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iHeartRadio Updated To 4.0.0 – The Update We Have All Been Waiting For


We received an extremely enthusiastic email from a reader who happens to be a Clear Channel employee and tester for the iHeartRadio application. He filled us in on the newest iHeartRadio update, and from what we hear, this update is the bee’s knees. Now allowing users to create custtom stations, your radio experience just got a whole lot more personal and custom.

iHeartRadio grabs radio feeds from all over the country and is sure to satisfy all your FM/AM obsessions. Being a frequent traveler myself, I sometimes find myself missing my local radio stations from the Bay Area, and with iHeart, I’m able to stay up to date with my favorite station. The perfect medicine for home sickness.

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Go grab it and let us know what you think about the newest update.

Cheers Jerry!

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    Ok, I’m liking the update, however, I have a question. When will have your mobile apps sync with the website? I created several custom stations and I don’t see them on my Android app. Call me “lazy” but I don’t want to have to keep creating my custom stations on both the website and the app separately, thanks.

    • Hi Brian…they sync if you sign into your Facebook account on the mobile app. It will pull what you’ve created on iheartradio.com right into the app. Is this not happening for you?

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your response Jerry. I was able figure it out and now can see my preciously created stations. It wasn’t quite straight forward. What I had to do was, click on Create. Next, I searched for an artist. Next, I clicked on Create Station. After doing this, I was prompted to login using my Facebook acct. Now when I click on “my stations”, everything showed up.

      • Anonymous

        Any option for non-Facebook users?

  • Anonymous

    “I sometimes find myself missing my local radio stations from the Bay
    Area, and with iHeart, I’m able to stay up to date with my favorite

    Now you can get that sweet, sweet Ranchero music on the go!

  • Ssplawson

    This is kick ass any one know of any good FM or am stations that play good Jam music

    • Milehighxr

      How do I create my custom station without facebook?

  • Lonesome Dove

    Could someone pass me the barf bag, please. 

  • Anonymous

    now if only the local radio stations werent awful…

  • duquan

    Dr. Michael Savage is the best AM talker.

    • Lmrojas

      He’s also a racist

      • Cruisingrider

        So is your President.

  • Not a huge fan of iheart or Clear Channel because of their refusal to allow their radio stations to be streamed by anything other than their own certified applications. Seems to break the idea of having a radio to begin with. I don’t imagine they’d be upset if they could control all airwaves for their personal/monetary benefit.

  • I’m more excited over Pandora lifting the 40 hour limit.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that does suck…I still refuse to pay for that service…call me a cheap ass. 

    • I should add that the library of ALBUMS that we have on iHeartRadio is larger than the library of SONGS that Pandora has…and our custom radio is commercial-free through the end of the year!

  • Anonymous

    Any update showing Katy Perry with less clothing is a worthy update!

    • Baked14

      She has a penis