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DROID RAZR Pops Up on MotoDev Site with Full Specs, OMAP4460 Processor Confirmed (Updated: Or Not?)

As expected, the newly announced Motorola DROID RAZR has the exact same OMAP4460 processor clocked at 1.2GHz that you were all treated to in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus last night. It may not be clocked at 1.5GHz like some of its competitors, but as Texas Instruments has said, it’s not all about brute force and sometimes sophistication makes for a better experience. Take that to mean whatever you want – what we know is that Google chose this platform over Samsung’s Exynos, NVIDIA’s Tegra 3, and Qualcomm’s S3, so it must be doing something right.

Update: As of this morning, the processor has now been switched to the 4430 which is the same as the processor in the Bionic. We have reached out to Motorola for clarification and will report back.

Update 2:  Motorola just got back to us and confirmed that it is the 4430.

You can check out the rest of the specs at MotoDev. Nothing else was a mystery.

Cheers FragDroidX!

  • RazrRox

    So this is a world phone? The connectivity tab shows the se GSM bands that show up in Photon or Droid X3, and do NOT show up for droid bionic (all on the motodev site).. Huuuge plus I that’s true, definitely getting this over nexus if this turns out to be the case

  • i swear if you combine the razor and the galaxy nexus you lose something that made android big, with the razor you can not switch out batteries, and with nexus you cant add additional memory via micro sd.

  • Anonymous

    For all you folks out there set on the Sammy Nexus over the Razr, let me ask you this. Did our have you owned the Droid Charge yet? I have. And based on my experience with that alone I am sadly rejecting the new Nexus. Here are my reasons:
    Lte radio sucked
    Web speed was not what I expected for Lte.
    Radio had difficult time switching between 4g, 3g, and 1x.
    Radio would get stuck on 1X coming out of Path tunnel in Jersey City.

  • Uh, according to Texas Instruments the 4430 operates at UPTO 1 ghz….?   while 4460 operates at UPTO 1.5 ghz (though the phones are unclocking it to 1.2ghz).   So this being a 4430 at 1.2ghz is…impossible?  Please someone clarify this for me?  I’m confused. 

  • Splicer78

    I just want the boot animation, looks sweet

  • Donnydon

    Archos swear that the 4460 is the most powerful CPU available. Also remember not all 1.2ghz behave the same. If they did then the the nexus wouldve gone with the 4430 but they went with 4460 because its better plain and simple!!! Sorry moto i really loved the razr design!!!

  • Anonymous

    I thought so… The 4460 was reported to be delayed so they’ve been instead overclocking 4430’s for the time being.

  • Imanjja

    All the info my mind overload ….. need … razor … need gnex… need money… for both… donations welcomed…

  • joejoe509

    Ha ha. Well. That seals it for me… I’m getting the Nexus. No question.