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Bionic Blast: WiFi Tether Hack, Signal Issues, Cheap Batteries, and Bootloader Bounty

Rather than post these up individually (and stir up the trolls), we thought it was best to just hammer out one big post with all of the DROID Bionic news tips that hit our inbox over the weekend.  Some good stuff going on, including a WiFi Tether hack and a bounty that has been put out for anyone that can unlock the device’s bootloader.  We are also wondering if anyone has been struggling with signal and battery issues as much as Tim and I have?  

WiFi Tether Hack

Verizon and Motorola clearly put in some work to block unauthorized tethering on the Bionic, but that hasn’t stopped our dev community from making progress.  While the phone can be easily rooted, many of you found out that your favorite tethering app was not able to work properly.  Well, until now that is.  Folks over at XDA figured out a way to edit the settings.db file from inside the device to bypass whatever Moto attempted to block with:

I found way to enable Hotspot without Verizon Provisioning. I used SQLLite Editor to modify settings.db for “Settings Storage” application ( com.motorola.android.providers.settings ). Set entitlement_check to 0 and reboot the phone.

More info at this XDA thread.

Bounty for Unlocked Bootloader

As is customary these days for locked devices just after release, a bounty has been placed on the Bionic’s bootloader.  The total purse is up to $370 as of right now, but will surely grow once we get enough people talking about it.  All you have to do is figure out a way to unlock it, prove that you unlocked it, get another forum member to successfully unlock using your method, and the money is yours.

More info at this XDA thread.

Cheap Extended Batteries

We wrote this tip up yesterday, but wanted to point out that it appears to still be available.  If you own a Bionic and are feeling the 4G LTE battery wrath, then you may want to grab the extended battery from Verizon as soon as possible.  They will show up on VZW’s accessory page as $49.99, but once you add it to your cart, will see that you can checkout with one for just $24.99.

Signal Issues and Battery Life

Update:  After reading the comments, it’s pretty clear that I may be in the minority here.  Most of you are having above average battery life and no signal issues.  Maybe it’s time to get a new unit and restart all this testing.

This is more of a subject that I am curious about after having a weekend from hell with my Bionic than anything.  Either I have the ultimate dud device that can’t hold a signal for more than 10 minutes at a time or this device is struggling worse than the Thunderbolt ever thought of.  So what I’m wondering, is if anyone else is having signal issues with their Bionic?  I’m in a 4G LTE area, but can essentially watch the device drop and lose connection for good, every couple of minutes unless I toggle Airplane or another network setting to get it to pop back on.  I had heard that there are 4G to 3G hand-off issues and am wondering if that is what I am experiencing.

On a related note, my battery life issues could have to do with the signal issues that did not improve over the weekend.  Hearing reports of anywhere from 8-12 hours of life from some of you which is solid – I’m just having no such luck.  Anyone else having battery issues?

Cheers Lawrence and Jarrod!

  • Prozac4me

    I’ve been getting phenomenal battery life with my extended (15-22) hours on a single charge, using juice defender.

     However, i’m not too happy about my data never connecting, or having to reboot my phone coming out of sleep mode to access data. I’ll have a signal (2-3) bars, but NO data for up to two minutes (sometimes longer).  I’ve heard/read that i’m not alone.

    Back to the topic, the extended battery is great!  Just be prepared to only be able to use VZW’s case to fit your phone, because there aren’t any out there that I know of that’ll work with that monster plugged in.

  • I’m having connectivity issues. I’m in Orange County, great coverage here, but my phone drops 4g AND 3g connection for hours at a time, and the only way to get it back is to either reboot the phone or cycle through airplane mode.  Really frustrating when i’ll be driving and need to use the navigation and there’s no data connection, not exactly a safe scenario to start troubleshooting.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I’m still having signal problems too 🙁
    I have a new problem, I think my phone is deleting apps on its own. I know I have added apps, but when I go back, they are gone. Is someone messing with my mind?

  • guest

    i have had my droid for three days and am having problems with signal

  • Tw_clayton

    I have been having connection issues with my Bionic.  I live in Portland oregon and drive truck around the local area.  My 4g dropps all the time and my cell signal is usually around two bars even right in the middle of Portland. I have had to toggle airplain mode a few times to get it to come back, and once the airplain mode woundn’t even activate so I had to reboot the phone.

  • rey_rey_362001

    I have the driod bionic and live outside the city limits and the 3g service is absolutely HORRIBLE!!! I dont expect the 4g to work out here…but this 3g is pathetic!!! I thought Verizon is supposed to have good coverage. My wife has an HTC EVO through sprint and her phone puts mine to shame at home. All the hype about my phone and im sorry to say that my DROIDX worked better, once again in rural areas. Is there any way to boost my signal strength?

  • Genneviej

    can you give step by step instructions on the hotspot unlock for all us tech idiots?

  • Scott

    I too have had signal issues every couple minutes it drops and I have to either restart the phone or toggle the Airplane mode like you described. The battery is terrible with what I use it for with in 4 or so hours it’s fully drained. I agree that it is time to get a new unit and start form scratch.

  • Gsc_lifeins

    I am having the signal issues, returned one phone and the same issues are recurring with the second phone

  • Something is definitely wonky with my battery life! Zaps immediately. I was on the phone for 10-15 mins & when I hung up, I lost 40% life! The Temp jacked way up as well. Can’t figure it out. Nothing appears to be running & I uninstalled my anti-virus app.

  • LeJester

    I am having battery life issues with my Bionic.  I fully condition charged it before bed.  This morning I got up to find that in Stand By for 5 hours 20% of the battery life was drained.  The day before yesterday, I had used the phone through the day off and on while charging part of that time.  In the afternoon, with good usage, the battery was at 40%.  I have an 30 minute drive home from work.  I checked the phone for messages a couple of hours after getting home and the phone battery was flat dead.  Perhaps, some program was sucking down battery power, but, the phone was in standby when I left for home.  Yesterday, before leaving for home, I killed all apps, turned all radios except primary radio off and made sure that auto updates were minimzed.  I checked the phone an hour and a half later, the charge on the battery dropped 20%.
    This is all too bad.  Otherwise, the phone is great.  I love the things that it does.  But coming from an iPhone 3G which with aggressive usage would run for almost two days without a recharge, this is frustrating at best.

    • Joey301

      Something has to be draining yours because mine is no where nearly that bad. I have noticed that Juice Defender is turning data off from time to time, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not.

      • LeJester

        Thank you for the input.  Yes, I think that you are on the mark.  I feel that something is not or was not allowing the device to truely go into ‘stand by’.

        All the best!

    • Anonymous

      Take it back for new one.  If you want to avoid it, you may want to try and run the battery all the way down, in case it’s battery’s memory is messed up.  Not likely this soon.  Are you having data connection issues i.e. do you periodically look at your screen and see neither 3G nor 4G as available? If so, you may have a more frequent problem than I am having.

      I have consistently gone to bed with 80% and turned off the screen, while not connected to power.  My phone is my alarm clock.  I wake up, and still have 70-80%.  Yes, I have it connected to WiFi, while in the house.  I don’t know if that matters.  I have done this the past 5 nights, with no issues.

      • LeJester

        Thank you for the reply.  The 4G has been rock solid.  There is no back and forth switching between 3G and 4G.  No obvious connection losses.
        I have done some work on my phone since yesterday and their might be some improvement.  I had a heavily configured desktop, some Widgets (CNN, Facebook, BBC News and the like), Go Launcher Ex and and Look Out Security.  The desktop is now very minimal, removed Go Launcher EX and removed that Lookout Security.  In days prior, I had been removing other applications to try and improve the battery performance.
        I unplugged the phone from the wall at 6:30 AM.  It is now 11:30 AM.  I have been checking email and doing facebook here and there.  I have 90% battery power showing!  It is like a miracle! 
        If I had to guess, I would suppose a problem with the anti-virus software tanking the battery.
        I love what the Go Launcher Ex does.  So, I will try installing the Go Launcher EX and see if the battery tanks.  Then if everything is OK, in coming days I will ramp up the load on the home screens.
        I am now hopeful that I might have a handle on some of the issues with the battery performance.  I will try and update this post in the near future.
        Has anyone ever run into any battery performance issues with any of the above mentioned applications?
        All the best!

        • LeJester

          Update 2: Went on a road trip on Saturday.  I unplugged the phone from wall power at 9:00AM.  I drove for three hours in and out of areas with weak coverage.  Then spent the day and evening out with friends.  I used the phone off and on all day and into the evening.  Facebook, web browsing and some HD 1080 video recording.  The battery life continues to improve.  I arrived home at 4:00AM and plugged in my phone.  It still had 30% battery life remaining. 
          It really does seem that the battery life has improved a great deal.  I am wondering if the suggestion in another post about the battery performance increasing over time is on the mark.  Perhaps several charges and discharges could be conditioning the battery. 
          As for those who have reported problems with uploading data and with connections.  My phone has been a real champ in that regards.  It is very stable.  You may want to contact Verizon if you are having issues with the network performance and the battery as well.
          I am still running the Go Launcher EX and this has not caused any problems with the battery life.  I also have severl feed widgets going as well.  The WiFi radio was turned on the entire time as well.

  • I live in Maryland but I get to the DC and VA area a few times a week. I keep 4G most of the time I seen 3G once. I’m having no problems with the battery life either but I have a charger in the car and at work so I haven’t when without some kind of charge yet. I might try that tomorrow to see what happens,

  • Jamalot71

    They also took down the extended battery and cover from their website.  it was there as of midnight last night.

  • Dshudson

    I woke up this morning taking my Bionic off the charger. 100% 5:30am. Didn’t touch the phone until I got on the train where I used Kindle app and played music to cut out background noise on the train 50min of use. I am at work and at my desk now 9:24. 29% Screen brightness is almost all the way down and I have app killer running on crazy killing apps. Besides the dreadful useless camera, the battery is a joke. However, I did get an extra, but should I have too for this type of use. NO.. miss my tbolt and it’s kickstand. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Dang, that is not such a good report. I read you post so I checked my phone. I got up at the same time with 100%. I have read my email twice, downloaded an app, and searched for apps. I am not sure how I have set the power, but I have reduced at least GPS and BT. I have received numerous notifications. I still have 90%. I think that 50 min of use must be a killer.

    • Question 1: What music are you playing? Music on SD card? GMusic? Pandora? etc.
      Question 2: Does your train have good signal strength? any tunnels, blind areas etc?
      Question 3: Do you use apps like Juice Defender?

      It also might be the app killer, try the phone without it, still speedy enough. I used to use it on my OG droid, but that’s a different kinda problem. THe Bionic has enough power to run everything in the background, and JD should keep your data usage down when screen off.

  • Spc Hicks09

    Wasn’t everyone so psyched about this phone coming with an un-locked bootloader? Hmmmmm…..

  • Mike

    Battery lifes been good for me i had about 13 hours today. Havent had a 4g test yet though. And my datas been good ive had great signal. Compared to a droid x which has one or no bars the bionic had at least 3 of four.

  • Even not-rooted, the battery, the ui, the LTE speed/signal is perfectly fine. I’m coming form an OG Droid hacked to hell, and the Bionic is basically what I’ve been dreaming 2 years for. I use Juice Defender on Balanced, and I have no issues with signal and battery life. There is a slight pause when data turns back on after waking it, but only for a few seconds, then it’s solid 4G. The phone itself is speedy with absolutely no lag. The camera works fine, even in low light, and the camcorder does seem to auto-focus alot, but only for motion subjects. 

    And a sidenote for peeps who say “it’s not worth it, you should wait”, etc etc etc, I don’t care what you think, it’s also pretty damn annoying when I see your “non-concrete” opinions on every droid bionic news post. People will get phones they want, they don’t care that there’s a new phone right around the corner (unless you’re an iphone user). I’ve been waiting 2 years for a new phone, and back in January, I was excited for the Bionic when I saw it at CES, but I knew if I wanted that phone, I’d have to pay $600 for it. Jump now 9 months later, my contract is up, I need an upgrade, and the phone I was excited about just released, so of course, I’m gonna buy it. Do I want to wait 3-4 months for the next phone? not really. It’s like buying a car, it’s the end of 2011, are you gonna buy a 2012 model? or wait for a 2013 model cause you “think” it’s gonna be so much better. Noone knows if it’s “definitely” better, that’s what rumor speculation was made for. If I was you, I’d buy the phone that I want, not the one I think I need, whether it be the Bionic, Prime, or whatever.

  • Anonymous

    I’m having *serious* connection issues.  I was wondering at first if it was due to my location being on the ragged edge of a 4G signal and possible handoff issues.  Same thing when I turn 4G off, though…very often, when I turn my phone on, I have no data signal and have to toggle airplane mode or, sometimes, do a hard reboot.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Does it sound like I just got a bad unit and need to return it? 

    No issues with battery life, though…it easily lasts me for an entire day with fairly regular use.

  • Had no problems with signal but battery life isn’t great. Just ordered the extended battery as backup.

  • Str8rippinem

    Been up since 8..played a round of 18 holes using Skydroid, facebook and texting all day, numerous calls, Third blade for an hour, Louis Ck standup on netflix and a movie through Moboplayer….its now 10pm and i have enough juice to write this and get back to some gaming. Fing love the Bionic (with extended battery) keep hating on it haters, nothing could get me to dislike this beast…

    • Yeah I”m just loving this phone coming from an OG Droid, but today I got snagged by the no signal part. No 3G or 4G all day.

    • Yeah I”m just loving this phone coming from an OG Droid, but today I got snagged by the no signal part. No 3G or 4G all day.

  • Dmackandnfje

    The bionic is sick…ur life is a piece of garbage

  • xwera43

    I’m in Oregon too (no LTE down here in the Roseburg area) but 3G signal strength has been on par if not better than my Incredible, Charge & DX2 sticking close to -85 as opposed to -89 to -92. Battery is pretty good since my Incredible has a 2150mAh in it, this seems almost on par with that… Almost. Thanks to your Twitter tip, an extended battery is on the way though. 😉


  • letsmotor

    I have extended battery and with fair amt of use has lasted easily thru day..but…today when at 80% I go to check email and the phone is off, so off I had to pop the battery to get it to go back on. I’ve also had alot of signal drops where the only cure is to turn the whole unit off/on. Despite all this I’m enjoying the phone.

  • JadesBlood

    How has the GPS been working on everyone’s Bionics? I’m dying to know cause still to this day that is a very painful topic with my TBolt. *sigh 50m of my target location after 5-15mins is ridiculous.

    • LionStone

      Have you tried to reset with GPS Status? Once I did that my TB is fast to lock on like my Incredible! It’s very reliable now. 

  • Whcoleman37

    Im in a 4g area and my biinic is having major signal issues. 4g to 3g to nothing at all and sometimes i have to restart my phone to get the 4g signal back. Other than the signal the phone has been great!

  • Just wanted to say that the Battery Life is absolutely great.  I did just purchase the extended life one though for 25 bucks.
    As for the signal issue.  I am experiencing that.  If I turn on CDMA only its fine.  But if I like stop my Wifi i have to restart the phone because the wifi is stuck in a “shutting off” loop.  Sure this will be fixed in the future.  Loving this phone so far.

  • @Kellex I live two blocks from a 4G tower, but I work on the far edge of 4G in the Tacoma, WA area. The only problem I’ve had is moving around in my building, where it will drop to 3G sometimes and as I keep moving it finds 4G again and reconnects just fine, didn’t even effect my Spotify streaming. I’ve had…ok battery life. About 9 hours, but coming form a Droid 2 and being able to stretch that thing to 2.5 days on one charge, its going to take some getting used to. I had connection issues a lot with my first Droid and later a warranty replace droid 2. Just get a new device, or wait for a software patch.

  • Wunderwaffe

    Is it just me, or is the scrolling and multi-touch just beautiful on the BIONIC. I am really enjoying it.

  • Anonymous

    I have had no problems with my Bionic so far!  Battery life is sucky yes, but I get through a whole day without recharging.  I did take advantage of the 1/2 off deal for an add’l battery, but I just got another regular one 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yea i do agree you can not let it go to low nor charge the phone when you have 50 % of battery. It is better to charge it when it reach 25 % that is the best option in order to not ruin your battery.

  • Anonymous

    Yo bro did you buy the bionic? Or are you waiting for the vigor or prime?

  • Anonymous

    You a prick

  • Anonymous

    You are dumb

  • Anonymous

    I am on the same boat. The bionic it is close to perfect good design as well and super light 🙂

  • Anonymous

    they have no clue what they are talking about

  • Anonymous

    go back to Africa, you do not know anything about device technology

  • Anonymous

    more ram better processor, better blur front facing camara zumocast and the other nice bloatware verizon put in it. They put like 3 to 5 good bloatware in the bionic.

  • Anonymous


  • Glen

    Has anyone made a phone call on it??  How does it work as a TELEPHONE???

  • Anonymous

    My droid bionic is perfect even the vga cam its good. It seems that moto put some good sensors and lens in it 🙂 Any body have complaints about the device? I only wish that the bionic had omap 460 instead of 430 but still good and fast. I am very satisfy 🙂

  • Anonymous

    My TBH swag!! i am having fun so far with my rooted Bionic! 😀


  • Anonymous

    My Bionic is working great! Battery last about 18 hours on 3G with my normal usage. I can charge the phone with any charger I have. My camera works fine, takes the pic quick and in focus. Signal is fine. Screen bugged me at first, BUT I am getting “used” to it. So far I am liking this thing. PLUS with Team Black Hat’s app, I have a 10% battery icon, custom boot logo and animation!!

  • Guest

    I rooted my Bionic the day I got it and after having it on airplane mode the next day for about 7 hrs (school/work) I turned airplane mode off and now I have absolutely no data except wifi. I can still send texts and make calls though. It’s extremely annoying. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Henry

    What I love is that Austin doesn’t have LTE yet but I’ve had 4G signal since launch =D
    Battery life is ok but I am gonna buy the extended battery pack.

  • BionicCommando3214

    The only problem I am having is aquiring issues. Eg. At my office, my old eris would only sometimes get 3G, often only 1X. I had a Charge for a bit, would not pick up 4G at my desk ever. Was a bit better at getting 3G than the eris. The Bionic will get 4G and hold it, but sometimes I have to go to the window first, let it connect then move to desk. If it sleeps a while, I’ll find sometimes it has no internet at all. The Charge I had was horrible at 4G to 3G handoff. When moving in car, would often go from 4G down to 1X and get stuck, while wife’s Dinc2 would just stay on 3G. Played hell w/ Pandora and I returned it. Overall I get reception in areas I never did before, but could use some debugging.
    Battery Life has been stupendous w/ ext battery.

    Audio whine too when plugged in via 3.5mm jack and usb power cord. Only when no sound is playing. Audio is fine when music/ video is playing.

    Whine goes away when phone is just on battery power. Seems to be a ground loop problem when on external power.

  • Gdurastanti

    Battery life has been phenomenal. I actually purchased the extended battery just so that I wouldn’t need to plug it in during long travel days for work and that made it even more amazing. Can run games and apps all day with 4g constantly on and haven’t even had my battery drop below 60% and thats with periods of 40 hours unplugged and in use. 

    As for signal, no issues at all. In fact in places that used to be deadzones for my OG, the Bionic has no issues whatsoever. 

  • Anonymous

    Mine has dropped the network twice that I’ve noticed. I woke up one morning to no network, and again when I was in the middle of streaming Wallace and Grommit via Netflix 🙁

    Like you said, toggling the Airplane mode fixed it, but it’s still a weird issue. In both cases I was at home the entire time where I get a solid 2-3 bars of 4G, so my issues shouldn’t have had anything to do with switching between radios.

  • Mattxl

    Have had nothing but great battery life… I use it all day and by the time I go to sleep around 12am I still have about 30 – 40% left

  • Mattxl

    Have had nothing but great battery life… I use it all day and by the time I go to sleep around 12am I still have about 30 – 40% left

  • I picked up my Bionic in the local VZW store on Thursday and got a good 4 hours out of the ~40% initial charge using it almost nonstop setting up my various email accounts and apps.  The next day I used the phone pretty hard all morning and realized the battery was dropping pretty fast (50% in under 4 hours), I modified a few settings like display brightness, and turned off syncing of Yahoo, LinkedIn, Picasa, and Twitter contacts, and modified a few other sync settings and was able to get through the rest of the workday before plugging it in in the car for the ride home.  On Saturday I was at a wedding and was checking football scores fairly regularly which also drained the battery by a good 40% in a matter of 4-5 hours.  I live in a fairly good 4G area but there are a couple places that I go on a regular basis that the coverage is fairly poor, and it’s when I’m in those areas (surprise, surprise) that I notice the battery draining at a faster rate whether I’m actively using it or not.  Of course the 4G (vs. 3G) is a big battery hog and when I was at the wedding (just checking scores) I decided to turn off 4G to conserve a bit of battery and I think it definitely made a difference for me.  Today has been much better as far as battery life but I haven’t used it nearly as much (a half dozen calls, few texts, and a few dozen emails).  I did order the extended life battery last night from VZW, and I’ll be interested to see how much longer it lasts without always keeping a charger within arms reach.

  • B-more area, 4-5 bars 4g LTE def not having signal issues on 3g only or both 3/4g.  Battery life is def shorter with 4g even in good coverage.  So far on mostly 3g 80% (unless i know i need the speed I’ll switch to 4g) 20% today I have used 30% battery in 5 hrs.  I would be ok with 15+ hrs of average usage…(few texts, look up somethings on browser, phone usage about 30 minutes).  I did order the extended battery from verizon.

  • Mabele_40

    My wife and I both got the bionic…both of us are having bigtime battery life problems. Even with wifi and bluetooth off, brightness turned almost all the way down, and the battery saver optimized for maximum battery savings, the battery constantly drains. I checked battery usage and its all being used by standby (radio) and idle processes. I don’t get it…how is everyone else getting decent battery life…even hardly using the phone we can’t make it through a day without having to charge it.

    • KC

      @1ceb2e0459683c29ba363ed878e7e1b2:disqus I have the exact same issues.  Radio and idle sucking it dry.

  • If i find out one of these haters that are complaining about the data arent in performance mode or are in nighttime saver mode having issues at night i am going to be upset.  Most likely, people didnt like the battery life at full blast, changed the battery mode and then forgot.
    Sometimes these forums are like working customer service, “you do know you have to plug in the tv right?”

  • Me08053

    I’m having the exact same issue mentioned in the post.  I can’t keep 4G to save my life and when it switches between 4G and 3G my connection just freezes and I have to toggle airplane mode.  At the verizon store I was told it was because I had Advanced task killer (ATK) running.  I uninstalled ATK and had a better job of holding on to 4G but still not nearly as well as I’d like, Always.  What’s the next step? Is it likely that I have a bad device? How do you get verizon to replace it?

    • I can’t comment on the 4G to 3G connection issue but… there is no good reason to use Advanced Task Killer with Android 2.3… let it do it’s own task management, it does it better.

    • Well if they we right about the ATK you may just be going in and out of 4g areas.  If you are standing still and it goes back and forth show it to your verizon rep, if you can duplicate the issue in the store, theres never a worry, theyll take it just dont give them an excuse to not like a task killer(really dude?)

  • bsdeauxde

    I’m getting great battery life.  Am able to leave the phone on all day long no problem.  However, Pandora is a great energy suck.

  • To the folks having the audio whine issue. Here is what I did, turn the media volume on the Bionic all the way up and use an amp (I used the FiiO E7) to adjust your volume, the whine is gone for me using this method.  It’s a workaround to be sure… this issue should have never made it into the device after all the delays.

  • Ron

    Will the WIFI app Barnacle work if the Bionic is rooted?

  • Bionic

    There has been a few times where mine has dropped 3G but 3G is weak in that area i speak of.  For the most part I have seen good reliable signal.  I rooted my Bionic and froze all the bloat apps and it seems to do wonders for my battery.  Also, I think it takes 4 or 5 full charges to get the battery into prime condition.  Seems like the battery is better after every full charge for me.  

    Again, try rooting it and freezing all those bullshit verizon apps like “news” and “weather” and the vcast apps.  those eat up RAM and battery.  

    I have over 400mb of RAM free since rooting at all times.  A difference of about 100.  And again, my battery only seems to get better as the days go on.  

    Also, check the battery mode.  Some modes actually kill the data signal when phone is idle.  could explain a few signal issues you are having.  

    • Bionic

      After 4 hours today my battery is still at 90% with light use.  Cant complain about that!!

    • Well said Bionic, thats probably why i bought you.  Ironic that you rooted yourself though, is that like a detox or going to a shrink?

      • Bionic

        More like taking a brain supplement to make your thoughts clearer

  • Sanchezleo85

    I am having major network issues I have to toggle air plane mode a lot battery is weak also starting to get annoying

  • Bill Morrow

    I get about 8 hours, I ordered my $25 battery on Friday…tried to tweet it to you to get the tip out then….

  • Expected more life out of the battery, its not “bad”…just expected more. I got the bundle from Costco so I always have a fully charged spare battery on hand, just in case.  Loving LTE. Not loving the screen (but I knew I wouldnt when i bought it). I havent had any connection issues so far.  I did notice that lockscreen changes (pattern, Pin, password) takes a few minutes to take affect. Overall, I am still very please with this phone.  I am optimistic of an update to fix software issues. soon…”optimistic” being the key word.   

    • Bionic

      what bugs do you speak of?  just curious cuz i havent seen any.  Mine is rooted

  • My phone works fine, talk signal, data on a train and driving through different areas, 3g/4g.  Battery is the same as other phones, no better and no worse and considering 4g, bigger screen its a win.  I bought the extended battery because with the battery cover?  Thats a great deal.  Root the phone, youll be gold. 

  • Anonymous

    Rooted the phone, switched to cdma only mode (3g area), and debloated the crap out of it. Battery life is probably 20% more efficient than my Droid X and at least 2x faster at loading applications. Web browsing on it is fantastic and doesn’t feel bottlenecked by a lower grade CPU. The build quality is top notch as well. I do have an issue with the motor in the vibration part of the phone, it just seems really weak like it’s struggling. I’m too lazy to look into a replacement and will probably just live with it.

  • Jednc

    Love the phone. Have had it since Thursday. No signal issues that I’ve noticed at all. I’m getting 10 hours on average from my battery (although thinking of getting the extended battery while it’s so cheap). For my eyes, the screen is fine too. I can’t say enough good things about the phone and the experience. There is one thing I don’t like. I MISS the stock News & Weather App. that has been removied. Any ideas where I can get a copy? I’ve downloaded teh apk several times and each version will install but will not load (FC). Any suggestions on where to get a version that will work with the new version of Gingerbread?

    • Bionic

      your probably the only person i know that likes the stock news apps.  i froze mine

  • Anonymous

    No signal issues for me, the 4G LTE works wonders in NY I average 22-25mps down and 4 – 6mps up, no issues with the headphone, the only issue I have is the battery life with normal use may get 6 hours, with the extended maybe 12-14. when I brought Motorola Charging Dock it came with an extra standard battery, so I guess you can say between the three batteries (2 standards and 1 extended) I may see a days worth of use, BTW the Charging Dock can charge a battery (standard or extended) and my Bionic at the same time. So guess its all good, no need to return the Bionic, its to fkn nice to give back anyway!

  • henry

    Has anyone noticed a high pitched whine when using headphones?  It seems to happen with any sound or music app.  I even hear it when I adjust the ringer volume.

    • Yes, I have noticed that, although only when listening to music or watching videos.

  • Bloodybob

    1) The battery sale: when I bought mine in store, the sales chick said that “for some reason” when she rang a battery up for someone earlier, it was marked down, so I decided to buy it, and when she rung it up it was $24.99… but it also added a $30 discount to the phone itself.  Dunno why, and neither did she.  Note: I was also buying the car mount, and I get a 25% discount on all accessories all the time (doesn’t matter how many, or if I’m buying a phone at the time) due to where I work, aaaand I was also getting the $100 mailed back gift card thing (another line on my plan isn’t smart phone, so she used that, it renewed that phone’s 2 year, but not mine, and it didn’t bump the second line to a smart phone!)

    2) Signal: My signal as far as CDMA is beautiful, I’m not sure it’s dropped a single time (sure hasn’t while I’ve been looking) and I go thru some pretty backwater areas, so that’s wonderful, and my 4G LTE is generally pretty great too, seems to do a little better then my roommate’s Charge… Buuuuut I have had an issue, even in the middle of major cities where signal’s normally golden: I’ll suddenly have no data (3G or 4G LTE) at all for a few minutes at a time.  I’m aware of setting that kill the net to save battery, and it’s none of them. Anyone else have anything like that? :/

  • Zorker

    I had similar issues with my Droid3.  Ended up having to exchange it.  My signal would constantly die, phone also would reboot randomly all day.  Replacement is much better and doesn’t drop near as much as the old one with only an occasional reboot.

  • Daddy1luv

    My Bionic is running great. I am not experiencing any drop network or horrible battery issues like my wifeys Thunderbolt. OMG does the battery suck on the Thunderbolt! I was taking pics this weekend on my Bionic and did noticed some yellow-ness. ehhh.  Maybe it was my bad lighting in the room. Other than that I am very Happy coming from a Droid 2. Glad I got my bundle from Costco got the extra Battery and all the goodies.

  • Anonymous

    I’m on the cusp of a 4G area, I noticed when I hold the device I get about 1-4 bars of 4G while i’m in the house. If I put the phone on my lap it drops to 3G. Haven’t really tested the battery life while on 4G too much. My work is outside of the 4G area so I put it in CDMA mode only, which gives me excellent battery life. 

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry to hear about your dropped signal. No offence, but I sure hope it is just you.


    My battery life is awful. Have to charge twice a day. Signal is ok. Depending on what part of Phoenix I’m in. I actually live outside of Phoenix where there is no 4G. Another note. LTE does not penetrate buildings as well as CDMA does fo if you work in a datacenter like me or other building with thick walls, good luck.

    • DAVPX

      Oh and the cheap batteries deal isn’t working for me.


        me either! is there a promo code?

        • Bloodybob

          Shouldn’t be.  As reported yesterday ( http://www.droid-life.com/2011/09/11/droid-bionic-extended-battery-is-50-through-verizon-maybe-this-weekend-only/ ), all you have to do is add to cart, than view the cart and it should be $24.99, although maybe it’s ended since he reposted it earlier today.

  • Mckeller

    My Thunderbolt couldn’t hold a signal either. My Bionic is holding 4G like a BOSS!

  • I’m in Houston.  When the 4G signal starts to get hairy, I basically just loose all data connectivity.  then after like 5 minutes, it will decide to just use 3G.  But then it can’t seem to actually utilize that connection.  My device just… stalls.  Then I will just loose ALL data connectivity.  and this will go on for about 30 minutes of frustration.  Then I will finally just restart my device (or turn on airplane mode and then off), and then MAGICALLY, I have 4G service again.  

    As for battery time, it has been fine until this morning.  I took the phone off the charger last night at 10, sent a couple texts, looked up one really quick map, then went to bed.  Woke up with a “low battery” alert.

    I was thinking about going and gettinga  new device as well.  Thoughts?

    • Bionic

      Root the thing.  Its so easy

  • I’m in Hillsboro, OR, my wife and I both went out and got Bionic’s and we both are having the issue where data connection just drops: either we swap from 4G to 3G every other minute or the data just disconnects altogether and we have to toggle radio to get it back.

    Battery life has been sort of hit and miss for me, Friday I went all day without using it at work and was getting low battery beeps at about 8 hours, Sunday I was home watching TV and went 14 hours and only got down to ~40%

  • Me

    Everything works great on mine 10 battery life with watching netflix. Is there two different bionic styles floating around? In a recent post d.l showed battery cover not sitting flush. I have no battery cover the entire back pops off. I am extremely happy with my phone

  • Anonymous

    anyone know if the wifi tether hack also works for the Droid 2 Gingerbread?

    • Wifi Tether works find with Droid 2 Gingerbread when you root it. You don’t need the fix above.

      • Anonymous

        I did root the Droid 2 gingerbread. But now when I turn on wireless tether for root, I get a message saying that hotspot has been activated, then it takes me to a verizon website showing me the different hotspot fees.  

        It used to work fine on froyo but something got blocked on gingerbread.

  • Aaron Sauer

    The headphone hiss issue (high pitch noise) is the biggest deal breaker for me. See here https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/57436?start=0&tstart=0

  • I have big time signal issues on thunderbolt, sometimes no data connection at all. I think it is Verizon’s network and not the phones.

  • Chad

    4G speeds are amazing in the St. Paul area. Id say my average down is 26mbps and average up is 10. (I do not have any connection problems.)
    The battery is horrible. I don’t know how you guys are getting 8-12 hrs of USAGE time. Right now i’m at 30% after 11 hours…but those 11 hours represent 4G turned off and ZERO usage (unplugged it right before bed with battery saver on…5 hours of sleep plus 6 hours in my backpack during class). Light usage (txting, checking twitter/FB) i get MAX 6 hours. Throw in a phone call or two or any youtube/browser/words with friends and i’m down to 3 hours. Even in 3G only mode gets me 7 ish hours of moderate use. This wouldn’t be so bad except that charging the damn thing takes LONGER THAN THE BATTERY LIFE! Its basically a phone you can only use if/when its plugged in.
    That being said i have a extended battery at home that i will charge up tonight and see if that makes a big enough difference. Also, i’m wondering if LTE speeds/areas can change a person’s battery life (sounds dumb i know). Are the people getting slower down/up speeds the one’s with acceptable life spans?

    • Chad

      Also, the camera is a big letdown. I almost think my OGD took betting pictures. It takes forever to focus and the pictures (on 8MP setting) look super grainy and washed out. The flash is useless.

  • culley114

    I think you got a bad unit there. No signal drops at all for me. Occasionally switches to 3g briefly but goes right back to 4g. Battery life seems like it could be as high as 16 hours with Juicedefender. The only problem I have is that, at low volume, you can hear a high pitch whine while using headphones. Anyone else have this problem?

  • I have had my LTE drop out and then not return a couple times.  I’ll give it a while before I pass judgement on that issue, but otherwise a fantastic phone.

  • J53113

    I too am having those signal issues … it’s annoying.

  • Jamaicanyouth12

    i live in NY and also experince signal issues and i have a thunderbolt

  • Anonymous

    I returned mines.. forget about how long the battery lasts in general, look at how long the battery lasts on display.. it will give you an idea of how long you’ve actually used the device. I barely get 2 hours from 100% to 0% of battery life. I ended up returning this phone, I’m just going to wait for the Nexus Prime.

  • Ranlil

    I’m having almost identical issues with the battery and signal.  Actually I just discovered I haven’t had any signal all morning in a really good 4G area.  I toggled airplane mode and I got it.  At home with a weak signal, the battery life sucked the big one even when I set it to 3G with no GPS, WIFI, BT or anything.

  • Mabele_40

    Yes, I am having serious battery issues and signal drops. Haven’t barely touched my bionic today and I’m already under 70% battery life. That is with turning the brightness almost all the way down, and modifying the battery useage settings to conserve as much as possible. I thought this battery was supposed to be good?

  • 4G Coverage is always stable down here in Pennsylvania, however the battery is roughly around 8-12 hours.  Hoping this other battery solutions boosts it a little more

  • Jobslave72

    I dont know if this will help the signal issue, but try this. Remove the sim card and reinstall. this should improve signal.

  • Can someone tell me if the HDMI output is still just photos/videos or if they something close to true HDMI mirroring?

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what issues you guys are experiencing, my bionics signal is great and the battery lasts about as long as my DROID x. So far im loving the phone

  • Hlm2311

    Some ppl are just dumb why keep waiting on new phones.Just be happy with one you have.There is no such thing as the perfect phone .Just go out and buy the one thats for you dont try and compete with what some one else have.          

    • EC8CH

      you do know we live in America? 😛

      • Anonymous

        he has a point…there is always “the next greatest thing” just around the corner, and you’re wasting 600 dollars every time you upgrade when something newer and supposedly better comes out…what would you do if part of the 2 year agreement was that you couldnt upgrade your phone even at full retail for that 2 years?

        • Anonymous

          If we go that way we will be upgrading every 3 months. I love to upgrade every year but not sooner than that . Any thoughts !

  • I’ve had my BIONIC since launch & have been really hit or miss on battery life.  I’ve seen it drop from 70% to DEAD in 30min while working in the yard.  I’ve also had it last all day without any real issues.  

    I can’t help but wonder if it’s getting too aggressive trying to find 4G if it drops out?

  • KC

    [Repost] Battery life?  Not good so far.  The battery is at 50% after 5 hours of mostly idle time, with a max lifespan of about 9 hours before requiring a charge.  If you have Bluetooth or WiFi turned on the total life span is about 3.5 hours.  It is just awful. My wife has the Droid Charge and that thing can sit for 36 hours straight without having to charge (even with 4G).  My old Storm could go the same with WiFi and Bluetooth turned on.  If something doesn’t change quick, the Bionic going back to Verizon and I will be getting the Charge, or waiting for Samsung’s next model.Also, the pentile screen looks just fine.  However, there is absolutely no comparison between this screen and Samsung’s Charge.  SA+ is light years beyond, and then some…

  • Anonymous

    My Bionic’s lasted a full day no problem… I used it all day this past saturday to get me to a wedding with NAV and streaming bluetooth football coverage, took 30 or so pics with it, checked football scores all day… went to bed 8 or so hours later with 30% battery left.  

    Could not be more happy with the upgrade!

  • Well I would guess it is the 4G.. In a straight 3G world (playing music, games, texting, about 1.5 talk time, wifi web browsing, and maybe a few things I forgot…) mine lasted 24h16m..  I turned all the extra crap off, froze all the bloatware.  

  • Gotchu

    My phone will not work properly when it is plugged into the charger. The screen reacts half the time and when it does it is very sluggish. I also have had issues with signal. If i move out of 4g coverage my phone will not swtich to 3g for data. I have to manually go in and switch my signal to 3g only.

    • Anonymous

      You’re probably using an aftermarket charger. Get an OEM Motorola charger and you should be good. Had the same problem once, it’s got everything to do with different voltages. 

  • Kevinxxx22

    I would like to say I have not had any problems with My bionic plane and simple stop hating this the best phone out and will be for awhile oh and the people waiting on the prime good luck

    • Sk102704

      Me too! Mine is awesome and well worth the buy!

  • Cookiejazraz

    I got a bionic to replace my thunderbolt. I was having to charge my bolt three to four times a day, and was lucky to get a data signal anywhere in my house. With the same usage I’m at forty percent by 8pm, and get full bars of 3G in my basement. The only gripe I have is the pentile screen.

  • Tmax224

    Im not sure if im the only one, but  my wifi has not worked correctly once. It will either connect and flat out not work, or it will connect then disconnect, connect then disconnect…you get the point. This is really troubling me because im on a campus with wifi everywhere so it be nice if i could use this regular feature on my phone…ANY IDEAS/ADVICE!!!!????

    • Tmax224


      • George Davis

        Try a battery pull.

  • Dshudson

    I couldn’t use my Tbolt in my house, that’s how awful reception was, since I’ve had Bionic, not a problem. Although, some people report getting multiple text from me. 

  • Anonymous

    4G Signal has been flawless, and even getting it in some places where I couldn’t even get 3G signal before. Battery life definitely loads better than my OG, but noticed sometimes battery level stays constant for a long time then drops 20% without anything happening. Maybe the reporting is screwy. Still I can unplug at 7am in the morning and not have it die till 6 or 7pm in the evening with moderate usage/4G on/wi-fi off all day..

  • T Hall

    I have noticed that battery life is okay, but hard to say exactly since I have been using it a lot.  I was in 3G all day Saturday, and the battery life seemed worse than when it is on 4G.  Might have to do with it searching for 4G.

  • Matt4542

    Any alternative to SQLite?  I don’t have a credit card linked to my account.

  • Don

    Since getting my Bionic on Thursday and the battery and speed have been better than I expected.  Took a trip to Vegas over the weekend and never was without LTE speed or enough juice to get though the day.  The only battery issues I have had were once I got back home (New Orleans) and starting adding a bunch of apps.  I turned on wifi due to the numerous downloads and saw the battery drop significantly (70% to 30%) after adding about 20 apps.  Once I turned off wifi everything seemed to stabilize.  With download speeds of 10-15 meg and upload of 3-4 meg there is no reason for me to turn wifi back on.    

  • Daveyje24

    so how exactly can I by pass the block on wireless tether???

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry to tell you this guys…. but the Bionic is a piece of garbage…

    • Anonymous

      Do you have one?  No?  Oh.

  • Marco Tellez88

    I have issues with my battery life also it last about four to six hours.

  • Tiezane

    My wife and i both had issues with poor 4G connectivity, signal would bounce between 1x, 3G, and 4G.  She has a Charge, I have a TBolt.  After 3 calls to Verizon, and them telling us it wasn’t an issue with the signal in the area, we told them to replace the phones.  Got the replacements this weekend, and the connection has been much better.  I’m wondering if it’s an issue with the provider of the LTE chip for all these phones, with it just not being able to handoff well enough….


    4G signal is great for me so far
    Only time i had a issue I simply restarted

    Battery life has been good, i turned off wifi unless I know I can use it
    I use the preloaded battery saver software to conserve my battery life.
    I am ending the day with 35% and moderate to heavy use

    My camera and rear cover is my only issues
    I find that portrait setting seems to do best indoors fyi

  • Has anyone else noticed a high pitched tone in the background when listening to audio on headphones, it happens on every pair I own.

    •  Sounds like a bad jack.

    • T Hall

      Yep mine has it too.  There are threads on it that it is indeed a confirmed problem.

      • Here’s hoping a software update can fix that…

  • buckeyenwv

    Is anyone else having issues with the bluetooth connection when playing music?  Mine keeps cutting out

  • The Bionic debloat has DRASTICALLY improved my battery life.

  • Mark Christian

    I too have data dropping issues, but with the Droid Charge.  I’m wondering what the connection is between everyone that’s having these issues.  It would seem its not just limited to the devices but more of a problem with the way they connect to the network?  Maybe faulty SIM cards, firmware, could it even be that the hardware is not up to par?

    • Anonymous


      • Mark Christian

        DFW, but I also travel and have tested it in a lot of different areas with the same issue:
        Cincinnati, Denver, Wichita Falls, Houston, Austin
        They swapped out my phone on day 4 with a new one and it still has the same issues, figured I’d try and help them troubleshoot over the next couple of months rather than just getting a different phone all together (and I am addicted to the 4G speed, when I can get it).  Basically their resolve is to send me a CPO/CPN, I’ve been down that route before and it’s never pretty, so I’ve just learned to live with it sadly.  Figured an update would fix things, but its been over 2 months and I’m tired of being treated like crap when I call their tech support line to get updates on my trouble tickets.

        • Anonymous

          Wish I could offer something helpful, but nothing comes to mind. Only Sammy Android I have is the Nexus S, and I DID have battery issues with it as well, but that’s GSM and not even HSPA+ so a different topic altogether.

          I’m not having the same issues with my DB as mentioned here, and it reminds me of the same discussions about the DX when I first got it, and that was on EVDO Rev.A. I’m figuring it either has to do with usage pattern or location…

  • Jroth5714

    I watched NFL Redzone yesterday for 3 hours as I was watching other games on my tv and It only took my battery down 30%.  I got about 12 hours of battery yesterday with moderate to heavy use.  Which seems a little high. So it looks like it varies a lot.

  • Srgolub

    Kellex – I’m having the same signal issues you describe and over at the Moto Support Forums several others have indicated the same.  The issue appears most pronounced when you briefly go somewhere (in a basement for example) where there’s no signal at all and then go back to an area where you have reception.  If my phone is set for CDMA/LTE I very often don’t get any data connection back without toggling airplane mode.  If the phone is set for CDMA only, it picks the data connection back up quickly.   So unless I’m in a strong LTE area, I’ve been leaving the phone in CDMA only mode.  

    From what I’ve read on the Moto support forums, a fix is scheduled for November.  This seems to be pretty par for the course for Moto – a big patch a couple of months after launch.

    • Anonymous

      > a fix is scheduled for November

      This might be a good reason to wait for the Windows Mango phone release…

      Or if you’re sane, a good reason to wait on the Droid Prime (or whatever phone VZW is going to cripple instead of the new Nexus device). Per yesterday’s article, the next Android release should have some big changes too: http://thisismynext.com/2011/09/09/android-jelly-bean/

  • Anonymous

    battery i’m probably running around 6-7 hours if i am very limited in my usage.  does anybody know how much the extended battery makes it?

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t had battery issues either.  I had it on all night last night, off the charger, as my wakeup alarm.  WiFi was enabled.  It was at full charge when I set it down, and still at full charge when I woke up.  It is now 13 hours later, I’m at 80%, though I did keep it charged/plugged in during my commute while I was listening to some MP3.  It is working well enough.  Yesterday I chose to burn down my battery at home.  It was at 15%.  I fired up a widescreen movie, and it ran for 75 minutes, non stop, while also on wifi.  You need to run it all the way down, whenever you are close to a power source.  That is the only way to condition your battery, it shouldn’t matter with Li-ion batteries, but it does.  i.e. My OG droid would go for two days, after a year, it was down to 8
    hours.  Replaced the battery, problem completely resolved, back to 1.5
    days, as I was using it more.

    Some pontificating, most Li-ion batteries are only good for 500-1000 charges depending on manufacturer.  This what is wrong with iPhones having a sealed battery.  Apple wants you to buy another computer, iphone, Macbook, iPad, within 1.5-2 years.  That is why they obsolete equipment with OS upgrades, and sealed batteries.  Consumers are just completely snowed by the obvious, compounded by ignorance.  I cannot believe people are not cluing into why Apples annual revenue is so high. They grow new users, at a rate much lower than repeat offenders…

    for other comments, I have the same problem with the camera, focusing is spotty.  I have not yet sorted out what is the deficiency though. 

    • Anonymous

      Excellently said.

      • Anonymous

        i had a friend with an android phone that only charged his phone for 2 or 3 hours at a time and when he took his phone back to get something else, he was only getting 2 or 3 hours per charge…the directions tell you to drain the battery until the phone turns off…and to do that a couple times…whether or not that’s a full drain or the circuitry you mentioned is shutting the phone down before it gets completely drained is something i’m not sure of

        • Anonymous

          Well, all I know is that if you let them discharge too low too often you can ruin the battery.  Like I said, there is protection that’s supposed to prevent that but from my own experience it doesn’t always work.  I have let the battery discharge to the point of the phone shutting off a few times but I try to avoid that whenever possible, instead I let the battery get to around 20% then recharge it fully, has worked out pretty well for me.

          • Anonymous

            i’m like you, though i try to let hte phone yell at me to charge it(10-15%) before i plug it in…unless i’m doing alot of streaming, or Nav…then its plugged in the whole time

  • SC

    BGR just posted a review of the phone and pretty much raves about it.  Kellex just needs a new bionic from motorola.  http://www.bgr.com/2011/09/12/motorola-droid-bionic-review/

  • Dannythefish1989

    Yall are crazy. I think people who always want the newest and best pbone are dumb. You will always be behind cuz they come out with a better phone every 3 months. That being said i have the bionic for only three days but no problems. It is like a dx but thats expexted since its moto.

  • Coriolis

    I only have had my bionic for two days ish now. I can confidently report around 7 hours of battery life. As far as the signal is concerned I have been extremely pleased with it. I had the droid charge before and it would always drop down to 3g for funzies while the bionic has been holding strong. I will add that even though my battery life has been awesome I ordered the extended, nothing wrong with a little more awesome at 50% off 😀

  • Brian Maresca

    I think I’ve given up on the Bionic.  The battery life is unbelievably bad and I don’t even consider myself a power user by any means.  That combined with the pentile screen (this is the only Android phone other than the OG that I’ve had) has sealed the deal for me.  I guess I’m waiting for the Vigor/Prime.

  • Jasper

    Kellex the people posting 8-12 hours or 15-19 Hours of battery life are also posting only 1-2 hours of the Display actually being on. I can get about 5-6 hours out of my battery and have the display on about 3-4 hours of that time. I have tested this in WIFI and 4G it seems to be about the same amount of battery life. So no, battery life isn’t that good, in fact I am not impressed.

    • Illinipoke98

      I’m getting very similar results.  15-20% battery eaten each hour, with screen on 50% of the time.  This is with LTE, WIFI, blue tooth, gps turned OFF.

  • Anonymous

    I just returned my phone for the exact issues you described. I could get no more than 6 hours of battery out of my phone regardless if I had 4G on or off. I also had signal dropoff issues. I live in Rochester, NY, one of the original cities to get 4G/LTE from Verizon.
    On top of that, my battery was excessively hot (measured this with a digital thermometer). It reached at maximum 147 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    No reason to keep this phone at all. I ate the $35 restocking fee and I’m waiting for another device. 

  • Dwill1970

    Been having major battery issues.  In a solid 4G area and I’m lucky to get through 6-7 hours WITHOUT using the phone.  Have also had it lock up on me a couple times where I had to take off the back and remove the battery (which is also a pain in the ass, have had to use a credit card every time I want to get it out). 

    Did a factory reset last night, installed only a few minimal apps to see if maybe something I had installed was draining it (though everything I installed worked flawless on my gingerbread rooted X, ya never know).

  • Illinipoke98

    Whuh, my post get deleted?

    • Illinipoke98

      Anyway, my bionic doesn’t get as good of a data signal as my OG.  It drops to 1x or nothing where the og keeps 3g.  This is with lte turned off, so its not just a handoff issue.  Battery is better than when I first got it, i drain 15-20% per hour with screen on 40-50% of the time.

  • Anonymous

    I’m having good signal and battery life.  I experimented with 4G only the other day (no Wi-Fi) and it got me through most of the business day, but when I’ve got Wi-Fi on, it works great.  On Saturday I was in and out of Wi-Fi areas so it was a good “real” test of having both Wi-Fi and 4G and into the evening I was still at around 60% battery.  I’m loving the phone, rooted it the other day.  The only “weird” thing that happened was randomly a bunch of apps that I moved to the SD card appeared to be missing, and when I say “missing” when I checked Titanium, they showed that they were uninstalled.  Not every app on my SD card did this, so I have no idea what happened there.  I restored them from Titanium, and they seem to be fine since then.  So not sure what caused that to happen.

  • Ray

    Well overvall it looks like you just got yourself a bad unit there Kellex & Tim

  • Mineral21

    Not sure what’s up with everybody else having so many problems.  I have everything turned on (Wifi, bluetooth, etc.) and I got 16 hours out of mine yesterday.  I was home all day, so i used my home Wifi, but still, i was pretty pleased.  

    I had a dropped call this morning that I wasn’t excited about, but so far it’s only happened once.  

    But the speed of this thing is crazy.  I honestly can browse the internet at the same speed i can on a PC.  I’m not crazy about the screen, but that’s not really a top priority for me…

  • haven’t had much issue other than the day i got it. signal is good and battery life is not bad. had battery at about 80% drove to chicago area and turned on my 4G. left it on. got about 9 1/2 hrs out of it with pretty decent use.

  • Conanbarb

    I’ve had really good battery use so far and my 4G signal in Phoenix, AZ has been solid.  After 18 hours of moderate use, I still had 20% left on my battery.  I’ll take that any day.

  • Anonymous

    i’ve had no issues with my bionic, my only gripe about it is the camera focus crap. taking a picture is pretty damn slow when the qualities jacked up the highest, but i don’t use my phone as a camera so its not much of an issue for me. battery lifes been great with 4g turned off when not needed. haven’t experienced any struggles with battery or signal strength. to give my personal opinion i’ve yet to see a single hyped phone come out with some sort of gripe. for me the bionics been worthy of the hype in that the performnce, build quality, and features have all met/exceeded expectations.

    • Daveyje24

      my camera has been great and takes the picture instantly and battery life has been around 10 hours

      • Anonymous

        that’s strange. awesome that yours works well. when i bump the quality settings down from 8 mpixels to 6 it shoots fine, but the higher resolution settings seems to make my camera focus for about 3-4 seconds before shooting the photo. 

        • Anonymous

          I think I got a faulty camera on my Bionic. My doesn’t focus at all and instead either has hundreds of green and purple vertical lines as its trying to focus or the whole screen goes into a barely opaque blue haze. I’ve tried multiple camera apps and I get the same thing and the same for shooting video. Also, photos taken have the same qualities, so its not just showing it incorrectly on the screen. I’ll be headed to Verizon tomorrow to demonstrate the issue and hopefully walk out with a replacement or get one ordered if need be. Other than that, I’m loving the phone. Got to try 4G out for the first time this past weekend and man its awesome. The processing speed is pretty astonishing too compared to what I’m used to (coming off of an Eris and OG Droid).

          • Anonymous

            Oddly, when I use my bank’s phone deposit system, the camera takes on multiple personalities, a complete pain.  When I use the camera’s phone app, I don’t have any significant problems.  It is very hit or miss.  The only thing that is consistent, is it is inconsistent.  .

    • I agree I think the camera software is slow and crappy.  I have faith though that they will fix it via update.  The OG droid had a similar laggy camera app when launched and about 1 month later there was an update to fix it.

      • “I have faith though that they will fix it via update.” 
        – After what 2 years now Motorola still hasn’t significantly worked on their camera software.  Good news is I really don’t expect great pictures from a phone and that would be more of a bonus.  But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

        • Anonymous

          I do agree with Kellex that sammy 2 take better pictures than the bionic on low light conditions. I feel if you take pictures with your bionic in good light conditions you should be good. The vga cam impressed me as well, even though it is vga not megapixel.

  • Anonymous

    Manhattan NY, came from a ThunderBolt.

    I’ve had the opposite experience. Battery life is up to 10 hours from the 3-5 hours on the Bolt (standard batteries).

    Slightly better signal strength than the bolt, 4-5 bars solid, rare loss of LTE, about once a day. I know because I’ve set the network lost tone on, so the phone announces when it loses signal. (menu, sound settings, Network Lost Tone).

  • I do have signal issues, but maybe like once or twice a day.  Typically if I wait it out it will resolve itself, but every once in awhile I have to toggle Airplane mode.

    As for battery – mine sucked real bad the first two days, but after 3 days of dropping it to 5% then charging to 100% overnight, it seems to give me much better life. I got 11 hours (3 minutes and 35 seconds, but whos counting) last night after 3 calls totaling 1 hour, some gchat, text messaging, and a decent amount of browsing/NFL scores refreshing.

    Sounds to me like you guys might have got a dud.  As the battery life has improved on mine, i’ve grown to really like it.

  • I do have signal issues, but maybe like once or twice a day.  Typically if I wait it out it will resolve itself, but every once in awhile I have to toggle Airplane mode.

    As for battery – mine sucked real bad the first two days, but after 3 days of dropping it to 5% then charging to 100% overnight, it seems to give me much better life. I got 11 hours (3 minutes and 35 seconds, but whos counting) last night after 3 calls totaling 1 hour, some gchat, text messaging, and a decent amount of browsing/NFL scores refreshing.

    Sounds to me like you guys might have got a dud.  As the battery life has improved on mine, i’ve grown to really like it.

  • Trumps

    I had awful battery life at first (Netflix would drain a full battery in an hour), and also had “data blackouts” despite having good 4G signal.  I rooted and removed a bunch of squirrel turds Motorola graciously sprinkled throughout the phone, and switched to the AOSP 2.3.4 email.apk.

    To fix the camera woes, I found Camera Advance from the market performs extremely well.  My only beef is that it doesn’t allow you to select /mnt/sdcard-ext… since some genius at motorola decided to mount the internal memory to /mnt/sdcard
    Last, with SetCPU running to throttle the processor down to 300mhz when the phone isn’t being used, I can last an entire day now.

  • Trumps

    I had awful battery life at first (Netflix would drain a full battery in an hour), and also had “data blackouts” despite having good 4G signal.  I rooted and removed a bunch of squirrel turds Motorola graciously sprinkled throughout the phone, and switched to the AOSP 2.3.4 email.apk.

    To fix the camera woes, I found Camera Advance from the market performs extremely well.  My only beef is that it doesn’t allow you to select /mnt/sdcard-ext… since some genius at motorola decided to mount the internal memory to /mnt/sdcard
    Last, with SetCPU running to throttle the processor down to 300mhz when the phone isn’t being used, I can last an entire day now.

  • titan253

    My dad and i are also having signal issues although not as often as every ten mins. In my experience it seems to be a switching issue, especially in areas with poor 4g/3g signal strength.My OG Droid on CM7 did the same thing so maybe its a gingerbread thing?

  • Im anxiously awaiting my Bionic!, should show up today!

  • Anonymous

    Battery has been pretty good for me overall, except for the long charge times (which seem to have gotten better.  I did have a weird issue yesterday where the phone seemingly shut itself off and wouldn’t even respond to the power button, so I had to pull the battery.  This happened twice.  After the second time, I noticed my power dropped 40% in the hour or so that these two instances happened.

    I’m seeing some signal issues–nothing major and hasn’t happened too
    much yet, but I’ve noticed my phone getting “stuck” on 3G or 1G even,
    even when I know I can get 4G.  Airplane mode off and on fixes this.

    And the camera sucks, but I don’t expect much from phone cameras anyway.  But I had my nephews over and was trying to take really good pictures of them smiling.. by the time the camera was able to focus, lock, and snap the picture, they were already onto doing something else.  It really takes a long time.

  • Forjeezeftw

    I get almost a weeks worth of battery life on my Thunderbolt with the stock battery, and that’s with brightness all the way up, 4g on while streaming HD video, overclocked to 1.9 Ghz, and bluetooth, gps, live wallpaer, and wifi on.  you noobz just don’t know how to use ur forgeeze if you’re getting crappy battery life.

    • babadush


    • Jose Nissan240

      What rom you using let me know cuz mine suks

      • Anonymous

        Um, pretty sure he was kidding…

      • Forjeezeftw

        I’m using TrollRom

  • George Davis

    I’m not seeing any of these issues with my Bionic.  Solid 4G connection at work and using WiFi at home.  Getting ~8 hours battery life with moderate usage, which is slightly better than my OG Droid was getting.  I’ve seen data speeds as high as 18Mbps over 4G, which is faster than Comcast (13Mbps average).  Had it since release day and very happy so far.  Sounds like you might have a bad unit?

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    So far battery has been excellent, and haven’t run into any signal issues.  I wonder if there are some bad units out there.  Great device coming from D1, aside for the screen.  Still not 100% sold.  Will see what’s announced on the 20th.

  • Anonymous

    what ever happen to that Moto scavenger hunt? any winners?

  • Hayden Hawk

    It doesn’t appear that the extended battery is on sale anymore.  I checked online yesterday and it was $50 as it appears to be this morning.  Could it only be on sale in certain markets?  I’m in Seattle and would love to get one.

    • lilschil

      Add To Cart.  The price then shows up as $24.99.  Just did it 5 seconds ago.

      • Hayden Hawk

        At first I tried that on my phone and it didn’t work but when I used my computer at work the price changed.

  • Anonymous

    Mine has been great so far. Excellent signal except when I’m at work(no one gets signal in the building though) in Indianapolis.
    Battery also makes it from 7am to 8 pm with moderate usage but its begging for the charger by then. 

  • wow, and a friend of mine were just talking about me switching over to vzw to get this phone and this come up suddenly a minute later.

    thanks for the feedback, i’m curious to know if anyone else is having those issues as you stated now.

  • Anonymous

    What do you know…9 months of hype and it sucks!

    Motorola + Verizon = inevitable fail.  The only time that hasn’t been the case is with the OG Droid.

    Not to mention they’re charging 3 C notes!  Buyer’s remorse much?

  • Chris

    yes i am having the same issue with the Signal.  I live in DC and where my Thunderbolt got 4G my Bionic can not.  It seems to get 4G in some areas but will drop very quickly if i am traveling in my car.

  • Anonymous

    I picked up a Bionic in Pittsburgh on thrusday and I’m not seeing 4g issues.  I’ve had it stay pretty much locked on 4G except for one instance where my coverage was a bit weak and it dropped off to 3G.  Battery life has been pretty good, seeing 10-12 hours with moderate use before warning (about 2 1/2 hours of screen on time.)

  • Anonymous

    Dont forget there is a hissing noise that comes from sticking the headphones into the jack. That is the last straw the broke camel back on this phone. With all these flaws, it’s enough for me to return it at Costco today. I should of went with my gut and wait for the Prime….in which this case i will. I work for Moto Solutions and I found this device to be extremely disappointing. 

    BTW I didnt have signal issues at all, in fact it blows away my wife’s thunderbolt.

  • Jager07

    The signal issue you describe is exactly what happened to my Thunderbolt after the nationwide outage that Verizon suffered shortly after the T-Bolt was released.  After the outage, my phone constantly dropped (and only periodically recovered) signal.  Not even using the LTE switch helped.  It was a total nightmare that also was not improved by any of the OTAs offered by Verizon.  I never had any of the rebooting issues, but the signal issue was disastrous for several weeks.  Rooting and installing a rom (Das Bamf 4.9) was the only thing that saved my phone.  It’s absolutely brilliant now.     

  • DarkPassenger

    Haven’t had any issues with the signal loss yet. I went into the store and the sale is good there too for the battery.

  • nesdude

    My signal has been okay in the Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit area. Battery was drained fast the first evening due to sitting in the basement and having it constantly switch between 3G and 4G. That seems to be the killer. Above ground it locks on 4G and doesn’t let go. Lasts probably 8 hours with moderate use on wifi for me. Picked up an extended battery just in case, I’m learning you can never have too many batteries with smartphones.

    Signal has been solid and I haven’t had it drop yet.

    Pretty happy so far. Been waiting for my first smartphone since April and this seems to fit the bill nicely.

  • Je49424

    Well I sold my Thunderbolt for this and the only thing I miss is the simultaneous voice & data over 3G. We are getting 4G in the next month or so but on 3G my battery life is amazing. I average about 14hrs a day and have about 30% battery life left. My thunderbolt even with all the roms and tweaks I did to it couldn’t get half of what im getting. I have no bias to the Bionic either. I wasn’t originally going to get it so I could wait for the new Samsung or Vigor but the rumors of great battery life and device being lighter than the Thunderbolt had me sold.

  • Anonymous

    How long did they have to fix this problem (3G – 4G handshake), and they still released it like this?

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like an intermittent issue, many people aren’t experiencing any problems.

  • Jordan Webb

    My battery runs for 10-15 hours depending on usage (non-extended). Yesterday I had it in full network/display use for 2-3 hours and it still made a 13 hour day (had to stream HQ video at the end of the day to fully drain the battery).

    I don’t seem to have any more issues with signal than I did any other phone. I live in an odd area where 3G/4G swap back and forth fairly often (just outside Omaha), so it’s not unusual for my signal to go in and out. Haven’t had issues with it while in the city though (Bahaha 25 Mb/s down).

  • Hayden Hawk

    I have not had any 4G issues with my Bionic and I live in Seattle.  I have had a strong signal all weekend and it has worked great.  My battery life has not been as good as I expected though. 

  • Haven’t had the signal issues… once or twice it did take a while to get back onto 4g once i was in an area that had it if I was on 3g, but aside from that, signal has been great. 

    BATTERY ISSUEIS HUGE!!! I am charging my phone 2-3 times a day with average usage. It doesn’t matter if its on wifi or 4g. I think having to get an extended battery out of the gate is stupid… give us enough power to last a little while. 

    The screen is decent until something is green… Aside from that I love the phone, its performing well. 

    I am waiting to hear what the HTC announcement is on the 20th. If its the vigor, I’ll have 2 days to return my Bionic and go back to my DX and then wait for the Vigor in October. 

    • can’t help but wonder what you consider “average usage” if your charging 2-3 times a day

      • Anonymous

        I’m wondering this as well.  To me, ‘average usage’ for a phone would be sitting idle in my pocket 3-4 hours at a time before being used for maybe 10-30 minutes and then rinse and repeat.  People who expect to be able to watch video for 6 hrs straight and keep the screen on 100% brightness are hoping for something that’s just not going to happen.
        That being said, I’d still like to see 3-4 hours out of heavy usage, if not more.  My year old DX managed to hold on to battery for 48 hours while camping last weekend (though to be fair the last 24 were at 15% with the radios turned off :P)

  • Got 12 hours yesterday form 100% to dead with light/light-moderate usage. Doing worse today with moderate usage. No signal issues in the Newark, NJ area.

    Camera issue when geo-loc is turned on. It is unusable.

  • DeathfireD

    I’ve actually noticed a MAJOR signal drop with my OG Droid. In places where I’d normally get great signal I’ve seen very little to no signal including 3G. I think Verizon may be doing some network/tower work or something. I’d be interested to hear if anyone else is experiencing bad signal right now too and what phone they’re us.

  • Aaron Runkle

    Get a new unit Kellex!

  • Telephoneteck

    Everyday that passes I feel beter about having to wait for my upgrade. I wanted the Bionic to be problem free, but it sounds bad now!

  • Paulkbiba

    I’m in a marginal 4G area and often am down to 1 or 2 bars.  The phone is rock solid on 4G, even with 1 bar, and I have never had it had off to 3G.  I am quite surprised at how well it does in keeping a 4G connection.

  • rolltide17

    Im having none of these issues with mine. I’m getting a whole day on my battery. Only in a 3g area but there is an area with 4g about an hour away so I’m eager to get a day of testing there sometime soon.

  • This may help some problems. Go into the Battery and data manager under settings and go to Data Delivery. Make sure the box for Data Roaming is checked. Noticed this option was off by default.

    • Anonymous

      This setting should only affect you when you roam outside your home coverage area. It is off by default because roaming data is not covered under your regular data plan and you will be charge $2/MB for data access outside your home area (unless you have a roaming data plan also).

      • Actually in the US you can enable this setting and not be charged because Verizon has roaming contracts with other carriers. The Verizon rep enabled this setting for me when I had said I was having issues with my Bionic. It could potentially help with some signal issues.

      • Anonymous

        Roaming charges within the country are a thing of the past.  Be careful if you’re on a border though.

  • Oh Yea, lost a nights sleep wondering WTF, I could not make any calls. I drove a few miles this morning and I was able to use the device as a phone again. 

  • Disappointed

    Camera autofocus issues, pentile fuzziness, and max battery life of 5-6 hrs with most radios off and minimal activity (2-3 hours if I’m doing much of anything).  As long as I won’t lose my grandfathered unlimited data plan, I’m planning on returning it and waiting for the Vigor.

  • Steve

    I have had great results with regards to battery life.  I’d say I got about 10 hours yesterday with solid usage (checking fantasy scores all day along with streaming NFL Redzone!).  To be fair, most of this was on WiFi

    However, I have had some the 4G/3G connection issues.  I’m also in a 4G area but thought that it might have just been the connection was spotty in my home.  I did notice a solid 4G connection when I went to the store yesterday but today at work I’ve only been able to pull 3G

  • Anonymous

    Psh Kellex is a trollbaiter

    • EC8CH

      Yeah, but he’s being to subtle.

      The Title should have read:

      “Bionic Blows.  Return it and wait for Prime.”

      • Anonymous

        What Prime?

      • palomosan

        Agree, come on Kellex, admite it, the the Bionic is Just an X2 with LTE.

        • Earleepa

          That’s exactly the point I’ve been trying to make all along and you trolls jumped down my throat.

          • except for the different processor and better “blur”..different battery…different bevel…no physical navigation..oh it’s totally different than the X2 then huh?

          • Earleepa

            Different processors in what? Name. Their both dual core they are basically the same phone except one has 3g and one has 4g.

          • nVidia vs OMAP.  Bad trolls are bad.

          • EC8CH


          • Anonymous

            Something doesn’t have to be identical to be “just like” it.  It’s like when they do a minor refresh on a car for a new model year, it might be technically different (like you pointed out), but also close enough to be just like last years.

        • Anonymous

          Mine makes phone calls too, so you are right…its identical

      • Mctypething

        u mad bro?

        • Anonymous

          Is your sole purpose for coming to these forums to reply to EC8CH “u mad bro” b/c that’s all I’ve seen so far.

          • Turd_Ferguson

            u mad bro?

          • EC8CH

            He’s like a barnacle on my balls.

        • Comic Book Guy

          Worst. Troll. Eveeeeer.

        • Anonymous

          lol you mad bro or happy with your currently device.

      • OGDroidacon


    • Anonymous

      lol i feel Kellex want a perfect device, but that is unrealistic. There will never be a perfect device not even if they make a moto nexus device, people will complain about the cam and some other bs

  • Mr Tater

    That does sound like my issues with the TBolt, though probably a little more severe. Although VZW will swear up and down they know nothing about it. I need out of this TBolt so badly. Haha

  • Legoturte92

    Few posts in one so I’ll respond all in one:

    1. Any way to do the free tether without root?
    2. I plan on getting the battery once I get some more money, but I will have to throw out my newly bought case.
    3. I’ve been having signal problems as well. Not only is it dropping 4G, it’s dropping 3G for me as well.
    4. Battery life seems to be fairly good for me. I’ve been getting about 9-13 hours with moderate use, with 4G on.

  • Grant Crum

    I have the extended battery and it has been amazing. I have a fairly heavy user and my Droid X was running out of juice after 4-5 hours. This Bionic with the extended battery is lasting me 12+ hours. I am loving it. 

    • Does anyone else find it sad that we are now excited about 12 hours of battery life?

      • fartbubbler

        not for everything that I’m doing in those 12 hours.  These are mini computers that I browse the web, connect with facebook and twitter, communicate through email and text, and use as a music player at my desk.  
        With all that, I’m getting around 15 hours on stock battery.  
        Considering that, I think these machines are awesome.  And, yes, I have the Bionic and love it. 

  • Anonymous

    Interesting about the signal issues.  Really seems that this device is a bit of a dud.  Of course the fanboys will still stick there heads in the sand and keep repeating the mantra that it’s the best phone out there.  Waiting for the prime or vigor and hope they at least live up to expectations.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t have said it any better, I am right with you.  After alomost 9months of waiting, you would’ve thought Moto/Verizon would’ve worked out all of the bugs and really came out with a SOLID Performance of a device.

      I am rading all of the bugs and issues and it’s pretty bad to deploy a phone with this type of issues that have been featured with outher devices.  Those OEM’s did address those issues and moto should’ve done the same. 

      Not hating on the device but, damn Moto, OTA’s are not going to fix everything!!! Or the bad rap on the device. 

  • Anonymous

    Any similar hacks for tethering known for the Droid Charge?