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Verizon 4G LTE has been Restored Nationally

Well, here is some semi-good news this morning folks.  4G LTE is back up nationwide, although we’ve been told eHRPD is not, which means no soft hand-offs between 3G and 4G at this time.  Here is the text we received:

LTE Connectivity Restored: Network has been able to confirm that the LTE Network has been restored nationally.

Update:  Verizon has also now confirmed via Twitter.

So again, we’re getting there slowly but surely.  Everyone back up?

Cheers Spaniard!

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  • Stewart Young

    No it is not, No 4G network in Woodbridge Va, No 4G network in Washington DC.

  • Crgggltn

    had to wipe phone to get it back up as I was 1X in Minneapolis all week.

  • So, uh, do we know what happened?

    After all the crap VZ has given AT&T (“There’s a map for that!”)… AT&T could really have a field day with this one (“What good is the nation’s largest 4G network if it’s not there when you need it?” … showing a guy parachuting down peacefully with his red, verizon 4G parachute, only to have the parachute collapse 20-feet above the ground, guy falls to earth painfully).

    Anyway, glad to have my 4G back.

  • Marcusrussell547

    I got mine back in jacksonville florida

  • I’m in the San Francisco, CA and eHRPD and 4G is working for me now.

  • Anonymous

    Its funny whe I lost 4g My T bold went throguh the night and had 70% battery left, this morning after 4g came back up and i started using it on my commute to work it dropped to 30% in a 15 minute window

  • Andrew92090

    No 4G in ATL right now

    • Andrew92090

      I restarted the phone and now got 4G

  • this is why i didnt jump on that 4G train just yet….though i have in vzw new shit like this usually has its fair share of problems

  • chris

    i wouldn’t actually call it fixed in ny if every 2 minutes i lose 4g connection and go back to 1x for like 3-5 minutes

  • chris

    4g is working on long island ny. but instead of automatically going to 3g when i lose a 4g connection it goes to 1x. but at least i have 4g. now i just want 3g working

  • Pcrowley59

    4G working in Detroit metro Area but takes a reboot to go to 3G then back to 4G, something not just right yet……

    • AnonymousDetroitGuy

      Yeah, I just got off the phone and they said they’re still working on Detroit area and don’t have an estimate of completion.

      I had 4G in the morning for a little while, but it’s gone now. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I am in Charlotte, NC. I still don’t have 4G coverage restored so Verizon is full of it.