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Verizon Turning on 4G LTE in New Cities Well Before July 21

The new batch of cities that were expected to receive 4G LTE coverage by July 21 are already starting to see some love.  Just this morning we’re hearing that Knoxville, Chattanooga, Charleston, and Raleigh are all live along with a variety of other locations that have been enjoying it for weeks – one being my home town of Portland.  We’ve seen Verizon do this in the past as cities become ready, so if you are in one of the new locations, be sure to toggle that 4G switch on your Thunderbolt, Charge or Revolution and let us know what you are seeing.

Cheers Jeff, Kristopher, Stu, Preston and Brian!

  • Davebrown2242

    How is this possible.  Austin, TX is the new tech capital of the US, no 4G here……………

  • Steve

    I’m in Winston Salem NC. Turned the LTE on on my Thunderbolt. Used the speedtest.net and according to it I’m getting between 15 and 18 Mbps down and about 5 up. Sweet.

  • Ieatcakemix

    4G has been live in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pa since July 5th. Not supposed to go live until July 21.

  • djembeman

    I had 4G pop up at about 6am MDT. Colorado Springs, CO!!!! 7Mbps on Speedtest.net through Opera Browser (desktop mode).