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Win 1 of 10 JRummy Applications – DROID Overclock Or Root Tools *Updated with Winners!*

Jared Rummler aka JRummy16 is one of our favorite people here at Droid-Life. He has donated 5 copies of 2 applications for us to give away during our amazing Reader Apprecation Week for all of you to enjoy. Both applications are for rooted users only. Droid Overclock is an overclocking app, naturally, just like SetCPU. And with a beautiful interface it’s a must have for any rooted user who enjoys speed boosts. Root Tools is an extremely powerful application which installs custom fonts, boot animations, allows users to change build.prop, and seriously a whole mess of other features. Sound like fun?

And the winners are…  

Root Tools:

Nathaniel Watkins
Ryan Ball

DROID Overclock:

Hobbs Jacob

Congrats everyone!  We’ll forward your info on to Mr. Rummler and get you all set up.  And thanks for all the fantastic comments.  Some great laughs in there if you have a few minutes to spare on a Friday night.


Since we’ve been asking you to tweet phrases for the bigger prizes, all I will ask is that you tell me in the comment section below…

Why do you love rooting your Android device, and which application you would rather win?

And from all the answers I will choose 10 winners at 5 PM PST. Make sure to answer the question with a valid email address so we can contact the winners properly.

It has been a wonderful week here, and I am extremely proud and grateful to be such a big part of it. Not only is Droid-Life appreciative of you all, but I myself am extremely appreciative towards everyone’s support and kind words over the two years I have been reading and working on this site. It’s my favorite place to be. You guys and girls are the best, and I’ll continue to try my best in meeting all of your Android needs. Thanks again everyone!


Cheers JRummy for being a great guy and amazing developer! Follow him on Twitter.

  • cgo

    I’m a control freak. I’ve I wanted to be like everyone else I’d buy an i*hone. Would love Droid Overclock.

  • Cory

    Ii love rooting my device because of the thrill I get from basically outsmarting major companies phones software… Plus I love being able to fully customize my phone do it doesn’t look like any one elses phone! Like the battery, color, fonts, themes, so on so forth. If I won I would want to win the root tools application because I’ve seen how much the application can do for total customization!

  • I love rooting my phone because without root, I’m not using my phone to its full potential. When I root my device, it actually becomes MY device, not Verizon’s or anyone else’s. Not to mention that when I root my device, I can do SO much more with it that a stock device cannot even dream of doing. 

    My app of choice would be Droid Overclock.

  • i love rooting because i am not evious of those high tech locked bootloader phones. My d1 scores better that a gingerbread dx in quadrant, SUCK IT NEW PHONES 9from a d1). i would lke root tools

  • Bwatson5391

    Ive tried to root but I feel I always get it wrong and I screw something up i would love to root my phone but I don’t take the time to fully learn it understand it so i would pick root tool?

  • Mguytsr

    because now the phone is mine, and not bloat

  • Ryan Ball

    I love rooting so I can overclock my phone with Jrummy’s OC app (Great app to get even if you don’t win it!)

    I would love to get Root Tools!

  • I love to root my devices because it allows me to really make it my phone.  It has the look, feel, and shortcuts that I want, NOT what the manufacturer thinks I should want.

    Root Tools would definitely be my choice.

  • I love it because you have all the freedom that you want, instead of being a drone, you get to break the mold and be you’re self, its not just do this do that you get to be ORIGINAL!!! and that is why i love rooting….  ability to break free

  • I love rooting my device because it opens up a ton of options and things to do your phone. ROMS, framework edits, different kernels, no ads, over clocking, titanium backup, the list just goes on. Idk why people would choose not to root.

    Root tools would be sweet.

  • Wyveryx

    rooting has enabled me to change my speeds, dump some bloatware, and make my overall experience even better than what I had imagined.

  • I love to remove verizon’s bloatware and theme. I also love to run custom roms. Would much rather have root tools.

  • Kevin

    I just got a Droid X and ready to root it and ROM it and use jrummy16’s apps

  • Hobbs Jacob

    I love rooting because it drives my wife crazy. Especially when the occasional accident results in me reloading the OS.

    Droid Overclock, please.

  • event121

    Android is about community. I love rooting because then I can utilize the amazing improvements and customization the geniuses of our age have developed. I would totally love to have a copy of Root Tools – I’m at that stage where I have too many apps that could be consolidated into one amazing and all powerful app. 

  • adam

    I love rooting for one simple reason…cover up the stupid blur on my d2

    If I could get any app free I would want any gameloft game

    • adam

      Sorry if you pick mine I put the wrong email ill fix it here

  • Sjm614

    Freedom. Android is like America! DROID overclock.

  • T

    Oh the many reasons why I love rooting my OG Droid…SetCPU making my battery life amazing…flashing a custom rom…increasing memory with Swapper 2….taking screenshots with ShootMe…putting a custom boot animation on my phone…wireless tether for root users….I mean the list goes on and on.

    Root tools would probably be my app of choice…I haven’t seen Droid Overclock but I already have SetCPU and I can’t see it being much better if at all.

  • fkntwizted

    To give me administrative control over my phone!

  • pezono

    I love rooting for several reasons. The most valid reason is for ROMs. I love being able to swap and backup ROMs in a matter of a couple of minutes that COMPLETELY change the way the phone functions (in a good way). The other reason I like root is to block ads because, let’s face it, I have never actually clicked on an ad due to interest outside of supporting developers in which case I can easily reverse and redo ad blocking!

  • I love rooting my device because then I’m able to:

    – Remove bloatware.
    – Backup all my apps and their respective data. Thanks to Titanium Backup I no longer have to three star all the Angry Birds levels.- Take screenshots of my high scores and send them to my friends so they know how much better I am than they are.

  • Anonymous

    The reasons I like to root are many. But, I Like knowing that I can truly personalize “My Phone” the way I want. The whole point of open-source is development through self and community, in my opinion anyways. Rooting/Romming/Modding just allows me to make the device “My Own” the way I like;0 , No Bloatware, No Carrier Blocks , and No Limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Live It, Love It, Droid-Life……………………Drooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiidd!!!!!

  • Slagg3r

    I love rooting my android device.. because i like to run gingerbread over clocked on my original Droid!! espically since moto said NO…

  • Cjvio

    I love rooting my android simply because I tried it just to feel like I owned this phone. I love having control. And my first two purchased apps were rom manager and set cpu. First rom was a Jrummy one. Then lithium. Now on the X I love liberty. Can’t wait for gingerbread liberty rom. And I follow Jrummy on twitter. All because I found this website called droid-life.com. Gout my mom n dad on droids because of you guys. My old droid went to my brother in law and he has me root it and put new roms on it all the time. Love android & rooting!

  • DiGs

    I love rooting it because i can make the phone fast as hell and customize it to be my own. Root Toolls because I already have setcpu.

  • Droid1294

    Rooting makes your phone better than it already is. I’d rather win root tools because I want to change my boot animation

  • David E. Smith

    For me, it’s mostly the principle (and partly because I enjoy Linux-y stuff, I mean, Linux is my day job too). I’d love a copy of Root Tools. 

  • JeffG

    I love rooting my phone so I can use android like it was meant to be used, open. Root tools would be my app of choice.

  • Mosbysjedi

    I love Root because I’m a tree (Ba dum tssss)

    I’ll take root tools if I win 

  • Jeff

    I love rooting my droid to create nandroid backups for when I inevitably screw something up
    I would rather win Droid Overclock

  • Why do I love rooting my device? I love that I can crack things open, change them, modify them for my own needs. I love being different. So I take every opportunity to make my phone look, feel, and operate, just a slight bit different from my friends (in a cool way of course). I also like to overclock my phone, and keep it running fast, as well as underclock it.

    I’d prefer Root Tools! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    A bit off topic but I just wanted to let people know if you didn’t already. I talked to a guy from Verizon cause my Droid 1 finally breathed it’s last breath, so now I have a replacement coming. I spoke to tech support and he told me the Droid Bionic is still coming out the first part of the 3rd quarter either July or August, and that it will probably have a keyboard. If fact he sounded real sure it was going to have a physical keyboard and I mentioned the Droid 3 and he said ” no not the Droid 3″ he said the Droid Bionic will. He’s very familiar with both phones. If fact, he was sporting a Dinc or something like that. 

  • I like rooting because it makes my awesome OG droid better than some brand new phones currently, and still has great battery life!

    I would hope to win any of his. They all are nice applications 😀

  • MC67

    Rooting is great because it unlocks the full potential of these powerful devices that the greedy service providers leverage to pull a few more pennies out of my pocket.

    documents 2 go would be my choice

  • versusxiii

    I root my device to get rid of the bloatware and to CUSTOMIZE!!! I’m a UI freak and this site has made me a minimal lover!



  • claydos66

    The ability to customize my phone the way I want, when I want it and with the software I want.

    • claydos66

      Root tools

  • Root tools would make what I do with my rooted phone significantly easier. Of course, rooting also let’s you port new stuff to the phone/mobile device… such as inferno-os 😛

  • Anthony Lamberto

    I love rooting because it gives me every ounce of power and customization of MY phone.

    i’d love to finally get a chance to overclock (and underclock at work to save battery)

  • JrzDroid

    Why do I love rooting my android device? I love it cause of the ROMS. The custom roms that developers spend hours and hours perfecting for people to use. Making firmware without all the junk that carriers throw on, speeding up our phones and making them ten fold better then usually delivered from the OEM. What other method can be used to fully theme and change everything about your phone? Nothing at all. Rooting is what makes our phones stand out from all the other cell phones in the world. Wanna change your theme, battery icon, or remove bloat? A rooted phone, is a damn happy phone

  • Khrair

    Love rooting because I can customize my phone and remove unwanted battery sucking apps . I would prefer root tools!

  • Nathaniel Watkins

    I love rooting because of the freedom it gives me over my own property, allowing my phone to be MY phone.

    I would prefer Root Tools because Cyanogen Mod 7 provides me plenty of control over overclocking.


    I already bought all of JRummy’s apps 😛

  • I’m the kind of person who puts stickers on my water bottle and my computer, and rooting my phone gives me a chance to make it look and behave (pretty much) however I choose. Customization ftw! Having already bought Droid Overclock, it would make much more sense for me to hope for Root Tools. Thanks, you guys, for all you do here and for these amazing contests!

  • I love Root Tools. Very Useful. 

  • I love Root Tools. Very Useful. 

  • First i would love root tools. second i love the fact that after i root i can literally do almost anything with my phone. I love showing my friends crazy things my droidx can do. It has made me have to root about 5 of my friends phones.

  • C Dirty

    I rooted my phone for moar lulz.

    • C Dirty

      Oh yeah, and Root Tools would be the lulz avenue of choice.

  • I love my rooted droid makes it more useful and I can customize it to my liking

  • @Kenyon

    I like rooting because I still rock the OG Droid. Thanks to th developer community I see no need to upgrade to a newer device yet. I enjoy the fact that my device is still not secure with the latest version of Android.

    I’d prefer to win a copy of root tools since I am always customizing phone number

  • I love rooting because whatever I can imagine on my phone, I can make it a reality. Root tools would be awesome!