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Amazon’s Set of Android Tablets to Debut During the Holidays, Priced at $349 and $449?

Early last week, BGR dropped word that Amazon is in the process of creating their first 2 Android tablets codenamed “Coyote” (7″) and “Hollywood” (10″).  The bigger of the two will apparently run on NVIDIA’s new Kal-el quad-core processor which we’ve been told will be available for tablets around the end of this year.  Today, a report from PCMag basically confirmed this story, but also tosses in potential price points from “sources.”  The “Coyote” which will likely just be a Tegra 2 device, could come in around $349 with the much more impressive “Hollywood” undercutting almost every other 10″ tablet at $449, but with a ramped up processor.  Talk about making it tough for competitors to even think about competing in this space with prices and hardware like that.

The thought of Amazon putting out their own Android tablets just seems to make sense though, especially with their new cloud service and Appstore up and running.  With so many other tablets fizzling in sales when compared to the iPad, Amazon sure looks like they are putting the pieces in place to actually put up a little bit of a fight.

If we do see a set of Amazon tablets towards the end of the year, would you consider one?  All about those specs, right?

Via:  PCMag, BGR

  • This was the best deal that i had….

  • Guerrpaz

    I’ll wait until i’m sure it has an unlocked or unlockable bootloader.

  • adam

    …and I jazzed in my pants!!!

  • XOOM 2 will definitely have to be a beast now. They’ll have to come down on that price also. {{-_-}}

  • sullydroid

    Amazon will become the top android tablet with these two,they have too much on there side to lose, there own app store, music store with cloud, it’ll probablly have a kindle app/tab for ereader lovers, if its an android is it’ll prob come with Google apps and maybe they will be available in the Amazon market. As for a skin who knows maybe they’ll have a good one, maybe they actually read these forums and know what we want and like, if not root the beast and throw stock on it and enjoy. All I can see is that they are smart enough to wait untill there app store and music store pick up steam, if ap-hole didn’t have those 2 things the *pad wouldn’t be what it is now. And lets not forget the price point, and the fact that Amazon is well Amazon, everyone loves and uses Amazon. I got the 3g xoom and by the looks of it I wont have a xoom 2 this time next year lol

  • If the tablet comes with an option to switch between E-Ink and LCD as mentioned by Engadget, THAT would be  a game changer.

  • Anonymous

     My question is on the OS. The hardware is probably already good enough. Will they go with Google?

  • KColby

    Finally !   A company that offers great specs AND highly competitive pricing in an Android tablet.  If this report is correct and those prices are correct then Amazon will single handedly drag the Android tablet market to success… I’m sure the other manufacturers ( ie: Motorola ) will have to drop prices while kicking and screaming the entire way.

  • Mrdavis47

    I have a Xoom and I was this close to selling it so I could get a Samsung Tab in June. However, the reason why Honeycomb tablets haven’t and won’t do well is because they’re priced higher or at the same price as the iPad. New customers are gonna choose the iPad.

    But with Amazon getting in on the act, and they have the ability to price their tablet lower because they’re the retailer themselves. No middle man required, like Motorola, Samsung, etc.

    Amazon will put out a quality produce

  • Anonymous

    I am definitely interested in an Amazon tablet, especially with those specs and price.  I trust that if the remainder of the specs are on par with what has been suspected so far the Amazon tablets will be the Android tablets to beat. 

  • Booboolala2000

    And now we know the Honeycomb tablet that will outsell all others, and in short time. Hoping that this outsells the ipad2. I think that it will. Only holiday sales. Next year, there will be morevAndroid tablets sold versus ipad2. Just a hunch

  • Kpurdu1

     I would consider it, especially b/c I could see a lot of other people getting one, which means big user base (aka probably quite of bit of support from app makers making sure their stuff runs on the amazon tablets.  

    That said I do have a few concerns.
    1.  Will they allow for general android market access, not just amazon appstore?
    2.  Will they keep with a close to stock O.S.  I’m guessing they will on this one, but I’d hate to see some crazy setup where change too much about the O.S.

    At this point i’ve pretty much decided to wait for a Tegra 3 device one way or another.  Unless I win that transformer.

    • Jbona3

       The one thing I’ll say about an Amazon custom skin is this: as long as they don’t lock down the bootloader and you can root the tablet I’m down for a 10″ quad-core – immediately root it and bye-bye Amazon skin.

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting. Have to see what the screen quality will be like but I don’t imagine they’ll put a low quality one on it like Viewsonic did with theirs. Kal-el at the end of the year at $450 has win written all over it. Will be hard for *pple to make a valid response.

    If this info is correct it’s the start of Android taking over tablet market share too.

  • now if tablets go under $250 i may get one lol. The product of these things does not warrant the cost. I think people are insane paying $500+ on phones and tablets. I can make one hell of a computer at some of these costs that can do a hellovalot more than a tablet can. Same goes with people paying $400 on a cell phone. This year marked the most i have EVER paid for a phone at $80. I will NEVER pay this much for technology that is constantly changing like they are.

  • Anonymous


    • tjhrulz

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      • Anonymous

        Who is this “Kellen?”

        • tjhrulz

          You must be new, Kellex has a name

        • tjhrulz

          You must be new, Kellex has a name

    • Wachatalknboutwillis

      You, my friend, are lame. 

    • pezjono

      *Attention whore alert* 
      If only there were a way to dislike you…

  • Wachatalknboutwillis

     I’m just gonna wait out until the end of jan. 2012, by then Tegra 4 will be out and it’ll be 10 times faster then the Tegra 3 which is 5 times faster then the Tegra 2, on second thought maybe I’ll wait until the end of February 2012 for the Tegra 5….

  • Anonymous

    10″ + Kal-el + (presumably) ice cream sandwich + $450 = killer

    I really hope they keep the low price point and up the specs instead of spending extra money on trying to create their own skin. Please just give me a beast stock tablet for a good price point and I’d buy one.

    • Rizzidy

       Amazon OS should be coming out next year, so this is probably the first big step in that direction.

  • Anonymous

     This would be interesting if they were on sale right now. 6 months from now, I don’t care.

  • I’ll wait to see if the hack crews are able to get around the almost guaranteed “deep integration” (see: Amazon apps running 24/7, data selling, etc.) that Amazon will include.  Once they’ve got that taken care of, I might be on board for the 10″.

  • Armando

    So far I am very happy with my Acer Iconia A-500, the only think I don’t like is the lack of exchange email, I had to use tocuhdown app to set the account but is not for free, in the future I would like to buy another smaller tablet like the 7″ just for more portability 

  • FortitudineVincimus

     Yeah, when I learned about this one last week and started Googling about it, I pretty much decided I would wait for the hollywood based on current info.

    That Tegra 3, with faster processing and less power consumption, and rumored to be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS might be to nice to pass up..

    More and more, the current offerings that are just coming out and people are clamoring for are already out-of-date at the speed things are progressing. 

  • Anonymous

     Every day it gets harder and harder to not hate Motorola. I absolutely love my wifi Xoom but if I knew it would have been such a bad deal compared to what’s six months off I could have put that $600 into pc or car parts.

  • EC8CH

     Don’t Care…

    I’ll have my Asus Transformer that I won from Droid-Life already 😛

    • Anonymous

       Hah nice. 😛

    • joe1138

      Who says you’re going to win?  I have resisted opening a twitter account but couldn’t any longer for the chance to win this tablet.

      So it’s MINE I TELLS YA, MINE!!!! 

      • EC8CH

        No way, It’s MINE!

        I’m the one who survived the Rapture after all…

    • derkk50

       I can’t believe you’re claiming my XFormer already!  It’s MINE!

  • Anonymous

    This could be a game changer folks.  Earlier in the year we were hearing about Amazon possibly developing their own Android platform. Now, with them again possibly jumping into the tablet mix it does make sense and they can definitly  give HTC, Moto, and Asus etc..  much needed competition which is only better for the consumer.

    The real question is can Amazon jump in the game to take out Apple’s Ipad or be a serious contender which even Moto who has the longest Android partnership can’t seem to do with the Xoom.  This sounds interesting.

    • Jeepguy04

      How does Moto have the longest Android partnership?   I think that crown goes to HTC who had 3 phones out by the time the original droid came out.  The first of which came out a full year before the droid.

      • The most recent crop of Androphiles don’t seem to have a very long memory.  G1 what? 

        • hkklife

          This thing is likely to be DOA as far as mainstream iPad-style success but will probably be the new darling of the XDA set.  Why?

          B/C it will be essentially this year’s prettied-up, beefed-up Viewsonic G-Tablet…especially if Samsung builds these suckers for Amazon.  Let’s hope they are community/hacker friendly and don’t do any nastiness with the bootloader or anything. 

          Google is terrified of devices like this and the Nook Color undercutting their beloved hardware & carrier partners with their overpriced, under-spec’d hardware (see Xoom 3G, Galaxy Tab 7″, HTC Flyer, Optimus Pad).  Therefore, they won’t allow the full range of Google apps (Gmail, Youtube) or official Market access on it.    But if anyone can pull this off, it’s Amazon.  Both good and bad, a LOT of folks learned some interesting lessons from the surprise success of the Nook Color late last year and earlier this year.

          • As a G-tablet owner with a hacked up alpha build of Honeycomb (put together by one of those XDA gods), I approve of this message and hope what you’re saying is true.  I don’t care whether it’s a commercial success, but give me a beast of a hardware system, drivers, and hackability.  

            These days, I get my software from names like Roebeet, Clemsyn, and Cyanogen…not HTC and Motorola.

          • As a G-tablet owner with a hacked up alpha build of Honeycomb (put together by one of those XDA gods), I approve of this message and hope what you’re saying is true.  I don’t care whether it’s a commercial success, but give me a beast of a hardware system, drivers, and hackability.  

            These days, I get my software from names like Roebeet, Clemsyn, and Cyanogen…not HTC and Motorola.

        • pezjono

          G1? Does that have anything to do with that ‘hip’ song “Like a G6”? 

  • Anonymous

     Sounds about right. Now hopefully the design and aesthetics will be up to par.

    • FortitudineVincimus

       the beauty with all the current tablets is that others can learn from what works and what sucks and what people like and hate and tweak their coming design accordingly.

      • Anonymous

        Yea, that’s why I chose not to buy a 1st gen Android tablet from any of these guys. Wait for round 2.

  • Interstellarmind

    did i just totally waste my money on the xoom 3g i got two days ago?

    i officially CANNOT keep up anymore. 

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

       Maybe you should check out this commercial I feel the same way lol


    • FortitudineVincimus

      shocked anyone is still getting suckered into buying a Xoom, Look at the coming Toshiba WITH a working SD card and full size USB slot. plus a changeable battery, etc.

    • Jeff

      I bought an iPad last year and have been really happy with it.  The pitiful Apps available for the Android tablets is the main limiting factor, not the hardware.  Netflix has been an excellent app on the iPad and to my knowledge is still not available on the XOOM ( Un-rooted). 

      Android always seem to ge the good apps 6 months to a year or more after the ipad apps.  I also use Zinio on the iPad,  It is a fantastic way to get magazines.  Of course it is still not available on Android….

      My point was not to try and be a pitch for the iPad, but to point out that your XOOM is lacking apps more than it is lacking power….

    • do what I am going to do. Buy a wifi xoom for best buy where they will but back your device back for half price and then use that money to put towards a newer tablet. Best buy can be used to get the most bang for your buck since it will be almost impossible to get $300.00 back when these quad-core Goliaths start dropping. 

  • 7″ Tegra 2 at $350? I am go for launch.

  •  I was really hoping for a 7″ Kindle replacement, Nook killer to come out in June-ish. Sept-Oct. is a *long* way away!

  •  This sounds great, now will they have unlocked bootloaders?

  • specs, price, win

  • Risenequinox

     I would def buy the Hollywood… MORE SPECS PLEASE and thanks

  • Anonymous

    The “Hollywood?” Stupid name…

  •  I have a feeling, by this holiday season most Android tablets will be running with similar price point! Competition amongst vendors is the best thing that can happen for consumers!

  • Bleedtoledo

    Figured I’d wait on first gens for some powerful stuff

  • Thisguy

    I would consider one, but just ordered an Asus Transformer to hold me over for a while.

  • Anonymous

     The quad core would be my Xoom replacement…

  • Techsniffer

    If it had specs similar/better than my Xoom with a quad core at that price ya I’d go buy one.

  • Anonymous

    So when will the Amazon phone debut?

  • Anonymous

     quad core!