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Jealous Of Siri? Then Check Out These Android Apps


When Apple announced that Siri was going to be baked right into their OS, then showed off how it worked and how smart it seemed, I was a bit jelly. We luckily have some great Android apps that act in just the same way for us on our devices. Speaktoit is a free personal assistant which can be found right on the Android Market and the app does basically all the things you might want it to. Update your Facebook status, look up directions and many many other things. You can choose an avatar with whom you speak with. It’s actually quite the neat little app. 

Speaktoit (free) | Voice Actions (free)

The next app we wanted to point out is called Voice Actions. One of our readers emailed us the perfect description:

It gives the user the ability to do a wide array of commands from setting alarms, creating reminders, checking weather, and just about any other Google command plus more.

After looking at the Market description, this almost seems like a must have for every Android owner on the planet. So there you have it. No need to be jealous of Siri and her wizardry. Look no further than your very own Android Market for the latest and great tech goodness.

Cheers Patrick!

  • Sandy Korda

    IF only it were more professional looking and not have a cartoon character on my main page.  Too bad it didn’t have an option to deselect the character and chose none.

  • I tried to install one of the apps, it seems to have vanished lol

  • Daniel Rowen

    too bad Voice Actions is refusing to install on my Droid2 Global saying it’s incompatible…guess I’ll try out Speaktoit instead

  • Jitterbug phones have had this feature for years.  My grandma loves it!  Meh.

  • That screenshot of the Geeky-ish girl with cleavage makes this app more popular.

  • Jeri2good

    I’ve been using an app called  Start-Talking for nearly  a year now and it offers every thing that apple siri offers and more! i literally use it every day. It  has a wake up feature which allows you to use any word or phase you want and it will start listening automatically , mine is “hey Andriana”,  when it hear’s that phase,it wakes up and starts listening.
    I use it for everything, texting, calling, navigation, posting to twitter , face book , reading text and post , listening to poems , quotes,  doing calculations , setting reminders , and much more … Its also a really good informational tool that can be used for anything you can thing of,  E.g  My wife and i were arguing about the name of the prim-minister of Jamaica  , So i said “Hey Andrina”,  it says “Yes Boss?” (you can customize the response too), i say   “Question ” ,  who is the prime minister of Jamaica?  , Not only did it give me his name but also is age and when he was elected!. And this was 9 months ago! Unfortunately, it stopped being updated in July but i can only hope they haven’t stopped working on it. If you need Proof Check out these  old videos that were released last november. This was before most of the new features were added and even then it was impressive!

    • LarryHagman

      Yeah, I used Start Talking for a while, and it is pretty good.   Mine used to respond to my voice by saying “Yes Master?” like in “I Dream of Genie”.   But sometimes it would go off in inappropriate situations so that had to go!   Its great for handsfree operation from across a room.   But I’d usually forget the capability was even there.

  • coolstorybro

    looks like apple boys are getting their pantys in a bunch since siri is now being proven to not be so “innovative”

  • this shit is awful. I’m saying ‘no’ and it’s picking up ‘new york’ amongst other horrible erros

  • Thereederator

    Honestly people? I understand where the Android users come from, and also where the iOS fanboys come from. It’s true there are numerous apps on Android OS such like, vlingo, speaktoit, and voice actions, but Siri IS using a more advanced technology. I’m a long term Droid user, but looking at the facts, Siri is adaptive and has analysis capababilities that Googles voice commands don’t. This doesn’t diminish Androids voice capabilities though, they work fantastic and the commands execute quickly and efficiently. There is no App (thus far) on Google’s Android market that can ANALYZE what the user says and decide for itself what YOU meant to say. Those who attack Apple fanboys also seem to fail to realize the hypocrisy of their words with their Android fanboy attitudes. Apple may have established the phone cult following epidemic but android has more fanboys now than ever. The facts are as follows: Apple iPhone 4s uses Siri, which is more advanced than Android Voice Commands. BUT Apple has now opened a can of worms giving google and all of its affiliates another 18 months to release a program or a phone with similar firepower to combat the Siri craze.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this post. It is a nice little app.

  • Jon

    been out for a long time and very good.

    • Doesn’t play music though. SpeakToIt does.

    • Doesn’t play music though. SpeakToIt does.

  • If you tell Siri you’re drunk, it looks up cab numbers for you.

    Jus’ sayin’…

    • Juarez

      If you tell Siri you’re horny what happens?

  • Franzie3

    See the problem is here is that it was never marketed or exploited.  We all know apple is the king of exploiting something they make.  Everyone says they do not use their voice commands but all it is gonna take is the i*hone to make people start using it then you will see more then just these 2 apps and eventually google will improve their own.  that is just how the competitive market works.

    we will just have to see how Siri takes off to gauge how we are all going to start and use voice recognition more and more.

  • Oh and please for the love of Christ, STOP CALLING SIRI A “NEW FEATURE!”

  • All I know  is that “SpeakToIt” just got an update yesterday. Now it can do pretty much everything Siri can. Let’s also not forget that “SpeakToIt” is still in Beta. It’s still growing and if you go to their forum, you can request a feature and they will add it. I requested for it to be able to play music, 1 week later there’s an update that enables it to now play music. Try getting some service like that from an app that comes with an iPhone.

  • I’ve tried both these apps and they’re both pretty terrible.  Why is Google’s own Voice Search app not mentioned?  It’s amazing and can do most things Siri can.

  • Anonymous

    … siri doesn’t work offline (neither for voice nor for KI). So it is a simple web-service, there is not a even a KI in the i*hone, so no reason to be jealous. It’s just funny, because there is also no technical reason, that i*hone4/3gs users don*t get this feature …

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only person that read the title as “Jealous of Sin”?

    • Anonymous

      You are not.  I had this post up in another tab last night and my husband, looking over my shoulder said, “Who is jealous of SIN?”

  • Is anyone ACTUALLY jealous of the I Phone 4s?

  • I really only use the voice actions when I am driving, and need directions.  I have never really found that having to say “navigate to” to be terribly cumbersome.  I would even say it less of a PITA than having to use itunes to put music on my device, but that is just me. 

    Voice and TTS are things that are slated to be improved as soon as ICS.  Google bought a company called Phonetic Arts 9-10 months ago specifically for their expertise in this area. 

  • 360NikonD300

    The only thing I’m jealous of Apple is their customer service. They announce a day indicating when the announcement of a new phone will occur. Then, they stick to that date. They announce the release day for the phone and stick with that date! Imagine that, a company that knows what it’s doing. The recent Google and HTC Galaxy Prime announcement delay was stupid business practice and insulting to the user base. I love my Android phone (Thunderbolt), but please treat us like adults.

  • As I said when Siri was announced, the technology already exists in any phone.  All that is needed is the application.  Before the iPhail was released, there is already an app that does exactly what Siri does. So much for one little ticky mark.

    • Yea my friend has a iphone4 and he already showed me that he has the Siri stuff. Big whoop.

      • wow thats amazing considering Siri isn’t available on iPhone 4. The Siri APP was available but is not built into the OS and therefore is not on the same level. 

        • have you ever heard this phrase? “if it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck. ITS A F’N DUCK!”

          you have got to be kidding me, people actually believe this is some new feature…its been around for many years now. They just give it a special voice and make a conference and these apple heads eat it up.

  • thanks for the tip

  • LionStone

    Yes, Siri is a Virtual Assistant and it finally brings voice to text to iOS but what Apple doesn’t highlight is that this new feature is geared towards the visually impaired, which is great. Much like hTc when they launched the Rhyme, they never ‘said’ it was for women, yet it is.

    I read another article that summed it up best about using too many voice controls, it’s actually going backwards for those of us that already use our smartphones efficiently and quickly. We’ve learned how to be so quick with our phones, that usually, the only time using voice controls is useful, is when you are driving. I seriously doubt Siri can put an item in my calendar any faster than I can. And for me, since I’m a ‘visual’ person, I like to ‘see’ my calendar for the month and input according to what I see at one glance. How far can Siri go? Will it book my tickets and get me an aisle seat and make sure the plane has wifi on it with no more than two hour layover? I don’t know, but I do know I can do all that, very quickly myself. 

    • Please for the love of God stop calling it a “new feature!!!!”

  • At some point though wouldn’t a more advanced microphone help with this kind of tech?  I mean I’m sure software is the main component here with “understanding” what we mean.  But like with google voice if I talk too fast it gets confused.  I don’t have to speak with perfect diction like back in the day with this kind of software but it still has a ways to go.  I’m just wondering where the line is between how much the software can do and when the hardware needs to kick it up a notch.  In the end it is a phone so mics and speakers are pretty important.  I know when I’m driving I put my DX on speaker and can barely hear people and can’t hear the music while in the shower like on my blackberry.  I wonder if a*pple did anything with the their mic for siri.

  • Anonymous

    Seems EVA and Voice Actions are the most Siri like, or most natural. I like them so far, although I’m not sure if I want to be caught having conversation with my female phone voice at work. 🙂 Then again, it can’t be any worse than talking to my co-workers and trying to get something done.

  • Anonymous

    Vlingo can do all this and more. I’m surprised more DLers don’t know about it. 

    • Vlingo can’t play music. SpeakToIt can now though!