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Pantech Breakout is Verizon’s Mid-range 4G LTE Phone, Gets Compared to Others

If you were looking for an inexpensive 4G LTE device from Verizon, the Pantech Breakout will likely be one of your best options.  While we don’t have pricing, this device is missing from MAP lists and other major VZW documentation, leading us to believe that its their LTE stepchild.  Its specs aren’t awful by any means, but with the DROID Bionc and HTC Vigor (first pics) just around the corner, you can bet that this phone will be priced to sell.

It has a 4″ screen, runs Gingerbread (something no other LTE device on Verizon can say), front and rear cameras, Swype, Pantech’s custom UI, 1GHz single-core processor, and 512MB of RAM.  It matches up closely to the LG Revolution – hopefully the price does too.

Cheers ___!

  • Michelle

    I am regretting buying this cheap phone, it locks up quite a bit, reboots itself, on shut down it will not complete the task and I am always have to take the battery out to unfreeze the phone what a piece of crap

    • Michelle

      also who ever heard of having a camera that doesn’t have a flash unit on it

  • Steve

    I love it how there is a tethering plan for a laptop that is $40, but with the webtop you can just use your normal data plan…

  • CornBread

    When is Verizon getting a 4.5, 1.2/1.5 GHz dual core, 4G LTE phone from HTC (just my preferred phone company..nothing against MOTO..Samsung ..& LG ) with the new ice cream sandwich OS….

    • That would be the upcoming Vigor, though ICS will likely come as an upgrade, as i believe it’s supposed to ship with Gingerbread.

      • CornBread

        Yeh…but not with a 4.5inch display. Although I will be holding out for the Vigor unless something else pops up..which I’m sure will..

  • GCSkater

    Thunderbolt has a 1.3mp Front Facing Camera doesn’t it?

  • Dmota25

    Man I do have a GS2 Unlock!! Let me tell u…. It’s the best phone ever.. o loved. Fast and snooker

  • the droid incredible 2 looks awfully similar to the first DI… suspicious… 

  • Stephen D

    LOL. The DInc 2 photo is an Inc 1….

  • User0001

    OG Dinc in the photo..

  • Mr.Joe

    This is great!  They’re going for what Sprint is doing with the Conquer.  Not every one needs a high end spec phone.  1GHz/512MB of RAM should be good for your average consumer who just wants the LTE speeds but not the price.

    NOW price it at like $149 and this is golden!

    • Barbacoa

      that would be great if pantec didn’t suck so HARD

      • Mr.Joe

        I know.  That’s the one downfall of this.

    • Anonymous

      screw it just go to Amazon and get a Thunderbolt for $0.01.

      • Mr.Joe

        And be locked into Amazons ToS for 6 months.  Yeah, can anyone here live with a phone for more than a few months?  

        It’s stupid that places like Amazon makes you pay an ETF if you just swap a phone within the first 6 months.

    • Stelv81

      512 RAM is not enough for any phone

      • Anonymous

        You don’t know what you’re saying.

      • Mr.Joe

        What?  That’s got to be the most craziest thing said here today.  

        • Stelv81

          Most all of the 512 these days is used by overlays, future OSs, memory intensive apps, push processes, alternative launchers and more…not a lot of breathing room. As we progress into the near future it will be harder and harder for phones to perform with last years tech specs.

          • Mr.Joe

            Keyword future.  

            We’re talking about AVERAGE consumers here.  Don’t tell me that some 85 year old Grandma who bought a smartphone to just check facebook and txts needs more then 512MB of RAM currently.  Hell you could do this on a phone with 12MB of RAM.

            That’s what I just don’t get.  You have these people who can barely use their dumbphones going to a smart phone and people are like…  OMG you need to get this dual core CPU 1GB of RAM phone.  Cause you’re such a freaking power user!  You know running Facebook alone requires dual core CPU power!  And those text messages!  OH BOY you’ll need LOTS of RAM for them! 

            Hell, I’m sure a the OG Droid running stock ROM would be good enough for them.  

            Would you give a house mom who just checks emails and facebooks an 4GHz i7, 8GB DDR3-2000, 2x 6800 AMD CrossFired rig?  SURE in the future we’ll need those specs.  But it doesn’t mean she needs them now.

            As far as future goes.  Specs don’t guarantee shit any more.  We’re seeing phones with 256MB of RAM getting GB OFFICIALLY.  Android is a flexible OS and was meant to be able to go on any device.  Though this is Linux in nature.  The reason why most phones don’t get OS updates all comes down to:

            1.) They didn’t sell well
            2.) Successors came out and there’s no need to upgrade last years model
            3.) They want other phones to sell

            We’re even seeing that new HTC Sense that was “dual core” required coming on solo core CPUs.   

          • Guest

            516 should be good my droidx2 has 516, i have go launcher and it runs perfect. We need to keep in mind that if you put 200 application in your phone, it will be slow

  • That is something my mom might get.  Or my annoying cousin.  And then he would pretend to be as cool as me and my DX.  Tard!

    • KevinC

      Maybe you’re the tard for thinking your DX makes you cool.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad VZW passed on GSII, and picked this.


    • Now we can fire up the hypebeast for the nexus prime, hopefully the ice cream wont melt before it gets here

      • Anonymous


  • Blood

    390 MB internal storage? No thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Well said…