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uTorrent Adds Android and Other Mobile Device Support

For those interested in the world of torrents, you will be happy to know that one of the more popular sites uTorrent has just delivered integration for Android devices.  You’ll easily be able to just drag and drop all your goodies right onto your device, with no more downloading needed. Here’s to ease of use!

Don’t worry, no judgement if you’re an avid torrent user. Enjoy, everyone.

Via: Torrent Freak

Cheers Luke!

  • Fyrenzy

    im a fan of tTorrent. has worked great for my OGD and havent had any problems except it wants to kill my phones battery. Torrenting info for android is old news. UTorrent is just late getting into the game. And Yes, I only torrent things im legally able to own(meaning i own(bought from stores) multiple hard copies of what i torrent)

    • i prefer aDownloader.
      Not only does it do torrents, but it also downloads from http. Really useful if you want to pause and resume downloads that you normally cant on the stock browser

  • Anonymous

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  • Pwcampbell83

    how do you connect your device to the client.  when i try it just says “waiting for android device to be connected” and then it never connects.  a little help would be much appreciated 

  • Anonymous

    This appears to be functionality added to the uTorrent CLIENT not the Android App

  • Anonymous

    Why do you guys on put such a bad incantation on torrent use? There are legal downloads.. I was in a smoke shop.. I must be a pot head..

  • Mike Mike

    Wait, there are people who don’t use torrents??

    • Teng247

      i dont anymore.  Newsgroups FTW

  • Anonymous

    YES will make it easier to transfer inception. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Is this a remote or an actual app to download the torrent and movie? Like atorrent 

  • John

    color me excited