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“Official” DROID Bionic Bug List: Fix Coming in November, Incapable of 8-device Hotspot, 4G/3G Issues and More

One of our readers contacted Verizon support to get some help with a couple of issues that his DROID Bionic was experiencing and received a massive bug list in return.  The actual list is longer than the one we posted below, but we pulled out all of the most important stuff.  There are some interesting things in here that we figured everyone should take a look at.

First, they are aware of the 4G/3G issues and have planned a fix that will go live some time in November (yes, an entire month from now).  They also plan to address the high pitch headset issue, MMS bugs, Lapdock stuff and a variety of other things.

Also included in this list though, were some not-so-positive notes like the fact that they admit to not allowing non-Verizon or non-Motorola chargers and USB cables to work.  They also admit that the phone can’t support 8 devices simultaneously while in hotspot, something they were selling initially.

It’s a big list, so we broke it down into our top 10 and then put together another pretty important list afterwards.  Have fun!  

Top 10:

1.  Issue:  4G/3G Service – Data Connectivity

  • Marginal 4G to 3G transition:  Loss of data connectivity – The device may display 3G service indication but no data connections are possible.
  • Action: The user will need to power cycle the device or enable/disable Airplane Mode.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

2.  Issue:  High Pitch Headset Noise:

  • A customer may experience high pitched “screetches” while using high end wired headsets.
  • Action: There is no known work around.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

3.  Issue:  Mobile Hotspot User Limitations:

  • The Mobile Hotspot only supports 5 users.
  • Action: There is no known work around.
  • Resolution: This is a limitation of the device hardware and cannot be corrected.

4.  Issue:  Non-branded Chargers:

  • The XT875 can only be charged with Motorola or Verizon Wireless branded chargers.
  • Action: No work around required.
  • Resolution: No resolution required, working as designed and approved by Verizon Wireless.

5.  Issue:  USB Cables:

  • The XT875 can only be used with Motorola USB cables.
  • Action: No work around required.
  • Resolution: No resolution required, working as designed and approved by Verizon Wireless.

6.  Issue:  Google Talk Video Calls:

  • Google Video Talk sessions can be established faster if you start a text chat session first.
  • Action: No work around required.
  • Resolution: No resolution required, working as designed and approved by Verizon Wireless.

7.  Issue:  Touchdown Compatibility:

  • Nitrodesk’s Touchdown will not function on the XT875.
  • Action: No work around required.
  • Resolution: No resolution required, working as designed and approved by Verizon Wireless.

8.  Issue:  Lapdock low memory warning:

  • With 4 or more windows opened, a user may see low memory warnings.
  • Action: The user can terminate browser sessions and/or stop running applications (Tasks application in System Tray).
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the second post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is under review.

9.  Issue:  Mobile Hotspot Security Modes:

  • Mobile Hotspot does not support WEP or WPA Wi-Fi protocols. Only WPA2 is supported .
  • Action: No work around required.
  • Resolution: No resolution required, working as designed and approved by Verizon Wireless.

10.  Issue:  Home Panel Application Shortcuts:

  • Application shortcuts may be removed from the Home Panel without any user interaction.
  • Action: The User can go in System Tray and manually add them back in Home Panels. The applications are not deleted from the device.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the second post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is under review.

The rest:

Issue:  MMS Media Message View:

  • The user may encounter “Force Close” errors or delays when opening MMS messages with media attachments.
  • Action: The user may need to make more than one attempt to view the message.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

Issue:  Recent Applications Display:

  • If a user presses and holds the Home key, recently run applications are displayed. Selecting an application may generate an error message “Application not installed on phone.”
  • Action: Access the application from the System Tray.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

Issue:  3 Way Calling – Ending Last Call:

  • In certain infrastructure markets (Motorola and Nortel), pressing the “End last call” button will place the last party on hold and not drop the call.
  • Action: User should use the “End call” button to insure all parties are disconnected.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

Issue:  MEID Displayed:

  • Under Settings > About Phone > Status, the 14 digit MEID is displayed rather than the 15 digit IMEI.
  • Action: This information is available on the battery cavity label.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

Issue:  Verizon Wireless Media Store Ringtones:

  • Ringtones purchased through online store cannot be saved when received in an MMS message. User will get an “error saving attachment” error.
  • Action: The user should use the VCast Tone application to purchase ringtones.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

Issue:  Post OTA Update – Favorites:

  • The Favorites contacts may be deleted after a software update. The user will need to manually add the Favorites back.
  • Action: There is no known work around.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

Issue:  SIM Swapping Blocks OTA Updates:

  • In another provisioned SIM is inserted into the XT875 and original SIM is reinserted, the device will not get any OTA updates.
  • Action: The user will need to perform a factory reset to get OTA updates.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

Issue:  Answering incoming calls while in the Lapdock:

  • A user may not be able to answer an incoming call while the XT875 is in the Lapdock.
  • Action: This issue can be reduced if the call is answered during the first ring cycle.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the second post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is under review.

Issue:  Camera use while in Lapdock:

  • If the XT875 is in the Lapdock and the user opens the Camera, they may receive a “Camera is unable to initialize” error message.
  • Action: There is no known work around.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the second post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is under review.

Issue:  NFL Mobile – Lapdock Videos:

  • NFL Mobile videos will not be displayed while the Bionic is in the Lapdock.
  • Action: No work around required.
  • Resolution: This is a limitation of DRM protection.

Issue:  Sleep Mode After HD Dock Use:

  • If the XT875 is removed from the HD Dock, the device may not go back into screen saver mode.
  • Action: Go to Settings > Applications > Development and uncheck “Stay awake” option.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

Issue:  Resets during Visual Voicemail:

  • User may encounter resets while playing back voice messages or replying with voice messages.
  • Action: There is no known work around.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

Issue:  Visual Voicemail Power-up Message:

  • When the XT875 is powered up the user may see “Data service N/A. Select to refresh” as a Visual Voicemail activities alert in the Notification Panel.
  • Action: This is a false error message. It can be dismissed from the Notification Panel.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

Issue:  Message Thread Order – Device Rotation:

  • If the XT875 is rotated from portrait to landscape then back to portrait mode after a message sent, the message thread jumps from the latest to the oldest message.
  • Action: There is no known around.
  • Resolution: A fix for this issue is under review and will be included in the first post launch maintenance release software for this device. The tentative release date is early November 2011.

Solid list right there.  No mention at all of the disappearing app situation that many of you (including myself) have been experiencing.

Cheers Rocko!

  • Gohuskies

    I’ve found three annoying bugs.

    1) Even with the camera flash turned to “Off” the Camera flash comes on when the light is low. Super Annoying
    2) When i type in a group email list name, the group won’t pull up. I literally can’t use the group email function at all
    3) The pictures I had set up for incoming calls to identify people have almost all been switched around. Weird and requires time to fix.

    Overall, not enthused about the update, feels like they just put a bunch of shiny buttons on the UI instead of making it intuitive.

  • Anonymous
  • Bionicphone72

    my phon is working 100 % , is the best phone right now , bigger screen , best quality HD.

  • Bionicphone72

    phone work with blackberry usb cable and chargers

  • Boots

    what about having to delete ONE at a time addresses in email history. This is a real pain Need batch deletion on droid bionic.M

  • vic

    I use touchdown on my bionic with no problem….native exchange email is a bit flakey

  • Fdc_guy

    I am not sure if this is another bug lots of users are experiencing but my Sensor does not work all the time…when I answer the phone before putting it up to my ear the screen will go blank…other times it will not and I will face-press buttons till I hit the lock button.

  • Flashburn075

    No update planned for November (3G/4G connectivity issues). Just spoke to Motorola directly and the update for the bionic is still in the testing stage and it will be an additional 30-60 days before the update will be available. I’m on my second bionic and both have had this issue. Motorola representative GUARANTEED myself and the Verizon representative that if I ask for a third bionic (also reconditioned and under the one year warranty) that it will be free of connectivity issues! Big talk. Verizon has helped somewhat but will do nothing for me because it’s already been two eeks since took my brand new bionic and stuck my with a “reconditioned” one. Funny thing is that the first Verizon rep I spoke with ha g

  • Kodiak2509

    i see no mention of the camera issue

  • Anonymous

    I use Touchdown by Nitrodesk with no issues on the Bionic.  Not sure why this is a problem for some.

  • I’ve only had the phone 3 days and the disappearing apps are annoying to me.  Having to re-download them all is a nusiance and forces me to use data, which I don’t have much of thanks to the limits on thier plans.  I hate all these phone companies now I swear.  I was forced to leave Sprint bcuz of lack of coverage.  With VZ I have coverage but it’s limited.  Smh… I’m bout to just get me a Boost.  Lol.

  • KC

    Is anyone having an issue with not being able to receive regular texts?  I can send, but, cannot receive SMS…Thanks.

  • moreheads

    Re: 7.  Issue:  Touchdown Compatibility:

    I’m using Touchdown on my Bionic with no problems.  Any comments on what this is referring to?

  • Neyneyney

    I love my bionic and I’m glad to hear about the upcoming patch. I have only experienced one problem and that’s with the 3g/4g connection other than that it’s perfect.

  • Brandonaspencer

    The majority of issues are false. For instance the most major issues in my prespective non verizon cables, 3g 4g connectivity are false. As for the lapdock camera and end call, etc. those are minor issues and thank goodness we have such things as system updates duh….
    Rockin top dawg Droid BIONIC

  • Anonymous

    I would prefer to use CyanogenMod on this phone: verizon tracking is too creepy

  • Wniemi

    My Droid Bionic Died tonight.  New replacement phone on its way.  Fun Fun.

  • John Crisp

    My Bionic is coming in the mail tomorrow but I took a friend of mine to VZ to switch from ATT to VZ and he got the the Bionic. After playing with it over the wekeend I found 2 “Real” potential issues that was not even mentioned in the bug list. 1: there is no way to turn of the Mobile Network as you can on a Tbolt. 2: YouTube Videos do not play full screen and no way of changing any settings to play full screen. Has anyone come across these issues with there Bionic?

  • Pauljmaldonado

    I waited and waited for the Bionic. I got it on launch day and now Im stuck with it. The original Droid for me was a letdown as is the Bionic. In all fairness the X was a good phone. The Bionics camerais absolute crap. There is no mention of a camera fix. In parallel i have owned the iPhone 3G, 3Gs, and 4 on at&t. Altough the service is horrible i have had no issues with the apple products. I would not recomend the Verizon / Motorola Bionic.

    [email protected]

  • Mb

    Has anyone had an issue with your voice mail password showing on the screen?  My “visible passwords”is turned off, The screen lock and gmail passwords do not show, but my voice mail password does show on the screen for everyone to see.  If you know how to fix this, please post.  Thanks.

  • rlmc

    I didn’t see anything about applications disappearing/uninstalled randomly sometime after they are moved to the sd card.  I have had the issue and have found several people experiencing the problem.  Did I miss something??

    • rlmc

      Never mind I found post further down.

  • Fred

    most people will never see 98% these issues because most people will not be using the features on the phone that are having issues listed in this article

  • Wanta99gtr

    I’m thinking I got a bad phone. My Bionic had mass problems that nobody here is mentioning. The big problem that I had was all my apps once downloaded were fine until the phone was turned off. Once it was turned back on the apps were nowhere to be found. Not in the drawer or the manage app list. Had to redownload and reinstall each one, and they all lost their data. Second was the battery life. Insanely bad. I could listen to my mp3s while at work while out walking around, and the phone would be at 20-30% in two hours. That is with nothing but the music playing. Another was the keyboard. It would constantly enter wrong characters/words. Also for how everyone is saying its so snappy, mine would slow down during screen transitions mainly the home screen. Many different apps freezing, f/cing constantly. The list goes on. Coming from my OG Droid, then my Droid X, I was disappointed. Took it back, rockin my X again waiting for the HD, or the Nexus Prime.

  • Molloybe

    so am I the only one having problems with panoramic photos?  I was really hoping that was gonna be on this list.

  • Has anyone noticed that most applications do not use the MicroSD to store cache/files? Evernote, which has the option to switch from MicroSD to Phone memory doesnt make a difference, it always uses the phone memory. Dropbox, while it doesnt have the option, has always used the MicroSD to save file on other phones, yet on the droid it uses the Phone Memory.

    This another bug? I contacted Verzion about it, and they said its was do to the application error, not the phones. Even though I’ve never seen this happen on any other device, and I’ve had android phones since the G1 on Tmobile. (Recently Switched to Verizon, big mistake)

    • Does anyone know if the lack of apps to SD is a bionic thing or a gingerbread thing?

  • 999crap

    disappearing apps. Um, yes I tbought I was losing my mind.

  • guest

    Also while connected to Bluetooth SYNC in any Ford causes the wifi to inadvertently turn on and immediately turn back off causing a disruption (in my case) in my music streaming service every few seconds. VERY annoying.

  • Anonymous

    The Droid Bubonic…plagued with bugs….

  • Cr38

    push the update, and then..ZAP ALL YOU’RE INSTALLED APPS!


  • Bearjar

    Last Post on this:
    This is not a recognized list from Motorola/Verizon, this is a list of REPORTED
    issues to Motorola/Verizon. There is nothing there indicating a list of reproducible bugs. I love the one where it says loading security
    software causes instability and the response is working as intended.
    Seriously do you think any company would say “oh ya loading that breaks
    our stuff and that is how we designed it?”

    This is just a bitch
    list Motorola/Verizon has collected, many items are issues but a good deal read
    like user stupidity issues to me as well.

  • Bearjar

    I wonder if those with touchdown problems are using lotus servers. Touchdown was never compatible with those servers. It does work with office servers

  • Bearjar

    From my post below and a solid week of constant use number 7 is also false. Nitro Desk’s Touchdown works great with the Bionic.
    Typically your company will need you to install an access app like MobileIron then create a protected profile before you can use Touchdown to mange your work email/calendar (assuming you use Outlook, if you use some weird crap you might be out of luck).

  • Bearjar

    I use touchdown all the time with the Bionic. It is most definitely compatible

  • Non-Motorola and non-Verizon cables work fine. Most of the cables I use on my Bionic are cheap generic Monoprice cables and cables from other devices. Number 4 and 5 are both just outright false.

  • Mark

    5.  Issue:  USB Cables:

    •The XT875 can only be used with Motorola USB cables.

    This one is completely wrong I as I speak am using an HTC data cable gotten out of a HTC phone box and it charges and transferes data with no problems!

    I did experience-

    1.  Issue:  4G/3G Service – Data Connectivity

    The device may display 3G service indication but no data connections are possible.

    I had this problem but after I spent a while with verizon tech support I finnally got someone that figured it out and said it was an issue with the bionics automatic activation process and all the phones data was in the system correctly after the tech guy re-entered my phone info, reactivation and a power cycle my phone has not had this issue since!

  • Vidguy7

    I wonder if there is a fix for the camera focusing issue & noise in anything other than really good light.

    • to be honest any camera no matter how good it is sucks in low light unless you are using manual settings and a tripod.  With that being said my camera focuses rather quickly and has very little to no noise as long as I have a light source behind me (ie. an open window or bright lamp)

      • Vidguy7

        The problem is the tolerance for conditions in anything other than VERY good light is very very minimal. Compare the pix to an IPhone in less than very bright lighting and it’s hard to miss the difference.

        The pix from the Bionic are excellent in outdoor bright light, and better IMO than the IPhone.  But lower that light to any significant degree (and I’m not talking about traditional ‘low light’) and the IPhone runs away with it.

  • Anonymous

    I have one and love the darned thing, except for a couple of display lockups (freezes) in the past couple of weeks. A  quick yank/reinsert of the battery, followed by a restart, and back on the air.

  • Sporttster

    Droid Bug’onic……..

    • Vidguy7

      Every phone has ‘bugs’, every single one including the IPhone.

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  • Anonymous

    Glad I waited. Not even half baked, you can’t view a video with the laptop dock? No one elses usb or chargers work? Crapple isn’t even locked down like that! Unless All of that changes I will not be getting the Bionic. Now im pissed that I was so excited and waited for every word about its release.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it is a great phone.  I have it and I really like it.  I rooted it to freeze a bunch of bloatware from VZW.  You really should read the bug descriptions (and some of the posts refuting them) more carefully before you judge.  Nobody said you can’t view a video with the laptop dock.  It was just the “pay through the nose to VZW” streaming NFL app that won’t display on the laptop dock–but who wants to pay Verizon so you can watch NFL games on your tiny phone screen, anyway?  Go to a sports bar and get some food and drink while you watch on HD big screen.  NFL app is like paying VZW for their Navigator when Google maps is so much better and free.  I had the lapdock for a few days before I sent it back and the one thing it was great for was viewing videos–Youtube, ripped DVDs, Flash, WMV, etc., at the 720P HD resolution of the dock display.  I hated to give up the video display but had to send it back because of other limitations.  With regrets because I loved the browser and the videos which were true high definition webtop apps.  It would make a great video player for travel.  It also charges the phone while you use it, so you can get several hours of video out of it between the lapdock and phone batteries combined.

      • Anonymous

        What other limitations did you find?

  • dquicknc

    II’m charging my Bionic just fine with a third party charger with a 6ft right angled usb cable purchased off Amazon. I have not experienced all these issues, but I’m still happy with my purchase. Thanks to the DL team for keeping us posted.

  • Pnicuh

    Get rid of the pentile display! and also high pitch headset noise, other then that I love my Bionic.

  • This has really made me consider dropping my loyalty to Motorola and thinking about buying the Samsung Nexus Prime Galaxy Nexus thing. 

  • Mark

    I think im just going to go with more dependable and stable device that’s not as sloppy as this! iphone 5 is coming out sometime this month and I cant wait to see what features it will have.

    • I work at Best Buy and people come in everyday with their iPhone acting buggy.  Don’t believe the hype

      • Anonymous

        Were they trying to root their phones? Or just don’t know how to use it correctly?

        • Well none of the phones I’ve seen were jailbroken nor did they attempt to jailbreak them. There were obviously some people that didn’t really understand how to use the phone but the situations I saw were a result of bugs in the phone not anything the consumer did.

          • Granted

            Were they from the Matrix as well?

      • Mark

        not a hype, but a simple fact.

    • Anonymous

      You mean iPhone 4s.  🙂

  • Sporttster

    Think some folks are forgetting this was delayed 8 months. Glad they took all that time to make sure they had the bugs worked out of it….

    • how could we?  You keep reminding us every 5 seconds.  Of course I’m sure you know better than to think they actually worked on the new model for 8 months but if you admitted that what would you have to moan and groan about.

      • Sporttster

        I don’t own the phone…wouldn’t own it. If you do, then I guess it’s your problem,huh….oh,and they had 8 months to work on the phone….

        • 1.  I do have the phone
          2.  I have none of the above problems with my phone at all
          3.  Thanks for proving me right

          • Sporttster

            So what you’re saying is you’re the lucky one and everyone else is just imagining problems….how long did it take to release this phone again? Do you remember?

  • I have none of these issues.  Granted I don’t have any of the docks so I can’t speak to those but I’m really happy with my Bionic.  The only issue I’ve had is that for some reason having bluetooth on just kills my battery so I’ve had to get in the habit of turning it off when not in use.

    • btw my car charger came from best buy and I’ve had no problems with it

  • Anonymous

    All devices has bugs when they come out. You will see with vigor and galaxy nexus

  • Gs2Woot

    Wow gs2 doesn’t have this many problems … woot woot

    • gs2 has a much worse problem…..it’s called being on Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile’s networks

  • Ron

    #7 is also not true….TouchDown works just fine on the Bionic. I have used it on the bionic every day for the last 2.5 months.
    No issues whatsoever.

    (For those who have started typing a reply to flame me about the Bionic not being released that long, I’m the C.O.O. of NitroDesk, the developers of TouchDown. We’ve done extensive testing on the device.) 

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you got lucky and don’t have that issue, doesnt mean nobody else is the same. If it made this list a bunch of people must be having an issue.

    • Anonymous

      As previously mentioned, I have been using Touchdown on my Bionic for a month now with no issues.  Prior to that I used it on my OG Droid for a year and a half with no issues.  It is far superior to the stock phone apps for corporate calendar, email, and contacts in every way possible.  And I don’t work for Nitrodesk nor do they even know who I am.  The only issues I have noticed with my Bionic is shorter battery life (especially on LTE) and the LTE/3G connection confusion in low signal areas.  A lot of the other bugs on the list are special use cases that most people won’t even run into in normal use.

  • Anonymous

    No product comes out with out glitches……thats why i dont buy things on the first day the product comes out. I give it about a month of breathing room. This way the wrinkles get ironed out during that time or so.

  • I’m glad it wasn’t just me when I was getting 3-4 bars of 3G coverage and I was getting a download rate as if it was in 1X…about 5-10kb/s.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe the omission here of “this phone has the worst camera since the Kodak Brownie”, which was first introduced first in 1900.

    • funny I take great pictures with mine, it’s more about the quality of light than anything else.  The camera on the Bionic doesn’t handle low light very well.  As long as you position your light correctly you get awesome pics

      • Anonymous

        Not owning the phone, I didn’t make up the comment.  It’s on nearly every review about the Bionic I’ve ever read.  Usually it’s accompanied with comments like “if you don’t need your camera phone to be your primary camera, you’re OK…or it’s not bad, but not as good as the same 8mp camera in the Incredible, Charge, or Thunderbolt”.  For me, I need the camera to be very good and the sample pics I’ve seen in reviews just are good enough.  

        • Anonymous

          Well, that’s a little toned down from “worst camera since the Kodak Brownie.”  I am amazed at how many people who don’t even own the phone feel uber-qualified to weigh in on it.

  • Rosalvo

    I love android, but have left it for iOS. Why? Because all manufacturers keep releasing phones that have major issues. As long as this continued, it will be difficult to get me back on an Adroid device.  iOS is not perfect, but at lest it works!

    • Sporttster

      I’m up for a new phone and have considered the very thing you mention. Do I wanna jump ship to the i? It does work whereas this deal with the Bionic is total absurdity. Consider the fact they waited 8 MONTHS to deliver this phone and look at the myriad problems! This does not bode well for Moto at all.

  • Pennywise

    I have not experienced any of these bugs (have not tested all of them). I absolutely love the Bionic. Its crazy fast. The 4G is faster than my fiber connection (20mbps up is insane). The hotspot works great. The screen looks great! I handed my Bionic to a coworker to play samurai vengeance, gurilla bob and braveheart and he said “dayum ur screen looks good!” He has an htc evo.

  • Phil

    great, no fix for the BSOD issue, guess 18,592 views isn’t enough for Moto to take this problem seriously:


    • Mike

       Have you tried removing and securely re-installing the micro-SD memory card from your Bionic?

  • Andro X

    I have a Verizon branded car charger and it doesn’t work lol. So what’s up with that?

  • Droidzzzzzzz

    So a couple weeks in and they actually identify a list of fixes and people still bitch. It’s not like they are ignoring them, they are acting on them pretty quickly. Most of the issues are probably only affecting a limited amount of  people so as usual people need something to whine about to try and show us how smart they are. OMFG a device is released and has bugs? No way…..

    • Sporttster

      8 months delayed…..device. Do they need 9 months to get the friggin thing right? a year?? What?…you tell me. OMG a device is delayed,rewritten,redone, reborn, 8 months later and it STILL ain’t right! WOW! They acted so QUICKLY! Just have to wait another MONTH to get the phone you bought last month to work right! Yea…they need to stop “whining”….good night Irene… 8/

  • Jack Hoffman

    Wow, an Touchdown (Exchange) email app is not usable on the Droid?  So, the default client in the Bionic doesn’t supports tasks and they disable the only app for Android that does?  That’s the only “killer app” I have.  

    Even if I could get past the screen, I’m actually glad I didn’t get this phone…and saying that pisses me off.

  • Rizzidy

    So much for that Motorola “build quality” you all kept yammering on about…

    • That’s hardware build quality, not so much software.

  • See, I help when I can! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    WOW. I’m really not experiencing hardly any of these issues. My Camera works perfect. I use GO SMS pro so no issues there either. As far as 4G 3G goes, I used to lose 3G in some spots with me D1 and the Bionic is exactly the same but in 4g. It comes and goes and I don’t have to use airplane mode to get it back. I use approved chargers so no issues there. I don’t swap my SIM card so no. I don’t use a lap Dock so I can’t say. I don’t know what  MEID Displayed is so. And I’ve never lost an app or had one disappear. I’m using QQLauncher Pro and Launcher Pro Plus and the OEM from day to day and they all work perfect. The update will be cool though and can’t wait till ICS comes to it.

  • “Action: No work around required.Resolution: This is a limitation of DRM protection.”

    Yet more evidence that DRM is of Satan.

    • Granted

      DEN is so evil it makes Satan look like Mr. Rogers.

  • Kohdiak

    I’m another of the lucky ones, no problems here.

  • Mineral21

    Is #2 the headphone whine that many insisted was a hardware flaw?  I hope so, because I would love for that to be fixed.  it’s annoying to me, but not a deal breaker.  i want to verify that’s the same issue because I wouldn’t call it a “screetching” noise.  More of a buzz or a whine.  Or is that referring to something different?  

    And for the record, I haven’t experienced the rest of these bugs.  

    I love this phone.  

  • EricTheRed

    I think the feedback over the headphones might be due to an oddly shaped headphone jack and might be remedied with the right set of headphones.  I have a set of Skull Candy headphones that get this feedback pretty bad but when I hook up the phone to the auxiliary jack in my vehicle I don’t hear it at all.  This leads me to believe that the phone’s headphone jack may be just a hair too big or deep making the contacts not line up correctly.  Try a few different sets and see if it fixes your problem.  Not saying Moto shouldn’t have included better hardware but what are you gonna do at this point if you’ve already bought the phone?

    Also, I have the Standard Dock with the headphones plugged in the back of the dock and I receive no feedback at all with the Skull Candy head phones I mentioned earlier.  I bet if you could get your hands on some type of USB headphones (Not sure there is such a thing…) or some bluetooth one there’d be no more feedback.

    Hope this helps someone…

    • Maxxmentum

      I think the aux jack has a different impedance or a better filter that cancels the hum.  My best guess is that is a resonance hum from a bad batch or miss-matched component.  It might be as simple as using a filter (magnet/or electronics) patch cable.  Can you guys use the headphones and answer calls.  I loved that about the droid.  Tbolt stock rom does not have it (though the problem is fixed in other ROMS).

  • Maxxmentum

    You know I actually feel better about my Thunderbolt now, and I did not think that was possible.   Not a fan of VZ imposed issues.   Proprietary  charge gear…GOOD GOD!  Moto and VZ must have been bitten by Jobs and now have the IOS virus, they can’t tell the difference between Idrones and Android users….android users have choices.  “No work around required” is a lot like “we’re sorry you feel that way.”  Missing apps?  Like barnacle?  The high pitch screeching with wired head set has been an on and off
    problem with Moto phones for a while.  The droid1 missed it, but that
    was a phone for the people.  BTW ..fixed by Date XXXX….as a thunderbolt user I can tell you not to hold your breath lol.  Don’t get me wrong I am mega jealous of the bionic…but man..this was unfriendly posturing.

    • Maxxmentum

      bye the way, how is the battery life?

  • Add another one.

    Everytime I try to disable a google contact picture by editing contact and clicking “remove image” in favor of using their facebook contact, it resets back to google contact after like a day or less (never actually timed it…maybe just a power cycle idk).  Really annoying.

  • I hate my thunderbolt and verizon. I think i hate verizon more. I’ve had the gs2(sprint) for 4hrs now, and its slowly taking the pain away. Damn i hate verizon!  

    • Maxxmentum

      Yeah, if VZ keeps getting all evil I might think about changing when my contracts up.  Of course everyone that I got onto vz like my modra will kill me.  Tough call.  My Tbolt is actually really cool now that I have gone to SHIFT ROM V1.5.  I got 12 hours from my phone two days in a row with reasonable use.  Had to go through a lot of pain to get there..no trust for VZ updates anymore.  The Bionic is supposed to have great battery life, I just hope the updates are not repeat of the Tbolt patches..don’t want my android brothers to go through that crap too

  • Sean76

    What about the camera taking an hour to focus?

  • Anonymous

    funny how some folks are saying that they are glad they passed up on this device for the galaxy prime.  you think that the prime won’t have a bunch of bugs too?  just look at every android device released by any carrier – they all have bugs at release.  it’s just something you learn to live with being an early adopter for any android device.

    anyway, i’m hopeful that motorola will address the screen lock issue for the bionic as well.

  • camjcb

    I’ve been using Nitrodesk’s Touchdown since day one and I haven’t encountered any problems.  What exactly are they referring to? 

  • I’ve only had the data connection problem…  but I just toggle my widget and it works fine again.  Its a little annoying and I’m glad they are fixing it, but it isn’t a deal breaker for me.  And since being on vacation I borrowed my cousin’s power cable and it charges just fine (T-mobile)

  • Nanchu808

    WWhat about pocket detection working all the time

  • When they going to fix the Camera? Press shoot and 5 seconds later your pic shows up half as good as it should be. Only negative for me.

  • Q

    The Charger/Cable thing isnt a big deal at all.  My Bionic works fine with my DX and TB charger.  It also works with a Blackberry MicroUSB cable.  However, I have noticed this Belkin and Chinse Generic chargers I have dont work.. 

    Nice to see bugs are being addressed and a patch is in the works.

  • BionicCommando3214

    RE #4 and #5:

    Is it due to the high amperage rapid charging requirements? Not all chargers can do this. My non-Moto chargers and cables work fine, but they are designed for rapid charging for smart phones and tablets.

    Get the camera app, data connections and app switcher fixed and that will solve 95% of my issues.

  • “No resolution required, working as designed and approved by Verizon Wireless.”

    In plain English – “Tough shit, VZW already has your money.  Enjoy the two year contract that we made you sign when purchasing this device.”

    • Domakinsu

      I bought mine retail, sucka.

      • Anonymous

        You paid $600 for a mediocre device and HE’S the sucka?

  • Hudu

    It seems like Verizon’s Android phones are having a lot of issues. I guess my OG Droid will be replaced with the iPhone 5!

    • TK

      I’m considering switching myself. It doesn’t seem to matter what Android phone you get. It’s bugs galore.

  • Anonymous

    My phone has no issues that have manifested themselves to me, so I am happy with my Bionic. But the shear fact that they break and patch root attached to bug fixes is just BS. I wish they had the BALLS to say to the hacker/dev/enthusiast community that “WE ARE REMOVING your root and your ability to have FUN!” Instead they insult us with these cheap shots under the belt. LAME! I will continue to use and enjoy my Moto Bionic, but I am pissed at them, Moto and VZW. I will keep my current version until a new exploit is found.
    Oh yeah and I DO NOT tether against TOS!!

    • Anonymous

      The word “tether” is not mentioned in the current customer agreement.  If the phone will tether and you have a data plan, it would appear that it is OK to tether.

  • fartbubbler

    how about mentioning that if you take the OTA update that it will change the kernel and bootloader, thereby preventing root?

    • fartbubbler

      btw, thanks Motorizen 🙁

      • Anonymous

        HTC has been doing the same thing with the OTA’s for the Inc2. I think Verizon is the major cause for locked booloarders. At least HTC as there unlocking webpage up now. 

  • Roadkillexpress61

    Switching back to my Incredible this weekend before the 30 days are over.

    • Pilotbluemike

      its 14 days now, not 30

      • Anonymous

        in california its 30 days…

        • Keith Sumner

          VZW’s policy is 14 days now, period.

          • Taylor Davis

            California state law 30 days.  No one, not even Verizon can bypass that.

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  • Anonymous

    I was under the impression that the USB cables used by VZW/Motorola were more complex than a standard USB cable/charger.  Might that be why they aren’t compatible?

  • Wunderwaffe

    The phone is great, but the disappearing app thing is annoying. I figured out that if I keep all the apps out of the media area then none of them disappear.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing about sdcard vs sdcard-ext??? For shame.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to hear other people are experiencing some of the bugs I’m having.  Still love the phone.  Glad that I stopped using Touchdown a long time ago because I would have been really mad if I was still using it and it didn’t work on this phone because VZ wouldn’t allow it.

  • Bennyb123

    Wow I’ve had my Bionic for almost the Weeks now. I didn’t know I had all of these problems!! Lol I love this phone. No other chargers or USB cables besides moto or Verizon? Simply not true. I use a 15 ft. USB from monoprice everyday. Works perfectly. Really I couldn’t be happier with this phone. Its so crazy fast! I connect to Bluetooth while in the car, I’m streaming music from google music while navigating with google navigation while interrupting that to send a voice text or make a voice initiated call, oh and ask of this while a live wallpaper is in the background? that’s pretty impressive in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure my next phone will be a Motorola. The USB thing pisses me off.

    • Keith Sumner

      It’s simply untrue, many people here have posted otherwise, I used a sprint USB, other’s have used blackberry, and other generic USB’s with no problem.

  • Dabruise

    Looking at this list make me very happy i  no longer work at a VZW tech support rep.  All phones have a list of bugs.  no such thing as a perfect device.  But reading this just made me remember how annoying people can be.

  • Sk102704

    I use several non-Motorola USB cables and I’ve never had a problem with them.  Most of these bugs aren’t affecting my Bionic.

  • Funny… I have some of these errors on my GB Droidx. I think it is mostly a GB issue, never felt as polished.

  • Terribletowelz

    What about the black screen of death???

  • I hope someone at VZW is aware of the duplicate contacts issue.  I didn’t see it on the list you posted, but IMHO it needs to be in the Top 10 most important fixes needed.

    • Bionic

      i had a few of those,  I just deleted them,  hasnt returned

      • Keith Sumner

        yeah that happened with the original Droid, too, something to do with syncing contacts with facebook

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad I rooted my Thunderbolt long ago. If they tried to pull that USB cable crap on me I’d be LIVID.

  • MattInPDX

    I don’t have a dock and the only issue I’m having is the disappearing app issue. From reading online I believe I know the issue, I just hope they fix it.

  • JackAss

    The USB cable thing is BS.  Sounds APPLY to me!  Bye Bye Motorola.  

    • Bionic

      Really?   THIS is the thing that pushes you away from motorola?  Ok………..ill give you one of my 5 motorola chargers that I have in my sock drawer if you shut up.  

    • Keith Sumner

      IT’S NOT TRUE read the comments!

  • 24g

    I haven’t noticed any of these bugs yet on my droid bionic. I also am rooted and flashed clockwork recovery with rom manager and bootstrapped it. no ota for me?

    • Bionic

      Nope, you have to unroot, accept the update, and then re-root.  As far as i know anyway.

  • Bionic

    Im not seeing many problems at all.  Once in a great while my phone will lose data connect but im able to get it back quickly.  I was not aware of the USB or charger stuff.  Thats odd but i dont care cuz i have like 5 motorola and 2 verizon chargers.  

    My head phone jack works just fine.  

    The thing that sucks for me is that im rooted.  So in order to get this OTA update I will have to unroot and wait what?  A couple days for my phone to be qued up for the update?  

  • Turb0wned

    Everyone should have just held out for the Vigor or Prime or ip5. Honestly Motorola delayed this phone 9 months and still has a ton of bugs and a crap screen. This time a year is not a good time to settle for a phone like this. 

    • Bionic

      Your generalizing.  EVERY, and I mean EVERY phone has some bugs at release.  There is not a phone in history that does not have bugs.  Not all Bionics have these bugs.  Mine does not.  

      The Bionic was the best phone available at the time for me and a lot of other people who had an OG Droid that was dying and we did not want to wait 2 more months for a shitty HTC.  The Prime will be awesome im sure, but not worth waiting for.  There is always another phone coming out.  

  • Anonymous

    Regarding chargers: If your the charger (or USB ports on your PC or hub or whatever) put out at least 850 mA you should be fine. Others might work too, but may only keep your device treading water (electrically speaking).

    Besides, Ebay has plenty of Moto branded chargers for <$10 w/free shipping. (The Moto car charger w/the blue 'M' logo that lights up is quite nice, and cheap) http://goo.gl/IS2zt

  • Jose Nissan240

    Hey what about lossing the apps when you move them to the sd card that’s a main fault cuz we are wasting space in apps that can be send to the sd card ….

    • Bionic

      The phone has 8GB of “media area” you can move apps to.  why put on SD card?

  • Me

    SSo ics will be out end of October ota in November, hopefully google will say
    welcome to moogle ics is included in your ota, hey a man can dream

    • Bionic

      Actually your not dreaming.  Its widely believed that bionic will get ICS at some point.  

      • Me

        Yes I do too the problem with flashing leaks is by the time people get. Ota gingerbread bread is that I’ve had it for so long already I’m bored with it. I won’t root bionic for awhile till things smooth out so I don’t have to keep reflashing. Plus I’m lucky I haven’t had any issues with this phone, and I use what ever charger is closer.

  • babadush

    I find issue #9 to be a good thing. WPA2 is pretty secure

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Cyanogenmod…….that’s all I’m sayin….

  • R6pokey

    guess im lucky, i havent seen any of these problems on my bionic

  • Illinipoke98

    I’ve had an issue the last couple days where the power button wont wake the phone from sleep mode.  Its powered on and has a full charge, but wont wake up.  Batter pull solves it, but that’s goofy.

    • George Davis

      Do you have the pocket protection turned on?  Some people say that causes the issue you’re having.

      • Illinipoke98

        Nope, its unchecked.

  • compchick813

    They made Touchdown not work on purpose?! I’d be mad if I owned a Bionic, especially since it’s a $20 app.

    • Bionic

      I dont even know what touchdown is.  So i care not

    • Ron

      Touch Down works just fine on the bionic….see my comment below.

      Come by the Big Android BBQ tomorrow if you want me to show it to you. (if you’re already in Austin, of course)

  • Keith Sumner

    Delete this post, Droid-Life, sounds fake to me. I haven’t experienced a single one of these issues.

    • Bionic

      wow, ignorance is bliss.  I havent either, but im still aware that others have .

  • Bionicman

    That’s weird because i was using Touchdown when I had the BIONIC and it worked great. Oh well I’am soooooo glad I returned it within my 14 day return window. After hearing about what the Vigor and Nexus Prime are rumored to come with, it would have been silly to keep the phone. ESPECIALLY with all these bugs. I told the verizon rep. the BIONIC was the most I ever paid for a cellphone and it is way to buggy to hold on to it.

  • Jeremycase00

    I haven’t had any issues with the charger im using a cheap ebay car charger and a data cable from a blackberry.

  • Mneighbo

    I think I’m one of the lucky ones. I have had it since it’s release and haven’t had any issues whatsoever. Damn happy with my Bionic. 

  • Keith Sumner

    I’m charging and transferring files on my Bionic right now using my friends USB cable from his Sprint HTC EVO.

  • Brett Bossuk

    I have Droid Bionic and have used many non-moto/verizon chargers so I am not sure that one is necessarily true.

    I think it is a great phone, battery life last me a full working day screen looks great (as long as I dont look too close). I think most of these never come into play… if your thinking of buying the Bionic, personally go for it. Its a great phone.

    • Keith Sumner

      Agreed 100% The phone is incredibly fast, has exceptional call quality, excellent build quality/durability, bright vibrant screen, amazing battery life (14-20 hours on a charge for me!) I’m not sure why this phone gets so much scrutiny from the community, it’s amazing.

      • Bionic

        im with you bro.  lets the trolls say what they will.  I love my phone.

  • The only things I want fixed on my Bionic are the once in a while random reboots, total phone freezing at random times to where I have to do a battery pull, and the messed up audio I get from listening to Pandora or Slacker radio’s and have to restart the app. Sounds really tinny and like its 4bit sound or something but restarts of those programs fixes it usually. Ive had apps disappear as well so hopefully that is fixed too. Anyone else have these issues?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve had that happen once or twice too (Pandora). I found pausing/restarting or skipping to the next selection fixes it. I’m not sure if it’s related to the audio whine problem, or if its a 3G/4G problem. Haven’t had it happen on Amazon MP3, or Google Music at all.

  • Murphy

    Wait, the Bionic has bugs???

  • Jim Holleran

    So does no one else get the BSOD (Black Screen Of Death) like I do? At least 2 or more times a day my Bionic will be flashing green that I have a message of some sort and nothing I do will bring the screen up. I have to pull the battery.

    • Illinipoke98

      Yes!!   Just posted the same issue.  It just started for me the last 2 or 3 days.  You aren’t running a lock screen replacement are you?  I was just wondering a second ago if my widget locket may be doing it.

  • Anonymous

    its fake. read other comments.

  • Tferrell7368

    Charging is the least of my worries. What about the Black Screen of Death the renders the phone useless. Its only happened to me twice but that’s two times too many!

  • Anonymous

    isn’t this whole usb cord thing anti-competitive? how do companies do things like this without raising legal issues? hoping someone can explain….

  • Anonymous

    the usb thing is confirmed as bogus. Sammy and HTC chargers work just fine for me.

  • Ravnos CC

    Glad to see Moto somewhat standing behind their One machine, even if it is a long time to wait.

  • Anonymous

    im glad to finally see some official communication.

    i won’t be happy until theres a bug tracker (like google issues)

    also, they pulled a fast one with this “non-branded usb” BULL SHIT

    if I ever see another phone like this, i will _NOT_ buy it. Im not gonna spend $30 on a “charger” when i can buy the cable for a fuking dollar at any store

    • its not a branded verizon or motorola thing. its the type of cable.  some dont pass through the same voltage/amperage whatever so they wont work.  there are many cables out there that meet the specs that the bionic would need and thus why some are able to use other cables.
      But moto and verizon want you to spend money with them so rather than put out what the specs need to be so you can insure a cable meets those they just insure that what they sell meets the specs and tell you to buy from them.  
      on the touchdown note.  i believe the google/andorid rules specifically state you can modify but you can not do so in a way that would break app compatibility.
      and second why would they want to break it it doesnt do anything out of the terms of contract.
      so im leaning toward this being a fake on that fact alone.

  • Anonymous

    thats bogus. it’s been charging with my Nexus S and Thunderbolt chargers. and of course the moto ones. So that covers at least 75% of the android ones, aside from LG and Sony Ericsson.

  • exiOS

    The USB issue is just Asinine. The phone is big enough, but now I have
    to care around a Verizon or Motorola branded USB cable if I want to hook it up
    to my buddy’s pc? That sounds like something apple would do… it completely
    goes against the culture of android imho.

  • Captmilk

    I use non Motorola brand chargers all the time

  • Anonymous

    Yikes.  Glad I decided not to get this piece of crap.

    • Keith Sumner

      I own a Bionic and haven’t experienced a single one of these issues, and actually have experienced tbhe OPPOSITE in many of these situations. My wife’s Droid X on the other hand reboots suddenly several times a day among other issues.

  • Tdavis42

    What a joke. They should have extended the development time to indefinite. Nine months was obviously to little.

  • Anonymous

    i think your list and the one on the link here are the same, and it does mention the disappearing apps problem:

    • 9/22/11 Subcategory: Configuring SD Card Location

    o Applications may need to be configured to access the SD card memory:

     SD card (external): /mnt/sdcard-ext

     Internal phone memory: /mnt/sdcard

    Action: No work around required.

    Resolution: No resolution required, working as designed and approved by Verizon Wireless.

  • EC8CH

    Wow… they are intentionally preventing standard usb cables from working…

    FU… that is bullshit.

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

      • EC8CH

        Hell Yeah!

    • Anonymous

      I really think this is probably a matter of the host bit.  They are phrasing it that way to sell cables, but really, needing a certain kind of USB cable has always been the case for Android phones.

      • EC8CH

        probably right… I’m calmer now 🙂

        • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      thats bogus. I’ve used the cables from my Nexus S (Samsung) and Thunderbolt (HTC) to charge it already.

  • M.Spit

    where’s the full bug list? if these are just the ones d-life deems important, i would like to see the rest. my issues with my bionic go beyond what is mentioned here.

  • Anonymous

    Are these true?

    The XT875 can only be charged with Motorola or Verizon Wireless branded chargersThe XT875 can only be used with Motorola USB cables

    • Drew cornacchio

      I have used a blackberry charger and it worked fine…at least I haven’t had any problems….

    • Anonymous

      list might be fake. on top of BB, it charges with Samsung and HTC chargers.

  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone purchase this phone? I don’t see anything lustworthy on it; especially not for that $300 price tag. Just wait for the Nexus Prime or the SGSII.

    • EC8CH

      or the Galaxy Nexus 😉

  • Anonymous

    it’s mentioned over at mydroidworld that the new build will break root.  not that we weren’t expecting that.

  • Anonymous

    That USB/charger thing must not be true. I can’t imagine that being allowed to happen.  If so, wow eff Verizon and Motorola.

    • Anonymous

      it’s bogus… ive charged it my the nexus s and thunderbolt chargers many times already.

  • Wcbarlow

    Some these are on occuring on the gingerbread version on my DroidX… (
    MEID, Recent Apps, dissapearing apps)

  • Anonymous

    They are blocking Touchdown? WTF Verizon/Moto? I am seriously starting to lose faith in this platform. A flagship device with a bug list this long? HTC Thunderbolt is another train wreck with that gingerbread update. If it wasn’t for the prospect of the Nexus phone, I think I would be planning to get an iPhone…Seriously pathetic releases here. I have been such a huge supporter of this platform. With every Android release, they promise it’s going to get better, only to fail even harder. Seriously, disgraceful.

    • Mark

      They are not blocking it.  I’m running it just fine.  I’m not sure why that is on the list because it works fine for me.

      • Anonymous

        That is good to hear. I am also seeing comments that the USB cable situation also seems to be a false report…Starting to question the legitimacy of this list… I’ll be watching things closely.

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

    • Mark

      I actually bought it through the Amazon app store…maybe that is why?  Is it not available on the market?

      • Anonymous

        Android Market has it. Running it on my CM7 Incredible from Android Market.

  • Mine Charges just fine with non-motorola/ verizon charges. I am rooted but haven’t installed a custom rom

  • Mine Charges just fine with non-motorola/ verizon charges. I am rooted but haven’t installed a custom rom

  • nesdude

    Uh, I use many different USB cables to charge and connect my Bionic and I haven’t had a problem yet. Is this a widespread problem?

  • Mark

    Moto has also been known to prevent charging of non-Moto batteries in their phones.  I know of people with Droid X phones with this specific issue!

  • Anonymous

    I currently use a Griffin Powerjolt charger in my car without issue.  I’ve never experienced charging issues with anything I’ve tried to use.

    • Anonymous

      Mine charges with generic Monoprice cables just fine.

      • Anonymous

        I’m betting that this list is being misinterpreted.

        Similar for the Touchdown issue as well.

        People tell Verizon “x isn’t working!” and this list is for Verizon support to say “we aren’t going to try to fix x because x isn’t our problem.”

        Only Verizon and Motorola chargers are approved to work on the device, quality 3rd party chargers/cables will likely work while some crappy ones may not.  It’s just a way for Verizon to not have to test every Chinese piece of junk charger and try to support it.  They aren’t activily blocking other chargers or cables.

        I’ve also used my Nook charger and cable on my phone without any problem.

        The same with Touchdown.  Some people may have had a problem with touchdown and complained to Verizon support.  Verizon isn’t interested in supporting touchdown so the official line is that the device is operating as designed.  They aren’t saying that it was designed to BLOCK such and such, just that such and such isn’t working through a fault of the device.

  • Anonymous

    No idea how 1 and 2 made it through months of testing this device went through. Really unacceptable.

    • Anonymous

      You mean months and months and months, right? 

      • Anonymous

        Exactly, not sure my limited brain can count that high…. 😉

  • Craig

    What about the mysterious app2sd move that ‘removes’ the app and must be reinstalled? or that horrible focus feature with the camera? Those should also be main priorities.

    • Anonymous

      Neither made the list which was surprising to me as well.

      • Anonymous

        posted this earlier kellex but got buried.  i think this addresses the disappearing apps, it looks like you have the same lists…

        • 9/22/11 Subcategory: Configuring SD Card Location
        o Applications may need to be configured to access the SD card memory:
         SD card (external): /mnt/sdcard-ext
         Internal phone memory: /mnt/sdcard
        Action: No work around required.
        Resolution: No resolution required, working as designed and approved by Verizon Wireless.

        • rlmc

          Yeah, I thought it was strange to have sdcard and sdcard-ext.  In my opinion, internal memory shouldn’t have a directory sdcard.

  • Gunther

    Anyone know if Verizon would be willing to issue a similar list for the Droid X? Motorola refuses to even tell us what their last two bug fix updates were supposed to fix.

  • Ttocsmill

    Im glad I passed on this phone..

    • Anonymous

      It’s actually a pretty good phone.  Most of these bugs aren’t major, but can be annoying at times.  At least we will see most of it fixed by November.  Hopefully.

      • Dan

        Hopefully they keep the Thunderbolt team out of Bionic land.

        • Anonymous

          Why… You don’t want an unlockable bootloader?

          • Q

            Dont really care.. Bionic is pretty sweet out of the Box.  Doesnt need all kinds of hacking to get basic functions working.. *cough* thunderbolt.

          • Anonymous

            That’s why i keep telling these turds, high end devices do not need to get rooted. People that root their devices is because they are nuts

          • Anonymous

            Root doesn’t interest everyone but it has nothing to do with getting basic functions work. But I guess if needed it’s a plus.

      • Biblo

        #4 and #5 are major, that is 100% a greedy move by either motorola, verizon or both.  I already own a car charger I’m not buying another one because some suit found a way to weasel money from slighty different copper wrapped in plastic.

        • Issue 4 and 5 are false, I have a non moto branded car charger I’ve had since my d1, works just fine with my bionic, charges to full and everything

          • Rader023

            Agreed. Unlike my old Razr2 I have not found a charger that I own that will not charge this phone.

          • BionicCommando3214

            I have a cheap Moto brand 1A car charger off Amazon for $3 that works perfectly. I also have a Blackberry microusb cable from Amz for $1 that also works fine.

            I would probably use the original cable to do any data transfer/rooting/etc from a PC, but the other cables have worked fine so far.

          • When I connect to a PC I’m using a blackberry microusb cable, so you’re more than fine using one to transfer.

          • Gonzofro

            I have 4 car chargers bought from Walmart and CompUSA, all work perfect, and none of them are verizon or motorola, just the cheapest 1amp chargers I could find.

          • 56

            I have been using my Blackberry Wall charger since getting the Storm first edition. Being using it on every Droid I have had since then. 😛

          • Anonymous

            All android chargers work with any android devices

          • Anonymous

            Eggs, Zachary. I have used various MicroUSB cables and chargers (including a really cheap one from Wally’s), and all work just ducky.

          • Anonymous

            You thinking it works fine


            It functions identically to OEM charger

            Are (obviously) not necessarily equivalent

          • Yup, I have actually used my Kodak Playsport charger on this phone.

          • jjt

            I used my friend’s HTC charger, sin problema.

          • Neyneyney

            I have my charger from my 1st Droid too and it works fine. I was told that all the Motorola chargers are now universal.

          • Sparks333

            I’ve found much the same, with most the USB chargers I’ve accumulated over the years – the only caveat I’ve come across is I have a no-name USB 5V wall adapter with a USB-A connector on it, same as most chargers these days, and when I plug in my Bionic, it charges, but interfacing with the screen is slow and unwieldy. I am guessing that particular charger isn’t knocking out all the AC transients, and the waffle is giving the phone’s sensors a problem. There is a difference, but if it was designed to charge a USB phone, it doesn’t really matter which phone it charges.

        • Anonymous

          Um, companies have been using proprietary cables and plugs forever. Apple gets money from every cable you buy for their stuff, even third party through licensing. Nothing new here, move along.

          • pezjono

            So because Apple does it, it is OK for everyone else to do it? Nowhere did he claim it was a new concept, it is a dirty and downright upsetting concept that only shows the greed of a company using proprietary cables on a very non-proprietary connection.
            So no, YOU move along with your other sheep and accept it.

          • Anonymous

            That’s some hostility you have there.  For the record, I own a Droid Bionic, have since launch day, and love it.  Came from an OG Droid and don’t own any Apple products.   Everyone was getting all upity claiming it has to be illegal, how can they do this, etc.  Guess what?  Just like you work to make money, companies are in business to make money.  Proprietary cables are an annoying practice, but by no means illegal or uncommon.   If you happen to own stock in Moto (or a similar company) you’d probably be signing their praises as they’d be padding your pocket.  It’s called capitalism.  You don’t like it…well, there’s always Europe.

          • pezjono

            I understand it is perfectly legal, but that doesn’t mean it is acceptable by any standards. If you want people to buy your cables, offer a benefit to using them instead of forcing it upon the consumers.

          • Anonymous

            I agree, there are a lot of cheap people in the best country of the world.

          • Anonymous

            It is not illegal YET. There is a bigger reason why chargers and data cables should be standard, because of the environment. They just go in a land fill when you are done with them. But I’m not trying to argue with you. If you think capitalism > environment, then go USA!

          • Anonymous

            Well it’s not true. You can use non-Motorola cables and chargers. Not sure why they would list that other than for troubleshooting purposes. 

            e.g. Customer: My phone won’t charge. Rep: Are you using a Motorola branded charger?

            While you can use most chargers/cables with the Bionic, I am sure there are some out there that wouldn’t work. Case in point. My girlfriend went to a conference in Texas last week and had to borrow a charger for her Droid 2. The first charger (cheap) would not charge beyond 5% the second charger (non-Moto) worked fine.

          • Anonymous

            your an idiot.. there is no speed difference with apples 30 pin vs micro USB.. there is no power difference either.. there is a money difference however

          • I am the idiot yet you respond to the wrong person. haha, oh by the way it’s you’re. it’s called a contraction. 

          • Anonymous

            I never understood internet grammar nazi’s… no one use to complain on AOL chat when you didn’t upercase “i” now it’s like ppl expect tech blog comment threads to be written like your graduate thesis

            live life bro

          • i generally don’t care about people’s use of grammar. however, when your statement is calling someone an idiot i think it behooves you to at least use an elementary level of grammar and spelling.

          • Anonymous

            I phone keeps imitating android lol

          • Anonymous

            +1 for the man with a clue. 

            ..but I gotta say, idiots that buy a 600$+ phone and cheap out on some 2$ no name car charger is like going out for a nice steak dinner but cutting your meal with an old lawnmower blade cause it’s cheaper.  
            Cheaper != better.  

          • Brian Smith

             The Belkin car charger pack sold at Costco is another example.  (The one with lots of cables, one car charger and two wall chargers.)  The car charger works, but neither of the wall chargers maintain connection.  They go for about 4 minutes, then the wall charger heats up and the phone repeatedly disconnects from and reconnects to the charger and goes nowhere.

            Another car charger I tried to use on my trip, that works fine for iphone 4GS, did not charge the Bionic when it was navigating.  (But the Belkin does.)

            It’s cool ‘cuz the whole Belkin pack was the same price as Verizon’s Moto-brand car charger.

            Oh, and Verizon’s moto-brand extra wall charger that I bought, that had the Bionic logo on the box, DOESN’T charge the phone correctly. It works for a while, but then the phone interface gets unusable while it’s plugged in.  Like I can’t even unlock the screen.  (Phone is idle, not doing anything at all.)  Charger that came in the box with the phone didn’t do that at first, but is starting to exhibit the same symptoms though less pronounced.

          • Do you know why Apple does it? It’s because the standard USB cable doesn’t offer the same capabilities as the 30pin connector. It provides better audio and video output as well as faster data transfers and reduced charging times. This is not some secret ploy that Apple decided to come up with just so they could charge you more money for a cable that you don’t have. Its the same way that certain Android tablets use a modified USB cable for faster transfers or faster charging. You really should look into things before you complain.

          • Anonymous

            Not baiting you, just curious, what tablets (cheap junk notwithstanding) takes this special usb and what is the difference?  

          • The nook color for sure and i believe it is the Samsun tablets. The micro usb that they use provide more power. When i had my nook color you could plug a standard micro usb in and the charge icon would come on but it wouldn’t actually charge. I assume it was simply capable of delivering more power. 

          • Maxxmentum

            Apple has been known to change pin order to prevent older equipment from working with new hardware.  So the big A’s motives are not all based on QOS.

          • Anonymous

            Apple 30 pin is not PDMI.

          • It’s all about the mw!  The old charges are too punny.   The new chargers are 750mw.  Chargers from 8 years ago are just 500mw.

        • Q

          My Verizon car charger works fine.  My Motorola Charger I got off Amazon works fine.

        • Bill Morrow

          I used my wife’s HTC charger/USB cable from her t-bolt with no issues on the phone…

          Anybody get random black screens where the phone will continue to work, (i.e. a call continues in speakerphone or up next to your ear, but even depressing power won’t wake it up? or you can see the little green LED flashing but it won’t wake up?)  Happens about 2 or 3 times a day.  Thinking about taking it in, I have to reboot it when it happens.

        • You misunderstand what they are saying.  What that phrase means is that what they gave you works, and the problem is in the other part.  They are not going to run down a problem trying to find why someone else’s hardware does not work.  All they are saying is that this needs to be address with the company you got the charger or cable from.  That is why the same phrase is used with Nitrodesk’s Touchdown.  They are saying the problem is in the program, not the phone.

          • Maxxmentum

            Well put, I correct my crack about IOS virus infecting Moto and VZ 😛

          • Anonymous

            Exactly what Andrew Hasara said!  Some of these “bugs” are complaints from people who couldn’t get some odball equipment or app to work with the phone.  Verizon and Motorola aren’t in the business of making other cables, chargers, etc., work with their gear.  If you can use cheap stuff and get away with it, more power to you!  If it doesn’t work, it is not their problem.  Touchdown works for me.  I have some cheap USB cables that work to charge my Bionic–haven’t tried them with data yet.  My thinking is that Motorola did not deliberately design the phone to be incompatible so they could sell their accessories.  But I don’t expect them to go out of their way so I can use whatever junk I want.  I had a lapdock but sent it back due to limitations.  OTOH, the DRM nonsense with the NFL app is pure smoke.  They should fix it.  You pay through the nose for the streaming content.  They should not care what screen you display it on–as long as you don’t record it.

        • Anonymous

          That was a low blow on their part….i’m pretty sure anyne with a phone now days have more then one charger for thei devices and now these two want us to by another one or carry the one comes with the phone.

        • will

          I have the phone and use my wives charger it is a Samsung

        • My other chargers/cables work fine.

        • Guest

          I had no problem using my non-moto/vzw chargers. I’ve even used my Amazon Kindle charger on my Bionic with no issues.

      • Anonymous

        That answers my other question I suppose.

      • Rader023

        I have this phone as a holdover until the prime.  Paid full price through home insurance.  Its fast as hell, 4G is fast as hell, and the actual “phone” part is awesome. Coming from the Incredible I did miss talking to people and understanding what they were saying. Have always loved Moto’s call quality.  Simultaneous 4g data during a call is sick as well.  Hate the screen, but that is about it.

        • Anonymous

          I dont like the battery cover. It’s plastic like sammy devices

      • MattInPDX

        Agree 100%. I’m very happy with my Bionic. I went from an OG Droid that served me well. I was kind of sad to sell it but it ended up almost completely covering the cost of the Bionic.

        I just hope we can still root after the update.

    • Shifterracer

      same here!!!  I learned my lesson with thier xoom promise to upgrade to 4G in a couple weeks!!  No more moto for me!  I’m waiting on sammy to release Prime 🙂  or i’ll go to t mobile and get the S II.

      • Terrymc

        Well if you think Moto is bad…wait till you deal with Sammy.  I had the Fascinate and there wasnt anything fascinating about it.  Nothing but problems for the last year.  I will say it had a nice screen and camera but everything else sucked..and the wait for updates is like unbelievable.  I too own the Xoom and purchased it the day it came out.  I have been extremely happy with it, even though I have had to wait till today to get my  4G upgrade.  An engineer at work has the Galaxy S II and it looks sharp and fast, but after the Fascinate I’d rather not deal with another Sammy phone for some time.   I currently have the Bionic and have not had one bit of trouble with it in the first 4 weeks, no force closes, random reboots, or pulling the battery.  Good Luck with Sammy!!!  You may need it!

        • Taylor Davis

          Thats because you had to deal with Verizon.  Look at the other SGS phones on other carriers.

        • Anonymous

          Moto is the best manufacturer

    • Anonymous

      Nexus prime/galaxy nexus FTW!!!

      • Anonymous

        Shut up

    • Mr.joe

      Yeah, cause every other phone released had zero issues…

    • Anonymous

      These don’t look like a bad list of bugs, but wait until Motorola and Verizon try to push ICS to this phone next year.  Given the last OS update SNAFUs with the Moto phones getting Gingerbread I will definitely be glad I passed on this as well.  

      • Maxxmentum

        I donno, the Tbolt had a lot of fun with updates.  I suspect all the lockdown and DRM barriers make the updates…well…a little more of an adventure.  Tbolts GB was um…a colorful experience, my fav is the SMS messages being sent to random ppl in you contact list. What was your favorite moto upgrade “feature”?

    • El Patron Escobar

      Not buying this phone was the best investment in my life!

  • Lactard

    Off-brand chargers and cables are SUPPOSED to not work?!?!  Is that even legal?!

  • Lactard

    Off-brand chargers and cables are SUPPOSED to not work?!?!  Is that even legal?!

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t be in the EU… I believe it still is in the USA

    • Anonymous

      I’ve found as long as my chargers provide at least 850 mA, they work fine with my Bionic. Besides, you can go to Ebay and get Motorola branded wall and car chargers for well under $10/each.

      I also have dual USB charger for a car lighter that charged both of our Bionics during a recent day trip.

      As long as the power output is sufficient you should be OK.

      • Batman

        I noticed if it doesn’t charge and you need it to, shut the phone off. It takes less power to charge it when it’s off. Don’t say this isn’t true, because I do it ALL the time with an old LG wall charger. If I leave my phone on, it just powers the phone without charging. BUT if I turn the phone off, it charges it without a problem.

        • Anonymous

          Correct. If you have an underpowered charger, it probably just barely keeps the power stable (or lessens the drain) if you’re on 4G or doing intensive tasks.

          Also the Bionic has a nice battery-saving ‘sleep’ feature (an option when long-press the power button). It turns off the radios and screen, but gives you instant-on capability when you need it (it’s rather like the way the Xoom works when you press the power button).

    • MattInPDX

      You can buy OEM Motorola USB cables and chargers on Amazon.com for under $5, this isn’t a big deal.

    • DaveIsAwesome

       Or is it really even necessary?

  • Blood

    Why are fridays slow on dl?

    • pezjono

      Fridays are Hawaiian shirt days in the office. They can get a little distracting!

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, I was about to buy this next Friday.  Don’t corporations understand that the IBM/Microsoft way of doing business(release now, test later(on users)) is not the right way?

    • Anonymous

      It’s a new initiative…Over promise and under Deliver.  

      • Anonymous

        I wish it was new!  I sold VZW phones at RadioShack 10 years ago…I still remember the Moto C330, which got returned within 48 hours 9/10 times.  I’m a Xoom owner as well.  For some reason I love Moto, but they haven’t done much good besides the OG Droid and the RAZR.(I didn’t like the RAZR, but everyone else did.)

        • Anonymous

          Moto is notorious for releasing phones with bugs. Anyone ever own a Moto Krave from about 4 years? Didn’t you love that phone (sarcasm). The Bionic seemed pretty sweet when I tried it in store though and I liked to OG Droid (I think Google had a part in making that phone good though, except for the horrible horrible camera.)

          • Anonymous

            No, but when I sold VZW at Radioshack, I sold a lot of shitty Moto phones that came back.

        • I still don’t understand people who complain about the Xoom. I don’t think they gave theirs enough love before they took it back.

  • Eh just root the damn phone I’m fine I have no problems with my bionic 😛

    • Anonymous

      Rooting doesn’t fix 4G/3G issues, chargers not working, and the fact that it only supports 5-devices in hotspot when we were all told 8. 😛

      • Anonymous

        Can’t fix a hardware problem(hotspot) with root! 

        But I imagine the chargers/USB thing is a matter of host functionality like we’ve seen in the past.  I’m betting it’s just a matter of not being able to use bottom of the barrel cables. 

        I need a new phone bad, OG’s on the way out.  So up in the air over this phone.  Would you recommend it to a friend?

        • Craig

          Yes I would. Despite the long lists of problems/bugs listed here. Most of them the common user would never notice.  This phone really is ground breaking. The only hard pill to swallow is the fact that a nexus device is ‘on the way’ so I would probably hold out if you are a true google experience kind of person. If not go for this phone, it will last you a looong time. 

          • Anonymous

            Other comment said it had to be moderated…just wanted to say, thank you!  OG is dying fast, gotta make a move.

          • Craig

            Me too.  My OG couldn’t hold out for another month and half to potentially get the nexus device I had to make a move fast, that’s what I pulled the trigger on the bionic and trust me I am not dissatisfied!

          • ive had the phone for 1 week and i have had no problem with it, no signal issues, no battery life consumption problems, i dont do the wifi tether more than 5 devices at once, and all the chargers work fine (i work at a verizon store) and the no branded crappy chargers work fine 😀

        • Anonymous

          We replaced both our orig Droids (which we bought on Day 1) with Bionics (via Costco online and got all the free goodies, too). I have to say I love the phone despite the Blur-that-shall-not-be-named and the bloatware (not as bad as some VZW phones but it is there). We haven’t experienced a lot of the problems in this list. The Blur isn’t as intrusive as I had expected, but it still sometimes annoys me just on principle alone.

          I do notice the audio whine, but my partner doesn’t. A lot of that depends on your hearing, the type of equipment you use, and the music you play. You will notice it in the car if you also connect the charger. My disappointment is that I’m getting what sounds like Dollar Store audio for a phone with a Nordstrom price. I can live it with it for now, but they better fix it before my return window closes (90 days for Costco).

          Haven’t experienced many of the 4G/3G issues either, but I live and work in the Baltimore/DC area, and we have a lot of 4G coverage. Battery life has been better than expected, and as long as your chargers put out at least 850 mA, you should be good.

          I figure if the Vigor or Prime are all they’re cracked up to be, I’ll upgrade to those when they are released, and the wealth of freebies I got from Costco should make it easy for me to sell the Bionic if I’m outside of my return window when that happens.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for the real world reviews!

      • Mctypething

        u mad bro?

  • Eh just root the damn phone I’m fine I have no problems with my bionic 😛