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Twitter for Android Update Introduces a Bunch of Enhancements, Still No Real Tablet Support

An update for the official Twitter app on Android just went live and includes a bunch of enhancements like tabbed search results, font size settings, message deleting, and improved data clearing.  Nothing uber-exciting, especially since we were hoping that it would provide real support for Honeycomb and bigger screened devices.  I guess we’ll just continue crossing our fingers that TweetDeck or Hootsuite are working on something.

Full change list:

  1. Displays search results in a tabbed view
  2. Add and remove saved searches from universal search suggestions
  3. SSL used for network requests
  4. Font size setting
  5. Tapping on a map in detail view searches nearby Tweets
  6. Launch links directly from a message
  7. Ability to delete messages
  8. Added Tweet count to user profile
  9. Improved avatar loading
  10. Improved the way data is cleared to conserve more space
  11. Fixed a bug where music skips when refreshing, etc.
  12. Many other improvements and bug fixes

Market Link

Cheers @kaufkin!

  • Aranarms

    Would like multi-account support AND twitlonger support, u know… like iphone, THEN i’ll get on it.

  • Pete

    Why in the hell doest Twitter keep regressing their Android client? Nevermind we’re long removed from the original version with the animations and unique interface that showed that an Android app could actually look *good* and be *fun*. In this latest update I no longer have an unread message count up in the status bar, and the “remember where I left off” seems to have gone away, too. Do the Android devs at Twitter purposely ignore making improvements, roll back to an old checked in version in their VCS, and roll it out?

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  • Seesmic told me they’re working on a tablet-specific app as well, though no time frame was given.

  • Derek1267

    I emailed them last week and they told me a tablet version is already in the works

  • Anonymous

    Until they have multiple account capability, you know, like their iphone app has had forever, I won’t consider it.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with you 🙂

      It surprisingly consumes large memory space too. I find myself enjoying Plume all the time now 😀

  • Tweetdeck have said they aren’t working on anything yet for honeycomb.

    • Wow.
      Thankfully, Hootsuite seems to work beautifullly on the Xoom.

      • Twidroyd kinda works well with the live view thing but the tweets column is too narrow. Tweetcomb is too basic. I haven’t tried hootsuite yet, cheers.

  • FortitudineVincimus


    bww ha haa haa.. yeah, I love to read that you just bought tampons at Walmart and are now going to Starbucks for a super grande moca latte half caff espresso swirly


    • I don’t follow people that tell me stupid things like that. Apparently you did. That wasn’t wise.

  • Still no push support? Good thing I have my work around for it. Thanks Notifo and Push.ly!