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Lapse It on Android Gives You 720p Time Lapse Video Without Having a Galaxy Nexus

Kellex and I just went and played around with an app that was recommended by a reader. Needless to say the app worked just as intended if not better and we had a lot of fun while messing with it. The application is called Lapse It. Capturing HD time-lapse videos has never been easier and will be the first thing I do when I start my next road trip down I-5. Just set to how many snaps a second you want, render the video with a variety of different effects, then publish to your favorite social media sites. It’s that easy. 

Down below we have our video of us driving around Portland. As you can see it is a bit foggy today. Lapse It has a free version in the Market, but I would not recommend it, as it only shoots in 240p. Only $2 will buy you the Pro version which is capable of capture in 720p and soon even 1080p. Go find the nearest sunset/sunrise and have some fun!

Market Link ($1.99)

  • Kev

    I hate that a text message just completely stops the process.  That sucks.

  • LionStone

    I love this app…had it for about a year. They changed the program, it used to use Adobe Air and it still works great! The other one I’ve been using lately is Framegrabber…that was one I was waiting for a while to have. Cool stuff…!

  • I did a partial sunrise time-lapse with a different app last month on my Bionic.  Took 2 hours for this and then a text message interrupted the process.  🙁


    Can anyone here confirm that “Lapse It” is stable on the Bionic?

  • Anonymous

    $2 is nothing…definitely buying it as I really enjoy using these types of apps. Also, don’t be cheap guys, I’m sure if you are reading this post from your phone and/or computer, you can easily afford 200 pennies.

  • I am happy when I can just get my OG Droid to take a pic or two without having to reboot it first.  This may make my phone explode, and I will not need an app on my next phone to do this.

  • Shcommish

    Force closes every time on my Bionic!

  • Mannysaurus

    I’m not trying to purposely be mean but this kind of seems like advertising. Nice video, however. I would definitely pay $2 for it when I get my Galaxy Nexus.

    • Why would you pay $2 for it when ICS does it OOTB?

      • Mannysaurus

        wat. I didn’t know Galaxy Nexus could time-lapse. I thought the title was just there for jollies. Now I feel silly.


  • Anonymous

    Sweet video!

  • Pfigurella

    That is quite cool, I’ll give it that

  • John

    cool. was really hoping you’d take a look at that app tip. i was pleasantly surprised with how much i like dthis app

  • That’s good. A lot of the early ones (like for my OG Droid) didn’t and you had to dremel them out.

  • Anonymous

    so this will allow your phone that doesn’t shoot in 720p to be able to do so?

    • Keith Sumner


    • Anonymous

      If this app just takes pics every so many seconds (that is how you do time lapse after all) then it should.  Not sure why 1080 isn’t here yet as 1920×1080 is just barely over 2MP and all phones I know of have at least 5MP cameras.

    • I disagree with Keith. This app is basically stitching together still pictures, so it could allow any phone that has a still image resolution higher than 1080p (~2MP) to create 1080p time-lapse movies. It won’t allow you to do regular non-time lapse movies in other resolution than what you have…

  • So my guess is, to fully take advantage of this app you need either a really steady hand, or a car mount (and you’d have to make sure there’s a hole drilled out of the back of the mount for the camera).

    My question is, will this app work with a front-facing camera? (If your phone has one — my OG Droid doesn’t) It’d be fun to do a time lapse of myself looking like an idiot.

  • Dominick DeVito


    • John


  • gimlet72

    How did you keep your phone from falling over?

    • WAldenIV

      Some of the car docks are shaped in a way that let’s you use the camera.

  • Mr. English

    I hate jumping on an app that costs just because DL said so, but damn, this was too cool to pass up. Works perfectly on my Tbolt and this is just going to be on cool fun thing to play with. Sunset, here we go…

    • This app was just too much fun. And it worked as advertised immediately. Great app.

      • Anonymous

        I have used this app just about daily and probably admittedly, not in situations I should have, as in “while driving”. I’m having a blast with it. The either means it’s awesome, or I’m pathetic, or a little of both.

  • Interstellarmind

    i’m waiting for a good animation app. anyone find one of those??

  • Anonymous

    Freaking Awesome!

  • Tyler Fish


  • Chris G

    But I still want my Galaxy Nexus!

  • JMac726

    I see what you’re trying to do here.  This doesn’t make me forget about the Galaxy Nexus release date…

    • Anonymous

      you can forget about something that you dont know yet?

  • Stop putting “Galaxy Nexus” in the title unless the post is actually about the Nexus.  I get all excited every time I see that name.

    • JMac726

      All about the page views

    • Anonymous

      of course you missed the “without” in the title?

  • Anonymous

    Amazing! Still want the G-Nex.. 

  • Looks like someone is driving in a circle!

  • Goblueboy

    Nice, now I have a fair amount of plate numbers

    • phoenix3265

      Yeah? what are you going to do with them though guy?

  • Anonymous

    Pretty cool. It looks really professional for being made on a smartphone.

  • MFG

    This isn’t Nexus news. 

  • Anonymous

    when there is Finally a release date, will the title be “FINALLY”?