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DROID Bionic Extended Battery is 50% Through Verizon, Maybe This Weekend Only

Bought a new DROID Bionic over the last few days and need more juice to get you through the day? Might want to head over to Verizon’s online shop today, as they appear to be slashing the price of extended batteries in half this weekend (possibly til 9/30 though).  When you view the battery page, it will show as $49.99, but once you add it to your cart, you will see that you can purchase it for $24.99 as I have showed in the picture above.  Steal.


Cheers @0mie and jarrod!

  • would this battery fit with this desktop cradle???
    i am loving it alot and would like to know if they fit, if yes than this battery could be a good option for me.

  • Harry

    There is no droid battery page on Verizon? What are you talking about.

  • LegalAmerican

    Anyone ragging on the bionic hasn’t used it.  Or they are jealous that they can’t afford one.  FYI, I bought the extended battery on 10/18 and it’s still 50% off.

  • Ozzzmosis

    i just talked to customer care and they said this deal is last till 10/30

  • Just bought mine today and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was still discounted for $24.99.

  • Anon

    Deal is back on today.  Go through fatwallet.com for an extra 6% cash back!  Pay via credit card for additional cash back!

  • Tom

    Got the new Bigger battery now I have to find a new skin for the phone. Anyone have any suggestions for the Bionic with the bigger battery??



  • Chris

    Just got an email saying they are out of stock.

  • Jamie57

    Went to the verizon store last night and picked up the extended battery.  No one that worked there even knew they were on sale, sales lady said “oh wow thats a sweet deal!”