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Download: DROID RAZR Boot Animation and Sounds


It wouldn’t be a proper pre-release schedule if someone didn’t drop the boot animation and sounds pack from an upcoming phone, would it? Our friend that got his hands on the DROID RAZR last night, was kind enough to also send over these couple of goodies for your downloading pleasure. The boot animation is as good as any in the DROID franchise that we have seen – the notifications and sounds you will have to figure out for yourself.  

Download:  Boot Animation (audio file) | Sounds

Boot animation should work on most phones by placing it in /data/local and changing the permissions to rw- r- -r- -.

Cheers M!

  • Sachin

    Is there any way to increase the speed of bootanimation???

  • Spatte6201

    can the notifications sounds be changed for different contacts?  Not finding it in my settings

  • Juzjonny

    I tried a few root file explorer apps to get the bootanimation it the sys/media location but in each instance I cannot delete nor ovewrite the original boot sequence. Any help on this?

    • Kenneth Bolick

      use root browser, everyone says root explorer but you have to pay for. root browser does the same thing for free without have to set to r/w everytime. also to help you the boot animation isnt always in system/media. mine was in system/customize/resources. but once you get root explorer go to system/customize/CID then long press default.xml and open in text editor. scroll allthe way to the bottom and it will tell you where you can actuall find it.

    • Kenneth Bolick

      also for the sound you’ll have to convert to mp3, and name it android_audio.mp3. if you need help you just ask.

  • Tim Young

    If you want the sound put the Droidhd.ogg in the systemmedianotification

  • bullghost

    hi your bootanimation is awesome!!, i have modifed to make compatible with atrix , you can find it here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1330107 
    thanks alot bro

  • I seriously wonder if anyone is actually excited for this device?  Shouldn’t everyone be waiting for the Galaxy Nexus?  I don’t see a reason to pick this over it.

    • I have a friend who really likes motorola and is getting the Razr. He says it is because of the durability and guerilla glass. He doesn’t care about removing the battery, also

  • Joejacksonsode

    I couldn’t get it to work by going on recovery and zip it on sdcard? What can I do to get it working?

    • Joejacksonsode

      Never mind I figured it out by going on root explorer. Noon.

  • Blackeyev2

    How do you get ur phone to do that

  • Bionic

    My bionic boots up wayyyy faster than that.  Weird

  • Baumsphere

    How do I get it to work on my Droid Bionic

  • Donnelly326

    Anyone notice that the meta data when played through VLC shows images of the artist “Dr MaD” and occasionally and image of the artist or related images to the title of the ringer. eg. birdloop shows an image of angry birds

  • Daniel Jack

    holy slow boot batman!

  • JoeInMo

    Wow, you could grow old waiting on that thing to boot up. SLOW.

    Who really cares about boot animations anyway?  What are you gonna do reboot your phone to show someone?  LAME.

  • Does it work on droid pro

  • razrftw

    Just give us the phone moto!

  • errr i would rather actually own the device, than dl a bunch of stuff off it onto my outdated device. Each to their own…

  • Anonymous

    : Even though my Charges boot time isn’t impressive either, the animation itself seems better then all of Motorola’s. This Razr seems like it’s starting to catch up in the right direction however.

  • Joe

    wheres the wallpaper?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the info Kellex!

  • No audio for DX either….or more likely: user error

  • Arthur2142

    I went back and watched the boot up on the actual RAZR post and it only took about 60 seconds.

  • Running this on a rooted X2 I renamed and placed the boot animation there along with the droidhd.ogg.  I can see the animation but have no audio.  When I run the bionic bootscreen though I had no troubles with audio working.  Anyone else having this?

  • Cool

  • KTM406

    boot up slow as fugk…  wiht all that power…  why?

    • Anonymous

      Because it’s also loading webtop.  Not sure why it stays on Moto’s logo for so long though, all of Moto’s phones do that.

  • Bert336

    where does the boot sound .ogg goes at? i have tried /system/media/audio/  and /system/media/ and /data/local/ to no luck. (Dx2) thx

    • I am in the same boat cannot get the sound on my X2.  I am trying to compare this to the Bionic audio and see whats different.

      • Speedyrulz8

        I have an original X and have the same problem.

        • I wonder what makes this sound file different from the one with the bionic.  The only thing I have seen is the capitalization but I checked the zip and the txt file is looking for a it to be all lower-case.  I wonder if maybe its size or something along those lines.  I am still going through it but until I can get an actual RAZR in my hands I am not sure what where the location is and owner settings etc.  I will keep trying because I really want this to work.

          • Sam

            If u are all still wondering about the sound write the ogg file with the same permissions as the animation

      • Kenneth Bolick

        http://themikmik.com/showthread.php?9412-HOW-TO-Add-custom-bootanimation-sound#axzz1qZqr6HXYthis will explain all of it, also don’t forget to convert the .ogg file to .mp3 and name it android_audio.mp3

  • Anonymous

    Boot time explanation:
    Is the bootloader still locked?
    Is the bootloader still locked?
    Is the bootloader still locked?
    Is the bootloader still locked?
    Is the bootloader still locked?
    Is the bootloader still locked?
    Is the bootloader still locked?
    Is the bootloader still locked?
    Is the bootloader still locked?
    Is the bootloader still locked?
    Is the bootloader still locked?
    Is the bootloader still locked?
    OK, now I’ll boot.

  • Anonymous

    wow this takes a lot longer than expected…

    • U!

      u impatient bro?

  • Maybe I’ll stick this on my Gnex when I get it just in case I want it to boot slowly and randomly reboot and force close.

    • Keith Sumner

      You’re an idiot.

  • droidify

    I put it on my droid X and now its so thin I cut my finger on the corner. Very cool. Thanks

  • James Adam

    Droid life should put together a video of every droid branded phone booting up at the same time then take a pole of which one is the best of all time. (Excluding the OG Droid cause everyone will pick it due to its legacy)

    • Guest

      what kind of pole are we talking about? fishing, flag, or stripper?

      • Fattie McDoogles

        here we go again…

    • Anonymous


    • Fattie McDoogles

      Thats a good idea. I would love to see them all lined up together

  • how about wall papers? it it should be under /media, not local

  • Anonymous

    How about some GNexus love?!!

  • I find it extremely gratifying that, while watching this video, an ad for the Galaxy Nexus popped up over top of it 😀

    • There are ads for the Galaxy Nexus?  For Verizon or just for the phone in general?

      • it was just the phone in general, the ad link was to google.com/nexus

    • Anonymous

      Google has me pegged for the G-Nex ads no matter where I go or what I do.  A Galaxy Nexus ad is there for me at all times.  I think they are trying to torture me on purpose.

  • James Adam

    Come on now. Putting the Razr boot animation on a Bionic isn’t going to make it 7.1 mm thin with a qHD Super AMOLED Advanced screen.

    • Pennywise

      …and thank god! I don’t want that built-to-be-thrown-away, can’t-be-used-outside/in-sunlight, over-saturated (how to colors work?!) OLED garbage anywhere NEAR my Bionic.

      Secondly, like having a backup battery.

    • Anonymous

      Nor a hd front facing camera. I love my bionic but the razor is so cool. it has everything a device should have in it.

  • tyson184

    takes over a minute and a half to boot up – sick dual core action!

    • Anonymous

      It’s a port on a bionic.. what did you expect?

      • Anonymous

        The boot animation has nothing to do with how long it takes to boot up the phone, its simply an animation thats programmed and set for however long the phone needs to boot and still show the animation

    • Anonymous

      The Bionic might be the slowest booting phone on the face of the Earth. That’s really not much of an exaggeration either. Never seen one this slow.

      • Mctypething

        Remember when you said this about the Bionic, “The bootup time also seems to be above-average.”

        I guess above average now means the slowest on the face of the earth.

        • Domakinsu

          oh buuuuuuuuuuuurn!

        • Ryan Shanklin

          Must have been when he first got the device.

        • Mine boots up just fine, and certainly isn’t slow, so I’m not sure what took so long on this guy’s. My old Charge on the hand….

      • NashTN

        @kellex: i know this is an old post but can I send the tones from this to my sam galaxy s3? I just want the sounds. Miss the motorola droid tones.

        • NashTN

          it did! yes!!

    • PyroHoltz

      Sadly my D3 isn’t much better at 1:13.

    • Anonymous

      hm…i dont think 1 minute 27 seconds is over a minute and a half…js

    • Anonymous

      Boot time has nothing to do with the processor and everything to do with the file system IO and how much is being loaded.  Remember, it’s also loading webtop on boot, which is another OS.  The Atrix and Photon boot times are long because of this as well.  Once it’s finished it’s one of the fastest phones out there, there’s a video on youtube that shows it launches apps and videos faster than the GS2.

      • Anonymous

        I do agree, the bionic is super fast. It seems that moto still ruling the android industry.

  • Mctypething

    I’ll stick with the Bionic boot animation. It’s just as good if not better.

    • Anonymous

      u satisfied bro?

      • trololololololololololo

        • Anonymous

          Just having some fun 😉

      • Mctypething


      • Anonymous

        +1 🙂 Thanks for the laugh.