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Verizon To Introduce API Allowing For Customers To ‘Turbo Boost’ Their Bandwidth

Imagine you are video chatting with friends or relatives and you start to feel your connection become laggy and the video turns choppy. Don’t you wish there was a button you could press to make all of those slow network issues disappear when it matters most? Verizon is looking to launch an API that will do just that. Every time you want to see a boost in data speed/connection, simply pay a small fee and press the turbo button on your screen. The pay-per-use system will then give your device “priority” at times when Verizon’s network is congested.

To make this work, Verizon is said to be publishing a “network optimization API” around the third quarter of next year that app developers will need to use in order for it to work with their apps. Would this service be something anyone would be willing to pay for? There are no mentions of price, but how much could it possibly be? Maybe $5 every time you want to be Verizon’s number one priority? Weigh in down below.

Via: PC Mag

  • MichaelQuissette


  • Bret

    I guess that soon, my phone’s cell connection will be very congested a lot more frequently than now. How convenient that I will be able to pay more nickels and dimes to get to a basic website, or listen to Pandora while waiting for my bus. I’m getting closer and closer to going back to the old days of having just a plain cell phone. Data on the move is getting less and less worth the hassle, effort, and expense.

  • big box

    Like California, verizon’s creating H.O.V. lanes!

  • Anonymous


  • This will get faked by groups like anonymous and Verizon will eventually realize it’s not working. It’s not something that will last.

  • minmin

     So….we are to pay extra for Verizon to actually get the service it should be providing already…..

  • Rhorning3

    Bite me!!!!!!!!!!

  • Commonsense Exemplified

    The ONLY way to combat this incessant greed is to educate the sheeple out there
    and have EVERYONE refuse to pay.  If no one pays…Verizon gets no play.

    This by the way is a *test* to see if the public are actually that stupid (enough) to fall
    for this ploy.  The fate of our speeds lies in the hands of the many…and NOT the educated minority (us)

  • Narcotix

    This is ridiculous. This compares exactly to a sickly patient sitting in their deathbed needing to press a button to deliver more pain medication everytime they feel the pain gets too bad. Well we’re not gonna go down like this, Dr. Verizon!

  • CapnShiner

    Is anyone else surprised AT&T didn’t think of this first?

  • Magman117

    This is B.S. . I have a better idea how about we all get the best service possible. Since we are already paying for it!

  • Hitshane

    seriously are you guys being paid by verizon? i mean damn… how come i dont see any real news about att’s new lte phones coming out in like 2 days?

    • Anonymous

      Hey asshat…

      “Droid” is a Verizon brand and this site focuses on Verizon Android phones. Hence the name “Droid Life”

  • I really wish the Galaxy Nexus came out on Sprint. They are the only good guys left. 

  • ashy larry

    i can see verizon slowing down peoples connections on purpose to get em to buy into this bs

  • Anonymous

    Great, pay for something we are already paying for,  twice 🙁 FAIL.

    • John Gaspardo

      epic win for Verizon I should buy their stock they are really going to be making Bank now it’s more of a triple charge cause they make you buy phone service as well rather than just data 

  • trumpet444

    This reminds me of network extenders