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DROIDX and DROIDX2 “Essentials” Bundle Only $19.97 at Verizon, Steal of the Century?

DROIDX and DROIDX2 owners, you may want to pay close attention.  Verizon is offering a “Launch Week” exclusive accessory bundle that includes a HDMI multimedia dock, car mount, wall charger, HDMI cable, and car charger for less than $20.  If you bought this stuff individually it would cost you about $145, so as you can see, is the steal of the accessory century.

*Note – In order to get this deal, you may have to sign out of your account and buy it that way.

Instructions: (via Leightonius)

Click the “Buy” link below.
If for some reason it doesn’t take you straight to the bundle page, do the following:
Click “Shop By Another Device” on top right of page.
Choose Droid X2.
Add to cart.
Checkout: Total should be $19.97.


Update:  Verizon appears to have dropped the previous link. We’ve updated it with a new one.  If it goes down again though, follow these instructions:

1.  Go to VZW.com.
2.  Click on “Accessories.”
3.  Scroll down to “Bundles” and click “Learn more.”
4.  Choose the “DROIDX2.”
5.  And it should show up.  Add it to your cart.

Via:  Slickdeals

Cheers Jubby and anonymous!

  • Ima4t9rfan

    Tried it several ways , always came up 49.99 , bought it anyway it’s still a great deal !!!!

  • Tlittle

    ive done it every possible way, always shows $49.97. Must be over

  • Just got mine =)


  • Poolgod

    yeah, so…..I ordered this with in minutes of the posting, got a confirmation with tracking number ect. on May 25th for two day shipping.  

    It’s now May 27th and no package.  Fedex has no record of the order, VZW doesn’t know whats going on….complete nightmare.


  • Does anybody have a screen shot of the official verizon page with this deal, I talked to 3 different people and no body could help me, one lady said if I can give her a screen shot then that would help

  • Mrwsga88

    Guys I just called into customer service and they honored the 19.97 price since that offer expired yesterday
    The offer was good until yesterday
    The total price was 21.27 with tax and I will have it on tuesday

    • Mrwsga88

      guess you just have to have a caring CSR who will sympthaize with you that you missed out on the offer LOL :)) but naw I told them that I called yesterday to order and that they said the systems were updating and they said they couldnt find the notes but would honor it

  • Ernest Lo

    Thanks guys, just got mine from the FedEx guy.  $49.97 now like someone else said.

  • WooHoo!  FedEx just dropped mine off!  Yeah.  🙂
    Thanks Kellex and the rest of Droid-Life!

  • Likewise i just got mine in.  OHH YEAH!

  • Gfacekilla

    My package just came. I love you guys. I should have ordered 2, one for home and one for the office.

  • Mine was just delivered…. great deal!

  • 07aspenx

    woohoo, ordered six and it’s coming tomorrow.

    • Adrenaline11

      Dude sell me one! Plzzzz I was on the phone w/ verizon for 2 hrs yesterday and they didnt lower the price 🙁 lol..

  • $49.97 Now.

  • Meadwench

    Well, it appears to be gone. All the links above and below go to the $50 deal. Bummer, I would have liked that.

  • yos

    Does anyone have an actual screen-shot/print-screen of the vzw page with the pricing on it. I called customer service an they said if they had the actual screen-shot not the picture that comes up when you click above, that they would honor it. That the above picture can be created. So if anyone has the screen shot, and can email it to yosmany at hot—- dot com, I’d appreciate it.

  • Big Red

    I ended up calling VZW and tried to get this deal… I didn’t jump fast enough yesterday when I originally saw this deal… THIS WAS A MISTAKE ON VZW PART!!!! IF YOU GOT THIS DEAL “HELL YEAH”!!!! YOU CANNOT GET THIS DEAL ANYMORE!!! KELLEX IS THE MAN!!!!!

  • Really mad I missed this one…

  • Jake1225

    Called Customer Service. They placed me on hold for 45 minutes, then told me that the best they could do is $79.97?

    • Anonymous

      I called too. They asked for screenshots and i sent them the one above and the link above. They said it would be $49.97 online. But they would not honor the $19.97. Somebody goofed big time. and congrats to though who was able to jump on it and take advantage of the goof. anybody buy two and wanna sell me one for $19.97?

      • Dman27

        yeah they told me they would meet me in the middle for $35! And tried bargaining with me on a price! How ridiculous! 

  • Back up to $50.  I guess the all week savings just meant one day.  Oh well.

  • Dman27

    Uhhhh its back at 50$ and ment to buy it yesterday… FML

  • Sarah Hawkins

    I can’t get it to work via the website either, so I called customer service for verizon and asked if they would honor the price and they did. Mine shipped out today, getting it Friday! Yay! The number that I called is 800-922-0204, and I referenced this blog.

    • Dman27

      I called this and they said they don’t do anything with sales and couldnt help me and told me to call 18006963901

      • Dman27

        Called up and they offered to meet me in the MIDDLE!!??! Reasons why I hate VERIZON more and more, their customer service has always sucked and always will!

    • Verizonfailed

      I called that same exact number and got hung up on by one rude rep that told me he cant do it and has no access to the internet. Then had one that is nice tell me she would call back in a few hours after her supervisor got back. Verizon does have ridiculous customer service. I know most of us have outlandish monthly bills, I have three smart phones on our families plan at well over$150 a month and they cant honor this. LAME Verizon…. Lame…

  • Binqker

    The price is at 49.99 ? What the?

  • Binqker

    The price is at 49.99 ? What the?

  • Bought it last night for $19.97.

    This afternoon it’s at $49.97.

    Yay for perfect timing!