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DROID Bionic Bootstrap Released, Get Your Recovery and Backups On

Here it is, folks.  The initial build of the bootstrap app for the DROID Bionic is available for you to start using as you please.  This is not the “official” version as @cvpcs is leaving that to @Koush to finish off, but you can grab it, bootstrap your recovery, and start making backups this very minute.  ROMs shouldn’t be too far off now.

Download:  BionicBootstrap.apk

And don’t forget that you have to be rooted in order to use this.



  • eddieonofre

    I just go the bionic and got it rooted already 🙂 
    problem now: I’m doing a backup (already installed the bootstrap) but its just taking too long for a phone that is so new, any ideas why this might be?

    • eddieonofre

      its on backing up data and still waiting

  • Questto

    Please excuse my ignorance. But can this BionicBootstrap.apk be used on the DroidX2.

  • Keith Sumner

    Posting to say that I got my Bionic last night and I love it. Fast phone, fast data speeds, fast! 

    The VZW salesman said “I love when you Android guys come in here, because you know what you’re talking about.”


  • Anonymous

    PLEASE Dont leave out the Droid 3!!

    I realize the Bionic is much more popular, but some people (me) couldn’t afford the 299$ and went for the $99 Droid 3!!!

    • Dshudson

      I paid 589 for mine.. 😉 

  • Keith Sumner

    REQUEST Droid-life team. I was wondering if you would offer a “Droid Bionic” essentials pack. One post, with one download link to a zip containing the SBF’s root instructions and necessary files, and bootstrap app. So we don’t have to look all over for the stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Not SBF, but FXZ / fastboot now.

    • I like Keith’s idea.

  • Princesation

    Is there a right way to uninstall bloatware? Can I just use titanium backup?

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I did.

    • You can do that or purchase the Team Black Hat app for 2.99.  By getting this app you’ll get all of the leaked stuff first before it is released.
      Right now in the app there is a remove and add bloat tweak that does it all with a simple click.  It’s definitely worth the money since it looks like developers like TBH, p3droid and cvps are focusing on this phone.

    • Synapticrecord

      Use the TBH app

  • Keith Sumner

    aaaaaaaand another big F U to the haters, this is why I’m getting this beast of a phone, I can tell it’s going to have the amazing dev support that the original Droid had!

  • Miguel Angel

    I have a feeling Droid 3 is going to get the shaft and seconds. Which is sad, really because I strongly prefer the Droid 3 🙁

  • If I had known we were going to have such amazing devs for this phone, I never would have doubted it for a second. I’m glad I didn’t listen to all the haters.

    • Anonymous

      I have to admit, the bionic is getting an unusual amount of love and that sure ain’t a bad thing =D!

      Kinda feel like I should have waited too.

    • Anonymous

      The “haters” of every phone are just being numbskulls.  Most of the phones out have some very good qualities!  

      Now there is a difference from being a hater and someone who simply expresses that they wish Motorola would stop encrypting their bootloaders preventing us from easy complete enjoyment. 

      I love Motorola phones and look forward to the day I can come back to them. But many will be very happy with being able to flash some debloated roms.

      The phones will only continue to get better and better! And this is a good day for Bionic owners… and I’m sure there will more to come!

  • I have all the stuff for rooting sitting in a folder on my desktop. Basically I’m waiting for a reason to do it. Other than uninstalling some of the bloatware (which you can hide from your app drawer in the stock launcher, as well as every other third party launcher out there), what good can come of rooting your device right now. As I’m not going crazy flashing roms on to my Bionic yet, I don’t really think I need a backup… I’ll wait and void my warranty when I know there’s something better to do it for!

    • Mike Cheatwood

      I guess it depends on what you want but root lets me use wireless tethering, debloating, titanium backups, and customize my status bar to show battery percentage instead of having to go into the menu.

      • What are you using for tether?  The mod listed on here a few days ago or another?

  • Superior1

    I took the plunge and bought the phone yesterday. Coming from the og droid, I must say that im very impressed so far, the phone is very snappy and responsive. I am actually liking it alot right now, slapped launcher pro. 😉 cant wait till I root tonight.

  • Anonymous

    So do you just install this like an app?  Then run as an app?  Forgive me, I come from the OG Droid and all this locked bootloader stuff is just so different for me.

    • You’ll install the app, you HAVE TO HAVE ROOT, open the app, click on bootstrap your device, it’ll think for a while, then hit restart your phone, and it’ll take you to recovery.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks!  Already rooted…couldn’t wait to get rid of the bloatware.  I realize that I’m probably going to get chastised for this, but I have to say I really like some of the widgets that come with Blur.  I’m kind of mad about how they don’t work with ADW.  Like the Quick Contacts widget.  I’m also kind of digging the App Groups you can make, although I know you could really do the same thing with folders.  What would be ideal to me is if there was someone who could figure out a way to customize Blur as a launcher.  So if you could have something like ADW where you could customize your app dock but allow you to still use some of the widgets, I think that would really rock.  Just my 2 cents though.  

        • The only thing I miss from the stock blue launcher is the quick contacts widget. LOVE IT. 

        • I’m the same way. I think that Blur’s status update widget, where you can choose between twitter or facebook or both is one of the best that I’ve seen. Blur has it’s ups and downs. Unfortunately it takes a lot of backend coding to make those things work you can’t just leave pieces in and take the rest out. From what I hear at least.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, one more question, when you do this, does it then allow you to use Rom Manager to do your backups going forward?

  • Anonymous

    can we get a simple list of what this DOES and DOES NOT give us since the bootloader is still locked? hard to find concrete differences on this

    • Anonymous

      I would like more info on this as well.  I used to own the Droid X, but now that I own the Thunderbolt I gave the X to my dad. I put cyanogen on there for him.  But it seems that the camera is broke.  I flashed a patch to get it to work (as well as the flash on the camera) but it doesn’t allow the dedicated camera button to work.  I just feel like you can bootstrap and 2nd init all you want, but deep down you’re still running blur crap in the background.  Also, with the X, I have him on the 2.3.340 SBF, which is froyo.  Would there be any advantage to the software, kernel, or radio if i were to come from a gingerbread SBF?  Someone please correct me if I am wrong.   This is all so confusing.  And this is a perfect example of why I will never buy a phone with an encrypted bootloader ever again.  I love moto’s hardware to death, but not allowing me to do what i want with my own phone completely goes against the spirit of android.  I hope google’s purchasing them will fix this problem

      • Anonymous

        im fairly certain this means that ROMs can be loaded, the bootloader prevents custom kernels so no overclocking

        luckily, the bionic kernel as the TUN module built in!

        today should be celebrated

        • Anonymous

          The X has a locked bootloader but you can still overclock.  However even with 2nd init it still isn’t the same as being unlocked. 

          I love Moto phones and miss them and really do hope that Google will have some influence in backing off on the encryption.

        • That’s not true at all. While you are correct about no custom kernels we CAN still overclock.

          • Anonymous

            thanks for the info, this is just waht i was able to gather off google, but can you elaborate a little?

            my impression was that the kernel controlled the cpu voltage/clock (hence why you always install a new kernel for new OC settings) so i’m curious to hear your description

          • from what i gather they inject a module into the motorola kernel that allows overclocking

          • Anonymous

            Correct. Did this with my old D2. You use an overclocking program like jrummy’s Droid Overclock that injects a kernel module with the desired frequency and voltage information.

            These days the locked bootloader is mostly a nuisance but I would still love to see it gone.

          • you will be able to do basically everything anybody else can do with a custom recovery besides flash a kernel. but the main reason why people flash kernels is to OC and we can still do that so we’ve pretty much gotten around the bootloader i guess you could say. thanks to 2nd init you can now run ROMs like Cyanogen that used to require a custom kernel to run too. so there’s not much at all that we can’t do

  • Anonymous

    My backup just sits on “Backing up system…” Anybody have this happen?
    Wait…I think it is working… I am just impatient. 😀

  • Used it already, made a nandroid backup, then broke phone… then restored to stock, rerooted, rebootstrapped and restored nandroid (damn these locked bootloaders make a few extra steps)

  • guest

    whens the droid 3 going to get this…..

    • A release today is looking like a good bet.

  • I ran it this morning and got my first backup!
    Just an FYI on the navigation controls….
    Use your softkeys… menu=down, home=up, back=back and search=enter

    • Jerry

      Thanks for the tip. I was wondering how we would navigate a menu.

  • phone came last night, i must say perfect timing 🙂