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Verizon 4G LTE has been Restored Nationally

Well, here is some semi-good news this morning folks.  4G LTE is back up nationwide, although we’ve been told eHRPD is not, which means no soft hand-offs between 3G and 4G at this time.  Here is the text we received:

LTE Connectivity Restored: Network has been able to confirm that the LTE Network has been restored nationally.

Update:  Verizon has also now confirmed via Twitter.

So again, we’re getting there slowly but surely.  Everyone back up?

Cheers Spaniard!

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  • Stewart Young

    No it is not, No 4G network in Woodbridge Va, No 4G network in Washington DC.

  • Crgggltn

    had to wipe phone to get it back up as I was 1X in Minneapolis all week.

  • So, uh, do we know what happened?

    After all the crap VZ has given AT&T (“There’s a map for that!”)… AT&T could really have a field day with this one (“What good is the nation’s largest 4G network if it’s not there when you need it?” … showing a guy parachuting down peacefully with his red, verizon 4G parachute, only to have the parachute collapse 20-feet above the ground, guy falls to earth painfully).

    Anyway, glad to have my 4G back.

  • Marcusrussell547

    I got mine back in jacksonville florida

  • I’m in the San Francisco, CA and eHRPD and 4G is working for me now.

  • Anonymous

    Its funny whe I lost 4g My T bold went throguh the night and had 70% battery left, this morning after 4g came back up and i started using it on my commute to work it dropped to 30% in a 15 minute window

  • Andrew92090

    No 4G in ATL right now

    • Andrew92090

      I restarted the phone and now got 4G

  • this is why i didnt jump on that 4G train just yet….though i have in vzw new shit like this usually has its fair share of problems

  • chris

    i wouldn’t actually call it fixed in ny if every 2 minutes i lose 4g connection and go back to 1x for like 3-5 minutes

  • chris

    4g is working on long island ny. but instead of automatically going to 3g when i lose a 4g connection it goes to 1x. but at least i have 4g. now i just want 3g working

  • Pcrowley59

    4G working in Detroit metro Area but takes a reboot to go to 3G then back to 4G, something not just right yet……

    • AnonymousDetroitGuy

      Yeah, I just got off the phone and they said they’re still working on Detroit area and don’t have an estimate of completion.

      I had 4G in the morning for a little while, but it’s gone now. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I am in Charlotte, NC. I still don’t have 4G coverage restored so Verizon is full of it.

  • John

    Just called VZW and they said that they are experiencing outtages again in some areas and told me my area is one of those – Southern Chicagoland.

    • John

      Looks like we’re up and running again.

  • David Carano

    no 4g in Akron OH

  • Anonymous

    Woke up at 5:30am here in Pittsburgh, PA and 4g was restored. YIPPIE!!!

  • I have 4G service again in So Cal.

  • Kng60ft


    • straynova

      I’m in Arlington and can’t get 4G or 3G…

  • Anonymous
  • Harle183

    No 4G LOve in the hicago area.

  • PAL

    4G appears to be working great in Atlanta. Speedtest.net app shows Ping 113 ms, DL 17.9 Mbps, UL 5.6 Mbps. 11:30 AM ET.

  • John

    Not in the southern Chicago area it hasn’t….

  • Aaron G

    Not back up in Phoenix yet…at least that I can tell.

  • 4g is up in Rochester, NY as of about 1am EST

  • Pcrowley59

    4G up in Detroit metro area T bolt

    • Anonymous

      Where abouts? I’m in Shelby and only have 3G

      • Pcrowley59

        14 and Gratiot, had to reboot to change from 3g to 4g, my 4g been on since 6am, not sure if u can switch back and forth yet, I like to run in 3g using juice from the market, will last all day…

  • Porno

    Check your speeds with SPEEDTEST.NET app!! The network is SLOW!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I have tried to be patient over all this since it’s a new network. However I am paying for it and I should expect to get what I am paying for. (that’s reasonable isn’t it?) I still do not really have 4g, it says 4g sometimes, then 1x, but I can’t get data to flow for more than a few seconds before dropping off again.

      I am thinking of calling and asking them to credit my account while they work out their issues.

    • Whitl103

      I feel like I’m about to jinx it, but 4G in Orange County is going strong.

      Hotspot tested at 23Mbps


    • John

      It’s still slow 12 hours later…. What’s the deal. I’m getting 3G speeds with 4G signal.

  • ShaneBoddie

    No 4G here in Alexandria, Louisiana…wait, we didn’t have 4G anyway. 3G is back up though

  • 4G restored in Denver

  • Sam

    Stuck on 3G in Orlando…

  • Nativi

    No 4G here in Charlotte, NC. But from I heard from the VZW Rep is they did an update. She said she has the Bolt too and was mad. Call tech support and was told they are still working on the update, but that 4G should be a lil faster.

  • What really made me laugh through all this was the people attacking verizon. You do remember that it’s a brand new system that has never been implented for consumers right? There will be bumps in the road. They got it fixed this fast and have done a great job with LTE so far so I say good job Verizon.

    • Anonymous

      Sure, but it’s not fixed. I had 4g back up for a little bit but now I’m back to 1x and 4g will pop up for a few seconds here and there, but I am getting NO data flowing to my phone. I am all for being patient while allowing for the “bumps in the new road”. But the fact is that they are charging us for this and they have been having many bumps in the road. I am understanding of the issue, but I would like them to not charge me for service not provided. That is reasonable isn’t it? EDIT: Right now I am sitting on 1x and that doesn’t even work.

      • Brichards322

        ” Dial ##778# and hit send
        * A pop-up window named EPST will show up giving you 2 choices: View Mode and Edit Mode. Pick: Edit Mode.
        * Enter the Password: 000000
        * Go down to Modem Settings and pick “Rev A“
        * You’ll want to choose enable and click OK, hit the menu button and then press “Commit Modifications.”
        * Restart your phone and you should see 3G is working

        To switch back to 3G/4G, follow same instructions but choose eHRPD.”

        This was posted yesterday as a temporary fix and it worked great for me on my Thunderbolt…

        • Anonymous

          Thanks. However I think that if Verizon is going to Tweet that their network is back up, they should wait till their network is back up.

          They have “Prematurely Tweeted”… 🙂 Right now I have NO DATA

          • I dont know of “many” bumps but either way it’s only been one day, not weeks. They aren’t recalling your phones or anything like that. They are addressing the issue publicly and still working on it. I agree that they shouldnt have said its been fixed if it hasn’t been but what I was talking about was the major overreactions from people.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not sure if you own this phone but it has not been one day. Maybe one day so far this time, but it has been an issue since the phone has been released.

          • I’ve heard of a few issues but they are expected. If you really want a refund for your data from the one day that it’s been so far call verizon and ask for $1. Thats what youve lost so far.

          • Anonymous

            LOL… Yes I expect issues, and I am patient. P.S. I did call tech support and the very nice lady said they are still having issues and she said they are offering a free months data since they are having so many issues. I told her I’m not worried about it as long as things have improved by next month. So for those that even care they are offering a months data credit.

          • Sorry if I came off strong but there are certain people that are extremely pissed off at Verizon and threatening others with lawsuits. Thanks for calling and getting the actual word from them. Kellex should post an update that certain areas are still having issues.

          • It is amazing when you actually talk to a person instead of bitching on a public forum/comment board.

            Do they not teach communication skills in school anymore?

          • Anonymous

            People, People I hear what youguys are saying and the over reactions with a device that has some bumps along the way but this is a system that will get better. Nothing is ever perfect!! Apple has had their problems and so on.

            I would suggest that you call Verizon and let them know how it’s affected your service and possibly work, demand the number of days that service has interrrupted the phone and deduct that off the buill. A good company will comply since it’s nationally known that their 4g LTE service is down. Just sayin 🙂

          • Anonymous

            I’m not sure if you own this phone but it has not been one day. Maybe one day so far this time, but it has been an issue since the phone has been released.

          • Mcrouse

            I started having issues Tuesday morning and have not had any 4g coverage during the day(while I’m at work in Columbus, OH) since then. Every time it switches to 4g on my phone i have ZERO data flow.

  • Dom

    We are good to go in Silver Spring, MD (about 5 miles north of D.C.)!

  • AnothaMexican

    Oakland, CA 4g back up

  • Jess

    I completely lost data connection on my Tbolt in Seattle. My buddy’s Tbolt’s 4G is back. I used the LTE On/Off yesterday to swich to 3g, no I’m host 🙂 Any idea how to get 4g back? Already did hard reboot.

  • Ziv

    4G LTE in the bay area, CA and in Vegas.


  • Back to 4GLTE in Avondale, AZ (just w. of Phoenix)

  • Bieber 6G Fever back up in FL…not

    chive on!

  • Anonymous

    3g back up near boston. no way for me to confirm if 4g is working, i’d have to go into boston for that.

    • Anonymous

      Then that likely means 4G is back in Boston as well.

  • Anonymous

    virginia is so naked, no stars =[


    I would be back up if I had 4G!!

    I can wait for 5G, which will be 100x faster than 4G.

    • Guest

      According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a main requirement is 4G technology needs to support peak download speeds of 100Mbps. Plus the ITU currently does not have a 5G standard yet, so don’t hold your breath on that one until 4G is fully implemented to its full 100Mbps.

  • verizon’s new coverage map

  • Anonymous

    3g back in NC

  • Anonymous

    3g back in NC

  • Anonymous

    3g back in NC

  • 123

    4G back up in Auburn hills MI,

  • I get a 4G signal displayed but not really connectivity…Southeast Michigan

    • Anonymous

      This is my same condition near Cleveland. I have the 4g icon back up but NO DATA is flowing. I had 4g working very quickly earlier this morning, but for the past couple hours I have nothing. This is really beginning to suck.

  • Anonymous

    im back up in Pittsburgh

  • Brichards322

    Did the temporary fix with “##778#” yesterday and just reverted back to eHRPD and CDMA auto (PRL) via LTE on/off with positive results. Got 3G…

    • Brichards322

      Oops…New Wilmington, PA. Amish country so no 4G anyway but it’s still nice to not see that ugly 1X in my notifications bar.

      • Hey, quick question, do you get 4g near Longwood Gardens, (if you’ve ever been there, that is), cause then that means I can get 4g to:)

  • Axroblesjr

    LA staying on 3G but bouncing to 4G every once in a while…

  • Anonymous

    Jacksonville, fl 4g full on. Had 1x for a day, 3G this morning around 2a and then 4g by 7am. It was nice having the battery last all day yesterday, I’m already at 70% in 3.5 hours heheh

  • Ilovechi23

    4g in Los Angeles….

  • Anonymous

    still 3G in SE Michigan

  • Noriega24x

    We have 4g in San Diego!!!

  • Still having 3G issues (Melbourne, FL)…secret plot to increase 4G Thunderbolt sales? Hmmmm?

  • Mjc2251

    Back up in Northern VA/DC!

    • Fresh

      Really? Did you do something? I am in NW DC and still stuck on 1x…

      A little help?!?!

      • Anonymous

        Did you adjust your settings yesterday to try to capture 3G? If not then try pulling the battery and restarting the phone. Verizon claims we’re back up nationwide.

  • JonathonGellar

    Strong 3G signal on my Verizon iPhone since.. Well, begining of Febuary.

    • but you’ll never have 4G LTE on it.. so.. your point?

    • Fattie McDoogles

      why are you trolling around on a Droid blog?! Supreme Leader Jobs would not be very happy to know you’re here

  • Jamesdoulane

    Still 3g around Charlotte.

  • Wctaylor79

    Jacksonville florida still 3g..

  • First, and does this mean they will release the phone today?

    Edit: Fail…lol

    • Bryanday24

      Did you really put first?

  • Dan

    Back up in Akron, Ohio.

  • camper8080

    Minneapolis still down.

  • camper8080

    Minneapolis still down.

  • camper8080

    Minneapolis still down.

    • Anonymous

      Have 3G at least?

      • Erie215

        i never lost 3G here in philly