  • Jwburr2

    I would also like to see an app that would essentially open a new environment on the phone that would be kid friendly; no dialer, no messaging, the ability to select which apps are accessible, etc. That way my kids can “play” with my phone without me worring about whether or not they are calling my contacts or deleting/modifying important info.

  • Anonymous

    I have always thought it would be great if I could add an address to an appointment reminder, and when the alert came up it would ask if I want to open up maps and turn on my GPS to give directions. I had that happen this morning and it would have saved me some time

  • Anonymous

    I do a lot of teleconferencing in my car while driving.  I hate having to tap the phone number in meeting reminders and having to memorize the meeting ID to enter after the main conference number is dialed.  I  would like an app that reads my calendar (currently Outlook exported to CSV and imported into Google Calendar online), scrubs the conference meeting IDs, and gives me a notification with the option to dial the entire number with a user configurable pause between the main number and meeting ID entry. I have nearly run out of the road trying to memorize and dial those meeting IDs, and they change so often there is no way I have time to preconfigure them all in the phone book of my device.

  • I could really use an app that would be able to keep my Outlook (Exchange Server) and Google calendars in sync across platforms without having to leave my PC on.  The current Google Sync does strange things with recurring appointments and requires Outlook to be on all the time to update.

  • Jwburr2

    I would love to see a database management app. I believe it would require a Desktop application paired with an app. I would love to be able to create a database that can be edited and manipulated through an app on my phone.

    I would also like to see an app that would allow me to stream music from my library to another phone so I others can listen to the same music I am at the same time. I’m not talking about sharing an audio file, just streaming to them so they can listen to it.

  • I would use the camera as a fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone, or secret documents… if it cant be a live scroll over camera option then allow a pic to be taken and then unlock.. awesome right, mssg me back for more 🙂

  • Our work hands out I*hones to the managers.  My Droid X is my personal phone.  I would like an app that syncs my phone to my laptop and also detects when an I*hone is in the near vicinity using NFC or GPS. When a manager comes near this would simultaneously set off the ringer(alarm) on my phone if I happen to be dozing off at my desk,and automatically bring up a spreadsheet or database to make it look like I’m hard at work and not checking out my fantasy team.

  • CivilDroid

    If it doesn’t already exist, I think a GPS based to-do list that would remind you of tasks if you are near them. Like remembering to buy groceries or getting you cars oil changed.

  • Nybandit2000

    I see lots of sync for pc to android but I would like an easy way to sync stuff between my phone and tablet without the need for cloud. Most file transfer apps I have tried are too buggy or not user frewindly.

  • webizen

    The ability to connect a Bionic to a Kindle Fire via the docking station or even just a usb to usb connection.

  • Rob

    An app with all rooting and rom info in one place that’s easy to access and view. Rom manager doesn’t have the best interace. I want to see the rom or theme as it would be on my phone before doing a complete wipe and then hating it.

  • app that would take a shopping list, allow you to pick a store, download the store map, then organize the list by aisle.

  • I would like for my phone to replace everything I have to carry around with me all the time. They currently have (obviously) replaced my phone as well as my portable music player. The next two BIG things I would like my smartphone to replace is my wallet and my key ring. For the keys, it wouldn’t be too difficult to have location based services for your house or work, etc., and for cars they could put secure Bluetooth pairing pass-code hash things that unlock and start the car. You should be able to walk up to your car and pull on the handle and it’s unlocked, then when you leave your car and walk away it automatically locks. Make it where the user doesn’t have to think about it or even know it exists. For the wallet, things like NFC will allow this to happen. You should be able to scan in your IDs, Credit Cards, Insurance Cards, etc. You should also be able to replace FOBs and other unlock devices you have to keep with you all the time. Basically, my phone (and maybe some headphones) should be the ONLY thing I have to carry with me everywhere I go.

  • Centralized syncing location for desktop, mobile, tablet, etc so everything is always synced (ie. contacts,  pictures, documents, etc).  I know Google and Amazon and Dropbox have something similar but none of them work in completeness or perfection.

  • Impulsive20

    A complete sync for tasks and redesigned system for their interface on the android device. Taking advantage of Outlooks detail-oriented task management system on the android would go a long way towards promoting your product to a wide range of customers including businesses. Also syncs need to be easier to use, better advertised, and promoted by Verizon. 

  • I’d like to see an app where i can take a picture of whatever is playing on TV, and it will tell me who the actor/actress is etc.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could easily sync documents, emails, and meetings in packages. What I mean by this is that I wish I could keep things organized by person or email, in a thread of sorts. As a student, the ability to keep everything in one thread per person, or email, or class, would be the best thing for my productivity.

    This would also be very useful for businesses–the ease of being able to categorize everything based on task or whatever, and the ability to tag some objects, files, or emails in MULTIPLE threads would be very advantageous.

    Just a dream, I guess…

  • gimlet72

    Better use of voice commands like in cars. Have a phone have a hard button that I can press and say call mother, wife, mistress. Able to send text messages, answer phone calls and change what music you are listening to without having to look at your phone. 

  • I’d like an expiration scheduler.

    You scan the bar codes or labels of the food in the store or at home as you’re putting it away.

    If there’s a printed “best before” date, you scan that in as well.

    If necessary, you can input an expiration date or a “it was fresh today” date and the type of food.

    All the food gets calendared so you get reminders to use it or toss it before it becomes gross.

    Connectivity with Google Goggles and Epicurious so if you can’t figure out what the make with what’s going bad in two days, it’s piped in with everything else expiring so you can make something.

    But the big (and simple) thing is to calendar the food’s expiration date.

    The app could be named Expir or Expyre (use it or burn it) and could integrate later on with Remember the Milk, Google Calendar, etc.

    • Artimis

      Awesome idea. 

  • Bluetooth sending of presentations to projector

  • Jolouden

    The biggest productivity feature I would use on my Android device would be an application that would allow me to create various profiles on my device, so I could have my wi-fi/bluetooth turn on at specific gps locations (i.e. if I am at home), or at work, then not on while I am at work. It could also automatically mute my phone if I am at meetings, gps locations, or even by times. Then it could be audible during other times as I designate. Essentially, different features I select would turn on/off at different times, or locations.

  • will

    An android os stock app that allows everyone who have an android phone to send free text and pic messages. I now there are apps you can download but i would like to see something on stock so that we dont have to invite or be invited to use it and have to download it.

  • I wish my phone would know all the android phone manufaturers’ plans so it can tell me what phone to replace it with, when to wait, which phone will be outdated in a couple weeks after launch, etc

  • Tony Hannides

    I’m expecting a baby in 8 months so I’d love an app that would tell me what the baby wants when he/she’s crying. Like that baby mind reader in The Simpsons years ago…remember that one? yea…I want that.

  • Worm4603

    Software that will photo scan documents and pics into pdf files and other document programs to be manipulated as needed. Including the ability to wirelessly print.

  • Michael M.

    I want there to be an easy way to copy/select copy and paste text from anywhere on your phone, not just e-mail and texting, its so annoying not being able to select copy text from my text messages.

  • Cedgarrett

    I would love a “google butler app.” Example: Wake up in the morning to your alarm on your android phone. When I alarm is ended your phone asks “would you like to place an order?” You say “Yes, place an order at the nearest Starbucks and make it my usual.” Finally the magical android servers get to work and your payment is made hands-free via (google wallet) and your order is ready when you arrive.

  • Adam Shafer

    For my Nexus S, I really wish an easy-to-use app was made available that would allow me to create custom vibration patterns for each of my contacts. I often keep my phone’s ringer off and in my pocket. The app would integrate directly into Android’s Contacts App and allow me to define a vibration pattern like: —-….—-….——– so that I knew where the call or text was coming from before I even take the phone out of my pocket.

  • Anonymous

    I wish my phone could synch to my class schedule and homework requirements so it could give me push notifications daily on what I should be working on. Example: 6pm on Monday (about after dinner) I get a notification that my next homework is dues at 6am the next day. There would have to be an easy way for my teacher to create the calender then synch it to a notification application.

  • Morenoc12

    An app that will sync my tablet and phone, letting me use my phone as my input device. Also letting me cut, copy, and paste things I look up in my phone seamlessly saving me the hassle of changing between applications while doing work and browsing through other apps /work/browser ext.

    • Morenoc12

      O and link it to google tv so I can use my tab as the input and see my work on the big screen, also let it connect with bluetooth devices like keyboard, mouse, and headset

  • Xboxkid

    I would like a way to have a master unlock code for my phone. Say I have sensitive data on my phone. I want to have the ability to make those files/apps/message threads invisible without it requiring me to put in a lock code anytime I want to access these files or apps. This could be done in several ways. Perhaps with a lockscreen. With ICS the face unlock would work for anyone, but the sensitive data would only be visible if it was your face. Or you could slide the unlock motion in one way it would bring you to a password screen, the other way would unlock it without your stuff visible. Perhaps it could use a widget which prompts a passcode to make things visible. With any of these you could set a time period which it would be visible for or just untill you re-locked your screen.

  • Stargzr

    I would love for my phone to read me incoming text messages when I am driving.

  • I wish my phone was seamlessly integrated with my university so I could pull up a native environment that would give me: Feedback from my professors, live forums/chat rooms for each one of my classes, all the grades I have received for quizzes/tests/homework/projects/programs, my projected grade for each course, and deep integration with dropbox and blackboard, a native calendar of events (could even sync with the main calendar for all I care) that would force-sync (push/pull notifications) any time a professor posted something new or moved a due date, and a class roster with names, photos, numbers, and hours of availability/class schedules (all opt-in by each respective student).

  • subcomandante_m

    An app that blends both Pandora and spotify together so that you can play the songyou want to hear then listen to other songs like it.

  • GreenGarden

    I wish there was better PC syncing and file transferring across the board. Samsung has Kies and I don’t know what other manufactures have. My OG Droid has nothing… it would be great to have a simple piece of PC or Mac software standard on all android devices to help keep things synced and make transfers simpler. 

  • An app that syncs with my fridge that kept a running list of inventory.  It could help me easily set up shopping lists, even provide recipe suggestions based on what I have on hand.  Someone drank the milk while I was gone, notifies me so I can pick some up.  I think it would be quite useful, of course I would need an Android powered fridge but I’m fairly certain I’ve heard of them being developed or already existed.

  • I wish i could simply take a picture of all the math notes that show up on or white board, and have them converted instantly to a clean plain text with images that is then put in a PDF file. That way i will always have an easy to read copy of my math notes handy instead of trying to scribble them down with my messy handwriting!

  • Music transfers are still a bit chaotic on android. I want a great app that supports playlist (and can easily create them in app) and will also play folders off you sd card as though it were a playlist. let’s add some easy cloud syncing and wifi syncing with pc and we are set.

  • Edsanchez10

    I wish there was app that could record my own voice notes and commands and allow me to use them with my calendar and profile options.

  • I would like an app that would alert me when I left my phone at my desk.  If I am 10 feet away, ring.  Obviously some kind of hardware or FOB that would be carried would be required.  At the same time I would also like the app to set the phone to stun if I am in a business location, but ring when I am at home or a residential area.

  • Raj

    I wish to have a simple but better tasks/to-do which would integate with my all my calenders/tasks online (like Google). It should be simple as notepad. I should be able to check it off or create a new one on the home screen widget itself instead of going thru difficult menu options. There are many apps available but none of them are as simple as a plain old notepad. I ask for this as I think spend time going thru the apps than I would have in real pen and paper.

  • Mark Greenwood

    It would be nice to be able to put programs in the cloud to look at and edit docs or remote log in to your pc to edit.  Or log in to your pc like it is in the cloud.

  • Anthony Fett

    I would like texts and picture to sync across my phone, tablet, and home computer.

  • Mike R.

    Wireless sync of all emails,texts,documents. I want to be able to go onto my computer edit a document, save it and then continue working on it from my tablet and phone. I don’t want to have to take my phone off the charger when my tablet is in my hand in order to view the txt message a just heard arrive. I want to be able to push whatever I am currently working on to any other device, be it an app, document, or video. And I want to do it wirelessly and quickly. If only life were that simple

  • Daniel Suraci

    I wish my phone would give me suggestions about where to go when I’m wandering around new areas.

  • Bob G

    An app that just knows my mood at the moment and play me the perfect song for that time. Would be most productive to get the day started the right way or get way pumped up for any occasion.

  • Fako440

    It would be nice if my Android device could walk my dog!

  • TMx3

    Built-in projector for presentations/videos/movies on the go.

  • theprof

    Most of us can speak faster than we can type (especially on phone/tablet screens).  However, the vast majority of us do not work in environments where it is not disruptive to be speaking aloud constantly.  Thus, I need a lip reader app.

  • Tex

    Record and transcribe all my meeting notes.

  • cantuckee

    I would love for something to maximize my battery life with LTE turned on, I love having the blazing fast data but I hate the battery life I get with it. I would also love for there to be a better way to capture video without having that annoying little pause every few seconds, I use my phone as a dash cam

  • Artimis

    I have yet to see a Market app for NFC equipped devices that will allow you consolidate all your RFID fobs into the device.  For example, I formerly lived in a gated community that required a key fob to open all the gates. My new community requires a key fob to access the community clubhouse/pool.  My work requires an access badge to enter the building.  Both my parents and in-laws cars require fobs to be in proximity of the vehicle in order to start it.

    I think it would be great if there was an app that captures the ID’s transmitted by all of these when put in close proximity of the phone. You can then use the phone in lieu of carrying multiple fobs/access cards. 

    I bet companies would like this from a security perspective since once the phone has all these ID’s, there is no need to carry around the fob that can be lost or stolen. Have the app be password protected and/or offer remote wipe capabilities through a company exchange policy for even more security for a lost or stolen phone.

    •  Yeah but that presents a whole new world of security problems.

  • I’d like the maps app in navigation mode to give an actual estimated ETA based on how fast you’re driving vs what the distance is combined with what ever the speed limit is on the road.

  • I want to use a tablet as a make-shift digitizer (e.g. Wacom or Cintiq) for my PC/Mac.  Being able to connect a  tablet via usb and use it as an input device would be awesome (especially with stylus support becoming standard in ICS).  If this is already possible and I just don’t know about it, please let me know.

  • C Norris

    I want an app that will allow me to create a ”wish list” (Amazon-ish) of items I would like to purchase with notifications and automatic searching of eBay. I could set a price,where if the app locates a price in my range,it would notify me. I would also like to include a search of eBay (or other auction sites) for the item and if the item is within my preset price range,it would notify me in the last 15-30 minutes of an auction,so I can monitor that auction.

  • I password lock my phone when idle so no one can pick it up and use my texts. I’d prefer to have a password lock for the entire phone like I do now, but being able to selectively make certain apps accessible even though the screen is locked. For example, I may not want my music player, navigator, or video player locked, but I may not want people to access some apps (text messages, email, make calls) without a password.

  • Just a basic app that gives me canned responses to my wife’s questions. But will be the right answer. I.E.  Does this dress make me look fat ? Do you think she is prettier than me ? Why didn’t you take out the garbage ?

  • How about a check register that could sync to the mint app (or similar program) and automatically match up the amounts that have cleared.

  • Gary S.

    Being a systems engineer who stacks and racks servers in a datacenter, I would love to have the ability to use my Android device as a scanner to scan asset tags and serial numbers from hardware as I’m deploying it into an asset inventory application either running on my device or running on a server on the network..

  • Kellygh5

    I want an app that will allow me to give commands & reminders through our home speaker system to the kids & dog.  A random “tsssk” or “off” command would help our dog with chronic counter surfing tendencies!

  • What killer productivity feature you wish you had on your Android device?

    – With 4G in nearly every major city (Verizon) and wifi easily accessible I’d like more fluid interaction with PCs. For example Remote Desktop which I know some companies such as TeamViewer have tackled. But I’m hoping for something a little more native feeling.

  • Brett Burns

    I wish there was a way to connect all of my android devices, similar to what HP did with their WebOS tablets and phones.  The only difference is that I would want it done better and for Google TV to also be integrated into the mix.

  • Be able to have device sense which computer I am near and sync files related to that particular machine automatically.

  • SugaShane

    I wish I had an app that could turn my phone into a Kindle Fire. 

  • I want phone / tab to sync with my “FRIDGE”: you’d have to check in with your buying like you check in with foursquare, and then the app would process the data. If I’m buying eggs every third day >> put it on my shopping list automatically. If I’m buying whiskey every third friday, because I’m hosting our regular poker game that night, put whiskey and steak on the list.

    Or just add them to a “recommended” list, so I could select stuff with one click, and make curating my shopping list easier. It would also be awesome, if it had some location-based magic: remind me to buy my favourite hand-blend of coffee, when I’m near my favourite spanish place. Or to pick up flowers for my girlfriend, because it’s date night.

  • Justinoliver

    Spredsheet Invoice to google doc app would be great

  • I wish my android device would be able to automatically sync assignments, assigned readings, upcoming exams and quizzes posted by professors online. A simple application on my phone to view such content would be great and would save me plenty of time, especially when on-the-go. 

  • foreWard

    I would love for my droid to be able to project a full size keyboard onto a surface when needed so I could type longer emails easier. 

  • Anonymous

    Going along the lines of syncing things, I would like to be able to create .kml/.kmz files on Google Earth and import them to my device.  I’m not sure why you can’t do this already, other than Google seems to have abandoned the mobile version of Google Earth.

    There are a lot of possible uses for this, from geo-caching to surveying to simply blazing a trail through the woods.  The current google maps with satellite overlay is good for finding your position, but you can’t do much from there (like store pushpins or create paths/polygons).  I’ve used some route tracking programs that automatically create a .kmz/.kml file for you, but you can’t import these into google earth or google maps.

    Probably something more for google to work on, but it’s all i’ve got right now 🙂

  • You mean there is something my Android phone can’t do? 

  • something that keeps my beer cold while im mowing the lawn! maybe a android power coozie?

  • General accelerometer-based gesture control like: 2 shakes = dial home, rotate side-to-side = read aloud new text messages, half-turn clockwise = turn on camera.

    It’d be nice to have physical movement controls, especially while driving or at an event where I want to capture some moment instantly but don’t want my phone unlocked and in camera mode.

  • Anonymous

    A much  deeper native synced integration. So that everything can be sync and stored not just certain files .

  • I want a super fast spreadsheet program optimized for my Galaxy 10.1 tablet.  I’d rather have speed at the sacrifice of features.

  • StormbladeX69

    It would be nice if my phone could text my wife on my way home to see if I need to stop by the store for anything. How about updating a restraunt that I’m going to be a few minutes late for my reservation.

  • An app that you can choose to have open another app at a certain time of the day.  Example if I check amazon market everyone morning at 8 am, when I unlock the phone the app has already opened for me. Or if I always check droid life at 2pm, it opens for me at that time so I don’t have to goto the droid life app to open.

  • Brandenballes

    i would love to have the ability to take the redundancy out of android, and make it simpler and less options and paths that lead to the same place. that, would increase productivity tenfold.

  • Tuck717

    Smartphone that can interpret sign language and read out what somebody is signing or you type in a message, and it does your message in sign language for the deaf individual.

  • Vonny571

    I would really love a way to integrate a task list through the cloud to my email/calendar client(currently thunderbird). Preferably syncing through my gmail account as my contacts and calendar already do.

  • Eric

    Device integration with phones, tablets, etc. Texts, calls, etc.

  • Tuck717

    Just like having a car key in your pocket can allow you to unlock a door once you get closer, how about the same thing with your cell phone when you get close to your car or doors at your house, or high security places.

  • Anonymous

    I want to see an appointment app that integrates with your contacts, Google Calendar and Google Navigation. Syncs up calendar events with contacts, addresses and navigation. A feature that would notify attendees if another meeting or appointment has run long. Notifications if traffic to get to an appointment is getting heavy. Notifications that are dynamic based on drive-time. Maybe a time-tracker to see how long you’ve spent at appointments (could be based on GPS location, 15-minute intervals). I want to see a one-click button that will automatically map my route and start the navigation process.

    I used to work as a network technician that would do on-site service calls, and something that would help me manage my day would have been AMAZING. And the application for this would be incredible. Even something as simple as a notification if traffic is bad and you have a doctors appointment coming up within the hour. Or just the one-click button to start navigation when you are running out to an appointment. So much easier than looking up the address and trying to get everything going before you leave.

  • Tuck717

    Native hand writting tool that translates into another language on the fly.  Imagine two individuals chatting over their smart phone through writting.  I write sentences in english and on the fly it shows up in spanish/korean/german/etc.. characters on your device.

  • erock

    An app that has GPS on a package you ordered (USPS, UPS, Fedex etc…). So you can have real time GPS, and know if you package is close to your home. That way I know when my order is in the area (and can take my lunch at that time), and it won’t be left on my doorstep waiting for a bystander to pick it up.

  • Will Collie

    I would like to see in app that could connect to local retailers inventory systems.  It would be cool to type in a grocery list and have choices with prices from various stores pop up.  Christmas shopping would be easier, knowing whether something was in stock or not, and to be able to compare prices locally while out or at home would make things a bit easier.

  • Anonymous

    Ability t automatically forward office phone calls to mobile device when I leave the office without having to go into phone system menu. Especially for internet based phones.

  • An app that knows I have work to do, and automatically denies access to Facebook, Google Reader, and anything that could be used as a distraction/procrastination tool 

  • I’m a college student, and I would like my phone to be friendlier with the systems my college uses. My phone doesn’t want to sync with the college email, the scheduling system, the bill payment system, and the online learning system. This would be a huge and very helpful addition for me, especially since I’ve started using just my phone for internet capabilities while on campus.

  • I would like my android device to be capable of DLNA screen mirroring.  Not just content sharing.

  • Michael Clark

    It would be cool to have complete control over your house with your android device.  From door locks to the sprinkler system, everything under control. Knowing every door and window is locked when you are on vacation is a great feeling.

  • It would eb nice if it could tell what emails were important and I needed to be warned about, and others that could wait….big inbox….

  • Physed100

    Well seeing as ipod has something like Gamecenter I wish we had something like that. A fully integrated app dedicated to Android gaming. I myself use my Droid for lots of gaming and would love to see something like that. A program that would integrate all my friends, achievements, games and matchmaking all into one interesting and compelling program thats eye catching while also functioning smoothly. Seeing as android is a very competent gaming device we need something like that. Openfeint is ok but in my honest opinion it just doesnt cut it, we need something thats fully integrated! LETS SEE IT HAPPEN!

  • Pat M.

    I would love to somehow sync up my electricity, gas, and water meters at home to an easy to interpret app on my phone. Monthly bills/readings are one thing but if I had a constant readout of my energy consumption it would be a great way to save money and try to reduce my utility usage. 

  • Hon

    I would like to see some sort of java or c compiler so I can practice coding while I am away from my computer. I think I would carry a 7″ tablet with me everywhere vs my computer. 

  • I need a better way to manage academic notes. Esp in math class.

  • Anonymous

    Something to tell what i’m in the mood to have for dinner, then provide a grocey list of the items needed to prep it. MMMMM…now i’m hungry

  • Charles Dixon

    I want my phone to give me a heads-up display of information while I am driving or at the office.  I imagine something projecting an image onto part of my windshield when I am driving or onto a wall in my office.  The key part of this display is that it should be interactive too.  Think Kinect-like motion controls for my phone.  This should allow drivers to interact with their phones for driving related tasks (phone calls, directions, etc.) while keeping their hands free more often (compared to using hands to navigate a phone’s controls and taking your eyes off the road).

  • Brybelle22

    It would be great to be able to access a restaurant menu, order and pay via my android device.  This feature would be best utilized if it were accessible in restaurant and out of restaurant for carryout.

  • KCS

    This would require participation from others as well, but it would be awesome if I could see real time where the public transportation is in my town so I know how much time I have to get to the bus stop and when the bus will arrive at the stop so I’m not standing out in the cold snow for longer than needed. 🙂

  • I’d love an app that would allow data sync across multiple devices – contacts, docs, email/etc. 

  • Jason Hill

    A wireless thermostat that could send temperature readings to my phone. One for the house, one for the car, maybe one for the office, and it would automatically switch between the two.

  • CD

    I want better voice command.  Anything I can do on a phone/tablet, I’d like to be able to do with my voice.

  • Anonymous

    A “wish list” app that alerts me when items I want are on sale, without me having to browse through everything everyday.

    Should have a deal threshold setting, as in alert me when more than 30% off, etc.

  • an app that would control household functions. (garage door, door locks, tv, AC/heat, DVR)

  • Kie

    seemless connectivity between my phone and tablet in every regard

  • Michael Woods Sys Admin.

    All-In-One Solution. I’d like to see a phone that provided a house doc. This doc would feed your home with internet, television (hulu, youtube, etc) RF fucntionality (garage door, etc) and phone service. Each tv would have a module that allowed it to interface with the smartphone and act as a “set top box”. For the phone service the doc would provide rj-11 ports out or some type of punch down to back feed your existing phone wiring. For the internet service the same would be true and or could simply provide a wifi functionality built in to the doc.

    P.S. I like your company initials. CL as ours is CL also. http://www.centrelearn.com

  • Dexture1

    The ability to wireless sync with your tablet would be nice.  I know iPhone does the bump but that would be awesome if we could bump a file from phone to tablet or back again.

  • Outlawbishop

    It would be nice if the android platform could be a mobile personal identification key recognized as official documentation. The security could be accessed via multilayer platform only and have transferrable encrypted information, like driver license, insurance, medical info, shopping accounts… With today’s personal security concerns this may sound like a lot of documentation in one place. However, if its native to the device only and the device is compromised, just go to any PC and remotely shut the device down. We already have some of these features in Apps and android, so why not make them all inclusive? I sure do get tired of carrying a wallet.

  • Me08053

    I would like to be able to access recorded shows on my dvr box from my phone so that I can watch recorded content on the go.

  • Yan Portnoy

    Some time I like to listen to book some time I like to read. I like to have an e-book/audio book player that knows where I am in the text and pickup play or read from the place I stop. 

  • Anonymous

    it’d be cool if companion sync got involved with syncing of text, phonecalls, & files (songs & pictures) with outlook as well.

  • JT

    Outlook/Calendar feature that requests a starting point address as well as the destination address to offer a suggested event reminder time as well as the option to allow automatic updating of the reminder time based on real-time traffic and travel time changes. Example : An important meeting with a client at 2pm automatically bumps the reminder up 20 min due to bad traffic based on a change in estimated arival/total drive time to the meeting.

  • [email protected]

    Being in school I see how dependent students are on tablets/phones/computers.  A program that would search for keywords and/or dates and automatically move them to your calendar (along with confirmations and editing) would be perfect.  Scenario…I have 7 classes that I’m taking this semester.  Each individual class has it’s own syllabus or schedule about what is happening each time we meet  such as homework and tests and when certain projects are due.  A program that could scan the word or pdf documents for (customizable) keywords and automatically pop-up a dialog box to put them into my calendar (syncing to multiple devices would be very good here).  Options to set alarms so many days before the event would be convenient or even add in (tag) contacts that I want to remind of events that are in my calendar via e-mail or txt.

  • Btolley13

    An app that locks out the use of other apps depending on location or time. Maybe this will help stop people from texting while driving and keep me from playing angry birds at work.

  • I too would like an android desktop silimar to the blackberry version. Being able to sync contacts, calendar, media and such on my own like that would be great.

  • EC8CH

    I wish there was feature that would allow me to enter in the products I own along with a image of the receipts, and then give me a centralized place to access their documentation such as user manuals, software updates, service notices, etc as well as a centralized electronic storage location of the receipts that would alert me when the warranties expire.

  • The ability to view other people’s calendars to schedule meetings and to find out where people are would be nice, especially in regards to Exchange accounts.

  • MahmoodAli

    Smart Camera..EXAMPLE: if i shoot a pic for Kindle Fire..i want my android device look at the Kindle Fire pic then he give me infromation & pics about the Kindle Fire

  • More non touch gesture based functionality.  For example, some sort of receiver/adapter (maybe on your finger) where you can just mime taking a picture and it appears on your device.  This would increase productivity because if there’s something you need to capture immediately you wouldn’t have to bungle around trying to find your phone/tablet and risk missing an important shot.  

    Other uses would include bringing your index finger to your mouth to silence your phone, answer your phone by putting your thumb and pinky to your ear in the shape of a phone, or “air-typing” on an invisible keyboard by moving your fingers in the general vicinity of the letters of an actual keyboard.  Probably a pipe dream but would be awesome.

  • William Medina

    i mostly want a way to sync sms from phone to table. as well as a email app that can allow you to configure more then one corporate account with encryption.

  • Anonymous

    my 5-yr old loves to use my mini tablet (7″ gtab) as a chalkboard to practice his basic math.  if someone could create an app that would recognize his gesture and basic math operations, i’d pay for that.

  • ESchnit

    An app that would provide true, easy access to multiple file servers.

  • Ken Mears

    I’d love an all inclusive messaging app that took in all message types ( texts, corporate email, gmail, etc) and sorted them by time, relevance, custom and allowed me to reply in one way. No matter what type of message it is I can reply by typing into a single text box adding images, documents, whatever depending on the what the message type allows.

  • How about competeing with apple and create something like siri but better,, also give us the option of picking the voice like you can on your Tom Tom 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I want the phone to be a more active in its monitoring me.  I should just have to have a conversation with a coworker and when we plan a meeting by saying “lets meet tomorrow at 1, the phone should just be listening from my pocket and make the calendar appointment.  Or if I’m talking with a friend about how great Tom Brady did yesterday and I misquote a stat, it could correct me or fill in if I say I wonder how many catches welker had.  Or if I say, honey, we’re out of ketchup, it would automatically go onto the list.   (The phone could then beep or vibrate when I get to the grocery story to tell me if it has anything on its list, it could also search the net for coupons).  Point is, it should just do it, I shouldn’t have to pull it out an tell it to.

  • I’d like more integration with Microsoft Access. My company uses Access for everything and there isn’t a mobile app or equivalent for Android.

  • Jackson Emch

    Idea 1: A smart calender feature, whenever a selected priority email address (like your boss) sends you information about a meeting or event it is automatically pulled from Gmail to your calender and added as an event with a day notice.
    Idea 2: An Android screen share app, if cheap tablets gain popularity some business peoples will start carrying them to work, so if one of them is leading a meeting and has a tablet, stream what is happening on their tablet to everyone else in the meeting and if any of the other members want to change something the speaker gives permissions to do so.
    Idea 3: A sonic screwdriver.  

  • Foxesbyte

    I would Like a feature that syncs does proximity reminders, as when you leave your house your phone goes dont forget to buy milk!… or if you with in a certain radius of a store, the phone then sends your a reminder or like a shopping list of things to get at that store i.e. groceries. The proximity reminders could be set on pc, another mobile device, or tablet like a calender… you could even push the reminder to someones phone so if there the ones out they are reminded to get what ever your need to get, do or what ever

  • Colin Vesper

    I wish it would start my car in the morning and turn on the defrost!

  • Dantunes

    Quite honestly, I would just like my smartphone to be smarter about me. In this, I’d like to see it sync better with my MacBook, help me plan better routes based on traffic reports and my GPS location, more easily understand/predict what I’m typing or voice searching, etc. I’d also love to be able to use my (Verizon) phone to control my (Verizon) TV.

  • Anonymous

    How about an app that works like a dog whistle on my kids? I could click it and immediately silence them.

  • Devin R. Smith

    Two phones in one…Have my work side with its own phone number and apps that are independent of my personal side that has its own phone number.  I can set one side to ignore calls when needed and completely lock the business side so I have no fear of anyone (kids) getting into things they shouldn’t.

  • I’d love better fantasy football connectivity. Not just live scoring, a good format seemless, handle all types of leagues rather than just an app for each service.

  • I wish Android handled audio api’s better .. so we (android users) could have better music production apps like that *other* os.  Give me apps like Nanostudio, Sunrizer, etc on android and i’d ditch my ipad in a heartbeat!

  • Anonymous

    App that wirelessly syncs your Android device to a computer, and allows the device to act as the mouse and keyboard for said computer.

    An app that can sync bookmarks across multiple Android browsers, such as stock, dolphin, and firefox.

  • EC8CH

    I wish there was a feature that would allow syncing of shared contact lists and calendar from Outlook.

    My business currently uses android devices, but we can’t sync them to the shared contact lists and calenders that have been set up in Outlook.  This would allow for centralized control ensuring every employee has the most accurate up to date data on their android handset just like they would have from their office computer.

  • Joseph Ferguson

    A better idea.. a location aware application that I can set my own dietary (vegan) restrictions in, and at any time look for local food options with information about what I can eat at local restaurants, saving me the time of having to sift through pages and ask waiters and shop owners if the vegetables have butter on them or not

  • Anonymous

    The best killer productivity app I can think of would be 100% secure for enterprise and allows me to monitor servers and databases throughout my entire network.

    The second would be an app that cleans my house cause my wife sure ain’t doing it.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could watch Amazon Unbox videos on my tablet and phone. Maybe the Fire will kickstart that?

  • Graham Wilson

    I wish it could tell tell future and tell the android world what is to come! I would use it to calculate scores for tennis matches automatically as i play tennis!

  • Anonymous

    I would appreciate the ability to synchronize many different accounts in one place.  Dropbox, evernote, google docs, tasks/calendar, etc.  Needing multiple applications for each specific task is annoying.

  • Anonymous

    What would be cool is a PowerPoint remote control that allowed you to go through a presentation without sitting next to a laptop. You could view your notes, navigate slides, skip around if necessary, etc.

  • Leo

    I would like something that will automatically set an alarm in the morning for a specified amount of time in advance of my first meeting in my calendar each day.

  • Jessica Casteel

    I wish I could easily sync with my Chrome Browser/ChromeOS

  • Joseph Ferguson

    An application that would take my routes to work into consideration, check them as time is winding down before my alarm goes off, if they are all backed up, wake me via alarm earlier, and when I am getting in the car, give me the best option getting to work the fastest

  • Downs176

    Better intigration with Windows, from desktop control to media streaming. An IR blaster would be pretty cool to.

  • Kit12r

    A few things that come to mind are syncing of game progress across devices. A smarter UX that can identify calendar dates and times, or “listen” for pertinent information during a phone call like a phone number and store it as a “note” for a phone call so you don’t have to scramble for paper or to unlock your phone and type things out. NFC sharing of your contact information. Or better yet a way for non-NFC phones to easily get your contact info – it should be as fast as exchanging a Business card.

    Setting up auto reminders would be cool. So if I’m going to meet someone for dinner at 6pm, the phone would check traffic/travel/weather conditions and let me know when to leave or at least if i should plan to leave a bit earlier etc. I guess the biggest thing for me would be to have a phone that learns my habits and adjusts itself to the way I work.

  • Mistawha

    Being a person who deals alot with weighing and measuring things, I would love to see my phone being able to weigh things. Ive seen so many spoof apps that fake weigh, how about giving me the real thing. Would help me alot in my line of profession.

  • Tuck717

    Calendars/email that recognize scheduling conflicts, and could should out emails or making automated phone calls to correct the error or rescheduled appointments.

  • Tuck717

    Smartphones that recognize the environment, and adjust ringer volume/vibrate automatically.

    Smartphones that recognize when somebody says your name, and automatically dictates information being spoken to you.

  • I would love to have NFC give me the ability to have lights turn off and on automatically when entering and leaving rooms in my house.

  • A built-in projector would be sweet, so that I can easily share what I’m seeing on my phone with others by projecting on the closest wall. It could be used as a mirrored monitor, but also as a double monitor, so that for games, you could use the phone for the on-screen controls, while the projected screen shows the game action.

  • [email protected]

    I would like a message app like BBM or imessage, that comes stock on the device, and can recognize if the phone your sending the message to is android or not that way you can avoid high text message rates from the carrier

  • I know there’s a huge push to have health monitoring on our portable devices these days, which is great. I wonder if our smartphones can also start helping us prioritize and remind us of some of the non-health related activities in our life. For example, maintenance tasks like car oil changes, financial stuff like purchasing insurance, etc. There are already apps for these, but it would be nice having this concept baked into the phone or a single app.

    If the smartphone could learn at the same time, to help remind us about the best time to perform some of these activities, so much the better.

  • I wish my Android could let me watch live TV.

  • Anonymous

    I wish our devices were more like PCs in the respect that everything is interchangeable and up-gradable. It would be nice to be able to change out the processor, ram, storage or even display when new stuff came out. It would also be nice because I would have some sort of control over what I would get in my next device.

  • Mtarazr

    I would like an app that when you say loudly a designated word there would be a loud chirp that comes from the phone that would help you locate it. My wife is always losing her phone.

  • Tuck717

    Smartphones with extensive power management abilities to extend battery life.

  • Tuck717

    Some how animals are able to determine seizures, what is smartphones could alert to approaching seizures.  Earthquakes

  • I would love an app that detected my movements and adjusted itself to them with canned responses. Say I was running and someone was sending me a text message or was calling me. This app would detect how fast I was moving and would send a canned response such as “Hi, I’m currently working out and can’t reply right now, but I’ll be sure to get to you asap”. It would be great for driving too! 

  • Mlarson6

    Yeah, making the phone more of a universal remote for TV,appliances, computers, xbox, basically everything!

    Also, as a soon to be pharmacist, more connectivity into pharmacy systems and medical systems would certainly be very nice in case you have to check something from home.

  • Ice456789

    I’d like the ability to take a picture of a document, have Android use OCR to create a google doc of it, then be able to edit that document and print it wirelessly through my Android device to a shared printer. 

  • lodidarkening

    I think having the phone have a built in stand and  “Virtual Laser Keyboard” where it projects a laser keyboard on to whatever flat surface you are using.  Would be a great alternative to using just your thumbs.  This would also allow for better control schemes in certain apps and games. 

  • Tuck717

    Ability to act as wifi extender.

  • I wish there was a way to send my current browser page on my phone to my computer desktop

    • Anonymous

      There is.. check out phone to chrome (play on chrome to phone).  Others are also available

  • Tuck717

    The ability to take xrays

  • rmins

    The feature I would like most would be the ability to back-up and sync ALL settings/data and transfer between different smart phones. This would allow for all settings on one phone to be transferred over to another phone (both Android of course) as well as all data for Apps, contacts, settings for contacts (ring tones). The tool would check compatibility and update the settings according to the phone that you are transferring to. 

  • Anonymous

    I wish phones could connect/sync with android tablets so I could respond to texts, make phone calls, view my pictures etc.. All seamlessly. 

    • Josh Nichols

      You can do this..

      • Josh Nichols


      • Anonymous

        Not really, there are solutions out there that can do part of the job (e.g. SyncSms), but I’d really appreciate something more complete. For example when I’m clearly using my tablet (say touched the screen in last 30 seconds), and I receive a phone call it would come up on the tablet as well as my phone, same goes for texts, voicemails etc. It would also be neat if you could pull up your phone in a window and navigate through the phone via the tablet. One of the reasons I like google is because it keeps my email, phonebook, music, voicemail etc in sync. I think that could be extended to cover more features.

  • Anonymous

    A handy app for Christmas time would be one that you could take a picture of the things your kids circled in the toys r us ad and if would search for the best price for that toy and make you a list of everything that they want.

  • Anonymous

    I want to be able to review business documents, mark them up with inline edits and comments, and shoot them back to the sender all while on the go. Add in some integration of digital live meetings (VTC, IM, or whiteboarding) and that would make a tablet for me go from just for fun to PC replacement.

  • Tuck717

    How about multiple secured profiles being available on a single smartphone? 

    What about a smartphone that turns lights on in your house or completes other task upon parking in the garage at night?

    What about a smartphone that can charge itself after dipping to below 30% battery life.

    What about a smartphone that enables you to bypass stacks of paperwork when entering at hospital?  Perhaps a code from the hospital, and some identifying factor from the patient unlocks the information.

    Smartphone capable of checking your pulse or reading blood levels.

    Conference calls with no limit on participants.

    Smartphones  with a greater field for picking up wife signals

    Text to speak?  About text to graphics?  What if I could speak about a pie chart, and the smartphone could render it.

    Smartphones that can act like radar dectors, and recognize approaching police cars or other emergency vehicles.

  • Runningaaronds

    The thing I have been seeking the most is an android version of the blackberry desktop redirector.  I would rather have a single instance sync of my outlook calendar, contacts, and email from my desktop to my phone rather than having to go through the “good” client or other similar server based products.  I want to manage it on my own.

  • Booboolala2000

    I would like to see a better cleaner media management option similar to itunes but better and cleaner. Including the option to manage media from my phone or tablet or pc. And have all the options sync in unison. That would include playlists, and actual media storage/streaming options. DoubleTwist kinda sucks.

    Also, the current crop of document editing apps need a huge overhaul. They are clumsy and slow. Something with a slicker ui and speedier controls and editing. Although I think my problem is with excel.

    Lastly. Can someone please let me play Angry Birds on any device and keep my current levels. Between any device.

    That’s it.

  • Jeff327

    I would like an app to tell me when the Galaxy Nexus will be available and give me tips on how to convince Verizon to let me have an early upgrade. 

  • Eddie

     i wish my phone could learn what i do and when i do it. that way it could automagically set up reminders, open apps for me (like my grocery list while shopping or open acar when i am at the gas station), it could set reminders that can be synced with my family (get a reminder to pick up more tums if i go to walgreens), send out sms email or chat to convey eta type information, stuff like that. it all sounds possible using this technology but the softwqare does not yet exist. 

  • When I step into my car and it connects via bluetooth, it would automatically go into GPS mode and ask me where I was going and then use Navigate to get there.  

  • D

    Something that would notify me where the closest charger / charging station was when my battery is running low

  • Junior1120

    I would like to be able to use WiFi to instantly talk to my co-workers, almost like Lync on the desktop. Our cellular reception is not good, so a WiFi “walkie-talkie” feature would be nice.

  • the best productivity tool would be have some form of an AI on the tablet that you can just talk to and get the job done. no special words or errors 

  • Andrew The Techie

    I use my phone for scheduling my life. Working in the tech field, service calls sometimes take longer then anticipated. Id love a feature to be able to automatically “bump” my appointments, sending texts or emails apologizing for the delay on down the line.

    The key feature here would be for it to automatically resolve conflicts by moving appointments forward, swapping them to alternate dates/times (user supplied or possibly send a request to the customer via email), or cancelling as a last resort. With a piece of software like that, I could spend more time doing tech work and a lot less time scheduling!

  • An app that would activate or deactivate different notifications based on either GPS location, connected wifi networks, or pre set time and day settings. It could be used to turn off work email notifications when I am at home, or turn off personal notifications when at work.

    • Anonymous

      tasker.  download it

  • Kaz

    I’d love to be able to have a project collaboration tool which makes documents, timelines, wiki/blogs and real-time collaboration (text, drawings, charts, etc) among team leaders. I’ve seen a few tools out there, but none really seem to be exactly what I want, or only have certain features. 

    Obviously, exchange email integration would be vital, as well.

  • jefbystereo

    Two things:
    1- the ability to sync multiple calendars and to do lists.  I have different calendars for home and work that dont sync together as far as I know.  Real example- google calendar/to do, cozi calendar/to do, netsuite calendar.  If they all synced to a single calendar that would make my life way easier.

    2- similar to the original example.  if you have a calendar event, its takes into account the address, your location (gps), and traffic (google nav) to give you an estimated “leave by” time to help you plan your day.  This should be doable given current resources, but as far as I know, no one has ever done it.

  • I’d like to see a good location aware task manager. There are some out there but none that work well. For example when I’m near work it will remind me to check my vacation time, when near the laundromat it will remind me to get quarters & when I’m at the supermarket it will remind me to buy lunch meat. All of this based on where I’m standing.

  • i would like to be able to watch movies that are saved on my desktop and view them on my tablet.

  • James

    I want gotomypc on my android.

  • Anonymous

    I wish that our devices had the ability to create world peace and feed the homeless. Too Mrs America-ie? NFC donations to various charities by swiping over a poster may work with feeding the homeless but I have got nothing for world peace.

  • Kevin Raymond

    I think that it would be great to have home screens that change based on location or by manual switch. When you’re at home, your home screen would have your normal widgets, like Pandora or Twitter. When you get to work, a GPS signal or a user-selected toggle would switch to a work mode with a widget for work email, schedule, etc. Ringers, alerts, and volumes could be changed too.

  • i would like an app that would truly sync activity across devices.  If i am reading a webpage on my phone but want to switch to my computer, it would know where I left off.  For example, if I am on twitter i would like it to pick up on the last tweet i read on my phone so i can read it on my computer.  Password sync would be great. I want my phone to be an accessory to my computer.

  • I’d like a good app for taking hand written notes. It would also integrate with calendar, email, etc.

  • An app that would sent me urgent alerts for when Droid-Life is giving away free stuff! 

  • caseyisajim

    A built-in FM transmitter would be nice.  My LG Chocolate 3 had that and I loved it.

  • Anonymous

    I would like an app, or more specifically, a widget that includes my calendar and to-do list (similar to Do It (Tomorrow)) and contact list.  Fully customizable appearance would also be nice.

  • I would want an app that could simulate GPS readings based on the other sensors. With the G-Nex, perhaps with the gyroscope and accelerometer, along with the current speed via GPS, it could just predict movement along a highway with less updates and more prediction. Perhaps after a certain force variable is met, the GPS would update or just update after X amount of time. However, when you are on a road that will be say 50 miles, it would only need to update once the estimated (by time) 1/2 way point was reached, then at every 1/2 way mark until you are X amount of distance away. Currently GPS is a major drain on the battery for a couple reasons, the GPS sensor, the Display, and the data. If we could limit use of the GPS sensor, and maybe even turn the display off and preload all data before the trip, I think substantial battery life could be saved.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see a product that could intelligently collect social data about my friends/contacts based on the facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn postings and agregate it for me on my device in a useful format. The software would be able to recognize close friends/family versus aquaintences, business contacts, etc. The software should be able to add entries to my calendar based on the birth of children, wedding anniversaries, etc. It should be able to notify me of personal events like job promotions, move to a new home etc… and make it easy for me to personally respond to these events.

    I want to be able to easily identify the important events in the lives of people I know and be able to respond in an appropriate and personal manner. I want all this information collected automatically from the information my contacts post using social media I have access to. It would be nice to even grab little details from important contacts like favorite restaurants, meals, hobbies, etc.

  • Jvrcb17

    An app that allows screen mirroring over Wifi. 

  • Clebaron

    I’d like seamless integration with my desktop/laptop. Push a button, and the document you’re looking at displays on your laptop. Push another, and send that YouTube video to another machine, or even the tv. It should be tightly integrated with the OS, so that everything is seamless.

  • Freestyle270

    I would love to have a rich text editor for emails.

  • For my morning train commute, there are websites and apps I visit to catch up on the news etc.. An app that would know when the train will soon be entering a no service zone (underground or known dead spot) and in the background load those sites and update the feeds from those apps without me needing to tell the app I’m on the train.
    Another idea would be the ability to opt in to a feature where a background app knows everything I do on my phone – so if it sees a text that says “Can you pick up milk and eggs from grocery” and I reply “sure,” the phone would create a shopping list and if I’m not near home ask me if i need directions to nearest grocery.

  • Jacob Hobbs

    As a photographer, I would love it if my Android phone had an app that utilized the ambient light sensor as a light meter. This would allow me to eliminate a piece of equipment and also make me more productive. It could allow for test shots using the phone camera so that I knew what to use on my other cameras. It would save time and money.

  • There has been talk about this feature on mobile devices, but I think it needs to become a functional reality.  A small pico projector built into the phone.  This projector could be used for many different functions on a mobile device, including being able to display photos/videos on a nearby wall so that many people could see what you are looking at.  Also, when in your vehicle, the projector could become a Heads Up Display (HUD) that would project up onto the windshield with an interface that would show your speed, compass, navigation directions if needed, traffic updates, so that the driver does not need to take their eyes off of the road.  Yes, there are apps available right now that simulate a HUD by allowing you to place your phone on the dash of your vehicle and see the reflection of the screen, but just think about how much more functional it would be with a projector displaying a larger image, see-thru, with the information you need right a a glance.  THAT would become the ultimate mobile device.

  • caseyisajim

    I wish there was some way I could replace Google search with Bing search.  It would also be nice to be able to replace Google Nav with VZ Navigator.

  • Sundar Ganapathy

    The killer productivity app on a tablet, for me, would be a fully featured google apps document that supports sync and online/offline full featured editing (including spreadsheets) – this should be able to scale between phones and tablets.

  • I’d like for my device to be able to point out where the nearest parking spaces are based on my location and probably traffic cameras (I live in a big city), and then point out whether or not those spaces require permits, are free, etc. 

  • Anonymous

    How about an Android version if Siri. You can call it Robby.

  • Anonymous

    I need something that will kick me out of bed in the morning, so I stop waking up 40 minutes after my alarm goes off.

  • I’d like to have better data import, there should be the ability to copy text from one app to another easily, kind of an advanced clipboard…

  • Lizz.0

    I wish my phone had it’s own built in projector out of the top. That way, I wouldn’t have to buy an expensive plug in projector to show slideshows or video to other people.

  • Hemitude

    Teleportation would keep me pretty productive I think….

  • David Hollinger

    Cisco IPSec VPN integration would be great

  • Yancey

    I want my cell phone to help drive my car!

  • I would like my android device to be completely in sync with my schedule much like a personal assistant (but one in the background unlike apple’s offering).  For instance, I have a meeting on my calendar at 11:00am that I have a presentation prepared for.  As I’m walking into the meeting I would like the GPS in my phone to realize that I am getting to my meeting and my android to realize that I have to give a presentation and automatically pull it up so I don’t have to go searching for it.  Or let’s say I’m a college student and my device knows my entire schedule and I can set it to automatically download notes for me the night before so I don’t have to remember to do it before I get to class.  Or I’m a doctor and I’m walking into a patient’s room and it automatically pulls up their chart.  Just seemless integration between the real world and the technology we use in it.

  • I wish there was an Android to Android remote app like team viewer. I can’t count how many times my less tech savvy girlfriend or step mom has called me to tell them how to do simple tasks on their phone. Things like turning the volume off of emails notifications or what app can they download to replace stock messaging and how to search/download it. I already use team viewer to fix their computers, and I would love to be able to access their phones also.

  • Hockey puck55

    I wish my Outlook tasks would sync to my droid.
    I would also like to be able to see multiple exchange calendars that I am connected to.

  • Anonymous

    The ability to serve me coffee whenever I have my Android-equipped device with me!!

    Coffee for me = highly productive!

  • Chris James

    I wish my Android device would have a voice activated reminder sync with GPS. Example: If I put on my to do list like pick up milk,bread, buy a jacket and get gas, the reminder would voice remind me whenever I get close to a grocery store to pick up milk,bread. It would voice remind me to get gas when I come close to a gas station or to stop at a clothing store to buy a jacket. What I mean about voice remind is that an audible voice from my android device would say something like, “reminder: milk, bread- walmart 5 miles away do you want me to navigate?”

  • Karen Rapposelli

    I wish my device could clone me…. I’d be able to do my actual work, read my Kindle books, play games (I’m always trying to catch up on WordFued, WWF, HWF, etc!), and actually listen to what my husband is rambling on about. 😉

  • Joshua Newsome

    With ever-more-powerful processors and increasing RAM, I dream of native development on android devices. It might seem excessive, but I have often found myself in need of a utility on my desktop and just created what I needed if I couldn’t find it right away, and have wanted that for my mobile devices too (no usb or avd!).

  • It might already exists but location based notifications, like call someone, or pick up the dry clearning when I leave work

  • cl.bonesss

    Lost key finder for sure

  • Jonik Cannon

    IDE for building, deploying  android apps

  • I would like a complete OS-integrated password management system that would sync across devices (phones, PCs, tablets, etc.) and would work both in apps and on the web.

  • Duderino13

    I would like my Android device to be able to stream it’s screen to any pc with a blue tooth connection.  Similar to having a Dock but without the hardware. 

    So if I’m in windows, I just download that one driver and then I can have a dedicated window for my Droid, where I can see and control what it does, and I don’t have to constantly take it out of my pocket and wake it up after every notification.

    Similar to a Remote PC app but reverse.

  • Anonymous

    How about a way to share links and content directly through Google Chat instead of having to copy the address, exit, open Chat, and then paste?

  • Justin

    At work, I use Microsoft OneNote often. I would definitely like to see a high quality OneNote sync app

  • I would love for Android devices to have more integration with other tech in our lives – not just be a remote control or allow remote desktop control, but more along the lines of where Adobe is going with photoshop applications that allow you to use a tablet and computer together for a single task.

    but take it further, allow you to view the meal in your oven as it cooks from anywhere in the house, but also allow you to set a timer on your oven that will automatically ring on your phone/tablet as well.
    so basically taking remote controls a step further

  • Grmarco

    Universal “Keyless” entry app for my door lock or garage door.  Put all those home entry items into one neat package.

  • DeLeonR

    I would like for it to be a SMARTphone. Really sync and communicate between apps on the phone itself. Also become the go to device to control things, like TV’s and other home devices. 

  • Johnwlam

    I’d like to see proximity syncing of photos and videos content between mobile device and pc

  • Anonymous

    I would love an app that would transcribe recorded lectures into a word document for my classes

  • Anonymous

    I would love to be able to use a VPN client without having to root my device. There simply are no good VPN clients and my company’s Citrix server is only hosted on a local server, need to have VPN access to get at it.

  • Instant list syncing between users. Making group lists is easy, but removing stuff from the list needs to be near-instant. That is so a group could go to a store and all buy off the same list without duplication.

  • Fupeduck

    Spell Check that governs all apps.

  • Tippy

    I would like full integration of phone, tablet, TV, and PC. With th phone being able to control all of them by being able to pull up programs, videos, and the like on all. No idea what for though.

  • JasonLBurke

    Honestly the thing I would like to see the most on my android device, would be an android version of Siri. As unfaithful as that sounds to the wonderful android platform, I feel that Apple stepped up their game(also by taking android functions, and putting it on their devices.) so maybe its time that we do the same.(Please no hate comments)

  • I would have to say and adaptive based app the learns my routine. If i make the same phone call or go into the same apps during the day it would learn this. It could provide reminders, or pre the call for me or text. Now that would be a smart phone.

  • Geives1

    I wish there was an actual “ticker” on Android. A feature to display rolling scroll of sport scores or stocks & commodities.

  • Anonymous

    And easy way to transfer what your doing on your phone, tablet or PC to your phone tablet or PC. Sometimes your working on something on your phone but it would be easier to do so on your tablet or PC. Would be nice to “throw” it from device to device. Could be a document in word, or PDF that you are marking up, or slideshow presentation or webpage.

  • Paul Song

    Instead of coming up with a new function, I think it’ll be very useful if the function of voice commanding is perfected. I have noticed while driving, the inconvenience of having to wake the phone up to operate the voice command. What if we can trigger it to work just by speaking to it? For example, saying “Hey phone, wake up. Navigate to a nearby P.F. Chang’s” or “Hey phone, text my girlfriend that I’ll be a little late”. This is one ability I wish I had on my phone.

    Another one is related to my first one. I wish all the electronic devices can be synced together and my phone could work as their command center. Things such as turning off the lights at home just by speaking to my phone, unlocking and starting the car to warm it in a cold weather, operating the coffee machine as soon as I wake up in the morning, and much more. Also, what if I could make reservations to my favorite restaurant without even calling them? Just by saying, “Make reservation at The Keg Steakhouse at 6:30pm on Saturday” and ta-dah! I can just show up then.

    I know these are not easy as being said, but I believe these are the functions that will definitely ease our lives. I’m actually impressed by this company, CompanionLink, for being proactive and trying to figure out what the consumers really want. Kudos to CompanionLink and Droid-life!

  • I’m picturing a future home with multiple tablets and docking stations placed throughout the home. For example, a dock on the refrigerator that puts the tablet in “grocery list” mode. From there I have a interface for checking in and out groceries that I just bought or are running low on.  Or a dock next to a main door inside of the home that puts the tablet in a mode for upcoming appointments,weather forecast,etc and at the same time it can talk to the refrigerator tablet to remind you of groceries to be bought before you leave.

  • Anonymous

    A portable selling station, for home business and small business ,capable of keeping track and notifications of a small site and keeping inventory info though your device (over tab phone) though the Web and the cloud

  • Mike Bohde

    Setup a program that when your phone comes into wifi range of your house it interacts with a home automation system like X10 to turn on your porch light or lights in your entry room.

  • I would like my Android to automatically sync with anyone else’s that I choose – namely family members – so that I have everything of theirs available on my device as well. For instance – any movies, games, books, pictures, music, calendar, contacts, to do lists, shopping lists, their current location, etc. Of course, you would also be able to select which of these you can sync, and to which device, so the kids couldn’t see anything I don’t want them too (rated-R movies, etc.). I realize there are separate apps that may be able to perform most/all of these functions, but I would like this to be a native part of the Android OS, so all devices have it built-in, and all settings can be controlled in one central location.

  • be able to better sync with all of the computers and electronics in my life, and allow access so it becomes a master control

  • Matthew Snider

    A tri-corder blue tooth device would also be awesome.  I would love to go to the doctor to receive a scan that tells me everything that ails me, and have it synced to my own personal medical file that I can access from my Android device.  

  • NiVRaM

    Ability to sync text messages in the cloud, and across iOS/Android.

    • NiVRaM

      to add specifics to this, I’m thinking for those of as that have Android phone + iPad or iPhone + Honeycomb tablet, it makes keeping up with texts much easier.  I hate fumbling between the two devices when I get a next text.

      • Booboolala2000

        Try Google Voice.

  • I would like for your android phone to double as pretty much any device you work with throughout the day.  If your mouse quits working you could use your phone as a touch screen, if you lose your TV remote then you can use your phone for that as well.  If your car has Bluetooth you can sync with it to remotely check on the car sync your calendar into the cars gps system.  If you have a Birthday party at Bob’s house on Friday at 5pm the GPS sync will automatically route you to Bob’s house to arrive around 5pm.  It would be nice if everything was synced across all the different platforms that we use.

  • The killer feature for me would be the ability to run other OS’s in a virtual machine like VM Ware does on desktops I would love to be able to run Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, IOS and Blackberry OS on my Android phone.

  • Anonymous

    I want an app that will intelligently link physical addresses in email or text messages to the navigation app.  That way I would not have to copy and paste.  

  • Letah75

    I’d like to see an application that would when turned on send and automatic e-mail to designated e-mail addresses with your gps points. That way you could have documentation of when you were a certaian place at a particular time. At the end of your trip if it could send a complete list of the times places you were. This could very definitely come in handy for custody issues (was someone at the drop off point on time). Additionally, it could be beneficial for drivers, messages, taxi services, parents needing updates on their children, etc.

  • Jason

    I would like to be able to sync my email and files from work (military network) and also from home on the phone so I could really have all the info I need on the go. Now I have to use google docs and have service to download on the phone or back on computer at home, if I change the file than reload it back up and replace file. Being able to sync up appt’s with my wife as well so i don’t get caught when I don’t pay attention to her lol Use 2 different calenders like in outlook and be able to share calenders that auto update with new appt’s would be awesome.

  • Daniel Lamson

    I would love it if my phone could log in remotely to my tablet. Sometimes I am at work or something and want to install an app on my Xoom. Sure there’s the markets site, but that doesn’t always work when the wifi is sleeping.

  • Josh R Ingram

    I wish that grocery list apps would be able to somehow sync with specific stores. For instance, I could enter a certain spice I want to pick up at Kroger and I would be able to see a map or the exact spot in the aisle where the certain spice was. Think of how much quicker and more productive grocery store trips would be! I frequently find myself searching for long periods of time for certain items.

  • Anonymous

    Hand writing recognition.

    Obviously more useful for the Tabs, but having used a few Windows 7/8 slate devices, this is a REALLY nice feature.

  • I think a needed productivity feature for my phone would be the ability to create notes or tasks and share them across multiple Android devices that are not part of the same Google account.  Such an application will allow me to create a To Do task or note, then it would not only show up on my phone but sync to my tablet, and even my wife’s Android Phone as well.  Once a task or note was completed, the completion would sync across every device, letting everyone in the group know that it was completed.  For example, she could create a task to pick up milk.  If I got it on my way home from work, I could complete it and she would get a notification that it was completed, and vice-versa.  As an added bonus, the ability to have several accounts assigned to the application would allow a person to use the app for personal and business reasons, or among multiple business teams.  In addition to the application, a high customizable widget to display the tasks, and even allow you to tap the task to mark it complete, would make the application that much more useable.  Customization would include size, transparency, accounts.  I think widget functionality is one of the great powers of the Android OS.

  • Anonymous

    I wish there was a way to view or edit Microsoft OneNote files on Android.

  • Cam

    Fully integrated MS Lync support/sync is needed. The tool is extremely useful and is being adopted in enterprises pretty rapidly. 
    With the newest crop of phones and tablets, these devices are fully capable of sharing desktops, joining and participating in webcam meetings, etc.

    Also, we just started using it at work and I really, really need it. In IT, I am rarely at my PC and Mobile Lync access is a must that no one has really capitalized on.

  • Anonymous

    A carpool app. You can specify frequency, times and locations, and the app can match you with others. If there are no matches, then a bus schedule can be offered. This is an app that could be used by hippies and suits alike 🙂

  • Killer productivity… hmm.. how about the ability to connect to a Goldmine database with full functionality. Nothing More annoying than having contacts and calendar and nothing else to research.

    Additionally, the ability to do simple things like book everything on an airplane or airport in advance. Imagine, while you’re on the airplane (in Airplane mode) you can type up where you’re going and such… soon as you get off the plane, you turn airplane mode off, and it automatically contacts the bus/taxi/train/car-rental/hotel companies to let them know your plane has landed, what you’re needing, and that you’ll be needing it all within 10-15 mins. So when you get out of the terminal, it’s all waiting for you. An app that handled all that (admittedly, it’d require a lot of assistance from the other parties) would be awesome 🙂

  • Matthew Snider

    I would love a cross-platform tool that is able to sync everything imaginable… would probably need to be cloud based for storage reasons, and should have a consistent interface on each platform.  Video, music, email, chat, contacts, photos, bookmarks, etc… It seems there is a tool for each of these things separately, but one go to tool would be awesome.

  • I would have to say the ability to sync with microsoft visual studio and be able to edit my code from my tablet on the go, and maybe even to be able to execute or at least check for errors that will occur when compiled (As hard as that may be)

  • Michael

    I would love a voice based method of answering or rejecting calls. For example; “incoming call from *, what would you like to do?” Then you could answer; accept, reject or reject with text.

  •  hdmi in on my android device instead of just hdmi out

  • Anonymous

    I would love it if the external buttons (volume up/down and camera) could have actions when the screen is off. Similar to how you can skip to the next/previous track and play/pause when you are listening to the default music player, but it would be expanded. 

    For instance, if I was listening to Rhapsody (or any other music app) I could skip to the next track with the volume rocker. Right now this would start my default music app and start playing a song while Rhapsody is playing a song, which sucks.

    The buttons should be associated with the current front running app, not just the music player. 

  • C-Law

    I would like to be able to sync better between my phone and my tablet. Syncing my photos and documents, apps, and music between devices would be great.
    I have no idea how to have a phone control household items but that sounds like a great idea too.

  • I want it to tell me what the lowest price for gas is in a certain radius!

  • I would like an application that would be a “Genius” (like on Apple iTunes) type application but for other Apps and Websites that I use/visit.  It would recommend anything and everything based on how I use my phone.  For example:  If i was walking downtown in my city of Charlotte and I had browsed on the internet about certain restaurants/shops, than this application would let me know once I got within a certain distance on my gps if any of these places were offering any special deals/etc.  It would compile activity on my phone w/ GPS activity from my daily activities and offer up ideas/apps/deals that might be interesting to me.  It would be an extension of each person’s mind.

  • Chewbaca

    I would love an application that would allow me to map out multiple places I need to travel to, and then give me the gps navigation to each location. The app would automatically create the route to the different locations based on distance so as to be more efficient in traveling to each location. Once I am ready to move on to the next place, the app would continue in guiding me along the route.

    This app would be great for running errands, shopping at multiple stores, looking for housing or apartments, etc…

  • Budgeting functionality that will not allow you to use your phone to pay for anything outside of the budget with your phone. Universal language communication so that your phone can act as a translator between you and whoever wherever you go in the world. Also a built in driving monitor to enable you to contest tickets when you are stopped by the police.

  • David Durst

    It would be cool to have an application to sync all data between all my android devices I log into. This would include a master device that is setup and then reading that device and installing all applications as applicable to the new devices.

  • besides from wanting an amazing battery to last for days so i can be able to do all this productiveness..since remotely controlling everything and some sort of credit card replacement have been taken. i would have to say to have it turn on my phone via light up with some sort of notification like coupons, news, restaurants, (options that i choose) traffic alerts..all of it would vary depending on the day and location. if i start driving to another state, i could select options like hotels, gas, traffic, etc to pop up.

  • Fastsnake98

    On my Android device I wish I can access my companies Business Intelligence (BI) tools, this way I would be able to pull reports in any meeting I’m at since I don’t have a work laptop.

  • Dapke

    I wish there was a splash page for in-call activities that could list your tasks and calendar/events in an easy-to-read, presentable format. Plenty of times I find myself attempting to hold a phone converasation while digging through 2-4 apps trying to remember what I need to do today,or what times I am free. This would pop up as a separate app, or (even better) appear as the default in-call screen. Would have actions for hang up, Bluetooth, speakerphone on within the app as well. Something like this would save me a TON of time (and frustration!).

  • t-dirt

    Speech-to-Speech translator. For example, I speak English into my phone and it translates it into French. 

  • The ability to edit video on the go and then be able to upload said video.

  • Jody Harvey

    An app similar to Evernote, but having more intergration with a calendar, a shared calendar and a group function so that you can share notes, web clippings, appointments, tasks with other users. I would like something like this so I can manage my teens busy school schedule, my wife’s work and my own time. Could be a family and corporate app.This data would also be stored in a cloud so that you can access it from your Droid, iPhone (yuck, but my daughter wanted one) any web browser and desktop app. Integration as an Add-in in Outlook would be nice too.

  • I would like to be able to set GPS beacons so that I can find a certain location again, like where I parked my car or a favorite campsite, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Would be nice to link up with my home entertainment and car audio systems to continue play back and entertainment from car to home and back.

  • It would be nice to be able to change the voicemail greeting people hear when they call you as easily as you can set status messages for IM. Then if you ignore a call from someone they will have a better idea of how busy you are and whether they should leave you a message or just call back in five minutes.

  • Anonymous

    Universal remote, but one that would have different presets in it for the various room setups that I have in my house.  Also, integration with home automation would be great too.

  • The ability to edit video on the go and then upload it.

  • Lenny

    Integration with the card access security systems in office buildings. I always forget my access card but always have my phone. It would be awesome if you could hold your phone up to the panel and get in the building.

  • Scott Willenborg

    Photo sharing.  Say you’re at a wedding, party or any social gathering.  You’re taking pictures with your phone since that’s in your pocket and takes great photos.  You take a great photo of a few people and they want to see it, they love it want you to send it to them.  You have some options now… MMS it to them, each or as a group.  Upload to to a social website where they have to be your friend to get it.  Or download it to your computer that night and email it to them.  All blah.

    Have a feature where when I take pictures at tonights gathering, they go directly to a “shared” spot.  Anyone who is there and has the same app can access those pictures (and others taken by people at the same location with this app).  They can grab thier own copies of the pictures they want.  Later we can choose to make those pictures availiable to all people there with thier computers as well.

    You’re welcome.


  • I’d like Android to have some sort of Where’s my Droid app (I know there is one) but where I could say out loud “Where’s my phone?” or probably “Where’s my phone?!” and it would sound off so I could find it. This would be perfect for lost phones in the depths of my couch.

  • Anonymous

    An feature that would sync my communication between two or more devices, so when I picked up my tablet, all my call history and texts would be there and up to date. It would allow me to make calls and text as well as read tweets and when I moved back to the phone, all that information would be up to date and reflected on the phone. The devices would sync my progress similar to the way whispersync works, but for tweets, texts, really anything. 

  • Mike

    Solar charging built into the phone.  Between sunlight and flourescent lighting phones would never be without a charge.

  • Mary Brodd

    There are two things I want, both of which hark back to the “good old days” (at least for me!) of PalmOS:

    1. I want HandyShopper for Android!!!! (I know, CL can’t do anything about that…)

    2. I want a program that syncs with my MS Money (Quicken? What’s that?) PC program as well as Ultrasoft Money did.

    I do love my Droid2, and Android in general, but BOY did those two PalmOS programs make my daily life easier…

  • I just want the ability to be able to take notes in class by writing. Meaning I want my writing to be changed to text like windows does but on android. make it happen and ill love you long time.

  • Anonymous

    Better stylus support!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to have one for cooking and shopping so that I can take a picture of several recipes (or send from computer), then it keep track of the things I want to cook, and the ingredients display as one list, I can say what I do have at home (because of GPS or home network), then when I’m at the store, it can change to the grocery list, telling me what I need to buy. While there are shopping apps, they don’t make making things for a recipe easy, plus if you can just take a picture, it would require less typing!

  • Hasanjaved25

    I love tablets and I wish to setup a tablet that can also make phone calls but has no microphone, instead it has an attached handsfree that comes attached to the tablet like stilys in the old times. even if no phone calls, this will work for skype,viber,Google voice etc. & we won’t have to carry Bluetooth handsfree on its own but it would have its place to be fixed in the tablet so easy carry 😉

  • Firelight

    I’d like my Android device to have interactive reminders. 10 minutes before every event – popup a reminder with options:  “Your meeting is in 10 minutes. Are you ready?” with options to say “Yes – dismiss reminder” “No – send SMS with apologies for being late” “No – cancel event”.  

    I’d also like my device to sync with my Chrome/desktop bookmarks (I know that is coming with ICS – but …) since I use Dolphin HD and not the stock browser.

    I also wish Droid-Life would default to mobile-view on my Android device like an.droid-life.com does …

  • napes22

    I’d like an application that handles remote login to my home computer, and also has the ability to control other devices (ie: TV, Roku, etc). 

  • Greg Abbate

    I am generally bad with remembering birthdays, anniversary’s…..basically any special date that entails you remember something. Texting has become a completely acceptable way of communication in our world. My boss even allows us to text if we want to use a sick day or vacation day. What if there was a way for my Android phone to text out “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” without me having to remember the date and actually do it? I think this would be a feature we all would welcome. So many dates to remember! Maybe CompanionLink has the answer?

  • Alexander Tarnowski

    I think a killer feature that would grow the android platform is the ability to transfer all of my apps and new settings to a new phone. Having to set up my new phone how i like it with all of my tweaks is a pain and having the ability to just mirror how i have my old phone on my new phone would be awesome. Hopefully with how android 4.0 looks, the need for home replacements and skins will be obsolete allowing this to be feasible

  • I would like my device to become 100% indespensable. As well as the management of my emails and calander I want my device to become the central hub of my electronic world, like we have been seeing in sci-fi movies for years. I would like my device to become my computer when I need it, the remote to my house, the central link to social media and other individuals. One device that I can rule my life and “all machines” that belong to me, for real this time tough.

  • Print money.

  • Omahaparanormal

    I would really like the ability for android devices to be synced or administered as a group.
    For example, as a family we have 4 Android phones. 2 of those belong to our sons. It would be nice to remotely be able to synchronization or add certain things to their phone without the need for them to responder emails or spots. Or even request software synchronization by group needs.
    Some sort of central management system, I would think it would be good for Enterprise needs as well.

  • Nate Myers

    if there is a flash video on a website (such as break.com or something), you should be able to click that  video and it will open up in a new window, much like what the youtube videos do.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could do my Graphic Design work on my Android device. This means being able to work with Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver…close to full versions that allow for dyanimc page layout, layers, vector drawing, etc. If this was possible on an Android tablet I would ditch my iMac all together and get a high quality Android Tablet.

  • Josh Joseph

    It would be great if my android device could analyze devices running other operating systems or software, perform a basic diagnostic, and let you know the options available with interfacing with the device, and how you would do so.  For example, using your android phone to link up to a printer/fax machine, and your phone letting you know what software setup the device has (firmware version installed, connectivity capabilities, etc.)

    If nothing else, it would be great if the android device could scan other devices, and present you with available apps that will enable you to interface with device.  Anything that makes crossing platforms simple and efficient.

  • Matt Osborne

    My feature idea would be some sort of “prediction secretary” software that would constantly monitor in real time virtually everything you do with your device and then (if you want) automatically perform all types of functions. Some examples include, keep in mind optionally: During a phone call where you eventually confirm a meeting place and time, the secretary logs the location and time in your calendar as well as sets a reminder. Games played are polled and new releases to the market that fit your play style are suggested. Music listened to, books read, etc. as well. Even locations like restaurants frequented could eventually lead to new suggestions or an out of the ordinary trip to a new city would result in a new “city guide” icon to appear that has quick links to various useful places/services that are again, based on what you’ve shown to be relevant in the lifetime of your device. The specific information database could possibly also be cloud based/backed up so that when you switch devices you don’t have to go through a reeducation process. Overall, basically a highly intuitive program that, without slowdown, can constantly monitor your life and serve as a secretary, adviser, guide, and assistant for your everyday life. Wow, where can I sign up!?

  •  linux on android

  • Makijw

    I would love to have a good document editor, with full pictures support and the ability to print right from the app. Maybe via Google Cloud Print. Is that an open API?
    Also a really good app for designing layouts on graph paper, architecture style.

  • i would like to see a kinetic movement battery charger built into my phone so i will never loose battery life

  • meatyfalcore

    Some type of universal remote app.  To not only control tv, dvr, etc. but other things like cars, garage doors, thermostat and other things.  I know you would probably need to get some type of receiver for these things, but it would make a lot of things easier.

  • ANDROID MASS TRANSIT CONTROLLER = No more traffic jams!
    Android phone integrates into car when you are on the freeway.  You enter your navigation instructions, then sit back and relax as all the cars on the freeway are synched with a satellite signal to prioritize lane changes for exits and freeway entrances.  This would eliminate traffic due to human error during driving.  The Android also monitors all the vitals of the car to make sure there are not problems with the car that could cause a blowout or engine failure to keep drivers safe on the road.

  • Anonymous

    Be able to easily control, manage, link to etc. a server(media or otherwise) hassle free from my phone. 

  • Jason K.

    It would be great to have a centralized automated application data sync so if I switch from my tablet to my phone or phone to tablet, my apps know where I am and what I’m doing, and provide the option to resume on the other device.

    Alternately a gesture or accelerometer motion that you could record to trigger it would be awesome.

  • HuskerDroid

    I would like more AI while in the car or dock. You could interact with the phone and have it change songs, send and receive calls/texts, etc. I would be like sync but all integrated into the Android OS so it would be perfect.

  • Leadhourjustin

    For me, it’s not what features I can get out of my phone, my phone is already doing much more than I ever thought possible just a few years ago.  It is creating a better easier way to do these things.  While I enjoy playing with apps that make my phone more powerful there are plenty of people that just want something simple, functional, and pretty.

    This is where apps like Springpad have done it right, it’s a note taking app that takes about 5 minutes to understand and can sync easily across every device.  Is it the best note taking app, maybe not, but if you only casually take notes it’s likely enough for you. The Kindle app is also a good example of this simple, functional, and pretty aesthetic.  It looks nice, it’s easy to use, and it’s incredibly simple.

    Basically what’s missing and seems to be a place where Companionlink could flourish is by creating an app that allows you to use your phone without using your phone.  A place where all of your pictures, text messages, and emails are loaded onto one simple cloud based web site.  That way, when business people are working they don’t have to look down at their phone every time they get a text message, and they don’t have to upload every picture every time they take one.

  • Add the ability of your android device to locate your children via app, perhaps integrating a gps into a piece of jewerly that they can wear.

  • Make it easier to make a Gmail a calendar appointment so I can follow up on things. All too often someone says “let’s meet here at this time” in an e-mail and I want to be able to intelligently make it an event on my calendar.

  • Anonymous

    The ability to collate all my work an personal information and to present it to me at an appropriate time and place. Ie if im at work remind me of an appointment, look at traffic and tell em when i have to leave. When i walk into or drive close to a store remind me about me my shopping list, and check my bank account to tell me if i have enough money to buy what i need. A siri that i don’t even have to talk to it anticipates my needs.

  • Captmilk

    I like playing video games like Skyrim. I think and app that is an extension of the game would be sweet. Something like managing inventory or even a GPS scavenger to collect items in the real world. I’m sure the possibilities are endless

  • Anonymous

    Would be nice to have an app that would breakdown colors/hues/saturation from a picture. Sometimes when making eyes ears noses or teeth everything starts to looks the same. Guess that just means when my eyes get tired its time for another coffee break.

  • Mark Wilk

    I would love the ability to open files and documents stored locally on my home PC from anywhere on my Android device.

  • Dbarden31

    I know I’ve already posted a couple ideas and this maybe be going out on a limb here but for those health conscious people it would be nice to see some type of technology that can read your vitamin and mineral levels and tell you what you need more or less of. Only in a fantasy world I know 😛

  • serebii

    It would be great if we could have sync/cloud capabilities with video game consoles. This would let us be able to go from playing them on a PS3 or XBOX to playing them on a tablet while on the go.

  • Travel Time.

    Keep track of the locations on my calendar items, and my location via GPS. Calculate the travel time from my current location to the location of my next appointment. Notify me that many minutes in advance of my next appointment (plus a configurable buffer period – maybe 2 minutes, maybe 5 minutes). Also, let me configure the mode of transportation (car, public transit, walking). Ten minutes of advance notice isn’t enough when I have to travel across town, but I don’t want a 30-minute early notification every time, and I don’t want to manually set the notification for each appointment.

  • Anonymous

    I would like my android device to automatically come up with great responses for contests like this so i could always win.

  • Anonymous

    integrate Microsoft one note!  my favorite office application of all.

  • Brett

    I would love a better encryption set up so that government agencies and contractors like my company will allow a Droid to be used like a Blackberry used to be.  Currently the security and encryption is lacking..

  • Automatic reading of addresses…whether in SMS or emails…it should read the address and just add a little map under the message. Just something simple like that instead of having to long press on the message or wait for my phone to open Google Maps…Because most times i just need an address and a general map area not full directions. Then if i need more info i can press the map and it opens Google Maps or directly to the Places page.

  • Joshua Harris

    I’d like to see an application that allowed me to use Steam chat services over my phone.

  • Clayton Bodell

    An app that manages your car maintenance.  It could alert you to pending maintenance issues by retrieving information from your car regarding usage.  For instance, if you have just hit 60k on your car, it notify you that maintenance is due and would schedule an appointment with the dealer/repair shop.

  • Tasker, a really great utility for android takes care of a TON of the automation tasks that respond to texts while i am in meetings and other such things.

    But as a student I am disappointed by the lack of affordable e-textbook options. I love my android devices and would like to use them for everything. I can go on my school’s elearning portal, listen to lectures, take notes, study and most other things.

    If I could just be able to download a textbook for an affordable price I would be very happy!

  • Full native syncing of data. Like the current set of Google apps but it will encompass everything on your device. So you get a new phone,when you long in with your account you get a prompt to sync it. This will sync all apps/data/settings. Your new phone now has your exact same home set-up with no root required. The      game you got halfway through, still saved. The documents saved, good to go. 

  • Maybe this exists, maybe not, but I’d love an app to be able to send text messages from my phone, but on an Android tablet, so I don’t need to stop what I’m doing and pickup my phone. And I don’t mean using a Google Voice number, but the number from my carrier. I know there’s already a similar way to do this on a computer with Google Chrome and DeskSMS. This would also be useful on Google TV with my Logitech Revue. 

  • Anonymous

    I would kill to be able to choose between stock and manufacturer-specific interfaces. Long live vanilla!

  • Mikesmash

    I would love for an application that when the phone was in a car dock, it would read aloud text messages that come in, and allow for you to speak your text back to the sender. 

  • Almostadr

    I agree with Anish integrate microsoft Lync.

  • JAMMING SIGNAL for Inconsiderate Drivers.
    Android phone send out a “tachion beam” of some sort to jamming signal cell phones of drivers on the road who are not using hands free devices.

  • Anonymous

    My phone should open my garage door automatically as I approach the house in my car.  And turn on lights if dark.  And let me know if there’s mail in the mailbox!

  • Treegun

    The ability to throw my wallet out for my android phone. Able to store my license, debit/credit cards, promo cards, and such all in a single hub.

  • I’d probably want something in the “automation” department.  

    Sensors or beacons placed around the house in various rooms (with one even in my car) so that when I take my tablet to (for example) the kitchen, Epicurious pops up (recipes listed for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner depending on time of day when I enter the kitchen.  Then, when I enter the bedroom anytime after 10pm, switch to alarm clock.  Weather app toggled on about 10 minutes after I turn off my alarm so I know what I should expect for the oncoming day, etc.  Then when I enter my car, start up the most recent podcast in my queue, etc.  

    That sort of smart sensor-based on location + time of day (with room for tons of customization) would probably be something I’d consider buying for myself.  Starter pack with 3-4 sensors/beacons + the app would be clutch.Essentially, sort of like Tasker or the new Motorola Smart Actions for the RAZR, but more micro (within a smaller space instead of “At Home”, “At Work”.)

    Not only do you get a first time customer with this product, but you also get more $ down the line from accessories.

    That’s my idea.  Run with it.

  • GianCarlo Bregaglio

    A feature giving family (wife, kids, brother… etc.) and possibly friends simple access to one calendar (Google, Outlook…), which is shared among whoever has access it, enabling them to update it with upcoming activities.  The individual who adds a task or activity can set a reminder time, day and tone. 
    Once the calendar has been updated, all information will be synced to your family’s calendar.  They will
    immediately receive a notification informing them of the task or activity and will be reminded the day and time the reminder is set for. 

    Just like sending an email, there is also an option to choose whether to update calendar for all family and friends or certain individual.  An example can be your wife reminding updating the calendar reminding you to pick up groceries on Friday, or updating the calendar for all family members for Sarah’s birthday party on
    December 17th at 5:00pm.

    An option to allow people to accept invites to events would be nice and possible integration with other applications such as shopping ones.

  • oddball

    I would really like to see an app that syncs all of my feeds and media with all my devices. I switch between 3 devices currently and I constantly have to adjust my feeds so that I have things up to date

  • Eric Hauser

    Cisco AnyConnect VPN client

  • Sk102704

    I’d like an app that would project a holographic image of myself at my desk at work so my boss would think I am hard at work when I’m really at home playing with my new Kindle Fire….

  • Robey1

    A cooking app that would speak out the recipe ingredients and actions at the proper time to add so I don’t have to look at the recipe while cooking.

  • Anonymous

    Better syncing of my application’s data so that no matter where I am I have access to that data.  With the chrome store more things are turning into web apps.

    Maybe provide an awesome sync api / web service that app developers could take advantage of in their desktop/web/mobile app

  • Etriswilliams

    A feature that monitored all of the output from a car’s computer from wherever u are, from oil pressure to tire pressure and so on.  Do that.

  • A toggle switch that would help me track mileage for work. Turn it on when I start driving that day, turn it off when I get done, it uses GPS to track all my mileage that day and logs it in a database for later reporting.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see full file integration between all of my computers and my smartphone.  To explain myself, I would like to have all of the files on all of my computer and smart phone accessable in real time on any devieve (PC or smartphone.  If I open and edit a file on my desktop, it will be updated on my phone.  My interest would be with the minimilaist operation method to accomplish this.  Currently you have drop box and others, but they require the interaction of downloading, uploading, ect.  I would like to just open an app on my smartphone and my file be there and up to date.  I often find that I need a file on my desktop at work, but I am not there and with an automatic sync I would always have access to my files regarless of where I am. I am also not refurring to just office documents either, any type of file whether its office documetns, music, videos, ect.   Thanks

  • Anonymous

    wish my droid would alert me to people i don’t want to be around entering my vicinity.

  • I am looking forward to a future when I can use my cell phone at point of service retail locations, instead of of physical cash or credit cards. It would be great if I could use my cellphone to choose which account to debit from (credit card, checking account, etc), and I would execute the transaction and instantly be able to see my new balance.

    Secondly, I still think there is much that can be done in the note taking arena. I would love to have notes that were synched between my wife and I’s cell phones (running grocery lists, honey-do list, etc) that could be updated on either of our cell phones and/or from a website. The ability for collaboration here would also be quite useful at work, as a meeting agenda could be pushed out to everyone’s cell phones, eliminating the need to carry printouts into meetings.

  • I wish my Android device could intelligently filter my many email accounts and prioritize items in my project list based on which one has received the latest email. If an email indicates approval, the system would move my project into the final stages of work, or mark it as approved for the next phase. If there are more details in the email, it would add those to my project and possibly even pull individual tasks.

    It could also recognize inquiries and mark them for followup while suggesting times for followup with a call or in-person meeting.

    If someone requests a meeting, it would automatically look at our respective locations and suggest a central place that fits in our schedules.

    Essentially, and app that figures out what I need to do by looking at my email so I don’t have to. That’s what I want.

  • Road trip Gas Estimator:
    Enter your car make and model, your trip details and your android will tell you when you are expected to be running low on gas on your road trip, check local gas prices, and suggest the best place to stop for gas.

  • Robust support for Microsoft SharePoint.

  • mojopong

    the ability to control my car from my phone, almost like a remote control car but really control my car even though this is really far our its one thing that id really enjoy. more time on my tablet/phone and less time aggrivated in traffic.

  • An integrated system that allows you to control your phone while it is on the same wifi network. This would allow for work to be done seamlessly from computer to phone 

  • Dbarden31

    I would love an app that works like a smart key to my car. Once I get close enough the doors automatically unlock or something like and automatic car starter. Or maybe something that detects I’m hope and turns on the porch light and other lights I have synced to the app. That would be awesome! 🙂

  • Djenks24

    How about taking notes on a blank screen with your finger or stylus and my phone converting it to text as I write it.  This would be handy for meetings & such and possibly even have gestures that performed certain things like save the document.  I can’t sit in a meeting typing on my phone, but I can take notes on my phone.

  • Lsakkal

    Better syncing with our cars, showing mpg graphs , avg speeds on certain roads, etc.

  • Database that tracks and categorizes my calls for work and helps me to report on them. For example, I could see how many times I received a call from each number in my phone book, how many minutes I spoke with them, and have an option to comment on and categorize calls as I go and be able to generate reports (or at least a big spread sheet that I can use to generate a report) on it later for the week/month/year.

  • Untruehero

    I wish my Android device would integrate with my car better and would always know when I was in my car. Then just tell me how bad my drive home would be, the weather, and would automatically turn on Pandora or my mp3 app. All without me having to interact with the device

  • Corey Morreale

    since i am using a transformer…i would love to have 4GLTE.

  • OOohhhh!!!! This is better than the McRib! Me wants one, please

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s tough these days to come up with new productivity features for your phone because in almost any situation, there’s an app for that!

    BUT…..my suggestion would be something along the lines of home integration. Control everything from your thermostat and coffee maker to your doorbell.

    Example, my alarm is set for 6:15 AM. At 5:30 my thermostat adjusts itself to a comfortable 71 degrees. At 6:00, my coffee maker turns on and starts brewing me a warm cup of Joe.

    My doorbell example is setting doorbell option with your phone. Different “ringtones” would be awesome! Also, if you go out of town for the weekend, you set your doorbell settings to call you if someone pushes the button. A little speaker built into the doorbell would let you communicate with the person at your door.

  • Boehmer365247

    I wish it could block me from sending txt and making phone calls to certain people when I’m intoxicated. Or at least block me from contacting them after midnight

  • John Davids

    Location based ads / offers / promotions. Based on GPS, if I were to say walk into a Best Buy, my app or ad service would show me a coupon for 5% off the new Harry Potter DVD. I walk into Wal-Mart and I get an offer for 30% off a desk and chair set because they are overstocked. Perhaps not even GPS but NFC. Stores could have a “NFC Offers Here” place on their wall. Touch your phone to it and get today-only deals only at that store.

    Another idea….

    Line queuing @ major stores. Walking around Wal-Mart, Target, wherever. You get everything you want to buy and get into a digital queue. Rather than stand in a line for 10+ minutes, you are free to roam the store, grab a bite to eat at the in-store cafe. When your place in line is ready, your phone buzzes and you have anywhere from 30-90 seconds to get to the checkout. This could work with food places as well.

  • Chad

    An app that would monitor all system settings in your phone and then adjust them accordingly to your location, time of day, etc. Something really detailed so I could be at work and it would silence my phone, set brightness to low, turn off WiFi, etc. Then take it a step further and have the device be a hub for all of my electronics in the house. So then the TV, coffee maker, lights, etc are automatically operated by the phone and can be controlled remotely and manually if desired. The key is to make this wonderful pocket sized computer the hub for all of your daily interaction with electronics. 

  • Petrefski

    I wish there could be a way to link all my devices and my pc at home in a cloud sort of way. Wirelessly

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping for an application that can control different aspects of my house.  The [email protected] project will hopefully make this a reality but I can’t wait to use my phone to open the garage door, start the coffee maker, and turn on the lights before i get home!

  • jmanwi

    There are apps that can automatically change settings on your phone and perform other actions based on your location but I want one that can do these things when I am in my car.  Without taking my phone out of my pocket, I want it to know I am in the car to start playing music or open Pandora and start bluetooth streaming through the car’s audio system.  Some sort of short-range solution so you could be more granular then a GPS location.  For example when the phone is in the bedroom of my house, it automatically goes into night mode without having to dock it.

  • Anonymous

    A couple things I would find very handy.

    -Notification popups for Google News alerts.
    -Something along the lines of the typical “Push-to-Talk” feature many cell phones have that utilizes video.
    -A solid group-based file sharing/distribution app that would let you choose files from a cloud storage app and send them on demand to pre-specified groups of individuals via direct xfer/url/email.
    -A location-aware configuration profiler that can alter ringtones or filter which notifications you receive based on your location.

    Also, I would love to get my hands on a Kindle Fire, even with community updates, my Droid 1 is beginning to show it’s age, and having a more power android device at my disposal would be keen.

  • Anonymous

    Print drivers, and full word processing experience (i’m talking microsoft word quality, not just google docs – especially on tablets). 

  • I would love for Android devices to all have out-of-the-box and built into Android OS hardware (and software) for real security. Things like true facial recognition, retinal scans, fingerprint readers, heat signatures, etc. Any one of these in addition to the bog standard PIN, pattern password combo the current generation has.

    I work in a classified environment, and as such, my phone sits in a bin with all my fellow employees all day long. It is very easy to just grab someone’s phone and walk away during a break. Our computers are required to be locked down if we even step away from them, but the phones in the bins? WIDE OPEN. I currently use a pattern lock, for simplicity, but truly simple and secure measures like the ones I mentioned would ease my mind quite a bit.

    I know ICS has a weak face unlock system, I’m not talking about that though. I want true facial recognition (or something of equal or better caliber.)

  • Anonymous

    I would love a To-Do list app that actually seriously integrated with my social accounts, including Google and Facebook. It would automatically add things to the calendar, sync on multiple systems with my account and able to be accessed and edited anywhere, and have integration with social networks like G+ and Facebook to automatically remind you of tasks and share them with others if they’re a social thing, like a public art project or rally or something. Privacy features would be a must.

  • I wish that the camera on my phone would track my eye movement at work, so that when my ADD kicks in it could beep to let me know I’m staring off into space.

  • Chris

    Electronic Picture Id. Like a drivers license. I keep forgetting my wallet at home but I never forget my phone.

  • Anonymous

    Better test-prep applications. I’m thinking specifically of the CPA Exam. Current software is severely lacking and the ability to study on the go when you’ve got a little downtime would be very convenient. There’s a lot of money to be made with such an application given the cost of traditional test-prep courses.

  • Malatempora512

    I would like my android device to be a catch-all. I would like for my garage door to open, lights turn on, and my systems to wake from sleep when I get in bluetooth range. I would like to pull my grocery list and pay with my phone at the store, know my gas mileage and how many calories I burned that day….Apps are available, but I would like something automatic, easy to use, and almost thoughtless.

  • Kayvon Khaledi

    An application that can find the cheapest booze at bars but with also the best guy/girl or girl/guy ratio. The ultimate party app. Now that would be productive!

  • Twowheelzkc

    Something to be able to read my wifes mind, sooner the better.

    • MichaelQuissette

      You don’t want this… it’s bound to be scary in there.

  • Anonymous

    I wish my android phone could adjust and control the utilities and appliances in my house to remotely turn them off and on to help save me money and time.

  • ~MIKE D

    Would love it if Outlook email formatting sync’d as well (fonts, backgrounds,etc) so bossman couldn’t tell when I was responding via handheld device.

  • Andrew Bates

    I want my phone to automatically start playing music when I plug it in in my car and tell me what route I should take to get home from work.

  • Somehow being able to have your tablet and phone interconnected – either by some form of AR (using the respective cameras) or NFC. For example, viewing an Office document too small on the phone? Point your tablet’s camera at your phone screen and magically have the exact document on your tablet screen.

  • Anonymous

    Two Things:

    1. A way to view powperpoint presentations WITH animations.
    2. A Word processor with a Spell Check

  • Ryan Milton

    An app that would efficiently sync all the most used contacts on my phone without duplicating them, like from my personal gmail, work gmail, yahoo, live, etc. That way I wouldn’t have 7 listings for one person and accidentally delete that person from one of my email services. “linking” in android still shows the mega-list of contacts.

    There is no app that efficiently/easily does this such that one does not delete something in another email. Then, to have that unique list synced offline.

  • Ninermale

    A dictation software that can record memo’s, email, to do list, and letters, that then sync to my tablet, or PC when I get back to the office so I can edit and format before I send them off.

  • I would love some type of traffic app that alerts me if there are accidents or backups on my daily commute.

  • SellinDroids

    I manage an Indirect Verizon retail store. It would be amazing if my Droid X2 would sync with our POS system (point-of-sale, not piece of . . . uh . . . i*hone) and let me know quantities of phones and accessories on hand. It would also be amazing if it could show a graph or chart of which items are selling the best over a rolling period. I could use both of those when it came time to order phones or accessories each week.

    What better way to use my Droid than to sell MORE Droids?

    • Anonymous

      i disagree… I’ve worked with many POS systems and quite frankly they are all POS

    • Anonymous

      Same here, but problem is that it’s gonna be the POS software company’s job to do that (I’ve already petitioned mine, LOL)

  • Anonymous

    As a developer at a university working with students to create/find/develop/envision meaningful services for mobile and tablet devices, the killer feature would be integration and syncing into course management software like Blackboard or other campus solutions.  Students are always connected to their devices and they want to do everything from them – check on assignments, take quizzes and tests, view grades, contact instructors/advisors/tutors, find a building, connect with other students, rent textbooks for classes, take notes, sync their documents and a ton of other everyday student activities.  So, creating something that makes their lives easier would be a major and significant product for the mobile world at universities.  Lots of companies do fluff apps like directories and news and sports scores, but that’s not what the students want or need.  

  • Deep communication integration – let me say what I mean by that. I want an app to be able to scan all my e-mail, Google Talk logs, Calendar events, Contact info, Google Voice transcripts/SMS, my phone’s SMS/MMS and call logs, as well as search Maps. For example:

    E-mail from Bob:

    Hi David,

    I heard you’re attending the X event on November 15th [links to event in my calendar, or to event information shared automatically by Bob mentioning it if event is shareable) – as you know, I’ll [links to Bob’s contact info – showing social and professional profiles, our e-mail interaction history] also be there. 

    We should meet up at the Starbucks on Y street near the convention center the day before the event [links to Starbucks based on location of event described in e-mail, asks to create event for the 14th “Coffee With Bob”]. Also, in the voicemail I left last week [links to the voicemail transcript and audio file for playback in a popup] I said that I’d be arriving on the 14th, but I’ll actually be getting there on the 13th [clicking gives prompt – would you like to add an event showing that Bob will be arriving November 13th?]. When will you be arriving [Would you like to notify Bob when you’ve arrived in City Z, or send Bob your Southwest Airlines flight information for November 14th?].

    Etc. You get the idea. Basically, make it so I don’t have to remember so many things.

  • shdowman

    A software that will allow for high res picture taking of documents / files that can be converted to word/pdf documents.

  • Trelldad1234

    transform into a mini tranzformer..sike just playimg actually 12 meg camera be nice and 5 meg camera. the abillity to create pdf files would nice 2.

  • Anonymous

    Productivity would be a link between phone and home. Such as walk inside – as soon as your phone connects to your home wifi network it turns the lights on for you and adjusts home back to your “i’m home” temperature. You could use your phone to pre-heat the oven so you can pop dinner right in when you get home. Phone-home sync keeps you in sync.

  • Sillysheep

    I wish my phone could combine all of my daughter app in one… read storied ect  Oh maybe let me record my voice to her favorite stories 🙂 

  • I would love to see something like voice activated light control.. or even proximity light control..like you walk into a room and it would turn on the lights to a certain ambiance or glow catered to your mood.. that would be sweet

  • I’d love to have the ability to wirelessly link up my phone and my tablet and transfer my phone capabilities over to my tablet so that I don’t have to juggle devices. For example, I’d like to be able to manipulate the phone and texting capabilities of my phone remotely from my tablet. The HP TouchPad can do this with the phone capability over bluetooth, but I’d like to be able to link up voice, SMS/MMS, and other phone features over bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or something else altogether. Ultimately, full remote access to my phone from my tablet with audio transfer to the tablet would be ideal.

  • I live in Texas and it gets really hot here from April through October.  I would love an app that would allow me to turn on my Home Air Conditioner as I am driving home so that when I arrive at home that is pleasant to be in.  This would save energy, lower my families greenhouse footprint and it would save me money, which I can spend on more worthwhile things like tablets and advanced mobile devices..

  • 10yck

    An application that could sync my Outlook tasks to a usable list on my Droid 2 that would not put in on the calendar.  Just a mirror image of all my tasks, categorized by segments like work, home, shopping etc…  Or a separate calendar for just the tasks I list everyday to stay organized from Outlook to my Droid.

  • Home Automation. I would enjoy that when I get home, my phone would auto activate lights, air conditioning/heat, boot up my playstation, and grab me a drink.

  • Chase Maag

    I would like my phone to actively sync with my computer through wifi when i get home, this way syncing all my activity directly to my computer.  Like im surfing on my phone get home and want to go to that same website at the same spot. Kinda like chrome to phone but backwards as well as documents that I have been typing and updating.

  • I’d like a shopping companion.  One that does everything.  When I’m at the mall, it should be able to locate me, tell me what’s near me, good coupons, and how to get from one store to the other.  I should be able to put in what I’m looking for, and it’ll tell me whose got it in stock for the best price and again, how to get there.  Also similar features for grocery shopping.  Tell me what isle those olives are in!!

    Had to double post, first post by me was logged in with old invalid twitter account..

  • Chris

    I wish it had an application that could tell
    my wife what to wear. I could input the style & color of all of her clothes
    (maybe a photo) and also a photo of her face. Then the application could pick
    out an outfit for her to wear that day. It would have the ability to track when
    she last wore that outfit so she didn’t wear it last week. This application
    might cut down on the time it takes her to get ready in the morning and limit
    the number of times that she tries on different outfits. This morning it was 30
    minutes and 3 outfits. I didn’t do any research so I am not sure if this
    already exists but it would definitely help us to get out of the house a bit

  • How about getting back to the basics? People spend lots of money on smartphones, so they buy a case so they don’t break the phone if dropped. All the phones are getting thinner and thinner, but then the cases just bulk them up again. How about creating a glass that wont shatter or scratch (like gorilla glass but better). Or even a glass that doesn’t show fingerprints and smudges so you can actually see that high resolution screen you brag about. I know there are screen protectors that prevent smudges, but why cant this be like that from the factory? 

  • Stream live television through my Google TV

  • Vincent Yuen

    I would love to be able to take a screenshot, make notes, then email as a PDF.

  • I’d like a shopping companion.  One that does everything.  When I’m at the mall, it should be able to locate me, tell me what’s near me, good coupons, and how to get from one store to the other.  I should be able to put in what I’m looking for, and it’ll tell me whose got it in stock for the best price and again, how to get there.  Also similar features for grocery shopping.  Tell me what isle those olives are in!!

  • Rational Man

    I would like an app so that when I change phones, all I have to do is tap my phone with the new phone and all my contacts, calendar, apps, email and everything I have on my phone is moved to the new phone, along with transferring my #. 

  • Rsperez15

    Full Android Compatibility! Lync your phone with the tablet so you are able to upload anything vital…..such as meetings, notes, emails, contacts and pictures! Being able to retrieve information Wireless when on the run or at a business meeting !

  • TexasDroid

    A much better way of managing multiple profiles for a phone such as if i wanted to have my son borrow it on a car trip, without fear of him accessing apps that he could accidently delete items (i.e. email), dial out, etc.  Have app to select a profile that has his select items to play with and access, without me having to get him his own portable device.  Not every kid needs an itouch or similar device…

    • TexasDroid

      No need for him to add apps to his profile that i control 🙂

  • Say I’m in a meeting. I set my phone to vibrate or silent. But someone calls or texts me and so the phone is vibrating in my pants or on the table making noises or flashing a light showing that I have a call/ text. 
    It’d be awesome to have an app where if I flip the phone upside down (meaning the screen is facing the table instead of facing you), the phone will go silent, the person who called or texted you get a reply saying you are currently unavailable but will get back to him later either through voicemail or text. 

  • Wsiembida

    Software to control appliances and electronics in my house with control from my phone and tablet. Then pkug it into the appliance and connect wireless from my device

  • Matthew

    The tasks/shopping/to-do features need to be improved. Have the lists connected with stores in your area for availability and location within store. Have this not limited to grocery shopping but to anything. Combining that with in-store pick up options. The possibilities are endless but this is just a start. Pick this to win and I can go into more detail!

  • Hardin71

    I think we need an app that can sense deer when you are driving. That way you don’t total your new car when driving at night by hitting a deer. It could also have the feature to detect jackass drivers too. That would be great. It could sound an alarm and no harm no foul.

  • an application to edit excel files (maybe using a bluetooth mouse) on a tablet giving you the ability to create pivot tables and charts. Then being able to email that information in line (copy and paste the chart or a picture of the chart) into a message. 

    not really sure if this exists but if it did that would be awesome and all the more reason for me to use a tablet

  • Kdkinc

    I would like a Calculator that would complete math solution by voice commands.

  • Brandon Winter

    I would like to be able to measure distance by taking a picture.  Example: picture of a roof – dimensions are calculated with either some or no input.

  • Branch Strickland

    I really would want a cloud/web based playlist management system, where I could add songs to playlists and it would be synced with my phone in the actual playlist file.  Google music got halfway there, adding my songs, but it didn’t sync my existing playlists.  I have a lot of playlists and it would be amazing to stop relying on a physical program to manage the playlists, since I haven’t found one that can actually sync between my computer and phone without some type of massive headache.  

    • Branch Strickland

      Of course, if this exists, LET ME KNOW, lol.

  • Stacey Harris

    I would like to see something where I don’t just keep appointments but I have the ability to attach docs to that event.  Maybe by connecting my calendar with Evernote, but I want to be able to pull up that appointment in my calendar and pull up any docs I need for that meeting.

  • The ability to integrate my work/home/android phone productivity software into one device…AS WELL AS being easy enough to use, so when my wife picks it up I don’t have to spend 30 minuets each time showing her how to use it.

  • I think as far as ideas go I’d like to use it as a remote control for other devices. With the ps3 using bluetooth the xbox using rf and tv’s using infrared it’d be simple to include this feature and have us manually input codes to use the tablet as a remote.

  • The biggest feature that I would love to see is hands-free navigation for even basic tasks. It would be great to be able to put my phone in this mode when I am cooking or have my hands messy so I don’t have to miss a call or not know what a text says when my hands are dirty. Simply a swipe over the camera in one way to answer or decline a call or when a message comes in move your hand to have it read aloud and give you the option to dictate a response or call. 

  • Anonymous

    Develop an app with the ability to lock the device during a movie aside from a predetermined “unlock” button so that when my 2.5yr old is watching a movie she can’t accidentally touch the screen or a button causing the movie to exit. This tends to lead her to cry and squawk until I reload the movie. This would be nice for long car rides when I have to concentrate on driving and she is watching a movie and then her finger accidentally touches the back button and the movie closes.

  • oh….better blogging apps………

  • If the phone was able to operate on the same radio frequencies, or perhaps over WiFi, I would love to see an application that commonly works with “clicker” devices for lecture class answering. Just a larger integration overall of being able to use Android phones in the classroom. An entire “Classroom Suite” app would be great. It could include instant syncing with professor’s information, act as a clicker ($90 on clickers for one semester!), etc. From an eager college student :]

  • Jason

    I want to be able to track an animal breeding program. Who was bred to who, how many in litter, date bred, gestation time, when to expect litter, family tree, etc.

  • Malia Ibarra

    To be honest, I wish it could do my laundry for me every now and then. Maybe clean the house 😉

  • PyroHoltz

    I’d like better syncing to my other android devices, namely my phone from a tablet(if I had one).

    To have back and forth syncing from my phone to a tablet, done well…they’d have my money.

  • MJL

    Being able to sync notifications between phone and tablet. For example, my phone would know that I read the latest tweets on my sweet Kindle Fire. And synced text messaging somehow on a wifi tablet.

  • Joshua and Bristol Kantor

    One of the best things i can think of to have android do is to have the option to notify you when you’re speeding while using turn-by-turn directions, by knowing what the posted speed limit is for the road that you’re on.

  • A task time recorder would be cool.  Something that keeps track of how long a task takes you so that you know how much time in your day you should budget to do that thing in the future.  Then when that task is entered into your calender or task keeper it automatically budgets that amount of time.

  • The one missing key from Android I think is making it control your car.  I don’t mean driving and all that but your music/heat/ac/.  How nice would it be if they could make some sort of dock or plug in and everything in your car would be controlled by your phone.  If I get in the drivers seat, the car adjusts all the settings to what I want.  When my wife drives the car and plugs in her phone, it will adjust for her.  It could also give notices such as problems or if you need an oil change.  It could sync this all to “household cloud” so you and whoever else in your household will get a notice if your vehicle needs something.  This “household cloud” would hold everything (shopping lists, take the garbage out, switch the laundry, ect.).  It would be a great way to keep everyone on the same page!

  • Devonpack

    Learn my texting language and ask me before sending anything rude, offensive, or vulgar to insure I mean to send it to that recipient. That would prevent some awkward moments!

  • I would love to have a bar code scanner app that allows me to scan inventory bar codes into an app the hooks into an Access or SQL database.

  • Matthew Snider

    If it cannot be a hub for everything, than a time travelling device would be wonderful.  Maybe a more controlled version of the remote in the Adam Sandler movie Click… I would love to FFWD through my workout sometimes…. Just don’t need the excessive skipping foward 🙂

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    I would love the ability to see multiple screens at once on my Android device (i.e. email, maps, grocery list, etc.) all open at the same time and be able to view it in a grid mode without having to go back and forth “blindly” in between active apps.

  • Anonymous

    I wish my android phone could give me the plethora of transportation options in and around Washington, DC. It should take my current GPS location and allow me to enter a destination. From there it would suggest the best route by cost, time, ease. It would give accurate and up date cost and time for a variety of transportation options like zip car, taxi, bus, metro, bike sharing, and walking. So no matter where I am or where I want to go I will be able to get there efficiently!

  • A spatial calender. Allowing the user the ability to know, after entering a location, where they should be at a certain time and whether the calender is feasible.  Possibly where they should be at that moment shown on a google maps api.

  • Robert Bennett

    I have yet to find a task management app that is easy to use and prompts (loudly) when it is time to complete a task. That’s what I want.

  • Integrate Microsoft Lync and a better music managing software.

  • Anakin2Solo

    I would like to see a truly universal email app that incorporates business enterprise email with pop email from gmail, yahoo, hotmail, ect.  I want one app that opens all of these at once (similar to WebOS).  With this I would also like to have controls over what accounts give notifications and what accounts do not.  For example, Mon-Fri 9-5 I want notifications from my work email.  On the weekend I might want notifications from my yahoo account.  This gives me the ability to know quickly when I get an important email.  Having all my email available in one app simultaniusly letsa me quickly scan for important emails and quickly delete marketing junk I do not care about. 

    One additional feature that would make this a killer app would be quick access to share attachments via facebook or other social networks from email.  Perhaps even adding a cloud feature to store attachments.

  • I want a calendar that has easier inputs and viewing.

  • Kenny

    Would love to connect home appliances to my phone

  • a secure QR code on your vehicle that you can scan with your phone or tablet to unlock the car, tells you when you need an oil change, gas, tire pressure etc..

  • Michael

    I would like an ability to create event invites that cross-check my guests schedules when created for availability.

  • I’d like a tool that lets me remote into an Android device and control it from my PC. The people I work with are extremely nontechnical and every time they have an issue they call me for support. If I could remote in and control their device to fix their issues my life would be much easier. 

  • Anonymous

    A glove of sorts to perform gesture based activities would be awesome…Sorta like Minority Report.  So say I’m driving and receive a text, I could just do a custom gesture to respond with preset messages.  Or I’m in a meeting and my phone starts ringing loudly because I forgot to silence my phone, just place my hand over my pocket or something and it silences the phone without having to fish it out of my pocket and annoy everyone.

    This would be really great if I wanted to hookup my tablet to my tv to watch netflix or play a game.  I could then simulate touches from the couch to control the device.  My friends come over to watch a movie and instead are wow-ed by my super futuristic skills.

    And if we want to get real tricky, say I’m browsing the web or watching a youtube video on my phone and want to switch over to the tablet for a more comfortable viewing experience…I just making a grabbing motion and the webpage or app page is seamlessly transferred to my tablet like what happens when you have dual computer monitors.  This would be life changing.

  • Ryan Markwald

    For grocery shopping:  If you create a grocery list for everything you need from a grocery/department store, you could search near-by stores (or your favorite store!) for those items, and it pulls the prices for everything on your list and gets you a total, so you know what you’re spending before you get to the store.  That’ll help with budgeting, and *hopefully* not over-spending.

  • Br_hermon

    Better synchronization everywhere! The Net: Firefox, Chrome, Android Browser Google Bookmarks all the same on all my PC’s and smartphone. Files: Basically dropbox done right. A file on my PC is kept in real time sync with the same file on my smartphone. Not only that but easily stored and easily shared. Forget files scattered by different methods ie Google Docs, dropbox, etc. And collaboration / multiple editors fully incorporated. Photos: Take an image on my camera phone, instantly be asked to add a caption and choose to send it off to Facebook, Picasa, etc. Also arriving on my PC as well. Contacts: Thunderbird, Facebook, Linkedin, Gmail all those contacts kept in perfect, real time synchronization. Media: My music, photos and movies available on my PC, phone or tablet. Cloud storage perhaps.. but I’m more a fan of “personal” cloud storage ala Pogoplug.

    I realize that most of these things can be accomplished hacking your way through, installing a bunch of addons, apps, software, etc to work with one another. But it’d be great rid myself of a lot of the pieces, if someone could really lasso it all in and master it under one service or piece of software.

  • Nate Davidson

    I kinda wish I could sync contacts with my friend’s phone contacts. It’d save a hell of a lot of time.

  • Anonymous

    In general I want full integration of plain speech voice recognition to control all aspects of phone operation and queries. I would also love full integration with my home network to allow control over lights, appliances etc. Ie. it would be nice if when the alarm on my phone went off, the coffee maker would start, news headlines and my schedule for the day would be presented.

  • WAldenIV

    I would like the ability to better edit and track changes on Word docs and Excel spreadsheets.  The tablet integrated features in Windows (for Wacom Bamboo tablets or similar) would be great to have for touchscreen devices, both phones and tablets.

  • MJZ

    Honestly:  I want better/more stable access to Second Life. Preferably with at least SOME graphical support. Make that happen and I’d be a very happy camper!

  • Bigdon76bomber

    If I’m running late our caught in traffic my tablet will contract my appointment and let them know I’m running late on its own

  • A well-rounded, beautiful email frontend that has board compatibility with all email providers.  One that seamless syncs using push across multiple devices and webUIs.