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Win 1 of 10 JRummy Applications – DROID Overclock Or Root Tools *Updated with Winners!*

Jared Rummler aka JRummy16 is one of our favorite people here at Droid-Life. He has donated 5 copies of 2 applications for us to give away during our amazing Reader Apprecation Week for all of you to enjoy. Both applications are for rooted users only. Droid Overclock is an overclocking app, naturally, just like SetCPU. And with a beautiful interface it’s a must have for any rooted user who enjoys speed boosts. Root Tools is an extremely powerful application which installs custom fonts, boot animations, allows users to change build.prop, and seriously a whole mess of other features. Sound like fun?

And the winners are…  

Root Tools:

Nathaniel Watkins
Ryan Ball

DROID Overclock:

Hobbs Jacob

Congrats everyone!  We’ll forward your info on to Mr. Rummler and get you all set up.  And thanks for all the fantastic comments.  Some great laughs in there if you have a few minutes to spare on a Friday night.


Since we’ve been asking you to tweet phrases for the bigger prizes, all I will ask is that you tell me in the comment section below…

Why do you love rooting your Android device, and which application you would rather win?

And from all the answers I will choose 10 winners at 5 PM PST. Make sure to answer the question with a valid email address so we can contact the winners properly.

It has been a wonderful week here, and I am extremely proud and grateful to be such a big part of it. Not only is Droid-Life appreciative of you all, but I myself am extremely appreciative towards everyone’s support and kind words over the two years I have been reading and working on this site. It’s my favorite place to be. You guys and girls are the best, and I’ll continue to try my best in meeting all of your Android needs. Thanks again everyone!


Cheers JRummy for being a great guy and amazing developer! Follow him on Twitter.

  • Lolitsnoah

    I didn’t get my email :'(

    • Anonymous

      Yeah…me neither. I suspect the winners of this contest will be notified by Tuesday at the latest, seeing how this is Memorial Weekend and I’m sure JRummy is partying it up a bit. 🙂  

      • Raven

        I am still waiting as well.  Hopefully he is just busy.


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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I won?! Sweet!

    Thanks, Tim, Kellex, JRummy and Droid-Life, you guys rock!

  • Bigdroiddog

    I love rooting my android phones because its a challenge,because i should be able to manipulate what i pay good money for, because it consumes most of my life and i am happy about it.
    I would love to win root tools because i just went from my OG droid to a Droid X and 3plan to customize it with my Fav developers software. Jrummy

  • Anonymous

    Why do you love rooting your Android device, and which application you would rather win?
    Root Tools, duh. The whole idea of android is to customize it as you want. That’s why i love it! What better way to do it then a app by an awesome dev? Even though i am learning to do my own ROM from source JRummy16, Peter Alfonso and Koush are the guys that are inspiring me to push on. One day i want people to be like, hey you get that latest build from zerotime..?  getting root tools will help me understand a lot of different items i would like to mod on my OG

  • Anonymous

    Ive already got Root Tools, but I thought I’d post about how awesome an app it is. JRummy is seriously the man. Never has there been an app that lets you make the kinds of modifications you want (such as boot animations, fonts, etc) so easily. If you dont already have this app, make sure to get it.

  • Rooting= Freedom
    Love rooting and just messing around on my OG Droid the way it should be for all android devices. Been with the OG since day 1 and the minute I found out about rooting my device I did it. I would love to have Root Tools. 

  • Ballaholyk84

    I love rooting my phone because its a hobby I can enjoy for free and at the same time I can learn things and keep my brain growing since I cant afford to go back to school. Its because of people like jrummy and the rest of the devs that I am able to learn so much from their awesome knowledge and willingness to help the uneducated become more educated without the high cost of education!

    Id love to get root tools or droid overclock. Expect nothing but appreciate everything.

  • i like free wifi hotspot.

  • like most people will probably say… i like having as much access to my phone and whatnot as possible. i want to change and customize as much as a can.  make my phone unique.  i LOVE customization.

    as for the app i would like.. i already bought droid overclock..twice actually..hah.. due to a mistake on my end.. so i would like root tools.

  • I love rooting my phone because it gives me full control, plus its the principal of being “open”. I would like the Root Tools app. Thanks Guys.

  • I love rooting my phone because it gives me full control, plus its the principal of being “open”. I would like the Root Tools app. Thanks Guys.

  • BA_Carroll

    I love rooting my phone because it unlocks the best aramel and Nugent center of my phone! I can over lock it and take off all the bloatware which my carrier so thoughtfully left for me. Would love root tools

  • Anonymous

    I love rooting because I can flash a different rom every month and use it the way the person who dreamed up the hardware intended. Also, to show everyone I know why Android is better than any other phone OS.

  • Anonymous

    Why root? Easy for total control and getting the most out of my phone 🙂 

    If I am lucky enough to win then I would go for root tools

  • d2g

    Having a droid 2 global is great… except for it having all of the Verizon bloaghtware. I use root with TI backup to get rid of it and enjoy my phone the way it was ment to be. I would rather have root tools to install a custom boot animation!

  • bensherms

    I love root because if I spend my money on a device, I expect full control of the platform. With root on my droid eris and samsung fascinate, I’ve been able to make the device must more reliable and MUCH faster. Root allows to make my phone ‘mine’ – I’d like root tools because I generally stay away from oc’ng my phones