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DROID3 “Soak Test” Will Finally Begin Today (Updated)

We first heard about an update for the DROID3 at the beginning of the month that was filled with all sorts of bug fixes, plus Google Talk with Video (full list of update details).  That software update will become available to members of the Moto Feedback Network this afternoon, unless something horrific happens. The email you are seeing below has been sent out to D3 owners that want to be a part of “soak tests” for future updates.  


Thanks for much for siging up to provide feedback on the upcoming software upgrade for the Droid 3. Unless we run into unexpected difficulties, we will start the upgrade mid-day tomorrow.

One warning — please DO NOT perform a factory data reset in advance of the upgrade. It can knock you off our upgrade list.

You can now enter the private community where we will be expecting your feedback. Get started here and learn more. In the event that you can’t enter the community, reply to this email with the user name and password you are using.

Please do not send emails here or PM me if you can possibly help it. Soaks are busy times and mostly I will be in the community.

Thanks again!

– Matt

Motorola Owners’ Forums
Motorola Feedback Network

Once this soak test clears, we normally expect the full rollout to all D3 owners to happen within a couple of days.  Assuming that nothing bad happens, you may all be updated and video chatting away within a week.  Let us know how it goes!

Update:  Soak test just started…


Cheers E and anonymous!

  • jojo4747

    This system version has been on my phone since I had activated it three weeks ago

    • jojo4747

      And im not rooted

  • Screw these soak test

  • nessa

    im hoping someone pulls it from their SD card today

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome.  If all goes well, how long after the soak test does it usually take for the rest of us to get it?  

  • I just soak tested your girlfriend by showing her my crank. Dry to soaked in 2.3 seconds.

  • Chad

    I’ve been running the leaked 5.6.890 for about a month now and I’ve been rooted. I’m also a part of the soak group. So I unrooted to get the update, but it just continues to say that I’m up to date. So if the leaked and official versions are the same, what I can tell you is yes the battery is better and the blue tint on camera is gone. But the camera still has issue like slow opening and on a couple of occasions it locked my phone and rebooted itself. Additionally, there’s still terrible screen redraw and lag. The D3 is my 3rd and final Moto Droid phone!

    • Unexpected62

      D3 is my final moto phone as well. I will agree with you on battery life, but I still think the camera is blue – no question. and it did freeze on the picture of the “camera icon” when it’s initializing forcing me to battery pull. The camera just blows IMO.

      • Unexpected62

        Oh I’m running the leaked OTA and rooted as well, FWIW

  • Darren B

    The question is, will this break root?

    • James W

      No, I’m rooted with that version

    • Yes, then you re-root.

  • Dshudson


    • Ryan Perry