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Jealous Of Siri? Then Check Out These Android Apps


When Apple announced that Siri was going to be baked right into their OS, then showed off how it worked and how smart it seemed, I was a bit jelly. We luckily have some great Android apps that act in just the same way for us on our devices. Speaktoit is a free personal assistant which can be found right on the Android Market and the app does basically all the things you might want it to. Update your Facebook status, look up directions and many many other things. You can choose an avatar with whom you speak with. It’s actually quite the neat little app. 

Speaktoit (free) | Voice Actions (free)

The next app we wanted to point out is called Voice Actions. One of our readers emailed us the perfect description:

It gives the user the ability to do a wide array of commands from setting alarms, creating reminders, checking weather, and just about any other Google command plus more.

After looking at the Market description, this almost seems like a must have for every Android owner on the planet. So there you have it. No need to be jealous of Siri and her wizardry. Look no further than your very own Android Market for the latest and great tech goodness.

Cheers Patrick!

  • Sandy Korda

    IF only it were more professional looking and not have a cartoon character on my main page.  Too bad it didn’t have an option to deselect the character and chose none.

  • I tried to install one of the apps, it seems to have vanished lol

  • Daniel Rowen

    too bad Voice Actions is refusing to install on my Droid2 Global saying it’s incompatible…guess I’ll try out Speaktoit instead

  • Jitterbug phones have had this feature for years.  My grandma loves it!  Meh.

  • That screenshot of the Geeky-ish girl with cleavage makes this app more popular.

  • Jeri2good

    I’ve been using an app called  Start-Talking for nearly  a year now and it offers every thing that apple siri offers and more! i literally use it every day. It  has a wake up feature which allows you to use any word or phase you want and it will start listening automatically , mine is “hey Andriana”,  when it hear’s that phase,it wakes up and starts listening.
    I use it for everything, texting, calling, navigation, posting to twitter , face book , reading text and post , listening to poems , quotes,  doing calculations , setting reminders , and much more … Its also a really good informational tool that can be used for anything you can thing of,  E.g  My wife and i were arguing about the name of the prim-minister of Jamaica  , So i said “Hey Andrina”,  it says “Yes Boss?” (you can customize the response too), i say   “Question ” ,  who is the prime minister of Jamaica?  , Not only did it give me his name but also is age and when he was elected!. And this was 9 months ago! Unfortunately, it stopped being updated in July but i can only hope they haven’t stopped working on it. If you need Proof Check out these  old videos that were released last november. This was before most of the new features were added and even then it was impressive!

    • LarryHagman

      Yeah, I used Start Talking for a while, and it is pretty good.   Mine used to respond to my voice by saying “Yes Master?” like in “I Dream of Genie”.   But sometimes it would go off in inappropriate situations so that had to go!   Its great for handsfree operation from across a room.   But I’d usually forget the capability was even there.

  • coolstorybro

    looks like apple boys are getting their pantys in a bunch since siri is now being proven to not be so “innovative”

  • this shit is awful. I’m saying ‘no’ and it’s picking up ‘new york’ amongst other horrible erros

  • Thereederator

    Honestly people? I understand where the Android users come from, and also where the iOS fanboys come from. It’s true there are numerous apps on Android OS such like, vlingo, speaktoit, and voice actions, but Siri IS using a more advanced technology. I’m a long term Droid user, but looking at the facts, Siri is adaptive and has analysis capababilities that Googles voice commands don’t. This doesn’t diminish Androids voice capabilities though, they work fantastic and the commands execute quickly and efficiently. There is no App (thus far) on Google’s Android market that can ANALYZE what the user says and decide for itself what YOU meant to say. Those who attack Apple fanboys also seem to fail to realize the hypocrisy of their words with their Android fanboy attitudes. Apple may have established the phone cult following epidemic but android has more fanboys now than ever. The facts are as follows: Apple iPhone 4s uses Siri, which is more advanced than Android Voice Commands. BUT Apple has now opened a can of worms giving google and all of its affiliates another 18 months to release a program or a phone with similar firepower to combat the Siri craze.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this post. It is a nice little app.

  • Jon

    been out for a long time and very good.

    • Doesn’t play music though. SpeakToIt does.

    • Doesn’t play music though. SpeakToIt does.

  • If you tell Siri you’re drunk, it looks up cab numbers for you.

    Jus’ sayin’…

    • Juarez

      If you tell Siri you’re horny what happens?

  • Franzie3

    See the problem is here is that it was never marketed or exploited.  We all know apple is the king of exploiting something they make.  Everyone says they do not use their voice commands but all it is gonna take is the i*hone to make people start using it then you will see more then just these 2 apps and eventually google will improve their own.  that is just how the competitive market works.

    we will just have to see how Siri takes off to gauge how we are all going to start and use voice recognition more and more.

  • Oh and please for the love of Christ, STOP CALLING SIRI A “NEW FEATURE!”

  • All I know  is that “SpeakToIt” just got an update yesterday. Now it can do pretty much everything Siri can. Let’s also not forget that “SpeakToIt” is still in Beta. It’s still growing and if you go to their forum, you can request a feature and they will add it. I requested for it to be able to play music, 1 week later there’s an update that enables it to now play music. Try getting some service like that from an app that comes with an iPhone.

  • I’ve tried both these apps and they’re both pretty terrible.  Why is Google’s own Voice Search app not mentioned?  It’s amazing and can do most things Siri can.

  • Anonymous

    … siri doesn’t work offline (neither for voice nor for KI). So it is a simple web-service, there is not a even a KI in the i*hone, so no reason to be jealous. It’s just funny, because there is also no technical reason, that i*hone4/3gs users don*t get this feature …

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only person that read the title as “Jealous of Sin”?

    • Anonymous

      You are not.  I had this post up in another tab last night and my husband, looking over my shoulder said, “Who is jealous of SIN?”

  • Is anyone ACTUALLY jealous of the I Phone 4s?

  • I really only use the voice actions when I am driving, and need directions.  I have never really found that having to say “navigate to” to be terribly cumbersome.  I would even say it less of a PITA than having to use itunes to put music on my device, but that is just me. 

    Voice and TTS are things that are slated to be improved as soon as ICS.  Google bought a company called Phonetic Arts 9-10 months ago specifically for their expertise in this area. 

  • 360NikonD300

    The only thing I’m jealous of Apple is their customer service. They announce a day indicating when the announcement of a new phone will occur. Then, they stick to that date. They announce the release day for the phone and stick with that date! Imagine that, a company that knows what it’s doing. The recent Google and HTC Galaxy Prime announcement delay was stupid business practice and insulting to the user base. I love my Android phone (Thunderbolt), but please treat us like adults.

  • As I said when Siri was announced, the technology already exists in any phone.  All that is needed is the application.  Before the iPhail was released, there is already an app that does exactly what Siri does. So much for one little ticky mark.

    • Yea my friend has a iphone4 and he already showed me that he has the Siri stuff. Big whoop.

      • wow thats amazing considering Siri isn’t available on iPhone 4. The Siri APP was available but is not built into the OS and therefore is not on the same level. 

        • have you ever heard this phrase? “if it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck. ITS A F’N DUCK!”

          you have got to be kidding me, people actually believe this is some new feature…its been around for many years now. They just give it a special voice and make a conference and these apple heads eat it up.

  • thanks for the tip

  • LionStone

    Yes, Siri is a Virtual Assistant and it finally brings voice to text to iOS but what Apple doesn’t highlight is that this new feature is geared towards the visually impaired, which is great. Much like hTc when they launched the Rhyme, they never ‘said’ it was for women, yet it is.

    I read another article that summed it up best about using too many voice controls, it’s actually going backwards for those of us that already use our smartphones efficiently and quickly. We’ve learned how to be so quick with our phones, that usually, the only time using voice controls is useful, is when you are driving. I seriously doubt Siri can put an item in my calendar any faster than I can. And for me, since I’m a ‘visual’ person, I like to ‘see’ my calendar for the month and input according to what I see at one glance. How far can Siri go? Will it book my tickets and get me an aisle seat and make sure the plane has wifi on it with no more than two hour layover? I don’t know, but I do know I can do all that, very quickly myself. 

    • Please for the love of God stop calling it a “new feature!!!!”

  • At some point though wouldn’t a more advanced microphone help with this kind of tech?  I mean I’m sure software is the main component here with “understanding” what we mean.  But like with google voice if I talk too fast it gets confused.  I don’t have to speak with perfect diction like back in the day with this kind of software but it still has a ways to go.  I’m just wondering where the line is between how much the software can do and when the hardware needs to kick it up a notch.  In the end it is a phone so mics and speakers are pretty important.  I know when I’m driving I put my DX on speaker and can barely hear people and can’t hear the music while in the shower like on my blackberry.  I wonder if a*pple did anything with the their mic for siri.

  • Anonymous

    Seems EVA and Voice Actions are the most Siri like, or most natural. I like them so far, although I’m not sure if I want to be caught having conversation with my female phone voice at work. 🙂 Then again, it can’t be any worse than talking to my co-workers and trying to get something done.

  • Anonymous

    Vlingo can do all this and more. I’m surprised more DLers don’t know about it. 

    • Vlingo can’t play music. SpeakToIt can now though!

  • Anonymous

    Why are there so many Apple iPhone followers over here?  Are there not plenty of sites dedicated to your interest?  I never make my way over to Apple boards.

  • Anonymous

    Cool apps. Then again, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 🙂

  • justsaying

    the only difference between apple siri and any google apps is when apple introduced (any apps) it, they celebrate it. with google its like ‘ oh yeah we have it’ lets move on. 

  • It’s funny to say dirty things to Speaktoit and the reactions lmao.  But I like my phone to be completely wireless when I’m in the car cause of the cell phone law.  So I like to use Vlingo In-car (beta), i just tap my blutooth or just say “Hey Vlingo” and it says a greeting and i tell it what to do for me, launch pandora, text my brother, call my girlfriend, what is the weather, etc etc.

    • True but you cannot play music through Vlingo, SpeakToIt just added this feature last night though!

  • EricTheRed

    This sounds a lot like the [email protected] paperclip in MS Word that always popped up and annoyed to CRAP out of everyone.

  • Alright, so i understand the natural order of things, and how everyone seems to feel the need to argue over their “technological beliefs”, but has anyone stopped and taken the time to try out this SpeakToIt app? I did a quick run through of it, and had little success with a lot of commands. For example: “set my alarm for 6am”, resonse was “im afraid that is not something i know how to do.” Please help, this sort of app would make things very easy for me. Let’s try some relative comments, shall we Gents?

    • Roshan John

      same. speaktoit sucked for me too. 

      BUT!!!… any1 check out the cleavage on the girl avatar? she can get it….. jus sayin

      • D3nkianma

        I picked the sluttiest outfit lol

    • D3nkianma

      speaktoit worked ok in the actually hearing what I said department but wasn’t able to correctly reply…even in the tutorial it said for instance ask me about the weather… so i said how is the weather? in which it replied that is not in our tutorial agenda if you want to skip the tutorial just say so

    • Anonymous

      We played around with Speaktoit, Voice Actions, and Vlingo last night.  

      Speaktoit could not understand a thing I said.  I liked the idea of having an avatar over an “impersonal” microphone icon, but that was all it was good for.  “Open Wordfeud” resulted in the browser searching for Wordfeud.  Fail.

      Voice Actions was alright.  I might revisit it at a later date.  It said it would set an alarm for whatever time, but then there was no “proof” that this alarm had been set.  “Open Wordfeud” again resulted in the browser searching for Wordfeud.  Still a Fail.

      Vlingo had a much better-looking (less cartoony UI).  It recognized WHO I wanted to call or text and the transcription was spot-on.  I am still going to play around with it more today.  The icing on the cake: “Open Wordfeud” resulted in the Wordfeud app BEING OPENED and I was able to play a word immediately.  WIN.

      So those are my experiences…  just to stay on topic tho:  iPhone 4s… haha!

  • I remember using an app a while ago that didn’t require any button pushing.  In the settings you could set the name or command for your phone to respond to (ie, Droid Phone, or Fatty McFatfat, anything you wanted).  You could also set what the app responded with as well before giving it a command to text so and so or ask the time.  I no idea where I found it or what it was called and was wondering if anyone here remembers this app as well.

  • TomHolmes

    Putting voice apps on a phone is a good idea, as long as you don’t make the mistake of making them impossible to get rid of. The thing about applications is that they will be improved upon. An OS shouldn’t get in the way of competition among applications, like Microsoft got spanked for doing with Internet Explorer. 

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  • Benjamin Landwehr

    I’m only loling because Siri’s been out for a good while now and people think it’s brand new.  Apple just implemented a good app to come with the phone stock.

  • Roshan John

    I’m pretty green about Siri.. and these two are barely better than google voice commands. Speaktoit couldn’t even finish the tutorial without messing up and Voice Actions only faired slightly better. 

    I remain confident though that Google or one of the android apps will come up with something as good as Siri eventually. But it will take time. As of right now, Siri wipes the floor. 

    • D3nkianma

      I’m assuming based on your sentence above you have played with siri personally then and aren’t basing your statement off the commercial where the app works perfectly and saying those apps are barely better than the standard voice control is like saying having a maid is only slightly better than cleaning your own house… I have voice actions and it sure as hell does a lot more than voice commands and on top of that i have no problems with it understanding me (maybe its just because I’m talking like a human being though I dunno)

      • Roshan John

        nah dude, i dont have siri to mess with and experiment.. im basing it on this 


        and yeah ur right.. i may just sound like a troll. relax defensive. 

        • D3nkianma

          lol i watched the video you linked and paused and did the exact same things with voice actions
          and where siri pulled up a chart to show its answers mine actually read it to me…the only thing siri did that voice actions can’t is instead of saying my mom I have to actually say the contact name…but im sure theres something in the contacts(on i*hone) like a nickname or a relation tab that lets it know its your mother, wife, friend etc…
          also(Im sure it does) but they didn’t show siri doing any kind of translating….voice actions will do translating as well just say what is good morning in Spanish and boom… sooo yea….I’ll get a video tomorrow with a friends phone and post it

  • Anonymous

    Honestly for the average person these apps (and Siri) will be a nice “Hey check out what my phone does”  and that is about it.  I am looking for things more sensible in a phone like a 720p resolution screen lol.  

  • Anonymous

    I bought the Voice Actions app. Best $2.99 I have ever spent on Android!

  • Anonymous


  • CalmDown

    Everyone needs to relax, I don’t know why everyone on this site sees everything as black and white. iOS has good points, Android has good points, both have bad points. Siri is not like Android’s voice control, which is just voice command. Siri is an AI in your phone that can adapt, it’s fundamentally different from what Android’s voice command is. I’ve been using a Droid for the past three years, and I can say that Apple does cool shit, and so does Google, I haven’t been blinded just because of what phone I chose. Fanboys on either side are stupid, no device is going to be all encompassing greatest thing ever made, everyone and everything has qualities and flaws. I’ve been wanting to say this for awhile, and probably going to be my first and last post.

    • D3nkianma

      First off no one said googles voice control was the same or even close to siri…did you even read the article above? the whole conversation is about 2 apps that android has that are similar to siri that “use” voice control…. further more I completely agree that apple and android both have their good and bad points but there are so many more apple people that just defend apple because they are apple and have no valid points like “I could Download these or i could go pick up my iphone 4s Friday and have it built in and i have iTunes so sorry Android”  wtf does that have to do with anything? ohh and I can’t read the url up top let me grab my magnifying glass…ohhh HOLY DONKEY SH*T BATMAN its called Droid-Life of course anyone who posts in here about apple is gonna get themselves a new @$$hole ripped…they are pretty much asking for it.

      • Benjamin Landwehr

        Actually plenty of people are trying to say it’s the same or not much different.  Even Voice Actions(app) and Speaktoit are a lot better then Androids voice control.  But yeah, I agree with everything else you two said.

        • D3nkianma

          voice actions and speaktoit are both very much like siri what I meant was the default voice control was nowhere close to siri I’d say the best on android is voice actions i had a lot of problems with speaktoit but thats just me

  • Motorcyclemike

    What does Siri do that Vlingo doesn’t do?
    Vlingo ‘wakes up’ on hearing  keyword trigger and: opens programs, performs searches, updates status, navigates to location, transcribes your voice to a text message, announces callers, reads/responds to text messages, places/answers calls and a list of other features.

  • I already talk to enough inanimate objects.  I don’t need to add my phone to that list.

  • Anonymous

    The only reason I use voice commands on my phone is while I’m driving. That’s bout it.

  • Robert White

    I see some Apple devotees on here that are preaching the usual message… “You know this wasn’t really useful before but now that Apple has done it the stars are aligned perfectly!”

    OK troll on… I mean roll on.

  • Ahsan

    Jeff Bernard, just give up already.

  • iPhone 4S

    I could Download these or i could go pick up my iphone 4s Friday and have it built in and i have iTunes so sorry Android

    • Billy Jenkins

      Its already built into Android for a while. The thing is that its old news and not many people care about it anymore

      • Eric V

        Does Andorid Have iTunes? No iPhone Better

        • Anonymous

          Idiot. iTunes is such a pain in the ass. Play an .mkv file on your iPhone. Thanks

    • DroidTre

      Yeah you can dish out hundreds of dollars for a feature android has already while I’ll just download this for free. You my friend are why Apple buyers get a bad rep.

    • D3nkianma

      lol you make it sound like downloading an app from the market is a daunting task it would take you longer to prepare for the drive to pick up an i*hone4s than opening your market and downloading the app ….also I’ll give my troll reply “I could go through the jail breaking process and have to download lots  of things from a 3rd party app store or my android could just give me the same sh*t OOB” also there was a mistake in your sentence above “I have i*unes” like that’s a good thing. At the very least your comment should have read “I could Download these or i could go pick up my i*hone 4s Friday and have it built in but then I have to deal with i*unes” and even thats giving you quite a bit of leadway.

  • Anonymous


  • RaiderDroid

    from reading most of this thread so far, all I’m hearing about with this Siri is facebook and twitter status. Can someone tell me what else Siri has to offer? I know it’s gotta be more useful then fb and twitter. I hope so at least.

    • Billy Jenkins

      It’s basically just like the voice to text feature that android has had for about 2 years. Don’t listen to the apple fanboys who say its better. Of course they would think its better since they have never had a voice to text ability on their phone. Everything siri has to offer is already available on android. And if its not built into the OS then its available in the android market.

      • Yeah thats all it is. Keep telling yourself that. 

        • RaiderDroid

          can you explain what else it does then because that was the impression I was getting as well.

          • KevinC


            type in ‘siri’

            do you want us to hold your hand?

          • Raidertre

            You must not understand what im trying to say. Basically I don’t get the appeal because it seems like a more polished version of what android been had. The thing is, i never use voice commands unless I’m walking or driving and its only when I remember. Google that!

          • Anonymous

            for one it understands multiple natural language constructs, as opposed to the rigid “text ben” or “play stewart copeland” that you may or may not be used to. you can use more natural speech like “What’s the weather going to be today?” or even use less direct questions and phrases like “Will I need an umbrella today?” or “Tell me the best pizza parlor within 5 miles”. It allows you to get maps, add contacts, text, email, look up definitions, find the weather, set alarms, and access functionality in the majority (if not all, I’m not sure) of the system apps.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not sure why you’d need that functionality.  If you want to know what the weather’s like, you’re also going to know the necessary steps for looking up the weather, whether that involves a scripted prompt or not.  The only downside is learning the prompts, and for weather it’s a google search so all you have to say is “search for weather at [my location]”.  If you want to argue that it’s cooler to say “do I need an umbrella,” then you might have a point, but that doesn’t make it any easier to use.

            Having used voice actions, I can say that I feel they are gimmicky, no matter how well they work.  It might be great for setting an alarm or reminder… but you’re not really saving that much time by dictating it.  It’s easier to type a long conversatoin since you can format it how you’d like.

            And I still think it’s about as tactful as using bluetooth or push to talk in public. 

          • So now Android users are making the argument “not sure why you’d need that functionality” Haha, i thought it was all about choice????? 

  • Robert

    Try Vlingo

  • Tonloc_45371

    I love my Droid but Siri definitely sparks my curiosity.

    • Billy Jenkins

      Siri is really nothing special. Its just another feature that Apple stole from Android and claims to have made it much better after voice to text has become old news for most if not all Android users.

  • babadush

    Dont forget about vlingo. I stutter and it even understands me. Let’s see siri do that

    • Missthetrain

      Vlingo? Really?
      Sorry, but that’s the crappiest piece of ….well… uh…They tried to sell it and end up giving it away.

      • babadush

        I don’t know when you’ve used it last. It works every time for me.

      • Anonymous

        How? It’s the most polished, clean and well functioning voice app I’ve ever used on Android. I was impressed.

  • Voice Actions not compatible with SGS4G? Really?

  • Missthetrain

    You guys need to go out more.


    Hmm, google….can you just make voice actions a little smarter? 🙂 just downloaded this app but still feel a bit left out… all i want from google now is something like itunes… and this.. thats all. lol. I know google music but itunes is just so much better…  and siri is sort of cool. 

    • Billy Jenkins

      I’d rather have Google music instead of Itunes. Itunes was good like 5 years ago but Google music can work on any computer with a web browser (which every computer comes preloaded with) or any android device. And all you have to do is log into your gmail account which takes a few seconds and all your music will instantly be loaded. I have 4000 songs that are loaded within seconds. But with Itunes you would need to copy the songs to w/e computer you are using or bring an external hard drive with you and connect it which is alot harder then just logging into your gmail account. 

      • MOTOX

        but itunes is a lot neater… its easier to work because its an actual program…granted you need itunes on a computer to have it run and thats what icloud is for… but still would like a program to sync all android devices that google updates…you can upload movies pictures music, all in one, and also of course a music store and more commands with voice action… thats what i want…of course i love android and hate ios but it has those 2 good points… i would say apps but our android market pretty much is good now we have some quality apps… i have had 5 android phones so i know.. waiting for the vigor..

    • Raven

      Try AmazonMP3.  It is just as good if not better than iTunes for music.

  • Skittleoid

    A lot of people will be getting that speaktoit app just so they can talk to that girl with big cleavage in the right hand side picture. 😛

    • Billy Jenkins

      I’m gonna ask her out on a date and see what she says.

  • KC

    Tried Speaktoit and it is just ok.  Not as fluid as Siri.  

    • babadush

      Try vlingo

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest.  Every time a cool voice something comes out (and I’m talking Android) it is cool and useful for all of about 10 min and then its back to inputting data with your on screen keyboard.  Siri is cool.  I would probably be like, “Oh check this out….oohh neat…etc” and 10 min later would forget all about it. Vlingo was like that.  Some people may master voice actions, but for the masses its like a front facing camera,  useful on occasion.  

  • Dp

    I’ll check these out. I am totally jealous of Siri

  • Very Cool. Another reason for the ifanboys to sweat. Android’s got it covered…

  • Anonymous

    how about vlingo virtual assistant?

  • Voice Actions isn’t compatible with my D2?

  • Anonymous

    if i ever consider myself jealous of such a cheap gimmick like siri someone please beat me with a shovel

  • el_R

    You know what would be cool?  If they let you change the avatar (basically a background change).  Then you could talk to whoever you want.

  • Keith Sumner

    Thumbs up if you made yourself a sexy assistant. 

  • Jason Purp

    I don’t even like talking on the phone. I’m not gonna speak to my phone and tell it to look for new celebrity nudes.

  • DanSke

    Thats one busty Assistant..she’s gonna get me into some trouble.

  • Some Random Dude

    Tato, u jelly bro?

  • 411vm

    siri means ass in Japanese, just throwing that out there

    • shiri means ass in japanese.

      • EC8CH

        did you just say siri or ass in Japanese… it’s hard to tell 😛

    • Loquera

      and it means penis in georgian

  • Anonymous

    Yes but, can I use the glados voice?

  • Murphy

    Siri…. can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

    “I’m sorry, that is not a real place.”

    Damn you for ruining my child hood!

  • im a fan of vlingo, which does all this, and does it very well

    • Jer85008

      I tried it on my Dx a while ago, and was extremely unimpressed. Has it changed recently? Just wondering if I should give it another try.

      • yeah i was the same way, i feel like it understands my voice much better, it rarely makes big mistakes. my primary use is for sms, so i would just say name of person, then the message. But this is my favorite voice app i have experimented with

  • I imagine Google is already hard at work improving their Voice recognition features to include a more dynamic A.I. very similar to if not better than Siri.  Google doesn’t rest on their laurels so I’m not planning to switch to Apple any time soon. BTW: I’d really like an app like this that includes the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S. from IronMan. 🙂

    • Bear0013

      Now that would be punk rock …aka kick ass lol

  • Thelegendofdavid

    i have been refreshing droid life all day hoping to find some new info regarding the new google phone. Please only post updates inregards to that subject matter and only that subject matter.
    Thank you. 
    David P. SF

    • Anonymous

      have you considered an rss feed or twitter?

      • Thelegendofdavid

        I don’t use twitter and I’m not I fan of rss

        • Anonymous

          lets do everything that you want to do…

    • partidroid

      Yo legend! Ready for your SC trip?

      • Thelegendofdavid

        Already there partidroid


    Is anyone ACTUALY jealous of Siri??

    • EC8CH

      certainly not that female avatar… she’s got nothing to be jealous about.

    • TheAndroid1

      Are you saying that if Google could implement a smarter voice to text system you wouldn’t care?

      Don’t let your inner fanboy get in front of your common sense.

      • I’ve had voice actions for awhile and I’ve never used them. 

        Just saying.

        • TheAndroid1

          The thing I like most about the iPhone’s implementation is that you have the option to use the proximity sensor to start the voice recognition. I can just hold the phone to my face like I was in a call and tell it the command so I don’t have to look like an idiot, I just would look like I was in the middle of a call.

          Plus I never found Google’s to be that great.  It never got everything right most of the time and with the time it took to correct everything I would have been better off just typing it out to begin with.

          • Rich Dillon

            Yes because constantly holding up your phone to update your twitter doesn’t make you look like an idiot. 


          • TheAndroid1

            I’m going to assume that you were smart enough to get what I was saying.

          • Billy Jenkins

            I think he was being sarcastic? Maybe you weren’t smart enough to understand that? I think what he was saying was alot of people update their twitter and facebook status every hour. Some people even update their facebook status a few times every hour. Holding the phone to your ear for 20 minutes to update your status would be fine. It would look like you are making a phone call. But holding your phone to your ear for like 1 minute to update your status and then holding it your ear again every half hour for 1 minute would just make you look like an idiot. But holding the phone to your mouth and talking into it would look like you are just using voice to text and most if not all people would understand that. Because why hold your phone to your ear to use the voice to text if you are only saying just a few words? Is it really that much different then holding the phone to your mouth like what androids voice to text has already done for about 2 years?

          • Aaa

            No one is interesting enough to have useful or entertaining twitter/facebook status updates “a few times every hour”.

          • Billy Jenkins

            Could that be why most peoples facebook status changes every hour. Sometimes more then that? It doesn’t matter how useful or entertaining their status is. They still want to change it every hour or more then that. Usually with music lyrics, random quotes that they find funny or about themselves, or just letting their friends and family know what they are doing. Now imagine if you are in a large crowd like at a sports event or just in an area with alot of people for a long time and you put your phone to your ear every hour and for only 1-2 minutes at a time. Just because you hold your phone to your ear doesn’t make it look like you are talking to someone. It would just make you look a little stupid. But holding the phone to your mouth would look alot different. You cant be talking to someone if its not to your ear. So the only other possibility would be that you are using some voice to text feature

          • TheAndroid1


          • Billy Jenkins

            Could that be why most peoples facebook status changes every hour. Sometimes more then that? It doesn’t matter how useful or entertaining their status is. They still want to change it every hour or more then that. Usually with music lyrics, random quotes that they find funny or about themselves, or just letting their friends and family know what they are doing. Now imagine if you are in a large crowd like at a sports event or just in an area with alot of people for a long time and you put your phone to your ear every hour and for only 1-2 minutes at a time. Just because you hold your phone to your ear doesn’t make it look like you are talking to someone. It would just make you look a little stupid. But holding the phone to your mouth would look alot different. You cant be talking to someone if its not to your ear. So the only other possibility would be that you are using some voice to text feature

          • TheAndroid1

            I got the sarcasm, the /s sort of gave it away.

            However, I do think that there is a difference between holding it to your mouth and holding it to your ear. Should it matter, no.  Does it matter, yes.  Don’t believe that people care about this difference, look at all of the people on various blogs saying that you look like an idiot talking to your phone.  There is just something about this change that causes people to think differently.

            Of course people who use this function every couple of minutes will look like idiots, but this will be a huge difference for those who use it every once in a while.

          • Billy Jenkins

            This is 2011. Not 1995. People haven’t looked like idiots talking on their phone for like 15 years. You must be thinking of people talking on their phones using bluetooth headsets which would be done without the phone up to their ear. And most people who update their facebook and twitter status tend to do it many times a day. But even if you are one of the few who update it every once in a while then I still doubt you would have enough to say in your status that would make it look like you are on a phone call. Most status’ tend to stay short like a few sentences because not many people are going to sit there and read a status that took 10-20 minutes just to say. And I have tried voice to text. Its been on my phone for 2 years. The voice recognition works good and thats not the bad part about it. There actually not much bad about it but its just easier to type long paragraphs. And if holding the phone to your ear is that big of a deal then Android already has that feature. All you do is instead of holding the droid phone to your mouth just move it over a few inches and hold it to your ear. lol. Problem solved. 

          • Siri is nothing like Android’s voice actions. The more you people keep saying that the dumber and dumber you keep looking. 

          • Billy Jenkins

            Whats different about Siri then Androids voice to text? I’m curious

          • Siri is a virtual assistant. At least thats what they call it. It can interpret your words and perform actions for you. It doesn’t require a keyword like Google’s does. Siri allows you to use natural language in giving commands not just the 10 triggers that Google requires. You can set alarms, play songs, set calendars, set reminders, search the internet and nearly anything else you would do with your phone all with voice. Why this is better is that you are not confined to the 10 commands that Google excepts. On top of that it also does voice to text just like Google. However the big difference is Siri using Nuance Voice recognition software who makes Dragon Dictate which is the industry leader in voice recognition. 

          • Billy Jenkins

            I can do that all with androids voice to text. When the voice to text was a new feature I would use it alot. It was actually fun to be able to send texts or search for places using my voice. But after a while it got boring since I used it too much. So like I said siri and androids voice to text are basically the same. But its not surprising that apple fans would find this feature to be great since they never had it before. 

          • Anonymous

            Androids implementation, and Siri are not the same. As Jeff is pointing out, Siri is a significantly more sophisticated natural language interpreter, and not restricted to ten basic action keywords. 

            And no, this is not being said from an Apple fanboy perspective. I’m a long term Droid user, but don’t let brand myopia affect my ability to see good technology brought to bear by other companies. At some point, hopefully, Google will start to improve it’s implementation.

          • Billy Jenkins

            True. But what I have been trying to say is that Android is open source. What that means is that Google releases a new feature to Android known as Voice to Text. They leave it as a basic feature with only the most useful commands like sending text, email, searching for addresses, playing music, and a few more. But since Android is open source they are leaving it open for other developers to release apps that add more features that give users more commands then what Google gave us. But Apple is not open source so they had to release Siri with alot of commands because developers can’t just make apps that give users more commands without first getting the approval from Apple. If Apple released Siri with only a few commands then people would use it but won’t be able to do much with it until Apple releases an update that add more which won’t happen as opften as apps being released on android

          • Google’s Apps are not open sourced. You should research more. They use APIs just like Apple. 

          • Billy Jenkins

            I’m not saying Googles apps are open source. I’m saying Googles features are open source. Voice to text has its own app but on Android its more of a feature since it also has its own button. Developers don’t actually use the voice to text app with theirs. they use the feature and release new apps that use it. Like Speaktoit. Voice to text isn’t a popular feature for android which is why there aren’t that many apps for android that use this feature.

          • Afhjkiivvvjjjjb

            You owned bernard

          • Yeah he owned me. Because his argument is Google didn’t need to implement better Voice Actions because they will just let a 3rd party developer do it for them. Good luck with that, i would prefer the people who make the phone, you know the one with the industry leading engineers to actually develop the implementation. 

          • Chihova

            You mean the ones looking up at Android in market share?  I respect Apple because they usually do things well.  What i dont like is when they throw the “innovative” word around like its never been done before and fanboys go crazy when the technology has been there the whole time. When the fanboys finish riding the Apple nuts give credit where credit is due. 

          • Anonymous

            oh so you mean Apple didn’t buy a third-party service (Siri) and implemented it into the mainline of iOS …

          • Jesus, I’ve never seen a third degree burn that severe before!

          • Lolercopter

            lol, this text is getting really small

          • Techtwo

            I suspect we’ve seen the last of Bernard in this section. Ouch.

          • Openminded

            Voice Actions is not limited to 10 basic action keywords. I have said statements similar to those in the Siri video and have gotten similar results with no knowledge of any basic action words.

          • Anonymous

            This free app does all of that.

            OR, you can pay $300 for the iPhone 4S to get it. Take your pick.

          • Techdork

            Isn’t Apple keeping Siri in beta status, even though they are releasing it enmasse with the i4s? (aside from screwing over non-i4s users by killing it on the market)  I’d seriously wait to see how well this runs on the device in it’s implemented state.  A few things about VR and Nuance.  Nuance is the leader in VR, but they also like to push their app as a service vs. a remote deploy.  That is good because they can keep the NLU up to date, and VR eats processor, better their processor than yours.  But, you better have a good network in place to support the data transfer, or you are going to wait….and wait…

          • Th thing is, I didn’t use it because it didn’t work, I just never needed it or found it useful.

          • Because Google’s voice actions suck in comparison to Siri. Google’s implementation requires you to follow a script. Send text to….. Navigate to…. if you don’t follow their predefined 10 or so scripts it is dumb as a brick. Siri doesn’t require a script and interprets you meaning not just a few key words. Siri is years ahead of GVA and it will only get better and better. 

          • Notnow

            Go away

          • TheAndroid1

            Look whose anti-innovation.

            Stop blindly following android. You can admit to some cool features on other phones too.

          • Billy Jenkins

            I was a little curious about Siri after reading your comment so I went on youtube and searched for videos showing how Siri works. It is basically the same as androids voice to text ut with a different UI. The people in the video would say “Text my wife I’m going to be 30 minutes late.” Thats exactly what you have to say with androids version. The only big difference between siri and androids voice to text is that Siri is a complete application. Which means it has its own UI where it can search the weather, send texts or email, and more from within the app. Androids voice to text has its own app but it also has its own button that when u press it u can either say w/e text u want to input anywhere within the phone. Or u can tell your phone to send a text, email, search or play a song, search for something online, or search for an address, and many more. But if u choose not to use this then u can change the functions of the button to another app u use more. So I’m still curious. What makes Siri better then androids voice to text?

          • http://www.tuaw.com/2011/10/05/iphone-4s-what-can-you-say-to-siri/

            there you go. compare that list with google’s 10 commands. not even in the same league.

          • Billy Jenkins

            All those commands work on android. I have tried most of them. At least the useful ones. And there are even apps on the market that allow you to use more commands

          • Haha no they don’t. Google uses 10 keywords. I’ve used android phones. I owned the OG Droid and the Droid Incredible. I remember when the voice actions were released so i am not just making shit up. If don’t want to take my word for it thats fine, how about Google’s?


          • Billy Jenkins

            But you are missing the point of why Siri has so many commands. Android is open source and Apple isn’t Which means Google released voice to text with the most useful features that everyone will use. And then they leave it open for others to release apps that add more commands and features. Apple isn’t open source so people cant just release apps like that without first getting approved by Apple. So they had to have alot of commands or no one would use it since no one can just add commands and features when every they want.

          • a.r.s

            Go suck a troll.

          • Anonymous

            LOL, you’re still trying to convince people you’ve used android phones?

          • you do know that i’ve been coming to this site since the first month or two or its creation right? i mean you do know that don’t you? if you want to ask Kellex or any of the others who have been here since the beginning i am sure they will confirm this for you.

          • Anonymous

            That doesn’t prove anything.

          • yeah you’re right. i just came to this site and talked about android and trashed iOS for well over a year just to set up my future trolling. how did you ever guess? i can’t pull the wool over on you. for a 13 year old you are really smart! 

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, you really showed me with your superior intellect.

          • kretz


          • Jer2good

            I’ve been using an app called  Start-Talking for nearly  a year now and it offers every thing that apple siri offers and more! i literally use it every day. I has a wake up feature which allows you to use any word or phase you want and it will start listening automatically , mine is “hey Andriana”,  when it hears that phase,it wake up and start listening.
            I use it for everything, texting, calling, navigation, posting to twitter , face book , reading text and post , listening to poems , quotes,  doing calculations , setting reminders , and many more … Its also a really good informational tool that for anything you can thing of,  E.g  My wife and i were arguing about the name of the prim-minister of Jamaica  , So i said “Hey Andrina”,  it says “Yes Boss?” (you can customize the response too), i say   “Question ” ,  who is the prime minister of Jamaica?  , Not only did it give me his name but also is age and when he was elected!. And this was 9 months ago! Unfortunately, it stopped being updated in July but i can only hope they haven’t stopped working on it. Need Proof Check out these  old videos that were released last november. This was before most of the new feature were added and even then it was impressive!

          • omg i can’t remember ten scripts!

          • Haha smart guy. The point is not that you can’t remember 10 scripts but that it is only 10 scripts

          • Did you even read what this article was about?  Or did you just jump into the comments section with your trigger happy typing fingers to show your Apple/Siri nut hugging love.  Your bashing google voice for only having 10 scripts?  Your acting as if google just released this feature, its been a feature on android phones since the beginning of last year.  How many command scripts could the i*hone process all of last year to now?  1? 2? maybe even zero! With how embarrassing  the voice command system was.  Anyways this article is about Speaktoit which expands google voice’s commands.  Apple just barely got voice commands with Siri, which is an amazing system.  It allows users to speak to it like a normal person.  Hey guess what dummy, with this app androids voice command system does the exact same thing.  This is what the article was originally about!  There is all this hoopla about Siri on the i*hone 4s because theres nothing else to really talk about.  Apple showing off Siri voice commands as innovation just makes me laugh.(  just like their innovation with video chat right? )  Guess what android has done the exact same thing, and now with this app in the same manner.  Also did you know that Siri was an available app in itunes then pulled months before the revealing of the i*hone 4s?  Innovation through 3rd party apps.  Oh didn’t you bash google for that in another post only to get owned [email protected]:disqus  &[email protected]:disqus Bottom line though people want i*hones, people want android, nothing me or dummies like you can do about it.  To each their own.

          • Bridgette Mueller

            Why would you care if some random person thinks you look like an idiot. Its not their business what you are doing on your phone.

        • Anonymous

          I like the voice actions and use them occasionally especially for navigation.  Can Siri launch a built in free navigation app to take you to the place your just said?  Hmm….

      • Anonymous

        I’m with cypherx82 on this one.

        What these programs, and Siri, are capable of is cool, but I just plain don’t care. My current voice action capabilities on my phone go completely unused, and I don’t see that changing.

      • Billy Jenkins

        I’ve had voice to text on my android phone for 2 years. At first I used it alot and it worked great but then after a while I didnt care about it and it just became another feature to add to the long list that android has and apple doesnt. Well now Apple is finally getting voice to text but it has already became old news months ago since android is moving on to newer and better features. But if Google ever does update the already smart voice to text thats built into the OS then I might try it for a few months. But whats the point if we can just download apps like these that add the features we want and let Google work on newer features that will open up more possibilites for what devs can release apps for?

      • KRSwon

        Google should buy Cleverbot and incorporate it in their Voice Actions just for laughs on random searches. Also buying the voice program from Drive Safe-ly for a more natural voice.
        I rarely use voice actions, mainly when driving and trying to send a text, but I would mind if Google put some new effort in it. And not because of Siri.

        But, jealous of Siri or not, you have to like some of the replies post at TIMN; like asking “where to hide a body?” That’s where cleverbot could come in…

      • Ismellmyfinger85


      • Tboltuser

        I think that is exactly what he is saying. It’s apparently a feature that FABFIVE doesn’t use, and probaby thinks he is not alone.  I, for one, don’t use it either, so I agree with him.  I doubt this is about being a fanboy, and more about the opinion that VR might not be used by all.

    • guest

      siri is pretty cool actually. remind me to call my wife when i leave my work. thats dope 

    • Oh please. Siri’s amazing. You can actually hold conversations with it like cleverbot, plus it’s got wolfram alpha integration. I’m jelly.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I really don’t like the sound of my own voice. But iTelephone users do, that’s why they buy them.

    • Yeah apparently a couple million are. Apple sold 1 million iPhone 4s pre-orders in less that 24 hrs. This moved ship times to 1-3 days. After another 2 days ship times are now 3-4 weeks and the stocks are completely sold out. Today millions and millions of people are showing off their new iOS5 upgrade with FREE PICS AND TEXTS to friends and coworkers. Haha, and the 4S hasn’t even been released yet. On top of that the demand for iPhone 5 which is still probably over a year away is just building and building and building. Has there ever been a public demand for an Android Phone?? Game Over.

      • kretz

        You’re insinuating that people bought the 4S only because of siri? If so it proves my theory that Apple could brand a piece of shit and people would buy it. 

        • TheAndroid1

          Sort of like motorola when you think about it.

          Lets take a 6 month old droid X2, throw in a 4g radio, brand it the droid bionic, and all of those people will come flocking over to this new “innovation”.

    • Anonymous

      The author of this article said he was a little jealous.

  • EC8CH

    Jeff Bernard in 3… 2… 1….

    • Anonymous

      “Oh Where, Oh Where can my Apple Fan Boy be”  Oh Where, Oh Where Can Jeff Bernard BE!!!!! 😛

      • Lmrojas

        It hasn’t been quite them same since the iphone 4s got released. Maybe he’s waiting for the Gnex now

      • Mike Majewski

        The iOS 5 upgrade bricked his phone

        • i’ve been running iOS 5 for a couple months and no bricked phone yet. 

    • Benjamin Landwehr

      Shut up.. he has 34 friends on facebook.

      • Anonymous

        All as nutty as he is.

      • I actually know the people on my Facebbok friends list. Having hundreds of people that i could care two shits about filling my feed is not my idea of a good time. You should take a look and see how many of those 34 are women. Have you been with a woman yet?